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  • 2 hours ago
  • by anonymous
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I brought a pink and black gym shoe it's the most uncomfortable shoe I've ever worn,it's like the sole is not even your foot leans to the inside and it makes your ankle ache. Add comment

I ordered a dress on Tuesday and paid the additional express shipping fee and never received my dress. I tried calling ami club wear and I never get connected with a rep. I don't think this sight is legit and is just some scam out to steal people's money! So disappointed Add comment


This store only have Hispanics workers, I mean %98.5.... which make every black person feel uncomfortable to work nor to shop there. RACISM isn't the word! I went to an interview with a Spanish guy name start "DEN", there was 2 of us (black) there with 4 other Hispanics, after a couple days, they sent me a letter saying that the position which I applied for is not available at this moment,... Read more

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I purchased 4 bras and. All of the zippers broke when I tried to wear them. First zip, zipper burst open. Add comment

Ordered a "giant" poster from them. It came in two pieces on some really really really cheap paper. Good luck lining up the two sheets neither of wich are the same size and the picture is all jacked up! Say the bottom half will be lined up than the top will be off completely. It's a sham and they won't respond to my emails. Add comment


Horrible business with this company. I ordered some stuff of their website. Got an email confirmation that it was shipped then woke up with another charge on my card for a seperate amount. So when I call them they have the nerve to say we were supposed to send you a email telling you we were shipping your items from two seperate warehouses so we will split the whole amount by what we are... Read more

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After ordering a pAir of uggs (Bailey boots) for 223.19 my package was never delivered after being in constant contAct with lord&tAylor customer service I was emAiled promising me a refund ... I never received anything .. In the end after a month of goin back and forth I was told to make a police report , and dispute the charges with my credit card company... The worst customer service ever... Read more

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  • 1 day ago
  • by anonymous
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Bought kaki pants, wouldn't give 5 dollars for in a clothing store. Thin material, faulty zipper. Add comment


this is a scam. I ordered the panties buttock since Sent: Sun, Sep 14,2014 the supplier was supposed to send them to me in a week by ems, I never received; one month now and still nothings Eva lau(2014-10-18 23:55:59) maybe the lost the goods,and if they compensate,they said ,if 1 month can not arrived,and have no message,and confirm lost the goods,they just compensate maybe not ,cuz I should... Read more

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Tommy Hilfiger - Review about Order Cancellation
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Ive tried to place online order twice ànd both orders were cancelled. The first time reasons were: too many items,we dont ship over seas and dont ship to p.o. box None of them apply to me. Second time reasons: your card was not issues in US, billing addres is valid and order was placed outside of US. Nope of them apply to me. I even offered to send a copy of my card. But they were not interested.... Read more

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