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I have bought two pairs,,,,,, both came apart in the same *** place, two completely different styles. The second time it was a pair of two week old work shoes...... If you buy a pair, KEEP YOUR RECEIPT! Add comment

Nobody should even waste their time going here. They act like they have such high standards for buying clothes but then have gross worn out cloths on their racks. Always unintelligent, useless employees too... They need to fix their ***. Add comment

Horrible workers at the Roseville location. Have absolutely no idea what they are doing and turn away perfectly good, barely used clothes but then have worn out/gross clothes on their shelves... You guys are the worst Plato's closet in the state. I am telling everybody I know to never go to your store. Add comment

To whom it may concern, I was at a Conway store located in Brooklyn NY at the corner of church and Utica Avenue in Brooklyn, time of incident was at a proximately 7:25pm on Saturday may 23,I assume both of the associate which i dealt with was one of which the manager or cashier which was very rude and disrespectful the manager on duty time told me that the last time he drump over the counter at... Read more

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Went to the Fallas in Chicago at Ford City Mall and purchased a shirt a pack of t-shirts and a pair of pants. I got them Two sizes to big to be safe. They still didn't fit. Went to the store to return them and first thing first: The store was a mess clothes on the floor, one person at the register, no has greeting manners, had to wait till the young felt like helping me. She was rude and nasty.... Read more

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Wow I was happy until I searched it up and found this. A well dressed guy pulled up to me and told me he was heading to the airport because he was going back to Italy. He had a strong Italian accent. He showed me the jackets and told me that he was selling them because they were gonna charge him a lot in taxes so to make the long story short I bought 3 jackets for $160. Like I said I was excited... Read more

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Don't buy from tidebuy because it has s very bad customer service and is a waste of time. anyway i ordered an outwear on 03/02/2015 and i had an email saying that it would be delivered within 2-5 working days but i received it about 3 months later. it was supposed to be my sisters birthday present but it was so bad i had to buy her something else. the size and material was not as i expected it.... Read more

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Received an email about heels on sale and so I purchased two heels. Little did I know, I would have to pay $39.95/mo for the membership. The membership is an email that alerts you of secret deals for members only. Ridiculous business strategy. Canceled that *** asap! Add comment

My order took 2 months to arrive and it was ripped with buttons fallen off. Not impressed at all won't be using them again. I wouldn't use this company unless you want to be ripped off Add comment

I've bought three pairs of shoes from this seller at separate times. The first pair's order was canceled because they couldn't find the item. The other two pairs were absolutely disgusting worn out condition when they were described as if they only had minor signs of light wear. I would describe them as being worn by someone in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse. It wasn't completely concealed... Read more

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