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Found this company in religious blue pages and I used them for complete shingle replacement on a single story ranch roof. Once the roof sheeting was exposed (during a forecast of rain and high winds) I was informed that approx. 63-4x8 sheets the sheeting was needed, since the original sheeting was weak and thin. Called the office and was recommended total tear off or over-topping the current... Read more

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Crew working for Reliable Gutters took gutter measurements by walking on a tile roof. Although they were breaking off pieces of the roofing which fell to the ground, they continued to wreak damage to the edges of the entire roof. When customer complained to the contractor, he said they were not liable for roof damage. The amount of the damage exceeded the value of the gutter contract. Later... Read more

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We signed an agreement to build a house with their estimate of 8-10 months. We went out and got a mortgage rate hold for 10 months. As nearly 4 months went by, they did not start construction on the home and we began to worry. When we asked for updates they claimed the city was holding them back and that they would start the next day (but they never did) nearly two months went by and little... Read more

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We were very disappointed with an install done by Steven Brown from CA gutter dome. His customer service skills are slim to none, don't expect any response when something goes wrong. I would not recommend this installer, and I would question the quality of the metal he is installing. Buyers be ware! For the price, this stuff should outlive other products on the market, but clearly it's not even... Read more

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I also work for TruGreen (been with them 7 years) but I am a Lawn Technician, as I have 4 kids to care for and a mortgage and am staying off the system I can't afford to say were I am as I can't afford to lose my job right now but belive me I am looking for a new job! We were a franchise that sold out to a corporate TruGreen which is owned by Service Master and everything from quality of lawn... Read more

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I've been waiting for a product for over a month. Lowe's made three changes to the delivery date and it still hasn't arrived. They have also charged me for the product and I still don't have it. Spent an inordinate amount of the time with Lowe's customer care and they were no help. They are good at apologizing but never seem to get anything accomplished for the customer. Quite possibly the worst... Read more

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The guy came in gave us a quote and then called us back and said the company said he would'nt get a commission because he did'nt bid enough on the job. He wanted to come back and give us a new contract with a higher bid. When we said no he called back and wanted us to get our deposit back from Micheal and Sons and let him do the job on the side...WHAT!!!!! WHO DOES THAT? !!!!!!! I forgot to say... Read more

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I'm a bit surprised by the previous posts. We've now worked with SS&S for over 2 years and have had a considerable amount of high end work done. Matthew was very clear from the outset in what he promised to accomplish and met all deadlines accordingly. I found him very easy to work with as well as flexible when we wanted some changes to the original plan. His team was courteous and hard... Read more

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Submitted claim for roof damage early Spring 2013. USAA paid first portion immediately. They had myself, my wife, and Freedom Mortgage listed as payee's. We overnighted the check to Freedom. They took 3 weeks to send me a notice claiming they needed more info from the roofer. Overnighted that info to Freedom. 2 weeks later received first portion of payment for roofer. Roofer completed work.... Read more

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Called for a siding quote and the guy called back the same day and came to the house for an estimate within a couple of days. He talked up the 15 percent discount going on and said he would in touch in a few days. He also confirmed my email. That was 24 days ago and I haven't heard a thing. I have since had two more quotes and both had an estimate to me within a few days. You suck Home Depot... Read more

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