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We contracted to purchase a preconstruction home in Winterset Woods Pulte development in Nolensville, TN in 2006. The house was so poorly built that the walls weren't straight. There were so many issues that I told the development that I wouldn't close. Like similar comments from others, they sales team claimed that these would be resolved after closing, etc. They tried to convince me that these... Read more

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I looked online with the prices in Hopkinton community in MA. The house plans were posted with real pictures and it created a false assumption that the houses were ready. I called them 5 times after I booked an appointment via chat two days before. I was told that someone would contact me to confirm and provide me additional information I asked for. None showed up. The directions to visit the... Read more

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Purchased Super Paint, Paint and Primer. Required three coats for coverage on new drywall. Same sales assistant who dropped paint on my auto rugs because she forgot to secure the lid, stated I should have used a primer as well. The product is inferior, one would not expect a paint and primer to require three coats plus a prime coat. This site is as strange as Sherwin Williams,requiring one... Read more

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After hearing several complaints regarding this company I did some research and uncovered that the owner is an ex-convict who has a history of drug use and has gone to jobs under the influence. His work is poor and his practices unsafe. My personal experience with him is that he is not experienced in the work he does. His practices were unsafe as he had one of his workers on a high pitch roof... Read more

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We were going to purchace a new oakwood mobile home that included the setup and delivry fee included in the price they quoted. But when we went to sign the papers they included a $2500.00 fee for set up and delivery that they expected us to pay on for twenty years. Oakwood mobile homes is a rip off. And if anyone should file a civil lawsuit. Please inform me. Because they should never tell a... Read more

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Bought a electronic safe for my place which proved to be a tad big fr the space intended for it. Home depot outright refused my return citing that I have other returns in the past, which I questioned and learnt that the tit bits worth $5 and $10 which I usually over purchased to use for fixing up my place and then returned in completely sealed condition is now being used to deny my return. On... Read more

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DO NOT LET THESE GUYS NEAR YOUR HOUSE!!!!! Joey could care less about customer service, and he ripped us off. We purchased a step from photos at $85 bucks a step! What he installed was garbage that looked NOTHING like the photos, instead, he installed some cheesy, cheap junk! Furthermore, the quality of the craftsmanship was D- at best. Out of square molding, gaps in the stairs that they filled... Read more

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The salesman was out to give us a quote, he asked if we minded if they flooded our property as the neighbor's were getting a pool put in. I looked at hime like he was on drugs, of course, I minded. Then, a few days later they were flooding my property, the man who was in charge of the pool project said that the salesman said that I said it was okay. I insisted they stop, after $500 in landscaping... Read more

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spent 7 weeks picking out lot and house and designing the interior. deposit was givien. contracts signed and they sold it to another buyer out from under me and told me they are sorry. do not waste your time or energy they are the *** of the earth. email me jcworks4666@gmail.com for the whole story if interest. I can provide any documentation or information to prove this as fact. They are the... Read more

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well to keep this short and simple in a 2 1/2 year time frame of owning this new construction i have found after the warranty a tub that has a crack that was disguised to pass inspection by ryland a shower bottom done the same way a false door that leaks into the wall and now shows mold growth btw insurance will not pay claim ryland says the warranty is out of date even though they sent a... Read more

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