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I have credit coming to me since January. Everytime I call they tell me has been proced and I will get within a week. I have yet to receive it. I will never order again I want my credit! Add comment

I went in to FYE to buy a few CD's and they ended up basically forcing me to sign up for a magazine subscription which I didn't exactly understand. I was wondering if anyone know how to cancel this because I don't want to be charged and I'm going to be extremely pissed if they remove money without my permission. Also, when I went to the cancellation website, it is not recognizing the information... Read more

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PCH should be investagated. They are a scam. They try to tell people they have won might have won ...we are comming to your area ... and a whole lot of other lies. And you can buy things at a store cheaper than from them. And you don't have to pay shipping. So don't send me any more of your BS !! Add comment

I feel like crying. Why on earth did I give this company my *** debit card number. I cancelled two days later after some thought. I sent multiple cancellation emails. Was contacted and reassured that my money would be back in my account within two weeks. -$750 later, I'm here in tears. I'm so incredibly pissed. I just hope someone reads this and doesn't give Xlibris their hard earned money. Add comment

DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS FIRM! I originally used my credit card to pay for one month's service at $9.95. I found the service to be poor at best. Very difficult to read articles of interest, etc After properly charging my credit card for the initial month, they subsequently charged my credit card for a 2nd month without notice to me. I called them as soon as I received credit card statement... Read more

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I had used their service for several years, and was pleased with it until 2013, when they quadrupled their prices and auto-renewed for *different* period than I had originally signed up for. Also they do not give renewal notices, so the charge just suddenly appears. I don't know what happened to this company. They make it difficult to cancel and give no refunds once the unannounced auto-renew... Read more

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What little I was able to find, I was able to find for free on google newspaper archives and It was almost impossible to pull up newspapers on my ipad, which is what I use primarily. The amount of newspapers offered is very limited and the newspapers to the cities I wanted weren't offered. I started my trial this evening and already want to cancel. I have to unsubscibe by... Read more

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I was hired to work for this company a few weeks ago and i went to a interview and gave my papers to some women manager that Jesus Toledo has as his personal book keeper.first as i noticed the atmosphere everybody was so unprofessional and their behavior was very very provocative and flirtatious with each other.this women manager that i went into her office and she started getting personal with... Read more

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