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Fema person told me over phone without certification elevation the insurance co should not have even written the policy am in process of refinancing my home and new insurance flood policy is better price they wont let me get out of other policy not fair and keeping my money Was not cognizant of need of certification Help this is not fair I started refinance before issue of flood increase. Have... Read more

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My mom had a $5,000 policy she was paying on it for 5 years. She died recently and now they will not pay, although she did not miss a payment. We have filed a lawsuit

I worked for Sensible Home Warranty for months servicing customers as a contractor. They owe me for parts and service provided to their customers $1,334.21 They were lying that they are sending payment to me for months firsts, then they started ignore my emails and phone calls. No respond for weeks and months. Please let me know if there is a lawsuit against Sensible Home Warranty to join. I... Read more

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I received the following email from Aleks Tucker. I have no idea what this persons problem is. I do not have a resume out anywhere. I did not call this company. I am retired. He listed a phone number, and a name that is not mine and tells me I called his office and threatened him. What is wrong with this company. From: Tucker, Aleks [] Hello, I am a national... Read more

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In 2003, the Company was a plaintiff in a lawsuit against Marc Colbert and others alleging, among other things, misappropriation of confidential insurance information. The litigation was eventually settled; however, the Company’s policy is not to discuss any litigation to which it is a party, so we are unfortunately prohibited from discussing the details of Mr. Colbert’s actions and the... Read more

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My father-in-law had Globe life since 11/2012, he recently passed away and now me and my wife are having problems with the insurance company paying. His policy was for $10000 and before his death, me and my wife went to a funeral parlor to make arrangements for his funeral. They worked with us and our budget, knowing that the globe life will pay for it. Everythingwas going well until Globe life... Read more

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I tried for 2 days to reach someone, anyone, that was a person with this company to surrender a policy I had in place for a few years while my son finished college. When I finally reached someone they sent me to "the retention department "where I was berated by a young female about options to keep this policy in force. They don't want to accept the word NO! The representative was like a... Read more

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I lost a love one in March, they have lost papers and I had to resend them. They told me I needed to fill out additional form, they sent letter but forgot to include the form. Every time you call you talk to someone different no gives you the same the same information. I feel like they are stalling to keep from paying the claim. After three months of waiting they tell me now they have to get a... Read more

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I changed banks in Nov 2013. I called the local Sikeston,MO office since its where I originally opened my policy. I was instructed to contact the corporate office in St Louis 800-777-1195. It took two weeks to receive the form. I returned the same day. Assuming they would notify me if something was wrong since the local office does. I noticed in December the payment was not deducted from my new... Read more

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