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Chemed corporation owned Roto rooter Franchises have been caught forcing unlicensed techs to do plumbing work in conflict with states that require that plumbers be licensed. This is most likely done because most licensed Plumbers do not want to work for the company and also because the company has been able to finacially benefit from charging customers a Rate that would represent work done by a... Read more

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Elite Restoration Houston TX DO NOT HIRE THIS UNETHICAL CROOK George Rodriguez Elite Realty and Mortgage Group Houston TX DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH UNETHICAL CROOK George Rodriguez Elite Restorations Houston TX complaint Elite Restorations Houston TX review Elite Realty and Mortgage Group Houston TX complaint Elite Realty and Mortgage Group Houston TX review George Rodriguez 281-920-0556... Read more

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We built a house in 1995, 4 bedroom, 2 bath. There are so many things wrong with our house, so I am just going to put it into list form so it's easier to read and understand. Before I make the list, I'd just like to say I would NEVER recommend Ryland to anyone. Not only did they mess up our house, my neighboor's house was also messed up, including them not following the floor plans,... Read more

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Roto Rooter tried to charge me $1900 for a water heater. First, they were late. Secondly, two trucks showed up and the manager/closer tried to tell me that the unit alone cost $1000 and that was discounted. Then labor was going to cost another $900 because he had to bring in a helper. After I said no, the price suddenly dropped to $1400. Meanwhile, I found a water heater on Lowes.com for $438.... Read more

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I built a Lennar home in 2001. Unfortunately as soon as the 10 year warranty is up the entire community is having water pipe issues that burst in the same EXACT place. This points to either sub par materials or incompetent workers . I had to spend a night in a hotel while my water was turned off while getting it repaired. Lennar Homes should man up and pay for malfunctioning water pipes that... Read more

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Sandlin homes builds beautiful homes, but you have to watch them every step of the way. If you are not able to check their work at each stage, then they will cut every corner they can.They will promise you one thing to get you to sign a contract and then tell you that you actually have to pay extra for the things that they said were "standard". They will install cheaper versions of what you were... Read more

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Bought Valspar signature paint from Lowes. Applying to a clean dry bathroom wall using a polyester brush. Can't get it smooth, it clumps and creates a horrible looking surface if 10 seconds pass between brush strokes. Creates ridges of paint that don't blend or even out. Tried every painting tip I could, none work. There should be a warning on the can that you better like a mottled rough... Read more

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Adams Homes will cut corners and attempt to cover them up. I purchased a house in 2004 from this company. Not being a contractor and not being able to oversee the construction, I trusted adams Homes to do so. Big mistake. They covered up a hole in my roof that is about 24"x4". This hole from a poorly installed off ridge vent. I have contacted them, which they make as hard as possible to do,... Read more

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They offer water damage services. They are the most expensive company I ever came around. Charge for equipment and time they never ever used insurance companies double check their billing!!! They have employees that does not know what they are doing. Come dressed out of uniform and they expect me to leave them a copy of the key? No way I would ever recommend them to anyone. They are a scam... Read more

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Please, I warn you up front. Do Not do any business with Reliable Remodelers Inc. There work is very good, but when it comes to customer service and standing by their contract and what is promised and agreed upon they fall few inches short of the gutter. We had work done on our bathrooms. The master bath we had the stand alone shower retiled and installation of a new glass shower door. Also, a... Read more

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