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SVS in Imlay City mi. Told eye doc I loved by multi focal contacts , needed new exam and script. He did exam and then a trial pair of a different brand. Told him I didn't like that brand but he insisted. They sucked . Then when script new ones came in, they were not multi focal . Then they ordered they got in the militia focal , right script , but wrong brand . Again the lens suck. Third try ,... Read more

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I LOVE Contact lens king!Never a problem.Their customer service is great.Their prices are undoubtedly the best.Had a small delay on my last order but things happen.I called to see what the problem was.They explained it and in a timely manner it was resolved.Even if their prices go up I will still use their company. Add comment

This is a continuing and unresolved issue. I have been going through an odyssey regarding getting my son's reading/seeing glasses repaired. The representative actually had the temerity to take issue with the fact that I was upset and actually inferred that I would have received better treatment if she was treated with respect. Just so you all know, you are in the business of serving the customer.... Read more

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I win in that exam on January 10th. I got the two pair progressive non line bifocals. I had one pair made to glasses and the second pair at sunglasses. They told me they would call me when my glasses came in. 5 days later I called them only to find that one pair only had come in. I asked them if it was my glasses or my sunshade .I told the girl to open them because if glasses I would wait to pick... Read more

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I've read different thoughts (not good) on Beltone. Granted I don't have much experience with HA's but the service I've had since 2012 has been outstanding. On my last visit to the office I voiced some concern about difficulty hearing and we discussed custom ear molds. I was told I get them free and to try them. So far they are working out excellent. As of a week ago I started having problems... Read more

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Son went to the location on Houston, they did all the stuff up front and give him pricing. He told them all the time that he was using a Groupon and then when we get here he give them the papers and they tell him his balance. So in all the Saved $5 whole dollars. Add comment

These Phonak Hearing Instruments I have had since 9/10/09 are just as difficult as my Bel-tones were. The Bel-tones, by the way broke on the earpiece. These new, advanced Phonaks will be better than your Bel-tones says the guy I like a great deal. We, after numerous arguments with my spouse because they are nearly useless have me trying one more time. I have continuous problems with them not... Read more

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Avoid, Vision Works Menomonee Falls, WI. Other optical retailers offer an unlimited one year warranty with purchase of frames & lenses. VW only has a limited warranty that is an extra cost which you still must pay some more if asking for a repair during that year--*** deal. I had some scratches on a pair of rather expensive lens I bought there a few months back. When I went in to ask what... Read more

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American best located on Forest Drive Columbia Sc customer service (Sarah) was rude.. She hung the phone up while I asked a question about my order.. I called the store back and spoke to a manager and she tried to apologize but stated probably because my phone was breaking up... Amazing that she could hear me... Ordered my glasses two weeks ago and still no glasses or explanation why I haven't... Read more

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My fiancé was scheduled at 3:15pm we arrived about 10 min early and sat and waited 45 minutes past his appointment. Not a great impression right before they perform surgery on you. When they took him back and processed the groupon they asked how he was going to pay the remainder for the custom surgery. He didn't choose custom so that was another annoyance. We shall see how his vision is, my dad... Read more

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