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We pull the plug on Palm Harbor from British Columbia, Canada, thank god!. Our beef was the insulated fiberglass ducting, fiberglass is in the "INSIDE" of the ducting!! What?? What are the lung/health concerns over years breathing particals in this ducting? We are NOT RISKING OUR HEALTH! Saw 2 homes last week and we were couldn't believe the *** craftmanship!! Yicks! They had to put out... Read more

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over 20 years with an account never am i called by name at any store,oh yea execpt for "buddy" however i hear the employees and managers calling the hispanic subs by name.poor service,poorly stocked shelves,poor attitudes and often wait for hispanics to get serviced first,also the managers seem to be ignorant. im looking for another place to buy products and paint and have been doing so for a... Read more

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I am a builder. I hired Vanover to install oak hardwood on two levels of a new home. After 3 years of denial and negotiation, Vanover finally agreed to honor their warranty and replace all the defective hardwood. After removing all of the defective hardwood Vanover required money to finish the repair. Since the house was uninhabitable I was in no position to delay the project and felt... Read more

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This review is for Premier Pools concrete partner "Earth Scapes". Stay away from them. The concrete is cracking all over the place. Many nails are rusting through the pool coping. They will not fix or repair it. Their customer service is non-existent. Going with Earth Scapes was the worst decision of my adult life. If I could rate zero, I would. The appalling part is Scott the Owner, kept... Read more

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I purchased a porter cable framing nailer with the assurance of their salesman that it would accept both clipped head and round head nails.It will not.They refused to let me return it and trade up for one that would. Unless you know for sure what you need GO TO LOWES These sales people are apparently recruited off the street and know nothing about what they are trying to sell the public.I also... Read more

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2010 I began experiencing weird rashes on my skin that usually only occurred when I was in my home and would go away when I left. I sought medical attention, Dermatologist, allergist etc. Only diagnosis was contact dermatitis ( allergic skin reaction to something probably air born). we began searching in our home for a source and spent a great deal of money repeatedly cleaning the a/c system,... Read more

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With Official Company Response      

Hired College Works here in Novi, Michigan on March 24th, 2012 and submitted a deposit of $500 that was cashed on March 29th, 2012. The contract was to be performed and completed in June 2012 and no contact was made to me. This past Saturday, August 18th, 2012, I contact the sales person Jack Petroskey who had left the company from issues that he states as "unprofessional". He gave the names... Read more

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Don is always drunk he comes to work high, Don is my Brother he always has problem with company so they pay him off, I worked for this Company coast to coast they always paid me? But my brother he is just a drunk join me to STOP DON THE PAINTER!!!! NOW BEFORE HE GETS DRUNK ON YOUR JOB? My brother is just someone who tries to take money that is never owed to him, instead of working he sit on his... Read more

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I went into Ferguson's showroom in Rockaway NJ to order fixtures for my bathroom remodel. The saleswoman charged me list prices which were 17% higher than their online prices, even though the discounted prices were clearly marked on the showroom items. Also, she refused to put the manufacture's number on the invoice so I couldn't compare prices with Lowe's or Home Depot. I ended up going to... Read more

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this is a great company they done a great job setting up our pool..i would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a pool..they came out and they set up the pool in a great way...the pool works great and keeps us cool during the summer the kids love it...they are also helpful if you have any questions...the company just does na great job all together its a very great comany they do... Read more

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