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Do NOT buy a Roku. I was having difficulty setting up my Roku. First, it was very difficult to get someone on the customer support line. I was kept on hold for more than 30 minutes. When I finally was able to reach a so-called support person, Roku's customer service did not solve the problem and referred me to the manufacturer of my TV. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that my credit card... Read more

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Cincinnati bell wifi sucks!!!Its slow and i have to be right next to it to use it!!!Waste of money!!! Add comment

We purchased the magic jack for 78.00 .. It work fine for the first 3 months. Next we get a server error message. We contacted magic jack and they said we had many to many calls and our service had been disconnected and we would not be given a refund. My son is the only one who uses the phone. He is at school during the day. He does not make a ton of calls. We are still waiting for the call log... Read more

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Shop on amazon, ebay, walmart, target some guy's garage of ill-gotten goods. The price market ups are absolutely possessively insane. I checked on a dual band router that was marked up $30.00 more than everywhere else, save for a few scammy sellers on amazon and ebay. Don't waste your money trying to make yourself feel rich, buy online or from another physical retailer. Fred Meyer is one of those... Read more

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Cannot change anything without paying Control 4. Switch a tv, add a channel... and you have to pay a control 4 dealer to add it to your system. Control 4 do not stand behind their endorsed dealers. If you have a dealer, I used Creative Audio Video and Automation in St. Louis, MO, and they were terrible. Didn't wired things properly, asked for old equipment just prior to competing... Read more

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  • Jan 25
  • by anonymous
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30 minutes wait on customer service wait Add comment

Lost my password. Unable to log in. 00966507374604 Add comment

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Prank calls from multiple Magic jack owners, threatening legal lawsuits, arrest warrents for IRS Faud and demanding money. SOMEONE SUE MAGIC JACK! Add comment

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  • Jan 23
  • by anonymous
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Gave a bad review on here an now it says I have to update my account what p.o.s company better off in the trash I guess people don't waste your money on this junk!!!!! Add comment

Wow this seems to be common business practice with Evil controllers. Evil controllers has broke my 13 year old sons heart for Christmas the only thing he asked was for a controller from them so my wife and I paid $139, which is a lot of money for us , were not rich people, needless to say there wasn't much money for other gifts for him when the controller never arrived!!! He still jumps up and... Read more

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