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I purchased a male guinea pig from our local Petco (Burbank, CA) 12.28.2014. He was very friendly & happy but small, and he seemed to be adjusting to his new home rather well but 9 days later his hair began falling out. I immediately contacted Petco and was told to bring him in asap, once there the manager told me she would need to refund my money so he could be seen by their vet, treated and... Read more

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I have owned a few dogs from Dreamscapes kennel all had bad temperaments and were fear bitters who bit kids and adults ... just not a good breeder at all Iv know her for over 10 years and we will never buy another Doberman from her , she is rude and has sick dogs and all she cares about is the money ! I would say to everyone to look for a new breeder and stay away from this one . when our dogs... Read more

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I went to ANJ pet shop after reading many good reviews about it. When i entered the shop, I was greeted by the owner looking at us,giving a nod and continuing sitting down in front of his computer . Thinking he was busy , we went in to the shop to have a look at the products and dog's accessories. Bare in mind that at that point, there was NO CUSTOMER in the shop and yet he still doesn't want to... Read more

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They are back at it!!! They sold me a puppy right before Christmas that they said was a Toy Shar Pei and socialized and potty trained. NONE of it even close! He was 10 weeks older than what they told me, starved, intestinal parasites, numerous healed wounds, broken tail and WELL on his way to being a very large... Read more

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I went into PetsMart and I talked to Holly, the manager about my dogs food. She instantly made me feel like a complete ***. She thought she knew so much more then me when she knows nothing! I let her talk for awhile. When I proved her wrong, she walked away. I'm a vet, I know way more then her. Very rude and unprofessional. Don't recommend Waite Park, MN Petsmart. Add comment

I ordered 5 discus from them. They were smaller than advertised. Ugly colors and odd shaped. Two were sick and they never would grow. Low quality Stunted fish. I purchased from Tony at Sunrise Tropicals and got gorgeous large discus for not much more than I wasted at Somethingsphishy. He will actually let you pick your actual discus from a photo. Stay clear away from Somethingsphishy. Add comment

I brought my 11yr old Cocker Spaniel to Petco in Laveen, Az to be groomed. I have never used a Petco, just happened to be in area and needed a groom.She always has seen the same one since her first cut and evey 8 weeks since for 11 yrs. The groomer seemed competent I suppose. I had to explain multi times what I wanted but when done was happy with cut! About dropped at the $60 bill since my normal... Read more

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Russell Wall 24 College Hwy Southampton, MA Objective: Stealing from the elderly and those that are disabled. Killing those that are disabled and collecting on Life insurance policies. Education: UMass Amherst Work Experience: Exotic Fish Pet Store 25 College Hwy Southampton, MA 01073 References: Michael, Sherry, Kevin, Lilly, Justin Stealing from the elderly and those that are disabled.... Read more

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I visited, for the first time, the second location of PetSmart in chattanooga tn on Gunbarrell rd near Hamilton place mall. My dog was trained by PetSmart but at the location on the other side of town. During this visit I brought my dog on a leash with choke collar. As I came to the adoption second the first cage I came to on the bottom had a cat and my dog likes cats so I stop to look at the... Read more

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I purchased two Devon Rex kittens from E & K Katz aka Beautymus Cattery aka Kurly Katz that were extremely undernourished and sick. I posted my experience and many many other kitten buyers contacted me with their own stories of heartbreak with dead kittens from this cattery. They keep changing their name so be aware. One of my kittens had to be euthanized yesterday due to dry fip. The other... Read more

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