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I had a knee replacement Aug 12. I fell when the nurse took me to the bathroom. I was put back in bed and another nurse came to me, pointed her finger in my face and told me, "You did not just think you fell. You only slipped." My reply was, "Just because I am taking vicodin, it doesn't mean I do not know the difference between falling and slipping. I had a bully for a nurse. I wanted... Read more

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I purchased some custom orthotics for my son who had Mortons Neuroma. It took a few weeks to get them. After the break in period of 30 days, we've had them now for 6 weeks and they have worked wonderfully. My son's problem has seemed to diminish. I highly recommend Doctors Orthotics and I think I am going to purchase another pair for my son's basketball shoes. The other interesting thing is that... Read more

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I'm sitting at doctors care in carolina forest, and I have been here for 3 1/2 hours. They called me back to take my weight, height, etc. and then sent me back to the waiting room... That was an hour ago. I'm still in the waiting room. Add comment

I got over 25 calls in 2 hours. When asked if I could be taken off the list they hung up. Twice. This is INSANE and needs to STOP or I will take legal actions to you low lives. Get a rea`l job instead of hiding behind a co mputer all day Add comment

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These people can't even read an order. They told me i had to go get another order because they have no comprehension Add comment


My husband and I have had Kaiser for nine years. The first eight years I've had issues with the doctors and the care for various reasons, most I was able to deal with and switched doctors until I found one that took me seriously. Then the doctor I'd finally found and loved decided to go elsewhere, this happened repeatedly so I've been forced to do this several times. I now have a PCP that is... Read more

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My husband developed an addiction to tramadol after knee surgery. He went seeking help at the Conway location only to be mocked, told he was ***, and the doctor was not willing to help in any way. I thought that's what doctors did. Help people. ... not this one. He was very rude. Please don't go to the doctors care in Conway, sc. Add comment


Also at Emeritus at Lakeland. The male resident who was said to have sexually assaulted the wheelchair bound female residents told me.."Ha' did you know that everyone's keys open every room door?!" (YES, THEY DO. ONE KEY FOR EVERY SINGLE ROOM DOOR!) That was one of my concerns that I spoke up about in the morning meeting and was hushed up quickly for and the meeting was suddenly over. Nothing was... Read more

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Also, the building is full of mold, especially rooms 20 and 21. In the AL section. When I reported MOLD. I was scolded for saying "MOLD". And told that I wasn't "trained know what mold is". I know what mold is! It was under the sink in room 20. When I sprayed it with cleaner it scattered intheair like black/green powder. It looked like mold, smelled like mold, gave me horrible headaches when I... Read more

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Totally unprofessional!Don`t know how to deal with the clients at all and full of attitude specially HELENA. I am not going to recommend anyone to their clinic. Ask for higher level email or phone number to complaint and she said NO on your face. Not apologize or anything and they don`t care about your business at all. BIG NO and VERY POOR SERVICE. Don`t do any work on time. They will please you... Read more

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