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  • Save A Lot
  • 50 minutes ago
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I got hired at Sav A Lot store after over a month waiting for a background check, after only working 1 day i was told they have too many employee hours and i was cut off n only got 1 out of 3 days training! I' ve been out of work 6 months n i need money! If they had too many hours why even hire me? Spend all that time n money on drug test n background check for that? WASTE!! Add comment

ever day I go into the store on W lake mead for coffee and breakfast sandwich I am greeted with an empty coffee pot and out of cream, and asking one of the staff to get some can be a real challenge, last time I asked I was told I'll get it when I can, after a few minutes of waiting I politely told the rude lady that I will not be back for anymore coffee, she didn't really care. $5.00 a day isn't... Read more

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Please hire some cashiers and let them do their job. I'm not a cashier and every single time I go there I have to scan and bag all of my items. It's ridiculous and there is no saving on items with not paying cashiers. Give me cheaper prices or let the cashiers do their jobs. Sheesh. Please hire some cashiers and let them do their job. I'm not a cashier and every single time I go there I have to... Read more

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I shop at the Wheaton location on Roosevelt Rd. On 9-15-15, I passed by an unattended sample station at the back of the store near the frozen foods. There were several plates with the sample on the counter and I took one. It was probably the best I've had (grilled salmon and salad). After shopping, I went by the same station, now manned, and reached for another serving. Immediately, JIM W said,... Read more

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Whole foods market in MILFORD is the worst *** store to shop in. The front end has the rudest employees and the supervisors don't make it any better. They rip you off and change their policies way too often without any notice. Also some employees are very nice but yet they get treated like *** from leadership because of the rude *** customers that shop in that store. Add comment

I bought clover valley bread as i often do. The back heel had something baked in it as i took a ***......looks like a baby mouse or something. Will never buy again. Been sick all evening Add comment

Twice this week my husband and I went into the Pharmacy in the Morrissey Santa Cruz Store to pick up a prescription. Both times 5 employees were there talking to each other and saw us standing there but did not offer to help us. We waited over 20 minutes each time. I understand they can be busy but they should have at least one employee that is there to help the people waiting in line. When the... Read more

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  • Publix
  • 1 day ago
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Need the hi tech floss!!! Why has it been discontinued? Please bring it back !!!! Add comment

I recently shopped at a save a lot on Russellville road in Bowling Green,KY. Employees were slow and rude, they would not make eye contact or thank you for your purchase. This store will never get my business again. When i first entered the store there was a very long line in both checkout lanes. Cashiers seemed to be taking their time checking customers out. Employees would not make eye contact... Read more

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I went to the store in Winter Haven Florida on Sunday, October 4th at approximately 11 a.m. and the store was in horrible shape from the outside in. The carts in the cart coral were all pushed forward out of it's area and there was trash in and under the carts. There was trash all over the sidewalk going into the store. Upon entering the store there was a strange odor of what seemed like rotten... Read more

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