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I had a DVR that had power problems and had it replaced for a $30.00 fee. They didn't send a remote with it. The remote is so worn out that you need to use a tool to manipulate the on button to get it started (we leave it on until it times out now) I called and asked why the new unit they send did not include a remote, they said it was another $15.00 for the remote (but they said they would pay... Read more

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I ordered some technologic equipment by means of Merimobiles e-commerce website. The package was shipped but never arrived at destination: instead it returned to sender, due to mail delivery problems (it can happen sometimes). The bad thing is that the customer care made me fake promises for two months, but no package was ever re-shipped. After three months I consider my money gone by now, and I... Read more

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I ordered a xiaomi powerbank 10400 mah with order number AB1053711 and since then i have been lamenting about why i chose this website. this is a professional fraud website and knows how to fool its customers as well as its the worst website with which you can ever deal i have made several complaints and the consumer redressal helpline is more than fraud i will advice everyone to refrain from... Read more

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Ordered two DVD's that their website said were in stock. One month later they finally shipped both to me. But get this, two copies of each. What? I returned all four the next day. That was ten days ago and their website says they have still not been received. I can not blame the PO as this company is just not well run and believe that my bad experience is the fault of the company. The idea is... Read more

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My puppy ate my Streaming Stick remote. (Surely this is not an unusual event.) Waited for 30+ minutes to chat with customer service who said a new one could be had at a big box store. Visited Best Buy and Micro Computer Center - they'd never heard of replacement remote for Streaming Stick. Ordered one directly from Roku. The package was mislabelled and sent back to Roku. Roku insists it was my... Read more

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Long story short, this product does not work. It is slow, grainy picture, streaming is hit and miss, drops connect, downloading shows is painfully slow. Great idea, bad product. Advise against buying, save your money and download content via other means. I bought this to save money rather than download from iTunes. However, for the price, I can download a lot of shows and iTunes just works. ... Read more

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I cannot download nothig at all.I have reset,erased sd/card,This pandigital tablet has no customer support. Add comment

I ordered a $1200 GPS system and did NOT receive it. Plain and simple. I'm going through a chargeback process with my credit card company because they are now hanging up on me after a ton of phone calls. Add comment

I have had two discs stop recording near the end of the movies Memorex customer service is little to no help they tell me it not their products fault and with want me to check the manufacturer FUNAI about the compatibility of their disc to that of their product... I tried to explain that 30 discs worked, just not these two...It's tough to get Miguel to understand that all 50 pack of sony worked... Read more

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I ordered a Tascam dp32sd dent and scratch item after it showed up on their website. The purchase price was put on hold and the order was put into shipping verification status. I checked on the order the next day and it showed cancelled. I contacted AMS through their live chat. After being on hold for 20 minutes I was told that my order was cancelled because someone ordered the item before I did... Read more

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