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As a former CD I am very disappointed in the company. They are pushing so hard on CDs that it is effecting the health of employees. Many CDs (including myself)in my district are now on medication to help with anxiety, sleeplessness and depression. Kindercare needs to start focusing on the children and employees. I would not recommend anyone work there or take their children there at this... Read more

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You know, I have been a nanny for 6 years full time and have 10+ years of experience. I babysat for a family that had fours boy, 3 months, 2, 4, and 6. For the three months I worked for them I was miserably, they paid me next to nothing and treated me terrible. The kids were physically and verbally abusive to me. Swearing and throwing things at me constantly. Every day I would express my concerns... Read more

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The caregivers at the Greenwood location are consistently heard yelling at children outside of the front door. There are holes in the backyard floor, mice in corners scurring away and half the services we paid for are secretly canceled (some caregivers are wonderful and once you build a relationship they will tell you much about the goings on here) Not only have we STILL NOT RECEIVED OUR DEPOSIT... Read more

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The owner is greedy and fired many of the beloved caregivers who have worked for her for years and hired employees with less experience for little salary. We made a choice at that point to remove our child due to a lifestyle change/job change. Ilene requires you always pay a month ahead so we gave 2 months notice that we would not be returning and would like our september payment back. She now... Read more

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The Director of the East Thornton Colorado location is a heartless, uncaring administrator. A truly horrible person. I wouldn't entrust her with my child under any circumstance. Add comment


There are postings Of OFFICE supplies needed mixed with the kids supplies it's run like a frat house instead of a sweetly run childcare facililty or family run facility as it was before this young trollop runs it and one day she's on and one day she's off. Please somebody give us Debbie Back asap we can't take it anymore it's expensive and they are all of a sudden wanting a ton of supplies, the... Read more

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The worst experience of my life this daycare have mice , no supplies the workers yell at the kids u never see the owner . When u email her she never answer u back only if it's concerning money. Add comment


Our son used to go to the Centerville location and 1month prior to the end of the school year for 2014 they told us that the center was closing and we needed to switch to another Kindercare or find other day care. We decieded to switch to Farmigton Kindercare with the agreement from the centerville director that our rates would stay the same for the first year. With-in the 1st month at the... Read more

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I had enrolled my 6 year old son at the Fitchburg, Wisconsin location after meeting with Sheila, the director. She left me with the impression that she and her staff knew exactly how to handle "boys and their behaviors" because she has a son herself. On Monday, I took my son to La Petite, he had a great first day. On the second day, 3 hours of me dropping him off, I received a call saying that my... Read more

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Do NOT AND I MEAN DO NOT send your children to Kindercare Intech Parkway in Indianapolis, IN. The director Terry Krohn is lazy as ***. Every time I would go to pick up my child she was very unfriendly and is always on her cell phone or at the computer sitting on her behind. She does not interact with parents or seems to even care for the children or her staff. I have called corporate on her and... Read more

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