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The free trial was all i got For the onedillar. Then you charged my card fifty dollars. Add comment

I got charged 50 bucks for nothing. Dont sign up fir the free trial. Add comment

I'm *** tired of looking for movies that are not online. Why is it the best selection for anything I think I might wish to watch is only for mail in DVD? My lifestyle is not like my mom and dads. Figure out a way to make it happen to put your entire selection online or I'll remember you as useless when your competitor has done so. I can be very loyal when I'm not getting jerked around. Get on... Read more

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I was a customer of AT&T U-Verse internet for 2 years. I then called to canceled, since I had moved and decided to switch to another ISP. I was given a cancellation date and cancellation order #. 6 months later, I realized that I was still being charged (my account was on auto-pay which is why I had not realized earlier). I am still working with them to resolve the issue, but it is... Read more

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Have not even heard of this company ,they charged my debit card 49.11 , this is unauthorised charge and I'm seeking my money from these individuals, crooks Add comment

The use of the words 'may include' are deceptive. The list of all background information available is very extensive but only a fraction of that information is presented in the available background checks offered to initial potential subscribers. Once signed up, upgrades are offered for nearly every area in the basic report for 'more information'. Information that appeared in the come-on... Read more

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the internet keeps disconnecting and it *** me offfffff so fix what the *** is wrong with ur *** company, i cant seem to get my head around why my dad is still with u *** heads 72$ a month for 3 download and 0.5 upload ffs just fix ur *** now i have to put 100 words so there it goes, *** you, ur ***, ur ugly, ur a virgin, u smell like ***, u are adopted, i fill bad for ur parents, please just... Read more

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Frontier is the slowest internet ever, worst wireless I've ever used. I can't wait to find another service !!! Add comment

This is perhaps the site with the worst user support I've seen in a long time. Validation/confirmation emails are never sent, forums are inaccessible even when you're able to log into them, Administrators do not provide an effective support email, FAQ is useless, links in FAQ are useless, emails are ignored, forum has no help section, there's no Help page, and I could go on with how *** the site... Read more

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They told me 2 years ago that I could get 30 mbps for $34 a month. It was so slow but around 5 months later it got really slow. I called them and they told me I had 10 mbps and the price would increase around $10 more next month. I told them the rep said I would have 30 mbps for 12 months. They then said the only thing they could do was add phone service and instead of $10 more that would be $20... Read more

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