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Me and my kids went to our local ingles the other day and got milk, bread, and cheese. The expiration date on the milk was a week and a half from our date of purchase and when we opened the milk it smelled rotten! After taking it back and waiting on customer service to refund us we heard a manager cussing out an employee! Extremely unprofessional and unnecessary! I felt so bad for the poor... Read more

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i bought these knives at SAMs demo and heard how great they were I've used 4 of these and the sharpness is gone.ive tried to sharpen on a very good sharpener guess what it makes them duller I would like a refund and will go to SAMs and florida dept of consumer affairs. The boning knife doesnt debone the serated knife will not sharpen. I've tried every thing I know to sharpening stones ,I've... Read more

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My Clover Valley sugar cookies were expired before the date, and their soda tastes like it was made out of dirty dish water! Very disappointed Add comment

Put in an order for a cake & cupcakes to be done on 4/4/15 on 2/19/15 and they did not even have my order in . So glad I kept receipt . Now my baby shower is ruined and this is just more stress on me and I'm already high risk . And to add to that the lady in bakery (Sharon) yelled and was cOmpletly rude to me like it was my fault . Now what am I supposed to do for my baby shower cake ?! Add comment

Acme in media, pa. Baltimore Pike New remodeled acme, they have taken out the do it yourself checkout, which was really convenient. So they hired actual people to "help". I'd rather poke my eyes out with burning hot skewers, than interact with these miserable life sucking people they've hired. They, and I say they, because this is a review of my cumulative visits to this awful store, they... Read more

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I like very much to shop at aldis. I have bought gala apples for sometime and have been very pleased with the quality until lately. The last three bags i have bought are poor quality apples. They look like they have been picked up from under the tree with rotten spots. What has happened to the quality? Could you please buy quality apples. Add comment

Ingles grocery in Etowah is by far the worst store anyone could even have open! The managers are worthless! My dog has more since than those idiots!!! Add comment

Well the Aldi saga continues with Southern Grove. I informed Aldis that Star Snacks in New Jersey denied the mixed nuts were their product. Aldis put me on hold after taking the Tracking numbers and said their computer showed it was Star Snacks . However they were going to check with their team and another supplier. I requested to know under the Freedom of Information Act what action Aldis was... Read more

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There are two male employees at the service desk at the Prospect Street Shoprite. They treat young female shoppers with such disrespect that it is mind-boggling. The two male employees refuse to help older female shoppers by telling them that they are on break or by-passing them to service a male shopper. Both employees work together and sometimes are insulting, harass older female shoppers by... Read more

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