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I ordered flowers for a funeral in advance. I told them the flowers had to be delivered by 9am and it's time sensitive. They told me it wouldn't be a problem. The flowers arrived at 2:20 and the funeral was over. I called customer service throughout the day, they were rude, answered the phone speaking Spanish while talking to someone else as I was waiting to talk and said they don't know because... Read more

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False advertising about discounts: They say you are getting 40 and 50% off your order and after the order is in, they say that this is for your NEXT order. False samples of the flowers you are ordering vs what you get: I chose a multi colored bright colored bouquet and what they sent was a small vase of somber colored flowers. I would never order from them again. Now I get emails every day about... Read more

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My email box was inundated with letters offering $54.00 credit on next purchase. After weeks of deleting them I decided to use the credit and have flowers delivered to my sister and her husband for their 50th anniversary. The morning of Jan. 29, 2015 I called Flower Delivery Express to place the order. First off, the persons accent was so difficult to understand I had to ask her several times to... Read more

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The flowers that I ordered were about half the size they were in the picture. I paid $80 for the vanilla but they were a $20 arrangement. Also they were delivered to the wrong address on the day after they were supposed to be delivered. I called seven times to speak with a supervisor and finally got a hold of somebody who then when the problem back on me and was very argumentative.she offered me... Read more

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same day service a total joke. I ordered flowers on 1/30/15, never got them I called last nite and was told first thing today. Not! Now they will call me back. I live in Michigan. My friend lives in CO. This company is not very organized. I am so mad. Add comment

Also called: Awful service - needs to be shut down - non delivery of $63 of flowers. No response. Never answer phone. Robot emails. Worst Internet experience in 10 years. BUYER BEWARE-never ever use these scam artists. call local florist direct - these guys are just middle men - RIP OFF. Add comment

I ordered an arrangement to be delivered in my mothers birthday. They sent an email saying it had been delivered when it had not it took me hrs to get in touch with someone. They sent another arrangement 2 days later and it wasnt even the one i ordered , its was awful. They would not respond ir take my calls. Sorriest people and business in the world i rate them ZERO Add comment

I ordered flowers, first they misspelled her name, when I got the email I quickly corrected it. After multiple phone calls over 2 days I cancelled. They needed to substitute a vase, couldn't reach the florist, needed another day, etc. said they tried to call me, nope no missed calls on my phone. Finally they said they couldn't find her at the hospital. What a waste of time, I cancelled the... Read more

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I am a big fan of the President and an ardent supporter. I think he is having a hard time lately with both houses of Congress controlled by the other party. I thought sending him flowers would be a nice way to cheer him up. I have his name and address, probally one of the most famous addresses on the planet. They would not take my order maybe they thought I was joking or something like that. Im... Read more

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Like many of the other complaints, I had ordered a Christmas arrangement for my 100 year old grandmother. Not only did it can cancelled on their end, I received no notice of this cancellation. I thought it strange that she didn't mention the flowers, as she is usually quick to call, but its a busy time of year, and I didn't think to check online about delivery until after the New Year. The... Read more

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