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  • 1 day ago
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I posted rabbits for sale with Oodle. They flagged me after about 3 weeks after I posted. They gave no explanation on why just took down. So I disputed as it allows and heard nothing. Disputed again, nothing. Then disputed 3rd time and a email still nothing. Very unprofessional!! Better business bureau should get involved!! Add comment

I took my puppy to the store and stopped by the grooming salon to inquire about their services. I told them all I wanted was a trim around the butt and private areas. The lady at the counter told me she could do it no problem and that she could also give him a bath without having to cut all of his hair. She looked at his hair at determined that she would only need to cut some spots where the... Read more

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I purchased a puppy from All Pets Club who has nothing but unexperienced teens working there. The conditions where filthy and they had other sick dogs there. I had my puppy not even a week and she began coughing and had pneumonia she was hospitalized to the tune $1300.00. Now they say it was from her booster shots? Really - pneumonia from shots?? They say it was just unfortunate and they... Read more

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  • Oct 07
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The Pet smart in South Carolina had days to evacuate their animals. Chose not to & left them to drown! Shame on you! Add comment

Petsmart - Rodent *** on shelves next to pet products
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While shopping Sunday 10/4/2015 at Petsmart in West Long Branch, New Jersey (#0760) for calming products (ie ThunderShirt) and discovered MASSIVE amounts of RODENT *** on the shelves (along side product) and on the floor under the shelving. I took photos and showed Manager - whom said he asked corporate for help and received none. This is clearly a health issue for humans and pets and brings... Read more

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We use to go to Petco all the time, but ever since they started their e-mail spam drive where they will send daily and sometimes twice a day an e-mail about their sales, i have decided to never give them one more cent. There unsubscribe link does not work. This company has made me think twice before ever giving a company my e-mail. We use to go to Petco all the time, but ever since they started... Read more

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10/03/2015. We brought our red and white papillon Bindi into the south 72nd street store to have her cleaned and groomed. Everytime we've taken her in we have specifically told them DO NOT CUT HER FRINGE!! When we went back to get her at 3:40 p.m., they had informed us that they had trimmed her fringe!!!. They did not ask us prior to leaving if we wanted it cut, they just took it upon themselves... Read more

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Please clarify that on victim #2 that they purchased their pig from Tracy Bernardo. They did not purchase from me Joyce Wells at I have always had this domain name since 2008 and he never has had it. I have never charged that much for my pigs and I have a very good internet and personal relationship with my customers. I think his site used to be teacuppiggiesforsale because... Read more

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Oodle seems to flag every legitimate pet breeder lately and only allows free adoption from shelter ads. There is not one purebred breeder for cats or dogs being allowed to run ads on their site anymore. This has been going on for almost a year. I used to run ads for the last 10 years on Oodle and have lost a lot of business because of this new policy. They need to be honest with people that want... Read more

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My daughter bought a leash for her rabbit at Petland. She saved for over a month to get that leash. The clerk recommended the leash glowingly. When I opened the package, I noticed that the clasp was broken. it was dollar store quality. I took it back to the store and very rudely, the clerk and manager told me that it was sold "as is" and that I could not get a replacement or refund. Even if it... Read more

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