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This is my second posting on pissedconsumer about a band of crooks that call their company, a variety of aliases: EXEDE, WILD BLUE, ViaSat. About four months ago, I was sold a bill of phony goods by a phony that goes by the name of MIKE'S TV & INTERNET. They had signs up here in Grove, OK, and they have an office, if you ... Read more

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CenturyLink Try to make it impossible to cancel. I was not happy with the centurylink internet connection I had in seattle. I tried out comcast which did give us a more reliable connection. I called century link to cancel, i was transferred to the "cancellation department", as soon as I mentioned that I would like to cancel my service the line was disconnected. I returned the modem into the... Read more

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  • ThumbTack
  • 5 hours ago
  • by anonymous
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I have submitted 3 quotes and got 0 jobs or responses scam it. Add comment


Repeatedly have disconnected service, internet fails, land line doesn't work, tv doesn't work. Good response from customer services but still no "happy" resolution. Very dissatisfied with this service. The only way I can talk to Brighthouse is by using my cell phone which costs me min., when my land line doesn't work...and of course I am still charged a monthly Brighthouse fee. Infuriating.... Read more

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Suddenlink's internet ussage rules are rediculouse! First they cap me at 250GB per month (I stream most of my content so thats a really low limit) so I raised my limit to 400GB. Now the day before the billing cycle ends they shut down my internet because I got within 40GB of my limit. I HATE Suddenlink. Add comment

This SITE is awesome Where else can people share their concerns? Are there other sites similar to this one! Add comment

Who are these people? Just looked at my bank account and have £30 gone from my account by JUSTANSWER but tbh don't even remember asking them a question on what ever about what ever and how the *** did they get my bank details because I'm really funny who I give them out to. I'm so pissed off and am gonna ring my bank tomorrow and try to get hold of these JUSTANSWER people Add comment

I have recently had an absolutely TERRIBLE experience with this company ( They were great at first. They sent me the questions they wanted answered right away and got the first set of logos to me within a few days. Then the issues started. They did not take into account most of the things I wrote when answering their questions...colors, type of logo etc. I emailed... Read more

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  • Mediacom
  • 10 hours ago
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I am now on my second DVR that does not work. Only had Mediacom for 3 months. Horrible service. Do Not Do bussiness with them. $160.00 for cable i can't watch. Add comment