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I need to return 2 dresses but no return address , no phone numbers to call. I don't like both dresses . They don't look goo on me. I have bought dresses from JJ's house before and they fit perfect but not this time . What should i do?

Love Culture is one of the worst companies ever. I visited one recently in FL & their DM Emily was covered in hickies & was very rude to me when I was just asking a simple question, she was also smacking her gum like a cow in my face. I will never visit another Love Culture because of this lady. Way to go on recruiting an awesome SIKE dm!!!

I love shopping there, but the music is sooooo loud that you can't even concentrate on what your shopping for. Turn it DOWN!!!

Just received fake Birkenstocks from China. The website I ordered them from was so obviously thought they were coming from the U.K. I will also have to change my bank card as I stupidly paid through a company called fristpay which came up through the Birkenstock site. I have googled that company - fristpay- and they are scammers. The sleekdrive website looks good and I... Read more

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I purchased the black leather St. John boots late last year and got a only few wears out of them during an especially warm winter. On a recent trip to London, I realized that the sole of one boot had fallen off. Upon inspection, it appears that the sole popped into four holes on the bottom of the shoe. Without this part, the boot is very uncomfortable to walk in. These boots were over $200 and... Read more

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I bought a bag from Woodbridge Lord and Taylor. I went to see if I could find a new one since the one I bought was a display. Called the Westfield store and they said they had a couple. When I got to the store the numbers on the bag and inside the bag did not match. I took the bag back to Woodbridge and they accused me of trying to bring a different bag back. The snit manager sounded like a... Read more

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I purchased a 4XL skirt for a fantastic price from Zulily and just received it today. As I opened the package, right away I could tell it was not a 4XL. I attempted to try it on anyway, and of course it didn't go past my thighs. I gave it to my daughter to try on who wears an XL and it fit her perfectly. When I looked at the inner label, I saw the size was "written" in. I find this to be a... Read more

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My daughter and her friends LOVE this store but as of today were are done and will not be going back. I purchased over $100 worth of cloths late Sunday. I wanted to return two items for credit and exchange one item. They then handed me a black card that said Forever 21. I handed it back and said, No thank you, I said I want it back on my American Express that I used two days ago. She was... Read more

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Hardly any wear on sole and they came apart! The other one is fine. Rey were a waste of money.

I ordered Women's Earthkeepers® Stratham Heights Strappy Sandals from on July 16, 2014. Whenever I checked order status through their web site it was showing "Item(s) located in stock". After a week later I called their customer service and customer service employee "informed" me that because of issue on their warehouse they canceled my order. They never sent email, message or... Read more

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