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I NEVER received MY tax MONEY because i never received a diamond PLUS CARD THEN i got my card with no MONEY ob card they are *** up i'm make sure everybody know they will *** u over Add comment

NACA is definitely the best mortgage product out there. I bought a townhouse in December 2014 with a 2.75% fixed mortgage, no PMI, no down payment, and no closing costs. It's definitely more house than I would have been able to enjoy with a traditional loan based on my credit score and no money down! I'm a repeat customer: first home was a condo I bought with NACA in 1998 (and sold in 2002).... Read more

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I hate care credit ruined my credit threatened me on the phone when elderly husband passed away i cosigned on loan with son and cant even get a loan because of them. Add comment

Misleading company. I leased a piece of equipment, had problems with the equipment. Wanted to return it, Direct Capital said non cancelable contract. I can't even sell it. I don't have my business anymore. Contacted a lawyer, she said the contract is shady but would cost a lot to get out of. So here I am paying for something I can't use. Such b s Add comment

So we saw a commercial for the Gerber Life Grow-Up plan and started filling out an online application. While I was filling out the application, I did some additional research and then decided against the policy. So I closed the web browser and thought that was it. I did not actively submit the application or receive any confirmation that the policy had been activated while filling out the... Read more

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DONT GO TO THESE PEOPLE IN WALMART!! MY IDENTITY HAS BEEN STOLEN BY A SUPPOSEDLY JACKSON & HEWITT REP!!. They dont do background checks on them, anyone can get this job AND on top of that, the regular Jackson an Hewitt office claims they arent even affiliated with the people using their name in WalMart! My taxes were filed this year using the same information i gave this shadey representative... Read more

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I was. Exston. Get $20,00f Forum. The stä of Ohio. I havengot it. Yet and iam mad at tham Add comment

Got stuck with having my account sold to them and its been *** ever since. They were late to get my information switched over to them. Also this is the second year they messed up my escrow shortage payment which i made both times. Marked it the first time shortage payment the second time e-mailed them and neither time they put the money to the correct spot. On top of that the help is kinda rude... Read more

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Marc cold called me as my travel business is considered highrisk for credit card processing. He took 3 weeks to get back to me and finally after getting me approved for an account that he said would save me alot of money ended up costing me 3 times as much. he is just a sales person for the processing company he got me an account at so i called them but the early termination fee is $595 so i am... Read more

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