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I bought a dress and the material is so cheap!!! It's supposed to be a work dress but it looks so cheap! It's a ripped off! Don't buy from this site. Add comment


It is always the same old game. Over and over and over again. It has been this way for 37 days. they keep lying and delaying me. lying and delaying me. lying and delying me. i have never been more frustrated in my whole life, i can honestly say as a peaceful person i could probably really hurt somebody right now! i feel like whatever i say it won't help and it won't make a difference. i feel... Read more

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If you're thinking about purchasing with Best Buy's online shopping, don't! I recently placed an online order only to receive a message that there was a glitch in their system. Well this "glitch" caused my credit card and my gift card to be charged while no order was created. Now I have to wait "x" number of days for my gift card to be refunded. The bank was able to clear the charge of my credit... Read more

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I am writing this message today to you because I want to make a complaint about my extremely awful, unprofessional visit to Express yesteady, at Miami International Mall. The other day I made a large purchase at Express for an upcoming business trip, I bought many iteams, and one of these iteams was a pair of black pants. Once I got home I tried on the pants and felt too tight, so I wanted to... Read more

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I was suppose to receive two different packages on the same day 10/22 what are the odds of none of them i received. and according to USPS it was delivered. Thats not right im extra pissed i paid for my items and i want them noww. And when you call the local office 305-573-6056 the line is always busy. everyone there including mail carriers need to be fired. So i still havent talked to anyone at... Read more

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100% FULL      

no reason why they kept taking parcel back to depot but they do, everyday. and no apologies. so i have no allergy milk for my 4 month old twins so life is pretty nightmarish for me. i've called several times but they just don't care and keep saying we'll do it tomorrow. i'd never use them again. really they are the worst. DHL are very good. at one point they did suggest that i drive to the depot... Read more

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Well I don't really have any issues with the company. The information that shaddow shopper gives you can be found else where for free. When it comes to the auto renew process I haven't had any issues. I have signed up several times before and stopped the auto renew process. I signed up for the free trial. I then stopped the auto renew process. Later on I got a "we want you back offer" which is... Read more

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Dreaa came unfinished. This effected 3 layers including a very heavy silk. I had to buy materials and took me 2hrs to finish this dress. I was told by tbdress its better to keep product than return and accept discount. before we could agree on a fair discount, I was credit 10.00. 10.00 is insulting, this isn't a Halloween costume! this supposed to be hight quality professional work with a... Read more

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I bought my shoes and other stuff with all cost me AU $47. It's been like 2 months now and the item never arrived. I just want to get my money back. I don't need the item anymore! I don't want to wait anymore. Add comment