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I ordered a JH Prefered card and then filled my taxes on JH site. I used my routing and acct info they provided to have my deposit put on the card. I am still waiting on my card which my 8000$ return is being deposited on tomorrow. When i call to see where it is, no one seems to know. It is the absolute worst customer service I have ever experienced! I called 4 different # to just great a bunch... Read more

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I wrote very specific add and developed landing page and offer page(at considerable expense) vs using my website which was recommended by Reach Local rep,because wasn't as specific as landing page with call to action.Point being my add has not been used and they are using very generic add in place and can't get them to put my add up.There is no way generic add will work and in meantime told them... Read more

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I agreed to try your products for 2,95€ and 4,75€ charged to my bank account on december 21. On january 10 and january 26, you have charged my account WITHOUT permission for 84,95€, 89,95€, 99,90€ and 94,90€ (A total amount of 369,70€. Please, refund me as soon as possible. I inform you that I complaint for fraudulent act. URGENT urgent urgent urgent urgent urgent urgent urgent urgent urgent... Read more

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I dont like them they stuck me with a car deal with round tree dodge in jackson, ms. I tried to return the car but they told me it was to late, but I only had the car for only three days and now i don't have a way to go to work and they mess my life up.the dealership sales man told me that he is putting me in a rebate car, but I should have known that it was a scam. I am so unhappy. Now they got... Read more

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I reported my card lost/stolen. There was more than $200 in my account, which company practice prohibited me from accessing until the company sent a new card. I paid $25 to receive a new one with rushed shipping (3-5 business day guarantee) only to be told that the process could take up to 2 weeks. I never received the card, and still have no access to my account. Since there is a security block... Read more

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I am a retired IRS tax specialist. I work for a CPA firm. For years, I have recommended Turbo Tax as the best software program, even for my clients that have relatively simple returns. I have used Turbo Tax for my own taxes for 12 or more years, plus Quick Books for other clients. After this year's bait/switch and general disregard for their customers, I will never recommend TurboTax again,... Read more

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Had two claims in twenty years equaling $10,000 and my policy was cancelled. They claimed that the claims were within 3 years so they could no longer insure me. My car insurance is with metlife but that will also change. This is a company run by criminals and I want everyone to know it. You think you pay your insurance for 20 years and there is some customer loyalty but not with this company, two... Read more

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***As posted on my Facebook profile via a note on January 27th, 2015. Citi loves handing out department store cards suckering those who want to build credit no matter the country they are in, to which, I've written this note in hopes Citi will be the one that reads it.*** Attention CitiFinancial: That's the absolute last straw. I'm so sick of you twisting law for your perverse business methods,... Read more

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On my bill for loan *****0555 Ocwen is supposed to list my late fees separately and tries to trick me into paying them by adding to my minimum payment due without explanation. They know these late fees can not be included as past due payments yet do this anyway because they are a dishonest company which tries it's best to constantly fool the consumer. Simply concept LATE FEES GET THEIR OWN... Read more

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