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The installers stole everything that they could get their hands on including a bunch of camera equipment. Equipment that I make part of my living with. I have complaints about the workmanship and broken plumbing that they acted as if they had nothing to do with but it pales when compared with stealing. All you can do is to have security people watching when they come into your house and then... Read more

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Various non-English speaking workers came into my house for about ten days to do the upstairs carpeting and the downstairs flooring. There was no consistency to the workers; they created and left huge messes; they broke things. But the worst of all was the quality of the work. Sections of the carpet have already been relaid, and the entire downstairs floor needs to be replaced because the workers... Read more

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Run run run don't do it to yourself these people don't know what they are doing they have no professional skills set they don't care about there customer and what they want they promise to be on time and instead are always late and leave late poor attitude and pure laziness some employees are better at being profressional but who they send to represent them is pitiful you should pay your... Read more

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I am a recent Tampa customer and I have to say I'm so disappointed and disgusted with their installer and installation the installer was very unprofessional, disoriented, unfocused, and the installer seemed out of the ordinary he was jumpy and seemed as if he was on something he was persistently sweaty and his vocabulary was slurred It's very upsetting that you have people like this representing... Read more

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Air Around the Clock provided me with great service and they had my unit up and running within 2 hours of my call,great company I will ne telling my friends and family about my great experience Add comment

Read for yourself and decide if you would ever give this company money or invite them into your home:We purchased 5 windows and 1 sliding door on 11/19/14 for $3482. Installation was in 1/15, and we were charged $950 in labor. On 5/9, after the first heavy rainfall, we first noticed water leaking from the bottom corners of 2 windows. Water flowed down the wall, pooled in the ceiling downstairs... Read more

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One of my customers purchased a big deal incorrectly. They called me and I informed them that it was not the correct product for them. Upon contacting Angie's List they were told a credit would not be issued and it was on the service provider to provide the service. Even though it would cost the provider a $1000 to provide the service the customer wanted. They held their customers money hostage... Read more

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First a contract that was supposed to be done in two stages was changed to costing over $3,000 more when it was time to complete the second stage. Then they miscalculated the square footage and cubic square footage of my house by over 300 feet and have installed units that they say are working properly, but my house can not get lower than 75 degrees when it is 88 degrees outside. The only time... Read more

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Does not stand behind products it sells bought a riding lawn mower less than 3 mos ago has already broke and cannot get anyone from Lowes store or corporate HQ to step up to plate and get it fixed Add comment

Sales person came out for the presentation, said it would take 2 days and also had it in writing. Place the order May 1,2015 and was told they would call when materials came in. Did not hear from them after calling several times until the week of the fourth of July. When someone finally came to do the work, two days turned weeks. Until today's date 07-30-2015 no one finished the work and also... Read more

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