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I tossed my Siemens hearing aids in the trash. After spending over six thousand dollars for them and thinking I was set for life, it seemed each time I brought them in for adjustment, I left with less hearing. Eventually at the 5th year they pretty much both gave up the ghost and I was told that Siemens probably won't even repair them after 5 years. You could say they are disposable. The worst... Read more

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Tried to order sunglasses and within hours after placing the order my credit card company called me with fraud charges... Some random website for an amount not even close to the sunglasses I ordered. Add comment


I bought the Phonak Nano hearing aids, one for each ear. (8,000.00) six months later the right one exploded into pieces. The audiolgist sent it back to Phonak. They, Phonak, decided it was not a defect. They state they have a warranty... Thats wrong! They will only replace it one for $250. They state it has a 3 year warranty... THIS IS NOT TRUE. You will be ripped off. Even though I bought the... Read more

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Called to check an order and service woman told me she was to busy, called back later. She yelled into the phone on answering then proceed to tell me it take 5 - 7 days for the order to be shipped. Web site indicates same day most cases. 72 hr at most. I paid extra for 3 day delivery this looks like it will not happen. Worst ever service so far. I will see how things turn out but would... Read more

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When received new glasses were thick and heavy ,sales person started you didn't pay enough .Raised *** about his remark and got them remade paying more of course, now both pair have been adjusted Nemours times still are virtual garbage I have sore on side of my nose am back to wearing my old ones two new pair useless to me . Add comment

Miracle ear scams you to come in when the have their lab specialust come in he says you have hearing loss even when yiu dont i seen this happen all the time ( i used to work there and i tried to be honest with the client and i was told not to speak a word of it) then they get pissed when the client returns the hearing aids because they see no difference in their hearing geez i wonder why Add comment


I have the Chronos 9 from Costco. The Chronos 9 hear are a great hearing aids. I am having a problem with the ear piece/ear domes . The 4 millimeter ear domes are too small. I do not hear correctly. The 6 millimeter domes are too lager. The 6 millimeter ear domes HURT my ears but hear better. I have talked to three ear aid specialist a Costco & no help. I need a 5 millimeter ear domes. I... Read more

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I went to the North Bay, Ontario outlet to select two pairs of glasses and was met by the salesperson...in the middle of our discussion her phone rings and she leaves to answers it and does not return...I thought ok, maybe it was not her day...two weeks later I went to the same store and the sale salesperson was there and she looked up at me and said ..you came to the store before eh...then just... Read more

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I just picked up both of my glasses tonight. While I was there I thought I would confirm my thoughts to the optician clerk regarding the BOGO promotion. I purposely chose 2 different frames, but priced the same with the intention of buying one pair, and getting the second pair free. When the clerk said 569.00 for one pair, I wanted to fall off my chair. I then told her "wow, that's more than I... Read more

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I had my eyes checked and a prescription given at the VA hospital where I go for my health care needs. I go to Visionworks for the glasses because they have the buy one get one deal going on. I got 2 pairs of glasses there 2 years ago and paid less than $400 for both. Regular and sunglasses. Seemed like a decent price at the time. The salesgirl talks me into the digital lenses because they're... Read more

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