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To People finders, 1. *CFK*PEOPLEFINDERS 800-​7188997 CA USD 24.95 I was never aware that you are authorised to deduct this monthly amount. 14.April 2015 was the latest illigal deduction With immediate effect stop this deduction and refund any monthly deductions that you have made unauthorised. Thanks 2. I tried to send complaint to them. Their contact us site says fill in all lines which I did... Read more

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NACA has helped my family purchase a home. We didn't have to have a down payment, no closing costs at a very competitive interest rate. NACA is giving us the opportunity to own a home for the first time in 6 years. We were foreclosed on about 6 years ago due to the failing economy. We lost our home and our credit. NACa has given us the opportunity to own a home again without it being based in... Read more

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I am interested in any kind of new forms of business. When my friend talked to me about Market America, I was interested. Ofc she didn't talk about the rules in dividend and how much I need to spend for opening the business and transfer buying. It was my worst decision to try the business. After the first ticket to the conference ($35 for ticket, travel expense for $100), I did not want to stick... Read more

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After being called back and approved for an interview I asked the human resources director a few questions about the company and she was very vague. So I started to do a little research. I went to the website and it seemed just a little too vague as well. To me these were instant red flags. Then I found a review stating who this company really is...A company with the pyramid scheme in place and... Read more

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Indore is full of Fake & Cheater Stock Advisors WAYS2CAPITAL is one of them. Plz dont join this cmpny real cheeters, I deposited 5000/- in company account on 1/1/2014 but till date they never given me a single call when i call then they telling me to deposit 5000/- more to get services. Sanjay Singh Rathore is the telecaller of company befooled me. Contact me @ 8862886704/ 9431760844 Add comment

I spoke to a gentleman called Mark Kilham from Trafalgar International who seemed very enthusiastic about the product he was offering me. I agreed to meet however upon reading this I had my doubts..... Mark came across very pushy and played on my emotions to 'close the sale' constantly referring back to my family and using them as a tool. He has some personal details of mine which I didn't... Read more

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They dont report my car payment since July of last year( not missed one payment). They won't help resolve it. The supervisor "ken" refused to give his full name or employee #....the are so shady...we must find a way to regulate them!!!!! They are way, out of control!!!! Add comment

I closed my account in February and I still don't have my check. They closed the account but haven't sent the check to my new HSA. I've called them twice and still don't have my check. The call center must be offshore as the operators can barely speak English. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told that there was "one on call, but wasn't available." If they think they are going to... Read more

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Charles Whitmen promises great service and integrity but delivers nothing. I and others have paid him anywhere from $750.00 to $1700.00 for services ranging from credit repair, mortgages and CPN's. Please adhere to the rule, don't send money via money gram or wire. Its the quickest way to lose your money. He plays the good ole boy routine to win your trust. Don't fall for it. He even went as far... Read more

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Went to their event, signed up and did not get anything. Who were the guys running this? What are their names? We need to post their names all over the Internet until they pay back all of the money they stole. Can someone please send me their names, our company does Social Media Marketing and can reach out and post this so millions will receive it. We will do this with the support of others and... Read more

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