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I was going to get a life insurance policy through global but forget that .who can I go to ? I feel like I should just save my money monthly I might be better off cause this insurance scam is crazy! Lord forbid anyone dies from a disease they didn't know they had will you get nothing ! That's *** ! Life is bound to *** you over. And we all are honest hard working people just trying to support... Read more

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I have been paying $30.00 a month to Globe Life since I was 22. I bought the policy out of fear while I was a young 2LT in the US Army and tried to cancel the policy once several years ago and thought I had canceled it, but the money kept being drawn out of my account. Recently, I was able to transfer the beneficiary of the account to my wife. But when I call Globe Life, they tell me that my... Read more

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My husband of 56 years and I immigrated to the U.S. from the Philippines to live with my daughter and family, and I became an American citizen soon after. We both took out Globe Life insurance policies on each other for $10,000, and answered the questionnaire completely honestly. At the time we took out the life insurance, my husband was still mowing the front and back lawns, and riding his... Read more

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After A horrible experience with Coventry Health and Chesapeake life insurance companies I was hoping to find some relief with Globe Life since they have been around for centuries, I remember receiving ads in the mail as a kid. Now I see that they've been ripping people off for centuries. I don't recommend any of the insurance companies that have emerged out of the wood work in recent years they... Read more

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In 2010 our company bought group term life from CJA Marketing who used FIDELITY SECURITY LIFE as the carrier We were told the policies were tax deductible and we could overfund The IRS came back and denied deductions and also fined us for not filling 8886 form for Tax Shelter BEWARE and stay away fro FIDELITY SECURITY LIFE they raked in many thousands of dollars in commissions and left us... Read more

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So we saw a commercial for the Gerber Life Grow-Up plan and started filling out an online application. While I was filling out the application, I did some additional research and then decided against the policy. So I closed the web browser and thought that was it. I did not actively submit the application or receive any confirmation that the policy had been activated while filling out the... Read more

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What I have to say about Globe Life will certainly take more than 100 words. This company has people working in customer service department who has no clue about the insurance policies that their customers call in about. In my opinion I believe they are trained to scam as many people as they can and make sure that this company continues not paying their death insurance claims. This company who... Read more

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I submitted a death claim on a 7 year lld policy that they received on March 19. It took them 20 days to process the paperwork - and then mailed it to a nonexistent address. Even after they got it back they did nothing, even though they had a correct phone number to call. These people have ZERO concept of policy holder service. Add comment

You need to get an estimate on the damages & make a well thought out decision as to whether or not it makes sense to file a claim. If you dont do that; then i have to say each and everyone of you that filed multiple claims deserve to be non-renewed & even if you are able to find someone to insure you; it is only fair that you pay exorbitant prices. Add comment

It all started when my grandmother purchased a policy through Forester Insurance and they had been pulling her premium of 350 a month out. Then after four years of payments she gets diagnosed with Alzheimer's and then her bank basically seized her account and said they have to do an investigation. Well when Forester tries to pull the payment the bank tells them they can't because they believe... Read more

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