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I ordered a costume online for my daughter for Halloween. Dress, wig, tiara for Aurora. I received my package and the wrong size dress was shipped. Growl, okay. Call ToysRUs, almost a hour on the phone, finally, they are going to ship me the correct size. I get a package Monday, just in the knick of time, parade Tuesday and trick or treat Thursday. They shipped the wrong size AGAIN! I ordered a... Read more

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I placed my order two weeks ago. The Children's Place charged my credit card. My order status has never updated, nor have my items shipped (per their website) I have sent THREE email requests for help. I have called THREE times and been placed on hold for over 45 minutes only to be disconnected. I WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH CHILDRENS PLACE AGAIN! I am disputing this charge with my credit card... Read more

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Apparently, given their online presence they are a reputable kids store, but having placed an order several days ago and, having paid for express delivery, I am still waiting for confirmation that the order has even been released. There's no contact number on the site which rings huge alarm bells and their customer support, well, simply isn't. They are either the worst possible company at... Read more

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First and last time!!! I just went to once upon a child on the 1960 location, there were 3 ladies on te counter, I brought one big case full of baby clothes, firstly the lady told me in a bad attitude she was only accepting fall and winter clothes and if I had pieces for 18 months and under she can only accept 2 or 3 pieces and no onecies, It was my first time there and clearly in the Web page... Read more

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If you're here, it's likely because you've searched "Screaming Owl" on the Internet. As with any business, people will be unhappy and this is a great forum for people to vent, but it does not provide the other side to the story. While we encourage you to do your research before purchasing from any company, we'd like to remind you that these reviews are just a small sample of folks, most of whom... Read more

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I won't buy children's pants from Walmart . They smell like a chemical. America needs to wake up and stop being cheap and make everything in USA. I believe there synthetic THANKS CHINA AND OTHER COUNTRIES. U SUCK.... Add comment


I absolutely love this store. The one time we sold clothes they took almost everything and offered a good price for it all. It was for preemie boy and girl items and the wait was only about 20 minutes for them to go through it. We had everything just stuffed in a box not folded and they had no problem with it. I love shopping there to get clothes for both of my boys. I have never had an issue... Read more

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The dress I received looked nothing like the picture. It was thin and cheap and the cut was ugly! I would not have taken this item for free had I seen it. I ordered a pink chevron sundress. It took 8 weeks to arrive. Which put us into fall... Not a time to wear a sundress. Awful. Never again will I shop here. Read more

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I dropped off my items at the location in rochester hills mi and the store called me hours later stating that I needed to come back because I was all set so I came back to the store and when I got there she than proceeded to tell me that unfortunately they couldn't purchase anything because I had way too many items and they were not able to even go through the items because they had to be put... Read more

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