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  • Taco Bell
  • 5 minutes ago
  • by anonymous
  • #676054

Customer service was not that personable. The order taker did not speak with a smile just "hello". At no point did i ever hear "thank you" just "what sauce you want". And to top it off i was NOT given a receipt for my order. And to top it off they are not answering the phones. Thankfully the food was made properly Add comment

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  • Applebees
  • 27 minutes ago
  • by anonymous
  • #676045

Ordered Oriental Chicken and it had the veins of lettuce all through it. I don't mind paying for what is edible but this is ridiculous. Manager passed it off as "this is how we get the produce delivered to us". Don't know if we will be back. Add comment

I ate at the Abilene TX location in the evening and the breakfast was not good. The French toast, pancakes, and biscuits were hard and the sausage was not cooked all the way. I got food poisoning from it. Add comment

I walked in sat down next to this African American...he said he was in the for 30 minutes s still been greeted 10v minutes later he got up abd said hope you get your v good in time Add comment

I get to churches chicken on research and Fairfield in Austin at 10:30 am to buy chicken the women that works there has a attitude and tells me they won't open till 11:00am I tell her the sign says open at 10:30 am not 11:00 am and she goes off to the mouth people like her don't need to be dealing with customers 11:00 am and still closed Add comment

Went to Mutiara Rini KFC Drive thru at 11.20pm 2nd Aug 2015. Staff was very rude, arrogant and mis behaving. The customer service very very bad. Counter 6 name : Shahira (304) Add comment

This isn't necessarily a complaint more like a customer FYI that should be posted! The toffee nut cookie is back and it's definitely one of the best cookies Panera offers, however if you're allergic to Brazil nuts then DO NOT eat this cookie!!! I learned the hard way last night while trying to enjoy one myself. Two small bites of the cookie did me in and I had to end up taking Benadryl due to the... Read more

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Old country buffet in Dartmouth mass has great service from the waitresses but the management is a joke they dont keep there cooks or dish boy in line .. *** i sat in my car waiting for my girl an watched a manager stumbling back into the building drunk not a way to run a business .. Add comment

I am an employee of Cracker Barrel in council bluffs Iowa, I have been with the company for over two years and if it wasn't for the fact that jobs are so hard to come by I would report my employer to so many people. First off is the working double shifts as a server with no breaks and if you are seen going into the break room to rest for a minute everybody throws a fit. How is this legal? And... Read more

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  • Pizza Hut
  • 8 hours ago
  • by anonymous
  • #675961

I placed an order at 1135pm. They told me the pizza would be delivered at 1246am. The pizza had not arrived by 105am. It finally arrived at 230am, cold and and disgusting and they left off my my cheese bread. They didn't offer any explanation or compensation. I am very disappointed and they have most certainly lost a customer! Add comment

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