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I hate PetSmart with a passion. But unfortunately I still catch myself walking in their doors because they have Martha Stewart Pets and Toys R Us brands. Unfortunately their employees ruin my experience before I get to put things I was browsing in my cart. On one occasion I webt to purchase fish, I have carefully researched and prepared before arriving to the store, but their "fish expert" had to... Read more

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Bill harvison is the Oklahoma city district manager ... I ask him to call me over a week ago and he has not called me yet ... So I called the nw expressway store and the general manager women told me that they cant help me and she said that Bill harvison was to busy to call me ... Also you try to call the complaint line and you get people from india and you cannot understand them ... So I will... Read more

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I went in here a few times since the Wyandotte location is near my house and every time, the experience has been awful. Despite having a no-pets-off-leashes rule, the first time I went in, a woman's chihuahua bolted out the door and she and the staff worker blamed me for letting the dog out. Another time, when I asked if the store could cut a cat's nails (we have an ornery cat), I was told to go... Read more

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took fish in after agreeing to trade-in, co-owner left fish in bucket for 2 hours with no aerator or constant temperature, he left for lunch. after I told him I would wait to see fish in new tank. temperature dropped 5 degrees then an hour with no oxygen, still wouldn't put fish in tank. I wanted the fish to have a better home, I thought that would be best fish store for that purpose I was wrong.... Read more

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Do not utilize and/or deal with Mack Peterson at (530)264-8895. He is a first class thief and ***. Cats.Oodle is a total scam and the so called "breeders" are dishonest. I was told that the munchkin kitten that I was buying was $400 and $100 for shipping. Mack Peterson indicated that they could not accept credit cards and I had to send funds via Western Union. Once this... Read more

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I will never shop here again. When I looked at their livestock, especially their baby ducks and chicks, I was appalled to see so many dead and trampled, rotting under the heat lamps. Also, I read in the paper where an employee was caught throwing almost dead baby animals away in the dumpster. This store should be ashamed, and I will not support such actions. Add comment

Following my last review I tried to resolve the situation with the so called owner of this fake company without success. They made all kinds of excuses from delayed flight due to bad weather to shipping crate did not meet airline specifications to requesting additional funds to ship the fake puppy to be delivered. All was a scam even the ticket number was fake. During a telephone conversation... Read more

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Pet ads show location of owner as local, but phone numbers listed are across the country. These same phone numbers are listed for all types of pets all over the country, even as far as Sweden. When I respond to there ads and ask questions, I never receive a reply. When I contact oodle customer service by email, the email comes back as undeliverable. Many other sites are the same on pets. I... Read more

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I ordered 6 discuses , in description is 4", but when i received them in the next 3 days , the fishes about 1.5" and 2 dead on arrival , 4 survived for 3 days after infecting all of my discus with fungus , i lost my hard earned $700 , and my time trying to save my discus ( ran up and down all over the town looking for medication trying to save my other discus ) , Called them for more information... Read more

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This is the second time in about 3 month's that I looked up something online and then went to my local store site to make sure it was available and their website states it is available. Drive all the way to the store and again not one in stock. Person at store very helpful also looked in the back and even though her pad stated they had 4 they had none. I don't have time to do this PetSmart. I... Read more

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