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  • Applebees
  • 1 hour ago
  • by anonymous
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Waitress was a very bad service. Forgot my daughter soup. I ask for napkin 4 times and never got it, she kept forgetting it. We had to wait a long time for the waitress to come to the table.we should of walk out. Add comment

I'm a young mother of 3 and its a disgrace we have to start worrying about a commercial. The sexual innuendos you feel that you have to sell a burger. I won't be eating there or my family and after the water cooler dicussions out whole office decided to boycott your place. Add comment

I am a long time local customer of the Whole Foods on Montana Ave & the whole store is conducted like it's their playtime. A n employee named Samantha accused me of stealing when I put one stevia in my drink. I spend a lot of money there & have complained to Angela the manager but they all stick together Add comment

Don't want to take my over phone 7184583030 tell do it online smh Add comment

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  • Chilis
  • 3 hours ago
  • by anonymous
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Bad manager and attitude call me 9092685695 Add comment

Went to go have breakfast as usual. Lately pan cakes have been uncooked has happened on 2 occasions. So decided to try something different wrong decision. There was bugs in my food. Called waitress over she saw it and said so sorry. So manager gave us our meal free. Had a hard time getting answes finally GM called and seemed to apologize and got my address to send us a free coupon. Never... Read more

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I just bought 3 28oz cans of great value baked beans warmed them up and served them to my family. About 5 minutes into dinner my 11yr old started choking when I did the Heimlich Maneuver out poped a bolt that was in her beans! I called the local walmart where I bought them and got placed in hold when I called back 3 different times I did not get an answer! Walmart in Las Cruces, Nm on Valley,... Read more

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  • Hy Vee
  • 6 hours ago
  • by anonymous
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Hy vee 7.28 a pound for jelly belly. Ridiculous!!! The candy store downtown specializes in it, and its CHEAPER!!! Add comment

I placed a to go order (Houma, La) and all of my food was not in my bag, again. The manager asked what was wrong I told him every time I place a to go order it is wrong or something Is missing. He then proceeded to ask another customer" How is the service for you?" As if what I was saying was irrelevant. Not professional at all. I advised the manager I'm not speaking on his experience or order... Read more

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Teresa is the manager for Krogers at normandy/woodforest blvd and she is a ***. Every time I see her she is always in a bad mood. I can never figure her out on why she is like that. Also inside the krogers there is a bank and I bank there as well. Well one time she came around and threw something over the teller, just because she didn't like the bow on the ATM. She said it looks ugly in her... Read more

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