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On 12-11 at 10:21 pm, my daughter and I went to use her WIC. This was her first experience. First of all when my daughter told the cashier (Rachel) that she was using WIC-the cashier next to her (Dezi) runs around and says "oh i love doing wic." Dezi told my daughter that she owed money but she did not. The voucher was for $10. We put items back not understanding what Dezi was saying-she kept... Read more

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I have found several crackers in a box of Ritz with a terrible taste. I don't know what it is but I do know it does'nt belong on food. Please, try and find out if your employees are capable of handling food safely. Because food are suppose to be clean when bought from a supplier. This taste on these crackers are no a clean tasting type of ingredient. The authenticity of this matter should be... Read more

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I called to ask why the taste of Laura Lynn Extra Sharp Cheese had changed. I was transferred by the first person I talked to and left a message on another individual's voicemail regarding the cheese with my phone number. My call was never returned. This is not the first time I have inquired about a product only to receive a voicemail and never have my call returned. Ingles is not committed... Read more

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I worked at store #98 for a couple of years as a deli employee. Always gave it 100%. I worked every position and learned it all. Never beeing offered a advanced position. I took on the position as deli cook, and I rocked it. The deli managers attitude toward the employees was ridiculous and unexceptable. I have seen him kuss the employees to the point some women have cried. They always had the... Read more

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I shop at the Tumwater Washington Fred Meyer, and the management are a bunch of racist terrorists. I saw two mangers stalk and harass my friend because she was black and they kept accusing her of stealing, and she wasn't. I also saw the management harassing a female employee because she has money missing from the till. He yelled at her, and she almost started crying. Another time I visited, and... Read more

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The store on Austin peay on Sunday dec 21 2014 at 1:30pm is the worst store worker than I seen in memphis tn and security smile and see the line is long as ***.one casher. Bad bad. Add comment

Beware people royal farms WILL RIP YOU OFF,i go in to buy several things and was charged 3 times. Yes you could say i am pissed for this is bill money like most people cannot spare, now i have to type more wording in hopes on there behalf that i will not continue this complaint but there wrong,surely you mean what i say when i say RIPPED OFF. to add more it is christmas and this could not have... Read more

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I went to the Win dixie in NW 7 AVE and 37 ST in Miami to buy a cheesecake for my husband's birthday....the cake was covered with fruits and it said large fruit cheesecake. When i got home with the cake, my husband was so excited....when it came down to cutting the cake, to my husband's disappointment it was just a plain cake covered in fruits. We were not pleased at all. It's sad that the... Read more

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I am very upset that the Ritz snowflakes cracker are not at all store they have sold out at Walmart.stores. Add comment

I just bought 10 dollars worth of organic red grapes At the king kullen store on sunrise hwy in bay shore New York- when I got home they were totally moldy and rotten - do not but organic grapes here! I had to throw them all away,. Add comment

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