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Transworld keeps leaving automated VMs on my VOIP phone. The VMs claim the call is about debt collection. I do not owe anyone any money except the bank, and normal utility billers, none of which are behind. I delete the VMs. Wash, rinse, repeat. I have not called them back because that simply gives them more information about my phone number--that it is "live." Then they could sell my number to... Read more

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I need a question and concerns responded too by Ellen. I try it under send to Ellen on website. It ask to chose file for pic. Only no file to choose, please help me. My home has black mold in it. Trying to ask for opinions of what could do. I'm in fear will loose home, and my father. Who has emphysema. He works 7 nights a week. Just to get by. So no money to remove it. I also have limited income.... Read more

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I applied for a loan, had to resubmit due to an error in their system, called wed and was told this, applied wed, called 5 times before friday and explained I needed loan due to phone service being suspended and was borrowing the refferal contacts phone. Gave the number twice for them to contact on. On monday got the friend to call authorized with the number, they asked her the details of account... Read more

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OneMain Financilal is the Result of a Name Change from Citi "City Bank" . They were caught in an insurance Fraud against the Federal Government , subsequently Fined $150 Million Dollars. The CEO, President, and Board of Directors as well as the Primary Stock Holders, along with Supervisors should have been sent to Federal Prison . The organization should have been dissolved. Citi (ONEMAIN) has... Read more

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Watch out for Delaney Haley in there trust company. She could care less about the people she is the trustee to. Never can get a hold of her. She will email you one thing and turn around and email something totally different. Can't keep track of disbursements she makes. Watch out SHE WILL ROBE YOU!! Add comment

Its sad to say all the years of doing business with H& R block & high overrated prices. I realized I won't be doing business with them any longer & will let everyone that they are a rip off company & dont stand by helping hard working citizens if your credit is bad then so is you & they won't do business with you. But our government is in the biggest deficit & they print... Read more

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I would give zero stars to this education loan company if I could. Called for a payoff amount that was good for 10 days and sent payment the next day. Received a bill the next month saying we still owe $22. Called again and was told the balance should be zero and they would submit a claim. 3 months and no information and the $22 continued to accrue interest. Finally was told I was given a wrong... Read more

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I have been separated from my husband for 2 years. In the state of North Carolina once you don't live in the same house you that is a legal seperation. Naca wants me to hire a lawyer to get papers saying that I am legally seperated and in the end I still might not get a mortgage because they will want a divorce decree. NACA IS FULL OF IT. Stay away from this company !!!! Add comment