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I hired Gary Barabash from Bristol, TN. thru Service Magic in June, 2012 to redo my sun porch. He was paid for the job upfront as per his contract that we both signed. Well, as of this date, Aug. 22, 2013 the job is still not complete, and he has informed both me and my husband that he is not going to finish the job. He says he under-estimated the job...not my problem. I'm not a carpenter -... Read more

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For those of you who have never had a tub before, my experience has been great. We purchased a Coast Spa August 2007 and we love it. My experience with the level of salesmanship and service has been great. I used the same check list of questions to ask from every dealer I went to before buying a tub. Now the best part, I never thought I would enjoy the tub as much as we do. We have literally... Read more

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My mother in law had Brian Hollenbeck (independent construction company) redo her bathroom upstairs. His contract was for only six months. At the time all ready to go everything was fine. The second finished bathroom in the basement looked like it had water damage running (slowly) down the walls. So she called Brian. Info: Brian had installed the toilet for the new bathroom and had a cracked... Read more

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Pool was started in June and not completed until September, therefore was never used last year. This year, 2013 in May, noticed the pools surface was discolored. Tried brushing the pool more, but nothing changed. Called Mirage Pools they said it was something called "mottling" where the surface should like clouds. Had 3 pool builders come out. Stated the pool needed to be resurfaced. Why?... Read more

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Our AC unit stopped working less than 12 months after we closed on our brand new home. DR Horton requires a form to be filled out online to request warranty services and they say that you should receive a response within a few business days. Since this was an emergency due to the temperature in July, I filled out the form online but also followed the instructions in the homeowner's manual and... Read more

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I had a bathroom grout job, they sent an incompetent scary person. I had to ask him to leave, I almost had to call the police. I'm pretty sure he was on drugs. The first time he came up, he did such a bad job. We gave him the scope of the work, but he never completed the task, we had to ask him to come back the following week. We agreed on the price, but after he returned the following week he... Read more

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When we decided to build with Homewood we told them we had to give our apartment a 45 day notice. We signed in September and were told we could close in March or April. March came and we tried to get a closer date but they refused to answer many of our calls. Finally in May they said guaranteed we could close end of May. End of May came and that date was changed to June 7. Homewood called to... Read more

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Six years ago Leafguard gave me a quote to install gutters. At the time I told them that we really needed wide, 4"gutters because our roof was so steep. The man giving me the quote told me that all their gutters were 4" gutters. I was also told that some trim on my soffets would need to be removed in order to install the gutters but that Leafguard had a painter that they could send by the... Read more

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Hays and Silva Handyman services: I hired Paul (who stated he was the owner of Hays and Silva) to install a new sink, new dishwasher and new electric range. Paul assured me that he had tons of experience installing dishwashers, etc. The next day a guy named Ed shows up late. Then, a couple hours later, Paul shows up and they installed the stuff and I paid them in cash $240 as they said they... Read more

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Regs Roofing - No Roofing License & Damage to neighbors home
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John Rego calls his business Regs Roofing. My neighbor was getting her roof done. The bundles of shingle were loaded onto a 12/12 pitch by Hermans Building Supplies. John guided them on how to load it, (he didn't bring a ladder). The bundles were piled 14 bdles. high over the peak of this 3 storey house (my home is a 1 1/2 storey). Within minutes of Hermans leaving 10 bundles slid down... Read more

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