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Stating: I am verified on my dad's Century link account. My dad's basic internet became delinquent, due to being diagnosed with Aggressive Cancer. On 01/30/2015 (store) & 02/05/2015 (phone) I paid in full, over $400.00. Due to the delinquency, regardless of actual reason, the basic internet was now $63.94 - no longer $29.99 a month. Because of this, the store recommend us to "call" Century... Read more

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I can not put all I want to about this company because you would have to read forever, so I will just give the highlights. I have had FairPoint since Oct 2013 since they are the only internet provider in my area. I was working for a call center from home and needed the internet and by Dec. I had lost my job because of having to miss so much work due to internet not working. Of course I called... Read more

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Service extremely slow drops all the time sabe your money go nack to TWC Add comment

I spen, they hardly credit me anythingt a lot of time and data downloading apps actually, watching videos for swagbucks. I never received the swagbucks credits, and I have to chase after swagbucks to give them to meand I have to chase after swagbucks to give them to me. Then Add comment

The best way to return a modem from CenturyLink is to do Live Chat to get you shipping label sent to you. It is a prepaid label sent by CenturyLink. At the end of the conversation do not close the chat box. Go to Snipping Tool in your accessories on your computer and copy the conversation. Especially make sure you get the RMA # recorded/copied. CenturyLink can track your modem in house by the... Read more

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I cant even get connection in a different room! Add comment

Still not getting anywhere with our signed Exede contract.They are charging us but not giving us the UNLIMITED Internet service we contracted with Exede for.Customer service takes turns telling us what service they gave us!?!? Add comment

In my area, Centurylink offers a program called "Internet Basics", high speed internet for 19.95 a month to people that have Medicaid, Medicare, or Foodstamps. Or apparently they do. I moved into a apartment and needed internet for school work and this service appealed to me because it was affordable. With my first bill I received a letter saying that my application wasn't fully received so I... Read more

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This debt collector called my job over 100 times in one day. so i google the telephone number and it was a youmail account. I have tried to contact youmail about this client, no call. so i am going to post theses fraud telephone numbers on this page 321-541-7153, 630-318-4762 and 615-530-0815 the callers names are Mark, Nathan or Mike. SCAMMERS scammers scammers scammers scammers scammers... Read more

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Swagbucks and the worse. They deleted my account and didn't explain when I was so close to getting giftcards. It's extraordinarily hard to earn Swagbucks because you are never qualified for the surveys, it takes 10 videos to earn 2 Swagbucks and you end up earning like 4 cents a day. Not worth your time. Terrible costumer service as well. Add comment

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