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FELTONS GLASS, JONESBORO GA I am not an Angies list customer thank god I saved my money they have companies that ARE HORRIBLE!!! I just received horrible service and rudeness plus he broke my blinds and comments saying I hope he breaks your glass again. WHAT!! I cannot believe he is on here and he had several complaints! Obviously this is about money not really trying to provide good service to... Add comment

Hi all, Today I went and attended the session at thagavalfree kodambakkam bt i dnt knw whether these people r fake or true cuz they r askin to pay 6500 rupees for server space storage and 500 for registration. Will they correctly pay us the amount ? Are they fake or original ? Please guide me. Add comment

UBELIEVABLY bad service today from TWC. First we were given a package deal we didn't agree with. When we called to protest and have it corrected, we were put on hold indefinitely by one agent, talked over by another (who repeatedly said he couldn't hear us although it was obvious that he could), and connected and reconnected, with voice echoes and "disappointed"-sounding agents. This is the... Read more

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I was with Big Dog Internet for about 2 years. They were GREAT. I had no problems EVER. Since Digis took over, I have to call about once a month to be able to make it through a show on Netflix. My plan as quoted over a dozen times is 3 mbps. I can't get it to go over 1.51 mbps. Today when I called, the representative told me my plan was 1.5 mbps and that I had been misinformed. I told him the... Read more

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We scheduled an appointment for 8-10am for our cable/internet to be hooked up. We are new customers. No one even showed up and when I called to reschedule for the evening (since no one showed up this morning!) they told me no, I'd have to wait. They didn't even apologize for making me 2 hours late to work since I had to be at home to wait on the guy. Along with their terrible customer service,... Read more

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I was an Angie's List subscriber for about one year. Towards the end of my subscription, I used one of their better reviewed pool companies to close my swimming pool. They were not all that great and actually damaged one of the pipe fittings. Then when we were done, the worker told me that they got almost all their referrals through Angie's List and if I gave the company a good review on... Read more

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I called Direct TV to establish new service at my new house and they were great on the phone. I set up everything and she told me that we could bundle in ATT internet and voice and it would cost less than what I'm currently paying. I agreed to that and set up installation for 5 days later. I then received an email from ATT&T that said it would be another 7 days beyond that before they could... Read more

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Brighthouse is not worth the money. The cable box is horrible. None of my recordings will play and this is the third time it's happened. We never ever had this problem with Direct TV. I've heard from a lot of people that Fios by Verizon is way better, so we'll probably go with them in the future Add comment

Oh boy, century link. I swear it makes my computer lag at its incredibly low speeds. We're paying for 10d and 5u and getting a ping of 1800, download of 1.9, and an upload of 0.09. "Reboot your modem. Reboot your device." Theyll send someone to fix your issue after you complain. Who will knock once while you are in the shower, and promptly leave. They get truckloads of " sorry, we missed you"... Read more

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i been terminated my pccw netvigator on may 25,but they still send me a bell almost 541 dollar's.Im so really disappointed about this,they don't give satisfaction to their customer user.I really hate what they r doing now to me.Im always call their hottline no one will answer directly to not feel comfortable now coz i can't contact and to talk directly to the head office regarding Read more

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