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Oct. 21st, 2014..went to Outback, Laguna Niguel, Ca.The waitress apologized that the advertised special (14.99 unlimited steak and shrimp special) was 18.99. Lesson learned. ..bait and switch!!. Outback! I must see your ad on tv 10 times every evening..Get a clue! Add comment

I went to Ryan's in Marrero, Louisiana with my wife and we have had problems there before but decided to give it another shot. I was having the brocolli and cheese soup when i pulled out a huge piece of plastic from inside my mouth. I got the manager and told him that he had lost my business, when he kept trying to give me a food voucher that I very abruptly declined. After almost 10 minutes of... Read more

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We are over the road trucker we eat at a lot of denny's across the country. But by far this was the worst. Service was ok. But the food was burnt. I ordered the prime rib melt both the meat and bread were burnt and the fries were under cooked. But the worst was the flies that were bombarded us all through the meal. Not just one but five of them. We did inform the waitress and all she had to... Read more

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I bought the 8 pack of 12 ounce bottles of diet Pepsi and have the hardest time getting the caps off my husband had to use pliers to unscrew the caps Add comment

I often find myself at McDonalds to buy a dipped cone. I like to go through the drive through to acquire my comes. But often I desire to get more than one. So I will get one, eat it, then go get another. Because cones are best freshly made. But I have been told to *** off, I've been flipped off, and threats of the police have been made to me. I sometimes use these oppritunites to rid useless... Read more

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I am out of town on field assignment in corpus ordering food for my daughters twice or more weekly at Dominoes in Jacinto City, Tx.. Loius says he your manager ive delt with him three times and his attitude and choice of words are unexceptable and plain smart off to me very rude all three times and has hungup on me several times please look into my kids wont eat tonight because of his failure to... Read more

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Yes, I have a major complaint!! I ordered by phone to our local store on 10/17, and specifically told the young man that I would be picking up my arrangement between 9:30-10 on 10/21. I got to the store ( store number 1031)at 9:25, told him my name and said I was there to pick up my arrangement, he said "uh yeah it's at the other store". I said well when will it be here, he said "don't know"!... Read more

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  • Safeway
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The store is very rude in mt airy Safeway!! He never smile.Always feel he looks at the customer,like they should not even be there.That store would be much better off,if they replace him.!!!! Add comment

I remember a empty class being picked off the table by workers not even waiting at our table and asked " what am I drinking, then a refill brought. I remember the Ausi-Fries never being over cooked! I remember the steaks being cooked just as ordered! I also remember the best desert I've ever had in my life time called Sidney's Sin-Full, Sundae! Oh, and one more thing, I remember the most pleasent... Read more

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Even in the mid 80’s there were issues with the brand. It tasted like sand and I stopped buying it. Now its worse. I'm sorry I wasted money on a pint! Add comment

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