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A car come hit me from the back when I was on red light and they denied to pay for my car damage,, they say was my fault. Thief's they take your monthly payment but will never take responsibility. Add comment


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I was involved in a car accident on September 24th 2014 in which the who i had hit was uninsured and driving when he took off from the scene of the accident he got out of his vehicle and commented he did not have insurance and that he was going back to jail, he took off when i called 9-1-1 and reported the accident. fire n rescue along with the Colorado springs police department came well i was... Read more

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First off, NEVER purchase a battery from AAA. If you ever have issues with it, you'll run into a nightmare to get it taken care of. Just get the car jumped and go to a reputable mechanic. At AAA, we don't care if your a Basic, PlusRV, or Premiere mbr. Other than getting a little more for your mbrship (paid fuel, longer tow miles, etc) doesn't mean you should be getting your service faster because... Read more

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Plagued by Bad Faith, bureaucracy, feet dragging, Litigation, poor claims service, irregular business practices, discrimination, skewing the facts from consumers, Officers of Company are involved with a very poor delivery system and taking consumer for granted. Claim not resolved after 6 months Promises made not kept Poor customer Service Claims People arrogant and rudeStill waiting for Rental... Read more

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On 07/28/2012 I obtained insurance with Encompass for Auto, first year was High but within the realm of other companies. Second year came to renew and my insurance jumoed $700.00. I was agast called Encompass to ask why ( no claims within the first year ) they said because I was single (51yrs old) with no dependents I was in a higher range for insurance. Live near detroit city limits a mile away,... Read more

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I have had State Farm for approximately 1 year now. I recently had a cracked havewindshield and wanted to get it replaced per factory specifications. State Farm attempted to get me to take my vehicle to underqualified glass repair shop. The shop was not even aware of the necessary parts required to fix the windshield or the correct procedure to do so. I brought this to the attention of my agent... Read more

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Our car got totaled by another encompass insured, their fault. Got totally screwed on value of car, because they use a very unreliable third party value estimating company. Other parties adjuster very shady, lied, disrespectful, the list goes on. My adjuster did basically nothing to help me, I had to do everything. Still fighting on medical side after a year. They don't want to pay for wifes time... Read more

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I work in the customer service field and also a claim holder with geico. I spoke with the most rude adjuster who just wanted to get me off the phone and not help. I was caught off guard by how this women spoke to me. Her name was Laura and only have a phone number for her 5164965376 Add comment


Car Insurance dilemma. Do they really help or they make you feel HELPLESS VICTIM! I was involved in a car accident on Oct 1 2014 Wednesday. It was a beautiful day until I had the accident then endless phone calls, nerve racking conversations with both my insurance and the other party`s insurance. It even caused multiple arguments between me and my husband. Here is my story; I parked on Kippling... Read more

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I was involved in an accident, in a parking lot. I pulled out and about to go forward but I saw a BMW coming toward, so I honked but the other driver kept coming and hit my car, (his bumper to side of my car). The kid in the BMW was distracted by several girls in the parking lot (he admitted he was not paying attention) and didn’t hear me honking. I called my insurance and everything worked out... Read more

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