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It was very noisy. There were three types of music I was hearing during my massage so it was hard to relax. Also was over priced!!!!! The chair the massage girl sat on squeaked very badly so every time she moved it made a noise. Not a very classy Spa and to over priced for such a bad experience and not very relaxing massage. Also kept hearing hangers slap together at cleaners next door. All... Read more

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Not able to get forth worker to make an appointment to repair this consent leak which flows to room below thru light fixture causing more damage. No one will give me name of owner or phone number I can user to reach National office in order to get action. The room below leak is also being damaged which may be between walls and hidden. This will cause mold which will be a health problem. Any... Read more

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I had PJF come out to repair my leaking room. It leaked again. Another and another repairman came out, Even an obnoxious salesperson to measure my roof for a NEW ROOF!!!!. After 6 repairs and $1400 later, my roof leaked worse (4 months later & 14 containers catching rain water) and caused a lot of damage to my enclosed porch. 3 estimates later and now a new roof because of the... Read more

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Contractor entered agreement to repair hail damage. During the course of the process, contractor used subcontractors that were apparently incapable of performing repairs right the first time. Numerous re-visits were required to make-right on improper repairs and workmanship. Health and safety concerns resulted from some of the improperly done work. Contractor did not complete the damage repair... Read more

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Contractor was supposed to complete home build by Oct 2011. Contractor did not complete construction until December 2012. Contractor was, in our opinion, unable to fulfill obligations throughout the project, and these failures led us to file a lawsuit and a complaint with the State Licensing Board to petition them to suspend this contractor's license. Vast amounts of evidence was acquired... Read more

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I bought CHP Bronzed Brazilian Teak 8mm w/pad manfactured Date 03/09/13 and it has been a pain with it in all ways. First of all, they said it was going to take over a month to get the quarter round and the room divider. And it is so hard to work with. I hired a contractor and he said he has never had such a problem with laminate before in his life. The problem is when you put it down it... Read more

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I called regarding a part for my filter system. I asked if I can be transferred to the parts department. They said they can't, there are no phones in that department. I asked why not and what am I supposed to do now. They said I have to travel to their Hicksville store with my part in hand and IF they have a replacement I should be good. IF THEY have a replacement, shouldn't they... Read more

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today (May 17, 2013) I had an appointment bet. 9am 11am for a serviceman from this company to come out to my home (that I own & have lived in since 1989) to give service the front small roof over my indoor sun room, and a condensation problem within the back bedroom ceiling- causing periodic leaking when the weather is very hot & humid. I just so happen to live on Roosevelt Blvd (south... Read more

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After 42 years of owning a house, I rent now. The last house that I owned, built by Pulte Homes, was one of more than 5,000 at Sun City Hilton Head, SC. In 2005 I discovered that Pulte substituted nails for hurricane clips in roof truss connections. The building code requires that houses in this coastal area be capable of withstanding 130 mph hurricane-force winds. The county building inspectors... Read more

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We had a house built by DR Horton and we love it. The only problem is the pluming. If you make big #2s, you need to go with a different home builder. If you have a DR Horton home, here is how to flush the toilet when it backs up: (even without ANY TOILET PAPER) Fill two different sinks with hot, hot water, then pull the stopper for the sinks and repeat until the toilet clog is gone. Keep flushing... Read more

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