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I had gotten plants for pet smart and they had a few snails on them. We asked if they were ok in a fish tank, and they said yes their great, they clean the tank for you. We brought them home and put them in the biggest fish tank we had and at first we didnt see them for months. Then one day we saw a few and a week later our tank was infested and there were so many they killed more than half of... Read more

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This store sells sick and genetically diseased puppies from puppy mills. The owner of this store is only interested in making a living off of these puppies and he doesn't care about them or where he buys them from. This store has been targeted by the local humane society for not taking proper care of it animals and this is awful. Sometimes there is no one in the store in Wyandotte and those... Read more

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First, if your puppy got sick a week after you had him, there was no way the breeder--much less Purebred Breeders could possibly have known he'd been exposed to Parvo. Parvo is NOT caused by filthy kennels, it is a virus. Just like humans, dogs can get viruses, no matter how clean the kennels are kept. Purebred Breeders are over the top careful with which breeders they deal with and make sure... Read more

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I bought the Martha Stewart sifting litter box from petsmart and it is the worst invention in the world!! Should be taken off the shelf for false advertisement! Instead of being easier than a traditional litter box with a scoop it is so much more difficult. I eventually just had to throw the sifter out because it was clogged with urine and kitty litter everytime my cat went to the bathroom! The... Read more

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I sent Judy Cary of Florida, $1,350.00 for 2 shar pei puppies, back in March 2011. I got nothing for my money, she scammed me. Oh she had all kinds of excuses why she couldn't send me the puppies I paid for. Broken pipe inside her trailer barn & old trailer where she kept her shar pei were on fire. Parvo virus in her kennel building a fence & angry neighbor might harm her dogs so she... Read more

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The driver of the pawsplus vehicle alnost caused a wreck just now maiing her own lane by walmart in sherman tx it was a young black girl and the liscense plate was djj8413 yall really need to have better drivers because this lady is very dangerous.. Add comment


STAY AWAY!!! This company has let me down start to finish for a simple gift of puppy basic essentials. The order was split quickly- the puppy Kongs arrived on time (wrong color but worse things have happened) & the exercise pen simply did not. After 9 biz days I received an e-mail that my order had been cancelled without explanation. Apparently, it's MY fault that I didn't know they use 3rd... Read more

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Bought two dwarf hamsters in same killed the other a year later they seemed to get along for a year..what happened Add comment


There is persons advertising on maltese puppies that has no puppies. He is a scammer trying to get money up front for delivery of puppies u. The number used is, 801-449-0376, he goes by the name of James Wood and other alias names. Please look into this problem. I am sure he is using other pets as well. He is pulling at people's hearts with adorable pictures of some puppies. He is also using the... Read more

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