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This insurance has a dental advisor that thinks I didnt need a crown. Who is this person? This person didn't do my dental exam! ***, I'm a dental assistantant for over 30 years! I know *** good and well this molar needs a crown. What's the fuc+×" problem? Add comment


Purchased a groupon for Botox. (not my first experience with Botox-I have had Botox in the past) First treatment I was please with and purchased additional units. The next time I was in the treatment room waiting for numbing medicine to kick in, Botox was already in syringes and SASSY comes in and states she has put the wrong dosage in the syringes and needs to "fix" it. The injections were... Read more

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Afterward I began looking for something with the price on it but found nothing. I called the number listed but all I got was some *** on the other end of the phone saying I had to have the specific name of the product before he could look it up. I told him time and time was the invoice said but he said he couldn't find the product. Go Figure. I sent them an email telling them to cancel my... Read more

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I have recently been prescribed Ciprofloxacin HCL 500 mg for two weeks twice a day for mucus in my stool. Yesterday I took one after dinner, and today I went to my friends house to help landscaping. I could not believe how bad this poison affected my body. By the time I arrived to his house I didn't know if I could even get out of my pickup. Didn't want to let my friend down I stuck it out and... Read more

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I order from it has been four weeks I have emailed them four times and still no response. I don't know if my order has been intercepted or never sent. I spent 200 dollars with this company I am very concerned. I have researched this company and it seemed ligit but at this point I am not quite sure anymore. I ordered Test-P and Winistrol. My money gram was picked up two... Read more

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I placed AN Order for 39.95 I was Bill and shipped for 3 orders with out my request or permission at 49.95 VERY DECEPTIVE I CALLED TO CANCEL FUTURE ORDERS AFTER second order was shipped and dented from my account without my permission and was still debited for a third order without my permission and was considered by my bank a delinquent and charged 34.00$ in addition to $49.95 not$39.95 NOW I... Read more

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I have a Michael kors Snake skin Tote with Gold Lining brand new purchase from Dillard's the lining is peeling like tissue is that what Michael Kors does charge a fortune for his Bags and give you defected bags I had to Duck Tape the pocket to stop the peeling Un real contact Teresa PS I have been a loyal customer of COACH and this has never happen to any of there bags and... Read more

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I purchased two wigs from a company called which is also When they came the wigs looked like ***, they looked nothing like the picture online.I had one card from and one card from so beware had I known this was rpgshow I would have never ordered from them. The hair looked like cheap synthetic beauty supply store hair. I asked them before I mplaced my... Read more

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I walked in at 7 pm, and the store in Conover, NC where I live doesn't close until 9 pm, so naturally, I assumed that I would be able to get my hair colored within that amount of time. I walked in, was ignored for a few minutes, then one of the ladies in there came up to me and I said, "I'd like to have my hair bleached today." and she said, "oh, we don't take color after 6:30." I looked all... Read more

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