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I have had nothing but success with thumbtack. I'm not affiliated with them or anything like that. I will gladly tell you how I have successfully started a business with thumbtack. I will copy and show you every quote and the money I made. Awesome site to use. Add comment

I tried using thumbtack to grow my business. I bought the coins and started submitting quotes with NO return. I submitted over 40 quotes with no return. I got 3 phone numbers from quotes submitted and when i reached out to the potential customers I got a basic voice message abd the mailbox was full. THIS COMPANY AND ITS LEADS ARE BOGUS. DO NOT USE THEM ITS A SCAM!!!!!!!! Read more

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Been with Windstream for over 32 year but when I got internet through them it crashes constantly! Have had two repair men out in the last two weeks and they do nothing to fix it! Have lived in the house for 32 years and the equipment box out by the alley and the underground cable to my house have never been upgraded. I will be right in the middle of doing something important and it crashes... Read more

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I was told by a centurylink salesperson that i got a frer gpad with my internet sign up as a promotion. I was then told that i could trade my 50/month phone bill for a 27/month phone with 1gb data through verizon. I got a seperate bill for 2 lines on verizon on top of my centurylink internet bill and each company keeps referring me to the other while nobody does anything to resolve the issue Add comment

I paid my July bill of 128.83 balance is 0.00,my August bill was 154.93..I paid the bill which ended up be lost in there system I have a confirmation number for which was fine I I pay 170.00 for the misapplied bill bright house lost somewhere ,which brings my balance to a positive $16.00.. Now my sept bill is 309.06 "WHY" THEY APPLIED OVER 3 MONTHS WORTH OF CABLE SERVICE IN ONE... Read more

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If Angies List believe Indiana's anti-discrimination bill is discriminatory, it seems no one should trust their ability to provide an objective review of anything. How can they justify being intolerant of the tolerant. It may be time to cancel my membership to their service. Add comment

I complained and they came and went up the pole and for 2 days actually had the 6mg is should have and now back 2 mg short lived on fix when can you get consistent I call every week or 2 and you put on a Band-Aid and then crummy again! So tired of this and of course never a credit for the horrible service when I pay for faster speeds even rented their router as they said that was the first... Read more

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Every few weeks they have to send a worker to fix the lines. NOT GETTING SERVICE PAID FOR! getting 2.2mb down, .7mb up paying for 15mb down, 2mb up They fix the line it works for a week then degrades, then a few weeks they are out working on the line again..... I'm glad they are trying to fix it. But when the business world come 1's and 0's they hardly ever deliver what they promise. If you... Read more

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I waz looking for a service for my air condition and guess who popped up. I hired GIC Total Air Conditioning and Heating Service 2731 W. Union St., Tampa Fl on 7/22/2014 he indicated to me there was a leak in the coil and he could block it no guaratee it would work and I needed freon. So he gave me a price for the coil. A day later my gargage of flooded with water. I called him he said he... Read more

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Apparently, Optimum has a (Ma Bell-like) policy that there can only be 1 account per household. I'm temporarily (6 mos to 1 year) staying in an apartment that has Optimum internet but the router and wifi are in a remote location so I get dropped. Besides, I want faster service. There is a splitter in the part of the apartment I reside in so all I wanted was my own account with them and my own... Read more

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