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Went to their website filing warranty claims, no followup until I called Home Office, then they sent thugs to straong arm you into signing job done. They need to be investigated. They work is a minimum, as is the products they use. They are like car salesman, once you are in the house, do not expect any followup. It is really ashame, they could do alot better. We have a $270K home, the home we... Read more

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After reading several comments on here and other review sites about LGI, I felt that I might shed some light on this subject. When I went to talk to a sales rep. I was open minded. After filling out a paper allowing them to see my credit report and scores, they asked me what I was wanting in a home, I told them the usual, large kitchen, nice bath, large closet space and stuff. When they seen... Read more

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We bought a DR Horton home in March,2011 for $60,900.00. It was a model, and got $8,000.00 off the asking price, which we thought was a good deal. Six months later, they got tired of the subdivision, and discounted new homes from $20,000.00 to $40,000.00. Believe it. It's true. If you buy a new home in a Horton subdivision, expect to be way in the minus equity when they leave. Horton... Read more

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I have learned a very valuable lesson: Research a company thoroughly before signing a contract. We hired Hansen Siding and Windows to side our home, and dealt with Trent Doran - the sales person, whom I considered to be honest and forthright. We eventually signed a contract with them, because their estimate was reasonable and Trent Doran seemed to have integrity. Little did I know, the owner of... Read more

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Checked into a business that Angie's List has listed as licensed and then checked with the state licensing board for contractors and then found out that they are not licensed. I wonder how many other business listed on there are saying that they are licensed and they are not. No way I could ever trust anything on Angie's List EVER!!!! Stay away from Angie's List. DO NOT trust anything on the site... Read more

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Clayton Homes are crooks!!!!
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We bought and paid cash for a 28 by 60 foot doublewide. Here we are 6 years later still fighting to get what we paid for. To make a very long story short, we still have 14 yes, I SAID 14 STATE CODE VIOLATIONS!!!!!!! Roof has been completly replaced in which the state still thinks its leaking, we had plate size holes!!!!!!! YES PLATE SIVE HOLES in the roof!!!! How do you miss that?? Quality... Read more

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O'Neill Plumbing Services in the Washington DC area. I called them because a tenant had a toilet with a broken handle and a backed up drain, and they had good reviews on Yelp. They quoted me $500 ($150 for the clog, and $350 for the handle problem), which I said seemed high. They 1) said that was worst case if they had to replace everything, and 2) immediately offered me a 20% property... Read more

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paid extra for porches and things to be done work is a joke they lie they don't take care of there customers once home is bought I am very unhappy never get extra's done by them they do not know how to build right my porches was never right said they fix never did they are 3 years old and I am having to pay to have them redone right this twice before considers clayton homes extra's I... Read more

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Pulte developed a proprietary gutter/soffit/trim system called Pultrim in 2005 and used it on new homes up until 2009 when they stopped its manufacture and use due to severe gutter crack problems in mid-west/northern climates and UV issues in the South. A total of 490 homes in Pulte/Del Webb's Grand Dominion community have Pultrum gutters and severe cracking has been documented in more than 60 %... Read more

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We have lived in our home almost a year now and no success on the cooling issues we have been complaining about on our so called "Everything Included " Lennar home @ Layton Lakes in Gilbert AZ. The front bedroom and bath extends out further then the rest of the home so it is much more difficult to keep the temperature as consistant as the rest of the home. Our home is a little over 2100 sq ft... Read more

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