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I purchased an $800 bunkbed on a Thursday and attempted to cancel the order within 24 hours on the Friday. Even though they said the bed would not be delivered for 2 to 3 weeks they advised me that they would not refund my money under any circumstances. After speaking with two managers and representatives at head office they have confirmed they will not refund my money no matter what. Once you... Read more

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I bought a living room suite from ashleys and I bought the insurance on it. Which was a good thing that I did. The insurance company was great but ashleys dropped the ball. I filed the claim in September. Insurance turned it over to the store . The store delivered damaged furniture to me . I sent it back. Was told it was reordered! In December I called to see where the furniture was. Ashleys had... Read more

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The service from bad boys service department in kitchener sucks. My washer machine has been not working for 28 weeks, can't get anywhere with them. Stay away from bad boys Add comment

Told us on the phone that a metal queen frame was $70, when where get there it's is $80. Only $70 if we buy another product in the store. Why not tell of the dual pricing on the phone? Switch and bait, up sell, whatever. Sleazy tactics. We did not need any other product. We did spend a lot of time in the store with the salesman (ES) looking at new headboards. We could not find a new on... Read more

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I bought a supposed hotel set from the Simmons website. Nothing like the Simmons hotel beds I've ever slept on. Worse sleep ever. $1800.00 down the tubes. Thanks Simmons! Add comment

I purchased a leather sofa from RTG. Even purchased the leather cleaner and warranty. The sales paper said it was 100 percent leather. My family and I hardly sat on the couch. I noticed after 3 years the leather began to bubble, crack and peel. Now it is totally ugly. I asked RTG to repair, replace or refund. They did neither. I feel robbed and cheated. The leather looked as if it was... Read more

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I gone to the store ask them about the payment that I have been doing for a year that the account have not go down at all . Add comment

I Bought a bedroom set from Celestial Furniture almost 4 months back. Its rail was broken as my son was playing, I called Celestial furniture and took their advice, they replaced the rails without charging any amount. I will very highly recommend their sales and after sales services. Best part is that they responded very quickly and within 3 days my problem sorted out. I am very soon planing to... Read more

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After shopping and comparing bedroom sets from various furniture stores, I settled on Haverty's for my new bedroom set. I wanted to purchase a storage panel bed, so the deal was the bunky board was included in the price. The salesman assured me numerous times he would "take care of it" and told me not to worry about an additional $129 cost for the bunky board. When I decided to spend $2,500... Read more

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Bought a recliner new in March of 2014, and now August of 2014 the padding is shot and collapsed. Had a Lang for 6 years that was in better shape in 6 yes then this piece of s#$% is in 5 months. This is the poorish quality and design I have ever seen. Add comment