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I thought it was bad when Walgreens could not even transcribe a prescription correctly for the label on the bottle, they have shown they are even more inept at the pharmaceutical business. I tried contacting Walgreens yesterday to get a refill on a long-standing prescription, for the narcotic Hydrocodine. I knew there was one refill left on the prescription that I had not filled yet. After hours... Read more

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I ran into Walgreens to pick up a pack of batteries. While I was there I started grabbing a few more household items I realized I needed. My hands became full with items and I started dropping things so I went and got a cart. I paid for my $85 worth of merchandise and exited the store. As soon as I left, a manager stopped me in the parking lot and asked to look in my purse. Confused, I opened it... Read more

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Do not go to this ORTHOPEDIC ASSOCIATES. I went to this office and Doctor Zohair Shedzad Alam who I have used before said he can't do the surgery as good as Doctor Bleckner, so he referred me to see Bleckner,. and had an MRI and scheduled surgery a couple weeks earlier to have it today October 23, 2014. I had to go to Holy Cross Hospital a couple weeks earlier to register and answer questions... Read more

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I thought it was my medication that was making me lose my hair, had a thyroid check, found I was physically fine. Wasn't the medicine, every time I washed my hair I would find lots of it in the tub. I had fine hair, but lots of it. Now you can see my scalp, and I can actually feel the sun on my scalp, it's terrible. I am so depressed, it's all I can think about. I only hope my hair will grow... Read more

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Got glasses on 1/2 price lens special. Paid 514. Returned under 30 day guarantee. They fully honored guarantee. Checked Costco. Good frame selection, same lenses, hundreds of dollars less expensive. Just saying. Add comment

I agree, absolutely ridiculous. I'm trying to find out if they are losing money due to their new campaign. Add comment

This company is nothing but a SCAM for MONEY! Their process in obtaining monthly payments from you duplicitous. One minute you think your getting a bargain, then you realize when you open your monthly credit card statement (or other) that your actually being billed more then what it would cost you to go to the cosmetic counter for the HIGHEST STAR RATED skin products!!! And try cancelling your... Read more

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HORRIBLE!!! The company is very sneaky about charging you. They charged me and didn't send the product. And they tried to charge me a third time before the first order was delivered. after they charged me the second time I called and said to stop, they tried again to charge me a third time. $54.95 This company is horrible. All about the money. They finally stopped after I threatened to call the... Read more

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Wow, you're a *** Eddie Owen,, You have used and abused women emotionally your whole life. Unfortunately you have the gift of the Gab and can lure a woman to believe your lies and deceit! Unfortunately you have ruined relationships, abused the trust of friends, girlfriends, numerous fiances and wives,, sporned 3 or 4 kids (haven't kept up on this one) and blame the world and every woman in your... Read more

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the protocol for getting rid of herpes uses H202 over a period of weeks. everyday you increase drinking the H202 by one more drop. i could not deal with the H202 protocol, because it brought on massive migraines. this protocol, by the way, is available if you google H202, so no need to pay the $37. i asked for a refund two months ago, and they replied they would refund in five days. to date NO... Read more

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