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Mouse *** in my cinnamon mini squares cereal. Poured a bowl for my daughter and as she was eating I noticed a small black cylindrical object floating. I dipped it out to get a closer look, YEP! MOUSE ***! IF YOU WANNA FEED YOUR KIDS MOUSE *** CLOVER VALLEY IS THE BRAND FOR YOU!!! GOSH DAMMIT!!! Add comment

Worst customer ser called twice and neither cared went through 2 wks of bad pineapples smaller than usual i but a pinespple everday and im at the cicero story and i mean everday all i asked for was it be reimbursed for 2 of the pineapples and they wouldnt even give me that i know a lady who didnt spent a penny uses the bathroom she complained that the bathroo was dirty and got $20 .what in the... Read more

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The Dickson, Tennessee store overall is pretty good...except their produce is old and the paper bags are so freaking thin, my groceries fell out when the bag wripped Add comment

Im so disappointed with customer service at wegmans i shop there every day and i mean everyday had week of bad pineapple called cs twice noone every offered to to retify this situation im so surprised because i know a lady who complained about a dirt bathroom and wegmans sent her a $20 gift card i got nothing and i buy a pineapple everyday whats wrong with this picture Add comment

I've been a regular customer of giant eagle for over 25 years. I buy my gas at get-go and I buy the bulk of my groceries at your store. I think my purchases only prove my loyalty to your store......I find it troubling that I'm expected to sign up for your advantage card if I want to use the self checkout registers. I understand needing it to get the discounts, but to use a checkout line? What's... Read more

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I totally agree with the consumer re. the purchase of a $60 cake with food stamps. Two years ago I was working as a temp for a cell phone call center here on the Treasure Coast in Florida. During a training class, a young white female walked into the class with a pack of Red Bull energy drink. She informed some of the male classmates in the class to go to the cafeteria to get some empty cups... Read more

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Also the store i was talking about is in Maryland n the supervisor wears glasses, older n short hair! Very, very rude!!!!! Add comment

The royal farm store on bowley`s quarters rd in carroll island has an ignorant supervisor she never smiles, only says ty if you say it first n never says have a good day unless you say it to her! My fiance went in to buy beer one night n she wouldn't serve him for no reason n i had to go in n pay for it! I've been in banking for 13 years n if i treated one of my customers the way she treats all... Read more

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New to store in Houston at West Main & Kirby. Store was filthy, poorly stocked. Add comment

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