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Hi everyone I am glad to share this with you. I started investement with devere while I was leaving in China. A lot of good benefit they said, finally within 3 years while most of the market were raising my investment were just stuck on a flat curve, even slowly decreasing because of the fees. Later I moved to USA. No problem they told me ! We will keep managing your account from China. Well, no... Read more

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I subscribed for a free online investment book, shipping and handling $4.95 after reading a small part of it I sensed it was nothing more than a scam and cancelled. Almost immediately a charge appeared on my card for $99 which of course I received NOTHING for. Sham company, if they were legit they would have been up front with everything and wouldn't have rushed thru with the extra charges. ... Read more

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Have you been a victim of AMS? Please visit: Are you a victim of Allstate Merchant Services? We at Phoenix have a special recovery option for your business. For more information, Please contact us at any time or submit your Merchant Statement for review to: (888) 746-4895 Did you know that their contract is not... Read more

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As a UK & Offshore professionally qualified assets manager of 24+ years experience in both the UK & throughout S.E. Asia, with over 600 articles published as a lead financial affairs columnist, I know all there is to know about Expat IFA's, Boiler-roomer's, fraudulent Ponzi scams, SEC investor alerts, & the tactics of De Vere plus many other consultancy groups in Thailand &... Read more

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Mike Pirolo claims he is friends with AG Pam Bondi and Jackie Calloway of Channel 10. And he may have been able to trick them for a while but as the truth comes out I'm sure they are finally investigating him, and rightfully so, he's stolen money from our best clients. He was the Sales manager of Fed Ver for 2+ yrs. Pirolo's new office Clearwater, FL after he was fired for stealing clients form... Read more

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Questioned me on why I wanted my own money. Closed my checking without giving me time to set up a new one. Had me in BAD stocks that lost me $14,000.00 in 2 months! Rip off and crooks! Add comment

I was told I would be getting my money for my short term disability claim on Monday and when I called Tuesday, apparently no one processed it. This is now the 3rd personally who supposedly picked up my claim now I have to wait until Friday to get my money! Very unorganized and unprofessional! People have bills to pay Add comment

Under difficult circumstances and with a brief while outline, TriMark Financial was, extremely responsive, written work continually to overhaul me. They continued top of the circumstance and conveyed everything to conclusion successfully.These gentlemen at TriMark Financial Solutions are the major alliances! Try not to get debilitated of the procedure only on the grounds that its all done online... Read more

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Total scam and there phone number doesn't work either Add comment


On hearing through a friend at work about Guardian Wealth Management, I decided that I would like to move my pensions as one had been frozen for so many years. I first met with Peter Gollogly (my personal Financial Adviser) in December 2014 at a meeting place of my choice, which is really convenient living and working in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Peter explained everything and more about the Company... Read more

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