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I submitted a letter of cancellation to Mutual o Omaha life insurance company as I cannot afford the policy anymore due to hardship financially. They continue to take my auto withdraw premium of $69 every month. It will put me in overdraft. I sent them a certified letter requesting cancellation. I have not heard a word back from them. I have called them and wait 1/2 hour to an hour and no one... Read more

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I guess nobody has ever heard of a contestable period? Ive had no problem with my claim. Also, a life insurance company isnt going to insure a deathly ill person with a 100,000.00 life policy. Add comment

Filled out the form that was sent to me for $20,000 life insurance policy. Received the papers and was knocked down to a $5,000 policy. I called customer service rep was not helpful what so ever in fact she needs education on how to talk to customers. I was told it was my medical history. Have no idea what she was talking about. I don't have any problems with my medical history. I want an... Read more

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I'm tired of being harassed/contacted via email and phone by bankers life reps. They have been calling me every day for at least a month now. Toady was last straw....I got three calls on my cell phone while I was at work from different Bankers Life & Casualty reps. I have told each please take ,e off the has not worked! If calls do not stop I will make sure I... Read more

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This is not a scam. How ever it is a career opportunity as an insurance agent. Instead of being honest and up front about it they lie to get you in for a interview. They will hire anyone with out a felony. Its about numbers and the more people they hire and get to write business the more money each manager level makes. It is a multi level marketing company. The company american income life is a... Read more

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A foreign lady gave me a call about reviewing my resume and offering me a job over the phone. Now being a senior executive first of all I never hire anyone over a phone but what I expect them to take a job via the phone call especially the initial call. This place is nothing but a scam to get people into do commission sales without a college degree. Not to mention today is a holiday and this lady... Read more

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Waste of time.........if you have no professional experience in insurance, or sales, you are immediately looked down upon. What a bunch of s**t.( And I only went in for the seminar at a hotel conference room)! Add comment

On Monday, January 19, MLK Day, I got a call from a foreign woman who claimed to be from Banker's Life and Casualty Company, who said she had found my resume online. This was my first two red flags, a call on a holiday, and that she found my resume posted online. Normally a posted resume isn't too bad, but when people call me, trying to get information or set up an interview right away based on... Read more

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I called Globe yesterday to change my beneficiary. I was totally unprepared for what I was told. I have been a customer since 2002 and have spent over $4000 in insurance. I was told I didn't have Life insurance; it is Accident/Dismemberment Death insurance. The only way I can get Life insurance is to re-apply and can only get a $5000 policy and $45. per month. All these years I have been... Read more

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I signed up with Globe in 2002 for"Life" insurance. I called yesterday to change my beneficiary and to my dismay I did not have Life Insurance; I had Accidental Death/Dismemberment Insurance. They would not offer me Life Insurance at the same rate of $27.50. I have lost $4,290 over the years. I have lost my business (small Italian Deli) and I am on a fixed income with no savings (due to a... Read more

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