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Our water heater developed a leak over the weekend and Whirlpool told us that AE was their only service company in our area (they were still coming from out of town). We contacted them on Saturday and they said they would arrive Monday morning between 8 a.m. and noon. They hadn't arrived or called by 10 a.m. so my husband called to verify the time. They changed the time to 10:30 to 12:30. I... Read more

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Buyer beware! $$40++/sq ft for basic roof?!?!?! High pressure sales pitch, lies about special treatment and products, prey on uninformed people. I know there's no excuse for falling for their tactics, but they purposefully abuse the elderly who don't have much money. Offer instant credit. They do a great job of roping you in. Then you're stuck spending your meager social security on a... Read more

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we had not used service magic for 3 years. this company took over an expired account and claimed they billed our credit card and got paid for 3 leads. we never got any leads, and we do NOT have the credit card number they said they used. they are now trying to bill us monthly and turn us over to a collection agency if we don't pay. we have never used their services, never heard of them, and... Read more

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Certa Pro Painters use sub contractors, they are the back bone of their company. They have a commission of 40% to 50% and the rest they pay the subcontractor. In order for the sub to make money has to perform shortcuts and do the job faster, so your house is not being properly right and you are paying double for the job. Please do not let CertaPro to make easy money and takne your money, make... Read more

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I have bought a new house in san antonio tx at hillcrest subdvision. Have not been init for a year and had a long list of problems from aircondition problems to missmatch paint to bad plumbing and cracked shower pans all of which has not been corrected worked on but not corrected i jave spoke to the general contractor to his boss bit get the same thing that its not warrented and im stuck with it... Read more

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I don't really buy into all the claims that the contest is rigged. The rules state that they can perform a background check AFTER the "potential" winner is chosen. I assume this is to make sure they don't parade any child molesters, wife beaters, or murderers around to represent their network. (Although if they also do a credit check and base it on that, even with no criminal record, then I would... Read more

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After using Rustoleum and successfully spraying at least 5 coats of various shades of silver but never getting the right color and shade I found the Valspar Brushed Nickel spray paint on the internet at the Lowe's web site. My last coat of Rustoleum silver had been applied about 6 days ago, and before applying the Valspar I roughed up the top surface with Scotch brite. To my horror (besides the... Read more

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Ron Ford of Ford's Remodeling, LLC - Highway 77 in Ohatchee, AL did a really SORRY job on my kitchen, wrote an estimate for 18 hours work, actually worked 8 and charged the full 18 hours. Ron Ford refuses to answer his phone, refuses to take credit for the HORRIBLE work done in our kitchen and refuses to call back after voicemails are left for him. Ron Ford is a very bad business man in my... Read more

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They started the job, and once it started they didn't return for 6 weeks. Held the home repair up for weeks. They ran a drain over our 6 day old carpet and of course it leaked and ruined the carpet. They took rugs to be clean but still haven't returned them. ( they have been paid fully) Office clerk called and demanded payment but idiots haven't even sent a bill. There dangerous and whew... The... Read more

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  • Lgi Homes
  • May 16, 2014
  • by anonymous
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Lgi homes is the biggest liar on the planet. I did everything they told me to do to get a house and went back 3 times got my xredit acore and paid off exactly what they told me to fix. Then tell me something completely different once I did all that. Add comment

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