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Can't make the TV adapter work at all. No connection seems to feed any kind of sound. Streamer cuts in and out constantly. Instructions are poor. VA support is ok, except that you can't get hold of the audiologist. Basically, its a very overpriced item with a lot of whiz-bang promises on its accessories. If it was a car it would be a total lemon. Consumer beware unless the provider is... Read more

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I emailed Rexton and never heard back. I have been going to The Hearing Aid Center for a long time. My hearing has decreased, as expected, as I am 84 years old. This past July was ONE YEAR since I purchased the "latest and greatest" Rexton hearing aids. I have sent them back to the mfgr. Thru the Hearing Aid Center twice already for "adjustments" AND have gone back numerous times for help. No... Read more

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I have never written a review before, so this should tell you how pissed off I am. Firstly, I went to Claire's for my double lobe piercings a few days after my 18th birthday. I had heard from people that Claire's only brings you infections, but I brushed it off, thinking that those people brought it on themselves by not cleaning or following the after-care instructions properly. However, about 9... Read more

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My daughter of 5 years old has a severe hearing loss. Wasted thousands of Rands in the past 2 years and still could not get Oticon to work, not to mention 14 sets of moulds in 5 months which I had to pay for. Oticon product, service and staff attitude extremely disguisting. Oticon "FIRST", not people. Moved to another product and within days she can say 'r' that she couldnt say in 2 years.with... Read more

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It has been 2 weeks of going back and forth to the target optical here in miami Flagler, they do not know at all what they're doing in terms of insurance... They tried to charge me with almost 70 dollars over what I had to pay for the simple reason that they didn't follow the proper procedures with my benefits... Of course I didn't have to pay but I didn't get my contacts either... The made me... Read more

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LENSCRAFTERS - Avoid this chain! Think twice before dealing with LensCrafters I escelated the matter via my BBB complaint and then had input from David Bauer at HQ and it was agreed that LensCrafters would make up just one lens. (dbauer@luxotticaretail.com Rx Operations Manager (678) 472-8481) On Sat. 10/26 I returned to the Kennesaw location and had extensive discussions with the Manager and... Read more

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I have had to deal with a self-important employee of America's Best in Largo, Florida who refuses to okay my contact lens refills. I have threatened to file complaints with the State Board of Health against the doctors, but feel it is not their fault that, even after writing to obtain a copy of my prescription, I still have not received it. Failure to provide a copy of your prescription is... Read more

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Got glasses on 1/2 price lens special. Paid 514. Returned under 30 day guarantee. They fully honored guarantee. Checked Costco. Good frame selection, same lenses, hundreds of dollars less expensive. Just saying. Add comment


I ordered some glasses (1 pair) from Shopko. The salesgirl-in-training told me that, to get progressive bifocals, it would cost $250 per lens, making the total glasses purchase over $600. For this price I expected I would get quality eyewear in 5-7 days as they claimed. After two weeks without contact, I called to inquire about my glasses. They said that the left lens "did not meet standards"... Read more

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I tossed my Siemens hearing aids in the trash. After spending over six thousand dollars for them and thinking I was set for life, it seemed each time I brought them in for adjustment, I left with less hearing. Eventually at the 5th year they pretty much both gave up the ghost and I was told that Siemens probably won't even repair them after 5 years. You could say they are disposable. The worst... Read more

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