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Walgreens is the worst for violating their own company policies Rude store management also Customer Service is non exsistant This company strives to be the best in the industry how about starting with a class in Manners Add comment

Testing the Products True Cambogia and Pur Slim. True Cambogia and Purslim are a (combination, formula, mixture, blend) of (natural, all-natural, naturally occurring) (ingredients, substances) which makes it the (ideal, essential, perfect) formula for (smart, reasonable, balanced) and (safe, healthy, risk-free) weight loss. You won’t be (endangering, jeopardizing, imperilling) your (vitality,... Read more

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On several occasions - even after making arrangements in person when I transferred hours to a friend and upon check out was charged more or told that wasn't correct and charged an additional amount in front of persons I was treating. I purchased an hour massage gift certificate for a friend, 6 months later I tried to transfer, but told I couldn't because I bought one. I made an arrangement to... Read more

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Aspen Dental in Mattoon is nothing but a joke. They charged my insurance maxing it out before they had even finished any of the sevices. I had a set of dentures made and after 30 days of them not fitting. I could not even wear bottom plate due to extreme pain. They informed me i did not know what i was talking about and my expectations were to high. 3 days after my last appt. I went to Dentist in... Read more

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I was online and saw a weight loss product which said $4.99 shipping only with a free bottle of Forskolin I clicked and add green coffee for same. I didn't check to see there was a catch until I checked my credit card bill this month where I saw the charges 5/24 two amounts for $4.99 and 6/6 $64.99 6/9 $64.99. I called the number attached and after waiting about 10 minutes the rep said the... Read more

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After filling out a surgery for a utility company they offered to pick from a list a free gifts. I picked keranique as the gift paid S/H and received it. Product is awful leaves your hair coated and sticky. Stopped using the product and never thought about it again until, I was charged $79.95. I called customer service and was told that I did not respond within the 30 days and it stuck paying... Read more

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i got my nails there for the past eight years. always smiling and do FAVULOUS work. i look at nail deaigns obline and the manager personally does mine to my specifications and exceeds my expectations. not a bad review from me AT ALL great company and i refer everyone to them. And you cant beat the price fir the quality. Excellenta! Add comment

Thank you for this information, I have just fallen for the free trial scam so am now awaiting the news that I will be charged for full amount. If I advise my bank not to allow any payments to this company can they then enforce payments via 3rd party (there is no clue in their advert to indicate that one will pay full amount after 14 days) I would be grateful if anyone could advise me on this. I... Read more

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If you need a heavier makeup for a night out, use a heavier makeup. But Christina's makeup is great. It is light and it covers. 1 compact has foundation, blush, eye shadow, under eye powder. And you are set. I use it, I love it. Easy to use, just watch the video. The lip gloss is great too Looking forward to trying the skin care and mascara Add comment

Horrible. Go to your podiatrist. Run, wheel...basically get away from these scam artists. Aaron. Kathy Griffin. Horrrible, awful people. Huge scam. No recourse. Add comment

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