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Purchased just about everything for the house, paid at least $20000, installer won't come, Lowe's promised they will make it happens. Still nothing done, very hard to get refund. Please think more than twice before you have Lowe's to your home improvement project. Add comment


Thank you for your prior reviews. Put my name in a raffle and Won "$1000 towards bath" but when scheduling the apt for the sale rep to come out the pressure started. Will your husband be there? We have to have both of you there! Why would you need my husband here I asked? That's just our stranded. So you can take advantage of what we offer. It cost us money and time to come out and we don't... Read more

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My 2yr old unit froze again after 3x already just this year. We were told there was a leak, so of course we wanted to fix it. I have a Rheem unit & the supplier is just a few miles down the street from here. I called at 7am & didn't receive a return phone call until 11am, so much for emergency service. The first visit I was told I'd get a call between 830am to 9am the following morning, I... Read more

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I recently purchased carpet for my home for Lowe's, which included installation. I didn't realize it, but they contract out such work to people who in turn contract with other people to do the work. Lowe's says they require background checks on everyone they send into your house, but in my case that wasn't true. Two men showed up and I immediately recognized the signs that one was a substance... Read more

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Lows is the worse place to buy they have horrible service. Our fridge it's been braking all the time this is the 5th time in 2 years. They send someone to foxy it and then they cancel so I have to throw all my food away I have a bug family w 3 kids and this is *** ***. If this happen to them they will fix the problem right away they don't care about their costumes only when u show at the store to... Read more

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My wife and I went to our cities annual art fair. At the event we stopped by a booth which was showing Gutter Protection. The lady at the display suggested that we fill out a card to get a "FREE NO COST & NO OBLIGATION ESTIMATE". Too day's later we were called by: LEAF FILTER for our estimate. The Salesperson was only 48 hours late, and was very,very, HIGH PRESSURE!!. He was extremely unhappy... Read more

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The sales process was down pat, this is a sales company only. the follow up and the customer service sucks!!! The installer didn't even have a broom or a vac to clean the floor before the pad when down. new carpet and pad on a dirty floor. I guess this is cost cutting. carpet was poorly installed. Have been calling for two week to try to get a invoice mailed or emailed to me. Good luck, just a... Read more

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Lemon Lemon Lemon that is what you sold me. I purchased a refrigerator and after 4 months quit working and now it has been 5 weeks and I and they have deemed it in repairable I do not want another Haier refrigerator it is a piece of junk I am notifying the news company to let them know that Lowrs does not stand behind the products they sell. Thanks got selling me a lemon and then not doing... Read more

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Our Exotic Fusion Mountain Elm, Bali Heritage Armstrong flooring was discontinued one year after we had it installed. Claimed that style changed. Our floor scratched from simply walking. The weight of people sitting in kitchen chairs actually caused the flooring to dent and collapse. When we reported the issue, same story, Armstrong paid lip service, came out and checked the floors, took... Read more

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I called 2 Connecticut Leaf Gaurd numbers for an estimate and 1) found out they were the same branches and 2) was basically told to *** off and that they wouldn't give me a quote unless someone was home to meet with them for their estimate.. I am a single dad with a crazy schedule and the house I need gutters on is 45 minutes from where I actually live... I know the dimension s, and what I need... Read more

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