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VOTE WITH YOUR MONEY. STAY AWAY FROM ARROGANT THIRD WORLD COUNTRY SERVICE - unless you want to experience constant problems and headaches, be treated with ignorance and dis-concern by incompetent reps, who want hesitate telling you anything sucked out of their finger, just to brush you of. I will save you reading long details of my many days saga in short there are few options to reload card.... Read more

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Just by reading comments here I realize what is going on. Given there are many more negative than positive comments, one can assume that Lending Club has made the barriers to funding very high. My guess is that, after a substantial effort, 90%+ applicants are rejected. That is because the first priority of their business model is to assume as close to zero risk as possible. So they will be... Read more

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I recently was called by a Springleaf associate who told me that they could get me a $1000.00. I was said ok, and asked how much my payments would be? I was told just $5.00 extra a month from what I am currently paying. Then I asked what is my balance now? Which was about $2194. Next question what will my balance be with interest I was told roughly $3400. I go and look over the paper work and... Read more

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I did not order this *** service I ws r myony back that was my food mony for the week now im hungry & *** pissed off Add comment

I dont ever chrck my scotes I knoe wat my credey is but I accidently hit a butten in a differnt site for tjem and they took $29.95 off my card iys a scam im going to report them to the better business beurel Add comment

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Don't deposit money on time sometimes early sometimes late what a joke Add comment

I just received a collections letter for Verizon.I have never had Verizon for phone service! The letter doesn't state when this account was supposedly dates/year etc...It just says I have a past due balance as if it's current information.This sounds like one of those scam collections company that buys information and uses it to scam scared people out of money.DON'T FALL FOR IT! I'm... Read more

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Had past due bill with Verizon wireless $106. .I paid the bill in may 2014 and it still shows on my credit report as I still owe them .makes my credit report look bad Add comment

I have a US Direct Express Debit Card with the Coamerica Bank which is where my Social Security checks were direct-deposited. All of a sudden I found out that it was canceled, and done so without my knowledge or authorization. I was unable to use it while doing grocery shopping. I bet that everyone in line was thinking that I don't pay my bills when the cashier announced, "Denied". Very... Read more

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I paid $6000. To start to get my house out of foreclosure with Wells Fargo. They told me everything would be okay and if I paid the $500 monthly that they were for sure to get me to stay in my house. I called every month and they said any day now it would all be over. One year later and another $6000. And I am being asked to leave my home in 30 days. My question will I ever get that back. I have... Read more

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