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My son began attending KinderCare at 10 weeks old. In July 2015 they had a pop-up inspection from the state and had two MAJOR violations. One was not appropriately checking on an infant while sleeping (this should be done every 15 minutes). The second was hiring a person without completing a background check and this person also worked with the infants. Additionally, only personnel with... Read more

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do your homework. Don't belive the *** the director or the handbook shovels, it's a for PROFIT center and your kids will pay. They meet the required MINIMUMS....barely. When the daily sheet says your boy ate "everything" it means "ran out of food". Cheesy noodles is mac&cheese with lima beans thrown in for protien. Most of the staff refuse to eat what is served to the kids. Underpaid,... Read more

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To whom it may concern: The past two summers we have taken our daughter (6 years old) to the Twin Lakes Family YMCA in Cedar Park, TX. This summer camp was an especially disappointing one because my daughter had sustained two injuries that where worthy of reporting, not only to us (the parents) but to the on ground medics if not by calling emergency services. The two injuries that she had... Read more

Was this review helpful? 0 0 is a scam. fraudulent back ground checks. Misrepresents themselves Puts our children lives in danger. Our babysitter came to work hungover every day. Got my kids hooked on caffiene and coffee as she took them to the coffee shop instead of the pool or park. She spent our money junk at the stores every day. And didn't interact with our kids. She claimed she was going to be a social... Read more

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From the first week of enrollment my infant and toddler both went in completely healthy but by the 2nd week they both had very bad colds. Immediately following that my 2 year old picked up something called a hand foot virus. He had bumps all over his butt that spread all over his body and I was not made aware that there had been 3 other reported cases. Those incidents cost me several days of... Read more

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In 1 yr my nephew has not learned his ABCs by memory or identification. What have the teachers been doing? Seriously wasted my money. Add comment

After only taking my baby there for a week I would not reccomend this place, they only have one care giver for six infants that is imossible for so many new borns, my daughter would come home with her haird hard from all the milk she would spit out, I guess they just lay them down and poor babies vomit on themselves,this is dangerous as infant can choke, oh and the worker always had her child in... Read more

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Aweful management Kindercare gresham ot Add comment

I am really unhappy with the teachers and the starts 8.35 through evening.For the entire school only one potty for boys and one for girls.They dont clean in between.In boys toilet there is one potty for all the boys in school one standing type.All the boys use one chair to climb for both the potty.Those who stand ,they pee accidentally on the chair.It is wet and the kid who goes... Read more

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My daughter has been going to the Willowdale Center because its the only location the bus will drop her off. After dealing with several home daycares, it was nice knowing that I wouldn't have to deal with the problems I was dealing with from a home day care. And as a single mom, I needed less stress as possible. For awhile it was fine. Then they switched Asst. Directors. and it all turned for the... Read more

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