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I have had Standard Life Insurance for over 25 years and am appalled that they are out sourcing their customer service from Portland Oregon to Birmingham Alabama. I have called several times after receiving my annual statement and found that Protective Life's automated attendant is the worst I have every experienced and they have no customer service available. I am considering cashing out my... Read more

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Completed application for insurance for my wife and myself. Agreed to pay for a month in advance so coverage would be bound upon approval. Was notified by letter that the company had not bound coverage and that no money would be taken out until coverage was approved. I requested a full refund. Instead, the company sent me a check with bogus reasons why they "Declined" coverage and refunded the... Read more

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A met life insured vehicle hit my truck. Side swiped me in the left lane going down the interstate. The driver was cited at the scene. It's been a month and met life has done nothing but give me the run around. The adjuster Shawn Gauss is never at work and when he's there his attitude is aweful. I have called his supervisor which is now has been two weeks of calling and leaving messages. At this... Read more

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I am going through this now .My mom passed in Aug 2014 .I had to pay funeral on my own because they say it was before 2 years and they have to get medical records I have sent it what I do know. They asking for records 5 years ago. How will I know that. Its still pending now then I was looking online under the policy and notice the benificiary was change from my name to a person name Parker... Read more

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The billing dept is terrible...I am to lose a policy. It has been open since 1988. what is going on, Add comment

my mother passed away in 1998... the claimed was not paid due to when claim file she did not answer questions correctly about medical she was elderly at time and they had 18 months or more to investigate with doctors... she did not die from her previous illness but from pneumonia, septic shock...the coroner said she die from natural causes.. and her previous illness could had contribute to it,... Read more

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My son was killed in an auto accident on April 27th of 2014. We filed the claim several times, and kept sending more paperwork to them...and every time we sent what they asked for, they needed something else. This is the most horrible insurance company that I have ever seen. The attorney filed for us the first time, and when I filed the insurance...they claimed that no one had ever notified... Read more

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