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I am not happy at all. I love Schwans but our delivery man has made it so that I will no longer be purchasing anything from Schwans. We have a scheduled time of 9pm on Wednesdays and on multiple occasions out driver shows up in the afternoon or is calling us around dinner time because he is standing on our front porch. Why do we have a scheduled time if I am going to be harassed during the day? ... Read more

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They are completely incompetent. What else is there to say. Cant get an order right, deliver it, or provide any decent customer service. Add comment

I called the Domino's 14624 Fm 2100 Rd, Crosby Tx just to ask what the specials were and the woman responded very rudely and hung up the phone on me while i was still talking and asking questions, this is the first time i have ever had this happen to me at Domino's and i have always been a loyal customer because i love the pizza and other items on the menu however today the service was sub par, i... Read more

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Six months ago, Oct. 30th 2014, I wrote about the weights of deli meats, packaged meats, ect. Not coinciding from package to the bill. It's not that I could'nt have written earlier, because I could, and it's not because Peapod has fixed the problem because they haven't. Out of twelve or so deliveries, half have had issues with the weights. For instance, on 5/1/15 I received a order. Two packages... Read more

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Given a faulty water dispenser that smells like it's burning plastic makes water taste like burnt plastic. They have so far given me 3 delivery dates, each time there was NO DELIVERY and NO PHONE call to say they were not delivering. Their own employees could not even get in contact with the delivery guys. Add comment

So I was just tryna get some food because I was at home and hungry right? -online delivery was annoying because I had to set up an account just because I paid with cash. -delivery took at least 30 minutes -driver took my food to the high school in my town?? and then said it was because I gave the wrong address (which I double checked the receipt and i put the RIGHT one) -it was the wrong food... Read more

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100% FULL

Review of Pizza Hut, Sector 28, Vashi, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, INDIA. BAN Pizza Hut. 3rd class people spl Mr. Sekhar Mane, Dada giri se baat karta hai kamina. 1) Wrong Delivery, 2) Late Delivery. 3) No Money Back its been more den 2 months. they just der to eat people money. You can find my detail in Pizza Hut Facebook page. Every day I am posting but no response. Request to everyone Ban Pizza... Read more

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Didn't like the fact that they don't use gloves to make pizza. Add comment

When are these people going to pay what is owed to everyone? When? Pull the records from True Blue Inc. dba. Labor Ready... Add comment

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