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Okay, so we're teaching our two young teenage boys how to mow the lawn, *** eaters, the hedge, the works..... What better way to reward them than with a nice big slab of pizza at the end of their hard work. We called in to STAR IDAHO PIZZA HUT at about noon and asked them to deliver IN STAR (5 minutes away in same city) at 1:00pm. They said they'd have our pizzas in the oven by 12:30 and they... Read more

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Had this been the only time my family and I had received poor service and or pizza from Pizza Hut in Star Idaho, you wouldn’t be reading this today. However, I believe in giving more than one chance, and today was their last one… This particular Pizza Hut is mainly run by teens playing grab *ss in the back, rather than anyone mature enough to give a darn. More often than not, they get your order... Read more

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Spinach and Feta pizza had no sauce and overlooked. Tasted awful. Add comment

The dominoes in Corsicana tx on 15th is retarded i keep getting go around answers about my food and people there are rude . Add comment

The last four or five times, I've had several issues: Last two times, food was over an hour late - I called several times and was told the time would be updated. They gave me a $5 coupon the second time to account for a meal that was 1 hour late, and the order ended up being wrong anyway (and cold). Currently on the phone with them - put in an hour that has an ETA in 10 minutes. The restaurant... Read more

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I have obtained the services of CPI foods to deliver boxes of food stuffs to the needy. After conversing with this guy Jim Hairston and I guess this lady known as T. smith with a lot of aka's I finally had to pay a visit to the Jefferson St location in Dallas TX. Upon arrival I observed these people hanging outside this building smoking ***. Immediately.I asked where the delivery was and they... Read more

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It's final exam week and I'm driving home at one in the morning to my apartment just off campus. It is no doubt a busy night for many fast food delivery joints catering out food to students cramming last minute. I make my usual way home as a pair of headlights over 150 yards out makes it way towards me around a speed of 50 mph on a 20 mph school campus right up to within 3 feet of my rear end... Read more

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So i selected chocolates along with flowers. It was a $10 small box, which i thought would be small but decent chocolates. They delivered chocolates which looked nice but tasted like chemicals. On looking they would seem like really nice, but once you put them in your mouth it feels like you have swallowed a spoon of cheap color, flavor and sugar. Never going to them again!!!!!! I would have... Read more

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I go through the drive-through and order an ultimate bacon cheeseburger combo, she asked me what I wanted to drink and I told her and unsweet tea. I get a Coke Very large, no fries, the burger tasted Horrible. Jack-in-the-Box has gone to ***. I will never eat there again. This is not the only bad experience I've had. When I go to whataburger I'm treated like a king so, I think I'll be going... Read more

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I ordered the speciality bufalo chicken pizza and added feta cheese with olives. The pizza arrived with absolutely NO buffalo sauce, the cheese was burnt, there was no feta and it was completely DRY!!!!!! This is unacceptable!!! How can the person handling this not see how poorly prepared it was!! Horrible quality standards from poorly trained staff Read more

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