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I used my credit card to pay for 4 dresses at .The email said I would get a tracking # for my items, it has been three weeks,no tracking # and no dresses, I call the customer service number and some girl with broken English answered and started making up dates when my dresses were shipped. well I knew then it was a scam and my money was gone and no I say to you don't... Read more

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I ordered a SONY RX100 camera online after calling them to make sure the camera was a new one because it was priced $100 lower at 394.99 than everywhere else at $499.00. They assured me it was new and I went online to order. I received an order detail by email of $394.99. Subsequent to this order I received a call on my cell phone asking if I wanted a battery and charger with it and a case. ... Read more

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I have a My Pillow and have had it for a few years now but have always had to turn it and fluff it. When I received it, I was surprised at how lumpy it was because it is basically cut up pieces of foam rubber. Anyway, my husband and I use several pillows on our bed and our "down feather" pillows need to be replaced so when I saw the very enticing advertisement where My Pillow was offering "Buy... Read more

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Twinkle Deals is a scam and will just ripped you off!! First the clothes, tops looks good in the web site but not when you get your order. It looked like some lousy seamstress made a copy of an outfit in rush. The shape and size is ridiculous. PLUS, I ordered 6 items and I received 4 items. The four items doesn't even look like what I ordered. VERY POOR QUALITY. The color and looks is not a match... Read more

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TeeChip, and others like it (such as TeeFury), appear on one's Facebook wall, to sell t-shirts and other custom merchandise in a "campaign" format. In early April 2015, I purchased a t-shirt featured by one of their campaigns...and, boy, am I sorry that I did! The t-shirt was confirmed as being ordered on April 11, the same day that $25.98 was withdrawn from my PayPal account. The advertisement... Read more

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I bought what I thought was an authentic Chanel purse & I received a knock off. I was insulted that the *** shop owner from 2HAUTE2HANDLE thought they could slip in a fake purse & I wouldn't know the difference. Malleries has a 100% authenticity guarantee & they apparently screen shop owners before they are allowed to sell on MALLERIES, however I imagine that once the site manager... Read more

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I have been a QVC customer since 2009 and have used their easy pay method of payment for some large ticket items. In 2010, I purchased a laptop with all the bells and whistles, which was well over $1,000. The item was top of the line and came with well over a few hundred dollars worth of software. I paid it off and never purchased a larger ticket item until July 2013. I purchased a cell phone... Read more

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As I am a first time customer with Amazon I got online, I found what I was looking for so I ordered the product, the rep talked me into a 2 day delivery. I said no I am not in a hurry, so then he tells me it was something they did for first time customers. Based on his assurance that they did this for all the new customers I chose that option. THIS MAN LIED TO ME !! Now I see what he DID NOT TELL... Read more

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Website states the recipient will receive within minutes usually, it has been over 24 hours and still nothing they took my money immediately out of my account but still have not sent the card information to my son who is in a different city waiting for money he needed .I complained to Walmart customer service who sent back a generic response to my email. Well it has been 24 hours and still... Read more

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I bought Lacoste Bag on sale 53% with the amount of P 2,340.00. When I received the I item I noticed it is a fake one to compare the bag at Lacoste Store. I trusted Lazada because of their Guaranteed Logo that they sells 100% authentic. I hope that next time if the item is not orig please indicate or put a Class A. We understand it naman why that item is so cheap. I'm hoping that next time... Read more

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