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I hired Paul Davis Restoration of Barberton, Ohio to repair my home after a fire occured. As the work progressed it got worse, cheap unskilled labor, inferior matierials etc. so I fired them. We ended up in court, they lied through their teeth, falsified evidence and ended up with a $45,000.00 judgement against me for breech of contract. The jury said I had no right to fire them, that I should... Read more

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Bought laminate flooring and had it installed. Came home to find they put it in the wrong direction. My house was trashed when they left. I actually found candy wrappers on the counter from some truffles a friend had sent me. They did not bring transition strips so we are now at 4 1/2 weeks since install & the job is not finished. They also over measured and I bought 3 boxes that are still... Read more

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JS Construction - J&S Construction is a fraud
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Joseph E. Prada (or Joseph E. Prado) agreed to install laminate floors on the second floor in my mom's house - a total of 800 sq feet. The total work was estimated at $1,500. In addition Joseph suggested to change the old decking and replace it with plywood. He estimated material cost at $1,400 which included 45 sheets of plywood, 220 feet of baseboards, 20 rolls on insulation. The workers worked... Read more

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LINDSTROM CONSTRUCTION SUCKS!!! (MPLS MN) This company rebuilt our burned out town house,(both sides), & the WHOLE process was SOOOOOOO PAINFUL!!!! I had to have them KEEP REDOING things, they were just AWFUL!!! Now that we have moved back in, THE PROBLEMS STILL CONTINUE!!!!! When I complain, I get ONE thing fixed. Weeks go by with me waiting for things to happen, & they just don't! I... Read more

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Horrible!!!! The customer service with Re-Bath in Topeka Kansas! A 2 day project has been 3 weeks, amateurish to the point of us finishing the job ourselves and the owners are the rudest, sketchiest people I ever have done business with. From the couple of actual returned phone calls coming from Arizona cell phone numbers to the owner having aliases online, multiple addresses in multiple... Read more

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I have purchased my home last July. The homeowners before me had refinished the kitchen in 2008 and had puchased kraftmaid cabinets. Well toe have the cabinet doors are bubbling out. The doors are the furthest from the stove so it's not from heat related. One of the end cabinets backing is coming off and the trim on the top came off as well. I have no kids and the cabinets are gently used. I... Read more

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We used this company to drywall our new home. Their price was reasonable and therefore accepted. This new home is small at 2000 square feet; however, universal Wall & Ceiling took almost four months to complete this task. The wall board was installed immediately after which we paid them half of the estimate--our first mistake. We took them at their word. Why did it take so long? They would... Read more

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Andy Barbe Inc - Basement Reno gone wrong!!
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We hired Andy Barbe inc. to renovate our basement. He had a totally unfinished basement to start with and was to complete it from June 15 till September 1st. On January the 9th he walked away from the job. He did not finish after many delays and being paid, we had to hire someone else to finish the job. It cost us an additional $20,000 to finish the job. Now we are finding out what he did do was... Read more

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POOR CONSTRUCTION/HOME FALLS APART TINGDENE HOMES POOR CONSTRUCTION/HOME FALLS APART. MY TINGDENE HOMES Park Home is Falling Apart!! Since purchasing our home in November of 2012, we have had nothing but problems with our Tingdene Homes Park Home. We have mold, crumbling walls, water intrusion and Tingdene Homes will not do anything about it. My family cannot live in these conditions anymore. Do... Read more

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VERY DISAPPOINTED -Signed contract to redo interior pool. Had to call CDC Pools to remind their Superintendent to call me. Chip out was supposed to occur on Friday. No show so called CDC Pools. I was told chip out crew would be there "first thing" Saturday morning. Tile employee called to say he would be there on Monday to install tile. CDC Pools called on Friday advising of 2nd payment needed at... Read more

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