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Holy Moly!!!!!!!!!!!!! These people are THIEVES!!! No other way to describe them. I ordered 2 pairs of shoes that I paid with my Visa. A few days later I received an email thanking me for enrolling into their VIP membership, which I never did. WTF???? The initial month enrollment charge was $1.99 and $14.99 would be automatically charged to my Visa EACH MONTH THEREAFTER!!!! I never authorized or... Read more

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eDressit is a good site for dresses. I ordered one dress from this site and I was amazed with the quality of the dress and it looks amazing on! It looks exactly like the picture but is even better in person. It came well packaged in a box and I was really happy with how it was turned inside out to protect it. and I am very pleased with their nice and efficient customer service staffs who... Read more

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Total from all sales .................... $205.99 after there fees and overpriced shipping costs amazon fees total ......................- $63.21 + shipping fees total......................- $50.15 ======== total of charges to seller.............- $113.36 then take the total amount with held by AMAZON for no reason + unavailable balance with-holdings....- $34.70 ======= which leaves me the... Read more

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Just had the most stressful registry experience ever 1 week before the wedding. It all started when we realized a couple of our gifts purchased by my grandparents never arrived. After using the tracking information, we discovered it was sent to our old address. I changed both of our registry shipping info after moving and we received one gift from Target at our new address, therefore it was... Read more

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I had ordered several suits online from Swim Suits for All and started looking at these reviews and got very concerned. I just wanted to post that I got my swimsuits in a timley manner, I didn't really like any of them so I sent them all back (granted, I was VERY careful to follow their instructions to the T due to all the complaints here) and the full refund showed up on my credit card within... Read more

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Had account credit and gift card, checked both boxes to use for order this week. Account credit was not deducted at checkout,called rep and was informed that it would be credited 'at shipping' and 'don't worry, we do this all the time' and 'we know what we're doing'. Waited for shipping notice, received today. NOT CREDITED. Called, and was told Justyne credited it to my credit card, received... Read more

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I would like to recommend edressit to all of you! I purchased one dress in the champagne and it is exactly as the picture showed if not, better. The quality is better than we could find in any store, I chose custom fit and the measurements are perfect, i was a little worried that they would be too short because i forgot to account for heels but edressit done that for me, allowing around 5cm... Read more

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pa low up ku lng po ung inorder ku 303693996 hangang ngaun ala dumadating 11 days na po,,,maraming pong salamat Add comment

Your employee wants to argue with me.its the employee is right not the customer so I will shop else where and I WILL report this to the BBB.i promise I will contact them first thing friday am.good luck stoneberry. Add comment

Today I purchased something online and my card was charged twice! This is the second time that this has happened. Please fix it! Add comment