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Pieter Efthimiatos owner of PTG Construction refused to finished a driveway job that I paid for in September 2009. After I had already paid him in full per our contract, he came back several months later and told me he would only finish the job if I gave him $2000 more. I sued him and won a judgement in court. The judge awarded me 1500.00 and for the last year he has refused to pay. In court... Read more

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Last year we were having a home built we got approved sent in all paper work that was needed. they started the home and less than 30 days the loan offier kassey told us that we had to much of a loss because we have a small business .mind you that the house is ready to be moved in now we were appoved for less of a amount .i sounded like she didnt know what the *** she was doing because every... Read more

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Garn Restoration was hired to restore our home after our house fire. As some know, experiencing a house fire is one of the most traumatic events that can be experienced. However, dealing with the restoration company afterwards can be just as traumatizing...such as in our situation. ALWAYS do a THOROUGH internet, Better Business Bureau search and reference check on ANY company you consider... Read more

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I was a contractor for Clayton Home and let me tell you.Ive saw alot they rip people off big time, they sale junk. So some good advise dont buy from them.You can buy a new stick built house for what you can pay for these junky mobil homes. there service really sucks they send out people to work on the houses that dont have a clue of what they are doing.They will tell you any thing to get u to buy... Read more

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A young guy without a real estate license gave us prices and told us anyone can buy a home when I told him we had some credit problems. We gave him $500 and they cashed the check in 2 days. After we signed the contract we never heard from the kid. We kept calling and the office girl was rude and told us our loan would be on hold for months until we paid some bills. No one called or cared... Read more

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This guy should be behind bars! He took 20k from my sister and she has nothing but an empty room a year later. He gives everyone sob stories about just having bad luck but goes into someone's home to give an estimate with the total intention of ripping them off. The worst part is that he won't just tell her she's beat so she can lick her wounds and move on and has her clinging to the hope that he... Read more

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my wife & i purchased a mobile home, from clayton homes; in shelbyville, tn. james robinson was the manager. when we read the contract, we saw a $6.700 figure. which he said was a "buydown" for our interest rate. (we had excellent credit, 793! i asked him about it; & he told me, "clayton homes will pay this buydown" he said we would not have to pay this! I trusted him to be truthful. MISTAKE. i... Read more

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Had a leak in the roof of my house. Called Miroslaw Potuzuski, could not give me an estimate unless he climbed the roof, went up spent 5 minutes, came down said he repaired charged me 275.00. Next day it rained and my leak was worse, called him and asked what he did and I need him to return and repair it, he said he was in the US and on his return will be back to repair. It has been 3 months he... Read more

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Signed up for a free estimate at a local home show in order to get "half off installation costs". For 500 square feet, the estimate was $33,000!! When pressed for the discount, we were told it was $1500. So basically, the salesperson is saying the total labor cost is only $3000. Really? They also say you will realize 92% of the cost in the improved value of your home. Certainly not in the... Read more

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I am tried many times for DDC land/sta rosa gardenvillas3 to fix my house, JUST lies. delay delay, They even tried to run me over w/a truck,they claimed the brake was broken, they will not enforce the RULES that all homeowners sign upon move in, they claim Ignorance or state they cant enforce them, MANY empty lots have debris or trash which they are responisble for, YET they use the BLAME... Read more

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