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4/26/15 This is the second time my dog gets rejected for grooming. First time she need it the Bordetella vaccine required by NYC which they never informed that I need it this when I made the appointment. So I went to the Vet and got the Vaccine for my dog. I made a new appointment took my dog and reject it again because a receipt from the Vet was not sufficient I need it a Certificate. Which I... Read more

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To the child that is sick and tired of people bashing Pet City Pets. You sound too young and immature to have any idea what is going on at this pet shop in those two areas. Usually when you have a lot of people sending in rather negative remarks about something or some place it usually means that yes these two store are places to stay away from. Seems like either you work their or someone hired... Read more

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I ordered 4fishes on sunday I never had a email for any confirmation or a track number the fishes came to my house on Tuesday the ups never called just lefted a letter for the next day try apparently your company or someone called for make a call to ups at the time I was at work already I tried ups I tried to track the number and I read the driver got the fishes at 6am didn't got them... Read more

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I have been shopping here for more than 22 years. This is the ONLY pet shop in all of Ypsilanti, and well, they must be doing something right, if they are still in business. I am well aware of all the bashers and negative reviews about this place, but trust me, or better yet, trust yourself and SEE for YOURSELF that it is a good place to shop for pets. It seems that there is a tiny group of... Read more

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I scammed for $300 trying to purchase a dog online at The person is still scamming on your web site. Please contact me by email or phone 716-931-0333 Add comment

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I drove 1 hour to Outlet store in Billerica Ma, and they closed down. I have gotten 3 catalogs this year so far and not 1 notice of a store closing! This cost me 2 hours driving, and 1/4 tank of gas! Not customer friendly at all!!! Add comment

I went to petco this morning (4/18) and the young manager who works there, i think her name is Brittany, was wearing a very lowcut baggy shirt so when she bent over in front of me her *** could not have been hanging out anymore if she tried. I know she is a manager and as a manager she sets to an example for the employees and for petco the company itself. This is very unprofessional attire for a... Read more

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George sold me a sick Shar-pei on April 16. Don't buy from him. He is breeding sick puppies that have serious disease and pass them on. Just to be safe don't buy any dog from anyone claiming to be from Tennessee area without lot of research. He told us he was from Lexington. He uses different names and addresses. Animals rights needs to step up. My number is 501-230-4650 Add comment

Yes i also eas sippose yo get yorkshire puppys male and female which i never reveived his name is jonathan corwell but hes has 3 telephone numbers 302-417-1436 and 423-200-7243 and this person called me 267-329-9717 and the western union went 4 timrs to elvis sawke and he has recieved then they are all frauds shoildny be allowrd to advertise any more here i am struggling with no puppys no... Read more

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I was looking into buying a dog, I emailed the seller at I live in the state he claimed to be selling in, then he suddenly claimed to have moved to a different state (so he could use a pet courier and scam me) and he claimed to be a doctor. His grammar was awful, so I knew he could not be a Dr. Sure enough, I googled and could not find him like you would be able to with... Read more

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