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I ordered a pair of prescription glasses and got a follow up email a couple of days later telling me i had to pay an extra $30 for the prisms. Absolutely NOWHERE on the website is this charge listed. The rep told me that they *used* to have it on the site but they took it down because ''people were ordering lenses thinking they would give them cool vision''. It is utterly ridiculous to remove... Read more

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They do not pick up the phone if you have any questions or concerns the people at the office were very nice but they need to get there stuff in order. Add comment

Ordered a pair of frames from all brands glasses that were unavailable in my town. Website promised 7 -12 day delivery on this pair. Other frames state 1-4 days depending on whether prescription or just frames. When they hadnt arrived called and was told the frames had to come from "ovetseas". Couldnt estimate when. Refused to overnight ship if/when they ever arrive. Stated their company not... Read more

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Wisconsin Vision made me bifocals nearly three years ago. I went back 3 times...they claimed to have preplaced the lenses(they didn't).. Claimed I needed to adjust. I went back to my old single visions..those bifocals went unused. I recently went back to Wis vision as I like the DR.....got new single vision glasses..As I figured that I am not a bifocal guy. Now...I was encouraged to try bifocals... Read more

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the audiologist did not tell me that this hearing aid would turn around constantly and it doesnt dtay on or in my ear. there is no volume control and she told me there are ni instuments i can buy to clean the hearing aid. it needs constant cleaning. . if it doesnt fit shouldnt oticon provide one that does with no added charge? worst aid ever as far as fit and adjustment or is it the audiologist? Add comment

( MADE IN CHINA) RIP OFF !!!! LIARS !!! THIEVES !!! I got a prescription glasses and the man sold me Emporio Armani glasses for $310 for the frames only. I looked on the glasses and it said MADE IN CHINA ??? Real glasses are made in Italy the ones made in China should ONLY be $155 for the frames. Add comment

I have profoundly mixed views on Target Optical. This store is awesome. The doctor is great and the people are wonderful. However, the Target Optical lab, who they have no control over, is one of the worst experiences I have ever had. They cannot find their posterior with both hands. Management has been called in, yet no one has contacted me. Apparently manufacturing and shipping one pair of... Read more

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57 year old, male......Because I had lasik 15 years ago and was looking for an inhancement I was told by Josh (Amherst, NY office) that the decision to do lasik over lasik would be made on the day of the surgery by the "Doctor himself" after looking at my eye for scare tissue. I was scheduled with Doctor Jackson. Come to find out on the day of surgery Doctor Jackson does not do lasik over lasik... Read more

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I went to vision works in Bloomfield and their work is horrible. I won't recommend people to go there Add comment

Scheduled for surgery Thursday @11am asked for info on Tuesday, emails & messages were sent. When I called 30 min prior to my surety time the patient counselor Jenifer Rameirez said she was out on vacation sorry. Complications such as a corneal transplant needed or bulging eye repairs are not covered in a life time warranty. Add comment

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