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I purchased a show Border Collie male from Bellaclan Border Collies (Laura K.S. Shaw) of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada in 2010. In 2013 she contacted me asking me to send him to her so he could be shown in Canada and bred. After he was shipped to Laura and my expense she sent me one of her show dogs to show here in America. She was to pay all entry fees for my dog in Canada plus all expenses... Read more

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I am a former Petco manager, and I've witnessed enough atrocities against animals there to last a lifetime. This company has really gone downhill- in the past few years they went from a company that actually cared somewhat about the animals to only caring about the almightly dollar. 1. I was not allowed by my general manager to take animals to the vet when they were sick unless they were... Read more

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To summarize the past few months please see the email below that I wrote to Petco in March. I have yet to receive a response from them. My mom has been writing back and forth to the insurance agent that Petco assigned and I feel that I’m just getting the run around. How does a $50 grooming bill turn into an almost $7,000 bill? March 20, 2014 Dear Petco, I am the proud owner and mother of a 7... Read more

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Petsmart - Bad grooming
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I took my Shih-tzu to Petsmart, after 8 hours i picked him up and at the moment could not see anything, because all the scratches where under. He came with several red spots where his skin has been peeled off and several cuts. He was depressed for two days, no barking at cars, just laying down sad, for whole two days. Absolutely nothing was mention to me, yet I went to pick him up a little... Read more

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My sister purchased a long hair hamster as a gift for me from the Robinson Twp, PA Petsmart. The girl informed my sister that the hamsters in the "other batch" were all sick with Wet Tail, but assured her that my hamster was in a different batch. So she bought him for me and I immediately fell in love, as he was very cute and very sweet. However, I quickly noticed that he was having diarrhea... Read more

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Adnana Ene, aka Nana Grecu has scammed many people who bought dogs from her while she was on She is also the same person who owns a puppy scam called Annas Puppy World. She scammed me out of $3,000.00 which I paid her for a Korean Maltese but she sent me a Maltese/mix full of knots, filthy and stinky. He had dirty ears which if I didn't take care of would have gotten infections. ... Read more

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On December 26th 2009, my boyfriend and I decided it was the right time for us to get a puppy. The humane society was out of the question for us, since we only rent our property and do not have a screened in backyard (learned from a previous dog rescue attempt). We unfortunately did not have alot of knowledge about where to get a dog and after a BRIEF online search, found Petland. We viewed... Read more

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This was the most awful experience I have ever had! I bought a puppy from the Robinson Town Center store one evening, the store was basically run by a bunch of kids. I took my puppy to the vet a few days later to find out he was under fed and had a parasite! I called and spoke to the store owner who by the way was the most rude, unprofessional person I have ever dealt with. I called to tell him... Read more

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Assaulted at Whitby, Ontario PetSmart by manager!
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I visited the PetSmart store in Whitby, Ontario, Canada on the weekend of February 26, 2011 to purchase packets of Whiskas tender bites food for my newly adopted cat. So this was my first visit to the store. As I was searching in the cat food isle, I received a test message on my phone that I was expecting from a friend. I immediately removed my phone from my coat pocket and responded and put the... Read more

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My girlfriend and I were looking for an Akita puppy in Northern Virginia and we found a puppy similar to what we were looking for on for $400 sold by a Jennifer Stone. For more information we are directed to where we see that Jennifer does not actually live in VA, but in Georgia. Well ok, we thought. We can make a day trip. So we contact Jennifer and guess what, she just... Read more

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