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I had a service call set up for today after my internet has been out for more than a week. Sat at home all morning waiting. Got a call while I went to the restroom and since I missed it they had the tech go somewhere else. When I called back they said they had called three times and called me a liar! I told them I am more than happy to take a picture and send it to them. The next available day... Read more

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Like many others, I've been an ACO member for years(2006) with no problems.--they were never a money making site and only one or 2 product tests in 8 yrs.--Just received a $13.65 redemption filed 6/2014, and after 3 support e-mails.--I am dropping the company and suggest any one else dissatisfied should do the same.--I've been on various survey panels since 2001 and currently make from $200 -... Read more

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They must be crazy to charge that much for fake contacts. Somebody is really getting RICH. I would not waste a dollar on this scam but some people are. Add comment

Worst Ever!!!! It goes out more than a hooker! Multiple times in a week it goes out & always same answer will get it back on soon as can & average wait time is a hour to 4 or 5 hours Add comment


Publishers clearing house is harassing me , by emailing me in my gmail.! I' want them to stop , Please make them stop emailing me and to please tell them to delete my house address and also delete my email and password in gmail, If they do not stop , I'll be forced to have to call the cops and have them sent to jail, Thanks , Carolyn Achee . This is a scam ! These people at publishers clearing... Read more

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We hired Jan Tomka of Shopix to work on our Magento website from May 2014 to July 2014. He charged us $150 per hour. At this rate you would safely expect a high level of quality, ethics and professionalism. We got none of these things. His work was always late, and in the end of such a low standard that we had to have the work redone by a competent programmer. $4500 for nothing but grief. Our... Read more

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Worst Ever! Not only is there "hundreds" of pop ups with more malware than any single site I have ever seen, but the quality of the audio/video is absolutely horrible. Maybe 3 out of 10 videos were were okay enough to watch. The programming links are unreliable and its pretty obvious that no one is actually managing this program. Its like they give you access to an internet TV peephole and its... Read more

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Bell is so bad you wouldn't belive all they do to you consumers! I work for a bell reseller and i see it first hand, i take escalated calls. Bell will slam your line, that means your with a 3rd party then take your line from that party and YOU either your dial tone or just get a bill from Bell. Then one more game they play is, they offer you a long distance plane, 10$ unlimited north america.... Read more

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First off, Frontier Communication is about the only option I have for the internet in the remote area that I live in, unfortunately. More often than not, my internet is down. After repair, no one shows up to fix it like they say they will, or are days out. Once I went a month without it being fixed! Half the time the local office don't answer their calls nor return yours when you leave them a... Read more

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