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The worst experience of my life this daycare have mice , no supplies the workers yell at the kids u never see the owner . When u email her she never answer u back only if it's concerning money. Add comment

Our son used to go to the Centerville location and 1month prior to the end of the school year for 2014 they told us that the center was closing and we needed to switch to another Kindercare or find other day care. We decieded to switch to Farmigton Kindercare with the agreement from the centerville director that our rates would stay the same for the first year. With-in the 1st month at the... Read more

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I had enrolled my 6 year old son at the Fitchburg, Wisconsin location after meeting with Sheila, the director. She left me with the impression that she and her staff knew exactly how to handle "boys and their behaviors" because she has a son herself. On Monday, I took my son to La Petite, he had a great first day. On the second day, 3 hours of me dropping him off, I received a call saying that my... Read more

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Do NOT AND I MEAN DO NOT send your children to Kindercare Intech Parkway in Indianapolis, IN. The director Terry Krohn is lazy as ***. Every time I would go to pick up my child she was very unfriendly and is always on her cell phone or at the computer sitting on her behind. She does not interact with parents or seems to even care for the children or her staff. I have called corporate on her and... Read more

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I passed by to inspect this daycare because it was very close to our home. The person I scheduled the appointment with had a bit of an overassertive tone, one of the kids was sleeping in her office as a form of punichment for undesired behavior. That by itself was very concerning! The place had a foul and unbearable smell, I could not wait to exit and I felt sorry for the kids. They do require... Read more

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Tried to double charge us and then claimed we didn't call ahead of time when our child was sick. We did call and then they claimed we didn't. The director was so rude to us when we had to pay late due to my receiving my paycheck late, even though I explained the situation and offered to pau any late fees. Not to mention my kid came home with an injury nearly ever day which would indicate a lack... Read more

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Report these companies to the dept of labor. Have them investigated. Seek legal help if possible, start with Morgan and Morgan. This happens to often employers take advantage especially in the south people have to unite and fight back. Add comment

The toilets flooded and in matter of seconds the hall ways, and two classes were covered in water and ***! All the kids were moved to the toddler room. The kids stepped in it. Parents were not notified. The assistant director did not close down the center she had a couple employees clean up what they could. Parents were never notified that there children had stepped in ***. It was a bad call on... Read more

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This daycare was inadequate in providing proper care for my child. My daughter was neglected, and the staff was rude in handling the situation. She was there for just 3 days & got an unexplained bumped on the head with no incident report or anyone having any idea where it came from. She was filthy with food from snack still on her & dirt from playing outside. I asked them if they cleaned... Read more

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This company is totally disorganized. I am shocked and appalled at the ratio's always over for one or more staff members.There aren't enough supplies for the children and staff to use.Children use paperplates that are extremely thin and their food goes through on the table, which is gross.Children left in the bathroom unattended. Staff taking off whenever and stressing the low amount of... Read more

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