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I worked at a hotel who hosted an incentive trip for the top producers of this company. Me and my co- workers thought these were some of the rudest people of questionable character of any group we have ever had at our hotel. These people have sticky fingers and we were warned about this group before they arrived. We were told to keep an eye on all our supplies. In all my years I have never... Read more

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In Oct 2012 my son had a piece of mail stolen that contained all his personal information. I encouraged him to sign up with Equifax in case someone used his personal information to open new credit accounts. I gave him my credit card number for the monthly charges. In Oct 2013 my credit card account number was changed. After a year without any activity on my son's Equifax account we figured he... Read more

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$1 for credit report but then 7 days later, hidden monthly subscription of $21.95 appears on my credit card. Called to cancel and dispute...denied because the subscription was well hidden in the terms and condition. You have to read every word in the terms and condition to realize you are subscribing to a monthly service and being charged. Extremely frustrated and never thought I would be... Read more

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A bunch of shakedown artists. Very rude and disrespectful employees. Do not finance with this company. You learn with age and I wish I would've done my research on them before I financed my vehicle with them. Add comment

This company cold called promising me that i had a miss selling PPI claim for over £6k -also promissed me that I would get £495 deposit back if they were unsuccesful Conned me out of £495 to reclaim ppi, 7 months later no ppi refund, members area contact doesn,t work, its impossible to contact anybody that can tell you about your claim, it just tells you your claim has been pre submitted. I have... Read more

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CAS Resources, DirectHR Services and AYS Employee Leasing --- Run! Employees of CAS and Direct HR reopen under a new company name, AYS Employee Leasing in Vero Beach, FL. You can find out more about how Jason Syrek / CAS Resources and Suzanne Burrow / Direct HR Services were raided by the FBI with a quick web search. See the full previous review on this collection of crooks here:... Read more

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So a friend of mine graciously decided to send me a large sum of money to assist me with some legal fees I had accrued. $2300 total. I had just opened a new Truwest account and they recommended Popmoney for account to account transfers. So we decide to send the daily limit ($2000) through Popmoney and then the other $300 the next day. But the next day we are informed both our accounts have been... Read more

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After giving invents comany well over $10,000 I've been resesrching their so called "companies" they were "sending" my invention idea too. So far they have nothing to do with or pretain to my invention concept. Feeling I was taken for a ride and out thousands of dollars! My contact people never call me back or have "left" the Invents Company. Add comment

Perhaps you have purchased the Self Direct IRA offered by ACE, CA, whom has made its profit by selling empty lot in Lancaster, CA.? Due to my wrongful decision in 1999 of purchasing two bared lots from ACE, CA. Well, I really could not blamed ACE Company whom had sold the overly priced empty lot in Lancaster, CA nor did I ever paid extra attention that ACE transferred the IRA account to Equity... Read more

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