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  • MoneyGram
  • 12 minutes ago
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Stuck in new york Money Sent to Nigeria im in Niagara falls New York after verifying info agent still sent it to Nigeria now I have to pay Xtra to have ticket change Supv didn't care nothing they can do nor did he even resolve or attempt im pissed off not my fault but we paid to have it sent to Niagara falls agent didn't close her last transaction Add comment

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  • Ocwen
  • 2 hours ago
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Ocean loan servicing is the worst company I have ever dealt with in my life. My loan was sold to them and they are terrible to deal with. Thank you. Add comment

I put money one one of their packs two days ago (Friday evening). I've been using reloadit since March or April of last year with no major problems aside from the obnoxious waiting times between purchasing the card and loading it. I've been trying to load the card for almost 48 hours now. During that time I've had to deal with not being able to access the safe at all to not being able to log in... Read more

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I am still going through the qualification process. I cannot get in contact with my Counselor. Over the course of the last 3 weeks, I have called her and left voice messages for her to call me back, I have emailed her directly, I have called member services and sent a request for her to call me so that I can get an appointment and she has yet to contact me. I have even sent a request to change... Read more

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Was advised by DiTech to mail in our $7000 check from our insurance company to have it endorsed and mailed back within 3-4 business days. I sent it to them overnight mail on September 8th and they received it on the 10th. I called to verify receipt and they didn't even have it tied in to the correct property address. I called them on Monday the 14th and was provided a tracking number that was... Read more

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Terrible company. I couldnt wait to get rid of them. Bank of America is the worst bank that ever stands. They are all thiefs. Its not worth it banking with them. My account got over drawn by amazon which i complained to Amazon because they wasnt supposed to charge me and they gave me a refund but sadly bank of america gave me an fee for the over draft. I told them amazon had made a... Read more

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So far arvest bank has been good until now. Normally they take care of my problems or concerns that i had but this takes the cake of all problems! I tried to report fraud on my account and the arvest bank fraud department is closed. So i have to wait til Monday to report an suspicious transaction on my account. Even bank of America fraud department were open everyday and i hate bank of... Read more

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They made various promises to get us to sign up. They failed to deliver on at least two of the three basic tasks we told them we needed - general ledger and comp time. I have given them one quarter to work the bugs out, there were many, and have managed to shoehorn the company into the inadequate system they are capable of providing to get the info we need. I am less than impressed with their... Read more

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You're paying your bill and these idiots still try coming to your house to collect furniture!!! Add comment

I have had a block on my personalized 1-2-3 Rewards "PREPAID" debit card since 2011. I was told that I needed to purchase another temporary card and then get it linked with my personalized card to take the block off. I purchase the temporary card and was then told that I have reached the limit of the number of cards that I can have. When I called customer service, I was told that I needed to... Read more

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