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This company is thief they said first 3 month u pay nothing but I already paid 400 $ as fees They r liarrrrrrr Cheaterssssssss Add comment

Be sure to look at the new EZ pay service fee of $5.00 added to the electronic processing of a mortgage a payment. I have been stuck with SPS since chase sold out mortgage. What a pin to deal with! The new fee; while only $5.00 will add up quickly and the only entity the benefits from electronic payments is SPS. I was informed, by an associate the fee had always been there and theat I was one of... Read more

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  • Usaa
  • 1 hour ago
  • by anonymous
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I got a suspicious email and thatbI had suspicious activities and that I needed to update my account info asap. Add comment

Very rude unprofessional bill had already been pd all they want to do is argue. Had to send proof already pd. They need to get off thier butts and find payments that already had made Add comment

I got a credit card for my daughter on her birthday in February to be able to privately buy her favorite items over the internet. It took over a month to receive the card. When received, the pin did not work. I contacted Buxx and they were so rude and they promised to issue another card. Every phone call they told me the card is n the mail. Now, it's May, 24th and they are still telling me that... Read more

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You should be more workable especally when you have half the money paid with a good paid record Add comment

I received an offer from them as well. Saying I was pretty approved for 600 dollars when i called and tried to find out more info I got some foreign chic who I could hardly understand. She told me i had to fill out the application online. I went online and started to fill out the app until it asked for my social. I scrolled to the top of the page to see if the website was secure and it was not.... Read more

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I recently switched to Scotia Bank for the no-fee student accounts - yay! I am very pleased with the employee that helped me apply for everything - thank you Lianne! But, there is this one (lack of better words) bitchy looking women that sometimes works at the receptionist desk in the front that has little respect and good work attitude when confronting customers. On TWO different occasions... Read more

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  • Sears
  • 18 hours ago
  • by anonymous
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I have a high credit score and all past creditors have been paid off. I was able to purchase a home, yet denied credit for a Sears card. I will no longer shop at Sears, and will vehemently tell others not to purchase products from them. Add comment

I signed up with INTUIT as a credit card processor. Apparently they are not the actual processor. They contracted out the actual merchant services to A company called INNOVATIVE MERCHANT SERVICES. Well when a customer disputed a $700 charge they charged my account but there was not enough money in my account. They never really investigated the dispute and ignored all of my evidence. They then... Read more

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