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  • Schwans
  • 6 hours ago
  • by anonymous
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Schwans what a joke of a company. Very *** pay! Can't believe people actually buy this microwave fat kid food !! Add comment

I am Tired of 2 people from the stake house company, one the manger the other knows who he is coming over my house I sometimes 3 times a week and sleeping with my boyfriend and trying to steal him from and when I confronted him about it all he did was ridiculed me for being gaywhen he was the one having an affairwith my bf Add comment

Steakhouse is currently going under a investigation with drugs the manager is a drug addict before they go and sell food they all meet up in the office and do drugs......Key word a bunch of junkies Add comment

I never received my order & it's been 5 days & I haven't received my refund either!!!! Add comment

Ordered to large 3 topping pizzas tonight at Cache Rd in Lawton .ok philly sreak onion bell pepper on one it had a total of maybe 6 pieces of meat a bell pepper and onion slice on each piece very disappointed in that the other pepporoni chicken and mushroom a few pirces of chicken a few mushrooms pepporoni was half discent i wouldnt want these as a representation of my business Add comment


I ordered from our local dominos and I am very disappointed. In the last few months I have been getting the wrong orders and Horrable customer service. I work as a waitress so it's not as though I am rude or ungrateful I make it a point to not be "that" customer. Tonight they apperently missed a whole part of my order and seemed impatient. At the end of my order I specifically asked it this the... Read more

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The second time my order was totally wrong. i called back and a three week period. My order was promised to be credited,for the next time i wanted to order my meal, so when i called the genera manager said she could not find my previous order let alone a credit. We order Dominos at least 3 times a month. So when i called back, i suspect the manager knew it was me and i had to call... Read more

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I ordered Hunan shrimp with pork fried rice and crab Rangoon. I thought everything was fine due to the fact of ordering from this place before. Up till I started eating the rice and chewed on a piece of ceramic or pottery of some kind. It felt like I was chewing on rocks! I spit it out and looked through the food carefully only to find that there was flakes and pieces of the ceramic or pottery... Read more

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We didnt get our order yet which was ordered at 2. Even after the confirmation text .and its my birthday you guys ruined it. Add comment


Called to placed order the Manager Noel answer i asked what whats on special he rudely said to me I cant hear you take me off the speaker i was like what speaker and he hanged up the phone on me...i called back and told the person that answer the phone what had happen and i was like anyother person placing an order to his store....i still think this is not the best answer you can give to any... Read more

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