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I am out of town on field assignment in corpus ordering food for my daughters twice or more weekly at Dominoes in Jacinto City, Tx.. Loius says he your manager ive delt with him three times and his attitude and choice of words are unexceptable and plain smart off to me very rude all three times and has hungup on me several times please look into my kids wont eat tonight because of his failure to... Read more

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I was picking up my pizza when I notice none of the employees with long hair were wearing a hair net ... So discusting Add comment


The delivery guy was expecting to get five bucks for delivering the pizza that cost me 18 bucks when I can get a regular pizza for about half that amount. Then they add a delivery fee on top of that , then the 5 bucks delivery how expensive they're getting is crazy ! Delivery people are not so nice either, they are african with attitudes ?? What gives is bad service a commonality these days ??... Read more

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Food took 2 hours to be delivered then they brought the wrong food and left out one item. Add comment


Such a rip off. Are delivery man was such an ***. He practically begs us to order food saying he lives off commission. We order 80- 100 of food each time. Last time we ordered he rudely says I don't have all day order online next time. Are WiFi was acting up.. then we paid $5 over and he claims to not have change he'll get us next time. Then he doesn't even show up for our next scheduled visit!... Read more

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On oct 17, I order two thin crust pizzas from the Mooresville nc store. Not being familiar with hand toss or thin crust, I later found out I had made a terrible mistake. I could have taking a pack of crackers and spread a little tomatoes sauce on them and a little cheese and had the same thing. It was god awful , was overcooked, hard and dry, if there was any sauce on it, it was very little.... Read more

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My Fiancé lives out of town. I ordered an arrangement to be Delivered to him at work before 2:00. Nothing. I called they said it was on the truck. I asked to speak to a a manager. An hour and a half later no return call. I filed complaint with corporate. They emailed me and said it would be resolved in 48 hours. I called customer service and said unacceptable. I called the store back... Read more

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Worst pizza ever! Over half was not edible. It looked and tasted soggy and disgusting. They need some new help at night that actually cares about the customers order! Add comment


To whom it may concern; I tried to order a pizza with a customer appreciation coupon which was 5days past date. The worker said ok but then said he couldnt do it. I am a loyal customer n feel very upset that the store would not take care of me. Customer is always right, but if Dominos feels different then ill start being a loyal customer for LittleCeasers or Papa Johns. I love Dominos but they... Read more

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Pizza Hut-51-2 Northern Blvd Woodside, NY 11377 I put an order for delivery on the phone. As soon as they heard my address and my phone number, they pretended my phone was not working and hung up on me!! I found out they only make deliveries to certain places. The funny part is they are back online taking orders. What color do we have to be, what right place to we have to live in just for a... Read more

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