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Costco/Kirkland Dog Food Killed My Dog!
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On November 11, 2012 we bought a bag of Kirkland Healthy Weight dog food instead of the regular Kirkland Mature dog food which we regularly use. The bag of Healthy Weight was grabbed inadvertently, but we did not think there was a problem and decided to use it anyway. On the evening of November 12th, our adult son, Andrew who was staying with us while he was in transition, opened the bag of... Read more

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I am a former Petco manager, and I've witnessed enough atrocities against animals there to last a lifetime. This company has really gone downhill- in the past few years they went from a company that actually cared somewhat about the animals to only caring about the almightly dollar. 1. I was not allowed by my general manager to take animals to the vet when they were sick unless they were... Read more

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I purchased a show Border Collie male from Bellaclan Border Collies (Laura K.S. Shaw) of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada in 2010. In 2013 she contacted me asking me to send him to her so he could be shown in Canada and bred. After he was shipped to Laura and my expense she sent me one of her show dogs to show here in America. She was to pay all entry fees for my dog in Canada plus all expenses... Read more

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Do not buy EVERPET Dog Food. It might be cheap, but it's going to make your dog sick. SO many complaints from people all over the US OF America. It comes from CHINA people, that's why it is so cheap. IF you love your dog, you will not purchase any of their Pet Food items. THey are all made in china.... Live 99% of all of their other items in this store. They don't make any of... Read more

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To summarize the past few months please see the email below that I wrote to Petco in March. I have yet to receive a response from them. My mom has been writing back and forth to the insurance agent that Petco assigned and I feel that I’m just getting the run around. How does a $50 grooming bill turn into an almost $7,000 bill? March 20, 2014 Dear Petco, I am the proud owner and mother of a 7... Read more

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After watching the infomercial I decided to call and order this. The call started out with getting my credit card info and then went on for another 20 minutes with offers to buy all kinds of things that had nothing to do with dogs. I began to feel leary about this company and told the representative that I wanted to cancel my order. She told me she could not cancel it, that I had to wait 48... Read more

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I ordered the Perfect Dog system on May 4 and paid the extra $16 for expedited shipping. It took 2 weeks to get to me! I popped the dvds in the player and got the message "playback feature not available on disc". I called and they said they would replace the discs. Took another 2 weeks to get the replacements and you got it....I got the same message when trying to play the discs. I tried all... Read more

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I thought this would be good for my dog so I ordered it. when I got my e-mail from them it said i owed 91.67 and when I call them they said they had added the gloves and ball to the order. I told them I did'n want that so they told me to ship it back at my cost. and they would reship what I had ordered. I told them to forget it that they had lost a customer. they can't be trusted. and that I... Read more

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I have used his system on 3 dogs. It works well. He said I could have my dog leashed trained in 5 minutes. . . He was wrong, it took 3. Those who are complaining are complaining about orders and such, the product works well. Just be patient in the ordering process and don't buy the extras. I have used it to break bad habits of my dogs digging. I have used it to train them to not lick. I have... Read more

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My sister purchased a long hair hamster as a gift for me from the Robinson Twp, PA Petsmart. The girl informed my sister that the hamsters in the "other batch" were all sick with Wet Tail, but assured her that my hamster was in a different batch. So she bought him for me and I immediately fell in love, as he was very cute and very sweet. However, I quickly noticed that he was having diarrhea... Read more

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