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Thinking I was on with Acer tech I allowed him to take over my computer. After learning it was a company called iYogi and not Acer, which he admitted to after several questions, I became suspicious of the high pressure sales and scare tactics, so I refused to buy. He lowered the prices. He added if I don't take care of the problems my computer may not restart properly. The call ended... Read more

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Disgusting customer service returned a falty ps4 scrached to *** sabotaged notifed trading standards after waiting 4 months for it to be fixed not happy DONT SEND ANYTHING TO THEM UNLESS YOU LIKE BEING RIPPED OFF Add comment

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This keeps coming up! I click okay and it comes up again I can now not use my tablet making it useless Add comment

How in the *** is WalMart still in business? They suck never buy a tablet or electronic from them because if something happens & u want to return it, you are screwed. Ive been on the phone for an you trying to return a tablet & the manufacturer says WalMart suppose to return money, vice versa... I purchased a new one from toys r us & had to exchange which was a breeze... I will not... Read more

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Nerds On Call is amazing! My computer was so full of viruses that it was frozen. I found Nerds On Call randomly from a Google search...I was looking for a tech to come to our house in Ohio to fix it. When they told me they could fix it remotely- I was all for it! These guys were so patient with me....guiding me through every step, explaining everything, and answering every question I had about... Read more

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Rent-A-Center is ridiculous. I've been making payments early. I called them advance to let them know that I could not make on time and only half the payment. He agreed. Couple days later RAC calls my family harassing them, very rude to my family. So, I call RAC to see what the problem is. Representative says they have the have wrong number and the last representative never wrote are agreement... Read more

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After 3 months my nook glowlight stopped working. I had to go through the chat service with a different rep each time before it was agreed the product was within warranty and I should return it. It was returned in October 2014 and I'm still waiting for a replacement. The Uk centre are passing the buck and telling me to contact US via chat. The chat operators have deliberately ended chats and Uk... Read more

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horrible company. They will rob you. Add comment

After canceling AT&T service, I continued receiving a bill. Three phones were cancelled, but they did not cancel the I-Pad. Charged me over $400. for NO usage on the I-Pad and refuse to give me credit. They stated that there was not a notation to cancel it in their notes. I explained that that was their mistake...obviously...or I would have continued to use the I-Pad. Instead they... Read more

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So, I bought the extended two-year warranty, and last week the power cord / adapter broke, and I could not charge the Surface. I called Staples and they proceeeded to tell me that the power cord was not covered under the warranty, as it is just an "accessory," like ear buds. No!!!! Obviously if I can't charge the tablet, I can't use it! I was in the middle of writing papers for university and... Read more

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