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Ive been a regular customer of this store since january this year, made my registry here too. Never had a problem not until this morning this girl refuse to scan my retailmenot in my phone. Never had a problem before, but she was so rude when she said it. I was so embarrased long line waiting too. So i didnt argue. I dont know why not everyone have the same knowlege about polioes at store. So... Read more

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La gerente de la tienda una tal Marily Acosta no me sonrió al entrar a la tienda. Y cuando me atendió en caja no me ofreció la tarjeta de crédito de ustedes. Luego le pregunté a un asociado quien era, me entero que es la gerente. Deben contratar gente más competente Add comment


They have a video and a pic of a product that is not the product they are selling. Now they are saying/forcing me to buy something I don't want. I want the product in the video they had me watch when I selected the product I purchased. Now they want to charge me $20 less and make me buy something I don't want. The guy who takes the calls lies as well and says he will do things he won't. I really... Read more

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I ordered a dress from this company months ago.. Every time I checked the order says it was unfulfilled. I had to pay for the product up front. Then just recently received an email saying that my order was cancelled, they never said my money was refunded to me. When I went to their web-site to check the order I made and already paid for... Now all of a sudden it says it wasn't paid. Reported it... Read more

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I had placed a few Screaming Owl orders and was fairly happy with my purchases. **I am aware of their 1 shipment / order and slow ship times, that is not my complaint** I then placed an order for a surprise boutique box for August. I didn't receive it until it was into September and the "surprise" outfit had a tag that said 5T (my ordered size) but it fit more like a 2T/3T making it completely... Read more

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I purchased a blue NERF boy's backpack (item# A0AD4775) online from Toys R Us because there was no such color in any stores (Fred Meyer, Walmart, Toys R Us, etc.. which yellow was the only color available). Then I received my item, it was YELLOW! even though, it clearly said "BLUE" on the packaging invoice. I called customer service 9/2/2014 requesting the right item be sent and was told it... Read more

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Spent 2 hours waiting for my clothing to be looked through which I admit was quite a bit but after 4 boxes!!! were looked at I was only offer $26... I had picked out several items while waiting I was going to buy, however after being told my items were missing pieces or stained/no explanation at all and no time to ask since I had two fussy kids with me I just took the $26 and left. I will never... Read more

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I ordered a super cute dress months ago, the money was instantly taken out of my account and I never received my order! I'm very disappointed not to mention I feel really duped. I have looked for a way to speak to someone and the only number listed, and not on their Web page by the way, is not a working number, how shady! I will let everyone I know hear about this and to NOT shop here! I guess... Read more

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WOW - I am NEVER shopping at The Children's Place again! Unlike Old Navy or Bonnie Togs/Carter's, The Children's Place has the most horrible return policy out there. I bought brand new navy blue uniform pants for son attending JK (back in May, online) when they had one of their first school uniform sales. I thought I was being a smart shopper and parent by getting them early before they're... Read more

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In June I attempted to use my $25 gift card at the location at 11700 s marshfield. After sweeping my card and us waiting the manager then stated that they systems for acting up. We waited for a while not sure what she was doing but she said let redo it and now there's no money left on my card. I am one to understand that things happen. The manager gave me a trans code and a number and told me to... Read more

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