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he has no business infereing with my private life.i almost went to jail for this doctor he needs to get fired he does n't know me i don't know him .if he ever gives my mom any suggestion i am sueing him and filing him a supension and prescharging him for harassing me.if he does that ever again i will put him in custody order.he told the cops on me without even knowing me.i want guys to take care... Read more

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So I get an MRI and have a balance of 500$ left over after insurance. I make a monthly payment to Kaiser for several months then all of a sudden I get a call from a collection agency about the remaining 318$ ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME! KAISER turns this over WHILE making payments. Kaiser is HORRIBLE AND KEEPS RAISING THEY'RE PRICES RIP OFF GO ELSEWHERE FOR INSURANCE! Add comment

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They claim they open at 7 which is bull. They actually open at 7:10. By the time I went in o which I was the 3rd to arrive at 5:45 it was 7:45. Completely unprofessional an rude. They call in one person at a time because they do not have enough employees. Add comment

I went to Med Express in Jeannette, Pa five days ago with agony sinus facial pain, eyes, head, teeth, ears and from the drainage my throat was raw. Walked in gave my name and answered additional questions and gave my insurance card and the clerk ask for my drivers license and a credit card, I said my health insurance will pay. I was seem by PAC not a Doctor and was told that I had viral... Read more

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While my mother-in-law was being cared for by a Comfort Keepers employee she fell and hit her head. Hard. The CK employee did not help mom up off the floor or attempt to comfort her in any way. She dialed 911 and waited for the EMTs to arrive while mom bled all over the place and crawled to a chair. CK employees are among the worst trained, lazy, entitled "caregivers" I have ever encountered.... Read more

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My husband was taken to Avamere Rehabilatation in Newport,Oregon,after surgery.The place was smelly,dirty,put him in a broken bed,doctor need a shave bad,employees did not give him a urinal,only pointed to bathroom,did not leave him a walker by his bed.Even front desk had his papers mixed up with another patient.This place,in my opinion,needs to clean up their business and hire employees that... Read more

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I have been on the phone with them NUMEROUS times regarding the exact same bill and always have to spend 10 - 15 minutes waiting on someone to answer. Initially, the insurance company recorded the Provider ID incorrectly but has since fixed it. The bill has been paid-in-full for almost 2 months, but I continue to receive invoices from them and have recently received a threat that they would be... Read more

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Mather Hospital and New York Mandatory Reporting Law, was it reasonable for me to suspect? Lack of Credibility related to “New York State Consolidated Laws Public Health S 2984, Providers Obligations.” This is an initial article to help New York Lawmakers to seriously consider changing Mandatory Reporting Laws in New York. Other Laws to consider will be: 1) Mandatory Exams with Toxicology done... Read more

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I safely lost 70 lbs. in 8 weeks and have a complete physical from St. Luke's Hospital in Kansas City to prove it. It is HCG, but I was eating 1,000 calories a day NOT 500, which is dangerous. I got groceries from Whole Foods. I ate apples, grilled chicken, Zevia soda, Ice Tea (no sugar) water, black coffee, boiled shrimp, blueberries and raspberries. Steamed Halibut. Some supplements have... Read more

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Cleveland clinic hillcrest hospital needs to. Be more considerate of disabled people visiting their hospital who need help getting around in the facility such as wheelchairs and not having to wait 45min to get one. This already has been brought to the ombudsmon she was very inconciderant and rude Add comment

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