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My(Mark Shawzin) trading career started in 1978. I was in my junior year of business school (University of Southern California (USC). At the time, my Dad was doing business with a fellow named Graham Loving. Graham was an active trader in the commodities markets, and by the time I met him he was one of the largest commodity traders in the US. In mid-1978 Graham and my Dad formed a $500,000 joint... Read more

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Merrill Lynch claims to have mailed the proceeds of 401-k plan, but after 21 days there's no check. They refuse to provide any proof that it was mailed, but they will not re-issue a check unless they have a notarized affidavit saying it was not received. They demand that you jump through hoops in order to escape their responsibility to do their job. I've had to deal with Merrill Lynch before... Read more

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Dont be fooled by the fancy store fronts and claims of being "compassionate". There is no such thing as a compassionate loan shark outfit. They still charge you astronomically high interest rates and near impossible terms. Like all the others, they are in business to prey upon the desperate low income folks. I almost took a job with them. The pay and benefits are good, but yhey make it insanely... Read more

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I purchased their program on real estate and got burned out of $1000.00. That was back in 2005. Most of these companies always get away with it, that's why I didn't pursue it. There is really no law and order or true justice anymore. Add comment

This is the worst place to have a car loan they are rude and nasty they tell u the owner of the company took a month off everyone is a supervisor the office is so *** small everyone is a supervisor this place needs to be shut down as soon as possible or get some employees who know how do customer service and not disrespect customers Add comment

I also was told i had to switch my loan into a Flex loan. Now when I go to pay my payment only a couple dollars goes to principle?? This loan is predatory lending and should be outlawed. I will never be able to pay this loan off. I also hope this gets investigated as it is a total scam. Add comment

We are project funder with our cutting edge and group capital fund we can finance your signatory projects and help you to enhance your business plan, our financial instrument can be used for purchase of good from any manufacturer irrespective of location. We specialized in BG, SBLC, MTN, CD,LC , Non collateral loan, confirmable Bank Draft and other financial assistance from AAA rated bank (Prime... Read more

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Thrift invesment took my car never notified me or my cosigner and sold my vecihle i payed 9000 i only had 1500 dollars left for my title i been rob from this copany i want my vechile back and promise me that i can pay 710 dollars but they sold it 1week later never sent me a letter saying my car was going to be sold. Add comment

These are worse case of rip off-I am out of pocket $5000 US Stay away from these crooks-they were suppose to return my money & I never received any money back I wish there was someone can help If anyone knows of Rick Allan i would like to talk to him for help he was going to provide me-They called & promised to put a listing for 500 fortune companies & build a proper website to... Read more

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I signed up for Zach Scheidt's Income on Demand product, and paid the requisite subscription fee. The advertising recommended that one needed at least US$20,000 to successfully invest smaller amounts in the various opportunities presented. Because I had over US$30,000 in my investment account, I believed that I was a suitable user. The system uses options and is based on selling puts. When I... Read more

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