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i worked for rent a center and i know first hand of their bullying scare tactics and over all shiester buisness practices. let me put your mind to ease if you are being harrassed for non payment of your items 1) if you fail to pay they can not come to your home and demand payment. 2)they can not enter your home and seize the items. 3)they can not wait outside your residance to confront you about... Read more

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The advertisements for the My Pillow claim it is the number one pillow recommended by the National Sleep Foundation. Of course it is. The only products recommended by the National Sleep Foundation are the My Pillow products and that is because the National Sleep Foundation was founded by the My Pillow company for the purpose of being able to engage in what many would call false advertising. Why... Read more

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I have a tv from RAC which im behind like 3 weeks in a payment they keep calling and I just recently moved I do plan on paying them but itll take me a few days to get paid.. they leave mssges every day about my "delinquent" account.. can they take me to court and how long after my payment?.. I dont think theyd take me to court for 3 weeks would they?..If they would how long after would they have... Read more

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I purchases two rooms of Cindy Crawford furniture from Rooms To Go in 2008. By the fall of 2010 I had one dining room chair wood split along the side and my bedroom set television hutch wood split all the way down from the knob and one side of a running board on the bed is split. It is not like we have a houseful of kids abusing the furniture. It only my husband and I. I contact Rooms To Go... Read more

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Additional Notes Complaint Category: None of the Above - Advertising Complaint Issue Complaint: No one reads the fine print for a $19.99 purchase. My pillow order #*********. After having problems sleeping awoke to infomercial with claims of the best pillow ever. Checked online and found special for 30 day trial of 2 pillows for $19.99. You can not complete the purchase without clicking tab for... Read more

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I fell for the buy one get one free. I paid over $64 and expected to get TWO pillows, buy one get one free. Well one arrived and the invoice read $109 less $64 discount...billed $64. Thats NOT what I agreed to. I agreed to pay $64 for two pillows. I called customer service several times finally got through on the third try. Was told that the regular price was 109 and i got 50% off. This was NOT... Read more

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ordered the buy one get one free and when it came there was only one and when I called and left three messages they finally called back and told me I only ordered one and I got it at fifty percent off that the pillows are one hundred a piece the web site is very confussing and I never would have bought it if it was that much it's just a scam so make sure your clear on what your getting because if... Read more

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we purchased the beachside denim couch and two chairs...we were givin the fabric protection story(that we fell for) and a year later we're still paying for this mistake. i've had 2 or 3 techs at my house that seemed to know less then i did about the product. six different times they have sent me the wrong replacment products(cushions and covers)and to this day i still havent had anything... Read more

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before my pillow had the BOGO, their website had the prices for the pillows at $49.95 (queen) to $59.95 (king) each. Then when they went to the BOGO sale they doubled the price. They deny this but at Bed,Bath and Beyond, the Queen size is advertised for $59.95 less their usual 20 percent off. Even though My Pillow tells me their originals have a few more additions, how could that double the price... Read more

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II purchased a sofa, love seat, bench and a recliner from rooms to go about 2 years ago. Everything except the recliner was supposed to be leather. Late last year I began to notice flaking in certain sections of the sofa, love seat and bench. I called customer service and was told that my warranty only covered stains. Not sure why I was sold an extended warranty on all my items if it only covered... Read more

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