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Memorial Club Apts on Westcott St at Arnot in Houston next to Memorial Park, has been granted a reprieve til the end of April to move, but are hoping for another extension. Phase I across the street where the other part of the complex has been torn down has been plagued with problems from the start--weather, rain, and other issues. NOW, and I kid you not, coyotes! Yes, coyotes! There has been a... Read more

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I work at the supermarket where I get my groceries after I got off work tonight I did my grocery shopping got to the check out cashier scanned my order went to pay with a check and it was refused by TeleCheck what the *** ??? I was very embarrassed this is the place I worked at for 28 years my pay check is direct deposit i know there was more enough in my checking account !!! So tell what's the... Read more

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Trying to deactivate all my netspend cards Add comment

Submit review › All reviews Achieve Card "i got a achieve card in the. mail 2days of go i got it ternd on and 2days afther.i put money on it and they charge me the service free of $9.95 and the money to by the card to load was $4.35 so that makes me so mad that this scams are doing that to people .i just wanted to say if your seeing put out there and dont get this card .so what a not good card... Read more

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Had a 20.00 charge on my card which I did not know was there, received no statements, no phone calls, nothing until of course there were late fees and interest charges. A 20.00 charge turned into 112.00 which I paid the moment I found out. They reported this to the credit bureau and will not make any attempt to correct it. I had a 15,000.00 line of credit with them and had been a customer for... Read more

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Someone with a heavy Indian / Pakistan accent keeps calling and leaving a number and says I need to call back to avoid going to jail. I finally called back and he said his name was Steve Martin and that back in 2010 I didn't pay all of my taxes and the IRS was going to come and put me in jail. Clearly this is a scam read all of the other complaints the number was 559 800-7990 and a week ago... Read more

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We pay our mortgage through draft every two weeks. Ocwen does not apply the two week payment. Instead, they place the payment in (obviously) an interest bearing account and continue charging us interest for the next 2-3 weeks until the next payment goes through. So essentially they are charging me interest while making interest off of their customer. Completely unethical when considering the... Read more

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I have a car financed through Ally for couple years. I was always on time and even made double payments. I usually made payments over the phone-no charge. The past month, as suggested, I attempted payment on-line. It wouldn't allow me. Customer service said I had to pay by Western Union and a charge of $8...which I said I never had before. She replied that it was always that way. Anyway, long... Read more

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