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Just ordered this and have been waiting for it for weeks. It finally came in, ripped and in the wrong do I either get a refund or a new one?! Add comment

I will never order again !! First and last time they get my business. 2 and 1/2 months later I still haven't received my items . Kids grow like weeds and my daughter will probably of out grown then before we receive the items ! Add comment

I will not be going back to this store. It was my first experience and will be my last. I took my daughter clothes to sell. Mostly all the pieces I had were name brand and brand new pieces with the tags on them. ( ex: the children's place and old navy) My daughter is 5 but is slightly tall for her age. So majority of the clothes were 4T things she could no longer wear. Long story short they gave... Read more

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Zoya is not a nice person...she is very rude and demeaning....she must not have been taught to treat others with respect....never do business with her she is a horrible ***....she is very unprofessional...i will never do business with her again....if she was on fire i wouldnt *** on her...she should be taught a lesson on manners..very condescending ***..someone needs to put her in her... Read more

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I had placed an ordered on March 2nd, I finally received the order on May 26th. I had ordered the 3 romper set that was advertised. The quality of the 3 rompers is very cheap looking. I was very disappointed with the quality of the material used. Threads sticking out all over. Look like they will fall apart when washed. Will never, never order from them again. I guess it is true, you get what you... Read more

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Screaming Owl - Review about Chevron Rompers from Las Vegas, Nevada
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Ordered the 3 chevron romper deal that closed on March 5. It was advertised they would ship between 4 and 6 weeks after that closing date. I finally recieved my order today and the fabric is not at all what I had expected. These rompers are a size large and I ordered 12-24 month size so I have no idea if this is the correct size but I put one on my 12 month old and it's HUGE!! Way too big for her... Read more

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I hate luvs diapers I'm a first time mother and I've seen a few people with these diapers at a lot of baby showers a went to so I assumed they were a good brand. Boy was I wrong about that, my son would go to sleep in the diapers and after the hours my bed would be wet becauseofthe leakage from the diapers. I wouldn't recommend these diapers to anyone. Add comment

Ordered gift card online. It was delivered to me, in Virginia. I flew to Florida and hand delivered the card to my niece. When she went to use it, they told her it was a zero balance!! I called the company and was told "that card was used in ENCINO , CA !!!!! 6 days before I gave it to my niece. Physically impossible. Now, they've been jerking me around with lies for nearly a month. "We're still... Read more

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I ordered two rompers from them about 8 weeks ago.. I haven't heard anything since I placed the order. I check online and it just says unfulfilled.. What!! You cannot cancel orders and I am so frustrated I cancelled me debit card so that they cannot charge me! Add comment

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