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I gave Chris Beverly a very good review. Until I got a good look at the front of my house. I called him to get him to come back and recut the tiles at the front of the house. He didn't call back so I called him back. I also wanted a receipt for the work that he did. I got him and he said he would bring me my receipt and trim the roof in the front on Tuesday. It is Thursday night, he called... Read more

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Centurylink billed me billed me 7 dollars a month for being 8 cents short on my bill for 5 months then turned off my service for being behind on my bill. After a total of 120 minutes on the phone I WAS DISCONNECTED TWICE. I had to talk to 3 different departments and still have not totally resolved the issue. HORRIBLE!!! They gave me no notice of turning off my service and I work from... Read more

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Internet service keeps having outages. Currently a part of a tower is out and has to be ordered, shipped, and installed before I have any internet access. Apparently, they dont have the part on hand. Could be up to a week or more for a service call to switch towers. Everything will be working within a few hours or we have no ETA at all. Tech support has given multiple misleading and contradicting... Read more

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When I first moved to Phoenix in June 2015 I was shopping for Internet service. I called Cox and CenturyLink, since these were my only options in the area, and started finding out about the different service levels offered. I settled on CenturyLink as the prices seemed better for the level of service provided. I called and started the account creation process, and told the person on the line... Read more

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I don't need to be anonymous, my name is Morgan Stewart and I had an even worse experience. I have been a loyal customer for 3 years, but when I had to move (only 5 miles away ), I was informed that I had to close my service and open a new one. I paid- in full - my last bill and paid 98$ for their "new" fiber optic modem (which the sales associate was completely ignorant of ) and to my... Read more

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I'm brand new to thumbtack, and was impressed with how quickly I received responses- BUT, when I had not made a choice within 12 hours on one project, I started receiving e-mails from thumbtack saying "out of curtesy to the providers", let us know why you didn't choose one". I've had a stroke, I need to to digest info-and most of the providers didn't give much information up front, so i would... Read more

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I don't need to be anonymous, my name is Morgan and my experience with century link was even worse! I got charged 338$ on my 1st bill after we moved! That's after I paid the bill for previous address (I was told I had to close account even though I only moved 5 miles away ) and paid for the "new" modem up front. Now the "free" landlines costs me 35, the Internet costs twice as much as I paid... Read more

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The accuracy of the information on is completely unreliable. When you try to make a complaint to them they are unsympathetic and rude. My own report says I married someone with a name I could not even pronounce when I was 5 years old. Their answer was that it all has to do with whatever information is made public from 3rd parties. Well they need to find new 3rd parties to do... Read more

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I'm a professional interior designer. I've found Thumbtack's customer to be decent but overall it's a huge waste of money. Particurly for design it's mostly people fishing for free advice and who aren't serious about hiring you. They aren't quality clients- it's people looking for freebies. I'm investing in my own marketing rather than paying to respond to their requests. Add comment

I have tried for ONE month to remove my info from the Whitepages web but have been unable to do so. I have emailed numerous times for assistance but keep getting a "generic" how to remove email message! Your removal page is not working. I have called your 206-973-5100 number which has been suspended temporarily!! What is going on?? Please help me remove my info ASAP! Can anyone please call,... Read more

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