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Elderly brother's friend invoked the Irrevocable Clause as Beneficiary. No problem - but, she died two years ago in February, 2013. In June, 2013, his agent met me at brother's place, took my check for $146 to bring the policy current. Brother no longer had a beneficiary so I ask him to make our niece his beneficiary, and he was fine with that. The agent had him sign "papers" and said all was... Read more

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My mom had a policy for yrs they dropped her because she's turning 81 all the money she paid was $12,000 on a 10,000 policy and they dropped her saying they sent her a letter in june last yr n they hadnt this is bs send her money back is the right thing to do. Add comment

I've made a booking with Westin New Orleans At Canal Place through Expedia with payment made. Guest Number: 618224 Arrived on 14/6/2015 Depart on 17/06/2015. Room No. 1625. I was told by a staff at front desk that Internet Service used in the Business Office was Free, however, when I logged on to it, it asked for my room number, and it charged a minimum of US$7, I then logged out immediately.... Read more

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I requested policies on my grandchildren, but I changed my mind. My father-in-law had a policy for quite a few years; in fact he had a paid up policy. We are now in the process of cashing that policy or trying to. If the release if the money value to the beneficiaries was dealt with as doggedly as the request for starting my grandchildren's policy; I believe you would be a lot more appealingas a... Read more

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Biggest ripoff I have seen. Not trustworthy and very expensive . no insurance covers long term so it's better off to put money aside for long term care. Parents paid over 70000 thousand dollars .The premiums were over 4 thousand a year for both parents.My dad just passed away and was sick 6 months from cancer and will get very little money back. DONT purchase this insurance .You will regret it. Add comment


I was recruited by my niece who was a Hiring Manager for one of our Wisconsin offices. I came to the overview and listened with intent....after all, I was looking for a career change. I did google the company and did some research before I went. I wasn't real interested in sales but know I have a knack for customer service and ran a successful business through my high school... Read more

They called me for an interview and they asked me for my credit card to pay the course it was for 260 dollars, I didnt accept of course!.. I google it and I found out this is a real scam! Dont even waste your time going to the interview! . Add comment

My brother passed away june 8th homicide the funeral home and myself talk to this company its now six weeks later and no pay out when expenses have to be paid talking about now they need a medical to report to see what he had in his systems bullets is what he had this company should be ashame of theirself wouldnt recommend this company to nobody. I been calling checking on this claim for weeks... Read more

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I get mailings weekly. Always say Urgent! Must open! Here's the deal I get this from Globe Life. All mailings have my correct name however it's the wrong address and the city is 40 miles away. The only correct thing on these mailings is Name and zip code. I have tried to stop mailings for months and they keep coming. I call the Globe life office in Oklahoma and there always sorry and always... Read more

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I called my "representative" to ask questions about my account. I hadn't dealt with this acct for at least 10 years and all of a sudden I got a stack of envelopes 2-3" high so I thought I should check it out again. I simply told the elderly man I didn't really remember what it was and he ripped me a new one. Called me a "young lady" and told me in so many words that it wasn't his job to school... Read more

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