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Technician (ID #0585679) / Service #40739790 came to house to assess malfunctioning Whirlpool Microwave on 14/7/2014. After assessment, Technician (Kevin) informed me that microwave could not be repaired. He then submitted email to claims department of Assurant. However, when I contact Assurant's customer service department (spoke to Karen), they informed me that A&E Technician "failed" to... Read more

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The company charged me for $680 then disappeared. Its a scam and this needs to be investigated. Criminals! Add comment

I havnt used this product but have used the Sherwin Williams Deckscapes Waterborne Formula. I am currently in the process of removing that mistake!! Home Depot tried to talk me in to Behr Deck Cover. I will never ever put anything on my exterior deck again except STAIN. Im 2 weeks in with stain stippers and power washers and sanders on removing that horrible Deckscapes. I dont care if I have to... Read more

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For those who have issues with Stanley Warranty and feel that Fraudulent activity have occurred, please check out this direct website to file a complaint: Way too many people are complaining about this website service that someone must investigate and the online business for any possible scam. And now they are trying to get into the auto services!!! ... Read more

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I received a bill that I don't understand. I have called twice and told that the wait time was 60 min. but I could leave my phone number and someone would get back to me. That was 3 days ago and I still haven't been called. I have called before about this plumbing problem and was told I had to submit a letter from my plumber. The plumber said that a new hot water heater is necessary, but the... Read more

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The fan went out on my Kenmore Elite French Door Fridge in May. It took them a week to come out and by that time I had to throw out a lot of food. I have extended warranty but I didn't know that my contract allowed me to get reimbursed for our spoiled food. It was never mentioned. Now, it appears that I have another cooling problem and this time it is going to take them 10 days to come out. I... Read more

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$462 to snake a toilet. Yellow pages full page add "no extra charge on weekends or evenings." My toilet clogged on a Sunday morning. Was told by phone $99.00 service fee on Sundays, however that would be rolled into cost of job if work was performed by their technician. This was made very clear, no difference in price from Sunday to Monday, as long as they performed the work. Was told this... Read more

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Was trying to get ahold of Stefani for the weeks about the cash for keys. She won't return my call Add comment

i sat outside alongside my tub at 10 on the day of my service call. at 11 i called and was told the tech would be here at 2. i checked my maibox at 12 and saw there was a slip claiming the tech was there and serviced the tub charging me $98.76. the store claims he was there at 7. then why was i told at 11 he would be here at 2? upon further review he wrote down my settings and left without... Add comment

Took our money, never serviced anything for us! My wife and I purchased a 2 year plan and they closed 5 months later! How do we get our money back?? Help! Add comment