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I will cancel my order because i dont have some money to pay my order and i have some problem about my family. Cause my husband dont have enough salary. And we have four kids attending in the school. We have to pay water and some fares for my childrens thats why i cancel my order. Cause we cant afford to pay my order. And then my husband scolded me why i have to order some tablets.And for our... Read more

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They took over my lap top !!!! Now after paying them 179.00 to get rid of a virus 1 yr ago ! suddenly my lap top started messing up I did not call them they called me They knew already they said they called to clean up my laptop How did they know it was acting up!!!!! they informed me that my laptop was critical .Then they said they could fix it for a fee of 279.00!!! *** My laptop is only 2... Read more

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Bought a 7" RCA tablet (RCT6077W22) back on Friday this last Christmas from Wal-mart and it took only 7 months to die. The battery started to grow slowly. Day after day getting bigger and bigger. RCA tablets must be extraordinarily cheep? What kind of company engineer's a battery that only lasts 7mo?!! It now looks like a pillow and burst the case wide open! I'm afraid it could exploded at... Read more

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I received the irola tablet I ordered off of today and the sticker seal on the box had already been broken! Then I pull out the tablet and there are scratches all over the screen! I am beyond pissed off. This was supposed to be a Christmas gift, how am I going to give a gift that look already used and worn out??? The website also claims all sales are final! I can't believe they... Read more

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Ecyclebest and Cash for Laptops WARNING If you are in the market to sell your Apple product do not use Ecyclebest or Cash for Laptops. I had a really bad experience with these businesses. I will elaborate on this, but in short…do not use Ecyclebest or Cash for Laptops. Use Gazelle instead. In November 2013 I wanted to sell my Ipad2. I got a quote from Gazelle for $220 and a quote from... Read more

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never buy any electronic things from 100 best buy,its better to buy from platforms.i just bought an ipod of 950 rs, it worked for only 1week.never purchase anything from 100 best buy, specially never from this site.never bu never buy never buy never buy never never never please never buy never buy please please please please never never never never buy never buy its waste of many money. if you... Read more

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Received new in the box two (2) iRola Dx752s at the same time. I got 3 good days of usage on each after which the devices seized up and would not boot up. NMR requires a notice of failure/request for a RMA within 7 days. I did this. NMR replied with an e-mail confirmation number but never followed up with a RMA number. What was particularly odd was that at first boot up, on one of the two,... Read more

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I bought a Nabi 2 tablet for my daughter for Christmas, and at the beginning of April she told me that the headset jack wasn't working. I did some troubleshooting (I work in the computer industry) and even did a factory reset on the unit. Nothing worked. I tried 3 different ways to contact their tech support, Email, Facebook, and their webform, and they haven't bothered to contact me in a week... Read more

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Recently purchased a Dell inspiron 17R...with Windows 7 office software to be included......only to find out that they had loaded a lesser version. Found this out when i tried to register key on new products only to find out that the key did not match the software loaded......spent the better part of 2hours on line while their tech folks reinstalled the correct software.....which brings me to... Read more

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100% FULL

I ordered 3 7" iRola Android Tablets DX752 for my kids for Christmas. I purchased them at the end of November. My kids played on them for 1 day and they stopped working. They will not charge, the screen rolls with black and white lines, makes noises, and the port to charge the tablets is broken. I have emailed Nomorerack numerous times since they do not take calls. The number that they have... Read more

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