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Carpet was installed in the upstairs of my home a year ago. Not long after (maybe 6-8months) that the problems started happening. You can see all the seems in the doorways and closet openings, the hallway is rippling and becoming a trip hazard. The carpet on the stairs is pulling up and there are bubbles in the carpet in the bedrooms. Also in the master bedroom there is a hard spot on the carpet... Read more

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First, I saw a Rep. at our Home Show and spoke about Puronics and it sounded really good. When I called to find out some answers with customer service, the person didn't know and that I need to talk to the rep when they come out. As of today, I found out Puronics sales people are very deceptive. The local Puronics guy just left and was very nice at first. He started doing his "water testing" with... Read more

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I gave American Exteriors a chance and changed out three windows in our master bedroom. It's the coldest room in the house during winter, hottest in summer. If I was going to notice a difference it would be here. When the bay windows were replaced the installers put our main sliding window in backwards. So instead of opening left to right like all other windows in the house (and the neighbors... Read more

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These are the most unprofessional people I've dealt with. My elderly friend has trouble with the windows they installed. They won't answer their phone. there isn't even an answering machine, so we can leave a message. They came to her house once, with the wrong windows. that's the last shes heard from them. we got a hang up call that we star 66 th. It was windows world. Unbelievable. what a shim... Read more

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They clearly did not know what they were doing. Some of the windows sag in the middle. they smeared caulking all over the brick. Here we are a year later and our windows are still not finished. They tracked in caulking all over our caulking. They tried to install and caulk the windows in the rain. They told us the window caulking would never dry. Dust collect in the caulking and you cannot... Read more

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Replaced all windows and sliding glass door in 2012. Have a lifetime warranty and called yesterday about a window that won't stay up. Customer service/ secretary told me to go online and fix it myself! After I explained I didn't have time to do that and that ww should honor their warranty- she hung up on me. I called back and she put the voice mail on. Left a message and still no reply 2 days... Read more

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I am screwed..! Bad quality..bad customer money wasted. Oh yeah...G.T. in our state went out of business. Screwed every which way. Add comment

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When I had bought the house a couple months ago I noticed that water was overshooting the gutters. At that time Gutter Helmet was already on the house. I had put in a request into looking for contractors to fix the issues we were having. I was quickly contacted by LeafFilter. Even though we were not interested in another leaf guard type of product, we listened to what they had to... Read more

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In response to: Tragedy of Errors

Hi, thank you for letting us know about your experience. We’d like to learn more about this situation. Please email us at with more information, so that we can contact your local office and work to resolve these issues. Thanks, again. Read more

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This is the second incident with our local Lowes in PA. This time it concerned two inside doors and two storm doors. It took close to five weeks for delivery because they were a special order. When the doors arrived at Lowes we had to delay installation for two weeks because of a sewer pipe out front. When the new date arrived for the doors to be installed, the installers found the dimensions to... Read more

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