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Never will I do business with acceptance in Nebraska furniture mart in Kansas very rude deceitful not nice at all. Add comment

We purchased the Galaxy Chocolate (leather) couches about 5 years ago. They were fine for about one year. We also purchase the protection warranty. The couches started cracking for three months and started peeling, only two of the sectionals. We contacted the warranty and the said it was due to wear and tear. So my husband went to the store and they told him that it could have been that the... Read more

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This is one of the most awful experiences I've had with anything. I hate buying stuff from Walmart, there is always something wrong with it. How do you pack the wrong part in two boxes,this is not just one box this is my second box. I am not shopping at Walmart any more. I rather pay more at a reputable store. Add comment

Workers not to knowledgeabe about the program lazy and take lunch breaks at crucial times of TV e day do jot answer phones like they should but when they do they tell you anything to get you off the phone Add comment

High and excessive fees with incompetent workers! Add comment

They are robbers. Customer service is horrible! Workers are not professional and lie! We need to find us a good attorney and cut the head off this snake! Add comment

I waited three weeks for funiture when it came they sent the wrong pieces and couldnt put it together i missed a days pay waiting then they said another three weeks and i lose another day pay this furniture cost me way more than its worth Add comment

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I thank everyone for reviews. I just had a lumpectomy & need something to make me comfortable. I was thinking about this, but I have enough to deal with other than being ripped off. I guess I'll stick with my old pillow. Add comment

on May 25, 2015 I purchased an entertainment unit, a 3 piece living room table set, and a 12 piece bedroom set from the bob's in Langhorne PA. Delivery was set for June 6. The delivery truck arrived and one of the end tables wasn't able to be assembled. The coffee table's main support was cracked. The door on the dresser was scratched. The door on the entertainment center was missing and the... Read more

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I had a horrible experience after I placed, then immediately cancelled an order. BizChair waited two days, then responded saying they can't cancel because it was already shipped, then tried to ship it that evening. I disputed it with VISA and was refunded. THEN BizChair charged my card $260+ for the shipping costs from the shipping company to them (was never shipped to me). I had to again contact... Read more

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