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What the ***? I wanted to try this place out and so I try to place a delivery order online and it says they don't deliver to my address. It's a nice neighborhood too! So I call them up and I wait on hold for like 5 minutes while they try to make sure they are "allowed" to deliver to my address. "I don't want to get fired for delivering to you" (really for a place 1.5 miles away!?). The Pizza Hut... Read more

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If Domino's lawyers make them post a big statement about how the delivery drivers don't get any of the delivery fee they charge then why do they charge a delivery charge. We are paying for overhead. It would be like going into a sit down restaurant and they charge you money to bring the food to the table. Ripoff I say. Who gets the money? Apparently not the drivers. I'm sure they have some... Read more

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Doordash - Deceptive Delivery!
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Delightful Delivery?! More like Deceptive Delivery! These guys jack up the prices on their menu items, while making it appear like they are the restaurants' actual prices. There are no disclaimers on the app that the prices are different, and the only evasive mention of the practice is hidden in their web site FAQs. You would have thought their Ivy League founders could have come up with... Read more

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Schwan Food just instituted a $1.75 delivery charge per order. We don't ask them to come to our door, but have purchased their food when he did. Now they want us to pay for him coming to our door. I refuse to buy anything from Schwan as long as they have this absurd charge!! I have an office with several employees, so the delivery person makes several sales with one stop - what a scam to charge... Read more

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Shop Rite, Pea Pod, Fresh Direct, and other grocery delivery services do NOT accept SNAP/EBT cards so it does not HELP: the disabled or the elderly or the sick or just someone with a sick child. UNFAIR!!! Schwans and local restaurant drivers carry a swipe machine that is small and convenient. Schwans accepts ebt this way. WHY NOT these local grocery delivery services??? Their current... Read more

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I was ay the McDonalds on N.Colony Rd in Wallingford CT around 2:15 AM Friday morning.I had ordered the 2 for $3 egg mcmuffin meal,a large oj,with 2 hashbrowns and a pineapple smoothie.First they told me all the frozen machines were down & I could not get the smoothie.I decided to just take the 2 for $3 meal.When I had brought it back to work for my breakfast I was gipped off 1 egg mcmuffin not... Read more

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Schwans just had a new pay change and it is total *** they r paid based on commission which would be fine if they actually had the product for them to sell my husband is losing anywhere from 300 to 500 in sales everyday which is really hurting his pay checks he works his *** off and they can't even. Keep his truck stocked for the items to sell....... this company is nothing but money hungry *** I... Read more

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Our delivery arrived two hours after our order was placed burnt and the delivery guy actually asked for a tip. We called to complain and the manager gives us ten Dollars off our next purchase. we spent thirty dollars for an over cooked late pizza, at this point a " next purchase" is out of the question.... I am appalled with their very horribly poor attempt at customer, and claiming the pizza hut... Read more

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On Friday, 9/12/2014, I order a Philly Cheese Steak pizza from the Brooklyn Park, MN, Dominos. It was delivered and I tipped the driver. Then we opened the pizza; the crust was burnt black. I called the store and informed them; they asked if I wanted another one delivered or a free pizza coupon good for any pizza. I told them we already waited more than 30 minutes and my guests were hungry,... Read more

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Absolutely appalling business ethics, unscrupulous business practices and zero customer satisfaction! My disappointment begins with zero weight loss after following the program religiously, my husband called to cancel on the thirteenth (13) day, for their weight loss or money back guarantee. The customer service rep would not speak to him, so I called back. After being on hold for over twenty... Read more

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