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We just bought a Viceroy house who was built in 2001 and we ask for the warranty for the roof because the roof (12 years) is fully of moisture and the skylights are finished (I joint the answer at the end of this comment) but the answer is the warranty is just for the first owner!!! Everyone are saying the viceroy house are the best but could you understand why a roof after 12 years only is... Read more

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Hi, I am very sorry to hear about your experience with our company. I appreciate your patience in our response, we just got access to respond to comments on Pissed Consumer. Our employees are a priority to us. Your concerns and your complaints are totally understandable and I’d love to help you out in any way possible. How can we best contact you? We can also be reached at 888-450-9675 or... Read more

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I had submitted a quote for the having the following projects done by Patrick: Install 3 bathroom sink faucet and put drywall up on studs and prepare for painting. Patrick and his helper Alex, were on time and sold their services well. At first glance, they are friendly people - and promise you the world in how the final project will look. Patrick had told me that he was a concrete expert and... Read more

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Hired him to do home repair and he didnt finish.But he keep asking for more money and telling me what to do and how to spend my money. But want me to spend the high price of equipment for my home.and got mean when i purchased my toiletries,hot water tank,and the cabinet and other part for the half bathroom. He don't return calls and takes your money to buy himself a truck and take two trips.I... Read more

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my business partner went to the trouble and expense of getting a new costco card with the intent of using my amex to achieve the 2% back. when we went to the outlet to get me a card, we were told that my partners wife, the credit card holder had to authorize but that i had to go to amex and get the appropriate card that would allow the rebate on gas. my partner and i have exceed $3,000 and will... Read more

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My AC unit has been repaired over 3 times in 6 years. Now the compressor is out. My house is only 6 years old and Sears came out to see what is wrong with my unit and told me that the serial number on my AC unit is a 2000 model. So Pulte put a 7 year old AC unit on a brand new house. 3 days later the hot water heater in the attic wont light, I haven't had that checked yet but I am pretty... Read more

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Company goes outside of Contracts and will not respond to any calls. They do not followup with you but expect you to contact them for information. I was charged a substantial amount that I never agreed to. Payment on contract was made, but they started sending bills half a year later. Poor Quality of Work and Poor Customer Service!! Do not do any business with this company. Even if you sign... Read more

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These clowns put an entirely new roof on my house during the summer of 2010. 2 1/2 years later, this 10 year guaranteed roof, was leaking worse than it ever did. They would only honor the warranty if I paid an additional $2000. Which I did, which extended my current warranty. Getting them to do the repair at that time was challenging. 4 months later the roof is leaking again. Like others, they... Read more

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We hired Steve to paint the back room and the lower floor of our house. He took our check and cashed it, it took a month before he showed up to paint our house. He painted part of one wall and then left. After many calls which he never returned he showed up two weeks later. while I was working my wife stayed home while he was painting the house, he made many lewd sexual remarks to my wife. then... Read more

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