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I recieved a Christmas Gift assortment, one of the packages of cheese what blown up and did not look very good. The others appeared to be vacuum packed. I called the company to ask about this package but was told I had to contact the person that sent me the gift. Can you imagine, complain to the person that sent you the Gift. Not me... I will just throw it out! Now I need more words to submit... Read more

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ThIs company should be closed down. Bad qualIty, small portIons, & overprIced. Add comment

Looking the gift horse in the mouth, but. Brother sent me a $35 gift box. I got 6 pears that were rock hard with skins that looked like last falls oak leaves, i.e. brown. Raspberry type cookies are good, but the chocolate "bark" is nasty. Who wants toothpaste minty *** flavor in chocolate? ***, I wish I got money or a N.Y. Strip or a crab cake or a lobster tail or a cigar or anything else. Die... Read more

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I helped my elderly mother place an online gift order from the Figi's catalog which says, $15 Off any Order over $30 plus FREE GIFT when you order online. I entered the source code as directed at checkout but it wouldn't take the $15 discount off. I called customer service and described the problem and read the offer information and codes from the catalog. The representative told me that when I... Read more

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TERRIBLE customer service, or fool me once, shame on you. I have ordered from these folks in the past and have been vary happy with the products I received. HOWEVER, that was not the case in November. I placed an order November 16. Two weeks later I phoned to report I had not received my order. Although I did receive confirmation of order and payment via email, I was told the order was delayed... Read more

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I made a delivery order to the store at 8245 n. Silverbell, Tucson, az.,520-744-0848, to Sarah, for a family meal of wings. The wings came without sauce or fries as indicated on the website. I called back, got Josh, and was given a bunch of double talk wherein he apologized but couldn't do anything but give me a credit. Though commendable, the meal, $20 including tip, was ruined; a waste of both... Read more

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Figis - Review about Gift Basket from Corona, California
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The worst business to deal with by catalog orders. We send them out every Christmas. Well this year we had some sent here to give out & were so dissatisfied it was humiliating. We tjought we were sending nice gift baskets to out of state family & friends & this is what they look like. Look at my hand & my hands are about as big as the gift spread out. Very disappointed. In my... Read more

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I ordered several items for the holidays the order was comfired but never sent it. It has been 2 weeks. I lost my order number so have no way to check what is wrong with the order. Add comment

My complaint is I call to Oder 3 pizzas 2 pepperoni and 1 ham and the person that answers the phone and was really mean to me and races, I'm am a pregnat women and my blood pressure went high because the way they treat me.. I'm really desaponed of the service. Add comment

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