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January 21, 2014 To whom it may concern: I would like to tell you about the experience I had and I am currently having with Rhino Shield. I was told approximately six years ago when I had a leak in my home I needed to have my house coated with Rhino Shield due to the fact that water was coming through the plaster. This man suggested I call Rick Mariano. It turns out they are friends and this was... Read more

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I called bath-wraps and they sent a rep. to take some pictures of the bathroom. He said he needed at lest $1400 to get started and that I could pay some each month until the final payment. The total bill was $2400. I call bath-wraps to see when they could start they told me that I would have to pay $800 and they would send another rep. to take some more pictures. I can't believe that It cost... Read more

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I am a plumber working for roto-rooter and i will tell everyone the real truth behind this corporate rip off of a plumbing company. We do have flat rate pricing but we will not tell you how much it is over the phone because we charge way too much and if you have time to check around you will find a better deal elsewhere. They want the tech to come to your house and put you on the spot so you will... Read more

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I am writing this as a review of the work that was conducted on my home last month from Rhino Shield of Jacksonville, Fl. Several months ago, my blood pressure jumped off the Richter Scale as I felt like I had been scammed from Rhino Shield Jacksonville by selling me inferior product, unlike their claims. I still had a leak on one side of my house that I believed was due to the poor paint job I... Read more

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Decent product, horrible installation. The salesman promised way more than was actually delivered. Bought this product in 2008. It's held up decent so far (2014) but everytime I see the tub, I'm reminded of what I had and how this isn't what I wanted. Here's what went wrong. 1) The shower curtain bar was too short by 3 inches...so much for perfect measurements. They had to run to the store... Read more

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Gutter Helmet of the Pikes Peak Region improperly installed new gutters, continually misdiagnosed leaks and will NOT accept accountability for damage done…STAY AWAY!!!
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We originally had our old gutters replaced due to water leakage with new gutters through Gutter Helmet of the Pikes Peak Region a few years ago (Colrado Springs, CO.). Our sales representative (Linda) had the installers (Zac and Scott) install the new gutters. After the install we continued to have water leakage, so I had the company come out (yet again) to fix the problem. This time the employee... Read more

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Pulte Homes - Think twice before buying a Pulte Home at Fireside Norterra
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I closed on a new construction Pulte home in Phoenix on August 2. On September 8 after morning rain, I discovered an area of 13'out from the patio is sinking with mud from the rain and runoff of two roof lines. Once the rain stopped, I discovered the two AC units on the east side of the home that are in the drainage field were standing in water. I called Pulte customer service 1-800# (in... Read more

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First time homebuyers looking for our dream home and it's been a nightmare. We picked out our home, but our consultant neglected to have us chose our exterior finishes. Had to pick our second choice model because we couldn't have the same house on the same street as two other newly constructed models. The Design Center was not helpful. The customer service receptionist who set up your... Read more

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I moved into my brand new Pulte/Centex home in January 2012. 3 times since then I have had to submit a service request for random cracked tiles. The cracked tiles were in the 2nd hall bathroom and the foyer. NOW I HAVE 14 cracked tiles. THere are cracked tiles in the same bathroom, the laundry room, the foyer and the pantry. The rediculous service rep said that he authorized the replcement... Read more

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recently informed parent's at Del Webb HCR San Antonio in the Springs section have to relocate due to foundation issues after a very limited time in new construction. During conversion told not an isolated issue, other residents moving to either hotel or a new unoccupied residence until repairs can be fixed. Others, mostly widows, almost in tears mentioned same issues but afraid to complain... Read more

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