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6 months after the purchase the hot water stopped working..another fine product of China sold by thier best department store..Walmart Add comment

We signed up 6 months ago. In that time period they have discontinued 7 items we like. We are running out of things we like to order, I finally got my husband on the program his insulin level has gone down and now he wants out because the food left is boring to eat. Help !!!! If you are going to discontinue items do it with the 1- 3 star items not the 4-5 star items. I will give Nutrisystems... Read more

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We went to two stores who carry Primo water and both bins were completely full of recycled empty 5 gallon containers. Finally found a store that had an empty recycle bin, but when we went to get credit for the two bottles we put in, the machine issued no tickets so we didn't get credit. What's happening with Primo? It used to be a good service. Over the past month or so, we have not been able... Read more

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Hello So Nutrisystem ended up loosing my return. I fallowed their return policy step by step and when I emailed their customer service department they only told me that they could not locate it in their warehouse and to call their customer service number. I have tired to call their customer service number and not only was I on hold for over an hour, I never got a real person to talk too. I was... Read more

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I am premier life member. I HAVE NOT RECEIVED A MAGAZINE at all this year! I have sent 3 emails to the company! No response yet! Talk about FRAUD ! TAKE OUR MONEY, disconnect your phone, never respond! I am going to report to the Better Business Bureau about you ! Terrible business practices ! Add comment

I am a very happy with the club I moved and want to give my new address but having a hard time no toll free number or how to contact *** you can help me thanks my address is 2965 Richelieu St. Rockland Ont.k4k-1s3 I've been a member since2004 Add comment

I have a lifetime membership. I used to love the product testing & magazine with great recipes but they stopped that. They have way less online content now too. They say it's more, but it's things from the other part of their company such as sports & hunting. Why would I want that? I signed up for a cooking club & magazine, not hunting & sports!!! The online content with recipes... Read more

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My husband and I started Nutrisystem 2 weeks ago. We did the Fast Five and suffered through it. We each lost about 7 lbs. We are now in our 2nd week and have lost maybe a lb. We are debating whether we can make it a month cause the food is SO bad. I am amazed at how awful it is. I wouldn't feed some of it to my dog! In my opinion the only thing fairly decent is the dessert and breakfast ,and... Read more

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I just got a call from a debt collection about a book "Just Desserts" from the Cooking Club. I have received no notice from them in years about any books it was about 2yrs if not more and that was paid or book returned. Now the most rude of persons called voicing they received this debt last month and just recently sent me notice which I have not received. Tried to call the numbers on the web... Read more

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I want to know my status. My membership number is 20178137 Add comment

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