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Strongly recommend to stay away from this place. I was in Yosemite national park and my hotel was booked in Lee Vining (East side entrance). Unfortunately fire caught up in Yosemite mountains and tioga road was closed (120 east) and i was not able to go the east side to stay in my booked hotel. I moved out of Yosemite from west side entrance and tried my luck to get a reservation in Merced city.... Read more

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On a Walt Disney bus right now and it is beyond freezing! The windows are soaking wet from the refrigeration. It feels like a meat locker. This is so uncomfortable. It seems that the bus drivers that are so over weight, are the ones that make the temperature unbearable. Please regulate the temperatures on the buses. Add comment

I was ripped off for a lot more money only to find out 2 years later I could only use my week every 3 years! Add comment

I am currently an owner and was personally invited to do an owner update tour. I did not have my husband with me and they refused to tour me because I am currently divorce. Please note i told them prior to the tour that he wasnt with me and they did not compensate me for my time. PISSED Add comment

I forgot .. I have been to a lot of casinos all over the world. Harrahs has the worst poker room and management. Add comment

My friends invited me to play at harrahs. I'm a poker player and to my dismay it took them 2 hours to finally called me. Why? Because before they called me I noticed that name after names are being added on top of my name on the waiting list. And the humongous fat poker supervisor said they are diamond star or something. They have the right. That's the casino rule for all casinos owned by... Add comment

We booked 2 rooms for 2 nights online through Within 2 hours we found out we would not be staying the second night. We pulled up the email conformation and connected to the number to call. I talked to a woman that told me we could not cancel our second night without being charged a 1 night fee. According to the fine reading it states, "you can cancel 24 hours in advance."... Read more

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We booked 3 nights at Comfort Inn in Petoskey. When we walked in the hallway was dark and smelled. The carpets were buckled and not an inviting color, maybe that's why the lack of lighting, keeping it dark distracts you from noticing the dingy walls and floors,yuck. It just make me walk faster. the doors could use a coat of paint. When we opened the door to our room is was like a the room had... Read more

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Lynda Melvoin is a great person and helps everyone! If anybody really buys the timeshare they need to understand what they are purchasing and what kind of 60 or 90 minutes sales presentation there going to you are all adults grow up you don't have to buy anything quit attacking the sales people and for the sales agents and exemployees that writing this *** we will come after you as far as... Read more

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I booked two nights on by mistake and figured that I could just call them and have them cancel the request and only book for one night. I called them and they told me that thwy couldn't do anything because their "policy" said they are not allowed to do that. I asked if I could just get a voucher then so I would still be charged but stay a different night? No that would change the agreement... Read more

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