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Paradise Home Improvement of PA (takes work in NJ). This contractor started a bathroom renovation on Oct. 9th. It is November 13 and, even if you subtract the week of Hurricane Sandy and a few catch up days, that is still too long for a tiny bathroom renovation. He collected most of his money early on by making the schedule "sound" like he'd get most of it by the time he was more than halfway... Read more

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I had a terrible experience working with this contractor. The work was done poorly and he was incredibly rude to me and my family. He wont even come back to finish the job unless we pay him more money than what was agreed upon. He now won't return my calls and his people are telling me since Eilon wont pay them when he owes them they wont finish the job. When I first met Eilon I thought... Read more

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We spent thousands to have a 48" FireRock Rumford Fireplace installed in our new home. The fireplace DOES NOT PUT OUT HEAT! The fireplace comes in an engineered "kit" form where the blocks are made to fit together. Our mason followed the instruction manual provided perfectly including the EXACT location and height of the chimney. We even had the FireRock company come and inspect our... Read more

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We recently had our windows replaced by Statewide Remodeling (www.statewideremodeling.com) and the job itself was great. We had a rep come by the home and demo the high-quality windows and that part was great. They also had a free TV to "sweeten" the deal and qualified for that. We scheduled a time for the installer to come out and take measurements. He was 30 minutes late. After the windows... Read more

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Would NEVER buy another. If you are not over 65-70 yrs old, your house may not last your lifetime. Within a few years; - Cabinets fall apart - Sinks, Faucets and toilets will need replaced. - "Moen" Faucets are plastic. - Poor roofing, siding will cause rotting. Siding will need to be replaced. - Counter tops are not standard even in high end, large homes. Therefore, the kitchen sink is not... Read more

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clayton moblie homes sold us a home, it is 4 months old and falling apart, the cabinets that hold the dishes in falling down, the back room has been ripped apart for leaks over a month ago and they still have not sent someone to repair it. every week there is something else wrong with it, now our foundation they set it on is washing away. We are at the point of contacting a lawyer. Is there a... Read more

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Plantation Homes is a very deceitful builder. I purchased a home in Melissa Texas. The features that are promised on their website are not what you end up receiving. In most cases, it is highly exaggerated. For example, they tout the home will have 'gutters in select areas'. The salesperson said that this meant that you will have gutters along the sides of your house. In actuality,... Read more

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Leaknomore.com in York,pa also does work in Maryland (leak no more inc)p.a.c. 008552 1541 east market st york,pa 17403 (717)812-1167 .took my down payment when he finished my front roof & never came back to finish my back roof.got the info out of the yellow pages & I never investigated with the BBB ,etc on all the complaints filed.looks like Larry has plenty of unhappy consumers .uses excuses of... Read more

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This company has been constantly calling my place of business, for the last three months. Though they have repeatedly been asked to stop by both me and my employee's. It is a truly a sorry way to conduct a business. They have been downright rude and vulgar to one of my female employees in particular. They have been turned into the state now for the fourth time. If their predatory sale tactics... Read more

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DISHONEST, ILLEGAL, FORGERY, FRAUD. Mickey Simpson was found by a construction industry arbitrator to have forged my signature on the building permit. To make matters worse, that building permit contained information MSB knew to be false. If those words aren't enough, please also consider slow, incompetent, irresponsible, abusive, arrogant, condescending, unprofessional, immature and... Read more

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