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I had my online order cancelled because of what I was told "shipping issues". I called customer service and was on the phone with them 2 hours and 15 minutes over the course of 2 days, 1 hour and 45 minutes of that time I was on hold. The agents, supervisors and managers all were unable to help me and the only consistent response I received was "we're trying to connect you with our agents in San... Read more

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Everyone should ask these questions, when buying a puppy online. What kind of lifestyle does this breed require? What personality traits should I be informed about? What grooming requirements are there with this breed? What type of exercise does this breed require? Are there any common health problems associated with this breed? Can I meet the puppy's mother and father? If one of the parents is... Read more

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For years I have been trying to get something done about the Petland in my town. The puppies are thrown into tiny, filthy cages and usually have no food. They are overcrowded, never cleaned, and are stuck walking on that thin wire bottom. I have even seen dogs fighting in the cages, where the employees do not seem to care at all. Every single person I have spoken to that has bought a dog from... Read more

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I usually shop at Petco, and I am almost always happy with the experience. I went into the new PetSmart in Lakeland, FL ONE TIME for a piece of aquarium decor that Petco does not carry. NEVER ONCE was I greeted or approached by an employee. The girl who rang me out at the register did not even say a word to me. There was no, "Hello, how are you? Find everything okay?" She didn't even tell me my... Read more

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I was promised a clean, white Westie puppy I could give as a gift to a very deserving friend. I got charged $150.00 by PPB to drive 2.5 hours to pick up a very dirty, dingy, STINKY, 6 month old puppy with bad behaviors from not being worked with/properly cared for. The crate I received was broken and I didn't even get a bag of her current puppy food when I picked her up! When I called and... Read more

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I had a horrifying experience at their New Port Richey, Fl. store. Most normal people are deathly afraid of snakes and so are many dogs. They allowed a customer to walk around with a python wrapped around her neck. I was standing at the register and she came right up next to me. I almost hurt myself trying to get out of there. I emailed them and didn't get any response at all. They state that... Read more

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I placed my order online 12/3/14, for items that our local store sells off the shelf. I live twenty miles from town; the shipping was free for an order of $49.00 or more, so I took advantage of it. BIG mistake. Today is 12/16/14 and I have yet to receive my order. I have ordered several things on and after that date; from Walmart, Best Buy, Amazon, Staples, clothing stores, lighting stores,... Read more

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Took my schnauzer in for grooming they Completly shaved her to the skin. She had burn marks on her from the clippers. Horrible treatment as I was picking her up. Would not ever recommend them again. I called and spoke with the manager he hung up the phone on me and wouldn't state his name. Amarillo texas petsmart Add comment

Wilderstore is a shambles. Never buy from this corrupt website. Jose (Website owner) claims to ship the items from the UK, when he is in fact shipping from Spain. I ordered 3 items and only received one which had not been packaged properly and had leaked everywhere on its arrival to me. After repeatedly asking for a refund on my faulty item and the 2 items that were never delivered to me. I was... Read more

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The works at 125 NW Loop 410, #350, La Plaza Del Norte, San Antonio, TX 78216 Dont know how to properly hand fish! The lady filled the back with sink water and dumped the fish into the bag. The fish quickly died of shock. Then she goes back in to get new ones and drops the fish in the sink and hands the fish with her hand almost crushing the fish. The fish quickly died as well as the others of... Read more

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