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Nicki one of the technicians that work there is rude and unprofessional. Also on more than 1 occasion they have shorted me on medication. Horrible pharmacy. Located in Cantonment Florida phone is 850 9370122 Add comment

Had chest pain, left calf pain, left abdomen pain. It took over 1 hr. to get an ekg. the Er Dr. never addressed my other two pains in calf and abdomen. They were on divert. I called the member services and they said it was a $20 co-pay. Now I have a bill for $420.00. They did not even address my issues. Dr. was horrible. my husband there for 8 hours with me as a witness. One nurse stated they are... Read more

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Every time I try to get a haircut they always tell me. Oh we have such a long wait. I tried for two days to get a haircut. Why do you have so many chairs if no one ever works them. I will not return. Add comment

They don't listen to what you want you would be better off doing it your don't give them a job if they don't know what they are doing Add comment

I am not happy with my purchase and cannot find any working email. Any I find for the company I get a return email saying "invalid email". I purchased the "The Super Sizer" by Lash Blast mascara and it is terrible. It instantly clumps and looks so caked on. I would like my money back But cannot contact anyone! During hours I'm on hold for ever!.. Add comment

what the ***.. they took $169 out of my credit card after they sent me trial product. what a *** joke! Add comment

These two merchants deploy the same scam to cheat customers. Their ad pushed two face cremes as a 30 day trial package, shipping together at two non-refundable shipping charges of $4.95 and $3.95. It's for these shipping charges, customers provided their credit card informations and ship-to addresses, unawared of the scamming tactics they were using. The 'Terms and Conditions' details were... Read more

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I had the surgery in St. Louis, Mo about 8 years ago. I have horrible scars on my face in front of my ears. I can't wear my hair behind my ears because of the scars showing. I like a fool never did anything about it.. They totally lied about the results. The "sales woman" showed me behind her ears where it couldn't be seen a tiny of tiniest possible scar. There was nothing about the front of my... Read more

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Dishonest, terrible customer service, tanning beds are stand-ups only, they're hot, dirty, and are the size of coffins. Add comment

Just flat tired of them not having employees. The wait is always double here than at other stores. Its really sad that i have to drive passed the closest to my house to goto one that has staff in OKC Add comment

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