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If you are ever approached by WFG, Please, please ask to see the recruiters most recent checks before you or anyone you care about gets involved with this scam. Do Not Drink The KoolAid! Add comment

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Adara Communities Texas - Adara Communities - Horrible Managemenr
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If you are hard-working, honest, and looking for affordable housing, BEWARE of Kingwood Lakes Apartments at 3700 Kingwood Drive, Kingwood, Texas. Beware of any Adara Community in this area! They will suck you into renting an over-priced apartment with appliances from the 1970s, carpets that are never replaced (they cut-up sections and replace them), wooden stairs that are falling apart, black... Read more

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  • Netspend
  • 6 hours ago
  • by anonymous
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Going to cancel net spend ASAP want to check my balance & cannot get thru This is B... S...! Add comment


I lost my job and i was forced to file bankruptcy chapter 13 which they are still getting the balance owed on the car but anyways they reposed the car anyways which is illegal after spending countless hours myself and my attorney making many calls getting nowhere day after day they had transported it to auction still waiting to get the release from them so i can go get the car from god knows... Read more

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I applied at ConsumerLoans4All for a 5,000 personal loan and they told that I had been approved for a $10,000 loan guaranteed which really surprised me because I had only asked for a $5,000 loan! But before I could receive my guaranteed $10,000 loan they told me that first I had to pay them $110 which I did thru my credit card. All they have done for me so far, is send me to websites that... Read more

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  • USAA
  • 12 hours ago
  • by anonymous
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Have USAA and am a U.S. Veteran. I hate their banking hours. Drive thru closes at 6pm really..... on payday friday !!!!! And saturday closes at 1pm. Really.... I Hat ed It !!!!!!!!##///^^&* Add comment


After being a long time customer and never having a problem, I find myself so upset with them. Using my card to buy groceries it was declined, very embarrassed, when I called about it, a very unprofessional "Clayton" told me the cards have been compromised that I would be getting a new card in 7 to 10 business days in which I replied I was never notified and I use that card to pay bills that are... Read more

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Won't let me pay online, forced to pay via "Cashiers Check" every time which is absolutely ridiculous. Once paid via cashiers check, every check ends up LOST in the mail. I can pay everyone else but can't seem to make it there. How does that happen? How does every other vendor get my payments but them? Every single person I've talked to with their company has been rude and they won't... Read more

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This company needs to get their head out of their "***". The CEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO of this company needs take control of his company, and take responsibility for his company. He/She also needs to get their head out of their "***", and take care of their customers. What will it take to do this. Going to the National News Media, and charges of discrimination because I am white. Hey no... Read more

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