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I purchased a self-powered 4 port hub. This hub was suppose to support 4 devices but in fact only supports 2 devices. When inserting a 3rd USB device one of the first two ( and sometimes both) would stop working and go offine. No matter what machine I used or how I used the hub, the product would not wok as advertised. Bottom line is that the hub did not supply enough power to support 4 devices.... Read more

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I just had a very frustrating and useless waste of 2 hours during my second time trying to get my phone replaced. I bought the 1520 Lumina from Microsoft with the warranty. Naturally I dropped it and cracked the screen. Visit one- we don't have the phone anymore. You can choose a cheaper phone or wait until a new one comes out. A few days later I received a call that one had come in. I went... Read more

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Ordered a EZ cast from gearbest, after a 2 month wait I received it and after a week of use, it fell apart. Contacted customer service, they said they would get back to me, it was Chinese New Year. No word for a month, than I disputed thru PayPal. They said close case and they would send a new one for $2.00 or refund my original $21.37 minus $7. So I paid the $2 and never received the item.... Read more

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Worst ordering experience ever. I placed an order after hours at night and then did not need the item. I requested a cancellation less than 1 hour after the initial order was placed. 4 days later I get an email from the "cancellation" team stating they cannot cancel the order that it had already been shipped. I replied the order should have never made it out of the door and should have been... Read more

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I had ordered a 10ft charger still have not received it now I'm reading all these complaints about this site I will not get anything else from this site Add comment

I bought the system thinking it had one year warranty. When the video went our after 8 months, neither Amazon, Consumer Wholesale, or Pioneer would honor the warranty. Consumer Wholesale told me that Pioneer HAD to honor the warranty.  I would call Pioneer - first they said Consumer Wholesale was not an aurtorized dealer.  Later they told me the unit was too old eventhough it was new in the... Read more

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I called Customer Service because WIFI was too slow for HD Video. Some guy in India told me he needed to examine my computer via remote access software and I said OK. He then insisted that I needed to listen to him explain what he was doing while he whipped around my hard drive. After much unnecessary discussion, he decided that I had drivers that were not working and that I could solve the... Read more

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I have a digipwer battery .we are using this from approx last 2.5 years but now backup is for only 30 min. Hence we are facing problem plz do needful Add comment

I ordered Nobsound QCY QY7 mini sport bluetooth Universal stereo headphones V4.1 headset Microphone (Wireless Phone Accessory) from and spent several hours trying to figure out how to make them pair primarily because the voice prompts are in Chinese even though they are being sold in the USA (we don't speak Chinese here). I am still not able to use any of the other functions for the... Read more

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I have to cancel my order because there was an emergency event that happened today my grandmother got sick and we rush her to the hospital just this afternoon. We lack finance for her medication. Probably i have to prioritize my lola and i guess soon i can have this wireless headset as soon as i can get good finance. Hope for your kind consideration. Add comment

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