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I ordered the Halloween glass apothecary jars, and they arrived in pieces. There was virtually no packing material to protect these fragile items. When I called to get a replacement or refund, someone named Betsy Ross (really?) was snotty and said there were no more available. I spent $50 for these, plus huge shipping fees, and was refunded only $17.00. I haven't ordered from them since. I also... Read more

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Just warning women about this loser I went on a date with. Met online number is 7728126100 *** from Port Saint Lucie. Very shady strange person. The whole date he was boring lame and expected me to talk half the time. No personality. Attempting to talk to him was a joke. Having to endure sitting with him was miserable but being a woman I did it. He said he would pay for whatever but only ordered... Read more

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Too many *** commercials for 20 minutes, hate Hulu plus Add comment

First of all am not into escorts at all. Just wanted to try once and called her. She said 130 for 30 mins and 225 for 60 mins outcall. I accepted it and she never told me about any other rules or her policies. On arrival, she just did a CBJ and just only one pop and she started packing. When I asked she said its a policy for all such girls to have only one pop for everyone. She did not tell me... Read more

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The worst company ever! When setting up our system. We had such a headache getting the package and channels we wanted. We were on thephone for at lest an hour and half After a month we decided to cancel our service. When calling to cancel we were transferred to 10 people they all asked our name address phone number and why we wanted to cancel our service. On the phone for about 1 hr 15 mins. Can... Read more

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I can not login to my Disney account. I have tried for several days, and several times a day. they keep saying my password isn't right. what is wrong and they need to get it fixed. I will cancel. I am tired of all this.ppppp. ppppp. ppppp. pppppp. ppppppp. pppppppp. ppppppppp. pppppppp. pppppppp . pppppppp. pppppp. ppppppp. ppppppp. pppppp. pppppppppp. ppppppppppppp. pppppppp. ppppppppppppp.... Read more

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I saw a couple complaints about Andrew and in my opinion they must be bogus. He sold me a Seeburg jukebox in "as is" condition a couple years ago. I needed him to hold it for me until I had space for it. I forgot all about it for over a year. When I was finally ready I emailed him and he still had it. Took him a couple weeks to dig it out of storage. But it was in same condition and he did not... Read more

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First, somehow they claimed I owed them $2, they apparently sent me an invoice (which I must have mistook for the pounds of junk mail they constantly send), they charge $2 to send an invoice, then apparently they sent another invoice after I cancelled my services so that my $2, was now $8. I called to pay and finally get rid of them once and for all. The customer service rep put my $8 payment... Read more

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We welcomed being shot or beheaded after our vacation in California at Disneyland. In April of this year we booked a vacation with the Walt Disney Travel Co. It was all inclusive tickets, meals, airfare, hotel and transportation. Our vacation was wonderful up to the point of trying to get into the park with Magic Morning, some gate person didn’t know what she was doing and kept scanning our... Read more

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I just got a call from this casting360. They wanted my credit number and when I said I'll have to talk to my parents before anything they said we're a secured Network and said there will be 1.98 fee Add comment