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Kindergartens and Nurseries Complaints and Reviews


Report these companies to the dept of labor. Have them investigated. Seek legal help if possible, start with Morgan and Morgan. This happens to often employers take advantage especially in the south people have to unite and fight back. Add comment

The toilets flooded and in matter of seconds the hall ways, and two classes were covered in water and ***! All the kids were moved to the toddler room. The kids stepped in it. Parents were not notified. The assistant director did not close down the center she had a couple employees clean up what they could. Parents were never notified that there children had stepped in ***. It was a bad call on... Read more

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This daycare was inadequate in providing proper care for my child. My daughter was neglected, and the staff was rude in handling the situation. She was there for just 3 days & got an unexplained bumped on the head with no incident report or anyone having any idea where it came from. She was filthy with food from snack still on her & dirt from playing outside. I asked them if they cleaned... Read more

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This company is totally disorganized. I am shocked and appalled at the ratio's always over for one or more staff members.There aren't enough supplies for the children and staff to use.Children use paperplates that are extremely thin and their food goes through on the table, which is gross.Children left in the bathroom unattended. Staff taking off whenever and stressing the low amount of... Read more

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I am a Certified nurse assistance , my job is not easy. When I go to work I expect to get paid for my services. I worked for me and my nanna LLC home care agency and they never paid me my money. This has happened with other co workers. I was warned the same thing, The owner of the company is a fraud. Her name is Dr. Tongie Scott. GOOGLE HER! SHE RIPS PEOPLE OFF! DO NOT do business with these... Read more

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Don't believe them when they say you will have the convenience of working out while they watch your kids. What they fail to tell you is that: 1. They will not change diapers if needed. 2. If your kid is crying and wants his/her bottle for comfort, a bottle/sippy cup is not allowed in the center. They will page you in the middle of your workout to come feed them or change them. Waste of time and... Read more

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Kindercare is an awful place to work or send your children to. Corporate does not care about the children. The teachers and administration are what make the centers really work and they are the ones who truly care about the children(at least the one I worked at did). They ripped the carpet right out from under all the children, families, and all the staff at the kindercare I worked for. They gave... Read more

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The Kindercare center in tulsa, Oklahoma. ( south Detroit) The current director is lazy and stays in her office all day and concerns herself with things that have nothing to do with the center. It is not a bad center there are few great teachers but the 3 and four year old teachers will truly fool you .... They will learn nothing ... Waste of money...... Some of the teachers rooms are filthy.... Read more

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I met Tarcila Lopes last year in June after finding her here on this nanny website and just last night I got an email notification that she deleted her profile. I did print out a copy before she deleted the ad for my records. Tarcila was already with another family as a live in nanny and could only work weekends. After calling her references I decided to allow her to work weekends.... Read more

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