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Hi my name is evelyn willacker danielle lam pch left me nasty messages on my facebook message and I am very angry with danielle lam pch for lieing to me and getting my hopes up high thinking that that I won the sweepstake for being on the facebook she even told me that I won the big money for life and then she lied to me and she called me a big loser and that I didnt win not thing at all she... Read more

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Hi my name is evelyn and I was told by DANIELLE LAM PCH that I was randomly selected to win the sweepstake and then danielle lam told me that I needed to buy a money pack to get a confirmation cold so that I could win my money and prize and I told danielle lam pch that im not buying no money pak or im not sending them no money at all and im not making a loan at all Add comment

Very happy with NME. I did not care for the original mags suggested, but after reviewing the list of mags available I was able to select several I was very happy with. If I changed my mind about a mag, I went to my account and selected another. If one subscription ran out, I switched to another as different mags had different lengths of service. I signed up in June 2011 and have been happy with... Read more

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Essence, somehow got my name and must of assumed I am a Black girl because I have been receiving Essence Magazine. I am not Black and have been trying to cancel the subscription every time they mail a renewal letter to me. I just got another one and went to unsubscribe at Essence Customer service and it says it was ordered by VALUEMAGS. It is saying I had to cancel with them. I tried cancelling... Read more

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Hi my name is evelyn willacker 08-16-2014 I was told from Danielle Lam that I won the sweepstakes and I gave her all my information I am very upset because I didnt know that she was a scam danielle even gave me a confirmation code and I dont know if that code is real she even told me that I was going to get a big check this is the confirmation code 903350 Add comment

From Aug-Sept issue I tore out 22 pages of Advertising before I started to read. There were 15 more pages in it. Less than HALF the magazine was articles. And most of them were no where as interesting as previous ones. Thru out the mag they beg for stories and pictures. Yet on the rules for submission page there is a paragraph titled Be Patient. It says they have a very small staff to read your... Read more

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On March 29, 2014 I got entangled in a scam where Xlibris charged me $60K for book fairs, book reviews, radio interviews, podcasts, screenwriting, publication in overseas in-flight magazines, etc. Over time the "packages" they offered me got more expensive, but I was like a bird hypnotized by a snake, not reacting until it was too late and the snake had swallowed me whole. Their technique was... Read more

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In Aug., received "Second Notice" for Reminisce Extra after having renewed for 1 year with payment submitted in Jan., 7 mos. ago. I keep track of my magazine subscriptions. I may just let this subscription lapse in due time. Many magazines push that extra mile for renewals after renewals, until - if you're not careful - are stuck with 3 or 4 years out. Seems the Reminisce people are doing the... Read more

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