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This school is all about money. They couldn't care less about your child. I would walk in and see my son everyday sitting by himself. The teachers ignored him. My son's teacher even admitted she couldn't deal with him at times because she had many other students. We were told by the Franchise Owner himself that he is understaffed. A three year old class has 22 to 25 kids with maybe 2... Read more

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Do not use the Kinder care 11842 West 112th St.Overland Park, KS location it is 15° here and they tell me my child needs a doctors note not to be taken outside this is crazy my child and evey kid in there is running around with a snot nose when i pick her up they dont bother to clean them. All of the children girls and boys are allowed to sit and watch each other use the restroom. My... Read more

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When I first enrolled my daughter at La Petite I was excited for her to socialize with children her own age (2). But as the days went by my poor baby was constantly coming home sick. Since I've enrolled her which was only 3 months ago, I've had to take her to the doctors at least 5 times. They clearly do NOT follow their health and sanitation guidelines. My daughter is constantly around other... Read more

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PLEASE CALL HER REFERENCES! You will never know the real Julia Moreno. She's deceitful and calculating and uses the affection of children and formalities like Mr. & Mrs. to secure her place in your home all the while envying what she doesn't have and forming opinions of those who are paying her (very very well, I might add). She will turn any story so that she becomes the victim and when... Read more

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They were getting paid by the state and they still found ways to try and hit me with more unaffordable and ridiculous fees i fought them in court and i refuse to pay because they were already getting paid, they only seem to care about the money mire than the kids themselves. Add comment

I had a similar experience re: a man calling himself fernando serge. He was moving into my area and wanted a sitter for a son, three year old Jerry. Wife is pregnant, wants Jerry to stay in my home, money for first week to be sent ahead. His grammar, typing etc did not jive for a man professing to be educated and working in this area as a medical researcher. When i called him out suggesting... Read more

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Julia Moreno is not fit to be a Nanny. She neglect my kids and the kids of her previous employer of 9 years, who fired her for it. When people are afraid to speak up, for fear of retaliation, it causes the next family to be put in danger. So, even though she may attempt to strike back in some way, I feel it is my responsibility to report, in a public forum, the abuses my family endured by making... Read more

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I needed a babysitter ASAP so I tried this site. In order to search for prices, you need to fill out a general form with your name, (1st and last), email address, home address, phone number, etc. When I finished the info and got to the last page which was PAY NOW for a monthly subscription, I cancelled out. (At least I thought I did). I do not want a monthly subscription, I just need to find a... Read more

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Daily communication sheets might have come twice a week and only halfway filled out. Kids were watching television everyday (not necessarily a good example of the balance of social, emotional, physical and intellectual learning opportunities). At least twice a week I had to hunt for his jacket and then started to ask them about all of the items that were not in his cubby. There was always... Read more

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Julia Moreno (Davila) was hired as our full charge House Manager. One of her duties was to be a nanny. A few week before suddenly abandoning her job, our 2 year old baby was getting sick. We learned this was due to neglect on the part of her caretaker. When I told Julia Moreno that I had some questions about this and needed to speak with her, she went home early. She did not return calls over the... Read more

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