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I cancelled my AMEX BLACK CARD due to poor performance and non-delivery if the projected standard of service at an unjustifiable annual fee of S$7,000 up from S$5,000. My card was officially cancelled as of end July 2014 with last bill payment verified and fully paid. As of then, my card is cancelled and invalid which is GREAT. I received several calls from AMEX to inform me that there are some... Read more

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Don't be scammed with LendingClub. When you apply to credit card, they provide 0% APR for 12 months or so, and points as you spend money. LendingClub? No 0% APR, and yet, actual APR goes up after fees! My situation: I had 705 credit score and APR was 14%. AFTER ORIGINATION FEE, APR JUMPS TO 18% when my chase credit card charges me 12.99% after 12 months with 0%. Also, once the loan is originated,... Read more

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I've been having the same problem. I've been with Sharebuilder for more than 10 years, and it seems that each time they get purchased by another company, their service goes down. Years ago, before Capital One bought them, I could make a withdrawal request on Monday, and my money would be in my account by Tuesday, no later than Wednesday. Now when I make a request on Monday, I have to wait the... Read more

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I worked there only stayed a week because their training sucks and the biggest reason was because I couldn't treat debtors they way thy treat them sorry but my mom taught me to respect people I have worked in collections for 4 years and I never had to disrespect anyone to collect then payment owed to me so I just never went back I wouldn't recommend anyone to work for them Add comment

Was emailed a credit offer from Hilton Honors claiming I was a preferred customer. Applied w/ 0% for 18 months & no fees. I was prompted to call a 800# after filling out app. After verifying info they congratulated me on being excepted & told my card would arrive in 7-10 days. After returning from a trip I found my card in the mail. My 1st bill arrived a month later, $95 fee deductedfrom... Read more

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Using the IRS phone scam, thieves targeted my wife using the Green Dot money card as a go-between. The card and it's servicing are deliberately obtuse, with a 20 minute period after purchase where you can not cancel the card. At 21 minutes, the thieves clean you out. Their phone tree is poorly managed, and there is no way to speak to a human and stop the transaction. This "card" is the... Read more

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I've spoke with the same people that are listed in other reviews Daniel, Walter and I think Richard. I told them I didn't trust them. I googled them and ran across all these other reviews where they've been trying to scam people. It's the same thing. They want you to buy a green dot card. Thanks, but no thanks Add comment

UGH! Wells Fargo is ridiculous. Everyone should just get together and sue them! About the same thing happened to me! Except whoever stole the money, took money that wasn't even there to begin with! so it over drafted! When I called and disputed it, Wellsfargo closed the investigation within 8 hours, the person who stole it was 2 and half hours away and stole it in the middle of the night on a... Read more

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Called relatives about my account. I don't know how they got their numbers but were never authorized to call them. Unbelievable. When I called to tell them they are to never bother my extended family the lady was short and rude. Will not recommend to anyone. Add comment