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This guy Charles Lawrence Is a scam artist and fraud. He can't dance and hires ppl and makes huge profits off of them. His motto #bebettertoday and #freeyourdance. This is all about the money for Charles, don't be fooled. He is a creep. His practice of luring young white suburban girls with money to exploit in his online Utube videos to which are monetized and making him even more profits. All... Read more

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In the last week I've had 2 shows with 1 episode out of many with audio video tracking problems. Unwatchable. Submitted 2 online problem reports for #1. No fix. Called CS and reported it again. Still no fix. Called about #2 and asked about #1. No explanation. Hey Netflix, fix the episode problems and stop blaming my equipment. Add comment

I ha e. Den to Cherokee 2 in the last month and a half and lost 2500.00 playing the slots. I have never won anything at this casino! It is also a crying shame that you have to pay for WiFi 12.00 dollars that *** is crazy! I have been to a lot of casinos and never paid for WiFi and they raised the cost of mixed drinks by 4 dollars this casino is a rip off and should be investigated!!! Never going... Read more

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I really disgusted with you all because you do not give points very often I get tired of waiting so now I have found a new game to play Add comment

DO NOT BUY tickets from this company!! The seats they will give you will be the worst possible seats! Despite claims that they could be anywhere in the zone, they will only be the lease desirable. I was told by an agent that since I was buying early, I'd be one of the first to get seats and I was eventually given two, separated seats in the last possible row of the venue. And I didn't even get a... Read more

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I've been playing on WW for over two years. Their policy states that withdrawals will be returned to whatever source funded the account and for two years, I've not had a problem with this particular issue. But since the start of this year, rather than credit my debit card back, they are insisting that I wait three weeks on a check. I have filed a complaint against them with the BBB and have... Read more

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I was happy enough broadcasting on Chaturbate for about 1 year. I had a fair share of success. But today, I was broadcasting, and then my phone rang with an unknown number It was someone that was in my chat room, who phished/hacked my account. Needless to say, I was terrified. I contacted the customer service with screen shots and told them exactly what happened. I received a response back from... Read more

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BEWARE!! This is not a reputable ticket-seller!! The tickets were more than twice the concert-venue price, then they added incredibly high service charges, then I found out later they were in $US, so much higher again. I admit, I was excited about the concert and ordered the tickets too quickly and didn't listen to the little voice in my head saying "too much, it doesn't look right". If you... Read more

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Yeah I have a comment I would like to post about north american hunting club,I joined,received my magazines, and my free gift. Then I started getting all these books in the mail. After miss placing one of the books and my son (who was twelve) started taking them to his room, I was getting billed. So I paid for those few. I called And asked them to stop. That's when I received the big collection... Read more

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I would like you to put the 3 month of money back in my bank as I did not give you pormishen to take money out my bank and for I do not know how the he'll you got my bank details a have proof you have take money out and I will like you to put it back in or I will go to the police you have till end of the day Add comment

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