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I had a guy from this company come into my home today to give me a quote who was very unprofessional he was not dressed to represent this company his phone kept ringing during his presentation and instead of muting his ringer before entering into my home. What was more disturbing was that he excused himself to take a personal call. He was so rude couldn't answer my questions with a more... Read more

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REAL UNHAPPY CUSTOMER.Smiling salesman says "how much do you want to pay?" No sale price. Making calls to supervisor like a used car salesman. Wanted cash at install when contract did not say that. Put manufactured flooring on wet floor, which is why I wanted carpet replaced. promised twice to repair after defect showed with in days of install. first time forgot glue, second time did not have... Read more

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Poor service received from Lowes in Norton VA during a remodeling project this year on our house concerning supplies, Pella windows, and reliabilt doors. We started the project in may and now it is Oct.and we are still waiting on doors and windows to be fixed since they were damaged when they arrived from company. Lowes has no competition in this area and they don't care how the customer is... Read more

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100% FULL

Carpet One - False advertising of 100 percent satisfaction guarantee if your not happy they will replace
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We were greeted by Chan the rep from carpet one at the flea market. His product of flooring was suppose to be the best ever. We asked if the it would actually not get indentations from furniture and he assured us it would come right out and if need be a blow dryer would bring it back to normal. He even came to our home and never told us that our furniture was too heavy. He had us spend 7500.00.... Read more

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We need to install laminate for our house. We made an appointment for measurements with the measure guy. He did not show up. When I called him, he said he forgot. Alright, so he came about a week later. So a week was delayed from getting quote from Lowes. The measure guy said we would get the quote from Lowes the other day, at least in no more than two days. We did not get any calls in the... Read more

Was this review helpful? 0 0 is a huge disappointment and they are at least a decade behind the US lowes. Customer service is limited to information, no one know what is going on with online orders, online inventory is horrible. 3 times i ordered something and it went through, i paid, to find out the next day that they dont have the item.....NO MORE LOWES.CA aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa... Read more

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For months I have taken my dog on a leash to lowes. Last week I saw a sign that lowes no longer welcomes my dog starting on October 1 2015. She is very well behaved and causes no problems. This is the lowes in tomball texas on FM 2920. Lowes no longer gets my business. My dog is ALWAYS welcome at Home Depot!! Read more

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Paid Carlton Pools contractors to conduct some renovations on my pool before I close it for the winter. I was charged 9,890 for new filtration system installation as well as a new pool surface. The project was complete on time, after I had paid it all in full. The technicians were courteous to my yard and seemed to know what they were doing. After they left, there was a black mark that showed up... Read more

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Would not honer another stores price after the first store sent me an hour away topick up a item they didnt have. Then told me they wouldn't through us a bone even after it was for a local firehouse. *** LOWES Add comment

A voice recording called and left a message saying they were delivering my stove. Thats it. No date or time. WTH? LOL Add comment

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