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I recently contracted Excel to replace my roof. They appeared very professional and knowledgeable, repeatedly stating they do thousands of roofs a year. After dealing with them for 2 months and having a signed contract for a month, nothing was done. The salesman kept saying it would be started "next week." I finally called the office to speak with the owner. Instead, I receive a call from... Read more

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Leafguard NW based out of Tigard, OR is a rip off. Crappy customer service and an even worse way overpriced product. Why don't they give you a per price foot? Because it is over 3 times the price over regular gutters. They charge $20 per foot for gutter and $9 for downspout with a $1,200+ set up fee what ever that it and don't forget the 10%+ commission for the salesman. If you don't believe me... Read more

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While getting one of our double ovens fixed the GE repairmen found an electrical box behind our appliance with exposed wires and no cover installed. There is evidence of electrical sparking. Our home could have burned down and worse a possible loss of life. We have been trying to get Ryan rep for two days without any response. Never buy a Ryan home!!! This is in addition to fixing nail pops for... Read more

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Robberies while under there care,not secure property, spent more time on breaks than work, tore so much of house done considering supposedly a simple kitchen fire, but no even considered to lock up now so not able to get building permit to put home back to normal. Now insurance giving us the run around. We have had 5 attempted break ins with only 3 successful but a substantial lose with out them... Read more

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We hired an AV expert in 2008 as we were building our house. We wanted a media room with three televisions that could be interchanged. Our expert told us the best system out there was Control 4. Since being installed in 2008, the system has never worked right. We are constantly being told that the software is being upgraded and the new version will solve the problem. We are now into the fith... Read more

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The "non-hurricane" hurricane came through in 2011. Water was pooring down all the widows in my unit. It was bad enough it took 3 months and multiple resp infections in my family to get the management company to send someone. A year after Fountain Window and Door started, they have just finished. They literally would just knock on the door on a whim. No scheduling, not even a call when they where... Read more

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Do NOT use this contractor! In November of 2010 I had Kevin Petkus (with Petkus Brothers) come and give a bid on a sun-room and remodel on my kitchen. There was an issue of a pool that needed to be taken out and backfilled. I decided to do the project in two sections. First take out the pool. Kevin Petkus told us that we would take out a permit when we did the additions. I signed a contract with... Read more

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Contracted with Boxwood Fine Cabinetry and Design for bathroom remodel 4-21 2012. Gave owner Todd Jenkins check for 50% down. Written start date for week of 7-16-2012. No services no product no contact until I emailed him in August. Stated he still wanted job and would start first week of September. Emailed him again on 10-3-2012 wondering if I should hire someone else. He agrees and on... Read more

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We purchased our clayton home 4 months ago. When we did our walktrough there were so many issues that needed to be fixed. In the 4 months we have had our home there has been one day the manufacturer came to do work and once from a contractor. They both took numerous pictures and promised this would be fixed. Not once has the dealer or the manufacturer called to check how the issues have been... Read more

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Equity Home builders AKA DABuilders built a *** house for me. Please email me before signing a contract for a new home or even purchasing one they have built. I can fill you in on the *** they hide behind the drywall. Bad floors, poor property prep, they do not follow plans, constant scamming to add to the cost, no supervision of the job-site, low-bujet sub-contractors, refusal to correct... Read more

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