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I bought their card to buy a product and they told me that i could not use my money. why would you buy a card and put money on it and then have to wait a whole two weeks before you can use it, that just don't make any sense to me. why wait for them to send you a card in the mail and you can use the card you bought. if I don't have what I need for school I will flunk and I'm blaming it on green... Read more

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Lenovo A6000 Cracked Screen Repair Resolved John and Morgan at Elite Phones and Computers are incredibly nice people who attended the repair for my Lenovo A6000, by mistake dropped on the floor on the way to office and cracked the screen. After looking into few different options, I got straight and explained everything that happened to the device to these guys, there are no dumb questions. They... Read more

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Okay, I bought a laptop for my son that had a $50 rebate on it. I got some printer paper that had a $4 rebate on it as well, but obviously I was more concerned with the fifty bucks. I got my receipt, and asked them how to collect the rebate. The EasyTech associate, who had started treating me like dirt the second I said I didn't want their warranty, said all the info was on the receipt and... Read more

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Very tight rip off. They take advantage of their inflated quotes to hook you then pay you 10% of the quote value once they have your phone. Their policy only gifts you 3 days to declined the offer but it is impossible to reach them in that time. Even if you do, they will not easily send you your phone back. Stay away! We need a motivated lawyer to take this company on for the rest of us. They... Read more

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Ordered a Apple computer online 11/24 - promotion was for a $75 Aafes gift card with purchase between 11/23-25. Order was cancelled by Aafes because of a computer glitch - they upgraded the website. When I received an e-mail that the order was cancelled I called on 12/10 to place the exact same order and was told by Natalie that the gift card offer would be honored. I have called back (all... Read more

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Not only are they rude and not helpful but they LOVE giving you the run around. I got a call cs message so I did. Apparently EVERY EASY PAY ORDER has to be approved by them and they have to verify your moms color underwear. They waste your time because they just don't care. I placed an order with my debit card and since when are they not a form of payment!? wells fargo is apparently not good... Read more

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I took a computer in for GeekSquad to get the data off the hard drive. They said it was $160 but I got a free 500 Gb hard drive they would put the data on. They had my computer for a week and could not do the work. I had to pay in advance, so when I picked it up I wanted a refund. They refunded $99, not $160. They told me the hard drive was mine to keep. I asked if I could have brought in my own... Read more

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Sent an apple MBP for repair on 2/7. And was sent out for repair fairly quickly. No repair number was giving at the time of receiving my computer. Through wechat I got my repair number and was able to check repair status online. After two weeks repair status showed:RUNNING QUALITY ASSURANCE TEST! But it remained :RUNNING QUALITY ASSURANCE TEST! forever. Now it has almost 3 weeks since I sent in... Read more

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I received a coupon awarding me 20% additional on my next sale of an item to Gazelle. I have had transactions with them in the past, and they went well. Not so on this one! The item was a new iPad that Apple provided me when my other iPad developed problems under the Applecare warranty. I filled in the offer information along with rating the iPad as was still in the original... Read more

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Tablet isn't any good, just doesn't work! ! Add comment

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