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STAY AWAY!!!! SCAMMERS! Very unprofessional, CHEATERS, I got a quotation from John Atanasov in Econo Van Lines LLC(as he said he is general manger while does not know how to speak with customers.) He asks for extra money on every step like packing, loading and delivery by given various unprofessional reasons and gives threaten you that your belongings will not be delivered and you will be... Read more

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Movers were 4 hrs late. Not only were they late, I had 6 different times I was told they would be there. Oh, they are just around the corner! I have moved many times and have a lot of experience. The drivers were deceitful. Did they do the job? Yes. Second in command, David Constanza did call to find out why I was unhappy. I ended the conversation as he was basically trying to get me to agree... Read more

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Moving Staffers of San Diego gave me a $150. estimate for crating a Joan of Arc statue, which I said was 7' x 3' x 3'. The actual crating guys were great at their job, courteous, and worked quickly. They were subcontracted by Moving Staffers for this job. The office staff, however, gave me a headache with their butchery of the finances. A female caller phoned just as the crating was completed.... Read more

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My company rents a shed at Storage King Loganholme & I had to pick up stock from there last night, Monday 25th august. After entering the facility I picked up my goods & went to open the gate but it wouldn't open. I tried several times with no luck. I started to panick as I was on my own. I tried the after hours number but it only went to message. I then rang my husband as he was... Read more

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They misrepresented themselves and the costs. My move was under estimated by $700, the quote missed the stairs at my apartment, and they lied about the balance due for the initial payment. I was forced to get more cash, then told they don't take cash, then back to that bank for a check!!!! The guys who did the move were nice, totally not their fault but the "manager" was a joke! Claiming to have... Read more

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They have me a quote of $200 then they wanted $800 or they were going to keep my posessions. I told them I was going to call the cops. They left... Just a rip off company. Add comment

I have used bayflower moving group on moving in Florida. not only the lead mover overcharged us , but he was rude to me and my wife. He forced us to sign paperwork and to pay him before he unloaded our furniture; after that it was an awful experience.we had broken furniture and damaged floor in our house.we had not heard from so called customer service since by email or phone call. This company... Read more

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I went to my storage at 7:30 am after work there was a lock on my unit . public storage office don't open until 9:30. I returned at 9:35 went straight back to my unit called the office. She wanted me to come to the office I said she should come to me. She pulled my account and said yes your good. This is at 9:41 she said she had to walk she finally got there with the wrong key. I asked why is... Read more

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They purposely destroyed furniture so they wouldn't have to move it. Took advantage of particle board "not responsible" clause. Never finished delivery of bed frame. Even though promised. No professionalism. Destroyed (3) pieces of furniture. Was asked to sign papers without service rendered. Add comment

We have had a storage unit with Public Storage for 14 years. This month I get a notice that our rent is going up from $60 a month to $87. I called the local agent, Julie, who said they don't have anything to do with it. Then I wait online for over 10 minutes to finally get a real person (Roberta) who tries to tell me that is only a 30% increase and because I can't remember the last 4 digits of... Read more

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