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It has been over two years since I filed my initial claim with State Farm for losses suffered in a fire. They have refused to pay for emergency transport to the hospital or any bodily injury although it is listed on my declarations page as being covered. I will never ever purchase another State Farm policy as long as I live. Like a good neighbor my ***! The insurance agent is incompetent, the... Read more

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I had a term life insurance policy for a SBA Loan requirement. After sometime, I asked my agent if I could make some of it into a whole life policy. He said, absolutely and made the adjustments. Later, I asked to get the cash surrender value. I was told that I had to get the approval of the lender. For What?! What he did not tell me is that I needed to start a separate whole life policy... Read more

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Globe has been taking from my account and I have also mailed payments can't get them to answer to get it taken care of. thanks Barbara Johnson Add comment

I bought a life policy fifteen years ago. Yesterday I called the main office on the policy with some questions. After being given a total of seven different phone numbers and thirty five minutes of transfers to the "right" person, I left a message. Twenty hours later and I haven't received a call. Ooops I did get a call. It was from one of the Auto and Home sales guys that I spoke with... Read more

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World Financial Group is not Primerica; only biased, negative and narrow-minded people find an excuse of their failures by criticizing the company, its products and its system instead of working on improving their attitude and their scope of life. Pyramid scheme accusation does not apply to licensed and educated brokers who are devoted to help individuals and families out there. In every... Read more

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Number one Globe Life is not going to ok a benefits payment if the policy is lasped.I had an death in my family back in 2014 ok.The funeral home notified Globe Life Insurance while I was sitting in their office.The CSR approved the benefits while I was their along with my name and Address.So their is something else going on with this policy other than what is being told.The policy probably lasped... Read more

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I'm. Paying. The premium. On a policy. The payment. Is late due to the wrong. Address. I ask the customer. Service. Rep to change. The address. She tells me now the person who is on the claim has to change it. I'm. Paying the premium. And i have two policys . One is coming. To the rite address. And the other one isn't. Why am i being. Charged. For ur mistake Read more

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World Financial Group is just a lousy rip off geared to make more money for the agents. They are monwy motivated and not doing whats right for families. It was started by a Primerica agent. (Exact same thing, only difference is type of insurance sold). Now families are being sold crappy coverage with Cash Value eather than Term. Many of these agents truly believe they are doing the rifht thjng... Read more

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I pay for short term disability through employer payroll deduction. My disability rate is $1,221.19 per week per employer. Cigna is only paying me $117.00 per. I applied for California state disability online but my doctor does not certify online thus requiring me to wait for the State to send me blank med certification to take to my doctor. Adjuster was advised of this and I requested my full... Read more

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My father passed away in January. we submitted for his small policy pay out which he had religiously paid on for 13 years (5K). we overnighted the required paperwork and confirmed with "claims" it had been received and it was in processing. we are at the end of Feb now and still no check. I have called several times and each time you are on hold for 40 to 50 min. then the trained rep says "I am... Read more

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