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My family has been with the group for sometime. During our tenure with the group we have been with two centers. The first will always have a special place in our hearts as the director and team were wonderful. The second was good until they lost a director that truly cared about the kids and parents. The new director is the reason that we are taking our 15K per year that we spend on our sons... Read more

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My son went here for a year and in that year i was promised many things which none were done. He is working on potty training and found that if he asked to go to bathroom he was told no and mostly everyday i would pick him up and his pullup was too full. His behavior got worse when he was there. I witnessed a teacher push my son and nothing to my knowledge was done about that even though he went... Read more

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The Director of Children of America in Winchester Va is horrible director. She treated my daughter like an outcast and she has no idea how to run a daycare. Easily frustrated ! Will not be going back ever!!! Add comment

They have no accounting or management skills& hire anyone to work there for low wages. Charge too much &have high summer fees. They kicked kids off the bus for *** stuff. call parents at a moments notice to get kids while the parents are at work. Have ridiculous demands. I have seen them turn kids parents away when parents come after 9:30 am because they don't have enough staff to cover... Read more

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Lafrees academy of higher learning sucks as a business and if the director doesn't brush her teeth i dont trust the cleanliness of the center . I have seen her teen daughters in the classroom with children they dont have credentials to teach her turnover is horrible there i saw a heavily pregnant teacher last year when that had a lot of sickly children I pray she is doing... Read more

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My son went here and I was highly un impressed. My son was getting bit at least 2 to 3 times a week, and the director didn't do anything until I mentioned I was going to go to corporate. Their staff was mediocre and the directors were honestly under qualified. This was in Decatur, Alabama Add comment

Cultural Care Au Pair took a very passive role when managing our early Au Pair concerns, which lead to our childcare crisis. November 2014, “L” began not returning home for work when she was scheduled, frequently over sleeping, and on the phone and skyping all the day while watching my kids. As a result, I called for an intervention meeting. It took nearly 3 weeks for the local coordinator to... Read more

Was this review helpful? 2 0 This assistant (lying) director still works there and should of been fired. There is still verbal abuse going on and the directors and assistant directors are sweeping it under the carpet. Children are stuck at this daycare because of a lack of openings elsewhere . Parents come in with concerns about... Read more

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I've never heard of paying a daycare center for your child just being watched with no supervision no one to disabling just making sure they sleep, and eat and ready to go home .he'll a teen sitter can do that .to make my story short my kid was kicked out of the Bolingbrook kinder k are they said he got into an altercation with another kid and they don't do time out all they said was no and stop... Read more

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I called Kinder care at 2654 St. Rd. Longwood, Fl telephone 407-774-2742 to get information and pricing. When person answered I explained that I was calling from a captel phone and I would need a minute or so to read their answers. I then asked the person if they understood. They said "no" and hung up. When I tried to dial again their phone was busy. I tried three time to redial. Is there... Read more

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