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This asshat attorney has papers served on me cuz my mom died (a year ago) and 1/2 brother Thomas Andrew Stone lives in her house. Well, too F**king bad retard! I do not have anything to do with that property that is also in a state I don't even live in. C**ksucker....STOP with the BS! Get your F**king Facts before bothering people. My mother and I were estranged for 4 years!!! Ya wanna f**k with... Read more

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Just college them at :1 855-330-7964. A person, even didn't finish to listen, explained that its not a legal issue. I am not sure was it a lawyer, or not? I am not sure if she understood me... first impression is bad Add comment

Just called them at: 1 855-330-7964. A person with a very heavy accent is trying to explain that it's not a legal issue. She even didn't finish to listen my explanation. Add comment

Lexington law will keep billing you even after you cancell your service, there is nothing they do for you that you cant do yourself that they charge you 100 dalloars a month for and they will keep running your info through your bank till they get the money out of your account plus fees if your account is overdrawn so when you cancell service from them close your account and don't give them a atm... Read more

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Discriminates against people who aren't Catholic. Racist against inter racial marriages. Does not know the law. Does not have a computer. Calls his clients crazy and says they arguably belong in a hospital. Gives confidential medical records to Prosecutors in hopes of scoring a felony. A "wannabe" prosecutor. Does not arrive on time or show up to hearings. "Borrowed" a cart full of... Read more

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I have NOTHING negative to say about Lexington Law! I had some very damaging items (several) on my report and in the past year and a half they have raised my score 140 points! They keep in constant contact with me through email, texts and phone calls when needed. Since I am WELL AWARE (unlike most people) that when you stop a credit repair service, past due balances that have not been paid... Read more

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Catherine Roselli helped me save my son's life. After almost two years of fighting as a father to get custody of my son and getting know where. Catherine Roselli came highly recommended so I hired her. My son was in a terrible situation with his mother and I needed to get him out or he had no chance in life in his situation. This was proving impossible despite overwhelming evidence of my sons... Read more

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Dan helped my family with my accident case , we were badly injured and Dan Newlin came to our house and explained everything, we only got 75,000 for our accident case but we were very happy . Add comment

i am a single mother and got a better job and wanted to start looking to better my credit last year. i felt that i could afford my own home for me and my daughter. Initially, the guy i spoke to seemed knowledgeable and friendly. Once i signed up i started having second thoughts so i tried to call the same guy back and i never talked to him again. I never spoke to the same person twice. i cont.... Read more

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