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Hello Sirs, Today September 1, 2015 between 10:00 am - 10:30 am I visited the Pharmacy Department of Meijer Store 900 N.Lapeer Rd., Oxford MI, 48371. The person in charge was Mr. Jeby Matthews. I would like to make a complaint about his attitude and the way he treats customers. THE WINDOW SERVICE IS USELESS. This morning it was my fourth time trying to use it with NO SUCCESS. I had to park ...go... Read more

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This happened today at my local Publix The dog was being held by the over touching stuff and in the deli section I informed the manager who told me that all she could do is ask what kind of service the dog provide it which she did not I even express that I was allergic to dogs she said all they can do is Sarah taste the cart that the dog was in that wasn't done either so I'm wondering what they... Read more

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Don't buy gas from Royal farm store on Back River Neck Road there's something in the tanks that's messing my vehicle out everytime i buy gas from there my vehicle is running rough when I go somewhere else it straightened right back out Add comment

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The employees in the Greenway Plaza store are very disrespectful, sarcastic, unhelpful and very rude. They sell meet that is very old and there is always boxes and shopping carts everywhere. My daughter fell over a stock of boxes left on the floor by the meat department. The fruits and vegetables look unhealthy and so does most of the food. Add comment

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The pharmacy personnel are absolutely the rudest bunch of morons I've ever encountered. Add comment

I shop frequently at Krogers and use my gas points I was told that my old points would be used first then they would go to my next month .I got gas and used points 2 days later I went to the store and was told I have 1the end of the day to use my July points or lose them it was my understanding that those points were taken first so I went to the gas station topped off my tank with 8 gal so as not... Read more

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On Aug. 31,2015 my husband brought vanilla Blue Bell Icecream, he don't have no smell nor taste done to his Cancer. After several hours his stomach started to hurt soon after he started vomiting, we know it was the icecream because he's on a special diet this never happen.My husband love Blue Bell Icecream specially vanilla. Add comment

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Review about Publix Glazed Vanilla Creme Cake from Orlando, Florida
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My husband was eating a vanilla cake from Publix bakery and suddenly something cracked inside his mouth, when we threw away we saw a medium black spider between the rest of the cake, so gross and scary. We simply couldn't keep eating that cake. Read more

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I purchase some California raisins open the lids someone had already open just wants a replacement. Add comment

I bought a case of clover valley spring water at dollar general in Hamlin PA. One bottle was empty. We like the water and buy it all the time. I will send a photo. Add comment

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