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Every week, sometimes twice a week, another new face representing Aflac comes to waste our time trying to sell us door to door insurance. Each time we ask them not to return. They keep coming, a new person, normally 2, each time. I hate this company now, and by proxy, the people representing them. Each time I get more irritated, and next time I just might put the next solicitors head through... Read more

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Near the end of December 2014 OptumRx charged me for medication that was to be shipped to my doctor's office for injections that I was to have done. Through an error either on the part of the doctor's office or OptumRx, no one will admit to making a mistake, the medication never shipped. Move on to January 2015 and OptumRx wants to charge me additionally hundreds of dollars for the medication I... Read more

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I took my one year old in for blood work I asked if they speak lied in drawing blood from baby they said yes so they ended up poking her 4images and we're constantly moving the needle in her arm to fine the vein...I'm super pissed off because I asked if this was there specialties and obviously it isnt Add comment

Asst manager named Calvin works at west hundred road Chester va store ...has no humanitarian values! I have to question community values of Walgreens that unfortunately have not been instilled or practiced by hired individuals, to take care of the community that supports them as consumers ! Family member needed assistance and was put in harms way due to walgreens employees not acting responsible... Read more

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On line check in is bull ***. Still had to wait 45mins. Ask to explain. If we have 15 customers ahead of your call you are no 16. Not the next one available when you walk in. Bull *** Add comment

I had a medication, according to the tracking data, was delivered to my mail box. It never made it into my house. I have called Express Scripts Customer Service four separate times. After explaining the situation I am told the next refill will be moved forward to that day. During call number 3 the CS rep even brought on someone from the pharmacy department who said it will be filled this time. It... Read more

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I'm sorry to say that the above comment is absolutely true so I don't have to just take your word because I know what you are saying is true. This company is by far the WORST company you can ever be associated with! That statement is worth repeating. I don't know how they sleep at night, but I imagine just fine. I do believe their practices to be unethical and probably even illegal - to both... Read more

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I've been going through some hard times lately, which has ultimately resulted in some highly traumatizing effects on my hair. It's gotten to the point where I have maybe 4-5 total inches of hair on my head. Needless to say extensions have become my best friend. My first wig I purchased from my local beauty supply store and absolutely loved it. I tore it after a couple of days, but I wore that... Read more

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Have been charged x3 months but have only received 1 full box! Add comment

To begin with, I love my Sheer Cover products. It is the best I have ever used and I have used them all. It does not even feel like I am wearing anything. My complaint is that every time I call, which is NOT how I like to order my product, I am told a different story. I used to be able to go online, look at products, click what I want in my next shipment----Great! so simple. Now, there is no way... Read more

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