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I have nearly worked for city market for about 9 years now. I have spent a lot of time with city market and have enjoyed working for them. I normally have no problems but this time i had to say something. When i had addressed my problem to my manager about my department manager he didn't take it serious and didn't fix the problem. So there fore down the road the problem got worse and got turned... Read more

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I came into Portland for a visit around the holidays. Me and a buddy wanted to go to Buffalo Wild Wings because the food is always good. We went to this Buffalo and sat down at the bar. We ordered a drink quick and then ordered some food shortly after. Our original serve (Josh) switched out with another server. We waited for about 40 mins for our food I then asked our waiter if this was normal to... Read more

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I ordered a pepperoni hand tossed like always. The new crust is horrible! Doesn't taste like Pizza Hut pizza anymore! If I wanted a pizza to taste as *** as Dominos, I would've ordered from them! What a let down! I see Pizza Hut losing a lot of business because of this. Ppl want original recipe! Add comment

I was at the location on hwy 78 and killian hill in snellville ga.with my first 2plates i went up to the grill only to have the server leave his station.on the 3rd try he did it i thew the empty plate in the grill area n walked away.seems to me there is a raceist problem with this server.other than my friend n i there was only one other white couple there.i didnt see anyone else haveing... Read more

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I ordered a pepperoni and onion pizza light sauce. how difficult is that? I ended up with a pepperoni,sausage no light sauce! it was a pick up order my son had to go back into town to get the correct pizza! ticket on side of box read correct pizza but wrong pizza in box. meaning someone else ended up with my pizza and I'm betting they are not happy either!! this happened at the western ave.... Read more

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I shop at the Fresh and Easy a couple of blocks from home. Lately they won't allow you to purchase wine and groceries in the same transaction. This has happened several times in the past few months. One checker will put in your date of birth,scan the wine then let you continue with the groceries. A different checker on another day will do the same routine with the wine but then complete the sale... Read more

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The only reason I went to Jackson Hewitt was to get a $50 gift card for groceries and maybe get a $500 cash advance I got no gift card and online it says $200 advance and nowhere I see to apply for it. That should be illegal I hope someone sues the *** out of them *** 1/29/15. I also hate how I have to make this post atleast 100 words when it only took 50 to explain it, the internet is so ***... Read more

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No complaints. But I would like to tell you that you have a jewel working for you. I am in San Antonio Texas at 151 frwy. I come in here at least once a week. There is so much I like about Chipotle but I must say that I have NEVER Heard an employee have so much enthusiasm and appreciation for their employer as this person has for his. I believe Sam Gonzalez was orienting a future employee of... Read more

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went thru the drive thru around noon and ordered a side salad, apple pie and senior coffee. there was barely a cup of salad in the bowl (the website claims 2 cups) the pie was under-baked (raw dough) this location no longer gives senior discount on coffee (to cover the "2 for a dollar" apple pie special) ; price wouldn't have been a problem if the coffee had been fit to drink...but it was old... Read more

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