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I am a customer of Shop hq. I have bought bedding, Skinn cosmetics etc. and have been pleased with my purchases. I will no longer be buying from this company because of the Incicta watch programs. They are selling men's watches with scantily clad FEMALE models wearing the watches! Ridiculous! I don't see a bunch of shirtless male models selling the jewelry for women. Then they have the gall... Read more

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I bought a pair of shorts from DENTZ DENIM and they were garbage! They were seriously the most poorly made shorts I have ever purchased. Everything was wrong. The fit, the color, the detailing, and there was lint and hard to pick out fuzz balls all over them. I contacted the Caroyln Dentz (seller) and I told her about the poorly made product I received. The communication between us was prompt,... Read more

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I bought the same exact watch! And my watch is defective also!! I am so upset . Long story short. I was eating dinner and noticed one of my chronograph button fell off !!! I looked for the piece on the table and I found it. I took it to my dealer and he said nothing broke and it's weird how a watch like this would do that...I want a brand new watch myself. Have you figured out your situation with... Read more

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I ordered a tennis bracelet from PrimeStyle recently. I received it on time; however, I couldn’t seem to close the clasp. I thought I was just having a hard time putting it on myself; but it turns out, I couldn’t close it at all. Very disappointed, I called customer service and was told that I could exchange it. Well, I didn’t want the same bracelet because I didn’t want to deal with that... Read more

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ED KAY ceo at SILVER GOLD REFINERY e mailed me he would PAY me 2500 dollars for 15 pieces of gold 113 grams i weighted the gold on my own scale I mailed it insured through the USPS insured for 2500 DOLLars ON 7/30/2014 ED KAY received it I called ED KAY on 8/2/2014 and told him to return all 15 pieces 113 grams ED KAY at silver GOLD refinery returned 10 pieces 47 grams keeping 5... Read more

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A family member ask me what I wanted for my birthday, I told him that I wanted the Houston Texans purse. I got it and he gave it to me and It was the ugliest purse I have ever seen in my life. VERY cheap material, the long strap was already broken and it stinks. If you are thinking about getting any of that NFL purses don't do it!!!!! they are $129.00 dollars for a Dollar General store purse. Add comment

Went to buy my wife a pair of diamond earrings at COSTCO. Saw them a couple weeks ago, then went in to buy them only to find out that they raised the price from $3,999.99 to $4,299.99. I bought them anyway (with my wife at my side), then went to the pick-up window where they found the book and paperwork. When I looked at the appraisal they provide with all of their high-end jewelry, I expected... Read more

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I have an origami owl locket as a gift from a friend; unfortunately one of the rhinestone fell off. I told my friend if she can call the person who sold her the locket but apparently her phone number is not the same anymore. Did anyone had this issue with the locket? Or does anyone know if I can get it fixed at a regular jewelry store or Origami owl have a website where I can send it to get it... Read more

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I purchased a Denim Python Hamilton Bag and matching wallet, a purchase totaling over $600. I had the items for about 5 weeks, when the python material started to peel. I sent the items back and provided Michael Kors my selection for the replacement bag and wallet. I've been waiting since 6/4/14, the date today is 8/30/14. I keep being told that my items are not in the warehouse and need to be... Read more

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Took my engagement ring in to be resized. The jewler examined the ring and said it would be done in 2 hours. Came back 2 hours later, the cashier couldn't find my ring. Asked the jewler who said he changed his mind and wouldn't do the ring. Neither were polite about the situation and didn't think to call to let me know!!! Add comment