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No refund for charges for canceled account that was omitted by Netflix system. I paid for an inactive account for six months becoze of the following. Netflix claims their system cannot refund money that is due to me even though it was their mistake. I called in February to cancel, they convinced me to stay, but in May I called again to cancel and they did not close my account , so basically I... Read more

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Please beware dancer by the name of Claudia/Britney and several other alias is going around spreading herpes to men and other girls in the company. Dancers get very up close and personal with customers and other dancers so please be safe. She works for Mark who is the owner and aware that she has it. Complaint filed with health department also due to her being a risk. Her real name is Christie... Read more

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If you are on Cam4, or Chaturbate for that matter, and you are in the middle of a show and a member asks to be your moderator, DO NOT USE THEM. This advice comes directly from Kim - the Cam4 head admin. People have been complaining about certain members sending private messages during shows asking if they can be made mod of the room. Its good advice that everyone should listen to. Too many people... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Redbox
  • 15 hours ago
  • by anonymous
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I went to the amazing Spider-Man 2 the game and the disk wasn't in there just a pieces of paper I called but they didn't answers my calls never Going back to redbox again Add comment

I feel that Skinwars and Mind of a Man shouldn't be on at all. They are an insult to everyone's intelligence and are inappropriate. Add comment

Can't. Download broadcast I paid $50. The Norman Goldman podcast. I did a few timess but now there's a lock. What's up? Add comment

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  • Hulu Plus
  • 21 hours ago
  • by anonymous
  • #528105

Hulu sent me an offer for a free 2 weeks. They charged me before the two weeks were up and won't give me my refund!!! I warned them I'm posting this complaint. They must be desperate to refuse to refund my money!! The service is garbage!! Beware!!! Add comment

Sara Jeffers threatened a old friend of 18 yrs to beat her and *** her up and Destroy her life after a full year of harrassment and charges being filed on her already. Sara Jeffers a single non married known suspect has made numerous threat and has stated in text the physical harm she will do and "it wasn't a threat it was a promise" this is very very disturbing to me as her boss Brandon Scott is... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Netflix
  • 1 day ago
  • by anonymous
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Monk was one of the best shows on netflix I could watch all 8 seasons over and over again. And I'm outraged that I can't watch it anymore makes not wanna keep paying for netflix Add comment

I bought a lot of games from this place an taking them back oh we can't take these what do you mean I bought them here an can't trade them in its crazy I will not shop there an will tell everyone its bad business spread the word they will rip you off the best way possible . I barely even played the games at that .almost want to call Howard aims from the news . record exchange at least gives... Read more

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