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I had an account with them many years ago with no problems. Back in June I thought I'd join again. I ordered my 4 books and shipping was going to be $13-$15, don't remember exactly. After 2 months I e-mailed them since I couldn't find a phone number. They replied back it was still pending. After 2 months? That's nuts. I replied back, again, but they never got back with me. I have 2 debit cards,... Read more

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I bought a nicki mernerj album on utunes and *** dat ish was baud lol nah for real tho itunes Ima need that 10 dollars back see my baby moms right she went out the crib you nahmsayin and shiteet she took al the milk cuz! what ima do? and I aint gon make cereal wit nicki minaj *** cuz! TAKE THE ALBUM BUK UTUNES SUKS jdfisdjfsd hfjsdf hsdhfudfuhsdh fshfusdhf sdh sdfh sdhfsd hfsh hsdfh ds hsdfh shf... Read more

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I signed my granddaughter up and payed 100$ she never was called for an audition and I could never get in contact with her supposed agent ,now they want more money please don't trust them they are a scam... Add comment

My young and foolish girls bought 2 tickets to see Newsies in Philadelphia. Paid over $360 for 2 tickets which are in the $52 section. Still haven't received the tickets. Don't know if they will come of not. Unfortunately, they learned a very costly lesson. DO NOT TRUST THEM. ALWAYS BUY FROM THE VENUE OR EVEN TICKETMASTER. I don't even buy from Ticketmaster as I think their fees are too... Read more

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I had seen an event where fiesta4kids was apart of. They had an assortment of different floats and activities for the kids. They had some of the most biggest and colorful floats and jumping castles i have ever seen. The employees and team were really nice to the children and everyone seemed to stay and be professional with the kids and parents. The prices are reasonable and the kids always look... Read more

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signed for 10 days got charged 30days! *** *** site and got loads of fake accounts that they have made up!! have 20 emails a day, as soon as i joined up, no emails??? exactly, bloody scam! beware the site should of been called!!!#dont waste your money people!!!!!! it says in small print that they make accounts to make you feel wanted and help the site grow bigger... so i other words, the are fake... Read more

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Dj service We hired star fire professional dj entertainment services,to dj our wedding! There is nothing professional or quality about hid dj services!! 1. He called 2 days prier to wedding said he had over booked when we had scheduled in April for oct 2. His solution was he sent 4 highly incompetent kids to do the show none stayed more that 45min to an hr the final girl couldn't run the... Read more

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If you want to waste time, subcribe to xfinity. 20 min of buffering then 2 min of advertisements, then 20 min of buffering and maybe.... maybe....1 min of the t.v epiode you want to watch before it goes back to buffering. Am told it streams better during the daytime when not so many subcribers are online....oh wonderful.... pity I work 9 to 5. Also it seems you have to write at least 100 words... Read more

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On Sunday, October 19, 2014 I entered Best Buy in Valdosta, Ga. to return a television I purchased and received slow, bad service! They treated me as if I had stolen the television, after being told by an employee at the store, that Best Buy is the manufacturer of this product ('39' Insignia flat screen tv, Model # NS-39D400NA14)that has stop working completely!!! I was told that I get another... Read more

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You guys really need to add everything you have to streaming and get everything you can... And maybe it might help with streaming revenues... Geez i cant believe nexflix lost battlestar gallactica..and doesnt have tales from the darkside, but yet choices to have a mill othe b rated and not mine Add comment