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To the mall: I went his Saturday to the mall for Steven Fernandez and I didn't get a band because the security and the cops let the people in the back cut in front and they moved the people in the front move all the way to the back and that isn't fair and they didn't even care what that were doing I have been there for eight hours straight and this is what I get . Add comment

No way of getting information on my order Add comment

I made a order and the system saying I didn't and there no way for me to get in touch with customer service Add comment

I'm so mad!!!!!!! Never ever buy from this " company" EVER. They took me for 105.00 I contacted them 5 times about wrong color and wrong size wigs. They didn't get back to me until a month later then wanted to see pictures of the wigs, then said they never got the pictures then I brought PayPal into the mix. I sent the wigs back to some unknown place in China and pay pal said they... Read more

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I bought a Yamaha C7 Grand Piano (7'6" long) from Jim Laab, sight unseen, and had to trust the Laab's staff from hundreds of miles away, for quality of sound, action, and appearance. Their moving team delivered the piano from Wisconsin to Virginia, and when they set it up? It was gorgeous! Stunning! Spectacular! And less money than I ever thought I could purchase a mint-condition Yamaha grand... Read more

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I ordered a boat cover and when I received it realized it did not have enough tie downs to keep water from sitting on the cover. Iboats has refused to respond to my requests for return information. I have emailed them three times and they continue to ignore my requests for information. I ordered a boat cover and when I received it realized it did not have enough tie downs to keep water from... Read more

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Ordered watch which I did receive minus one stone in bracelet. Told amazon about this and they contacted me. Begging me to change negative review I gave on amazon and they would replace watch and give refund. I did change review to positive but three months and no watch or refund. This company is total b. S. Do not order from them. Add comment

The buyer paid for order no1570232401 the seller.named kingdom gave a false tracking number then recorded on he shop that items were sold the seller then messaged.that he had close ties with dhgate account. The buyer thenrequested for a refund tthen received a message to saytgat a decision would be made before the 20 march 2013 the buyer then made enquiries anders then told the order no waste... Read more

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purchased wig.weeks passed and NO NOTIFICATION of a tracking number or anything.contacted the company and they informed me the product was out of stock. so you charged my card for something you don't have in stock? shouldn't you have had an "out of stock" comment on the wig? when were you gonna contact me to tell me? this happened to me on two separate occasions. will never do business with them... Read more

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Start off saying should have read the reviews first. Purchased a so called ZX-1 off of these crooks.Claimed to be a 13.5 hp bike.Everybody knows a coolster 125cc bike is about 8-8.5 hp max .Three weeks went buy and called said they lost the bike and didn't have the color I wanted anymore,and I had to pick another color.First sign*** . Two weeks later the shipping company call and said they had a... Read more

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