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I am a gold member of lyoness. Lyoness is a true scam. I can responsibly tell you this. STAY AWAY FROM LYONESS. Do not ever buy gold membership. I am going to tell you why. First of all, I just spoke with their representative on the phone. They officially confirmed to me that all the discounts that you get in a form of cash back to your account are only redeemable towards purchases through Lyoness. You will never get any real money from them. I... Read more

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I need a new mattress, so I go online to Mattress Giant and apply for their no credit check financing (b/c I didn't qualify for the regular financing). The finance company (Progressive Finance) approves me for up to $1100.00, needless to say I was happy. I went to the store and looked at the selection and decided on a mattress/box that was $899.00, after they added taxes and delivery came out to $1050.00 The salesman was telling me about how... Read more

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I did everything they asked and had a credit score of 673 which is average but close to good. I have worked hard to restore my credit and believed them when they said I was "pre-approved". I asked for a minimum debt consolidation amount, and over 40 people agreed to fund me. Then Lending Club erased all the commitments and said my credit was not good enough. I am pissed because I am trying to do the right thing, followed their rules, gave them... Read more

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I applied on August 28th,confirmed my bank account, confirmed my email, sent pay stubs and then they requested 3 bank statements. I responded quickly. I sent my bank statements on Sept 12th. The same day I went in to my bank to deposit my check so I spoke with a banker there and he pretty much told me that Lending club would come back requesting more info. I spoke with him about different options. On Monday the 15th just as my banker predicted... Read more

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Do you want the truth about World Financial Group, now rebranding themselves as Transamerica Financial Advisers????? I was in the trenches with this company for many years and I know firsthand the truth behind this company. What do they really do? They sell you a dream. They are in the business of selling you a dream of financial independence. They sell the dream of having the income to support a better lifestyle for you and your family, to be... Read more

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This happened to me several times and thus caused me to cease doing business with lending club. They have the WORST custoemr service ever and will not own up for their mistakes and are so dumb they lost a valued customer over a measly $10. Here is what happened. I am an investor with Lending club who uses their trading platform. I had listed a brand new note which was recently issued to me face value $25. With the accrued intrest + principal it... Read more

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call me so i will tell you how bad was my time with those jokers Vic 503 547 5032 is was so bad after my tax return and all paper works exactly what i was ask i delivered its a big scam stay away 24.5 interest plus $1000 fee to start. then when i call no one knows what is going on with my loan like i say stay far away from dose guys its a scam. i called them every day and no answer i needed yes or no answer. not a prefasenal place at all stay... Read more

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I tried working with this company for a $28,000 loan and they kept asking for different documents for over a week. The last straw was when they began requesting documents I had ALREADY SENT! The operators are clueless as to the inner workings and they will not allow you to talk directly to the reviewers. Their "review team" is obviously not carefully reviewing their accounts. I believe they are trying to avoid laoning to small businesses,... Read more

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GARY GREEN, esq. filed a class-action lawsuit against Santander Consumer, they have violated Fair Debt Collection Practices Act & Telephone Consumer Protection Act. The lawsuit claims that Santander breached its contracts with consumers in the way it charged fees. Contact them: & MEHRI & SKALET have a class action against Santander for... Read more

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Stay away!.....I cancelled my application. Do not waste your time. Completely bogus company. Regret I provided all my personal financial documents to this pathetic outfit. String you along with very misleading approvals and messages confirming funding. They continually request the same documents and the same information. I would warn anyone interested in becoming an "investor" in this company to read all the reviews scattered around the web.... Read more

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