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arrived at westgate resort on the 22 june2014 brought a time share on the 24 june2014 cancel the time share on the 26 of june2014. i asked the person that i spoke too. that they have send me to see, that handle the paper work. i told him the issue i had because of my job hours was cut down, and now i canot afford the property. he said okay it will be cancel give me a call on the 20th of july2014.... Read more

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SCAM.......Buyer beware. They didn't get us to purchase because we asked several questions that they kept avoiding to answer. They kept saying it was free but how when u wanted a down payment of 7000.00 and monthly payments. We kept asking about maintenance fees they avoided. We was just to smart for them and they didn't like it. This was our first time doing this and we told them we wanted... Read more

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I had a room for 4 days an need to stay 2more days would not give to me for the bidprice and they say I could extend my days had to stay for a funeral Add comment

Went to Mayan palace in cancun May 2013. Did not want to purchase a timeshare but, as you all know, they focus on the promise of renting the suites out through a company so you get reimbursed. Sounded too good to be true and we called them out on it but they reassured us it was certain and recommended us an agent in Global Golf Connections. The entire presentation was based on renting out the... Read more

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My reservation for the shore hotel in Santa Monica was cancelled by them the week before I arrived. I had prepaid the entire amount. All attempts to contact them (over 50) by phone and email were unsuccessful. There is no direct way to contact them as you CAN ONLY leave a message. I paid them over $1800. Complete scam! Add comment

Contacted hotel whom told me I could cancel up to 24 hours in advance. Attempted to cancel one week in advance due to illness and was told that hotel would not issue refund. Inquired as to how charge would be displayed on my credit card statement and was told that it would be displayed as Priceline. They would not allow a change of dates or a future reservation. I spoke to three different... Read more

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I was lied to upon buying this the man who sold me my " Presidential" was fired for doing coke in the parking lot a few weeks later he lied to my now I am in debt and they are ruining my credit score!! Oh and by the way I've been paying for 3 years and can't even book a vacation any resort I ask to go to is a waiting list of 6 months and they never call back! I asked to sell my unit back... Read more

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Silverleaf. The destroyer of all that is sane and normal. Bonus time with a Presidential Unit and a Red week unit in Hill Country should be an easy task for the reservation staff to handle. Right? No. C and D students need jobs too and Silverleaf hires more than their fair share. Further, the check in staff in Galveston doesn't quite grasp the American Handicap Association requirements. ... Read more

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Went to Calypso Cay on a discounted trip to do tour of resort, and was promised free Disney tickets to come down. Cam down one weekend, but resort would not give me Disney tickets until after 90 minute tour, which I tried to register for right away. I was told there was not a tour until the following weekend and that I would not get tickets until after that. This was when we were flying home. ... Read more

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I was misled to believe I was actually talking with the hotel counter itself. I booked 2 rooms for a conference at the hotel. I had been informed by the conference host that a special rate was available. RC said no special rate. I was charged immediately for both rooms a full month before my conference. After I checked out of hotel I found out there was indeed a special rate. I have now... Read more

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