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I went to a minute clinic for a sore throat, and it hurting when I swallow. She gave me amaxacillon. My symptoms got worst. My insurance is horrible so I didn't want to go somewhere se. I called their call center, and they said I would receive a response within 24 hours. Did not hear a response so I called again, and still did no receive a response in another 24 hours. My throat still hurts... Read more

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I've worked for Home Instead for 3 months. I do not feel adequately trained and have asked for additional training - still waiting... Add comment

There used to be wonderful pictures, in the elevators of Atria Senior Living, Forest Hills, NY, of residents enjoying their stay here in this community. Then the regional director swept through here and decided to get rid of them, along with chairs outside of the dining room. I guess she felt seeing residents sleeping in the area outside of the dining room would would give a bad impression to... Read more

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The dialysis center in Clermont FLORIDA is the worst run center I have been in. It is always understaffed, it is not as clean as it should be, the techs are just there to fill in their time. They don't care about the patients. They are constantly running last putting patients on at their scheduled start time. When you complaint to the clinic director it seems to just go in one ear and other the... Read more

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If u are ready to waste almost 2 years of ur precious time, spend and waste Rs. 20-30 k, listen to stories for genuinely putting across your queries for understanding your skin ailment, take some medicine as prescribed by the doctor, further worsen ur skin condition, then this is the place to visit. I strongly recommend you not to visit Dr.Pranjal Shamsher. My wife Shipra took treatment from this... Read more

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100% FULL

I had a car accident & had stress. I came for massage, but, he take me to his room; snap & dislocated my back vertebras, damaged cartilages; twisted both hip joints & damaged capsules. I told him about his crime to stop him from doing damage. But, he didn't... In moment, from behind, he bend my head to front, suddenly snapped my neck and broke connective tissues. I can't respond, he... Read more

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For 2 weeks ive been having terrible right sided back pain with chills so I went in. I was told it was either shingles or a pulled muscle. Well as time went on I had more pain, didnt ask for more pain meds just an exray, I know my body and something isnt right. Well my current dr is gone so I switched drs to get the results. I said nice to meet you and he says I cant help you , your screwed, you... Read more

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Worst possible place to get a simple pee test for a job. Waited over 1 hour! They should document medications you take. Staff sucked and were very cold. If you don't like your job move on because many others need work. Maybe labcorp needs to test their employees. Get more help and don't make people wait! If you are a lab why do you have to mail out your specimens? I'll never go to this irritating... Read more

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after filling out the paperwork they sent me to a back room that had 9 people standing around with only four chairs. the person having their blood drawn SAT facing everyone with the curtain wide open like some sideshow. the older woman having her blood drawn begin to cry because the needle it was hurting her. I stood up and demanded that the nurse have the decency to close the curtain so we all... Read more

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Horrible experience. St. John's florida. Race track and sr 13 cvs minute clinic 2 hour wait mis diagnosis. Was told it was a double ear infection No pain in ears. Gave prescription for antibiotics Ended up buying it and started child on it. Next morning child even sicker. Went to a real dr. Dr said there is nothing wrong with her ears. Nothing. Gave her a flu test and voila that... Read more

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