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Would not recommend them! Purchased a futon and was in convinced with their pick up system for two days. One they don't have rope to tie down your furniture to the top then they lose it the next day when you pick up. And do not try to offer anything for the troubles. Add comment


Ordered sofa to Bay Area to be delivered the next Friday and heard nothing back despite receiving a call in one biz day. When I called, the rep told me it was an error- a third party takes possession on Friday for delivery but she had no idea when it would come. I canceled my order only to hear back from the manager named Jackie told me the rep was wrong. Of course I have since canceled the... Read more

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Rent A Center should bury their in head in shame.Seems RAC has mistaken the privelege of " Free Enterprise" for a all out pass to prey on consumers. Pricing is absurd, some items being marked up 225%. On the VERY day payment is due 3-4 phone calls are received wanting the payment. Also if you are even (1) day late the office we deal with in Hagerstown Md. Demands 2 or even sometimes 3 weeks... Read more

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Bobs furniture service sucks they schedule me for a delivery that was the only on the had available. I get a call confirming the date the day before, I *** for work only to find out after hrs of waiting that they change my delivery to the nxt day. I call customer service and I get the bull *** sry there's nothing we can do. F u bobs furniture!!!!!!! Add comment


We purchased a new King size King coil mattress in May of 2013. It was fine until my husbands side of the bed started to sag, the side of the bed collapsed. I called Art Van, because this had a 10 year Warranty on it, and it was not cheap, we paid almost 2000.00 dollars for it. They sent an inspector out to look at it, which took almost 2 weeks. Once the inspector came out it was another 3 days... Read more

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I had purchased the Bliss Down-Filled Chair from the West Elm store in Birmingham, MI some weeks ago. After reviewing the website numerous times in excitement to receive our product, which was forced to be a ship-to-store since they do not have anything on hand, I had noticed the pricing had changed to reflect some sort of sale amount. I quickly ordered the same chair and matching ottoman with... Read more

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Do not shop here! Furniture is *** and the warranty is worthless. Spend a few more dollars and go somewhere v that actually cares about their customers. Add comment


Bought a sectional in April & bought the extended warranty. After 3 months the cushions were pulling away from the back of the couch. After going back and forth with the store manager for months, they sent a repairman to look at it and stated that the damage was from our dog and couldn't do anything with it when this issue has nothing to do with our dog. This is just a case of cheap furniture... Read more

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We bought from Sears a 3 seater sofa and a one seater. First: a few months after purchased, the front bottom of the sofa started to protrude, still under guarantee. We thought the wood structure would puncture the leather from the inside. It was fixed. Second: an arm of the one seater chair gave way when you supported yourself with your hand - arm to seat on it. Sears not any longer responsible.... Read more

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