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Friends, family, acquaintances, anyone that you know who could become a victim of this company. PLEASE BEWARE OF THE FALSE ADVERTISING OF ADVANCE FINANCIAL...which is located in McMinnville, Tullahoma, Manchester...all over TN. This company encourages you to do a "loan check" and maybe a "signature loan"...then "You have to switch to our FLEX LOAN PLAN...really? Why? Oh, you can have LOW monthly... Read more

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I received an e-mail for a networking of real estate agents Thursday, 9AM at the Westchester Renaissance Hotel. I went, and there was no meeting, the hotel did not hear from anyone in that company to schedule any meeting at any date or time.. My e-mail was from Amanda DeRuyter 585 444 8362. I called the 26, 27th and today, never received a call back, all I got was the standard message, "I will... Read more

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I received an e-mail from a Amanda DeRuyter for a meeting Thursday August 27 at the Westchester Renaissance Hotel. In the e-mail her telepbhone number is 585 444 8362 representing the Business Network LLC. I went to the hotel this morning, the time and day of the meeting of real estate agents. The hotel did not know of any meeting today or any other day, in fact they had not heard of Amanda or of... Read more

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Advanced financial went from payday loans to no payday loans. Which left me in a bind. They did not even proactively tell the customers that after a certain date they would stop these. They do allow you to still skip a payment for the signature loan but requires you to email or upload ANOTHER paycheck stub and dl. I don't have access to email it and most people in financial need don't. They... Read more

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I BOUGHT a PREPAID CARD SYSTEM for U$30,000.00 AND I NEVER RECEIVE THE SERVICE AND THE Payments Softwares . I talked with MIKE and he said also you can make $8.00 per cardholder and when I Called the bank they SAID this is NOT true , you can't make U$8.00 / month per cardholder . So, I spend $30,000.00 for a *** System and when ask for a REFUND they SAID " I'M SORRY BUT YOU CAN'T RECEIVE YOUR... Read more

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I worked for the company for a short stint just under a year and I have to say that their system is horrible. The problem with billing and payment of the claims is that each department is only briefed on what the other department does and the episodes of care contain no information on billing for all employees to see. So often times on the phone the employees have to say that they're not sure and... Read more

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I have spoken to equifax and once again nothing has changed on my end and my credit score keeps bouncing around and they say I have to contact them in writing. they are a criminal organization and need to be stopped. don't fall for spending the monthly fee. they are breached on a daily basis. Add comment

my credit score keeps dropping and equifax won't do anything about it.they basic black mailed me into a 19.00 charge to monitor my credit and now my score keeps dropping and I don't owe any money.we need to launch a class action law suit.did you know equifax is supposed to be protecting and accurately recording our information and they are the number one company that gets security breaches on a... Read more

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Very very rude and nasty especially Dave!!!!!! Never again Add comment

Hello Every One, I am mrs Shella Spencer From Ohio U.S.A, I quickly want to use this medium to shear a testimony on how God directed me to a Legit and real loan lender who have transformed my life from grass to grace, from being poor to a rich woman who can now boast of a healthy and wealthy life without stress or financial difficulties. After so many months of trying to get a loan on the... Read more

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