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Fred loya insurance are thieves I get a call in June saying that they are going to drop me from there insurance cause I work out of State and and all this other things so I have till June 30th to get insurance some where else so we do we go to a different company but come July they still go in to my account and charge me so I call them to fix the problem and to make a long story short out of the...

Auto and general, absolute buch of *** men.... Following paying a deposit to insure my car they said they didn't receive my no claim bonus document, 3 times I sent it, 3 emails, then without warning they canceled the policy and blocked my email account from there business. £100 to insure for 14 days absolute disgrace.

This is public record and can be found on the BBB website. My goal is to inform the public of Nationwide's unethical practices. Be careful out there people! Be careful with your response to their questions. Do not consent to a tape recorded interview without a lawyer! I am rejecting this response because: The Nationwide response is a lie. From the beginning, I have been very open and honest about... Read more

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I called GWC and they said that I had to take it to a specific repair place. That place is in the worse part of town, and is only open 9 am- 6 pm Mon-Fri, exact hours that I work. They have no lot parking and the person there told me I could drop my vehicle off and park it on the side street over night, which is unpaved gravel road. NO WAY, I may as well just leave the keys in it and a sign that... Read more

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Geico processed a withdrawal from my financial institution after claiming I was not on auto pay and no payments were being processed or sent to my financial institution. They also charged $534. for one month (no back charges owed). Later that day, Geico processed a payment and sent it to my financial institution. My rent check bounced, so I had ended up having returned check and late fees... Read more

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I was hit by a Geico covered person. I had to obtain a CHP incident report on my own. The report identified the other vehicle was in the wrong and ran into me. I reported the claim on Sunday (7/20/14) at which time I was presented with a claim number and told the other person had already filed a claim. I provided a phone number to call and the name Ron Fegan as the person handling the claim. ... Read more

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Those *** ripped me off and *** up my driving history! I payed full coverage and then was in an collision where the other driver was at fault. The other driver failed to yeld as I was coming down the street. California vehicle code stated they were at fault an I had a witness, they never talked to the witness and sided with the other driver and accused me of being 75% at fault. On top of that...

I had infinity insurance for over 20 year's I had a Accident ! In 2012 they took too long in Helping ! Me the adjuster ! Did not do his work! Did not even ! Care about Me! What I was going Threw! But There! Was One Man That! Went out ! Of his Way for Me! MR Tony Smarrelli That is Who? Thank you it's Not ? The insurance ! It's The People! Thank You! Mr Smarrelli !

Today I received a letter from Economical. I had one late payment which I contacted an agent because my agent never responds to my calls. I explained I had been laid off and will have funds a few days late. She said it will be ok since I have never defaulted. But now they decided to cancel. What's the point of having agents. So frustrated now have to try to get in contact with my no good agent.