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Scamed us gave $1000.00 ernest money told me i could get it back if we changed our mind 8 days later said no and the house isnt even built yet, hired a lawyer taken LGI to court...BEWARE The are a scam Highlands, TX Add comment

I have a 2000 palm harbor mobil home and my mother have a 1999 palm harbor mobil home too and they both came up with roof vent water leak's every time it rain's my question is why don't palm harbor have this problem on recall it is them they created this problem the vent's are made out of plastic and the sun dry them up and or shrink them I am in san antonio texas this mobil home's were made in... Read more

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When sales pitch started, we had a feeling of what was to come but let the nice young man continue. Figured out half way through the sales pitch how the price would be determined and came up with the number before the guy did. He was nice but we want product options, not one standard fits all plus we wanted other estimates. He just left and we wonder how many phone calls we will get since we... Read more

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We are currently under contract with century. The salesmanship is horrible. Nothing is ever explained to you. Luckily my husband and I are smart and have built a new home before. We have to go to the new home site every day to make sure things are happening the way they have been agreed to.... And they won't even allow us to have our home interior walls painted the color we want. We are paying... Read more

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After 8 months of partial construction and delays on delays I don't even have a roof to start the interior. After being told it will be this week by multiply management levels including a VP don't believe them they will let you down. Don't expect your home to be finished unless you have a minimum of a year. Add comment

Do not buy a home from Clayton Homes!!! They sold us a brand new Southern Home in 2009 and we have had problems since day one! Especially with A/C and rodents getting up under our home. Whether its in or out of warranty, neither Clayton Homes or the manufacturer is of any help! Once you buy, it becomes your problem and get ready to spend lots of money to fix things. Their product is *** and i... Read more

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Do not buy a Clayton or Southern Home. Every issue we have had has not been a concern. Our home was purchased brand new. Just recently had the a/c worked on and the guy said the vent to the roof was crooked and pulling in hot air. Needless to say we've not known why our unit was not efficient! Water has leaked into hall way and kids closet. We've had mice get into the house after they said it was... Read more

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*He now uses the A1 Construction and Remodeling as his new company, since he just finished ruining "Abacus Construction" This is Dominick, i see someone on here has posted my number as being affiliated with that piece of ***. I want to get everything out in the open, not because im worried about getting in trouble, becuase i know i did nothing wrong, but becuase over the course of working with... Read more

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100% FULL

Angie's list received a complaint about my company, and I filled out the "conflict resolution" paperwork "agreeing" to meet the members demands. -Angie's list was supposed to remove the review. -Angie's list did NOT remove the review, which violates their policy. The catch is that the Angie's list member hired be to follow another contractor. When I got there to do the job, the work was not done... Read more

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Be doing business with home advisor for a year now and I sell windows and doors and shutters. The leads I bought of them at first were good. Now home advisor is sending me leads that never answer their phone and I call them right away too. In the last three weeks I spent over a thousand bucks with home advisor and have 15 leads that never answer their phone. Red flags everywhere. Also had two... Read more

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