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I had hail damage to my house, my insurance company sent out Donan Engineering Co. They said I didn't have damage, took pictures so far away you could barly tell it was my house. My four different contractors have told me that I have damage. But because of the report from Donan my insurance is not paying for replacement of my roof. I later find out that Donan works with the insurance company to... Read more

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the worst company in business, signed a contract a year ago . Was told the door wood be ready in 3-5 months. a year later the company does not return phone calls and refuses to pay my deposit back. will have to take time off from work and get my money . attorney general will be notified as will all other agencies that can stop the lying and stealing that this company does.How do people think they... Read more

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I had some minor plumbing issues that needed to be repaired. My husband could have done the work for about $25 but we needed a licensed contractor to perform the work since we were selling the home. I called Roto Rooter because I couldn't get in touch with a general contractor in our town. I was not told I would be charged for them to give me a quote, however when I did not allow them to... Read more

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I left a feedback on her in Oct 2010 "Clayton homes ripped off my 80 year old parents" Since they moved in, my mom has passed away and my dad has to move into a home. I moved in with my dad and noticed still alot of things about this house, since new when the air would come on the smell of septic would burn your eyes, their guy told my mom that she kept newspapers by the furance was the reason,... Read more

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This complaint has been reported three or four times. Previouly, Mr. Jose Avalos, Corona, Customer Service, has reponded to repair the foggy window problem.. Each time Lennar has responded and it has replaced the window panes. The Problem is evidently with the window frame. Air continues to leak into window pane space and fog and/or leave inner moisture stains on the window panes. The entire... Read more

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Please be careful when considering to purchase a new home from LENNAR. We got screwed and hope no one else does. We had may issues of which most were corrected the first year, but for a new home it had allot of problems. The homes are not built as good as they say they are, especially when they build them so darn fast and they miss things you cannot visually see during construction. Insulation &... Read more

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his newest one is Bakhit Enterprises LLC. a hammer for hire, ahammer4hirereviews, ahammer4hire, Scott Bakhit google all those you will see how big a crook this guy really is. If you look at his pics it looks as if he's driving down the street see's a house and snaps a pic. No one takes pics that far away. a real company has before and after pics not just after pics. He has some videos out there... Read more

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My roof had hail damage and I contacted Buis Roofing bad Continental Roofing for estimates. John Buis from Buis Roofing came out with his son Tanner and were both very pleasant and knowledgeable. Later that same day a guy came out from Continental Roofing but was over an hour late. John from Buis Roofing called me the next morning with the estimate which was very much in line with what insurance... Read more

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Before you even consider doing business with this group read the fine print of the contract and then run really really fast before you sign anything!!!! Take my word on this when they say that the roofing industry is full of a bunch of crooks -- Tri VAN is first in line. They need money up front ( that should be your first warning something is wrong with them)- wont return phone call, have a 2... Read more

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Anyone buying a home from KB Homes would be very foolish. Just ask the people in Clearwater, Fla., Waterford Town Homes, and in Bradenton, Fla., Willowbrook Town Homes. Ask about the poor construction, mold and water damage. Balcony that collasped. Go to TBO.COM and read the stories. If you live in the area, take a ride and see for yourself. Builder chased TV crew off property on 9/12/12. There... Read more

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