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Our Homeowner's Association REQUIRES that we use Window World, and REQUIRED that ALL homeowners MUST replace ALL windows in their units. When I called to schedule an appointment about window replacement, I was told someone could just drive by, look at the windows from the outside, and send me the price cost. There is no way to tell if my unit has 2 or 3 bedrooms by driving by the front of the... Read more

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  • #573481 and specifically Dublin, CA Lowes -both a nightmare to work with. Don't waste your time. Go elsewhere. Add comment

These people are all crooks. The owner Gary is a complete ***! He's a liar and you would be better off going to Sears and picking up your appliance yourself then having one of his guys deliver and install it for you. Half of the drivers are on drugs, I know this for a fact because I know several of the drivers personally. Pills, marijuana, cocaine you name it!! I have not only witnessed it first... Read more

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I ordered washer and dryer to be delivered. Delivery morons damaged the dryer unloading it. I was told they could not leave it. I also was don't they didn't know when a replacement could be delivered. I then asked for a number to call and at first refused to give it to me. Saying they can't wait. In the mean time they took my old dryer and left. The lady who answered had a I don't care attitude... Read more

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Two (I'm guessing) pickup laborers showed up with my Microwave bought from Home Depot. They were subcontracted from Premier Product Management Inc (PPMI) and were the most incompetent jerks I have ever had in my home. They started by opening three cabinets and literally throwing the contents all over my countertops. They then proceeded to drill a couple of holes in the top cabinets (in the... Read more

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My husband (a vet) doesn't get veteran discounts at lowes even though his drivers license show vet on it. He was told he had to have a or carry his dd214. How many vets carry around their DD214? His license should be enough to confirm hes a vet. The cashier told him he must have a dd214 to get a discount. I wrote their customer service and never received a answer. I just think its ridiculous... Read more

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Never go to Home Depot for your kitchen Refacing Project!!! It has been four months and we still aren't done with this kitchen. They will not refund your money and they are way over priced!!! We had one problem after another with this process. They send in people to install that have no business even in your home let alone trying to install your kitchen. They cut the wire inside my wall to my... Read more

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? get a cheap material. We had Luna come and put in laminate flooring in our dining room. First the installers said that the salesman did not put provide for the tile floor removal. This cost us an additional $375. They did a nice job installing.but a few days later we noticed that the finish on the flooring was inconsistent, dull in the center and glossy on the outside. Luna sent a rep... Read more

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