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This evening I took my two great- nieces to shop at Justice for school backpacks. I was given a hundred dollar bill by their grandmother to shop for them. At checkout the total was about $93 - the bill was run through a machine similar to a coke machine dollar changer. Since it was a little wrinkled the bill was NOT accepted!! I have NEVER heard of a store NOT accepting cash for a purchase!!!!! I... Read more

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After finding the perfect combat boots on this website (which I love for there pretty and usually good- quality shoes) and waiting for them to go on sale, when finally tried to buy them, I saw they were out of my size. I knew sometimes people return then online so i checked constantly to see if a pair in my size would be returned. One day I saw that my size was available and in stock to my... Read more

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I purchased a few items from this store. They were pajamas mostly. When washed they lost all shape came apart at the seams and were just plain cheap. I sent them back and was refused refund. I tried to get help but they only wanted to get paid. Now my bill is 450 dollars for a hundred dollars worth of cheap Chinese ***. Interest and late charges for refusing to pay. I sent clothes back but never... Add comment

I had purchased wedged shoes in May for a couple special occocians I had coming up. I have only worn these sandals about 10 times and they are falling apart. The soles are peeling off the foam bottoms and they are beginning to look old even though they aren't. It is very sad and annoying because these shoes cost over $55. I loved the look of these particular sandals and they were comfortable, but... Read more

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ROCKWALL CROSSING: I just spent almost $100 at one of the stores only to be treated like complete garbage from the moment I walked in. I just kept trying to brush it off and not let the rude employees get to me..NO ONE acted like they wanted to help me.. NO ONE greeted me when I walked in the store, and when I asked for help, I was brushed off like I was NOTHING, just pointed in a direction of... Read more

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Bought a purse two months ago and it fell apart today 7/30/14 Add comment

I saw a commercial for the Genie zip bra and decided to order one. The web site advertised a price of $10.00 and buy one, get one free. I thought it was a pretty good deal so I ordered one. My first issue is the fact that the processing and handling fee was $13.98!!! Almost $4.00 more than the cost of the bra itself. There's no way the postage on something like that was more than a few dollars,... Read more

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On April 9th, 2014, an order was placed for our products at a total of $346.55 through our website which is a Shopify sales platform. The payment was taken through their merchant platform called Shopify Payments. The order was confirmed on April 13th with the customer and shipped out on April 14th with a tracking number. On June 8th, we were notified that a charge back had been opened against us.... Read more

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I have placed 4 orders so far: 1. 62328656189232 - Couldn't pass the custom and I had to request for a refund. The refund takes another 15 days. 2. 61939347729232 - For a minion plush toy - Its been 80 days the seller cant track the order anymore 3. 62317452469232 - the order has been sent back and the seller is demanding for another sum in order to re-ship, or is giving a refund for the amount... Read more

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