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Dbl the price for glasses that I've seen anywhere in my life. Due to know more money to drive to another place to get my glasses I had to settle. Over priced poor selection and no one in the store to do a simple frame straighten as was done wrong when I picked up my over priced glasses. Went back and no one in again and the manager (of course) when i asked was on holidays and no one to... Read more

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Called office in belleville on to rebook my appointment and man with an accent told me he was too busy to do it. Great Customer Service. Add comment

I went in before my husband drove to Dothan Al, the lady at the front told if he gets 2 pair of glasses you a free exam for $69.95 plus tax would have been $72 or $76. We walked out without any glasses because we would have had to pay over $200 and that's ridiculous cuz she only told me $69.95 so we paid for the eye exam and walked out. They cheat us horribly!!!!!!! Add comment

Bad customer service, no care or empathy. It's been four weeks and I'm still waiting for my prescription bifocals. Even with 30% off I still have to pay almost a 100% and that's with 139.00 covered by insurance. I don't know why it cost so much, I know I need the glasses but 70.00 per lens is so steep. Add comment

My husband purchased a pair of hearing aids from Audibel in Lexington, Ky. Even with our appropriate care, the aids had multiple problems and had to be taken back for repair/parts replacement repeatedly. On one occasion, one of the aids quit working the day after it was repaired. People should read all paperwork very, very carefully. Regarding customer service, the person who sold us the aids did... Read more

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DO NOT MAKE THE MISTAKE OF GOING TO THIS PLACE!!! The lady was very pushy and kept asking me for my benefits package. I went a few times to them but didn't buy anything. I finally decided on two pairs and she said she would use my benefits towards this. She gave me an amount and told me I would pay that amount out of my pocket and would get the return when it was sent out. Unfortunately, this was... Read more

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My mother is on her second upgrade in 10 years. The second time she was told she needed to upgrade in order to have the latest technology. This second upgrade along with all its bells and whistles was to last a "lifetime." Today she went in for a visit and some concerns and the solution was to "upgrade" versus even try to fix the problem as they are out of warranty. The kicker is that with the... Read more

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I went to Miracle Ear in Lebanon NH for the hearing test and they said that they could correct my right ear but there wasn't anything could be done with my left(because of to much scar tissue). It would be $5000.00 for the hearing aid for the right ear. I went to Dartmouth Hospital in Hanover NH and they got a hearing aid for the right ear and got one for the left ear( the left is a little... Read more

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got the glasses they where wrong scrip went in before thirty days still not getting used to the glasses said i had dry eyes went got some expensive stuff for dry eyes same problem went back in i said its the glasses cant see right no there saying now its over thirty days you need to buy new lenses and eye exam went somewhere else to another eye doc and script was totally wrong now where out of... Read more

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Opti sent me an e-mail to re-order my contacts. When I clicked on the link to re-order I noticed the price on the checkout page was much more than it was last time. I logged out of the site and re-entered my prescription details to search for my contacts. When displayed, they were $10 per box cheaper. I re-tried the link from my email and once again the price was higher. Customer service... Read more

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