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I purchased a beautiful $1200 TV stand from Hudsons Furniture in Lakeland, FL in December 2014. At the same time I also ordered a chair and ottoman. Was told they would deliver it in Jan since they only delivered to my area once per month. Did not receive it until Feb. When the delivery came, only the TV stand arrived and the chair and ottoman were still 'on order'. When the TV stand was brought... Read more

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I was just looking for beach towels. I saw one towel at 69.00. If a towel is that much I could never trust them. Add comment

I will never purchase another product from this company. I swear this company hires idiots. I originally purchased a black House of Troy Home Office Swing Arm Wall Light, and paid $50 extra for FedEx next day delivery. i received the package 4 days later, only to find that the idiots at this company ship completely mismatched parts. The lamp base was an ugly gold color and the part that goes... Read more

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I also bought the Cindy Crawford sectional 2 years ago with in 6 months all the coushins needed to be replaced, it took 5 months to send the right ones, the delivery guy said they are like bed pillows they should be fluffed every day, I am a SAHM all I do is clean an fluff this *** couch at least 3 times a day an they are all sagging,the padding has slipped off of the frame in the front where the... Read more

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First deliver table damaged. Next delivery day no call no show ,store said they would call delivery driver and call me back still waiting. Totally bad customer sevice. Add comment

I ordered bar stools and the order was accepted, then I made a mistake of reading all the horrible reviews and I decided to email the company asking if the item I ordered was actually in stock. They responded soon and said it was coming in 2 weeks. Which it did and then they shipped it. They were fast to reply to my emails about estimated stock replenishment dates. I received my stools. they are... Read more

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Spent almost $1,000 for a recliner. After a month, the chair squeaked and made noises. Could not move the slightest without noise Tired of living with it and will never, never, never buy Lazy Boy again. Went shopping today and was told England merged with Lazy Boy, so don't buy that brand either. I contacted their customer service without any response, just that it would be normal. It is... Read more

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We paid for a bedroom set in full after being told it would arrive in two weeks. We called at the end of two weeks and were told it would be another week, then another, then they would fed ex a missing part--the latest delivery date we were told is in another TWO MONTHS. It's hard to reach a customer service agent and we're told different versions of the problem every time we call. I'm very... Read more

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100% FULL

After about 18 months, the fabric on the seat of the recliner started cracking, then started flaking off. It's just getting worse and worse. I contacted the company where we purchased it and they said "Sorry, the Lane company only has a 1 year guarantee". There is no way to slip cover it. I'm so disappointed in the Lane company and their supposed quality. We spent a lot of money on this... Read more

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Was delivered a faulty mattress-spent loads of my time calling/waiting on people. Went to the store to get a different mattress (decided this was not a good brand -kingsdown) very happy to upsell us, but because we got the first one on sale-we could only 'exchange' it for an additional 1k. Very generous offer to deliver for free, even though they are currently delivering for free. Then we... Read more

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