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I have been buying my contacts from this company for 3 years. I get dailies and place a new order every month. My prescription has changed, but they contact the doctors office and it gets taken care of. The box is delivered in my mail box by usps and I have actually sent back an unopened box for credit when my prescription changed and there was no problem and they refunded my account. I have no... Read more

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This was the second company I tried online, the first was the classic horror stories but with the Better Business Bureau review EBD has earned as well as some of the positives here, I decided to try them. The online purchase was easy but the updates were weak. In total, everything went well and I like the glasses. They are a bit on the cheap side but I paid less that 25% of brick and mortar... Read more

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I had an amazing eye exam, but after that it turned into a nightmare. They ordered a pair of frames for me that still have not arrived. The worst part is I had to call them to see what is going on. They informed me they would check and call me back fast forward 5 hours later I called back and they acted as if I was bothering them with my concerns. The man told me he has no clue what's going on... Read more

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I waited almost a month to receive my prescription glasses and they where the wrong lenses. I did not want to wait again for them especially since they lie about the time that the delivery will take in their emails. I did not carefully read the so called 100% satisfaction guarantee. The guarantee is for store credit only. You will not have your credit card credited for the full purchase price of... Read more

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They pray on older. People. Ale you money 7200. Don't be. Ripped off beware Add comment

After I placed an order for a frame, 3 hours later I received an email saying the product ordered is discontinued. Call customer service and a NASTY lady stated "Why are you calling? "the company is closed". Then she hung up the phone on me without let me explain her the situation. TERRIBLE ATTITUDE. Apparently, this company is not well organized! Advice to all shoppers, DO NOT purchase anything... Read more

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100% FULL

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In 2014, I bought 2 variants of Oakley TINCAN. the first one is Tincan (004082-02). Since it was nice, I bought the second one in september 2014, OAKLEY TINCAN FERRARI Collection (004082-09). This type was expensive one, more than Eur 200 in on line shop in germany. However, BOTH were broken on the same position of the frame, ie on the hinge or movable joints. It broke NOT due to accident or... Read more

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I have bought new glasses here just recently and I am not happy. The seller has not told me that with my vision the lenses would be so thick. Now I cannot change my plastic lenses to glass lenses to make them thinner because this company does not work with the glass. And they have advised me to change the frame instead to smaller one but they cannot offer anything of a good brand because my... Read more

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I purchased two pairs of glasses in Sept 2014 for a total of $559, took one pair in for adjusting in July, 2015, Technician scratched them by mistake and they reordered the lens. They replaced the lens without a problem. I took them back on 10/1 because I had dropped my glasses and scratched the left lens, 'Joe' at the Shoppes at River Crossing location said that my warranty ran out on 9/11/2015,... Read more

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I have had three other sets of heading aids prior to these, and have had very good luck with them. These produce a pulsing pattern (described by others as warbling). The costco people contacts the technical folks at Rexton, and many adjustments were made without any affect on the pulsing. This pulsing sounds like it is 5-8 Hertz, and occurs even when a single pitch is played (like a piano... Read more

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