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Was rear ended on highway by one "insured" by Metlife on 8/11/2014. Immediately took vehicle to shop for repair as was not drivable. Submitted a claim and spoke with representative Kezia Hobbs- Jackson(phone number 1-800-854-6011 ext. 5627). After more than 2 weeks(it is 8/28/14) of them "investigating"(which she said could take months even after their insured accepted liability and confirmed... Read more

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Purchased a warranty a year ago. 15 days after my waiting period and the policy was actually active my transmission broke. I thought for sure they would deny the claim being I had only paid in $400 into the policy and I figured there would be some "loophole" in the policy but they actually paid $1800 to have my transmission repaired plus they covered the towing to get it into the dealer. I... Read more

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I have spoke with Robert over the phone about my situations, and The FRAUD REPORTS, that leading from others party. Robert had talks and explains about that everyone, would make mistake, and there was nothing could make up to the points that boths INSURANCE AGREEMENTS THAT WAS THE FALSE PUT UPON ON ME. I'm disagreed to all circumstance, and to all the Facts. Accordingly; in... Read more

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The agency of Debra Morson in Deer Park, NY is not professional at all. The staff are really rude and avoid answering phone calls Add comment

I was speaking to various claim agents trying to get information on my case, everyone is really rude especially Kevin from ten p (?) who just hung up on me when I was asking for more information. State farm really sucks. I am definitely switching. Customer service just goes around and around in circles and no one has their information straight beginning with the agents at the local office, I just... Read more

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I Took My Car to Aamco For Transmission Trouble I HaveThis Company GWC For This Very Reason, Two Weeks Later Still Not Fixed And I Find OutToday ThAt GWC Is Having A Used Transmission Put In aAnd Not A RebuilT ONe. Just AnotherCompany Taking The Cheap Way Out, Not Taking Care Of The Reason They Are In Business To Start With. . Do Not Use This Company, Please Add comment

We insured [GEICO[ a car for our granddaughter well a year later the cars engine blew so now there's no car so we cancel the insurance she does not live with us and she will be getting a car on her own she is now 23 years old. Well me and my wife have a 2014 Equinox and pay 900 a year. Now we found out that GEICO put my granddaughter on our insurance now $2400 a year and telling us they can't... Read more

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I had an auto policy with state farm and payment was set to "auto-pay" from my bank account. I moved to a new city and decided to trade in my car. I called to cancel my STATE FARM auto insurance policy, when I traded in my car. I was assured that the policy will be cancelled. However, my policy was not cancelled and they continued withdrawing money from my bank account. I called them 8 months... Read more

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This insurance sucks... Every time we call they would transfer us to different workers n when we finally spoke to someone n got a quote they kept telling us they were gonna call us back n kept playing phone tag until we summit our payment ..I knew that should of been a sign but we needed insurance at the time desperate then they made us sign up with auto pay the next month bill came stated our... Read more

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I purchased the best warranty this company provides ($3500). I have thousands of miles still left on the warrant plus two years. Turbo fails on my car and blows components in the engine. The warranty says they will pay 2200 and I am stuck paying thousands out of pocket. I still have not seen my rental car. It has been in the shop for one month now. It is not a company to put your faith in. I... Read more

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