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I am a gold member of lyoness. Lyoness is a true scam. I can responsibly tell you this. STAY AWAY FROM LYONESS. Do not ever buy gold membership. I am going to tell you why. First of all, I just spoke with their representative on the phone. They officially confirmed to me that all the discounts that you get in a form of cash back to your account are only redeemable towards purchases through... Read more

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Stay away!.....I cancelled my application. Do not waste your time. Completely bogus company. Regret I provided all my personal financial documents to this pathetic outfit. String you along with very misleading approvals and messages confirming funding. They continually request the same documents and the same information. I would warn anyone interested in becoming an "investor" in this company to... Read more

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Dan Gaub has been running a fraud and scam in the Yakima Valley for years! Unsuspecting Church members have been victims of his. He has taken millions and millions of dollars and all the reports are not good. I lost hundreds of thousands myself! Some people have given him half million, MILLION dollars and then he killed himself like the coward he was! I have read articles about him on places... Read more

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Lending club contacted me through mail. I responded and filled out the online app. They sent emails that the loan was being funded and encouraged me to finish sending the personal information. Once I had sent it they denied the loan. I bought a car and they said I shouldnt have done that a month before the application? Credit score 725 debt to income 25 percent and I shouldnt have bought the car?... Read more

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I purchased 3 Western Union Money order from a local 7/11 store here in Catonsville Maryland to use to pay for an apartment that I wanted to rent.I used 1 of them as a security deposit to hold the apartment for me so per the rental manager I made the money order payable to them,on 04/02/2011 I went to move into the apartment and to my surprise the apartment was not ready for me to move in so I... Read more

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I did a background check with Intelius and they gave me a subscription for $19.95/mo for identity protection! A service I never asked for, never authorized!!! THEY ARE STEALING from consumers! Then they make you wait 20 minutes on hold so they hope you hang up! I am disgusted! I am calling the better biz bureau! How can someone charge you for a service never purchased/authorized, etc... Please... Read more

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Please contact me for any information on ongoing class action against Ocwen. My Mother would seriously like to join and bring these bastards down. I have similar complaints here. My Mom owns a house in Sacramento, CA, she refinanced her prop in 12/06 and loan was sold to Ocwen in 1/06. She was told sometime in 7/06 that she was 1 month late while continuously paying her monthly mortgage. She... Read more

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I was at Walmart and my check was denied. I have never written a bad check and had available funds in my account. The manager took the toy out of my daughters hand while I was trying to take care of the problem. When I called telecheck they stated I did not have a negative history but couldn't tell me why my check was denied. They stated that my check didn't meet their guidelines, but... Read more

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Any one who has dealings with OCWEN please contact me ASAP. I have information you need to know... my email is and my cell is 724-557-6267 but please call between 9 and 10 pm because Im at my limit for now. Just to let everyone know they have now taken me for another $7764.00/ I have so so much more to tell including the phone number for the VP of OCWEN. Im hoping to reach out... Read more

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World Financial Group - Transamerica Financial Advisers A.K.A
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Last year I met a guy at a business mixer who chatted with me for a minute or two and then immediately asked me if i was looking for work and wanted to come to an interview with his company tomorrow. I'm a young kid fresh out of college, so right away I was interested. It struck me as totally bizarre that his company would hold an interview on a Saturday. What kind of company makes their... Read more

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