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This company has continually taken advantage of the publics lack of know how and screwed up contest after contest and have even been warned by former employees to stay away from this company. Latest is a $1 million rip off of a lady in Oregon. They also have ripped off people in New York Arizona for $1 Million dollars. Myself I was only taken for $500 and was promised some signage and... Read more

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This is concerning an car accident and claim that was opened up in November of 2011. After towing the vehicle to BMW Dallas branch for repair we had to wait for Pronto insurance to send out an appraiser to come look at the vehicle before work could be started and before BMW would issue an rental that I could drive. After it taking a while for the appraiser to come out... he did take note that the... Read more

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Recently I was in an accident where the driver who hit me had Pronto Insurance. It has been 3 months since the accident and there is still no resolution. Every time I call I am put on hold, passed to another rep, or completely ignored. The driver who hit me completely admitted fault at the scene so there is no reason for the delay. I even had a lawyer take over the claim and even her dealings... Read more

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My brother had to go to the ER with a sick stomach and the ER doc told him he had gastritis. But it got him to thinking he needed life insurance. I had an INS policy with Globe so he sent in an application for insurance and was issued a policy. The policy clearly states you are covered from day one implying if anything happens to you your loved ones will be paid what you're insured for. But... Read more

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I was hit by a company vehicle that these idiots insure at 25 weeks pregnant. My car was damaged, and I was unable to sell it because of the damage. This accident happened May 27, 2015.. Finally after months of waiting and calling, the company FINALLY accepts liability, but only after my attorney became involved. On July 28, 2015 I was called and told a check had been issued for my vehicle. Here... Read more

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This complaint is about Delta Dental's refusal to pay a reasonable claim ($1,102) that does follow necessary requirements. In March 2015, I went into the dentist to get a crown put in. I was told there were already so many fillings in the tooth that there was barely any tooth left and a crown was the only option. This was not the first crown I have had done and never had an issue with Delta... Read more

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As My Title says,and I Also started a Facebook Page,,,, Im Going to Lose MY HOUSE,,and Everything,Ive Worked My ENTIRE LIFE FOR, Because Of Combined,Ins,, Look at The Rip Off report,,, Yea,If Its a 50 dollar claim,there super,, But when It Comes to Never Working again,and Ive sent All The Hosp,Paper work in 3 times!!@ 18 Bucks a Clip,, And They LOST THEM,,Amazazing ? They a Donna Miller i... Read more

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Pronto Insurance is by far the worst insurance company we have ever dealt with! Do not do business with this company. We were hit by someone that is covered by Pronto and it was 100% their fault. Pronto did not dispute fault but took OVER 3 weeks to fix our vehicle and now is refusing to cover the full amount of the rental. We have documentation that proves they were the ones the delayed the... Read more

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Contacted me via text message at 3pm by this number: 202-792-0539 The text was littered in grammatical errors and explained that I have been selected to proceed to the next level of the hiring process if I was interested. "Victoria Jones", the hiring recruiter apparently, asked if I had yahoo messenger, to which I replied I did. I was skeptical, as I have never had a hiring manager conduct an... Read more

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I was in a wreck back in April 2,2011 now its August 15,2011 and when I called to see how my claim was doing they said It was "too" expensive to fix the vehicle they gave me original estimate of 1400 to fix it, for a 2000 ford focus custom kameleon pink paint job, with 18' chrome rims. Then they stated they would only pay 1600 for the whole vehicle as is to total it! then their employee called... Read more

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