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I took some almost like new shirts purses and shoes to platos closet only to get offered crack head prices..I'm not a *** fiend..I will not take $2.70 for my coach and guess purses...they can take their money and SHOVE IT!!!!!! I will NEVER shop at their store again!!!!!! He'll I might as well have stood on the corner and just gave my things away to random people. I feel if people have almost new... Read more

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Don't shop at Mandee:Clothes fall apart after 1 washing and no refund credit
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A plaid flannel shirt brand Fashion Web bought at Mandee in Ossining, NY was worn and washed one time. The arm seam tore open and shredded between wrist and elbow. Side seam also split open. My washer is a brand new HE front-loader and extremely gentle. "Manager" at store in Ossining, NY refused to issue any credit of any kind even with presentation of the original receipt claiming that I wore it... Read more

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First of all the website is confusing as heck and I ended up ordering 12 camishapers instead of 3- I feel the site was designed to confuse the user. At any rate- Customer service offered a steep discount to keep all 12- so I did. Then they overcharged my account by $15.00. I have been told since 9/16 that I will receive the refund. But as of 10/22 no refund. Although I have called 3 times. I am... Read more

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For the last 7 months I have tried to cancel my membership. I have called their 800 number at least 50 times, at different times during the weekday and no one ever answers the phone, it just rings and rings. They continue to take 49.95 from my account each month. I have not received a single membership kit, letter, notice, acknowledgment, or anything. They have stolen my money faithfully every... Read more

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My order number is 8183391383 cake toper I want to change the date to 24/01/2015 . Thank you so much! Agmea Smith Add comment


Well, I totally agree. TTA was once a catalog I looked forward to receiving ... I still own (and wear) items I ordered from their very first catalog if you can believe it! The writing had been on the wall for some time though, those that pay close attention to details could see the sometimes subtle decontenting of the quality and diversity of the clothes ... now they are in the same league as... Read more

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My first and last order with Zulily - Since I placed my order with Zulily on September 21, I have made two status calls and sent an email to Zulily requesting estimated delivery of my 4 very adorable dresses. Guess what - each conversation I had with the very friendly staff ended in the same result - stuck in transit. The latest call today after 30 days of waiting I was informed it would be at... Read more

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I got a pair of pants for my birthday and was immediately approached by Phyllis at Dillard's. I told her the pants were too big and unplanned to look around. She askede at least 2 more times why I didnt want the pants, so again I told her they don't fit me. She asked me if I wanted the same ones and so I told her I didn't know and would just hang onto them until I was done looking around. I... Read more

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I should have learnt my lesson the first time.I once bought 2 pairs of shoes from them that took 3 weeks just to get here. Then when I called the claimed the shoe was no longer available. Smh atleast I wad able to get my money back but the scums wont pay you back your shipping cost if one pair made it. This time it's an outfit i need for this friday and they are taking forever to even mail it.... Read more

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Last Sat I went into. Plato Closet on the East side of town in. Bloomington. Indiana where I live at and to sell a watch and a ring and they had said they could not buy from me and I had asked why and they had said I had stole from them two to three weeks ago. Yesterday. I went in there to talk to the GM and she had told me that I was not allowed back into that store cause the employee had said I... Read more

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