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No refund or exchange available, No return address, no reply from company, other than issued with a ticket number, that's the beginning and end of any further correspondence with them from their end, your left, high and dry, product that doesn't fit, poor quality garments, and no one to turn too. This company is quick at taking your money, l have never dealt with any firm that the customers... Read more

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Dresslily - Review about Coat from New York, New York
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In the midst of a long drawn out emailing dispute with this site because the items I ordered were so poorly made I still in disbelief. They refuse to refund me and had the audacity to offer me $5 credit for my next purchase when I spent $100 on items I would not wear even if it was my correct size. They obviously have no one running the quality assurance dept. The spikes on the boots look like... Read more

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Purchased four tunic tops on 12/5/14. I received the first two items the first week of January, 2015 (if I am not mistaken; it was a minimum of four weeks). But the point is that I still have not received the balance of my order as of this writing, 1/25/15. Also, the items I received did not match the photographs and specifications; i.e., the waist-high tunic I ordered was supposed to have... Read more

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If you're thinking about getting the app, use this code BMSYH & you'll get a $5 credit free. Now on to my review. I found this super cute, super rare floral Brandy Melville dress on there for $15 (+Shipping). It was shipped out the next day and arrived in 2 days. Now before making my purchase I made sure to ask the seller when she'd ship and I checked out her listing to look for any... Read more

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I acted on a deal that they were having where if you signed up to their newsletter you got a pair of pants for 5 dollars. I didn't know that this meant I was a "VIP MEMBER" aka I would get charged 50 bucks a month. Bad company. Oh yeah, and the pants aren't even nice. (I don't have anything else to say why is the word count a minimum of 100 words? Is this school? Am I writing an essay? This is... Read more

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PLEASE do not order from this site- is there any way to shut them down? How do they keep selling things? I ordered a large jacket and it fits a size 8, is made out of the cheapest, crappiest material i have every seen and looked nothing like the pictures. I feel like such a fool. Literally Kmart is like high end clothing compared to the *** I received. TOTAL ripoff! I wish i had read... Read more

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Boots are scratched half the boot is brown the sides have a light spot on each side of like a scratch then the top has a cut and i been waiting for these boots an the minute they arrive they look as of someone has already worn them serveral times first an last time i ever order from this site ! Add comment

I went to try and exchange an item that was too big for me but it was a sale item. I talked to the manager at my nearest store and he tried to help by calling another store to see if they had another size. After he found a store that did, I had to drive to another city to exchange my item. Their policy is to not take back any sale items but the manager that called said it was ok and that he wod... Read more

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I ordered shoes early December 2014 using a $50 off $100, I got the shoes and they didn't fit so I sent them back to exchange them for larger shoes. instead of getting the $50 off $100 they tried to charge me full price even though they told me over the phone no problem you will still get the deal. Next thing I know my new shoes are on the way but they charge my bank account full price and... Read more

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Working for Linda Criswell,the manager at the boynton beach dillards in Florida,is horrible.linda is a horrible boss,racist against black and Hispanic employees.Linda writes up black workers so much faster than white workers.linda criswell hired a white worker,Tim over a black associate who was next too be promoted.linda criswell is a mean nasty cheap manager.she should stay in her office and eat... Read more

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