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I was giving a ticket for a non working plate light, a 139.00 fine. I went to ticket clinic as it was not worth it taking a day off from work and go to court and fight it. I was assured i would get dismissed and maybe an small court fine. They just continued the case in court twice hopping the officer just won't show up. Two months latter I end up paying them 69.99 plus 104.00 in court costs.They... Read more

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Scam!!!! Claim to repair you credit but they are just charging you 12.95 then it jumps to 99.00 for what?!?!?! They don't repair anything DONT SIGN UP !!!!!!!!!!! Add comment

Vadim hired me as a web developer, and I delivered the website according to his specifications. He was satisfied with the first deliverable, which contained all of his requests, pending further customization. As you can see in this email, he was satisfied up to that point, but shortly afterwards, he cut off communication and refused to pay. $500 was supposed to be due upon completion. Yes I... Read more

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Social Security want to stop my payments Binder and Binder handle my case in 2008 and I received payments their stating my husband is responsible for me I've been married since 1996 and I never had a problem my husband and I split bills and now they taking my income away I suffer with mental health crohns and chronic arthritis with a home health aid present in the household....Binder and Binder... Read more

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Totally screwed up my ssdi case! Now social security is saying i owe money and binder and binder tells me one i have a decision they no longer represent me, in other words, we got paid ***! i have had nothing but problems with them, i supplied all the reports and documentation, all they did is show up for hearing. Total ripoff! Add comment

This company is lazy, the paralegal sits on her butt doing facebook, Mark is only worried about how much money you will pay him and if you pay in full, forget about them hurrying to get you taken care of. They just want your money for as little work as possible and if you call in, you know they are making fun of you behind your back. Add comment

I first met Allan Socken, Principal of Socken Law, 5 years ago. I utilized him for representation on real estate deals as well as one traffic ticket. The first time I utilized him, I didn't understand his retainer policy. I put his name down as lawyer on file. Instead of explaining the process, Mr. Socken bragged about how he had phantom clients, despite him representing me for a real estate deal... Read more

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you can never get ahold of your case worker and get bounced around from case worker to case worker ive had over 15 case workes with my time with them. the first hearing i had they never submitted all my medical evidence and was denied, my second hearing now was the same thing and was denied again after 4 years. now since all this ive lost my house,my car,my life savings and sold everything to... Read more

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