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Kindergartens and Nurseries Complaints and Reviews

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KinderCare was a part of our family . We felt safe and comfortable there Until the entire management team changed I couldn't imagine our family without Kindercare . First the Director who was amazing took another position in the company , then one assistant left and then her other assistant director left that was heart breaking . The Directoe running the place now is clueless , forgetful , can't... Read more

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Management is terrible! They over work their employees and are always over ratio and wonder why they have problems with kids behaviors?? Kids are not being taught anything and not even being watched properly! Add comment

Child with 3 skull fractures. Kindercare in goldsboro nc is not truthful in there reports. They said he fell in toybox. I have a picture taken right after leaving center showing swelling of head. Add comment

Kindercare on excelsior and blake road in hopkins. There are teachers there who should never ever be allowed to take cate of vhildren. My grandkids have been dragged across the carpet..rug burns Fingetnail marks on arms. Not allowed to potty at times. They cover it all up. Keith a teachet has abused them. Police reports have been made. These people take care of our precious ones. State is.... Read more

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Elsemere Presbytarian Childcare Center in Elsmere Delaware is a horrible place to send a child. It's a free for all for the kids. Look at the classroom schedule, it literly list free choice activies about 7 times a day. This means the children pick what they want to do 7 times a day. Doesn't sound structured at all. The director Kathy Strab doesn't take child safety issues serious. Problem... Read more

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The director Kelly is terrible! She could care less about her employees and parents along with their children. She makes no attempt to make a close relationship with either. Never leaves her office and does not communicate with staff. I've been employed here for almost 2 months now and I've only had 2 short conversations with her. She almost never here. Doesn't check on her new employees on how... Read more

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My son began attending KinderCare at 10 weeks old. In July 2015 they had a pop-up inspection from the state and had two MAJOR violations. One was not appropriately checking on an infant while sleeping (this should be done every 15 minutes). The second was hiring a person without completing a background check and this person also worked with the infants. Additionally, only personnel with... Read more

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do your homework. Don't belive the *** the director or the handbook shovels, it's a for PROFIT center and your kids will pay. They meet the required MINIMUMS....barely. When the daily sheet says your boy ate "everything" it means "ran out of food". Cheesy noodles is mac&cheese with lima beans thrown in for protien. Most of the staff refuse to eat what is served to the kids. Underpaid,... Read more

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To whom it may concern: The past two summers we have taken our daughter (6 years old) to the Twin Lakes Family YMCA in Cedar Park, TX. This summer camp was an especially disappointing one because my daughter had sustained two injuries that where worthy of reporting, not only to us (the parents) but to the on ground medics if not by calling emergency services. The two injuries that she had... Read more

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My au pair went to her friend's house and left my one year old and 6 year old sleeping in the house by themselves. Has anyone experienced this. She was immediately taken out of my home and sent back to her country. I am very, very upset and cannot stop thinking about what could have happened and what could have happened if her au pair friend did not call the LCCon her. Add comment

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