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I am astonished by just how incredibly bad their 'customer service' is. It almost defies words. I've been trying to get my 'lifetime maps' honored for 3 years now and only 2 days ago it was raised to 'Tier 2' support (whatever that means). Their response - "We'll give you a one-time update". 3 years ago I purchased a Garmin Nuvi with a lifetime map offer. When attempting to register online,... Read more

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I returned a brand new plantronic bluetooth headset a month ago and until now di pa din napapalitan. I reported this to a customer service agent of lazada many times (naubos na nga load ko) but still wala pa din update. Poor customer service pero kapag umorder ka ang bilis nila magpadala pero pag may problema na.. Di ka na nila papansinin. 'Hope ma-trace na yung bluetooth headset ko kasi... Read more

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Hi My Magic jack no 323-786-0418 was sent for review. I had been using that for 6 years or more and just a week back when i renewed the service and paid $ 40 for the whole year. The account was sent to accounts review department. Now my magic jack has been blocked. The accounts review department said. There is nothing they can do to re start the service. I requested for a refund if they cant let... Read more

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I purchased a Motorola modem/wireless router a year ago and also purchased a 2 year extended warranty. The modem went out today so I took it back to Target and was told that I have to send it in and would get a Target gift card. What a joke. I was told by the customer rep that I should have read the fine print of the warranty. Who is going to pull out the warranty paper in the checkout lane... Read more

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It was a thursday afternoon,jul 17,2014.There was a real young girl and and older guy.The young girl wanted to charge 49 dollars,instead of 29.The explanation she gave was totally illogical,her body language showed she was nervous,she couldn't even explain the difference between the exhibit and the attain. She was trying to make money on a special rebate.All that needed to be paid was 29... Read more

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I signed up for Timeless Television, they took money out of my account, AND I GOT JACK ***. I couldn't get anything but a picture of Lucille Ball on the screen. I contacted those *** and they blew me off and didn't help at all. My wife did the same and they ignored her too, but those low life *** won't refund the money or give us what we paid for. *** TIMELESS TELEVISION. *** belong in prison,... Read more

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I cancelled primus internet service same day last year and packed up the modem and mailed it through Canada post to the address i was told to do so. A couple of months ago i received a mail which had a sticker and modem return instructions. However i had already returned the modem a year ago, so i called customer service and asked about it to which they checked and replied that they had received... Read more

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I got a bad phone on April 7th of 2014 I have been trying to reach them ever since I've held for days on the phone I've sent in 12 emails corporate doesn't answer I've tried to send faxes to corporate and the fax will communicate you're just a freaking nightmare unfortunately I paid for it with my debit card and I paid for it with a credit card I could definitely get it refunded if anybody knows...

I have had majic jack for several years and always have issues connecting cuting off,can not dial, can not hear them or they can not hear me we are using skype now and do not recomend majic jack very dificult to get in touch with their service