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The sonic on 52 nd st in odessa tx is the worst sonic I have ever been to. Waited 28 min for frito pie and another 7 for chande from a $50 even though she had a stack of twenties and tens and ones in her hand!! I was the only car on the left side of the building when I ordered it immediately filled up, then it cleared out I was once again the only car on the left side waiting on frito pie!... Read more

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Worse sevice I ever had at taco bell.the manager nathaniel at west 38 st indianapolis indiana was very rude, order a nacho bell grade with extra meat , just alots of beans, wwouldn't fix my order .never will go to taco bell again. Add comment

I purchased a 16 OZ can of Planters Deluxe Nuts or at least I thought I did. In the whole can there was one Pistachio, two pecans, no Brazil nuts. About 60% almonds and 40% Cashews. Wall Mart deluxe mixed nuts are 100% better than Planters deluxe mixed nuts. I paid more than I should have for this can of nuts but I was really disappointed when I opened the can and dumped them in a dish. I will... Read more

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My entire order was cold.Called and was told I could not get a refund because they don't give them. Add comment

I have purchased my last pack of Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookies. For years my family loved this brand and this brand only. I can't even begin to count how many packages I have purchased over the years-my kids loved them! Over the past few years the cookies have steadily went down hill in quality, taste and size. This final pack was the end of the line for me-the cookies have gotten so much... Read more

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Apparently the server is new or can't understand the menu and you can't even order a beer in this location because no one has a liquor license in this establishment which violates Indiana state law since I hold a license myself. Very annoyed and not sure I will come back to the Chesterton Indiana location. Seriously annoying!!! Add comment

called pizza in for pickup arrived 20 minutes later, it was not ready, waited another 10 minutes and finally ask the guy named eric said they had to make a second pizza, the 1st one had bubbles. ask to speak to manager he said he was the manager. would only give me his first name Eric, said he did not have to give me his last name. still waiting..finally got pizza after 30 minute wait. I still... Read more

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As a customers I feel I do not have to do Popeye Workers job. Every time I go to Popeye chicken there is a problem. I when there on the 11/17/2014 about 5pm and order a 10 pc meal and end up paying about 25.00 dollars; drive all the way home about 5 miles and find out the side order of Mash potatoes were missing and have to drive all the way back to get my mash potatoes. There were no courtesy or... Read more

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Was told to ask the warehouse where the chicken was because they did not have any. Add comment

There was a small amount of water on the floor of Sequim, WA Safeway frozen foods aisle which I did not see until I slipped and fell from stepping in it. I reported it to a store employee who sent the Manager. I told him I had fallen due to water on the floor, and he told me " This is not our fault, customers spilled water on the floor". Unbelievable response from this Manager who never asked... Read more

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