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Buyer Beware! Totally a rip off company! I have had no tickets or acciednts in 25 years and the minute you put their so called " device" on your car your rates will double! It wasn't 30 days and I received a phone call from them stating I owed them 75 more dollars because my driving record was not the same! BULL ***! And the minute you touch your brakes the think goes off! I am so angry... Read more

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I have Safeway insurance I file the claim with them because I was rear ended they sent out wonder appraisers and the appraiser said that my car would be fixed and now they're saying my car is going to be totaled it cost less to fix my car then to total my car it has been almost a month I just wanted to get on with my life I only had my vehicle for 13 days and I got rear endedI was told to go... Read more

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Shortened version - lower level esurance employees are improperly trained leading to misinformation and costing you money. If they make a mistake, you still pay and they don't take responsibility. See below for full details I spoke to an agent licensed in my state and was given a quote for my premium. I was told that if we paid in full then we would receive a 10% discount. We paid in full that... Read more

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Decided to give this snapshot a chance and I'm now paying for it. Fax documentation from prior insurance proving six months of full insurance and no other driver(single). Advised agent over the phone at that time that I'm single and there's no other operators of my vehicle. Here we are now a week before Christmas and my policy has canceled and can not be fixed. Pleas never ever get progressive.... Read more

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Very simple - I moved insurance to another provider. Detail letters were sent out to my state farm agent stating exact dates of cancellation of polices. Agent messed up, policies got canceled on the wrong dates. This messed up down line folks - my home mortgage company, my car lien company. Ridiculously, to top it all, now Statefarm sent out a bill for me to pay a "difference" for the mess... Read more

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Im not very happy switching from AAA even though it was $30 /month more for the same coverage with USAA (current), i had one claim that was a hit and run with a note,and they totally short changed me(USAA). The other party already was identified and took 100% blame. I dont get it? its not like its your money USAA, i hate cheap suits. i got the lowest amount of 2 of the approved repair facilities,... Read more

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100% FULL

Physical evidence doesn't matter to GEICO
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My F-150, just having completed a left turn, was proceeding along the left lane of 3 lanes when it was struck by a car coming out from the right. The car swerved into the far left lane and hit the truck on the front right. Photographs clearly show that the car struck the truck. The truck's bumper was actually pushed forward. Red paint, on the truck, from the car, shows that the the car was... Read more

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DON'T GO TO FRED LOYA INSURANCE THEY ARE A SCAM.... My car was hit in May 13, 2014 and I reported the accident to fred loya at the time my insurance company and they told me my adjuster was Javier Solis he gave me the run around he never told me anything or called me everytime I talked to him it was because I called to find out what's going on with getting my car fixed he told me it's not fred... Read more

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I was shopping around online, comparing auto insurance quotes in preparation for switching insurers. I went to the Allstate website and requested a quote, determined the price was way higher than I had found elsewhere, and left the webpage. Almost immediately I started getting calls and emails for a sales rep (I won't use the term "agent"), and after I told him that I was happy with the coverage... Read more

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I have been a customer for many years. Nine or ten I believe. I called yesterday the 17 of Dec 2014. I got the rudest representative ever. Please train your reps better. She was condescending and abrupt. Check your records. Add comment

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