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Took two hours to get food from a mile away (unable to pick up). The driver finally showed up but sat in car for five minutes. Finally came out when he saw us waving. Then he proceeds to show us an invoice showing zero tip and insists he needs a tip. I'm all about tipping but was not pleased, mostly because I already tipped online. Then I call the company. Me: two hours late, tipped twice.... Read more

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I orderd a big daddy pizza for the first time from a new location in hopewell twp and when I got it it looked horrible here is the picture I took of it the owner and or manager of the franchise offers to make me another pizza but I would not I was too disappointed we ordered from somewhere else they gave me my money back but they were not too apologetic did not even offer me a coupon or something... Read more

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so sick and tired of peapod having meat on sale..if I ordered say a package of hamburg..and its on sale for 2.99 a they purposely give you 1.25 pounds so it costs more..its never a pound its always where is the savings?? and the free delivery thing is a have to spend $100 or ***..give your customers who been with you for 5 years a break every now and... Read more

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They told me 10 to 15 mins. I go up there and they just now putting my order in oven 25 mins later. The so calked manager was very rude. Ill never go back again. Just lost a customer for life Add comment

Water delivery service that doesn't deliver the water!!!! Horrible service, horrible management! If you call them, get ready to wait 25 min on hold and not to accomplish anything! But it only took 3 min to cancel my account...something doesn't seem right about this company!!!! Add comment

The original lady I spoke to at Swiss Colony stated her name was Jasmine, in attempt to collect my debt in my name and my social security number they switched the debt into my deceased Fathers retro account. This account was closed upon my Fathers death, only, they put the debt in my Mothers name and reported her to the credit bureau ruining her credit just before she was to close on a house.... Read more

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I tried to order online and there was no way to order 2 items and use the coupon code. It would not let me add anything. I called the store number and the clerk told me I could not get discount since I did not order online or have a code number. I paid $20. for a med. 4 topping that was suppose to be on special. I also got a cheesey bread. It came there was hardly any topping and big chunks... Read more

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I stay at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and ordered a 'Farmhouse' medium sized pizza with a 'Diet Coke' on June 28, 2015 at 02:37 PM (Order No. 61) from 'Malleshwaram' outlet. I didn't receive any response from your side and waited for almost 1.5 hours for my order then I called customer care and it forwarded me to malleshwaram outlet but the guy over there talked rudely and shut the... Read more

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For the third time in a row, the driver refused to deliver unless I could provide a parking space. I live in downtown Boston and almost NO ONE has a parking space let alone a parking space for the GrubHub driver! Bottom line / I'm off to find a delivery service that actually delivers. Add comment

Every time i call to order food ,they ask me where i live they say ..that I'm too far out for delievery. they say they delieve up to 5 miles from the store. i live 4.2 miles from the Domino's place in Potsdam,N.Y. 13676. There is an number of houses on my road.I a lot friends that are up set that they will not deliever my way there is atleast 10 to 15 house on this road..just because there is an... Read more

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