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I bought a gps and as I received the product I confirm receiving but when I start using it it was not working as it suppose,,,,I decid to return the item and I send a message to the seller but unfortunately I did not got any respond yet will you help me,,,thanks,,,,the order number,,66492431290845,,I did not use it and I send it back to the return address on the box,,,I would like to know what... Read more

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After many emails and phone calls, Brookstone finally sent me a return shipping label so that I could send the iconvert scanner back. They sent a gift card for the price of the scanner. I had bought a similar scanner from them for my parents. When we tried it out at Christmas it would not turn on. I contacted Brookstone again and they sent another return shipping label and sent another gift card... Read more

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they delivered a defective item (power bank ) it really didn't work so i did go to LBC for them to send it back to lazada, as well as i did fill up their return form and ask for a refund in my item. that actually happened april 1, 2015 and the month is ending already. I just received a message from them that they're evaluating the item and after that i haven't heard from them anymore. come on... Read more

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My name Steve day I am having same issue I spent an hour the first night with them pushing every button they had over and over. Finally I was told it was broke dug! It was 42 days old he said take it back to the store so I did told no Roku takes care of it. Call them back And the guy said yes I see it. Puts me on hold forever comes back said his supervisor said try a few things so plug it back in... Read more

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I've had an iTunes account since the 90's. My wife visited the "Genius" counter and was talked into changing the account access thinking, as do all modern women, they need their "own" account. Fine with me but, Apple in it's infinite wisdom, doesn't allow multiple accounts with the same e-mail address. She apparently copied down the new PW and Apple ID because they don't work. However, Apple... Read more

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Was not satisfied with the service been trying to solve this issue since the end of February!!! They sold me 2 sets of headphones for my children that were to be a Christmas gift... i was assured that they had a full year warranty... both sets were broken by the end of February... Tried to turn in all my equipment but never received any boxes... After a month went by i called to see about the... Read more

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This company requires a credit card on file, even for free service, for one reason, they will eventually take your money, even if the service is free, either through their own bogus charges or what happened to me as follows. Due to several problems I had with this company, I downgraded to the free service and suddenly my bank notifies me of around $200 worth of bogus charges on my card. I... Read more

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Purchased Klipsch Mode-M40 headphones just over 2 years ago, with 2 year warranty. They cost $350. They are noise canceling and I use them only for plane flights, so about 3x yearly. Just took them out for a trip, and noted the fabric covering an ear cup had split at the seam, just while resting in the case, an obvious factory defect. Company refuses to fix this, saying it's a few weeks past... Read more

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"Blinq is a rip-off, I purchase an item and never received the item. I was told that the item go lost in transit in the warehouse. Then told the item was not in stock. I told the rep that the item is still on the website and then I was told I could reorder it. I was no charge for the item but the money was already debited to my account. They then ask me if I was to reorder the item, What so you... Read more

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Dont ever buy from this site!! It takes too long to sent you something, not only that But if something you order didnt came..they ask you to sent them more money to sent you again!! OR IF something you order come.and its broken the ask ask you money again to sent you new one! BUT THE WORST OF THIS SITE IS the communication centre tha it suposed to be 24h it sometimes takes 2-3 days to answer you... Read more

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