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I called SS about a local move of 12 mi. The quoted down payment was not what the movers actually collected. What the movers collected on the day the move was twice the amount quoted! Then came the promised time(s) of arrival. For the first move, I was told they'd be there at 8 a.m. I called at 10 and was told "Oh no, we meant a window from 8-12". The movers didn't show up until 12:30. ... Read more

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Twicw I used contractors from this site nad they were both Awful and unprofessional!!! The first was for lawn care. He boasted about his years in the business, and my yard looked worst than after than when he cut it. They left debris behind. The second company I used recently was just eager to finish the job, things turned up missing and mattresses were placed on the wrong beds. When I called to... Read more

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JM Movers were exactly what I needed. I was moving from a one bedroom apartment across Cleveland on the snowiest Saturday of the year. The two men from JM (Brian and Vince) showed up at my place on time, moved me from the east side to Cleveland Heights in a snowstorm, and moved me into my new place up multiple stairways to the second floor with friendly smiles, all in under 3 hours on a Saturday... Read more

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I hired 2 seemingly nice people to hang 6 lite curtain rods, 3 shades; to tighten a table and bed that were badly reassembled by movers; and to move 3 pieces of furniture. One contractor sat and watched while the other did the work. The former did not even know how to use a level. The result was that I paid $250 for 3 even rods (the others were so uneven, the curtains did not hang straight). The... Read more

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Simply HORRIBLE - I am not in the habit of posting reviews, but feel it is my duty to inform other consumers about my horrible experience. "Five-Star Moving Crew" booked through "" said they would have no problem moving our cabinets, treadmill, couch, and TV that I exclusively hired them to move. I scheduled 3 hrs. and did not need help packing or with anything else, and they... Read more

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Ok . My night mare has just started by doing business with classic van line. They were behind my life to book a service and once booked they don't care. Have spoken to Josh, Jay , julie everyone and they were sweet at first. They charged me 500$ more than what quote said while picking up things. During the delivery I was charged again 150 for 12 stairs inside the house. But when had taken... Read more

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PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES USE THIS COMPANY FOR ANY LONG DISTANCE MOVE ONE VAN LINES or #1 VAN LINES 1835 NE Miami Gardens Dr Ste 276 Miami, FL 33179 US DOT: 2443305 MC: 843037 This moving company should be put out of business. You will regret doing business with them and have nightmares. I was contacted by Amanda Becker, yes I’m going to use names. She seems very... Read more

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I got an outside Public Storage unit at 850 S Dixie Hwy, Pompano Beach, FL for some household stuff. After a year they upped my monthly rate from $62.94 to 97.92 without even telling me. I called and asked how they can just up my monthly rate like that without notice when I signed a contract. I was told they can do whatever they want. THATS BS! I thought when I signed up that the monthly rate... Read more

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I was told to vacate the rental unit, Menards had sold them, I did so by the August 28 deadline, yet never contacted me anything wrong until I was sued, 2 months later. Menards stated I owed September rent, and the fees to collect it, given pictures that some items were still in the unit and massive charge for cleaning and Dumpster. Did anyone else experience this with this company? Where you... Read more

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Metropolitan Movers - WORST Moving Experience Ever!!!  Oceanside, CA to Ontario, Canada
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Booked Feb. 14/15, Picked up Feb. 18. Still hasn't made it to the destination and it's March 22nd! Booked for 2 movers. "One" showed up with a broken dolly. I had to go get my son up (he works nights) and my son helped him move the furniture till it was dusk. He left my furniture unattended in a public parking lot on hot tarmac. He showed up dirty, smelly, unshaven, didn't speak very good... Read more

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