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I had sent multiple emails trying to cancel over a few months, never could get anyone to answer on the chat window, even letting it sit there for 2 hours. I waited on the phone for almost 3 hours (used speaker phone) and got zero service. I just got off the phone with my bank, I had to cancel my current debit card number and get an entire new one just because of MyFax. Stay away from this... Read more

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Worst experience ever!!! I was told one price & got my 1st bill it was higher then what I was told. I called up there & the lady told me I couldn't get my bill lower but when I told them I was going to cancel They told me My bill was higher because I had a phone line installed which I don't & in order to correct the issue the guy would have to come out and disconnect this imaginary... Read more

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Internet just quits or a few minutes at random intervals I play a lot of mmo and just as I doing well it quits and I have to start over called company and they just run me through the *** tech sheet you know check cables restart routers etc. I have done this several times and cant seem to catch them when its out and they say cant see a problem. If I could have any other internet service were I... Read more

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Placed a service call due to internet and TV being out. After a week of waiting the tech arrived and his solution to the problem was to run an orange cable from my access (usually underground) down the curb for a block and a half to a neighbors access point. This cable has now been in our gutter for over a month... I drive across everytime I leave my drive. I called to ask when it would be... Read more

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All thumbtack Will do is drain your wallet Like my dad said if you can't say nothing good don't say nothing at all. Buyers beware don't be scamed. Add comment


This is a true Comcast nightmare story.. Customer service that is the worst, and then, after 2 months, a bright spot out of all the idiots that work there. 6 weeks ago I received a letter stating I was being upgraded to the new dosc3 whatever and I would get a new voice modem. I thought great! Sent in my request.. this is where the *** with comcast has come very close to junking them and... Read more

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How do I stop videostripe from taking money out of my bank account? I've never heard of them or used their service, I'm severely pissed off, I will be contacting my bank and putting in a fraud complaint! That is taking food out of my kids mouths, I work hard for my money and don't need scamming companies ripping me off, how dare they take money off people and families that need it, how do they... Read more

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I ordered Uverse internet only for 19.95 a month they install a phone too that i did not want. I have now spent 2 months trying to correct this and am still getting overcharged. They continue to over charge me and try to play games with my bill and add additional charges. They tell me I have to call back to speak to someone in the US and just keep calling back until I get someone. Every rep has... Read more

Was this review helpful? 0 0 I was terminated for blocking a sicko I want to be put back on were I was and my pictures are still on there you can look at my conversations nothing wrong Add comment