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Life and Casualty Insurance Complaints and Reviews

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Applied for short term, due to needing 2 surgeries. Not only have they given me the run around, but my case manager is incompetent. Spoke with 2 higher ups, and am on the *** of losing my job due to Metlife and their horrible business practices. They don't even seem to care about what their actions are doing to others. Do not trust them. Lawsuit to follow. Add comment

grand mother paid into a life insurance for over 40 yeas at 60-70 $ and not one payment was missed but only received 1500$ that doesn't sound right. she over paid the policy and the insurance company said nothing. shouldnt they have talked to her once to see if the policy had turned over or that she was over paying or look into better policy. i understand company changed had but no said any thing... Read more

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Bankrate, InsureMe, Insideragent & Netquotes are ALL connected. I got obviously "manufactured leads", Work & Home phone #s always the same and 95% are to Voice mails, I spoke to one "woman" that all her info was for a Male and the rest of the info was bogus... I cancelled, called my credit card company & stopped them. I got a call from a bankrate rep, when I started telling her what... Read more

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just received a phone call from global life after hours concerning a policy that was supposed to be collapse or close because I took out a lesser amount policy.what I was told when I applied for the lesser poli cy. now I'm being harassed about a old policy that is worth more money. I am not obligated to globe life. and if this continues I will file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau... Read more

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I cashed in my policy sept 29 was told to watch my mail 10-15 business days after. Well here it is month later and no check. Called once and was told the check was sent out in the mail October 7 and I called on 15th she didn't even know where it was mailed from. Called again the 20th and was told the check was mailed on the 15th. So here it is the 27th and still nothing. Will never get... Read more

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Why can't I unsubscribe from United of Omaha Insurance mailings. I have emailed them several times using the 'unsubscribe' system provided by the company that handles that and nothing seems to work. I keep getting theses God awful mailings. I've had to shred hundreds of pages of unsolicited mail from this company that I do not need nor want. I would never ever contract for insurance using... Read more

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Ive started working for AIL a while ago. I have to say I LOVE this company. They care about all their members, I mean truly. And as being an employee, I feel like AIL is part of my Family. AIL has saved my life and they have helped many others. The training is hard, and it is worth. I dont understand people leaving all these harsh comments. I have never heard or witnessed any of that rubish. The... Read more


A special thanks to the two companies that got me the money I needed JG Wentworth Einstein structured settlements as their salesmen loaned me the money needed to get out of debt before trying to sell my annuity payments. My name is Jacoby and I live in Missouri. When I was 15 years of age I got burned very badly by some hot water from some not so nice guys and they know how badly this was for me.... Read more

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Well, it took 5 1/2 years after we lost our loved one - We were denied payment on our "key employee" life insurance policy that had been in existence with Protective Life for 7 1/2 years. For the past 3 years I have been begging John Johns to review our situation -which we are in because we believed the Protective Life customer care consultant leading the reinstatement on a half a million dollar... Read more

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