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I hired Anna Ciardi in Pittsburgh because she acted like she could help me but did not when it came to mediation. She tried to pressure me to accept an offer which is unethical. She wanted me to settle because it appeared she was afraid to go to court. However, in the initial meeting she acted like she could do what I wanted and if I did not like their offer she would take it to court but she... Read more

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I want to know if they rip off people. Add comment

Litvin Law promised that they would be an intermediary with the bank and could absolutely stop the foreclosure from happening. I believe the only thing they did was to take our money. It does not appear that they even contacted the bank. As I confronted them on their lack of progress, they suggested that I go to a lower payment (to them) rather than cancel all together...this was also a scam to... Read more

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My information leaked out into some scammers hands from lexington law firm! Add comment

My name is jeff i heard about lexington law firm they say they can help you with you with your credit scores witch is fine but y pay $99.95 amonth to have a bunch of paralegals do a one person job and they practically have all your info! But wy cant they assign one paralegal person to help you and they cant even talk or call you back its always email! So you have a bunch of paralegals having your... Read more

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she represented me through Jarvis Kreiger Sullivan firm in oc. She was unprepared , unprofessional and unethical. When I first met her she sounded assuring & competent ; she Talks a good game but delivers lousy . To start , she arrived to court (late), decided to make some copies right before the judge called her . Before she left she told me that if the judge asked for her I should say that... Read more

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The ask for money first and later the services the ask me to augre I'm push to accept the offer I refused the a bad bunch of bad practice scam when I rude Add comment

Had binder & binder for 6 years paid out of pocket for my records. What a joke they are had 2 hearings denied both times once because judge was *** and got granted new hearing 2nd time same judge and both hearings had wrong med issues in my case file belonging to someone else. Got numerous letters stating someone else's problems even with their full address and S's number. Was told to just... Read more

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I got a call went thru the verbal process,gave my personal info., ss,dob,ect. Then this woman started telling me my past due accounts. She then became persistant about wanting me to commit to a $99.99 a month fee for services. I was reluntant, asking more questions,such as what does this $99.99 get me from you? And she started saying saying things such as: well,you can stay in your current... Read more

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