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I am writing to let you know how great I think your product is.My family just loves my potato salad. they say i make it so good,we dont know how she dose it.well of course its the miracle whip! i have used it for years,love it! thanks for making a great product and making my salad the best.Now I have my daughters using your product in everthing.i guess you could say they are taking on my miracle... Read more

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I am a long time local customer of the Whole Foods on Montana Ave & the whole store is conducted like it's their playtime. A n employee named Samantha accused me of stealing when I put one stevia in my drink. I spend a lot of money there & have complained to Angela the manager but they all stick together Add comment

I purchased a box of the Ritz bits cheese crackers and they taste awful!! I thought maybe it was just me so I had my husband and daughters try them. We all came to the same conclusion of them tasting like some sort of chemical. I am not happy especially after spending so much on such a little box! I will not be purchasing any more Ritz products! Add comment

I just bought 3 28oz cans of great value baked beans warmed them up and served them to my family. About 5 minutes into dinner my 11yr old started choking when I did the Heimlich Maneuver out poped a bolt that was in her beans! I called the local walmart where I bought them and got placed in hold when I called back 3 different times I did not get an answer! Walmart in Las Cruces, Nm on Valley,... Read more

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Hy vee 7.28 a pound for jelly belly. Ridiculous!!! The candy store downtown specializes in it, and its CHEAPER!!! Add comment

We were not able to scan an item, tried the code and still didn't work, the machine told us to wait for assistance which we did, there were two employees in the store that we could see, a taller guy that we have seen there before and a shorter guy who we have never seen around. He passed by our machine ignoring us although the light was on and we were there obviously waiting. I said excuse me,... Read more

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I went to the grocery store at 3am to do some grocery shopping without all of the crowds and congestion. I usually go to Walmart anytime I go in the middle of the night, but I've recently been shopping at Kroger because against popular belief, Kroger is actually cheaper than Walmart, AND you get gas reward points for shopping there which really comes in handy when gas prices are high. I took my... Read more

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it is ridiculous to deny purchasing alcohol just because everyone in the party doesn't have an i.d. Id understand if it was the law, but it isn't ,, but we're talk about a 3rd rate companies policy,, and the better judgement of a cashier.... is all of this necessary? I mean if ya wanna make it a policy to say that you handle business that way then go ahead,, but to enforce your employees to think... Read more

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