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In Feb 2012 we ordered a kitchen to be installed in March. That kitchen was fully completed at the end of December 2012. It took over nine months! The staff were incompetent from designer, to installation, to store manager and district manager. We were used as a guinea pig and Lowes made every possible mistake buidling our kitchen. All the store did was blame us, the customer, for all the... Read more

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At the location where the A/C compressor lines enter into the home there was an over sized hole made in the wall large enough which allowed access for large rats to get into the attic which ending up causing over $ 2,000 of damage just in the water lines because of the rats chewing holes into the lines at multiple locations not to mention the water damage to the ceilings, walls and flooring which... Read more

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This company extorts your insurance claim money. Just finshed restoration due to a flood and paid $4,000 for repairs. ERG wanted $13,000 for the same repairs. I decided to break the contract and paid them $2,100 to do so in addition to the $2,200 they charged me to put a few dehumidifiers in my home. After paying all this, it was still cheaper to go with another vendor. They are affiliated... Read more

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In 2009 I opened an account with Home Depot for a large project I was bidding. It was the only way to get a bid from Mike at the contractor's desk. Their bid was $2000 higher on a $9000 material list than 2 other suppliers who bid the materials. When Mike followed up like a sales person should, I informed him that I chose the low bidder and had ordered and began the project. Forward to 6... Read more

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We had trouble from the start, with the installer, every time I pointed out something i did no like, he would come back with do not tell me my job ! The tub is now installed looks like a sight for sore eyes, leaks, no permit pulled. Had a manager come out to inspect and he agreed that it was very poor workmanship. My mother is up in age, at 87, and she does not need this stress so I am tryhing... Read more

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Pulte Homes - Vinyl Siding is Melting on my house
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I purchased my home in January 2012 and the vinyl siding on the left side of my home is melting. The builder Pulte refuse to come out and replace the vinyl siding. They are saying its not covered under the warranty. I called the warranty and was told the builder is responsible for replacing the siding. i called the builder personally and was told rduwarranty would handle any concerns regarding... Read more

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How is it that when you buy a car you get 3years bumper to bumper, yet on gehan homes all you get is a 1 year warranty. I'll tell you why; cause they know that aster that year the house will start to fall apart. I have a 4 year home and now needing foundation repair. No warranty whatsoever, when i call the foundation repair companies and tell then the name of the builder, they already know why my... Read more

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Beware, do not sign anything with Clayton until every problem you have is fixed or you will never see or hear from them again and if you do they will just nod and say there is nothing they can do. We had shingles flying off our roof in the first week, floating linoleum in the kitchen when the wind blew, mice in our house due to shotty workmanship around pipes and ducts (holes are cut 3 times as... Read more

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Billy Seiter with Titan Homes was contracted to build our house in 2011. Without boring you with all the details, he is a smooth talker who will talk circles around you all while lying in your face. He owes us $80,000+ and went so far to tell us he was on the way to the bank to make a deposit which never happened. This run around went on for several months. We finally hired an attorney and... Read more

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Reading the other comments about Pella, it seems almost unnecessary to add another unhappy experience. To begin with, it took nearly 4 months to obtain the parts and replace a window sash with a failed seal and a rusted latch. Because I neglected to ask about my warranty up front, the company would not honor it at the time of installation. Admittedly, I should have asked, but you can get a good... Read more

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