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Same thing with me, look out for Zach Reece. Need to turn home adviser in to the BBB

To summarize my position - 1) We purchased/installed the Leaf Filter system and drip edge in JUN 2010. Leaf Filter replaced one piece of fascia board and the gutter over the garage. The fascia board was rotted and the gutter was warped/rusted. No other issues existed with my fascia/ gutters - otherwise Leaf Filter would have replaced/fixed it then (in accordance with the warranty - detailed... Read more

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I have a good experience with College Work Painting today. I needed a small area of exterior wall scraped and painted. Also the frame of my back porch painted. A team of three young men, led by John Londono, came. They cleaned and washed the area and diligently applied coats of paint to cover all the surface, making sure the color matches and painting are evenly applied. It's a small job. They... Read more

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College Works Painting - Third grade art project..............
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That's about all I can say about my experience with College Works. I should have been leery when the arrogant Intern was explaining the process as "It's just paint"; alluding to something like, painting's not a big deal. I actually called the deal off due to being told lies and stretched truths, and then decided to give the college kid a break. BIG mistake. Many over-sprays, (some as big as 8" X... Read more

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Sandlin homes is the WORST!!! They lie and don't do what they say! OMG a change order fee is $500,what greed!

The worst nightmare ever. Nothing but "up" charges while trying to take advantage of my insurance company. Wow, don't let frank Braun or his two associates, Paul Dix Public Adjuster or Aries Construction get you in the middle of their scheme. Be sure and check the Calif State contractors License Board before you sign any documents. Frank Braun's license was revoked for unlawful practices and... Read more

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Please be aware that a company called Thumbtack may approach you to provide professional services through Craigslist. They do not check credentials of the supposed tradesmen. I unfortunately hired a referral from them, and basically was scammed by a company called Silver Buckle Construction. He came to repair a breach in my fence, and it fell down 2 weeks later. When I tried to resolve the... Read more

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With Official Company Response

Had college works paint my house, 2 sides and the half of the back. They came and spray painted it, it was put on so thin you could see the orginal color under it. They wanted to get done in one day. The trim painter did a sloppy job. They had paint all over the grass ( by the way I didn't need the grass painted) very inexperienced. I had to have them come back two time to complete the areas I... Read more

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What a disaster!! Everyone in the company totally a rip-off! The sales person lied and the demo of TILE and re-plaster only turned into their workers putting holes in the plumbing in the spa. They would not send plumbers for weeks (because the pool wasn't scheduled for plumbers...yeah that's right there was not supposed to be plumbing). After they fixed the couple of holes they could see they... Read more

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The air conditioning that they will provide will be Lennox, cheap and poor in workmanship. Mine had a blower motor go out in 3 years, of course i had to pay for labor $300 or so. The refrigerant pipe that they install too close to the compressor (if you see your unit, there is all the space available to nicely run the pipes so they would not be hit, but you would wonder why they left all the... Read more

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