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Alan's Roofing installed my roof in March 2011. When its windy, the roof makes a booming noise. I received a call from an "Alex" of Alan's Roofing, who supposedly is in charge of "customer service". Alex then said he would charge me $95 if there was nothing wrong with my roof. I am a senior citizen on a very limited income, and cannot afford this charge. It seems to be blackmail... Read more

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I received 4 leads from service magic in 1 week, and 2 of them were bogus leads!!! I went to cancel my account, and then they gave me credit for them, since I had a credit, i did not get another referral until today, and guess what, another bogus lead!!! the person who answered the phone number they gave me, had no idea what I was talking about!!! I went to the house and the person who answered... Read more

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These folks were great to work with during the roof/gutter installation but after a few months, the gutters began to fall of in a certain area. I've made 4 calls to them over the past 4 weeks and no one has yet to arrive to fix the gutters. As this is hanging in a neighbor's yard (on my disconnected garage), I"m somwhat embarassed when I see my neighbor. Moreover, this gutter could fall off... Read more

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I moved into my new Ryland HOme in May of 2006. I have had mold growing in the bathroom, peeling and blistering paint on the woodwork, the drywall is so thin it won't support the toilet paper holders to say nothing of the blinds or curtain rods. Every spring the ants arrive by the thousands through the very large gap under the front door (the wind also whistles through there). I have had... Read more

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We have had a very bad experience with this builder Premier Construction Management Services, LLC in Virginia Beach, Virginia. We were waiting on a new home to be built by this company. Poor communication (or no communication), long delays (or no work on the house) the materials were incorrect and arguments over the contract language. This builder had the attitude that we were bothering them... Read more

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Stay away from this guy. He will lie, steal and not even do the job. He is a scam artist. I do not know what someone has not put him out of business. How can he get away with such ridiculous business practices. Lack of ethics does not even begin to describe the wreckage he has caused. What can be done about someone like this who has many similar bad reviews on the internet? How do people like... Read more

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On Aug. 24th I went to Home Depot to get supplies for a plumbing job, I was in the paint dept. and waited 15 mins or more for an emploee to finish talking to another customer. It would not of been bad but they were not talking about anything that had to do with the store. So I said excuse me and the employee turned and VERY RUDLY SAID NO EXCUSE ME and kept on talking to the lady . I was very mad... Read more

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frank annuniata of 242 hulbert st. staten island, ny 10305 is taking deposites all over staten island for work he has no intention of doing.He comes ,estimates the job gets a cash deposite and disappears.Over 30 people have been scammed by this low life drug addict.He has even scammed Staten Islands most prominent car dealer out of 80,000 dollars. Has anyone else been a victim of frank... Read more

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We pull the plug on Palm Harbor from British Columbia, Canada, thank god!. Our beef was the insulated fiberglass ducting, fiberglass is in the "INSIDE" of the ducting!! What?? What are the lung/health concerns over years breathing particals in this ducting? We are NOT RISKING OUR HEALTH! Saw 2 homes last week and we were couldn't believe the *** craftmanship!! Yicks! They had to put out... Read more

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over 20 years with an account never am i called by name at any store,oh yea execpt for "buddy" however i hear the employees and managers calling the hispanic subs by name.poor service,poorly stocked shelves,poor attitudes and often wait for hispanics to get serviced first,also the managers seem to be ignorant. im looking for another place to buy products and paint and have been doing so for a... Read more

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