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Footwear and Clothing Complaints and Reviews

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I ordered a frozen t- shirt for my 3 yr old for her bday sept 7 & some other stuff I received everything but the blue shirt I called customer service & they said u have 2 shipping depots (Nevada & Oregon) I haven't received the blue Elsa shirt yet & I need it by Friday pls get bak or me 2508992584 Add comment

The dress is so beautiful !I would just like to say how impressed I am with my wedding dress. It is absolutely amazingly beautiful & I have no idea why anyone would want to spend thousands of dollars on gowns when these gown are exactly the same for half the price tag. Delivery was amazing, I couldnt believe it when the courier knocked at my door!! Overall this dress brought me to tears, the... Read more

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Ordered a pair of Birkenstocks online, website looked pretty legit and they weren't really cheap. Didn't realize they were coming from china until I received the tracking #. Received the sandals and of course they fell apart without the first week I work them, they were aweful. Contacted the company, and sent them pictures of the sandals. They wanted me to send them back at my expense or pay... Read more

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Walked into dress barn to exchange a pair of pants and grabbed a couple of other items as well. No one greeted me and as I proceeded to look at clothes, out popped a employee from behind a rack of clothes nearly fell on the floor! She didn't say a word. So I went to register with my items and exchanged the pants totalled up other items and Gave her my credit card she claims it came up denied. I... Read more

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We want to buy the Cabin Creek line - who has it now that JCP lost their minds??? And why the *** do I need to enter at least 100 words? We are tired of stores thinking we will buy anything they put out there instead of what we had been buying that was a good quality item for a fair price. huki ohg fyjik jjmhgg hjkkhh mjmghh fgfth gfhg xhh hfh gfn fhnn huki ohg fyjik jjmhgg hjkkhh mjmghh fgfth... Read more

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Went to return an item purchased that was not used and in original package and receipt. Not only did they not refunded my money after paying cash but the managers and employees were very unprofecional.not even an apology wich digusted me and I will never EVER shop at any burlington store again. SO disappointed. Add comment

I think they are just money hungry bastards!! I love their clothes but their stuff is always over priced and I feel guilty after ordering every single time this is getting ridiculous and to top it all off they have deals but it just ends up where I waste more money I think I might be completely done with them!! Add comment

I got a pair of trousers on 08/30 which was 'on Sale' , which had a disfunct chain. Went to return the item on 08/31. I was told that since it was a Sales item the store recommends us to quality check the product and therefore would not take the item back. Never experienced this anywhere before. And this condition of quality checking each item we take is never highlighted on the Sales racks... Read more

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Tailor4less has a referral program where you can get a free shirt, pants or suit depending on how many people you refer actually buy something. I referred someone and they bought. My "progress gift" as they call it showed up on my account and I ordered a free shirt. They charged my credit card for shipping. I waited, and waited. The free shirt never showed up, and when I logged on to my... Read more

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I recently purchased a number of items on the tidebuy website. I was so unhappy with them as they looked very unlike the photo advertised and I really did not like them. I could not find out about refunds on the website so I emailed them to find out they do not take returns unless the items are damaged. I found them very unhelpful to deal with. I think this is ridiculous and it should be clearly... Read more

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