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Do you want the truth about World Financial Group, now rebranding themselves as Transamerica Financial Advisers????? I was in the trenches with this company for many years and I know firsthand the truth behind this company. What do they really do? They sell you a dream. They are in the business of selling you a dream of financial independence. They sell the dream of having the income to support a... Read more

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The average person is unaware that they are in possession of valuable marketing information: the names of your friends and family. World Financial Group has their recruits set up 10 "training" appointments with those friends and family. (AKA: "Warm Market", people very likely to allow you to meet with them) You set up the appointments BEFORE you get your insurance license so only your "trainer"... Read more

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deVere Group's reply to:

deVere Group strictly adhere to international laws to ensure that only the very best advice is delivered to clients. Being the most regulated brokerage in the world, deVere are required to randomly call clients to check that all necessary paperwork was provided at the point of investment. If at any time you are unsure of an investment, it is recommended that you do not proceed until you are... Read more

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I went to the event and they talk a very good game and are very good at what they do. To sell you somthing for nothing. I paid the $1500 without researching armondos scam. If you read this after you go you have to cancell within the 3 days and i used a drbit card and I followed the cancelation proceedure and did recieve a refund. Please dobt get sucked in by this scem. Thenonly get rich person is... Read more

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Date Amount 10/06/2014 $294.00 09/30/2014 $471.27 09/28/2014 $1,073.56 09/25/2014 $781.56 Total $2,620.30 in 10 days Reading your uninspiring trash of WFG proves you are lazy & close minded! Churches, military & hospitals recruit, every job in America recruits. that's what ads in the newspaper are. They stole my money. your lazy & didn't study for a license that can make you more... Read more

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Got an email saying that Americans can piggy bank "Canadian social security" on top of American social security. Bit of a lie! They named a sum of $4,700 per month. The maximum Canada pension payment is under $600.00 Cad per month. When one gets 65 or over they qualify for Old Age Security and other supplements but it is no where near $4,700 a month. The Canadian Pension Plan payments are based... Read more

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hi i just wanted to share with all of people who fall into trap of this fake consultancies and ruined their life from home we think of diff drms and this *** ruined them one was bartronics america and now the second one id BA TECHNO links run by idiots whose only motive is to money either way they can get it one *** is RAGHU who who tells you about sweets words intially den lately shows the... Read more

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JR Ridinger claims that he is working a 45 year plan for everyone to get on a 2-3 year plan... lol... have you see his wealth and the fact that Market America (MA) is 93% owned by him. There is no questions that MA takes more than the Lion's share of profits. And the methodology in how the mass money flows to the Ridinger family instead of everyone else is the true definition of... Read more

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As a service, Pissed Consumer allows customer testimonials to be provided by the paying client on a regular basis.

When I knew I had to start saving for my future the biggest issue I had was to find a financial adviser that I liked and could trust. I was recommended to Spencer by a colleague of mine at a dinner for business professionals in Dubai. I initially met with him at our offices and then having provided me with all the information and client referrals I required, both myself and my wife met with... Read more

As a service, Pissed Consumer allows customer testimonials to be provided by the paying client on a regular basis.

I contacted Holborn in early 2013 having read many informative articles written by them over the years in Gulf News about managing ones assets. My advisor contacted me thereafter and came to my office to advise me with my investment planning. He spent a lot of valuable time with me until I was completely comfortable with the suggested investments. I subsequently referred him to my partner, who... Read more

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