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Sir my rexton machines under warranty is not proper working.. Pzzz solve my problem.. Add comment

I'm on my 3rd set of Starkey hearing aids in less then 10 years. The first pair I couldn't get past acoustic feedback issues. It was my fault for loosing weight, according to my audiologist. The cure was to get a new fitting and new hearing aids or go with behind the ear hearing aids which aren't affected by weight gain or loss. I went with behind the ear. I have a litany of things I didn't... Read more

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I was asked to take part in a survey and a free gift offered. No mention of a free trial of 2 weeks. I was surprised after two weeks my debit card was charged twice (97.95 & 99.95 ) I had not noticed until my bank alerted me of several different amounts of monies were attempted to charge my debit card with a month later. I have now cancelled my debit card and asked my bank to blacklist this... Read more

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Within the last 3 years, i have been through at least 6 pairs of glasses. After about 4 or 6 months the lenses start cracking. When you pay 500 for a pair a glasses and 50 dollars every 6 months to replace them, it gets old real fast. Glasses used to last 5 years and now i would be lucky to get 5 months. Horrible Add comment

I went to Miracle Ear to take advantage of their "Free Hearing Test". It comes with a very hard sell to buy their hearing aids. They told me that my hearing loss could be connected to dementia...among other things as just as scary. I ended up in tears.The hearing aids they recommended were their top of the line at a cost of nearly $7,000. They had me sign a paper that I understood, would allow me... Read more

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My experience with Dr. Krystal Nguyen at Krystal Vision Eye Care was utterly disgraceful. I paid the co-pay under my insurance for my daughter and I to have a contact lens examination. My daughter was examined first. Following her examination, I was brought in to see the doctor. During the initial exam, Dr. Nguyen misquoted my benefits information. I corrected her. She claimed to have verified my... Read more

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I was so happy that I could get glasses that I could afford when they arrived I tried them on an couldn't see out of them I see better without them then I can wit them so disappointed Add comment

my complain instead I got an eye exam and I pay for it and when I went to go order my contacts I left them that you gave me the ones in the prescription to give me a different brand and he gave me the brand that I did not want so now I'm stuck with and I having troublewith my contacts since I did not want to brand so I decided to never go to shop there ever again the doctor and the person that I... Read more

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i brought back a fan I bought half hr before it was missing part of base. She took out of box and tells me a piece of the base is broke than she smells it tells me it smells burned like I did that in less than half hr. I told her to look at time on receipt she stomped over to register and did give money back. I am a good customer and employees know me I'm there all the time. I think she should... Read more

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When I came in to get my eye exam, the girls who worked up front were friendly enough. When I was finished with my exam, one of the ladies was really friendly and being "buddy buddy" with my fiance and I. She was very helpful and made us feel like she really cared. After we spent over $400 on new glasses, we were instructed to fill out a survey online about her. I went home and gave her a... Read more

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