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Fast and very efficient service. Phone collected, repaired and returned to me for less hassle and cost of claiming on house contents insurance. Highly recommended! I had sent my iphone 4s for screen repair, i saw some white gaps around the screen of which i complained. They sent me another courier pick up and furnished the product. I did ha to go through the wait one more time but happy that they... Read more

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I bought 3 tablets a pink, blue and purple and none of them work I'm so mad because my kids were really excited because they had got tablets Add comment

in all fairness to HP ....I bought a one year "HP Care Pack Service" directly from HP. Have called for IT support many times....they always helped. They will take command of your computer and walk you through the corrections. Their direct dial is : HP Total Care - 800 - 474-6836 Must be sure you're dealing with HP and not some 3rd party scam will renew next year. What a dumb *** requirement -at... Read more

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I ordered an apple iphone 5c from apple wholesale store that they advertised for 299.00 so I paid off there website and they raised the price and wanted me to pay 150.00 more...I told them no the ordering wasn't my they sent me an email stating that I get a full refund back that was over a month ago now they won't answer there phones or return my calls or even respond back to any of my... Read more

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I ordered a tablet for $159.00 I never received it . They told me they mailed it by FED X and then told me they sent it thru USPOST OFFICE. Finally got the info it was sent thru UPS. I never got my money back nor the item. Still over 6 months now and nothing. I have bought many items FROM THEM some are good and others are returned items still new. They send them out sometimes in other packaging... Read more

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On 7/18/14 I contacted this company via a pop up on my home page. A tech started reviewing my computer and showed me errors that needed correcting. He explained that I could take my computer to staples for repair, or let ATS do it for half the cost. During the next few minutes he offered complete computer service on 2 computers. Stating that, the service was guaranteed and they would not stop... Read more

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Absolute joke. Originally quoted £79.99 to replace my son's ipad screen. The price jumped to £145.00 as I apparently had a faulty LCD. I paid £17.50 for a courier. The ipad came back with the casing loose and a crack in the corner of the screen. I immediately phoned them and the person I spoke with was rude and couldn't care less that they had charged me £176.50 for a dodgy repair. When I... Read more

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My less than two month old IdeaPad U530 broke - turned out it needed a new SSD. At that time, I should have insisted on a new computer - this shouldn't have happened in such a short period of time. When it was returned, it still didn't work - this time there was a WiFi problem. It was shipped back for repair and I have been told that the "part" is not available. At this point, I have been... Read more

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I have 3 daughters in college, one of whom is starting her first year at university this year. They were having a great college student deal with Macbooks. I walked in with my 3 daughters with the intention of purchasing a Macbook for each of them. The first thing a sales rep says to us is "I'm refusing to sell any more to you because you've already purchased one". We were appalled because never... Read more

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