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I think it is deplorable that toys r us is selling the Breaking Bad dolls. I do admit I enjoyed the series but I am 57 yrs old. And I don't care if the dolls are meant to be in the 15+ department. Does toys r us endorse the image of a drug dealer to teen age children. Yes 15 is not an adult. Even so, a toy store should not be profiting or endorsing drug sales. You think it's ok to sell a doll... Read more

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I ordered the pumpkin tutu dress August 28th and as of Friday October 17th I still had not received it. Their website states 2-7 weeks for shipping and my confirmation said it would ship the first week of October. Halfway through the month of October and I still had not received it. It's not like she can wear the dress after Halloween since it is a Holiday specific dress. I do not see how this... Read more

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I recently ordered three items online and when shipped received only one correct items. The return policy states you can return to a store. Even though they had the items they would not let us exchanged until we returned wrong items in mail....not to store. I was not comfortable with this. We had already paid for our items. Even though sales clerk talked to them we had to go home and call. Waste... Read more

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the children's place gallery mall has horrible service. I asked the cashier about the signage on the merchandise how the top shelf had 1 price but the rows had a totally different price and all she said was no that's not what it says do you want these or not. I had over 100.00 in merchandise and I didn't buy anything. I will never shop there again. They all need to be trained again it seems as... Read more

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I'm emailing you has I'm disgusted in a multi million pound company can't teach there staff to give customers respect NOT HUMILIATE CUSTOMERS WITH A SHOP FULL OF CUSTOMERS AND THIS IS DISCUSTING I m 8 months pregnant me and my mum went to return an item to toys r us Northampton nothing wrong with the item just he had two for hrs birthday while we was there with my 1 year old I seen a fisher... Read more

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Rooms by Zoya B is the worst place to shop. I promise! She will charm you at first. Promise quality and timely delivery of your merchandise, while you walk through her showroom pregnant. I assure you that after your credit card is used, she will be unavailable to discuss your concerns and delays. Those dolls she makes in third world countries are worth pennies, yet she sells them for $420 each.... Read more

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I ordered the Turkey chevron dress from this site in September for a photo shoot for my daughter and here it is October 14, 2014 and I still have not received the dress. I had to purchase a new dress for the photo shoot because this one did not come in time. Now they are refusing a refund because all items are "made to order". I WILL NEVER PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THIS SITE AGAIN! They are rude... Read more

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I ordered the turkey outfit on 9/13/14 and here it is 10/14/14 haven't received anything on this item yet still waiting for it to ship they sure did charge my credit card so hopefully this will come before Thanksgiving !!!! I cannot find any contact information on the Screaming Owl! Add comment


called them several times for refund or replacement got rude with me cussed me out told me i have no power to do anything so i'm out about $200.00 do not use this site they are a big time ripoff site use hobby tron they stand behind there products have received nothing of a positive nature other than to say they are theives at this company and should not use there site for anything they rip... Read more

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Two times in the last 6 months I have ordered personalized items advertised on the site, only to be told much later that the items were "back ordered" and would be delivered at a later date. In the case of the first item, a beach umbrella that was part of a set, I waited a total of 6 weeks, with two revised "delivery" dates, only to be told that the item was "unavailable" after all. On August... Read more

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