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My father in law has been home from the hospital for one day, recovering from serious surgery on his head. His wound vac has filled up to the point the vac stopped working. They have tried calling the Gentiva number they were given and the supervisors number. Left 3 VMs over yesterday and today and still not a single call back. if there is a negative outcome as a result Gentiva and the Hospital... Read more

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This is what I received from Kaiser when I asked what happened to my emails from January 2012 to February 2012 when I filed a complaint about the Hippa Breach. They are using this letter to tell me that I have NO right to those emails in MY online email account with Kaiser! Just “WTF” do they think they are? It is a letter dated July 26, 2012 informing me that this Hippa Violation Breach was... Read more

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. I went to get my lips fuller and paid over $400 dollar, at first my lips where a little swollen I'm thinking maybe my lips will get fuller later. .when I didn't see any results at ALL I went back and the nurse said that I will see results within 10 days. .two weeks passed and I still didn't see any changes when I called back they told me, the nurse knows what she is doing and for me... Read more

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What is the radius for comfort keepers. Saw comfort keeper info on TV for Bismarck nd Add comment

Went to minute clinic in McKinney tx. On Eldorado parkway. . may 3.2015. Had an ear ache, doctor looked in my ears and prescribed a ten day supply of amoxicillin. She told me that if it doesn't get better in ten day, to come back. So I did.. now my ears are worse!! Another doctor on call told me I would have to pay another 99.00 dollars for this visit. I declined. Then I went to prima care and... Read more

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The Lab Cord in McKinney Tx was terrible the employees was very unprofessional. I had to go take a drug test for the first time of my life for my new job it was very difficult for me to use the restroom I had to go really bad but nothing was happening. The lady's their was just basically taking this as a joke there was only one lady that was nice and professional and she figured out I had a... Read more

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Access Institute is a scam. The instructors are clueless of the course they are teaching. It's a waste of money and time. They cannot articulate what the school does. They refuse to answer any questions about the instructors knowledge or the training the instructor had received.    They asked for your social security number, and many personal information.  The service they provide is... Read more

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My wife Had surgery at Montifiore on 5/12/15. In the recovery room I noticed the left leg airbag was not working and was loose not applying any pressure to the leg. 3 days later she developed a pulmonary embolism (blood clot). UPMC took no responsibility for this gross negligence. My wife may have died had my daughter not told us to go to the emergency room. Add comment

I called for supplies, was waiting about 10 days then decided I had better call to inquire about status of order. I was told that they needed more info. about my insurance. The whole time I was waiting I didn't receive a call or any indication that they needed any info. I could have been waiting for weeks and they just don't really care. On a scale from 1 - 10 on service I would give them a... Read more

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I went to Kaiser walk- in to have a lesion on my finger looked at. This doctor referred me to the dermatologist department. This took all of one week. The doctor cut the lesion off and said if it came back to make another appointment. The lesion came back and I called to make the appointment and they said it would take 7 weeks before anyone could see me. I then called Dermatology and Skin... Read more

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