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I was with Thumbtack when they first started. Made numerous bids never any word back. When they went to the $14 unlimited bid per month I tried that. Bid on everything and anything, high and low. Not one response. Now there is a new scammer called 15 to 20 jobs a day emailed to me. Submitted a few bids nothing. One thing I've notice budgets are ridiculously low. A website for a... Read more

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Dish is not what they claim to be. Internet works fine UNTIL there is any wind (sometimes even as as much as a strong breeze), any cloud cover AT ALL, (yes, even white clouds) rain or snow. You might as well just not even bother trying to get online if any of these apply. It's so frustrating, and you get the runaround when you call for help too. You wait on hold forever, and more than half the... Read more

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Digis continues yo yank my chain . my bill kerps going higher every month . Every time I change my plan they do not send me a notice of plan change in addition to the fact that when they bill me they put a total plus other charges. Un heard of !!! A proper professional billing should have ones prior statement with the prior plans ballance than pro rated the amount of the new plans ballance. than... Read more

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How the *** R u to get ahold of someone customer service sucks and then transpher 4times Add comment

I switched to Digis to get better speeds than Century Link but unfortunately that was a huge mistake. When I run a speed test, IF I can even connect to, I regularly get .2-.5mbps. You read that right, point *** two megabits per second, when I pay for ten. It makes playing any game or streaming anything a nightmare. When I call to get help, someone comes in and "adjusts the router"... Read more

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Can't get my refund I've been fooled again by a scam artist. I hope they choke on my money. Son of a *** Add comment

I'm ticked at Digis as well. The internet speeds here are abysmal and usually useless during "prime time", heck any time is bad. We pay for 10 Mbps and barely get 3 much of the day. And, no I won't keep calling Digis every time there is a problem with my internet access. I don't have unlimited cell phone minutes, and it would take multiple calls per day to adequately catalog all of the internet... Read more

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GoDaddy took my site down when I pay for hosting, wed design and google adds. When I questioned them, they said I did not renew my services. I said one is prepaid on one till 2018 and the other till April 2015. Then they said they had to change the IP address. It was to propagate in hours and they failed and never corrected this issue. GoDaddy said they are required to tell me it is propagating,... Read more

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Scammed out of money for a non-working online campaign through a company called: IMPERIUM GLOBAL MANAGEMENT GROUP LLC. Located in Maricopa, AZ, they have only been in business since 09/23/2014. The owners, Gary S. Charlson & Pamela Reaves market a service that so calls "ghosts" websites and brings clients to a landing page. The service is untested and unproven from our personal... Read more

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