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Hello, Thank you for contacting Pissed Consumer Customer Support Team. We are happy that your issue has been resolved. If you would like to remove a posting or comment, you must email or mail Pissed Consumer with a proper notarized letter. Notarized letter must be written according to the sample given in our FAQ (Question 8):... Read more

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They are happy to give you a "free download speed upgrade" to hide their data cap policies and enable you to go over. Imposes unrealistic data caps basing examples of normal usage on emails sent and SD video. The options for increasing the cap are pitiful. $10 per 75GB, but charged regardless of use or an extortion of $10 per 50 GB you are over. All of this to "invest in their infrastructure"... Read more

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I can't get internet but I still don't get internet Add comment

None of the customer service representatives are correctly informed or able to access information across departments. Waiting time is ridiculous and the customer is continuously fobbed off to another representative to yet again repeat the same details adnauseam . I'm astounded at the complete breakdown of any actual functionality when dealing with their most important assets...the customer. This... Read more

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COMCAST your policy is UNFAIR for customers- As a customer I pay charges for the entire month, whether or not I use the services on a particular day I have to pay for the entire month. But when it comes to OUTAGE from comcast, you give credit adjustment equivalent to the duration of outage and not for the entire month!! Why? When you are charging a customer monthly then we expect an uninturpted... Read more

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Suddenlink was quick to get customers promising unlimited internet... Then out of nowhere they put a cap on it.. And the new internet is no faster than the old was so.. It's hey same thing new charges.. And on top of that they drop channels and bring in generic ones to take their place... Your kids like spongebob? Not on suddenlink they don't.... Add comment

I signed up for one search. They wouldn't complete my purchase without trying, over and over, to get me to upgrade and sign on to a longer commitment and pay them much more money. When they had tried for the umpteenth time to get me to sign up to give them more money, I finally got my results and they were inaccurate! It was a reverse telephone # search and the person they identified wasn't... Read more

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Constant disconnects, instability, unusuable net for days. I would drop this pathetic worthless company, AS FAST AS I POSSIBLY COULD, if they were not the sole and only ISP in this area. Yea... the only isp a sole monoply which can do what ever they want charge what ever they want (Why the *** does my /internet/ have a sports programing surcharge when I don't even have cable?)with little recourse... Read more

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I have had nothing but success with thumbtack. I'm not affiliated with them or anything like that. I will gladly tell you how I have successfully started a business with thumbtack. I will copy and show you every quote and the money I made. Awesome site to use. Add comment

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