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I ordered a screaming owl chevron print diaper bag on jan 4th and still haven't seen it. Add comment

My wife and i purchased clothes from the childrens place online, we got wrong sizes on a few items so we returned them to the store, no issues there, however, we purchased them using paypal, i waited a few days to see a credit in paypal, no credit came after 3 days waiting so i decided to contact them, they informed me it takes up to 15 business days to recieve a paypal refund!!! Thats 3 weeks,... Read more

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Screaming owl..... sucks...... NEVER ORDER FROM THIS SITE!!!! I am completely aware of my shipping arrangments.... so I'll lay it out for you..... I ordered a Diaper bag December 29th.... IT was represented as a 1 time great deal for a chevron diaper bag with shipping only 21.80$. Because it was concidered a mass ship out... all orders were being taken and no orders would ship out till January... Read more

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This company is a waste of time and all they want is your money. I would give them zero stars if that was even possible. I placed an order for more than $400 which I was charged for right away. However, they never had the items in stock, but I only found this out when I emailed them two weeks later. A month after my purchase was made I cancelled my order as I never got my items. It took more than... Read more

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I ordered headbands for my twin daughters and I still have not received them, it's been over a month and a half. May be a good price but for sure not worth the wait. I would never order anything again from this website. Add comment

The wait for your items is at least 6 weeks before they ship. I waited longer than that for mine. I requested to cancel my order since it hadn't even processed according to their site. Their email response to me was rude and uncalled for. The dress I ordered is almost completely see-through because the fabric is very cheap. It feels like it wouldn't be very comfortable to wear. It's also... Read more

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I ordered the same chevron diaper bag in dec. The sale ended Jan 4 and they said 6 to 8 weeks for shipping and nothing. I have been emailing them for coming up on 2 weeks. They emailed me back the first time and just restated they are not a quick ship company and they have started shipping and hope to finish in the next few days, that was about 2 weeks ago. I emailed them this week's and said... Read more

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I made a purchase on March the 10th they took the money out of my account on March the 12th I called and asked for a tracking number he said he would send one they didn't I sent an email to their info at trend times. Net they never responded 8 days later I finally got somebody to answer the telephone he was very rude hung up on me but he did send me an email finally with the tracking number they... Read more

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