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You say there's no health questions involved or you only ask three but then you go behind the applicants back and contact everywhere that they have medical files so that makes you a liar and suck company that has false advertising. Add comment

Life insurance on George H. Duff with Globe for many years and now that we need their help, Globe representatives not there to deal with our problem. All we get is "Reinstatement" papers and even though checks sent to reinstate, have not accomplished one thing with Globe. I want a copy of my brother's policy but to no avail. At this point, I want what has been paid into his life insurance... Read more

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I am a new customer 2 months now I wanted to change my payment options went through a lot of work to do so the end result my payment was not accepted and I was told differently on the phone with a human and a month later is when I found out payment was denied I was sent a letter stating I owe $134 I borrow the money to pay and was told that I would have to pay 200 + $50 I have no money accept... Read more

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I cannot wait to get out, telling me they paid bill *** NO they did not now i have collection agency calling me and also a lawyer but they still say they paid it Now I have to get one Add comment

They have not paid bills and tell me they have all of sudden i am getting letters from collection and lawyers, i keep calling them and they say it was paid, we have to get a lawyer for this. WILL GET OUT NEXT YEAR!!!! Add comment

I've been a Regional Sales Director with AmeriPlan for 4 1/2 years. Scam? I think not! Most, if not all of the complaints you may see about not making money are because of that individual's failure to do what was necessary to achieve their goals. I know this first hand as when I started, I didn't do much with it. I didn't get paid much. Finally, when I got serious, I made the money. The... Read more

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November 2014, I had shoulder replacement surgery. The orthopedic surgeon ordered oxygen and related equipment to be delivered to my home. Apria failed to pre-authorize as required by my insurance. I have an EOB stating the patient is not responsible because APRIA didnot pre-authorize. February thru June I attempted to talk to Apria to determine what claim was in fact declined and why. The phone... Read more

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Bad very bad customer services and deal with the customer Add comment

I am a disabled person , I was searching for some part time work from home employment . well I emailed these people , I do remember a woman calling me and briefly telling me about the employment . well I never told her I would take the job I asked her to send me more details about the job .. which she did after reading over the materials I decided I didn't want to proceed further . well I found... Read more

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If you want to waste your money, buy IAS tire, windshield, dent, and ding protection. What you get out of it: fictional peace of mind while sitting in the dealer finance room. "Buy this, and they replace your windshield in case of an accident!" Here's the thing: if the rock hits your windshield, and 30 days later you actually call about the crack that just spread across your glass, you get to... Read more

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