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First, I agree with all the reviewers complaining about the commercials, the reloading and inability to rewind without suffering through the same ads, etc. My complaint, however, is about the selective availability. I get emails from Hulu listing shows I'll enjoy (example, Suits). Hulu also advertises these shows under the "Recently Added" option on the menu. And if you search for Suits (or The... Read more

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The first 3 individual s I looked up had wrong facts. With that said, I will cancel and hopefully get a refund considering I just signed up a fee hrs ago. Add comment

Over a month of rescheduling, being on hold, transferred, and blown off. I have sat home on 3 different occasions waiting for my installer to show up for the scheduled appointment. There was never a call or email letting me know that they put my order "on hold". Each time I have called and sat on hold to find out that nobody is coming. This company is absolutely the most unprofessional I have... Read more

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  • Mediacom
  • 18 hours ago
  • by anonymous
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Wtf my last post from yesterday has been removed. Well guess what I'm posting again because of the crappy service fawk! I even bought a band new router but sheit still has bad a$$ service. Thanks for nothing MediaShit Add comment

I have Cbeyond service for my business and they are terrible. I have been trying to activate 2 business mobile phone with them for over 11 days, I call them everyday and spend with them 20 to 30 minutes and nothing gets done, and the best part, they signed me in for a contract for these phone and they gave me monthly rates. I can't discontinue my service with tem as my business contract expires... Read more

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Nice how I pay hundred plus dollars per month for service and when I have problem they want to schedule a service call days or a week later and expect me to have no TV for that period. NOT ACCEPTABLE! And then half the people in the field and in the service center don't know their *** from a hole in the ground Add comment

It seems to me that just a few short years ago Angie's commercial was much different. She seemed to end each one with "no company can pay to be on Angie's list" Yet it seems that that is all they are about now, advertising. I think "truth in advertising" should pertain to everyone, especially those the profess honesty, but clearly are not. How can anyone believe in a company that says they are... Read more

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  • Comcast
  • 1 day ago
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I have internet service through comcast. I am in aurora, il. It has been down now going on 3 days. And, no news as to why. Add comment

Two years ago I signed up with CenturyLink 7Mbs DSL. It worked great for a while, but after a year I noticed my download speeds dropped dramatically to 1 Mbps. I called tech support, only to be informed that CenturyLink no longer provided the speed tier I signed up for (or any of the higher speeds that they still advertise for my location) and that they had dropped my plan to 1 Mbps - - - WITHOUT... Read more

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I get requests, I keep buying credits and making quotes. I know the quotes are competitive because I win bids off all my other sources...I am very much leaning towards THUMBTACK being a fraudulent organization/service. Prove me wrong!!! I actually received one hit from all my quotes and I cannot reach the prospect as they don't I answer their phone....hmmmm, wonder why that is? Are they real?... Read more

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