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I sent money to my friend in saudi arabia thru western union. But the agent there was asking for another tracking number? and refusing the Mtcn that my friend was giving to them??? Add comment

I will never ever make a deal with one main financial of leesburg Virginia again. It's a nightmare in life. Especially dealing with Mica or Jaicob they do not know anything about help, they only know how to make you feel frustrated. One main financial it's not recommend for any one. Thank you. Add comment

Incredible one main repo my car and they do not know we're is it now. Wow, thank you one main. No more in my life I will make a deal with those people in leesburg branch especially with Jacob or Mica. Add comment

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I am very upset and frustrated with PennyMac. We are attempting to go through the modification process but it just seems like a scam. This started months ago. We fax and mail things requested several times but they state they never receive them. One agent says to do one thing and another agent says something different. I think they just want to foreclose. They should be investigated for fraud. Add comment

Leesburg branch: Jacob and Mica who working there are people that should not work as customer service at all. Add comment

Those people whom working there on Leesburg branch are extremely unhelpful. They called me 1'000,000 times for one month after my due day payment, now, that they repo my car no one there help me to take my car back. I have to deal with this other tow company and pay more feeds. I did not make any contract with them. Why I have to deal with this. This is not make me pay early, this make customers... Read more

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Was forced to get extended insurance and when i filed a claim one main financial refused to issue me the check to have my car fixed. The manager lied about the options i had and i called three other offices and the told me i had been miss informed and i should have been given the funds to get the car fixed. Add comment

One main financial on Leesburg it's the worst experience of my life, I have never fell so horrible treatment from a financial place. Add comment

Received a collect call from my boyfriend who is in rehab trying to get help and has no cash,I accepted the collect call not thinking it would cost 20.00 a minute,this is so wrong to penalize someone who is trying to get help, the company did not say how much it would cost they just ask what is your credit card information,when I checked my statement I could not believe the charge for 1 minute... Read more

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Since the first day I asked the representative, before signing any paper several questions, even that I will never sign a paper where I was getting $1000.00 as a loan and they were charging in the paper more than $10,000.00. The lady told me that I should not be afraid of that, because that was not my case, since I was only getting $1000.00. I signed. The first month for payment I called... Read more

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