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I Order Bluetooth from nCrowd - I follow their installation instyructions 3 or 4 times it didn't work it doesn't even turn on just piece of ***! I email asking for refund bc they never answer their phone! this was their response (see below) I don't want credit, I want my money back. They just invented this so call policy, they never mentioned when I order the bluetooth- Do not buy this item is... Read more

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I ordered a sports camera together with an SD card on behalf of someone who was abroad/overseas (Order number: 307949378) last January 18. The SD card was delivered first and the sports camera on another day, around January 23. Since the items were not mine, I didn't check and test the unit (I just opened the box to check if the unit was there together with the charger and accompanying... Read more

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I ordered an iPanda bluetooth wireless headset - when I got them and tried them they sounded like complete *** - the sound would have been better if I taped a paper cup to the end of my iPad and held it up to my ear - when I contacted them they basically said "tough dirt - that was a "Final Sale" product and you can't return that" - I filed a dispute with my Am Ex Card - these people are a big... Read more

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I ordered a chip for my garmin and the sales person told me that it was the chip that would work for me it arrived and it was the wrong chip and now im being charged with a fee this is very wrong you should be willing to go to any leinghth to make my order right if you get people that understand the products that they are selling these things will not happen I never owned one before and I took... Read more

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I've read several complaints online about Rokus' losing connection. Most everyone had some sort of ridiculous reason for the thing losing connection. I think it's ridiculous to spend this much money on a device , then buy channels for it and all it does is lose connection. Every 5 mins I have to get up out of my chair and unplug it, wait for it to reboot just so it can *** freeze again. I used to... Read more

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Over a five year period of being a customer I have now dropped three separate phone number accounts. The only way you can communicate with the company is via Chat. It is fairly obvious that English is not the primary language of any of the representatives that I have Chatted with. They could not get billing for these accounts moved to one date so that I did not have to string out my payments.... Read more

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I ordered a set of headphones 3/6/2015 here it is 3/20/2015 still haven't received them I do believe these ppl are crooks and will never recommend this site or buy another item here. Contact me at 318-557-2757 Add comment

I recently obtained internet service with Sprint through their MiFi Hotspot device. It required a two year commitment. The service and speed were great, however, within four days, I had used up the monthly allotment of 3GBs. Previously I had used a Boost Mobile Hotspot via my cell phone and rarely used up the 2.5GBs allotted each month. And that included all the work I do on line as well as texts... Read more

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This has got to be the worst product and worst customer service in the world. I actually used an old version from a fellow worker a year or so ago and it worked but the latest version did not. I have spent hours on line with their tech support to no avail. They keep repeating the same request & demand and it seems as if I go around and around in circles. They quickly pass you on to another... Read more

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Bought a so called Bose Soundlink mini speakers at supposedly 80% discount. When I received the item, the sound does not sound like a Bose speaker. I brought it to a Machine store selling Apple product which also has a genuine Bose Soundlink mini speaker. The sales guy there confirmed that Lazada has given me a fake speaker with the Bose logo on it. Have been trying to make a return for refund... Read more

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