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Yes, Michael had worked with Trump Institute in the past and other related businesses - even authored a book that was used during this time. He has not ever been sued for fraud, and was never fired by the name mentioned, and nobody is "after him". I found this absolutely ridiculous, which compels me to write and post this as a response to this above post - What is wrong with people like this... Read more

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she plays according to Mc Donald review. smokes too much and drugs over 100.00 a day habit. with draws too much from the DOE in 5 county and states. 2 branch locations also home mortgage at chase. my uncle worked at chase for 40 years and was pres. of this bank I don't think she should steel 100.00 from a banker. it was at the lake worth fl. bank, where I opened the 3 account .basic complaint... Read more

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I want to cancel my case Add comment

I went to the bank this morning to get $20,and found out my acct. has been frozen. For What? I am left stranded. Cant buy gas or food. Please explain this. Add comment

Freedom disability dragged my claim for over five years.No phone calls incomplete records and bad advice.They didnt even know what they where doing.Finally git results with help from a personal friend who did all the wokk and corrected their mistakes.i was lucky to have this friend.If i had to do it again I would not hire them I would hire a real laywer,which they are not.Disabled people beware... Read more

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ABSOLUTELY DO NOT USE !!!!! $350 fail to signal for a lane change ticket turned into $502+ traffic school ($80). THANKS !!! Add comment

Of course I have proof of m y accusations. - They charged me monthly for 7 months without any progress, if I didn't stop the payments they would have kept taking my money without any work. - Reported to me that the Bankruptcy was removed and 90 days later the bankruptcy is still listed on my report. - When emailing asking simple straight forward questions the answer comes in form of a legal... Read more

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pacific law center are a bunch of thieves, i lost my home because of them, they took my money and drag me through false promises for a whole year only to find out that after taking many people's money including mine, they decided to go bankrupt themselves negligently!! I never got my money back or anything in return! Kerry is an ***!!! Add comment

Egore the representative that was "trying" to help me. Started giving me attitude because I told him what the other employees told me and hanged up on me cause it's not his job to help! They extend the case about 2 times and then lose the case! Are you serious!!!!! Add comment

I live at valle vista mobile home park . I have summited in writing on several occasions my problems in my trailer. To date i have not had my front porch repaired. I fell through the porch and my ankle is swollen like a foot ball . Termites have eaten a whole thru my bedroom wall. I had my placed reg taged in april the black mole made me very sick. they did fix the bathroom floor but not the... Read more

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