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I ordered a newborn outfit (bloomers and headband) for pictures. I had a conversation with the shop on what size giving my baby's weight and the shop stated to order a different size. As I had just placed the order not two minutes prior, I messages back to please send the size they recommended. I gave my order number and shop replied saying "no problem". The transaction and the conversation all... Read more

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This is the worst company to buy clothes from they do not exchange the items if you loose your receipt I use to shop here weekly and have their credit card but I WILL NEVER SHOP HERE AGAIN! I WWIL ALSO BE SURE MY PARENTS NEVER BUY ANYTHING HERE FOR ANY OF THEIR 12 GRANDCHILDREN! THEY REFUSE TO HELP IN ANY WAY WITH EXCHANGING THEIR ITEMS! Add comment


I bought some item from the outlet Children's Place for my 22 month old son, But 2 of the pants were too big. And i wanted to exchange the 2 pants. I live 20 minutes away from the outlet. I try to locate a Children's Place, that was close to where I live, but there was one in Delray Beach FL. As soon as we step in the store this women said "whats in the bag" . I said i want to.... before i was... Read more

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Poor quality, poor customer service. I ordered size 6-12 months and it came labeled size SMALL and is about the size of a 3 month old onesie :( Multiple emails to the company, they finally ask for a photo of the tag. Its now way too late to get a replacement shipped and I will have no use for a Thanksgiving dress in December! The matching bow is larger then the babies head :( fYI my grandbaby... Read more

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I ordered an "in-stock" item and received an order confirmation. 25 days later no item, no response from calls or messages. I have emailed them a cancellation of the order, with no reply so far. I haven't seen a charge on the card yet (the only good part to this experience), but if I do, it will be cancelled through the processor asap. A lousy experience, don't waste your time with these... Read more

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I was in the West Chester Ohio location and witnessed very bad customer service and team work. I was trying to sell items and two girls walked right by me without saying a word. Would not recommend this location very rude staff and looked like no one wanted to help. Three employees were just standing there and one was on a ladder while there was a very long line to check out as well as to sell... Read more

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I always buy from the Baton Rouge store and I love it!! Never a bad experience!! Add comment


First and foremost ladies we can order the same outfits ourselves directly from China for way cheaper than Screaming Owl is selling them for. Go to you will find exact items for cheaper. I have ordered several items from Screaming Owl and I am okay with the timing of shipping. The sizing on the other hand is horrible. These items come from China. China has different sizing charts... Read more

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I ordered two matching shirts for my granddaughters in a 3T and 4T. I received the wrong size shirts. I emailed their customer service email address on 11/19/14 and and told them about it. I received no response. So I emailed them on 11/20 and asked them again. No response. On 11/21 I sent them a third email, and I received an automated response that I had been blocked from emailing them. ... Read more

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I ordered a seasonal stock up on September 2, the money was taken from my account immediately. The shopping estimate was 5-7 weeks after offer end date of September's been 9 1/2 weeks now and my order is still unfulfilled. Have messaged screaming owl several times, only to get a generic email response always stating "those are shipping" or "the 5-7 weeks is merely an estimate, there's no... Read more

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