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I read this and get sad. Been in my hunter home on sagebrook for 8years now and could not be happier whith my house. Never had a problem with it. I actually want to buy another hunter home for my retirement. They are the best deal out there. Add comment

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New luxury townhouse Ice in pipes frig doesn't work floors cracking master bedroom floor bowed living room wall crooked paint coming off front door only been here um is. Houses not worth the money unskilled workers never again trying to get out of this. Any helpful info appreciated. Add comment

The sales woman does not tell you everything. They will sign you up for a Program that will charge you for every lead they send. Every lead they sent Was just a customer searching for the lowest cost. They will also not tell you that your 289.00 is non- refundable. If you are unhappy with the service you will not get your money back.i was only with them for two weeks when I realized this is a... Read more

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Its been 3 months since we bought and moved into our new home in Brookland at Baker Ranch. Sales and mortgage was an outstanding experience but what a drastic difference when it comes to customer service. The isssue with Shea's customer service is there service mentality that is instilled in their employee from the top down. The customer does NOT come first and DON'T do what is right for the... Read more

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They go door-to-door with HIGH PRESSURE tactics. The first, second, and third NO should be enough. This should be counted as harassment, and nothing more. I will NOT do business now, or ever, with any company that does not honor/respect the NO SOLICITING SIGN on my door. They go door-to-door with HIGH PRESSURE tactics. The first, second, and third NO should be enough. This should be counted... Read more

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we built in 1999, took 5 months. my husband was a plumber so he was there from beginning to end, picked our contractors, very happy with our home. But, they are a shady company, we missed 2 payments because of an medical emergency, they were horrible to us, the manager even screamed at me on the phone. Needless to say that we refinanced and all is well. We do take great care in our home, keep it... Read more

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We were told that the project would take 6-8 weeks from the time that we signed the contract. Well it took about 12 weeks and was a complete rip off. There was very poor communication and every time that I called they had no clue what I was talking about. I told them that I wanted gray grout and somehow I ended up with white. I was told that after mopping a few times the true color will come out,... Read more

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We approached the kitchen connection Jindalee store and found the staff there friendly and helpful and it was disappointing that we have been ripped of over 2000 dollars for a set of kitchen plans that we found does not work with fridges and pantry's in wrong place and told that if we did not pay the deposit immediately we would then miss out on any discounts on an over priced kitchen and... Read more

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I bought a solitaire double wide and it is a piece of *** home I have had problems from the setup until now a constant fight for 2 years with little to no help from solitaire. With the recent rains I have discovered leaks in the roof in every room I the house but one. I also have a front and back door leaking and also 5 widows leaking. I called solitaire and they will not offer of any warranty... Read more

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I was looking surprised to see the negative review when someone told me about it. My friend was looking for a company for another friend of theirs and they asked me about Home Design. We were very happy with our experience. We had to have some of out furniture removed and dried out when we had water in our home. We called Home Design Contents Restoration. I am shocked at the negative review,... Read more

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