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Aweful company... Blames the customer for there error...!!! Will never shop there stores again!! Customer contact line is a joke!!!! Don't shop this company ever!! Add comment

Silvia fassardi is a miami Von artist thief and *** who is currently transmiting chlamydia thru unprotected sex and she is well aware of it there are currently 5 reports online from men . And 100s about her sex life and her fraud this woman's Discusting behavior has been going on for years and she should be in jail . This is a horrible person who has no remorse for her actions continues to prey... Read more

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I would believe anything about silvia.i know her very very well having a disease is no surprise to me.i am amazed it took this long. Add comment

There are 100 reports online about silvia fassardi a well known *** artist and thief who gave me chlamydia and has been stealing and scamming money for years in miami Add comment

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I know the assistant store manager of the one in hattiesburg ms is always stoned at work and constantly leaves his store for no good reason. Black mails the employees tithe point they won't even call the lightning line for help... Something has to be done that store is loosing employees and customers daily. Add comment

All the jewelry I bought fell apart. I am pissed. Tarnished, a watch that does not work, threaded beads by FISH LINE. Add comment

I bought an origami owl 7 1/2 gold bracelet with several charms to go with it. I only wore it several times and it turned colors on me. I feel for the amount I paid for it that It shouldn't have turned colors. I'm love the bracelet but very unhappy with the out come. Add comment