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I have purchased items using ge credit got charged late fees $35 then interest numerous times. I want to look into signing up for a claim against them my email is: jna5443 thankyou I await a reply Add comment

The same thing with me first I got scam with 600for a loan I applied on line tod me I was approved for 6000, but I had to buy a vanilla prepaid cards to show that I would be able to pay even when I was having a hhard time after that I started rreceiving calls from different states an I would tell them to stop calling bunch of scammers no they didn't tstop calling about two weeks theystop then... Read more

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I recently wanted to renew a loan that I had. I had a CD that I was using as collateral against the loan that was exactly the same amount as what the loan was going to be for. I was informed when I got the original loan that due to my unique circumstances that this would be the only way the bank would probably loan to me in the future. I understood and so I went ahead with it. When I decided to... Read more

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I have banked at Chase for nearly 10 years and every subsequent year it seems to get worse! I won't get into issues of the past, but here is my current complaint with the company: I have been unemployed for around 5 months. I have handled some small business matters through my account since then but my activity has dropped drastically. I do however log into my account profile frequently. Well,... Read more

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I worked and worked watched videos, listened to the radio, filled out surveys got to a 1.20 . then was refused payment. Then they asked for copies of My ID. Well guess how ID theft happens duh! Others may be keen on this site ,but I rather have My dollar. Pure thievery , all I wanted was My dollar and they wouldn't give it to me. What do they need ID for? All that info credit cards and such?... Read more

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Had several problems actually loading my prepaid card once activated, $100. I have called numerous times and have been placed on hold for an average of 25 minutes every time. Once finally spoke with someone they had ZERO information for me told me to contact the company I had my prepaid card through, but would never actually help me in anyway! It has been over 2 weeks and I still have yet to have... Read more

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ocwen has reported to the credit beureas my mortgage 60-90 days late owing 6,000, my mortgage payment is 700 a month, sent them proof of payments, they destroyed my credit, threatened foreclosure if I didn't escrow according to the new "Mortgage law" I paid 5,000 to escrow taxes and insurance that equal 2500 a year and am still in negative escrow, so Ocwen has added 430.00 a month to my house... Read more

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They are calling my family members. Never gave them their numbers. Saying that they have a courier coming to my house to sign some papers. From a international courier. So. I called saying i owe $400. From 2012. They said they mailed a letter in jan. Never got it. Im not signing a *** thing. Add comment

I worked at a hotel who hosted an incentive trip for the top producers of this company. Me and my co- workers thought these were some of the rudest people of questionable character of any group we have ever had at our hotel. These people have sticky fingers and we were warned about this group before they arrived. We were told to keep an eye on all our supplies. In all my years I have never... Read more

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I did a personal loan with this company when I worked for the State of CA for 5.5 years I no longer work for the state so I make less a month. When I mentioned to the Representative that it might take me awhile to get caught-up I was told by the Rep that was fine and we will work with you I was thankful then on February 12,2015 I received a phone call from the Branch Manager Sonny Santiago saying... Read more

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