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Visiting angel chicago wonder if reporting them to IDPH will make their service better. Care givers are always not on time everyday their late very unproffessional.. Care givers are not properly trained.. Don't hire people from visiting angels your not gonna get the service you deserve Add comment

I attended Yellowstone recovery a year and a half ago, it was a decent program, but the detox manager seemed really mean. He wouldn't let me call my parents or my girlfriend. I wasn't allowed to leave the property on my own like other programs let their clients do, and I felt like I was treated like a child. If you have a lot of money to spend on a rehabilitation program, I suggest paying 35000 a... Read more

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Care givers are always late. Their people doesn't know what their doing.. Care giver are messy they don't know how take good care of a patient. supervisors are useless Add comment

My diabetic daughter was admitted to Yellowstone. She was there for 2 days and they refused her insulin and testing of blood sugar. She was in ketoacidosis by the time she found a way to get out. it is complete medical negligence. Check them out on the Better Business Bureau website they got a D-. Read more

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If you are uninsured, RUN!!!!! Kill yourself if you must, but avoid that hospital at ALL costs--your life could depend on it and that of your loved ones. If you come in with excruciating pain, that is literally blood in the water for them. Once they have you drugged up, and you don't have any reading glasses, they'll railroad you into signing all sorts of stuff, vaguely telling you what you... Read more

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Adoption by Gentle Care located in Columbus, Ohio is about specific people making thousands of dollars off birth mothers by coercing each birth mother to give her newborn up for adoption. Threats and lies were told to birth mothers by Trina Saunders, who is a director at Gentle Care Adoption. Many birth mothers were treated extremely abrasive by Trina's arrogant personality. Most birth mothers... Read more

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There is unprofessionalism and staff that do not followup with what they commit to concerning time. This particular Fresenius in Lake Bluff is notorious for being unprofessional and putting patients on late. Add comment

I have been a customer of Apria for many years. While visiting the doctor, he asked me if I needed supplies, I replied with a "no". I made the mistake some time back of signing a form which allowed them to charge me for supplies, a form of deductible payment. After reviewing our debit account, we found a charge that we didn't recognize and contacted our bank. The charge was from Apria. I... Read more

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Need to hire management from within. They are desperately hiring non clinical management, that knows absolutely nothing about us as dialysis patients. Houston Texas Add comment

How they get away with stating they have same day appointments is beyond comprehension! I have had both my GP and OB/GYN there for 20 years. I called on a Friday stating I had an escalating issue and they told me they couldn't get me in, but that I could go to the express clinic, which I did. By the next Monday it had already gotten worse, by lymph nodes were swollen in my groin, and I had... Read more

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