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  • CapitalVia
  • 25 minutes ago
  • by anonymous
  • #616321

I have joined the services of capital via n m satisfied. They have delivered me what they hv promised. They attended my calls whenever i called them. The company is good and supportive Add comment

Freedom mortgage is the worst organization I have ever dealt with. I would rather have my teeth pulled than have to deal with freedom mortgage. Getting through by phone is excruciating in wait time and resolution. Online application to make payment doesn't work with iPhone. Trying to pay my own escrow is ignored. I hate freedom mortgage. Add comment

This company is horrible.. I have had 9 calls in the last 3 weeks from them. It is on an account that isn't even mine. They searched and found that I live close to one of their clients and got my home number that way. It is a new number and the account they are calling about is over 15 years old. I have told them numerous times to stop calling me and they continue to do so. I just filed a... Read more

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Trying to get a letter that my loan has been paid off. I haven't been successful. Help Add comment

Ocwen took over our loan when Taylor Bean went bankrupt. Then we had a loan mod from Ocwen. Then the evil practices began,they padded the escrow,charged fees for this and that, did not apply payments to the loan,non existent PMI policy caught them double dipping. They are thieves,we put alot of heat on them from various agencies. Then they sold the loan to Nationstar. Another night mare we are... Read more

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The owner Mr. Micael Wurmser is very well known and often a guest at the federal prosecuter and in Zuerich due to his frauds worldwide. He installs big show for his clients and preferable work with "bank guarantees" and other "financial tools". Everything this guy is telling you is a big big lie. I lost a huge amount of money. He rips off people all the time and playing the big influencial guy in... Read more

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We had a loan that transferred from HSBC to Springleaf that was in loan modification. Springleaf has lied time and time again. 1. I wanted to pay the deferred disability amount and the girl said I could do that so I specifically made 2 payments. One for the normal amount and the second for the disability amount. On my next statement I saw the amount was not applied to the deferred disability.... Read more

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Just got the card at the store and paid 3.95 for the card. I only put $12 on the card till my permanent one arrived. I attempted to place an ad in local paper to sell my car. The $12 transactions was declinedible so I Called and spoke with a rep who told me there was a $2 transaction fee for every online purchase and a $1 fee for any other purchase made with card. That is such a ripoff. If I go... Read more

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  • Usaa
  • 4 hours ago
  • by anonymous
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Ussa have very poor service on claims had two and they want to take their time. After all the money you pay them they dont want to service you. Add comment

My name is Mike Partner. I invested my funds with Austen Morris in the belief that they were a reputable and competent company, properly regulated. How foolish! I take some of the blame for what happened as I did not pay sufficient attention to the performance of my funds, having misplaced confidence in the company and my advisors. After all they were making money from managing my funds and I... Read more

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