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Food Delivery Complaints and Reviews

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  • 20 minutes ago
  • by anonymous
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Got the wrong order, then they took it back, and I never got my real order was charged for food waited 5 hours for food delivery at la parilla which is a few blocks from home, got my money back still no food and grubhub still charges my card fee of $1 for horrible service.. Never again!!! Add comment

Don't want to take my over phone 7184583030 tell do it online smh Add comment

Very disappointed in my order as I ordered extra cheese and there was barley enough ingredients to cover top of pie and it's happened so either find me another store to get pie from or no more domino for me Add comment

Dominoes screws you, simply do a CHARGEBACK!!! Call them once and if you do not get satisfaction call your bank and submit a chargeback!!! I got the most rediculous excuse from Dominoes I ever heard in my life!! They told me I should have contacted them within 24 hours so they can send a professional to my home, obtain a sample for get this "a chemical analysys", and them get back to me to SEE... Read more

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I order 2 media pies 2 hours ago and i still have not recieve my food Add comment

I ordered once a couple weeks back and the pizza was cold. I then ordered about a week ago and 2 toppings were missing. By the time it arrived the store was closed. I called them 2 days after and was told get this "sir you must call us within 24 hours. At that time we will send a specialist to collect a slice and have it professionally analyzed". Wtf!!! Analyze what? So now Domonoes hires... Read more

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I ordered carryout pizza, mainly because its one if the few foods i like as hot as possible. The app tracker got stuck on baking in oven for at least 30 min. The only reason it wasnt more is because I shut down my phone after trying to give a review which it would not take. I called store, they said it had been waiting for me. When i got there i showed cashier that it was still on baking- she... Read more

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Called for del waited hour and half called 2 times they didnt care food was cold and taste like *** main st ravanna ohio Add comment

Just check their FB page: View all the complaints. Mine are pretty much the same. They've since deleted my posts to their page and blocked me from commenting. I had their monthly "service" for more than a year and they either delivered late with no call or communication, screwed up an order, or failed to deliver at all more than a dozen times. Do not use... Read more

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I recently placed an order on Wednesday for the all milk chocolate semisweet dozen roses to be delivered on Friday August 29th. The order that was received was wrong. Like so many of you I called the store asking for a solution. The rep that picked up gave me the attitude like it was my fault asking me what should we do. Really? They sent my gf the mixed semisweet which is the white and milk... Read more

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