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Data access should not be metered and capped. I need to watch European tv channels. Unless they provide those channels in their lineup they should not be able to stop you from watching them. Add comment

Why?! Why?! Why?!!!!! I can NOT understand why i had too wait a whole month to get my game and not be able to play the *** thing!! Add comment

I have made numerous calls to both technical support and account support within the last week. Initially, the people on the phone are very nice and willing to help. As we get more into my issues, I get the "We will look into it" answer with a promise of a call back. I never have gotten a return call. The next day I start all over with someone different; same friendly initial contact with no... Read more

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How do you cancel your thumbtack account Add comment

I have ACN internet services, one is high speed internet. Last year we were Videotron customers. Now, now use ACN-branded Videotron internet. Videotron technicians came to make the switch after we bought the service. ACN-branded internet is as good as Videotron because it is Videotron. Ditto would be true for Bell. That's it, but the site needs 100 words, so I repeat.... I have ACN internet... Read more

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Most ignorant and rude call I have recieved as a business owner. I will be reporting this to the better business bureau!!! Several comments from the caller referencing "you people". I still have no clue as to what the sales pitch was supposed to be about and the caller refused to let me speak to a supervisor, instead choosing to call me a few profane words before hanging up the phone. This has... Read more

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Thumbtack is more of a scam than a professional organization, you pay for unknown requests, in 28 requests for professional services, not one actual person contacted my firm. DON'T waste your time or money. If you have given them a credit card or any other form of payment, remove it and find a more profitable way to spend your money. Each time I would receive a request for services they charge... Read more

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I too just fell victim to the AngieScam. I never authorized a renewal and never signed up for auto renewal. They used my PayPal credentials to "send" themselves a subscription renewal payment. No contact to me, and no notification whatsoever! I had to resort to chat to cancel my account and get an immediate refund of the fraudulent transaction. I have opened a case with Paypal so they are aware... Read more

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  • 2 days ago
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Can am spyder advertised and promoted by oodle and i was also misinformed about a google wallet agent in which i was scammed for $3000 . It is a shame that this site promotes this kind of activity this is now my new life mission to stop these *** of the earth Add comment

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