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Worst Internet Service in the globe. A transcript of your conversation will be sent after the chat session is over. You: Statement overcharged Mediacom Chat: Hello, welcome to Mediacom chat. Are you a Mediacom customer? You: Yes.. Mediacom Chat: I will connect you with a live agent who can help you. Please wait. Sent at 8:32:04 AM. Jomar has entered. Jomar: Hi, Gopinath. Welcome to Mediacom Chat.... Read more

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Need more on demand!! Great picture and really everything else. Easy GUI but your on demand sucks. Need more shows! Add comment

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  • ThumbTack
  • 9 hours ago
  • by anonymous
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This company is a scam!!! I sent 10 quotes and gave a way below average quote and NOTHING!!!! SAVE YOUR MONEY ITS A SCAM TO NICKEL AND DIME A NEW BUSINESS WITH NO HOPE IF GETTING CLIENTS !!!! Add comment

I want Comedy Central back. They didn't need to give us Glen Beck's channel either. Add comment


I was ask to switch from landline phone and DSL Internet to u-verse phone and internet kept dropping so I ask to return to land line and DSL because several techs could not get it to work.When tec came to change back he only changed phone .then some one turned off U verse and I had no internet Iknow I have spent about 40hrs.on phone trying to get this fixed. I am 77 have been a customer for over... Read more

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  • Wildblue
  • 19 hours ago
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cannot get ahold of them its message machines message machines no customer service and I just am looking here online to see if they have posted a phone number and no so saw this and wanted to say yes I'm not happy with their service Add comment


Ordered today (10/23/14) a 1 month subscription. Tried to locate a missing family member and got NO useful information. I could have found the information on a Google search. To get additional information they want $19.99. I tried that and did not get anymore information than I already had. So, I called them immediately to cancel and get a refund of my wasted money. They tried to give me... Read more

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I had signed up and paid the initial $22.86 to get a report for a specific person. Did go ahead and keep the service as I had occasion to look up others. Once I knew I didn't really need it I went to see how to cancel - of course you have to call which I kept forgetting to do. Had an issue with my card causing me to have to get a new one and thought that since Checkmate didn't have the new... Read more

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We have had comcast for a year, after 6 months my bill increased by 20 dollars, which wasn't suppose to happen until a year now it's been a year and my sevice now went up an additional 35 dollars. Our service has been *** since about the 6 month period and we have called over and over, they finally had us go pick up a new modem from there office we hooked it up and we now get worse service then... Read more

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iam not a member of just answers.Your charging my credit card . How did you get it . sorry but I don't belong to this service no offense but don't touch my credit card without my permission. From good thing I checked my statement. Please put my money back.You should know who it is. Since you went into my account 7045or 7680. Why do such a thing? or mistook messages don't... Read more

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