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  • 1 hour ago
  • by anonymous
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I've been on hold 1 hour and 27 minutes just to recover my password. No kne has picked uo at all!! Very poor customer service Add comment

False claims. I do not have long distance service on my landlline, yet MCI is added to my bill each month with calls I never made! Help to whom do I make a formal complaint. This is shear thievery. Add comment

Dish is not what they claim to be. Internet works fine UNTIL there is any wind (sometimes even as as much as a strong breeze), any cloud cover AT ALL, (yes, even white clouds) rain or snow. You might as well just not even bother trying to get online if any of these apply. It's so frustrating, and you get the runaround when you call for help too. You wait on hold forever, and more than half the... Read more

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popular shows are a season behind with no archive of previous episodes, just 3 or 4 episodes with no info as to what the season is or the episode. TWC tech tells me to look at the date listed and then do a google search to see what I'm watching. ARE YOU KIDDING!! Their standard line is: We only get what the networks allow us to have. Well good, then you should only charge what your service... Read more

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Digis continues yo yank my chain . my bill kerps going higher every month . Every time I change my plan they do not send me a notice of plan change in addition to the fact that when they bill me they put a total plus other charges. Un heard of !!! A proper professional billing should have ones prior statement with the prior plans ballance than pro rated the amount of the new plans ballance. than... Read more

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I use a yahoo account to keep in touch when I travel. But Yahoo now says "you're not logging in from your usual device (whatever that is, I use many) so they blocked access to my account. So here I am, overseas, and unable to communicate with my family. The username and password security generally works fine, and there are otherways to protect my account from misuse. This literally wouldn't be a... Read more

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  • 1 day ago
  • by anonymous
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How the *** R u to get ahold of someone customer service sucks and then transpher 4times Add comment

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