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I purchased 2 Medion Tablets E7318 in March, both broke within weeks (not charging or turning on), both were returned and replaced. These 2 tablets (NEW) developed the same fault within another couple of weeks and were replaced (never repaired) and 2 more were sent. These probably will do the same as I have no confidence in the product!!! Spoke to a supervisor of Medion "Craig" who advised NO... Read more

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I paid £17.50 for them to collect my phone and agree to diagnose a fault and then phone would be returned all within the £17.50. On receipt they would diagnose and then estimate a quote to repair and diagnose fault. They did this and sent me a quote of £60 then it went up to £110 +vat as they wanted to fit a new screen. The screen was not damaged in any way when it left me but they said it had... Read more

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100% FULL

Where does Amazon get the nerve suspending sellers with well-establish accounts.Over 3 years I been selling with them with over 60 positive feedback,and one day boom!I receive an email saying That Amazon has suspended my account,and that the decision is final.I can never sell on amazon again.So what was I suppose to do .Its amazons site and they have the right to kick anybody off when ever they... Read more

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Slow to type. Freezes, can't scroll screen up or down without freezing. Several apps close when in use. Takes an extremely long time to load websites and constantly FREEZES!!!! I hate this update fix it now!!!!!!!!!!!! I have Android phones which I absolutely love, then I have this iPad which is horrible to use because of this ridiculous update. I thought Apple knew what they were... Read more

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I bought a closet in size a particular employee wrote me another form and when he attended the installer found a bug, and now me 30 days did not solve the problem, despite communicate multiple formats where sent an email several times and contacted the customer service several times, but did not solve my problem and I attended the exhibition and did not solve the problem, and now my money... Read more

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On 9/25/2014 @6pm a request for utensils was request by custom upon employee saying was available.When order was serviced no uteniles, a refund was requested and manager claim I record of my order that I have receipt for and was told ti cintact my bank.The bank states there was no charge to debit card. Add comment


I bought the IRola tablet for my son in April. It has never kept charge good and to get the tablet to charge at all you have to hold the cord in tilted. If you let go of the cord it wont charge. Also every few days the date and time resets and goes back to January 1, 2012. I didn't buy the tablet until 2014 so this doesn't make sense. my son rarely gets to use the tablet because of it not... Read more

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UPS delivered a box with my new Toshiba laptop and it was totally smashed. Looks like the truck ran over the box. I'm guessing it was damaged by UPS, but regardless, someone has already opened and resealed the box. Now I have to go to UPS and file a damage claim. I've been on the phone twice for over an hour trying to get the problem resolved without success. I'm going to the store to drop it off... Read more

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i am very happy with the customer service from techlogicusa.they helped me get my problem resolved. i had no antivirus and i too was getting a message on my computer.they detected 5 trojan virus and helped me clean up the computer. i was amazed to see how people and work on remote as i never used to go for online tech support, i had a local tech to get my issue fixed but they fixed my issue and i... Read more

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