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  • Wegmans
  • 2 minutes ago
  • by anonymous
  • #549498

It's true, some customers are out of line and step across the boundries. With their sexual suggestions and degrading manners toward employees. Add comment

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  • Save Mart
  • 46 minutes ago
  • by anonymous
  • #549485

Spent $7 in one trip, same day (20 minutes later) spent another $5 they wouldn't give me a cookware stamp for spending over $10 because it wasn't in one transaction. Up until now, this store had been my #1 grocery store to shop at, this will change after today. Add comment

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  • Publix
  • 2 hours ago
  • by anonymous
  • #549457

Store in douglasville ga. Acoicates an managers are snobby an stuck up no good an they dont like couponers stay away if you use coupons Add comment

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  • Safeway
  • 1 day ago
  • by anonymous
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The store is very rude in mt airy Safeway!! He never smile.Always feel he looks at the customer,like they should not even be there.That store would be much better off,if they replace him.!!!! Add comment


I went to store #619 with my sister this morning im 61 yrs old and was refused to be allowed to buy beer at this store because i did not have my id with me i have never ever been carded until today i had to give the beer back and was embarrassed at the check out you can clearly see im over 21 yrs old please something need to be done at this store #619 how can you allow this kind of thing to... Read more

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For years I have argued with my husband that we HAVE to shop at union grocery stores as I want employees to have living wages and benefits. I will however be shopping at a different union grocery store from now on. I have emailed Fred Meyer about poor customer service at the check-outs, but the managers will always tell you blah, blah, blah we care about our customers, but NO improvement at the... Read more

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I'm a professional. But have vitiligo, an auto immune disease that results in my pigment cells being attacked by my own immune system. What happens is I have spots on my hands and face. I'm two tone! Anyway at Ralphs in Encino, on Hayvenhurst their service deli refuses to serve me. I came back 4 x. Still refused. Ignored. Apparently the color of my money isn't good enough for Kroeger. lol... Read more

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I want to report The Cashier’s name is Jackie E. And Supervisor's name is Wendy Madison The incident took place on Sunday October 19, 2014 at 7:00 PM at Ralph’s grocery store at 3827 Culver Center, Culver City, CA 90232. Summary: 1-The cashier gave me and my husband a nasty rude racist attitude, yelled at us and humiliated us infront of our kid and other employees and customers. 2-She reused a... Read more

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I bought a Shepard's Pie dinner (8.99) from Food City on Danforth at Pape. Well, it was awful. I don't know what type of meat it was but it was definitely not beef. When I checked the package, it did not say what type of meat it was made from, and there was no Nutritional Facts listed on the container. Nothing! Is this even legal? When I wrote Sobey's customer complain department, they gave me a... Read more

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I should have figured something like this would happen at this Kroger. I ordered a cake with my son who turned 13. He wanted a tropical theme with water/ocean and islands. The islands were supposed to be small and opposite sides of the cake but you can see that is definitely NOT what we received. So not only was he embarrassed but having a house full of 10,11,12 & 13 year olds making fun of... Read more

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