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As a contractor: they ask for general business info (business name , address, phone, primary contact & what work we do) set up account. Agreed to website. They created a decent site, hut used a "trackable" phone number (alarm going off here) "...but that's how we know what to charge. .." Then an established customer called us back --using the tracking number--so we were charged another lead... Read more

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We contracted with Rebath in March of this year. It is November, and we have not seen them. We gave them $6,000. They have not been cooperative at all! I think we have been ripped off. I thought this was a reputable company. I was fooled. Do not contract with them. Keep your money. They were supposed to meet with us in August and no one showed up. Do not believe that just because they... Read more

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Seem's like there are some customers who are mad, but on the site millions of customers use them. I have to say my friend has made a good living using these so called "tire kicker" leads. He understands customers and how to help them, some people just want to talk about a project to plan it others know what they want and get it done right away. He also told me today's shopper is tommarows buyer... Read more

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Had a verbal and written estimate for a bathroom remodel and gave Scott Berkich of ACA Construction $1500. and got nothing for our money except headaches. Took him to the local magistrate and got an award but still has not paid all due after 2 years. Ran into Scott at a gas station and he was very apologetic and said he would send money that week. That was at least six months ago. He took... Read more

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We contracted with Four Seasons of Houston to replace the leaking roof of our sunroom. After signing the "Custom Remodeling & Improvement Agreement" and giving the representative two checks totaling more than $8,000, we waited to be put on the schedule. After a month, I called and was told that the rep who'd visited our home was no longer with the company, but that our file would be... Read more

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One by one the curved glass failed. Now even the door is fogged and cloudy. The repair estimate was crazy high, and noticed the Wendy's stores that had them are taking them out. I will move forward with new construction on a closed porch with lots of windows and skylights, and will never spend another dollar with four seasons. My glass began to leak at seven years , and the dealer acts like it's... Read more

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We contracted Brian T. O'Connell at Bayou Homes gave a deposit and when the bank that he recommended turned down HIS credit we asked for a full refund. We first met with Brian T. O'Connell owner of Bayou Homes by Design early in January and discussed him the possibility of building a home on our lot. At that time we discussed our finance options. We met with him a few more times and then we... Read more

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We have had roof leaks from day 1 of getting our home. Here let me copy and past what their response was " We are sorry that you are experiencing homeowner maintenance items and there is nothing that Palm Harbor can do for you." Respectfully, Donna Wilkie Customer Satisfaction Manager 800-456-8744 ext. 9401 YEA AND THIS IS THE "CUSTOMER SATISFATION MANAGER" HAHAHA BOY WORD OF MOUTH CAN... Read more

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we were under contract with Sandlin to build us a home. We were very excited it was going to be our first home, we spoke with Eugene Lennox who is the sales person for there mountain creek subdivision but it quickly became a nightmare. We signed a contract with them which we made the mistake of allowing Eugene to walk us through instead of reading it as we should have. Eugene informed us that... Read more

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asks you for all your personal info. before it will show you there contractors. should be able to query on there contractors and decide if you want to use them without all your personal info. required. what joke site. wants your name, address, phone number, email etc. who wants to give some website all this info. just to view potential contractors. this review site isn't much better as it... Read more

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