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Hello, my name is Brianna Yates and I am extremely dissatisfied that Walmart has sold me an unbearable, rancid smelling Ready Pac Bistro® Bowl Turkey Cranberry Baby Kale Salad. I have the receipt for evidence that I had just bought this salad today at 5448 WHITTLESEY BLVD in Columbus, GA on 2/26/2015 at 23:01:09 as stated on my receipt. I came home to enjoy my salad and when I opened the package,... Read more

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This morning my wife and I were shopping at your Mayfield Rd. store in Mayfield Hts. Oh. When we brought our groceries to the register the cashier and the bagger were standing doing nothing. I began to put my groceries on the belt. I stopped the belt was filthy there was spilled milk, there was wet blood spots from leaking meat packages. I asked the cashier if they ever wash the belt. What she... Read more

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My wife and I were shopping at your store on Mayfield Rd. in Mayfield Heights this morning. When we came to the register I had mention to the cashier that the belt where the groceries are put to be rung out was very unsanatary.& There was spilled milk there was blood spots from packaged meat that had leaked , and who knows what When I asked the cashier if they ever washed the belt she than... Read more

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  • Hy Vee
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These people do discriminate! If you're gonna call back *** than *** do it dumb *** Add comment

Your new ritz crackers that have poppy seeds, should not have poppy seeds as truck drivers and athlets get drug tested . we are truck drivers and bought yhe ones with onion, garlic and poppy seeds by accident. Add comment

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  • Publix
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I feel that empathy is a word clinicians define on a state board when they really should practice it everyday. Add comment

This evening I happen to go to the store to grab a few things, among them - hot dogs. I came across this new brand I'd never heard of called Laura's Kitchen. They were marked on special 10/$10. I grab a couple packages and proceed to check out in the self-check section. When I scan them, they come up $4.99. I touch the tab on the screen to flag an attendant, who at the time was finishing helping... Read more

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I was eating and chewing what i thought was one of the nuts in the ice cream and tried to swallow it and it started to choke me .i then started to spit it out and seen that this was no kind of nut.this thing. Was dark maroon and has a funny smell to it.i showed my mom and shelso agreed that it was no almond.pecan.walnut pieces and told me to put it in a bag and to contact blue bell.the box said... Read more

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Rude cashier at Madison Heights, Michigan store. Throws groceries into cart. Acts like she is angry you came to shop at the store. This happens every time this particular clerk waits on me. From now on I will go to Walmart or Kroger. Their prices may be a bit higher, but at least I don't have to worry about rude cashiers, who have issues and want to take it out on the customer. The other... Read more

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I bought some ranch dip and the expiration date was Sep 10 2015 but when i tried it it tasted like sour milk.! Add comment

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