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I would like for a supervisor or a manager to call me or e-mail me I been call for a claim they been so rude and disrespectful. I cannot believe they hired agent to be like that...SO UNPROFESSIONAL!!!!!!!! Add comment

Someone hit my car Friday at 3 backed up into Me ,she refuses to make report beywrn police can't make her gave a statement to insurance company can't get to work and they are rude Add comment

Worst experience with a company ever Add comment

2001 VW Passat. I have this warranty and so far. The driver side cv joint went NOT COVERED due to ripped boot, Cam shaft seal went oil leaking everywhere and timing belt due to oil leaking on it NOT COVERED. Timing belt not covered due to oil leaking on it. Every time you ask if an item is covered, they give you a reason why it is not covered. What does this company cover NOT MUCH IF ANYTHING... Read more

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My son's parked car was sitting against the curb at my home on Christmas morning when my next door neighbor's son (insured by Elephant Ins) had an accident with another car causing both vehicles to slam into my son's car. His car was totaled, but Elephant did not tow it off, nor did they get me a rental vehicle - I had to pay for everything. They did contact me one time to tell me they would be... Read more

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I have my insurance through titan. They have very low rates and super happy with the service from my agent Nancy Add comment

I was rear ended a month ago by their insured, who took full responsibility. Was told I would have a check the next day, then would have a check after they got her statement. I called adjuster since he would never call me, was told would have check in mail within 5 days, 2 weeks later no check. He tells me an error processing the check they would have to cancel it which would take 2 days then I... Read more

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I too was a victim of Lobel and their unethical tactics. Bought a car and had payments that lasted two years. I made every single payment on time and had full coverage insurance on it the ENTIRE TIME. Every three months I would receive a letter saying that my insurance company informed them that I had dropped my coverage and they were charging me for insurance. Long story short, I paid the car... Read more

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Our building was hit by a car on 12/20/14. The car was insured by Auto Owners Insurance Company. The automobile damage resulted in significant structural damage and flooding to our building. Most offices and 1/2 of our showroom area sustained damage. 10 weeks later (Today is 2/25/15) Auto Owners Insurance has not made any remedy of the damages. We have made temporary repairs at our own expense... Read more

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As if it wasn't bad enough that GEICO is of very little help to people in extreme distress and blame everything on their customers to have a reason to jack up your rates and deductibles, they now claim that "When things go wrong, you find a scapegoat. It's just what you do!" Well, THIS COMPANY IS GREAT AT THAT FOR SURE! This is what their teaching to our children now on television, while... Read more

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