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I was an employee and like my co-workers, I was treated poorly. The job was fine but the so called "President" of the LITTLE CO. was a LOUSY BOSS!!! We shouldn't be there in a dead end job, no insurance, no raises, a freakin vaca after 5 yrs. Seriously!!!! And hours that are taken from you, in which you should get but don't cuz you should be able ta do it faster so your hours are cut in half... Read more

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On Oct 1, 2014 we ordered $3800.00worth of tub and faucets from efaucets. Everything on our list showed IN STOCK. Four weeks later, still waiting for the order. When call them on the either they will disconnect you after putting on hold for 40-70 minutes or inform that your order will be shipped tomorrow and you will receive tracking in. Another week goes by, no email, no tracking number, no... Read more

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I had my foyer and downstairs bedroom flooring replaced with hardwood less than 1 year ago by 50 Floor (11/2013). Britt Brooks was the salesman, and seemed quite knowledgeable. He viewed the area, and stated it was prime to be re-floored. I paid him my down payment, and the floors were done later that week. In Spring 2014, I noticed a few strips of the wood were beveled at the door way, but... Read more

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DO NOT BUY MARACAY IF YOU'RE A VETERAN! DO NOT BUY MARACAY IF YOU'RE A VETERAN! It's crazy to see all this information now. We were so sure that we had picked the perfect builder- I regretfully must admit how wrong we were. This has been a nightmare from the beginning. Our salesperson decides to leave the company the day after we sign our contract. We went weeks without a word from anyone in... Read more

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My recommendation - run from these guys. You may be fine if everything works out perfectly the first time. However, this group is not geared for anything outside of placing an order with a manufacturer. - The reason you would want a stable company to purchase from is how they manage when things dont work perfectly. Isn't that why we take all sorts of insurances in our lives. I purchased tiles... Read more

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Had a contract to snow plow driveway 2013 and 2014 year and driveway was never plowed called and voice mail full and even text and nothing . The few times he did come one of his workers ran into my garage. *** bag said he would fix it in spring never came out and got fixed. Don't hire this company they need to be shut down bbb giving him a f rating that says it all!!!!!!! Add comment


The rep. Was a nice young fellow,spoke with him for about 15- 20 mins.,then scheduled an appointment for later, a more experienced fellow,he was very nice , however high priced I believe,thought estimate was going to be QUICK,he asked to go on roof, attic,I went in attic he showed me some things he thought I needed to know,like darkening of the plywood, other issues.HE SPENT PROBABLY 4 Hrs in... Read more

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We were contacted by home advisor about money that they wanted back from us for bogus leads!they said if we gave them the money that we took back they would let us join back on to their network!needless to say once they got the money they cancelled our account again these people on ReaL Scam Artist StaY!... Read more

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PHRG. This company offers a full array of lip service.High pressure sales tactics and less than proffessional service for a premium price.My niece wanted a new roof and some other projects done after installing neew carpet and furniture in her hkuse phrg decides she needed new sunlights,they used no dropclothes when inslalling sunlights and naturally got insulation and debris all over her newly... Read more

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We had a concrete pool from this company, it was a guarantee for 4 and half years. We was losing water and lupton Scott said it was fine, then the pool starting cracking real bad, he said it is only minor ,if it gets worse ring him, I did ring him over two years 100 times and no joy !! I went And reported this to Qbcc building and construction commission .They said a category 1 . And elevated as... Read more

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