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They charge for protectant on every item without disclosing. A friend of mine used to work at RTG and said that they lose their jobs if they don't sell the "goo" on every item and sell a mattress pad with every mattress. In addition, the Cindy Crawford leather items are already treated. So, there is no reason to sell the protectant on those. Stand firm and look at the invoice before signing. ... Read more

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I called Homeclick on 12/10/2014 to order a sideboard to match my dining set. I explained that I needed it in a specific date range and that if it could not happen by then, I'd look elsewhere. The person assured me that two weeks would be plenty of time to get it to me, and that I would be hearing from the shipping company almost immediately to schedule the delivery. When that did not happen, I... Read more

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My wife and son bought a queen size bed frame and head board from sherman tx home zone. The sales woman said last Friday the item would arrive Wednesday or Friday at the latest. Well it's Friday and the items didn't arrive. So we asked for refund so we could go buy items at a place that have items in stock . There saying no refund but the receipt says other wise. Receipt says all sales final... Read more

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The big fat black lady running the credit check, assumed my mom was getting furniture for me and was basically trying to make me sign it. And she can not talk, and her bra was too small and she was cheesy. Add comment

Exclusive Furniture customer service is a horrible. They lie about deliveries as well as replacing items. The manager and the whole staff will constantly lie to you and keep passing you from one person to the next. I will never purchase another item from them. I would rather go to the Goodwill. Please do not buy from this company. Horrible customer service with a lot of liars. Add comment

We decided that we wanted to replace a bunch of furniture throughout the house and decided to come to this store after Thanksgiving, and take advantage of their no interest deals. We purchased a couch and three new beds. Of course delivery was three weeks later, which was a little long, but understandable. When the time came for delivery to be scheduled, we were greeted by a snippy and rude... Read more

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DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!!! They have the worst customer service. Our experience is as follows... We bought a tv stand on 12-14 it was delivered on 12-18. The piece was delivered damaged (no surprise based on reviews). The delivery man told me it would be exchanged probably on Saturday (2 days later). Ok no problem and he left the damaged piece in the middle of my living room. Since it is damaged I... Read more

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This has been the worst experience of my life as a consumer. Via RAC Acceptance at Nebraska Furniture Mart in Kansas City First off the customer service is atrocious (I dealt with Fransisco, the "Manager"). This company is misleading and dishonest. Was told by Fransisco that this company offered a 90 day same as cash option. Once I drove to the store I was told that was not true again by... Read more

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Black Friday special Bait-N-Switch! Advertise a Sealy "Cushion Firm" queen set for $390, but once in store, they do not have a mattress "by that name" and point to the lowest Sealy mattress as the one that the ad is talking about. There was a cushion firm Sealy on display, but they wanted almost $800 for the set! Ended up at Macy's and found the cushion firm for under $400! Add comment

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