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I have received email saying I won on July 16th and I am unable to click the contact us now button I had this experience with pch lotto and I've discovered there is no way to check your winning number

I paid four thousand dollars for a campaign. It was the emerald cmapign and they wanted to get my family involved. I told them no and to leave them out of it. I then was told to have my books listed on amazon. This was going to cost me an additional 800 dollars. I had someone to help me and then they cancelled. When I asked them initially to cancell, they refused. Now I am over 1000 dollars... Read more

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I entered into an over-the-phone publishing contract with Xlibris before doing my research on the company because it all seemed so grand. While still in the cooling off period I learned that they are nothing but a vanity publishing company that has no idea what they are doing. The services they offer can be done alternatively solo at much less than half the prices they charge authors. Upon... Read more

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I have requested a magazine since May its almost August and I still have not received it every time I call them they tell me it will be the end of the month whst is so hard about mailing me all the magazines I don'thave to wsit for a new oone I guesd they dont need my business or my families cus they didnt get theirs either

My current subscription had just ran out. I received a mailer for a promo rate, filled out and sent it in with my $26.50 payment. Since I was moving from home A to home B, I called USA today and changed my address. Well 2 months later, no delivery of paper ( at either address) and I keep on getting a $51 bill. Tired of this, I sent them a certified letter. Upon receipt of this letter USA today... Read more

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I had two books published simultaneously. Money up front. Sent them disk with both books. I spell checked them to the point I was tired of reading, but they were flawless. We go through the process, I was bounced around from one person to the next to yet another and another. Most of the time their speech was barely intelligible. They did not follow cover instructions, did what they wanted and... Read more

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I sent a credit card payment of Australian dollars 57.36 (U.S. Dollars 50.00) to Magazine City Charlottesville on 5 March, 2014 for a subscription to Writers Digest magazine but not a single copy has arrived. Have I lost my money? Please reimburse me if you are not sending the magazines to me. I phoned Daniel of Writers Digest on 800-333-0133 on 20 June 2014 to express my concerns about the... Read more

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One of your representatives, Sandy, came to my door to ask me to buy a subscription. When I told her I was not interested she became persistent in asking me why. She began to harass my mother and I as to why we didn't want to buy a subscription if it was to help kids go to college. When I asked her to leave she told me I was being rude. She didn't leave until I literally picked up my phone to...

The BAM in defiance ohio would be enjoyable w/o the old, crotchety manager who is rude to everyone unless you're buying a discount card or signing up for whatever other bs there is to offer. She's very matter of fact and curt and even her employees can't stand working with her. They feel bad that no one had done anything about the way she treats customers. I'm honestly surprised that store stays...

When I was issued a new debit card after fraudulent charges, I forgot to update payment info for Netflix and AZ Republic. I received a nice reminder from Netflix, logged in, updated the info and was billed. No problem. With the AZ Republic, I tried the same thing, updated the info, then after 7:30 pm had a call from a rude and aggressive woman claiming to work for the Republic. She wanted to... Read more

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