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I had ordered the genie bra, and I have to say, I was very disappointed. I ordered them through Carol Wright and when I received them, I was shocked to see how small the pads were that go inside the bra. Well, I tried them on anyway. They gave me no support whatsoever and their largest size was too small. It seems that this bra is only made for small or medium sized women. I had no choice but to... Read more

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I love this brand for the comfort of them, but I have a pair I've only worn a few times and the color is actually "chipping" off them, coming off in small spots. I thought they were leather but seem to be some kind of material with a colored coating that's coming off! The company offers a very short warranty and I didn't wear them very often so I missed my return window. Very disappointed... Read more

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Still havent received my order from almost 2 weeks ago now! Sent private msgs and emails to no avail!!!! Wont be using this site again Add comment

The return policy is awful. Had no receipt, wanted an in Store credit, was denied, manager wanted to give me lowest price credit for my shoes. I told her I felt as though they were stealing my money. I kept the shoes. I told her I would never shop there again. I will never shop at Lord and Taylor. Add comment

I ordered to items off, one was on sale. They gave me a ten day window for shipping. A few days days later I got an email from fed ex saying my items were en route. Three days later, I get an email from Khols saying they didn't have the item that was on sale, so they were just shipping the other order - BUT - the shipping cost was still the same, and I didn't get a chance to add to... Read more

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Purchased a Blush gown from Prom Girl. The material is so cheap I will be embarrassed to wear it. The beading is already hanging in spots and I haven't worn it yet. I can't return it because my prom is in less than a week. The front fabric of the dress also looks spotted in places like the fabric was dyed poorly. The lady who is shortening it for me also stated the material is very cheap and that... Read more

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Ordered a veil for my daughter. Ordered ivory. Received white. Sent them picture of veil against white paper and several different items that would be considered ivory (various shades of) to show that the item received was, in fact, white and not what i ordered. Company will not admit mistake or refund money. Thats okay, im calling my bank and telling them that the company will not honor its... Read more

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I went to the Plato's closet in the East Lakeview/Lincoln Park area and the service was absolutely terrible. I hauled in four big bags of clothes and they picked out only four items and they offered me $9.90. I know for a fact just one of my items costed three times that amount. The cashier told me my clothes were worn and they were not big enough to be sold. Many of the clothes in the store were... Read more

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I purchased a dress from The dress came back the wrong colour.I pointed out to them that is was the colour even using their own colour chart for reference. After many emails they still refused to replace the dress. They did offer to refund 15% which was $30 on a $250 dress. I offered to send the dress back at my expense but the answer was still no to getting the dress in the... Read more

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Went to exchange an item with receipt and tags, long line only two employee in the entire store. So Assistant Manager Ashley at the Wheaton Md Store ask for my "original" receipt. Told her it was kept during my first transaction(this time I'm only exchanging for a different size). She told me I will only be getting $13.00. After I protested, she proceeded to ignore me and then as for me to step... Read more

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