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I had the pleasure to meet the Jordan family over this past summer. I am very much hands on when it comes to looking for a good breeder for our future family member. I took a few hours to drive down and see for myself what kind of breeder I was dealing with. Her home and felicities were clean and dogs had a large fenced yard and were on grass. She seamed very knowledgeable about the breed and... Read more

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i hate going to this glen cove ny petco the only reason is that i live local and its easy for me but i walked in there the other day and i saw an older women short hair she had a dog with her i believe she was the trainer, i said hello and she gave me this look like i wasnt allowed to speak to her just a dirty look. I walked away to complete my shopping. I did need some assistants so i saw... Read more

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I see many complaints about buying puppies online. To protect yourself, here are some questions to ask when choosing a puppy What kind of lifestyle does this breed require? What personality traits should I be informed about? What grooming requirements are there with this breed? What type of exercise does this breed require? Are there any common health problems associated with this breed? Can I... Read more

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I brought my pet to have halloween photo taken at the petsmart on lake mead in henderson nevada.on oct.25th and never received my photo, i am a loyal petsmart customer, i have my dog in your pet daycare and hotel very often, i would like to have my photo, my name is Debra Bottazzi, my pets name is paco! Thankyou and hope you can resolve thos problem! Add comment

I bought the most expensive boxer puppy on the site 2,200$ championship bloodlines... No proof of blood line showed up with two infected ears and heart murmurs. Lovely dog and and a broken heart they offer a 50% refund if my dog dies ... They want more of my money what a joke thanks contact me for advice 6037176544 Add comment

We are a boutique home breeder of lovely pugs who are all members of our family. We gladly jump through many hoops to be a part of Purebred Breeders, because they find wonderful forever homes for the very few puppies we breed. I notice the atrocious spelling in some of these negative posts. Some people are just determined to find the negative in all life experiences. Add comment


Each month we're going to feature an interview with a new breeder who we feel supplies high quality cockapoo puppies, are scrupulous and honest, and who have an extensive knowledge and love of cockapoos. Our first Breeder of the Month, for April 2011, is Jordan Family Kennels. Where are you located and what areas do you sell to? We are in Harrisonville, MO, which is near Kansas City, and we sell... Read more

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Bought a Giant Schnoodle puppy Barbosa X Roxie April 2012. We named her Ziva and she is a service dog for our daughter with autism. Ziva is more then we could have ever hoped for. Her temperment and desire to help Alaina is amazing. We would like to get a half brother or sister for Ziva. We were thinking maybe next year. Ziva will be going to school with Alaina full time next fall and I would... Read more

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Our little Bella came from Kristina at Jordan Family Treasures. We were very pleased to find someone that was actually willing to speak to us and not just throw out prices... She was very personable and even though she said she could not guarantee size, we are happy that our dog ended up the size she was suppose to be going by the weight charts you see on line. Bella is about 2.4 pds now at 2... Read more

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We have looked for years for the right dog to welcome into our family as a medical service dog for our son who has epilepsy. Kristina at Jordan Family Treasures met us on a Saturday and went over each puppy and their personality and helped us choose the right one for us. Kristina was always available to answer any puppy questions I had through out the months as a new owner. Now a year later I can... Read more

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