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Horrible service very un-proffesional. I hired then to take my mothers disability case more than a year ago. They have not even put in an application for disability. They told my mother that she needed to pay all medical records for all her doctors so they can have them before presenting a case. My mother has so many doctors its insane. My mother went and spoke to then personally they lady sent... Read more

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I seriously could have done better by myself. Don't go to them they charge you by the second for doing nothing and get nothing for you. *** these people!! Add comment

Lexington law has worked very diligently with my credit reports & has successfully removed over half of my negative items. Thanks lexington! Add comment

Seriously, if you care at all about your family or your finances, think twice. This firm is not what it seems. Note, too, that the majority of top-ranking "reviews" sites covering the firm are paid for by the firm and include a disclaimer that the page is an advertisement. If only you got what you paid for. You won't. You may regret your decision to use them, or even visit them, for many years to... Read more

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After stringing her along for about 3 years, they lost her case, she completely gave up, lost all hope and took an overdose of drugs. When my brother-in-law found her dead, he shot himself in the head. She did not feel that she could go on, and that there was no hope of her having a life. She could not work, she had lost their home and everything else. They are the most inept, sloppy "law firm"... Read more

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Pacific Law Center did my BK back in 2010 and charged me 2400 dollars in retainer fees over a 12 month period prior to going to court. I found out i could have gilef for a fourth of that amount ! Add comment

Everything said is true. I worked there back in 2000. Additionally, office politics determine whether a person is promoted. The firm is all about the numbers and does not care about the clients. I had a client who had to file a lat-but-timely because the supevisory staff is not properly trained. When the error on the determination not being a fully favorable decision and brought it to the my... Read more

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I also spoke to a "Sam" from the company. This whole thing was a HUGE MESS! She said she would expedite this Chapter 7 Bankruptcy so I would be debt free in 3-4 months. She told me to NOT pay any of my credit card bills. So much for that. It has been 4 months and no one is answering my calls, e-mails, or anything! I signed my form through e-mail that they have sent me, and I am wondering if it's... Read more

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London & London are the slime of the attorney community. They are a small family owned business specializing, in their own words "By engaging in skip tracing and asset locating, and by obtaining bank, property, and wage executions, our collections staff diligently pursues judgments and helps our clients realize the maximum return possible on delinquent credits." Despite my very detailed... Read more

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I had a major stroke had to stop workiny at the prison I am employed. With I don't. Know what I would do without. Binder and bider I highly recommend. They they made the process smooth an uncomplicated. Call themyoull Add comment

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