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Screaming Owl - AWFUL!   Do NOT order from them.
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Image isn't great quality because they remove all original images from their website so you cannot compare when your actual item ordered arrives. I found one in google to use. Notice the difference? Tree is a fraction of the size, and where is the skirt?? Are you kidding me!? This would never cover a girls bottom! The ribbon is so cheap, it won't even stay up for the bow on the top to... Read more

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This company's customer service and response to customers is a joke. I tried calling regarding stTus if order for my grandson's Christmas present and was in hD 47 minutes before I hung up I emailed as they request on status Nd no response yet they have debited my account for the item which was not cheap! My next step is to issue dispute with my bank and try to get my money back and to write to... Read more

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The guest service people at the toys r us in monroeville pa are rude. Actually all the employees there are rude and need to be terminated. They have attitudes. They don't seem to know what they are doing. They don't care about if a guest needs help. They talk back to the customers. The lady I was being waited on by, gave me an attitude when I wanted to return an item even tho I had my receipt and... Read more

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We recieved a dresser as a gift off of our registry, and ot arrived damaged beyond use. Trying to do the return has been an absolute nightmare! Every time I call, its like no one ever records what happened last time. My mother, who gabe us the gift, as called 3 times to re-confirm her credit card, and they don't seem to ever have a record of it. I am so irritated i am now tryong to just get her... Read more

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Ordered two toys from Zulily on Nov. 25, paid thru PayPal, received confirmation email that they would be shipped Dec. 12 and Dec. 14 with order numbers 723348100 and 623359193. Called Dec. 17 to find out where the shipment was and was told they had not been shipped and would now be shipped overnight with a confirmation to me. Nothing has been received! Two small children will be disappointed... Read more

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Screaming Owl - Review about Dress from La Follette, Tennessee
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Awful company!! Ordered from once and once only. Dress was completely wrong and *** poorly made! Took 2 months to finally arrive after ordering! When I warned other customers on Facebook, I got banned!! I've attached image of scary was supposed to be a size 6 dress!! This dress wouldn't even cover my niece's butt and the sleeves only came to her elbows!! Read more

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Awful customer service...very poor craftsmanship...dress is entirely too small and I bought the size my daughter wears...ruffles had a rip and very uneven Add comment

I have ordered a few things from them and they have taken quite a while but I was aware before i ordered. I have received all items and am very happy with them. You just have to plan on your items not coming right away. Have a backup. I always do, no matter which website i order from. Add comment

I ordered pink boots for my granddaughter on the 17th of November, they were suppose to ship by the 27th....they confirmed the order AND my bank statement shows they have my $, but they haven't even processed the order yet, much less shipped it!! Christmas is ONE week from today!! WHAT IS GOING ON!??! I have sent an 2 emails to them, but no response!! No contact phone #!! I will NEVER order... Read more

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Ordered a scarf in October for Christmas events. Still haven't received it! According to shipping dates provided when ordered, I should have received it the first weekend in December. I don't understand why they would promote Christmas apparel items that they don't intend to send out until the end of the holiday season. I don't even need it now and of course it still hasn't arrived. According... Read more

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