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My friends Dad paid in over $244,000.00 spanning over 19 years. He was paying $3,000.00 per quarter on a policy that would supposedly pay his son $250,000.00 upon his death. In the 20th year they bumped the price up to $9,000.00 per quarter and this is on a 92 year old man. Insane! He was overwhelmed and struggling with dementia and his wife had just died. He ended up not being able to handle the... Read more

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One of the worst and unprofessonial insurance companies in American they dont follow the laws in paying out an insurance policy . I would not recommend this insurance company to no one Add comment

wow, i check up on my great aunt who lives all alone and has alzheimers and go over her banking statement with her. i find out some company called foresters is making 46 dollar automatic withdrawal from her bank monthly. My great aunt has no idea who this is. We call the company together. The representative is very unhelpful. Doesnt even say what policy she signed up for, how the signature was... Read more

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After my mother became ill, the family started to pay her bills and discovered she had 4 policies from Global for her grandchildren....for her to be the beneficiary!! We called them to discuss the error, and explained that she meant for herself to be the insured and the grandchildren are the beneficiaries, but they would not listen. She paid $10,000 over 8 years to this company and it is now... Read more

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I received check within 2 weeks after they received the death certificate. But I had paid premium in advanced and asked about the refund and never got it. Add comment

This is one of the most sorry *** dishonest *** companies I have ever deal with. False advertisement not worth investing your money in this company. NOT WORTH NO ONE GET ING INSURANCE WITH THIS COMPANY Add comment

Are your quotes cover in puerto Rico Add comment

Our Dad had a policy for over 7 years. Our Dad passed January 2015. Today is 05/18/15 and we still have not received the check. My brother is the Beneficiary and he has been calling every two weeks to find out where is the check. The Reps are telling him that the check has been mailed, we also verify the address. It's not fare that our Dad paid his premium and now that he's passed, the company is... Read more

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I get several spam emails a week trying to have me schedule an interview. If it is such a great company why is so much of it's efforts in hiring contractors and not serving their current policy holders. The last email was from the infamous Hasan but what is is a Hasan? In looking at this company's website it just seems to go in circles and says nothing about what they sell. Yes it lists life and... Read more

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From my experience.... BEWARE! Run from USAA life insurance as fast as you can! Their application process is clearly bait and switch/up selling. They quoted me a rate of $750 for a term policy. After waiting 5 weeks and not having fully reviewed my medical records they called out of the blue and jacked the rate to $1470! Reason: Rates quoted are for what they call a "preferred ultra rate" - a... Read more

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