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I have had the same issue. While watching cnn the news shows would suddenly go off and a frontier commercial would break in. News programming would return and I would miss what what was reported during the disconnect. This would occur numerous times in the time I was watching cnn. On the other channels there would be a blip in the programming like a word would be skipped. Very frustrating. In... Read more

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Signed up to receive Frontier Communications phone, internet and cable, which is provided by Dish Network. The deal was advertised as 75.99 per month for 2 years. My first bill was 391.00, second bill was 133.00 and the third bill I just received is 175.00! What kind of deal do they think they are giving me. I look at my bills and know that I am getting crooked. They always have some elaborate... Read more

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Worst sevice ever.My iternet is so slow that I cant even play xbox anymore.My internet goes out every 30 minutes.And now at the time of making this review, my internet has been out for an hour for the god knows what time.This *** internrt is anything but lightning fast. Add comment


We were approached by 2 sales People from Cbeyond, telling us that they could beat not only our phone bill with CO-Communication but also our DSL internet package with AT&T in cost and speed. We gave them our current invoice, so they could do their analysis, They said no problem. We were suppose to have an overall saving of at least $100.00 a month, but also internet speed was supposed to... Read more

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Direct TV referred you to me for internet. I called to get rates and I also explained that I work from home and I MUST have internet that is dependable and working. This EXEDE has been a joke from the start. I was not informed this was not wireless, or that a satellite had to be installed for me to have internet AND AFTER HOURS ON THE PHONE WITH MY EMPLOYER WE FOUND OUT THAT EXEDE IT WILL NOT... Read more

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This company has been horrible! I do not know how they are still in business! They came out to burry a line they ended up hitting a wire that runs to my water well so they said they wouldn't fix it after talking to 3 diff ppl and 2 different supervisors they said they would be out the following day well they came out and rigged the wire did not fix it properly so now I still have a broken wire... Read more

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Was never polled about channel lineup,I called cs and told them I did not want to receive the replacement channels or pay for them and was basically told that they are part of the basic package,and there would be no price reduction because customers asked for these channels and to give them a try. Then I asked how much it would be if I cancelled my cable and just kept high speed internet and was... Read more

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I'm not happy at all. It tells iI that u can get crimnal bckgrnd check for the $22.86 and then tells u that u have to pay an additional 19.99 for the "premium report" what a rip off! I'm just hoping that they dont cjarge my card AGAIN for th 19.99.. aaarrrggghhh Add comment


There's a bigger problem than just channels people.. How about the fact that sudden link provides their internet customers with hardware that is locked wide-open. Using archaic exploited security standards that are locked and unable to be modified by the customer and they provide no support on it even though they say they do.. How do you feel knowing that they leave all ports wide open, that even... Read more

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I've been with Frontier with a year and a half now. They've been nothing but headaches and frustration. First, I sat on their modem for a week and a half before I even had internet. They kept telling me I installed it wrong. I'm in Computer Information Systems in school. I didn't install anything wrong. Turns out it was their fault at a box that isn't even located in my apartment. The call out... Read more

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