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I have worked for KinderCare since Aug.08, and I have worked within the Knowledge Universe corporation since Jan. 08. Since working there, I have noticed a variety of violations -According to Colorado state Law, every employee is entitled to a compensated 10 minute break for every 4 hours of employment. We never recieved these 10 minute breaks. In fact, we often are not given the time to go to... Read more

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I am a former manager for Kindercare Learning Centers (also known as Knowledge Learning Corp) and am very upset with the way they run their company. Kindercare is very involved in the March of Dimes and I commend them highly for that but....starting last year Kindercare stopped offering Teacher Appreciation Week. Their reason for this is, Teacher Appreciation Week falls on the same week that... Read more

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This place & owner is highly unprofessional, Tinnequa Wall is a FRAUD, she's inconsistent, unorganized, makes promises she doesn't keep, and cheats you out of your money. At the rate this place is going, this business won't last a year. I am highly disappointed, beyond pissed from her conniving, manipulative deceitful ways. If you plan on applying there... DON'T, she promised a... Read more

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My son was in Kindercare's care since he was 3 months old up until this week. There were intermittent times, after he turned 18 months old, that he was starting the biting phase. We were trying to work with the center in trying to figure out what was the cause of his biting because he wasn't biting at home or anywhere else but at the center. When I asked what their procedure was on... Read more

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We had an experience with an Italian au pair who was completely dishonest about her qualification and what occurred around the house. She spoke horribly to our children, told them to "shut up" on a routine basis and threatened to leave them places while outside the home - it was borderline verbally and emotionally abusive. Our children described our au pair as moody, impatient and... Read more

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Julia Moreno is not fit to be a Nanny. She neglect my kids and the kids of her previous employer of 9 years, who fired her for it. When people are afraid to speak up, for fear of retaliation, it causes the next family to be put in danger. So, even though she may attempt to strike back in some way, I feel it is my responsibility to report, in a public forum, the abuses my family endured by making... Read more

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HITTING my son. One of their teachers decided to leeave with no notice and they are very slow in hiring a new person. About a week after that my son was acting differently towards the whole place in general. He was acting out at the school only. I had mentioned something to the director several times since this was not normal behavior. She said all of the kids were adjusting since the other... Read more

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Cultural Care Au Pair took a very passive role when managing our early Au Pair concerns, which lead to our childcare crisis. November 2014, “L” began not returning home for work when she was scheduled, frequently over sleeping, and on the phone and skyping all the day while watching my kids. As a result, I called for an intervention meeting. It took nearly 3 weeks for the local coordinator to... Read more

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My “replacement” au pair for the previous hideous au pair that I had to get rid of, was a girl who seemed great at first. She was helpful, good with the kids etc. Then about 4 months in she started to become depressed, short with the kids, lazy and more and more a “job” for me to manage than any sort of help. Then this last Friday she was her usual surly self so I didn’t think anything of it.... Read more

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I just started a new job 3 weeks ago and my 10 month old is in KinderCare (WI). She is teething and has been for the past few weeks. I have been called EVERY DAY in the past 2 weeks to pick up my 10 month old because she "is running a fever" - never over 101.2!!! I am hanging on to my new job by the skin of my teeth because I have to remove her from daycare for the "safety of the other... Read more

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