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Shopped at lowes for over 18 yrs. Have spent thousands of dollar just in the last yr for re modeling house. Tonight I was stopped by cashier before I went out door with my receipt in my hand and my bag and was asked if I had paid for merchandise. Very unprofessional and should be illegal to treat paying customers this way. This happened at Fayetteville ar zion st location. Home Depot will be... Read more

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After seeing a Generac ad on TV, I called Generac . They referred me to a dealer who is almost 100 miles away. In home acessment was done, but rep but could not answer major questions, and knew absolutely nothing about LP hookup. Handed off to another person in company who resolved some issues over the phone, then suddenly sent me an email saying he could no longer help me. Called a second dealer... Read more

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I signed a contract with 50 Floors Dallas branch. Installers were due to be here between 8-11 am, during my kids spring break. At 11:30, I called the company as no one had showed up. Customer Service told me they were running a little late and would be here about 12:30. At 1 pm, I called customer service, again as they had not showed up. Customer service could not give me a time frame. At 4... Read more

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Don't install these over anything but garden space and bushes. These covers create a steady dripline, worse at each seam--a drip problem not experienced by our plain gutters before--that has eroded concrete in a perfect line under the edge of the gutter and destroyed ten years' worth of paint on a deck (again, in a perfect line under the gutter). As the Gutter Dome installer left, he jauntily... Read more

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In March4, 2015 a sales consultant came to my home and gave us a Quoted price on a Haven Premier Tub/Shower combo. After our initial down payment he quoted us a monthly price we were comfortable with. He instructed us that the paperwork would come in about 3 business days. We did not receive any paperwork at all. I called Premier Tubs to ask about the paperwork and when I would get it. They gave... Read more

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We were sold the toxic Chinese flooring and they won't offer any guidance to getting the floor chemically tested and they have refused to help us in anyway. Store manager Manny and the other employees don't care about the health of their customers even though the asst manager admitted to me that he Would NOT install one of their floors in his own home nor endanger any children with the toxic... Read more

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Company sales reps sell to durability of product which fails, then blame the consumer. Best offer is to cover material but the customer pays for labor of over $700. This is a Luv your floor guarantee? Guaranteed to fail short of product promise & drain your wallet that is. It's a gimmick company that does not stand behind their product. I have seaming, warping on a floor installed less than... Read more

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Well we arrived & it was good service but we looked for a bell to call for help & we couldn't seem to find it so we waited about 30 minutes until we found a worker & this worker was busy with someone else someone else..So waited another 30 minutes .very unstaffed store.then when he loaded our toilet in our Tahoe it knocked the light so now the lights are messed up in the back on our... Read more

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We had two bathroom vanities done (one vanity transformed and one brand new) and toilets replaced. We thought they did a great job. Only one problem with one of the sinks which cracked, but they fixed the problem. Also, the new vanity is a little high, and I jokingly tell my husband, who uses it, that it looks like an altar. But, it's very nice, otherwise and the drawers and granite are... Read more

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