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At great expense, both time and money, I switched my accounts to Equity Trust Company. At the time I did so, I was quoted annual fees of $1900, despite the value of my IRA falling into a realm of an amount that is considered "negotiable". When I asked the person who signed me up about "negotiable", he told me not to worry about it and that the $1900 fee would be valid. Thus, my decision to... Read more

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Edison Funding has begun do ALOT of more advertising that they are a buyer of structured settlements. They show up highly ranked on the sponsored ads (read paid ads) for structured settlements. My problem with Edison, is that when I click on the Better Business Bureau seal on their website it just leads back to the Edison Funding web site instead of the Better Business Bureau as it should be. So... Read more

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I had the same problem as everyone else here. I got talked into signing up for a one-year subscription. Three months into it, I wasn't getting anywhere and asked for a pro-rated refund. I was told there was no pro-rated program. They down graded me from 12 months to 6 months and then gave me a pro-rated refund of $120.32 based on the six-month plan. I paid $1364.82 for the 12 months. The customer... Read more

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I sold mutual funds and specifically asked what the charges would be and they quoted that they were $40.00 & $10 per mutual fund sold.. I had 5 but I get the check and it's thousands of dollars gone. They never told me that since I was selling "C" share mutual funds in less than a year, the mutual fund company would charge me 1%. They deny responsibility since they didn't charge it but... Read more

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I checked in with my stock advisor to see what my stocks were worth a couple of days ago, and I was happy to know the value. So 2 days later I call him to liquidate everything, and he says not a problem, and says you'll be selling this many of each stock and that was it, and we hung up with each other and a minute later he calls back saying today was not a good day to sell, but he sold everything... Read more

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Account setup where advisor could buy and sell without always notification, and account also moderate risk with ease of getting out due to volatile market. Advisor in Lake Oswego Oregon purchased energy stocks back in June 2014 and set on them until December 2014 and calls me and stated I want to go over your account before you receive your year end statement. Everyone except UBS advisor knew... Read more

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To whom it may concern: January 26, 2015 this post was brought to Bevello Management's attention. We have reviewed our records and find no indication of any such transaction. We have checked all emails, voicemails and other methods of communication; and have yet to find a request for a refund in the amount of $500. We typically do not sell $500 worth of leads to anyone except past clients, nor... Read more

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This company handled my pension from my former employer and sent a letter telling me I was being forced out due to my balance being below a certain threshold. I requested the $$ and was told the amount and the date it would be sent...TOTALLY not the case. I went back and forth with this company for almost 2 weeks, calling EVERY SINGLE DAY talking to different people and receiving different... Read more

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My financial. Adviser BS.. From white plains keeps picking me losers.have lost. A lot. Of money.specfically told him to place a10% stop loss order if it dips. It takes major Nose dive. No stop order placed .no phone very aware of investing here.when you complain .they just bury their head in the sand. Add comment

Scammed out of money for a non-working online campaign through a company called: IMPERIUM GLOBAL MANAGEMENT GROUP LLC. Located in Maricopa, AZ, they have only been in business since 09/23/2014. The owners, Gary S. Charlson & Pamela Reaves market a service that so calls "ghosts" websites and brings clients to a landing page. The service is untested and unproven from our personal... Read more

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