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We have enjoyed our pool from Blue World Pools. Not much upkeep. We have had Blue World call us as well just wo make sure we are happy with our pool and make sure everything is okay. The customer service is good. I love the extras that came with our pool like the ladder that locks upright keeps my kids safe. My installer was very good and knew everything we wanted to know about the pool. Also the... Read more

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GeoGenix is a solar panel installation company based in NJ and PA. I considered to install Solar Panel to my house in June 2011. GeoGenix proposed the project with $674 per SREC knowing the price of SREC had been declining due to the over capacity issue in NJ. It was fraud to begin with. After I signed the contract to purchase the solar panel from GeoGenix, the market of SREC in NJ collapsed.... Read more

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The condos and townhouses at the Grande at Canal Pointe in Rehoboth Beach, DE, built by DR Horton only a few years ago have big defects, as wood rot, bad drywall, and weak balconys . My partner bought a better built condo of the same type there made by LC Homes, but he has been assessed to pay a special assessment fee of several thousand dollars to repair the Horton homes. The condo association... Read more

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Buyer Beware Shapell Homes sold us our worst nightmare. Shapell "Pride Of Quality" I hope that your marriage can survive it. Our hillside is moving damaging walls, slabs, pipes, tile and more. We have had two major plumbing failures causing more than 100k in damage. We have water pouring in through our walls in several places each time it rains. When we ask General Counsel for Shapell Thomas... Read more

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Rehab Systems General Contractors aggressively urge homeowners to file insurance claims in order to do the repairs, they promise that they will meet with the Adjustor, handle all the repairs, etc. Once the homeowners file the claims you never hear anything from them again. After weeks of trying to contact to no avail, you discover that they chose NOT to do your home because it was not enough... Read more

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Maxem Properties of Pittsburgh (owned by Rich Eakin and Ron Gutherie of Howard Hanna) do not live up to the contracts they sign with both the home owner and subcontractors. They do not finish the job, walking away and never returning phone calls or emails. Maxem does not pay their subcontractors or rent for their showroom space - resulting in multiple lawsuits filed against them - and also... Read more

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I had kitchen magic come in and they tried ripping me off.. they had a salesman come in and he quoted me 13,999 .. not a big kutchen by the way..right off the bat i said "that is a highprice ". He comes back and says how about 11,000.. so he dropped his price $3000.. in a matter of seconds.. can't i get brand new cabinet s installed for 1/2 that.. he says no way.. i got Refacing installed for... Read more

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In response to: Bath Fitter was demeaning, overpriced, and hid information

We appreciate you sharing your experience. Our prices do vary from location to location, and the price does depend on the scope of the work. We're sorry to hear that the price wasn't satisfactory for your needs. If you have further questions, please feel free to reach us anytime at customercare@bathfitter.com Read more

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Hired him to remove old wood laminate floor which was damaged and to install new bamboo flooring. While installing new wood, he was very careless and got the polyurethane glue on the floor in numerous spots. He tried to remove glue after a while and it left a stain were it had been. He assured me that it would be repairable but it was not. He tried to get some spots off with various materials... Read more

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Paragon Construction Pembroke Pines Florida took a 50% deposit on Impact windows(4) and Armour Screen Hurricane Protection for 2 openings and clear hurricane panels for 1 opening and has not returned one call or e-mail despite the many calls and e-mails(over 20). They never did the job and I warn all consumers...DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM....They go to the Home Improvement shows in... Read more

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