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Got on chat *** on the other end. Told me to hit the reset button. There is no reset button after lots of frustration I find a tiny little hole on the bottom that requires a paper clip. Now you tell me. That took 30 minutes. Biggest problem it doesn't like my mainstream Xfinity wifi. A dead end! 1 1/2 hours. They keep telling me to enter my router code and I keep telling them that the set up... Read more

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Dear Best Buy, Your customer service is absolutely terrible. I have a bad taste in my mouth from the service I received this week. I like to purchase from Best Buy but this past experience has put me over the edge. I ordered a Samsung Gear 2 watch on Monday November 17th, 2014. I paid an extra $15.99 to have it shipped and delivered to my house by November 19th, 2014. I needed it for an... Read more

Was this review helpful? 0 0 Please wait for a site operator to respond. You are now chatting with 'Shauna' Your Issue ID for this chat is LTK111530157617757X Shauna: Hello, how may I help you? martin: My call to ISV carrier COX is blocked at 40... Read more

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I called magic jack customer service to find out what was wrong with phone, got a foreigner who said hackers were into my computer and for a fee he could fix the problem. I hung up and figured out that the magic jack was unplugged! Add comment


EWARE!!! DO NOT TRUST NETGEAR TECH SUPPORT!!! THEY WILL LIE TO YOU AND TRY TO SCARE YOU!! AND THEN TRY TO TAKE YOUR MONEY!!! I purchased a WiFi Range Extender, hoping to boost wifi connection in my house, only to find it not helping. So I called Netgear tech support from the number that was in the manual. I was connected to Andrew, a guy with a heavy Indian accent. I told him about the wifi... Read more

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Walmart Sold Me An XBox 1 With A Used XBox 360 Inside The Box
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So I was at Walmart on Sunday morning and purchased the XBox One bundle package with Call of Duty. When I got home and opened the box, which was still sealed, there was no game, half of a power cord, no headset, and instead of an XBox One, there was a very old 360 console. I immediately returned to Walmart to get my refund, and not only did they deny my refund, they also refused to allow me to... Read more

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I made an order last nov 14, 2014 for a wireless gaming receiver cash on delivery. The fact that pasig is nearby makati they aren't able to deliver it faster and no update was sent to me if where my order is. (305339279). I tried to call them but no conversation was made they are not picking up the phone and sometimes it's not available. Add comment


discovered my wifii wasn't really working when my cell phone started charging me for data, despite the fact that it indicated the signal was available. turns out i had probably been without a service i'd been paying for for months. my recourse? stay home from work and wait for a repair person to show up - a very dicey proposition, based on my previous encounters with cablevision. Waiting through... Read more

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I received a call from an IRS agent Julie Smith stating I need to call immediately to prevent further action from the IRS, I call the number supplied in the message 202-241-7158 and it is just an advertisement for Magic Jack. I google Magic Jack and get their number and speak to their sales and customer service reps. Both sound foreign. Is Magic Jack employees or ex employees in india or... Read more

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Sudden link service is awful. Constantly my DVR boxes stop working and so died my internet. I have to unplug and plug back in every weekend when I am actually at home and try to watch my terrible TV service. If I didn't live in a 2 story house that needed to spend $1500 to retire my house for DirecTV I would never have had Suddenlink. Suddenlink is worse than Time Warner whe I lived in Dallas.... Read more

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