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Terrible customer service. I called this place 20 times with no answer after being on hold each time for at least 5 minutes. I tried calling other Domino's and they were even more unhelpful. When I finally got someone on the phone they answered with "Pick-up or Delivery?" No greeting or anything... Once I told the lady "Delivery" I proceeded to ask her why it took so long before I reached someone... Read more

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30 minutes or less. Way less (: lol. This guys are crooks! They know of the problem and do nothing about . Be very careful ordering online and on their mobile app. If you by chance order a group of items from their coupon sectoon or any items that are grouped as one price then more than likely you will get scamed! If that group of items does not fit on a single line of their... Read more

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No1 in pizza quality and service Add comment

Customer service said there was nothing they could do for an order that took two hours. I asked for a coupon (not a credit which they have done in the past) and they said they don't do that with is total b.s. because they gave me a $5 credit 2 weeks earlier. Levi the customer rep then ended the chat because I used the word ***. What a joke. This wasn't just about the food being late it was... Read more

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Ordered a basket for my daughter in Chicago, IL. It didn't arrive on the day it was suppose to. Called the shop I ordered from and they called Chicago and was told they left a note on the door, no one was home. No note was left, someone was home. Had my daughter call them, they had the right address but the phone number was wrong. She gave them her phone number. Next day she called, no... Read more

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My husband and I purchased from them almost two months ago.They are Terrible. Steaks shrink, filet minions are not real cuts, the hamburger is not 90/10 as advertised. Contacted them directly to complain, they said they would see what they can do and never did anything. Don't waste your time or money. Add comment

Why is there a shortage or no more diet dr pepper and diet Pepsi in sixteen oz bottles and now in smaller bottles in eight packs? Is it a change in sweetener and when will the convenient sizes return? Or do we need to get our sun tea maker out of the Garage? Will there soon be no edit colas available? Will other soda makers soon do this too? I can't think of more to say. Why won't this window... Read more

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Doordash - Deceptive Delivery!
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Delightful Delivery?! More like Deceptive Delivery! These guys jack up the prices on their menu items, while making it appear like they are the restaurants' actual prices. There are no disclaimers on the app that the prices are different, and the only evasive mention of the practice is hidden in their web site FAQs. You would have thought their Ivy League founders could have come up with... Read more

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The cooler I rented each month from Poland Spring was defective and I placed a brand new 5 gallon bottle one night before bed and woke up the next morning to find it empty. The entire bottle of water leaked down to my office below causing major damage to my carpet and office equipment (computers, files, printers, etc.). I cut the sheet rock to try to locate where the water was leaking from and... Read more

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I am COMPLETELY AGAINST this company now. I loved what they offered and have ordered several things over the years without any problems; I've recommended the company to friends until yesterday. Yesterday I ordered something special for my grandfather's birthday and nothing. My money was taken yet nothing delivered, no phone call, and when I tried to look online to "track my order" nothing. The... Read more

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