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I have had Standard Life Insurance for over 25 years and am appalled that they are out sourcing their customer service from Portland Oregon to Birmingham Alabama. I have called several times after receiving my annual statement and found that Protective Life's automated attendant is the worst I have every experienced and they have no customer service available. I am considering cashing out my... Read more

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I have 4 accounts with Regions Bank in Clarksville,Tennessee. The reason for my complaint is because, I got a NSF notice form the bank and a call form Life Care of Sparta,Tn. I had a returned check and additional returned check fees that needed to be paid to Wells Fargo. Wells Fargo is the banks that Life Cares banks with..I made took 300.00 out of one of the checking account. I told the... Read more

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This is the worst bank i have ever the displeasure of dealing with. I own a business and have been with this bank since 2006. I have never overdrawn the account and maintain at least 80k in that account at all times except for late in the year when it goes down to about 40-50k. Sometime in March of this year, unauthorized charges were made on my account. Apparently someone wrote 2 checks totaling... Read more

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I did not choose to do business with Green Tree, they purchased my account from Citimortgage and have made it a horrible experience. They don't accept payments online unless it is the full payment amount, and they charge $12 for online payments (not free like every other real bank). Who charges to make payments anymore, in 2014? Not only do they not return calls or respond to your online request... Read more

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My mother went to Frost and met with an advisor named Rebecca Boyd, in the San Antonio office .who gave her horrible advice. First she lied and said she was a CFP, then she lied and said she had a degree in investments. Further research proved both were lies. Then she recomended she sell all her existing mutual funds so she could sell her some new funds. We have called and written her letters... Read more

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Collection agent "alex" said he would send in for review when I told him there was an email from co who sent me to collections stating they had made a mistake. He got rude when I told him I needed it fixed now. Said I had to wait for "process", and hung up on me. I called back and spoke with Jerry Crabial the "manager" and he said It was my fault I was even in collections cuz I didn't put in... Read more

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After reading complaints posted about OCwen Loan Mortgage Servicing, LLC, which I could have written any number of them, I just wonder when someone will file a Class Action lawsuit against them that will stand up and put them out of business. It is criminal fraud that American people have to deal with someone like them. Even when they do grant a modification they never do what they say they... Read more

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I have sent the documents requested 4 times already and have not gotten a response or able to activate my card. Case: 10002068551160 card number: 4003 4486 5255 0856 Add comment

We believe they are trying to collect a debt from FD resources for Mastercard/Visa Fees. However, they or FD never sent us any statement or anything. We are sending it back to them and requesting backup details on why we owe the debt!! They will probably say "You should call FD resources". All you get when you call FD is a big "run-around". Nobody knows anything and every time you call you... Read more

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I purchased many pieces of furniture after moving into my new house. A furniture (Main Street furniture) company in Patchogue promised me everything under the sun if I went through them for several pieces. I signed the financing contract with Crestfinancial. The furniture store closed down and never delivered my furniture. That was in February of 2014. With Crestfinancial you must sign that you... Read more

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