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  • 11 hours ago
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The wait times for a simple test are horrible, we had to wait for more than an hour with our infant child just to get his blood taken Add comment


The following is the letter I sent to APRIA...I have been a customer of yours for over ten years. Up until this last year, I was a happy camper. I don't know what has happened to you over the last six months, but your systems for reorder of recurring supplies are in disarray and your staff appear to be untrained or uninformed about how to handle the new procedures. They are unwilling or unable to... Read more

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Philadelphia, PA. I have waited MONTHS to get my 5 year old daughter a walker that I still have not received. I have made at least 25 calls regarding its status and NOT ONE PERSON takes responsibility for following up or following through. I was told after MONTHS of waiting that the insurance approval process was done incorrectly and could NOT be redone...I would have to sign a contract saying I... Read more

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All i can say is that had i known prior to having abdominal surgery that afterwards all i would receive for pain management was low dosages of Tramadol, i would have chosen another facility. Add comment

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Now I deleted My account I do.not Know why they keep taking money it's *** now give Me My money back or there's going to be a problem now got it goood Add comment


I went to pickup a prescription from my doctor's office (Howard Chung, MD Richmond Hill Office) only to be reluctantly told by his assistant that he will be leaving after 30 years on Wed. 11/26/14 as a result of the previously physican owned QLIMG selling out to Advantage Care Physicians. Had I not gone there on Thurs. 11/20, I would not have been told. Shame on you Dr. Chung. I trusted you. Your... Read more

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The Kalamazoo, mi office is the worst case scenario I have every seen,they are rude, careless about staff and cleints,they need no skilled training they do not do a text for what you know urine sample yes you be high or drunk to work here, good empolyers would work cena rates as 10:oo to 14:oo dollars a hr.But Comfort Keepers only to make a buck, tell the corporate I can talk for her she has... Read more

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they really messed up my foot and now trying to say it's not there fault well I have two foot specialist saying different and a CT scan someone please contact me 5414162779 Add comment