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They just hung up on me. Add comment

I can't begin to explain the anger and disgust I have with this company and esp. my assigned lawyer, Diana Bishara, in Mount Laurel, NJ. Attached is the letter I wrote to the Attorney of Ethics Grievance Form that I filed this week. Not only did she hurt my case; but she said to just do whatever my ex-wifes lawyer suggested because it was easier that way. Such as paying her 2500.00 a month and... Read more

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I have a case for an appeal with them now. It's been 8 months of not more since I had Binder and Binder take my case. They are saying another 8-10 months wait. Earlier, I was tired of waiting for them to keep me informed about my case. When I went to the SSI Office, they said that Binder and Binder had not been calling them to check on my status, and that about 3-4 weeks ago they were advised by... Read more

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I began with Disability Group upon my 3rd application. I filled out all the Medical Releases. Disability Group never obtained the needed Medical Records for my case. A Lawyer that I had never met or talked to showed up on the day of Court hearing to represent me. There were no records for our side (just a disorganized paper file), the Judge was very defamatory, and the Lawyer who was supposed... Read more

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This guy was paid to defend me in a divorce / custody case. He didnt do anything to help me, my ex wifes attorney did all the work and he told me to go along with it. Then in negotiations he sided with my ex!! when he was supposed to be defending me! To top it off he calls me 1/2 hour before we are supposed to be in front of the judge and says hes going to be late he has another case to go to.... Read more

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Don't do business with Morse an Associates. They never returned my phone calls. I filled a chapter 13 and at the end of 2012 and was told that I could get them included in my bankruptcy. So I called to have them add my taxes in to never get a call back. I had to threaten to fire them after 3 months of never getting any response. Once I got a response I was informed my payment would be $399 a... Read more

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complete mis leading right from the get go, they say they're going to do work and then bill you but in all reality all they're doing is sending out standard forged letters on your behalf to the creditors asking them to remove items from the credit. All of which you can do your own and save your own money. Customer service is very rude and unprofessional and they always give you a generic answer... Read more

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Some will disagree and some praise this establishment ( Lexington Law ). I have been a client for a while and all I can say thank god for Lexington law. You will not fine outstanding group professionals as them. So again thank you Add comment

I'm very happy with the way Myler Disability handled my case. I won. It was easy.The lawyer they sent from New York was excellent. But now I can get my back pay only in 6 month installments of no more than $2,100.00. After years of being homeless and living on the streets , I'd like to use my back pay " wisely". Buy a used truck and a zero turn mower so I can do something to supplement the $733... Read more

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Called - sent me to operator in Missouri - Not even Local, have no employees local except for a lawyer that said he couldn't help me because he didn't have the required experience in helping only men...but then asked for a $15,000 retainer. You aren't local and you want 15K with no experience in only representing men - then they say THEY REPRESENT WOMEN TOO! What, you say mens rights but... Read more

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