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Gifty Adu bought the company and then wanted to close our center. She gave us 30 days. Then due to contracts with the county had to stay open but did not inform parents of anything and left us not knowing what was happening. She was very rude and unprofessional. She blamed the parents for everything. She gave us information about rate increases and changes days before they happened. The staff... Read more

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I'm a former employee. If you want your child to have a good experience , learn and be loved and helped. DO NOT take them the kindercare on Kelly blvd. The director is horrible ( Kim Evans ). She doesn't like the kids shes only there for the pay check. She sits at her desk all day and talk on her cell phone. She doesn't do bathroom breaks or anything to help teachers with their classroom or... Read more

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  • Nov 17
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You guys are all crazy. I have had nothing but good luck at jumpin' my kids love it. They are always nice and friendly. They are constantly sweeping, wiping down tables. In fact we always are laughing (in a good way) at how much they clean. The bathrooms are clean also. Maybe you just have rude kids and need to blame someone else. Just sayin'. We live in a no responsibility society Add comment


Today I dropped off my younger child later in the day and the older one was already there for after school care. I walked past the room the older one was in and overheard the African American teacher telling the three other boys the same age as him they could go play for 20 minutes while leaving my child at a table with little girls for the 20 minutes.I have my child there for socializing and... Read more

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Parent's in Washington State should know you have a resource to use in checking out a daycare. It is called WA Childcare Check. It is available through the Department of Early Learning. All you need is an address or phone number for the center you are interested in. It will list the complaints and inspections for that center. Large Corporation centers really are no better than a small daycare.... Read more

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We had an experience with an Italian au pair who was completely dishonest about her qualification and what occurred around the house. She spoke horribly to our children, told them to "shut up" on a routine basis and threatened to leave them places while outside the home - it was borderline verbally and emotionally abusive. Our children described our au pair as moody, impatient and... Read more

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I would not recommend this daycare to anyone! Director is not professional and bad attitude. She's rude .. She will talks to you nice if she likes you walk in the hallway, you pass the Kitchen was so dirty! you can hear the teacher in four's is yelling to the kids, when I dropped off my kid in the morning... Shame! I can't believe this daycare passed the NAEYC ... Read more

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My daughter came home with a broken arm. No one notified me of any accidents. I am currently battling for custody because social services are involved and are labeling it as a "unexplained injury". When director and teachers were questioned they were caught in multiple lies. They also went as far as saying I came with multiple black eyes, insinuating I am in an abusive relationship. Every day I... Read more

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Do not take your child to the Rochester Hills KinderCare. Jennifer King is evil. She talks a great game, but does not deliver. My child was there for less than a month. I was dropping off my toddler and the teacher was on her cell phone while "supposedly" watching the kids. When I told Jennifer she yelled at me and said that her staff is allowed cell phones and personal calls anytime. I pulled my... Read more

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Just How can we stand up when we try and NOTHING happens!! The Distric Managers are JUST as bad here in South Florida! I mean the Boynton Beach KC had a very BAD CD (who finelly got fired. No help from the DM) Now we have a VC with NO Credentials (she is useing antoher empolyees.? The empolyee that really has the credentials to be the VD SHOULD BE!! She is nice, helpful and just a great all... Read more

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