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I own a Samsung Mega. Purchase the Otter box from Sprint. The other day I drop the phone from waist high and I watched it hit on the top and saw that the screen had shattered. I purchase the Otter box to not let that happen. When I called Otter box they told me it happens a lot with there products and we won't do anything to help you. The box is a SCAM. Don't waste your money on this product. The... Read more

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I had such an awful experience here at Dr. Doty office... The staff was rude... But the dr was nice.. Never had someone hung up on me and give me attitude the whole entire time I was trying to get my prescription right...never want to go here again... If your going to work, leave your problems at home don't take it with you.. Add comment

In July of 2014 I was placed on an early morning schedule for dialysis per my own request. I am to arrive at Fresenius at 6 AM and be placed on the machine at 6:15 AM. Seldom Do I get onto the treatment floor in time to be placed on the machine at 6:15 AM. I usually weigh in 15 to 30 min late. According to staff there is usually a staff shortage early in the morning. Normally I arrive at... Read more

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I needed a nebulizer for my son which they provided. They charged me $91 for a nebulizer that I can find at the most for $35 or even less in some cases, and we're not talking about any Nebulizer, no, it's exactly the same, I made the comparison to exactly the same one. When I made the complaint, they just tell me that "it's the rate that they had agreed with the insurance company", and I can't... Read more

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had to wait 2.5 hours for one nurse to see 3 patients for imunz. we needed a physical for school and only did they then tell me that they do not take ins. period for 40 bucks today! I was ausual customer until tonight, i FED UP with the lack of organization and emloyees. Needless to say the store that I would go to all the time for whatever will be never now. scamming and... Read more

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I have done business with Apria exactly once. They were to send me cpap supplies for an upcoming surgery in March of 2013. The day before surgery I find out they hadn't shipped the supplies. I drove the two hours to their distribution center and picked up what I needed at will call. According to them, they then sent supplies out in December of 2013. I never received them, nor can I get a... Read more

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On December 13, 2013 I mailed complaint to Ronald R. Peterson, President,The Johns Hopkins Hospital and Health System, Maryland Department of Health & Hygiene Office of Health Care Quality, The Joint Commission Office of Quality Monitoring and Stacy Baldwin Administrative Director, Cardiac Surgery, Johns Hopkins Medicine. On December 30, 2013 I received this unsigned, anonymous correspondence... Read more

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These people are pure rip offs. I bought a prepaid Visa which had $10 on it. They would not accept it for the so called free trial shipping fee. I already knew it was a scam and tried them, but they could not rip me off so they declined my business. The nerve of these companies. They do this all the time, after everyone is scammed then they change the product and do it all over again. Add comment

Marshfield clinic is a bulling place to work , i am sure a lot of employees feel the same. Management will harass you until you quit if they find out about a mental health issue i can assure you this is against the law but why bother with such an outfit they lie on your records based on biases they feel on a personal level. Will make judements on you without gettin to know you a little see mental... Read more

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Good morning Dr Pankaj Naram My name is Tanuja Shankar I am 14 years old and live in the U.S.A. I have not been having regular periods for about 10 months I started in October 2014 and have not had it since then. I went to the doctor and he gave me medicine but the medicine did not help. I would be grateful if you gave me some evidence on what to do. Thank You and please respond back at... Read more

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