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Reebok Not Willing to Replace Flawed Sneakers
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I purchased a pair of Reebok basketball shoes for my daughter. She wore them for five practices, and they began coming apart at the soles. As a result, they were hazardous for my daughter to wear. I contacted Reebok several times and even sent pictures and a copy of the receipt. Their resolution was to give me a 25% discount on my next purchase. Big deal! That meant that I would have to spend... Read more

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Forget about ordering if you live in Hawaii. They do not ship "outside the continental United States" interesting since the good old US Postal Service as no problems getting mail & packages here. Add comment

My order number :99T1410311502210482 was ordered over a month ago and I still haven't received my order. Can you check the status? My account was immediately debited and was wondering if I can't receive my order soon, then I was wondering if I could get it cancelled and get my refund. Thanks ...sfsdfsdfsdfsdf asdf sdf sdfs df sf sdf sdf sdf sdf sdf sdf sf sfd sdf sdfsdfsd sdf sdfhyter wetgdf... Read more

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I ordered clothes then 2 days later accessories. The accessories came but I still haven't recieved my clothing. I have sent several messages to this company and I have requested a refund. I am getting very frustrated about this matter. I want my money back. I keep submitting my ticket to Rosewe every day for a week. I have yet to recieve my refund or my merchandise. I have not heard from... Read more

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Their perfect fit guarantee is a perfect scam! if there is a problem with your purchase you will be subjected to a merry-go-round of emails that will wear you down until you just give up because its not worth your time to continue. They have no intention of making your purchase right. If it doesnt fit then tough luck. The qulity of one of the shirts i purchased was so bad i couldnt even... Read more

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Dresslily - Review from Racine, Wisconsin
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Same here. This company is bogus. I purchased what I thought was a wool pea coat white the picture was amazing . What I got? Was a jacket made if felt. Even xl was to small for me in their sizes. I gave my self 2 sizes in leway just to b safe! Ha was I wrong. This jacket was ugly. I meN ugluuuuuuu. I hate it. I even posted it on a local online garage sale and all the people didn't want it I can't... Read more

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Ordered a pair of shoes on the 7th and it saved expected shipping was on the 23rd. Called customer service and they said it hasn't even left the warehouse. Unacceptable...I won't ever be purchasing anything else from this company. Add comment


Review about Nike Shoes from Sherwood, Arkansas
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I received not just a pair of shoes, but the coveted doernbecher collection box all beat to *** open already due to the fact that they taped it with one strip of tape! And I live about an hour away from their Memphis facility, so it didn't travel far! Thank the Lord it didnt have too, because nothing would've been left! The shoes were not damaged its just the poi4that ive tried for 7 years to get... Read more

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Tonight me and my daughter went to the burlington at great lake crossing and our cashier was very rude and disrespectful. She slammed our stuff on the counter and was rushing. Then when i asked for my stuff out of layaway, a man with my box threw it on the ground. Afterwards, when she opened it up my clothes ended up on the floor. She sat there with her hand out waiting for me to pay the whole... Read more

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Whatever you do, don't order anything from Dentz Denim. Their products are garbage, and they won't respond to any form of communication you try to send them. Add comment