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Expired Small Business Starter Internet package with static IP. Was informed the contract I was under expired (not known I was under a promotional package) and the bill went up, no other discount packages were available to resign up for to keep my monthly rate. Next increase was for an equipment fee and no options to bring your own device with static IP service. All within the past year. So as... Read more

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I noticed, as many customers, that new customers were getting a better price while loyal ones were getting the shaft. They are more interested in profits than service! If you have to reload and reload and reload a site it must be because there are too many customers and not enough gigs to support them! Then they tell you about over usage, which is because you have to keep reloading a site! So... Read more

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I can log in sometimes and most times it will not come up. Then when it does come up I can only open a few and then it shuts me down. We have had them for a number of years and never had a problem. I have called them over and over. Most times I can not get in. Surely they should at least give me a solid answer. I really like being with them and we are so sorry they treated us like this. ... Read more

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I am publicly complaining about the lies that your company says to its rightfully paying customers for their decietfulness. Your company instant checkmate gave me absotutely no more information than I already gave them. Your company lied purely. No hidden fees! Untrue... God willing your company reels what it sows. I have instantly been stolen from and that is illegal.$22.86. No unjust will go... Read more

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Has anyone noticed that 5 Linux or any MLM company always targets the minority, hispanics, african american & the lower middle class. Go to the meetings; look around! The founders are always Rich & wealthy white guys. Remember if you have a product that is GREAT as they say it would sell themselves. They actually don't want you to sell the products they want you to recruit people. At $249... Read more

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Had me jump though hoops for 10 min just to start over again...and got no records Add comment


We complain, they "adjust our settings" and we often lose internet for a couple of days. Average Mbps goes down to .15Mbps during night time when streaming is most likely. Repeatedly kicks us off internet. Company tries over and over to sell "higher speed" package and the techs who come out to look at our setup tell us that given the line structure coming through our area, faster is not... Read more

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I spent everything I had and couldn't even get started and couldn't find where to get training. Piece of ***. I want my money back today. Add comment


My wife and I moved back to NM from Wyoming in March of this year. I decided to give Century Link a try for internet service. We got the modem in the mail and got it hooked up. Service was very sporadic, and it got worse by the hour. In a matter of a day the internet was going down several times a minute. I called them to cancel service and I got a return authorization for the modem. In total, we... Read more

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