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How do they do business, no one works in office, no one answers phone, nor returns calls. Add comment

I was contacted via email and text, this company never called me on the phone which was a worry for me first hand, then someone started to text me though Google hangout and proceeded with the fake interview at the end of the interview they acted as if they had to contact there fake HR department to tell if I was hired then they aaked for all my bank info and my passwords and security questions,... Read more

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I am a current owner of a Pronto Insurance Franchise, let me be the first to say these people are by far as unprofessional as it gets. I hate talking to Sidney the "Franchise Director" every call for help to him turns into a blame game... When I ask for advice on how to increase my sales his response is "you haven't been following the model" ... Their "model" is very outdated... Not to mention... Read more

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US Health Group is a HUGE ripoff. They make their policy sound great at an affordable price. This is not the case. They cover nothing. For instance if you have to go to the hospital, they will not cover any professional services ie the doctors and any tests and only part of the room. If you have outpatient surgery only part of a surgeons fee is covered, but not any anesthesia or anesthesia... Read more

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I was contacted by Victoria Jones regarding job position. All a scam Add comment

Ac out in July in ga. 93 degree heat reported it 6 days later with a two year old had the unit replaced out of pocket @ $4100 and State Farm only paid $643 saying the outside unit was the only thing that had to be replaced....mind u they never sent anyone out to survey damage or give any guidance on issue. THANKS STATE FARM! After 26 years of giving you my money I will be saying GOOD BYE! I did... Read more

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I just recieved a notice of a 60 percent increse on my Genworth Policy Due Nov.2015 Add comment

pleas stay away from this company{shouldnt call company sorry} horrible customer service higher rates thief company if any body looking to buy insurance pleas stay away from this company this company is not recommended at all they been charging my credit card over and over and over when i find out i was gonna cancel it they said i have to pay canceletion fee if not they are gonna send it... Read more

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I got notified earlier this year. I have now had to send in proof 3 times that I am no longer covered by an old insurance because they say they are not receiving them. These papers that are being lost have my personal information on them! It's so frustrating having to call these people. We are being forced to have this health care, and then they can't even file a paper correctly? Add comment

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