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I just found out that my mortgage company, Ocwen, has been slipping in a $54.95 monthly payment into my bill for the last 8 months. How did this get in there? I received a CHECK for $3.50 last year, which I *thought* was a refund from my Ocwen escrow account. When I cashed it, the fine print said this authorized a contract with Residential MD to charge me $54.95 for a service I didn't want. I... Read more

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While on the web checking properties for sale, I came across a free credit score check offer - really $1.00. Apparently, somewhere in the add. was a notation of a $29.95 charge after 7 days -- Rather obscure and they got me! This charge of $29.95 appeared appx. 3 days after my 7 day period. Immediately I called the customer service number to cancel this account and request a refund. I was then... Read more

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Do to my financial situation I filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Santander Consumer USA was contacted by bankruptcy court and I received a reaffirmation agree in the mail. I was shocked by what I saw. The agreement was for me to pay $547 monthly for 67 months. That means I would be paying over $36K for a vehicle that's only valued between $13K-$15K. The car was $25k brand new. I need a car but... Read more

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Called to cancel as I had cancelled on their site. For an email saying I won't be getting refunded cause I cancelled after billing. Even when I was on the phone with them they were still trying to convince me to stay. By offering a less expensive service.

In 2002! I bounced a check at a local store. I mailed them a money order. They held it for a few weeks and mailed it back with a letter ssying it wad not was not enough. The check ws for $250, THEY NOW WANTED $1200. They took me to court, garnished my pay, put a lein on me. Now 2014, after I lost my hoise in 2008, they are taking me to court for the surplus from my loss. $951.00 arevthey that...

I worked for Midland for 3 years and I have to say that everything this company stands for is a lie. I worked in the Loss Drafts department and management would sit on the customers money therefore delaying the repair process. Not only were the customers irate but the contractors as well. Our department went from 50 employees down to 23 and we were still required to produce the same numbers. I...

I qualified for the FHH Program and MGC refused to participate in the program. I even spent $250. on a Private appraisal in order to qualify. What good are Government and State Programs, if the Mortgage Companies get to dictate if and when they want to take part in a program. It does not make any sense as to why, they will not take part in the Hardest Hit program in order to help prevent... Read more

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Apply for a loan with the loan officer she approved my loan over the phone this was the second time getting approved. I get there for her to look threw my paper work an she tells me she not doing the loan an I well meet the criteria with 25 thousands or more income she doesn't know how to talk to people her name is Noamie store location is 8430 East fwy she needs more training on the phones... Read more

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First we were told that my daughter could do an FHA loan with 2.5% down. The agent told her to quickly take out her stocks and bonds to get the process going. After she paid broker's fees, stock fees, and several other fees, the agent told her that she couldn't qualify. So she's left with her cash-out minus all those fees. So Mom (I) took over and got a conventional loan. In addition to all... Read more

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July 2014, John Common found in Las Vegas! You can find him at 30 Strada diVillagio #321 Henderson NV 89011 John Common is in Las Vegas and using the aliases John Cavelli; Jac Khavari; or John Cavelli. Don’t be conned, it’s actually John Common! He is running a Student Loan scam. Commercial real estate scams. Libby Muelhaupt, Elizabeth Muelhaupt notified authorities in Nevada regarding John... Read more

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