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LONGLEY location RENO,NV.I am amazed that the Jimmy Johns cannot deliver to Home.They delivered to Donner springs mobile home park before.Now being told UNDELIVERABLE! They cannot drive 200 ft to entrance off of Sierra Madre.Though they can deliver to ROSEWOOD APT and CREEKSIDE APT complexes.On Mira Loma,behind scolaris. JIMMY JOHNS is Discriminating against the Donner Springs Mobile Home... Read more

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iordered a pizza lastnight from dominoes in bradley il they delivered it but when we opened the pizza it wasnt cut we had to cut it ourselfs smh Add comment

Attempted to prefer online yesterday! The sight refused my order! I contacted the store, they treated me as if I was an ***, I am a Dr! Went to Pizza Hut, no problems! They lost a many customers yesterday! Had friends over, they were also shocked! Add comment

I ordered dipping sauce with my order and never got it. I called and the guy was very angry to begin with told me "you didn't order any but whatever" was very rude. I love the day crew at this dominos but the night crew was unbelievable the driver was waiting outside my house for way to long before going to the door and rudely telling me I need visible numbers. No other delivery driver has... Read more

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HA! Edible Arrangements is a JOKE! I ordered a very expensive fruit basket for a relative of mine, paid close to $300.00 and it was disgusting! The melons were soft and bitter and the strawberries were so small that the chocolate that was on them was almost non-existent! By the time it was delivered to the recipient, it was all smashed and the chocolate was melted on to the bag! Was told... Read more

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We had a gift e gift card and when we ordered the pizza and pasta and the cake there was very little toppings very little sauce and the pasta was the same there was not much at all I was extremely disappointed and I feel like I wasted my money on the order as far as the cake it was too done and kind of hard I would either like my money back or I would like to place a different order we had a 2... Read more

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Tried to order 3x on your web sight today! Refused to let me order? Went to Pizza Hut, went right through? Plus, called the local location at first no-one answered! The they were rude! Never again! Add comment

I used to get this service a few years ago. At the time, I had no problem with them other than they were rather pricey, but it saved me a trip to the store. So here we are a few years later and saving those trips to the store is more important due to time and physical issues, so I was going to start the service again for a few dairy items. Mind you, I still live in the same complex that I did the... Read more

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My pizza had an excessive amount of crust, or inadequate amount of topping. I had literally 2" of crust on my pizza. When I called in, the manager was defensive and insisted that they use special cups for the toppings, and they do something else to the dough that is special, etc... and they NEVER make a pizza wrong. Her name was Nicole at the Rosemont Ave Pizza hut in Frederick Md. I have... Read more

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Ordered Pizza online from Alexandria, VA Domino's. Was given a 23-33 delivery time. At 40 min I called the location that was making my pizza and was told it was on the way and would be delivered in 5 min or less. 15 minutes later I called back and told the individual answering phone (same guy) that he could call the driver and tell him that I wouldn't be accepting the pizza. 10 minutes later... Read more

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