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I was pulled back to her to verify a check and she asked for a second ID from me. I was a bit exuberant giving my second ID to her and she began getting rude saying I threw it at her which I did not and then I was mad for being accused of throwing it at her. I told her if I had thrown it at her I would have hit her with it. Her whole attitude was in the latrine and Mine at that point become so... Read more

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Rented a house from them too before I bought from Continental Capital... maybe the best experience we've ever had. I didn't have lots of experience with real estate or even leases, so a little uncomfortable with the process. The CCC people couldn't have been nicer, put it all in writing, gave copies to us in advance, ran amortization schedules on the payments when we bought. They even got us... Read more

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Crest financial are complete rip offs, I actually bought a TV to help build up my credit. I confirmed this by asking/speaking to several representative Before signing my contact and after. Now 2 weeks passed my 90 days pay off option they tell my NO that they can't report in California, or Texas. The whole time I'm think I'm building my credit score, nothing was ever being reported. I highly... Read more

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I hired these Clowns back in 2012 also when they were the Residential Litigation Group then changed their name to the Hoffman Law Group. These Clowns took $6000 as a Retainer Fee & Charged me 495.00 a month in maintenance fees for Nothing other then their personal Greed! I was called once a month just to be told the status of my case only now knowing I was being lied to through their... Read more

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I have been looking into making some personal investments into South Africa and looked into some companies, I looked at Devere and a number of other companies and due to some negative responses I decided not to use them and I looked into a company called Carrick-Wealth, well that was to my own disappointment as they certainly didn't seem legitimate. My concerns arouse when I was made aware that... Read more

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There will be FOUR DOCUMENTS attached to this post. Please look at each of the documents. Where these people get this stuff is beyond me, it just keeps coming. I can't even phantom how much money these CROOKS have screwed customers out of mind boggling really. I have been dealing with this since 2011 & I'm only one person & they have charged me hundreds of dollars "ILLEGALLY". They take... Read more

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Stay far away from this company. They are scammers. Unbelievable. I have been trying to get this loan closed for weeks. All delivering. I keep having to come up w more proof and papaerwork an IRS transcript, a letter saying why I want to buy a house?? All this stuff on or after the day im supposed to be closing? Are u kidding? I have had 4 "for sure" closing dates. I have missed 6... Read more

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We were unable to make our payment and I called Chrysler Capital on August 20th and said they should pick up the car. They had to record me saying that but also said they had to get a recording of my husband authorizing them to pick up the car before they could do it. Then the lady told me we were allowed to reschedule payment due date one time over the life of the loan. So I had a new due... Read more

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I only signed up with electricity through them with Go energy when signing a new lease on the house. They where organised through the realestate agency. I was charged peak rate the entire time. I have since changed energy providers and do not recommend using direct connect. I was lucky to not have opted for other services they offered. I only signed up with electricity through them with Go... Read more

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I took a loan out in 1997 with Transamerica for $20,000, Beneficial bought there loans about 2 years later. I have made payments since 1997 and I am still paying, they say my account matured in 2012, which should mean my real estate loan is paid right !! WRONG ! They claim I still owe 9,400 in interest that I did not pay, but I paid every month, I called them they say I still owe them, which I... Read more

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