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We ordered food at 5:45 with Grub Hub sending us a message our food will be delivered at 6:37. At 6:55 we asked where our food was (via the mobile app) and it said "hmmm, it should have been delivered." Upon calling Grub hub, the most ignorant lifeless cust svc employee TASHA said "there is nothing they can do and we can cancel the order?!" At this time it is now 7:17 and our food is not here! ... Read more

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I ordered lunch for my staff before 10am today for delivery at 11:45 a.m. I started calling the store at noon because the order was late. I was informed that the manager would not speak to me because she was busy. I was hung up on four times. The order finally arrived 45 minutes late. It was cold. I tried calling the manager later in the day and was left on hold for 22 minutes the... Read more

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Nowhere did I see anything saying Grubhub would be charging me in addition to the restaurant, but they did. More importantly, it took nearly twice the length of time as ordering directly from the restaurant! Totally not worth it. Also, no descriptions for menu items. Add comment


Our local Chinese takeout had a Grubhub card that offered a discount for new users, so we tried setting up an account online instead of calling in like we usually do. After entering all of our info, there was no place to enter the promo code. We then tried using the mobile app, and it would not offer a way to enter credit card info. Apparently if you choose to pay with cash, you are ineligible... Read more

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Kids meal price was to high at 5.29 with no drink. The other little ones ate free of salad bar which was good at those ages.Kids meals at that price of 5.29 should include drink. The bigger problem was the kids chicken tenders were not cooked through. Luckily we went to cut it first before giving it to my grandson. We sent it back and did not get it back till we were finished eating. They did not... Read more

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first issue was happened a couple of months ago, we wait over 1 hour to receive over frozen cold pizza, when we called fater 40 min wait the store they mentioned that driver left 10 min ago but it was more than hour when he arrived, i called 2nd time to cancel pizza after I hang up the phone a few min later driver arrived , I accepted anyway even it was too cold 2nd issue happened today ... Read more

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Ordered a pizza because it looked great on t.v. I ordered it and when it was delivered, the toppings were stuck to the top of the box. It makes me wonder if they were throwing the box around like a Frisbee. Pure false advertisement! :-( :-( :-( Icky! Add comment


I ordered food from Papa Johns in Greensboro NC tonight at 8pm, at 9 pm I called to ask where my food was I was told it had been delivered. I was put on the phone with the delivery boy (RUDE) who told me I was wrong, he KNEW he delivered to the right address etc and said he had given to a 'Hispanic man' he assumed was my roomate. I was put on the phone with the manager (equally as rude) I asked... Read more

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I called @ 10am this morning for pizza to be delivered to my job by 1pm food showed up at 1:35 no apology the excuse I got was they only had one delivery driver and i feel that should not be an excuse especially when I called it in 3 hours in advance so I was very upset by the time it finally got to me my crews break was over do we all had to get snacks out the machine for lunch and that wasn't... Read more

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I order pizza and hot wings from there. When we got them the wings were raw and still with blood. Pizza was extremely gross looking is was extremely greasy and cold, I called the store to talk to the manager, and when the lady answer I ask if I can speak with the manager. She said sure one second and she stared yelling for the manager and I can heard on the background the namager saying who is... Read more

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