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NEVER use the online flower delivery service called They delivered the item a day late and it looked awful - I was embarrassed. They had deplorable customer service. And their answer to my complaint...a $10 gift certificate to their I'd use them again!!! Do what you say you do people! Quality products.....good customer that so hard?! I will never... Read more

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After debating what to send a recently profound ex, I decided to give proflower a call. Whilst the customer service agent was very polite their selection was slim. After spending almost an hour on the phone I still could not make arrangements to send a poison ivy bush to my ex...Please Pro Flowers, Put a little pep in your step.... Add comment

I ordered a small bouquet to be delivered July 4, 2015. I explained that this was very important. I was quoted $17 and some change. I was told the delivery would be on July 4. Then, I got an email saying delivery would be on July 5, and that the price was $80 including a $19.00 fee for Sunday delivery. Well, it is almost 9 pm on Sunday, and no flowers have been delivered. There is no one... Read more

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I've used From You Flowers with no problems. I've looked at other Florists reviews; i.e., FTD, Teleflora, ProFlowers, 1-800-flowers, and all I see are complaints. In spite of all the complaints, they must be doing something right, or they wouldn't be in business. Has the Internet become a sounding board for pissed-off customers? I've seen not one (1) favorable comment. Perhaps these people... Read more

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The flowers were two days late arriving at their destination. Then they delivered the wrong flowers -- two dozen roses instead of a mixed bouquet. Worst of all, the flowers were of poor quality. After four days none had opened, two had blue-belled and most of them had turned brown on the edges I would never order from these people again. After numerous calls to their customer service number and a... Read more

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We Saved for 2 years to visit Rome and rest of Italy only to be aggressively pursued and badgered by two Pakistanis and a Bangladeshi at Colosseum and Spanish steps into buying selfie sticks and in my wife’s case roses. How did we know they were from Pakistan and Bangladesh - simple ,they asked us where we were from and when they heard the answer "England" they got chatty about cricket and where... Read more

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Flower Delivery Express - False Advertising
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I ordered flowers from to be delivered June 22nd and not only did I NOT get what I paid for, but they arrived a day LATE. When I complained, they offered me a $50 credit toward my next order. I would NEVER order from them again! I want a refund!!! You can't leave reviews on their site, when you click the "submit" button, the link doesn't work. Horrible customer... Read more

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I ordered flowers for my Nephews' funeral. I ordered them two days before the funeral, and although Flower Delivery Express states on their website that the flowers will be delivered within four hours, I paid extra to ensure the flowers were deliver by the DAY OF THE Wake, which was a day and a half after the order. The FLOWERS NEVER ARRIVED, NOT FOR THE WAKE OR FOR THE FUNERAL. When I call... Read more

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6/30, I first decided to order on-line a plant from Flowers Delivery Express to be delivered to an office personnel for a "Thank You!" Before ordering on-line, I called this florist Co.CS staff to be 100% sure that time of delivery was 7/2, knowing that the plant's recipient will *** work for a several day- vacation for 7/4. I called florist CS again 7/2 to make sure that plant was delivered on... Read more

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They got the order wrong twice! 2nd batch of roses were old with brown edges and 7 stems less than were ordered. Terrible customer service Rep laughed at me when I said I'd be giving a bad review on web Add comment

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