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Ordered first time from app. Coupon said 3 toppings, never gave me choice and checked me out paying $24 for cheese pizza. Store super could care less and blamed me and I got a $24 cheese pizza. Lousy service, horrible phone app. Add comment

Just disappointed in the large 2 topping price ad. Apparently they don't honor that at store on FM 158 in Bryan, Tx. Plus store had nothing hot and ready and there were dozens of flies inside. I will definitely go to Little Ceasars on my way home from now on and I will definitely recommend that all my friends do the same. Just wanted y'all to know. And for rec I've never complained on any food... Read more

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In Kansas City from the Roanoke location, you have one driver who drives a small black car with Jimmy John's decals. He is nuts. He drives at a very high rate of speed down neighborhood streets. He "Screams" while he drives. I am not kidding. The neighborhood association has made complaints to no avail. You may remember the corporation who became responsible for lawsuits because they encouraged... Read more

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I ordered my sandwich online (j.j. gargantuan) at about 2 o'clock this morning (9/30/14) from store number 9011 (4790 S Hagadorn Rd). The order number was 115305010. I submitted my order to be delivered as soon as possible, and shortly thereafter my phone ran out of battery. I knew that you guys call the customer upon arriving at your destination, so I decided to wait near the entrance of my... Read more

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No receipt given at dominos in saint Leonard montreal all the time.the guy charged me taxes also . The pizza was with less toppings .the thief charged me taxes also.I will go next time and click an image too.that is really unacceptable. Add comment


Burnt crust......Looks like the entire bottom of the pie is also burnt/black....That tastes gross...Valid complaint...You should have the decency to respect another persons opinion. not the way i like my Pizza either...And thats why i never order from Dominos...find a REAL PIZZA SHOP..HOW HARD IS IT TO MAKE GR8 Pizza!!! That includes the crust, sauce, & good quality cheese, as well as quality... Read more

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1st) I just got home from working outside all day to a couple of guys that were push-selling "over stock" inventory on my block...Which I admit falling for the "over stock" line. Later to find out when I was unpacking the meat for the freezer it had an expiration date that had passed 5 freakin' days ago! And according to their brochure it has a freeze life for 6mo! HOW?? Are they meat genies!?!?... Read more

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I ordered a pizza and wings online from The pizza hut app at 9:07pm and the email confirmation said my order will arrive at 10:07pm. I didn't receive a phone call or any alert that my order has arrived but a voicemail. Once I called the number back and apologized from not receiving any calls the delivery man was very rude and began to yell and complain about calling multiple time and began to... Read more

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Stone cold pizza! The manager actually yelled at me when I called and complained!!! I will never ever!! Order pizza from dominoes in grants pass Oregon again!! Unbelievable !!! Add comment


Absolutely appalling business ethics, unscrupulous business practices and zero customer satisfaction! My disappointment begins with zero weight loss after following the program religiously, my husband called to cancel on the thirteenth (13) day, for their weight loss or money back guarantee. The customer service rep would not speak to him, so I called back. After being on hold for over twenty... Read more

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