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Life and Casualty Insurance Complaints and Reviews

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Dishonest Bait and switch tactics Would never trust them Add comment

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  • Genworth
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I just recieved a notice of a 60 percent increse on my Genworth Policy Due Nov.2015 Add comment

I have great things to say about Globe life they provided an inexpensive policy for my relative and I was the beneficiary we never had any problems with customer service or anything. Unfortunately she passed away and they were polite helpful and even paid interest from the time she passed until they cut the check . Thanks globe life Add comment

FISHING AUTO DIALER. Calls the office several times a day. No one on the other end. Calls placed to this number forward you to a constant busy signal. No way to opt out. 657-262-3433 Tired of this company constantly calling. A simple Google check for this number pulls up many similar complaints. Do not do business with anyone with this phone number. FISHING AUTO DIALER. Calls the office several... Read more

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As you walk in the door thete is that cult appeal. Everyone is in black. You are told to sit and the interview is short even though you waited longer than you should have.You ask questions that are never answered.They ask you for money up front (55.00) for a temporary license to sell insurance. I met with a Mr Lee who pointed out all the money he has made along with the other businesses he owns... Read more

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Has anyone else had a problem with globe life have the beneficiary and the insured person reversed. That's what they've done to me. Add comment

Don't get sucked in by their pretty words of how much this would benefit you. They sell you a product saying that you have 10 days to decide if you want the product, after you receive the paperwork in the mail and then don't ever return your phone calls to talk to you when you say you would like to cancel the policy as you have decide it is not for you, and then when you finally call Forester's... Read more

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You say there's no health questions involved or you only ask three but then you go behind the applicants back and contact everywhere that they have medical files so that makes you a liar and suck company that has false advertising. Add comment

Life insurance on George H. Duff with Globe for many years and now that we need their help, Globe representatives not there to deal with our problem. All we get is "Reinstatement" papers and even though checks sent to reinstate, have not accomplished one thing with Globe. I want a copy of my brother's policy but to no avail. At this point, I want what has been paid into his life insurance... Read more

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I am a disabled person , I was searching for some part time work from home employment . well I emailed these people , I do remember a woman calling me and briefly telling me about the employment . well I never told her I would take the job I asked her to send me more details about the job .. which she did after reading over the materials I decided I didn't want to proceed further . well I found... Read more

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