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I went Clayton homes in Lexington sc,I picked my home out n then when it got at there lot they called me n told me I wasn't approve d for that home,don't it look like they would have told me that before picking out my home n it arrived. Add comment

Shea Homes - Failure to follow basic builder guidelines.
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I purchased a new home from Shea, paying above market rates for upgrades. After the 10 year home warranty period we discovered wood rot in the deck, which we paid extra for. Upon investigating the source it was discovered that Shea did not paint or treat any of the wood except what could be seen by exterior inspection. The deck was designed to have rain drain between the rafters, and boards.... Read more

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College Works Painting's reply to:

Hi, We could not find your name because you did not leave it for us when leaving this review. We would be happy to get your feedback and certainly apologize for the experience you had working with us. Please contact us at 888-450-9675 or send us your contact information. Thank you. Read more

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College Works Painting's reply to:

Hi Donna, It looks like we are in the process of getting this taken care of for you right now and you've had correspondence with our customer service staff. Please do not hesitate to call us at 888-450-9675 if you need any further assistance. We are sorry to hear about your experience and will do our best to make sure the job turns out great for you. Read more

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We had an appointment scheduled at 630, guy didn't show till 7pm and stayed till 2am in the morning. He was very nice, but wouldnt stop going over everything 4-5 times, and didn't like we kept telling him no, not right now. So he would show a different option to try to sell us. When it was 2am we finally said we are not gonna sign anything and you need to leave after the 20th time. When we also... Read more

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Bought the house in South Central TX, 2000. Warped walls , foundation slips twice, below standard windows, plumbing leak under house, etc....We have spent thousands just to repair the damage from poor workmanship. The walk through was a joke; the salesman just wanted to get one more sale under his belt. Plantation Homes does not stand behind their homes; the warranty is a farce for a reason! ... Read more

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Had installed 5 years ago. On the bar area of kitchen there were permanent smudges on the edges. After discussions back and forth they returned a portion of the cost as they said there was nothing they could do. A few months ago we noticed there was pitting in all surfaces of the kitchen counters. We have been in contact for about a month now to see what can be done. So far the Orlando office... Read more

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I hired Aphrodite granite and marble to do my kitchen countertop. A Salesmen was in small car with very little to see. I had to go 45 minutes drive to see the slabs and pick the one I wanted. Come to find out Aphrodite marble used Global marble to make sales. I made my choice and finished the sale agreement and wrote a check for the job. after they had my money the owner just simply didnt care... Read more

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We bought a brand new house from them and since then they have refused and given us the run around on fixing mistakes that they caused on the house. They screwed up the roof because they were too lazy to try to fix it and my walls has lumps and holes in the. We've been in the house 2 years and no skirting. We've fought and fought and now we're done dealing with them. Never again. Add comment

My wife and I are currently having a home built by Schumacher Homes of Lewis Center worst mistake I have ever made. Quality and customer satisfaction is not there. I am now on my second builder supervisor who is getting no respect because she is a woman The sub contractors are causing her delay after delay. If you are looking to build a new home in Delaware I suggest you go to any other builder.... Read more

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