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I visited their factory recently. All visible materials were labeled Made in China. The workers assesbling the orders make $9 an hour evidently. There was no one manning the returns and replacement desks (2) and the guide laughed and said that must be because they had no returns. Obnoxious attempt at an uplifting company culture when workers are treated like *** when it comes down to it and the... Read more

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I am deeply concerned to your practices at your warehouse in Chandler AZ. I work there currently and I am highly upset the way things are being handled there. I know that you would not appreciate working in an uncomfortable environment that is being created there. The music that is being played is OFFENSIVE and degrading to the Homosexuals, Blacks,And women working there. We have asked on many... Read more

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Poor customer service & poor quality of products. I ordered a replacement locket 4 weeks ago still haven't received my locket. Add comment

I ordered a ring from lia sophia and it did not fit me when I received it. I called customer service and they e-mailed me a weigh bill for UPS so that I didn't have to pay to mail the ring back. I just had to get the exchange form from their website and fill it in. I had my blue receipt to send back too. The lady on the phone was very nice and helpful. It was a quick and easy transaction. I sent... Read more

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I have had a gold tone women's bracelet watch with a mother of pearl face sine 1990 apps. I used to get a new battery at Littman's in NJ for about $40. They now told me it would be $100 and sent to Movado to replace the battery and water proof it !! I don't go diving with it so who are they kidding. It is a joke. I will wear my Rolex and discourage anyone from buying or going this route. They... Read more

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I was initially reticent to buy an expensive watch online. Jaime W explained the process and made me very comfortable. I have since purchased several watches from Jaime at and with the approval (or lack of knowledge) from my wife I will continue to buy more. The service and prices are great. The very first contact took place in the live chat, where I started discussing my needs... Read more

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A watch that I'd had for ten years was stolen and after months and countless hours of searching to find it's replacement online and in stores, I found it here and at a great price - half of it's original price ten years ago even. At first I was notified that it was no longer being made but not a week later I received an email from Jaime that he'd been able to locate one and had it sent after i... Read more

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I ordered a watch for my husband. It took a bit longer than I expected but when I emailed them I got a quick response telling me the expected delivery date. The watch arrived on time. Unfortunately my husband did not like the watch. I was able to return it and receive a refund promptly without any problem. I would recommend this company and definitely use them in the future when i find something... Read more

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My e-mails go un answered regarding replacement items. WTH is wrong w/ their customer service? ! Add comment

Had the beautiful sparkly diamond from helzberg appraised by another company and it turns out it is full of flaws and cracks and coal inside, and worthless. have your helzberg diamonds appraised. You might be shocked by the true value of the rock. very upsetting. I emailed Helzberg with no response. Upon going to their store even the staff admitted that the thousands of dollars ring they sold me... Read more

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