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So, I am writing this post as an update. 3 hours has passed since I contacted Customer service. A woman named Christine called from 1-800-Flowers/ 1-866-915-0060 who basically stated they refered my gift to a company called June Flowers located at 86 18th Ave in Brooklyn 1-800-660-0223. Both Christine and the representative at June Florist named Mike acknowledge delivering the flowers to my... Read more

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I will deal with any other florist but never FTD again. It is not the first time of such poor service. Last time we decided not to deal with FTD but chose to give them another chance BUT NO MORE. They do not deserve to be given any chance. The offer poor service and are unresponsive. Can't wait to have your inbox overflowing with SPAM? Make an order through this despicable company and you... Read more

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1800Flowers - Don't use them if you want your delivery on time!
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My partner wanted to send me surprise flowers for our anniversay on Feb 28th. He ordered them THREE weeks in advance with a guaranteed delivery on Feb 28th. After ONE week the company found out, that the florist here in Germany won't "allow that large of a bouquet to go out". (I am German and never heard of a limit of flowers) The order was changed to a smaller arrangement. On Feb 28th I called... Read more

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Avasflowers - What ordered is not what was received!!
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Ava's flowers is a fraud! I paid $120 for a gourmet basket. I was horrified when my friend sent me a picture of what she received! I was so embarrassed. How could I explain to her what I spent, what the message I wanted to covey, what my intent was.. I can't tell you.. I was soooo embarrassed! What happened in the days following were even more disturbing! They presented themselves as a local... Read more

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Just had the WORST experience with ! DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT use this service! It is a scam, a bait-and-switch deal. I order flowers for a special someone for NURSES APPRECIATION WEEK yesterday, to be delivered TODAY. Well, the flowers were never delivered so I call them and inquire as to the reason(s). The "customer service" lady did not apologize but gave an excuse saying... Read more

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From You Flowers - For you Flowers Is a FRAUD!!!
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This company is a fraud!! I ordered a flowers and chocolates to be delivered on 7/3 for a new baby. Not only was it delayed once but twice and according to my friend the only thing that came was a very small bouquet of flowers, no chocolates, no balloons which I was told my flowers would be upgraded to a bigger bouquet for the first flub up on their part....also I was told they would call my... Read more

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So as someone who has purchased flowers online for years I found this page full of Avas Flowers complaints. The more I read, the more I laughed. How could these be real?? So I decided to order some flowers for myself through Avas and see if I had the same results. I did not! As a matter of fact, my experience was great! Probably the best I've ever had with any flower delivery company I've used in... Read more

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Teleflora - Like others on here, did not get anything close to their advertised product
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I ordered the deluxe version of Thomas Kinkade's A Kiss For Santa by Teleflora for my mom for Christmas. It was delivered today. I saw it and took pictures of it and emailed my disappointment.complaint to Teleflora. I received a message back from Holly G in customer service stating they were issuing a 30% refund to my credit card. Mind you this 30% would bring the price down to roughly the... Read more

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I don't even know how this place is still legally open. All I see are complaints, nothing good. Unfortunately I did not see these complaints until after my flower were not delivered and I became suspicious. My flowers were not delivered on time (here we are a few days later and I am still yet to receive them). Oh, and the customer service you ask? Hah, good luck! It's all automated. You have a... Read more

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Prestige Flowers need to look up the meaning of the word!!!!!!
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My sweet sweet daughter decided to surprise me for Mothers Day this year 2015. She knows I am a mad keen gardener and absolutely adore flowers so she came across the flashy looking website 'Prestige Flowers' and chose a beautiful looking bouquet of Roses and Lilies. She then selected to pay extra money for a bigger and better bouquet and then paid around £6.00 delivery charge as she believed that... Read more

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