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The average person is unaware that they are in possession of valuable marketing information: the names of your friends and family. World Financial Group has their recruits set up 10 "training" appointments with those friends and family. (AKA: "Warm Market", people very likely to allow you to meet with them) You set up the appointments BEFORE you get your insurance license so only your "trainer"... Read more

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Trying to file a dispute with equifax is like pulling teeth! They are uncooperative and their website is difficult to navigate! EQUIFAX SUCKS! Add comment


To whom it may concern, I would like to make a complain against Equifax which charged my credit card on Oct/01/2014 with out my permission. I contacted 3 times and still did not receive my money. This is disgusting and I am tired of keep calling you. I need immediate action for refund and close my account as I wished before and phoned on September that I do not wish to continue my membership... Read more

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My name is Gene and I am the founder of Aptito, which is a mobile payments company that developed iPad based point of sale system. I have invested all of my savings and three years of my non-stop involvement into the company. I first met Oleg Firer is 2012 who immediately set his sights on the company because it was related to credit card processing industry and mobile payments was creating a... Read more

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I was promised 100% satisfaction in the seminar as long as I followed the plan exactly, I was told I could invest in what I was interested in, however, once enrolled-the mentors told me something completely different. They never read my file to see what my interest, goals, or financial situation was. I had so many mentors/teachers that they all confused me because they told me something different... Read more

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Where do I start with this company? It's run by an expert *** artist who goes by the name of Spencer Lodge. This man is famous for ripping people off and evidence is all over the internet if you google this vile mans name. Spencer Lodge is banned yes banned from both Holland & Belgium and is wanted for financial crimes in both countries. If he returns the authorities will automatically lock... Read more

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I went to the event and they talk a very good game and are very good at what they do. To sell you somthing for nothing. I paid the $1500 without researching armondos scam. If you read this after you go you have to cancell within the 3 days and i used a drbit card and I followed the cancelation proceedure and did recieve a refund. Please dobt get sucked in by this scem. Thenonly get rich person is... Read more

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I tried credit because they said all the right things. I started using them October 2013. I've had nothing removed from my credit but the aged items, over 7 years old. I've tried to cancel every month for the 6 months and they refuse to cancel me. I've been double and triple billed monthly with no refunds. Definitely a scam. I do not recommend anybody use them unless they want to give... Read more

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Here is the email I sent their management after receiving nothing but irrelevant excuses and blame for Kim Central's obvious incompetence in handling a simple request for account information. Of course, their answer was that they still don't value a customer enough to admit they were wrong and offer to pay the damages: President, Kim Central Credit Union: This note is to express my profound... Read more

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Doug Schlein of Las Olas Financial Group is a ripoff, a bully, a liar and a cheat. In my professinal opinion as a Fort Lauderdale business owner Doug Schlein of Las Olas Financial Group is a ripoff, a bully, a liar and a cheat. Doug Schlein of Las Olas Financial Group called me and asked me to create him a website, I told him a price range and he asked for the cheapest site on the range. I... Read more

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