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I have been an insured driver for 46 years with no accidents or insurance claims. I backed into my daughters Honda in our driveway, by accident. I immediately called Geico to report it and file a claim. I was advised that they would not cover either vehicle because my daughter and I shared the same residence. He also eluded that I intentionally hit my daughters car to cause damage to "our... Read more

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This summer, they jacked my insurance up by $400 right after a glass-only claim I made. I have a perfect driving record! I found another company that charged 40% less than Encompass. After I switched, I got a "bill" saying do you have new insurance, if not pay $97. I was in the process of disputing it because I obviously got new insurance right away. Then they sent me to a collections agency... Read more

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OK, GEICO SUCKS...PLEASE SHARE - this post is PUBLIC!! - I'm HAPPY to let you all know my experience with GEICO today. What a terrible way to do business. I pay my premium back on 10-23-2014 by check, by mail, as I've done for years. I call them today to ask about new insurance because I'm getting a new truck this weekend. They let me know my policy cancelled FIVE days ago. They claim the check... Read more

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Never go with Geico if you have someone in the household who's an adult who doesn't drive or has a suspension on their license. Even when I informed them over and over again to not include her onto my insurance they did it anyway. Way to go Geico, you've created your worst enemy and I will bad mouth your company for the rest of my life. Anyway my insurance got canceled, car gets into an accident,... Read more

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I applied for employment with State Farm and proceeded through the process. I took the testing and did the typing test, which is part 5 of State Farm's testing battery. The results of this were received and I was never given the materials to retest. Both Betty P. Lee and Jennifer DeNonCourt from HR assured me they would send me a new e-mail with credentials that would allow me to take the... Read more

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My vehicle hit a large metal object in roadway 10/22/14. Called IAS, received ref. #, took vehicle to dealership. manager spent app. 45 min. on phone with IAS, received all instructions; owner, ref. #, mileage, description of damage, tread depth, cost of repair, invoice #, photos of tire, mother's maiden name, blah, blah, blah. Work was approved, tire replaced, I paid $219.45. After several... Read more

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Again, I am not surprised by all of this as I too just recently called my State Farm claim Representive to express my total disgust over a situation that has allowed to go on now for over 7 weeks with absolute NO FORWARD movement (A buzzed/ impared 20 yr old female driver of theirs IMHO not only hit my car WHILE I WAS DRIVING IT DOWN A HIGHWAY but also it took me 2 highway exits to GET HER ***... Read more

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My wife was sitting at a stop light and was slammed into by another car going at least 55 MPH. My wife’s car was totaled. My insurance gave us an estimated value of 11K within 2 days of the accident. It took State Farm 11 days to come up with a figure of 8.8K, and now they refuse to pay for a rental. I have asked repeatedly for State Farm to show me three quotes for a like vehicle, (my wife’s... Read more

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What has happened to State Farm in the past 40 years? Used to be if you had a claim...your agent was on it the same day or the next and the adjuster was there within 24 hours following the agent. Now to serve you better they have a "team" to review your claim. The only thing this team does is to find ways to cheat you out of the money they owe you! Personal treatment...that's a joke! Like most... Read more

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My husband and child were in a car accident 9/30/2014. The airbags deployed and our car was totaled. The accident report puts an Allstate policy holder at fault and was even ticketed by Austin TX police for "failure to yield to oncoming traffic". Witnesses on the scene even gave statements confirming the other party was at fault. My husband gave his statement to Allstate just hours after the... Read more

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