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Skidders Footwear - Baby/toddler shoes,
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I bought Skidders shoes, style #XY3102, color black, size 8. My baby was 1 year old and wearing a shoes size 5, but I can't put they on baby's feet. They made from synthetic materials, and it will be bad to air from baby's foots. The socks of shoes are too high, there is no inner lining to the sole. You can see it on my picture (1st pic - My shoes, 2nd - on the site). The Customer service works... Read more

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In August I went to toysrus (Bel Air, MD) to order a pack-n-play which was ordered IN THE STORE on THEIR computer. I finally received a car seat instead of ordered pack-n-play. Called customer service -they say take it back to store. Manager of store REFUSES to take it back and says we have to mail it back. We call customer service -they say mail it back! Then they refund the credit card... Read more

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Been ordering from this comapny for a couple years and this time i ordered my package was some how lost. I called to see what happened and received the worst customer service. Being that i manage a large retail company i know how a customer should be treated. Will not order from them again Add comment

The past few months while back to visit my parents i have visited this store. My town that we live in doesnt have this store. First off, i want to say i love the store and the cashiers working and pride my family in saving money on clothes for my two children. Second, the cashiers have always been friendly and always helpful when in there. Today, I was quite disturbed listening to the manager... Read more

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Ordered and paid for items, have not received them. Have tried to contact them several different ways with no response. I have started a claim through paypal to try and get my money back. There is no phone number available, only an email address. They do have a facebook page, but other dissatisfied customers have had their comments deleted and been blocked from posting on it! I ordered Dr. Who... Read more

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I ordered from a third party company 2 regalo baby gates. After 2 weeks up the gate was broke. Was pointed out by my 16 month old daughter. Company wouldn't except return or pay for return without original packaging. Contacted Amazon and they offered me $30 to ship back for my return which was nice except cost me $100 to ship 1 gate back. So I would end up paying $70 for nothing. At least... Read more

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Bought two boats with remote controllers supposed to have different frequencies so they could both be run at the same time. Received two boats with the same frequency and two controllers with different frequencies. Talked to them several times to take one back and send me what I ordered they refused - actually told me to go to ***!!! I decided to take them to small claims court - when I attempted... Read more

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I have learned a good lesson with this company and from now on I will always check for reviews prior to ordering anything on line!! This place is a pure rip off!! It has been 8 weeks since ordering and I have yet to receive my item. After a few emails I was told (like I was *** or something) that shipping is 6 to 8 weeks, that is when the shipping BEGINS, and I should have read that when... Read more

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I ordered a chevron diaper bag back in December. Its just about March and still have not received it. It has been 8 weeks. This was my first time purchasing from this company. I will never purchase from them again. Add comment

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