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Dishwasher broke, had service come out to assess the problem. Service ordered part, which took 2 weeks to arrive. When Service arrived another week later, it was the wrong part. Not even from the same manufacturer. My dishwasher is a Kenmore and the part was a Whirlpool part. The wrong part could be forgiven, but one week from Christmas and the technician didn't even bother to offer to... Read more

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Robbers and thieves. Good job that they have finally gone to the wall and shut operations down! Add comment

Called for plugged sewer line that was backing up in basement. Roto showed up on time looked at the problem and said it would cost $433 to fix. Said he would fix it and be gone quickly. Then he said was hitting something in the.line and he wanted to video the pipe for another $180 when I said no he said he could not guarantee any of the services. So I paid him and got online and found... Read more

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On Dec 13, I called AHS because my hotwater heater was leaking and was told they cannot schedule a contractor until the 15th, (Mon.thru Fri) even though there was one inch of water on the floor. On the 15th I called back and was given an appointment for a technician to evaluate the problem on the 16th. The techinican never showed. O n the 17th again I called and was told someone forgot to... Read more

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3 different claims ,3 denials asking for refund. If you want to just give away money you may as well burn it. Unreliable co. Add comment

Oven has never worked properly, bought new from Lowes in June, 2014. A&E has been here 3 times, lied about how it was supposed to work (convection runs all the time) and after a confrontation and call to Kitchenaid, begrudgenly ordered a new fan kit and board. After waiting all day (they will not give you a time, they only say they will come between 8 and 5) he showed up at 4 and "fixed the... Read more

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I had my garage door repaired by Choose the right door on 10/28/14 and on 11/22/14 it wasn't working. I had to get an emergency repair and couldn't get them, so I got the door fixed. I wrote the owner of the company, Jim Floor and told him I wanted my money back because his companies repair didn't even last 30 days. He does advertise on Angie's List, 1 year on parts and labor. This is ***,... Read more

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Samsung arranged to have A&E come out to repair the gasket of our new fridge. The repair guy showed up but didn't have the new gaskets. He had us sign an invoice for "work performed" and said the gaskets would be shipped to us and that we should install them ourselves. When I called Samsung back, they said that we could try to install the gaskets, but if they get damaged then the warranty... Read more

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I have been trying for a month to get my fridge repaired. 2 techs later and still nothing. The 1st tech never turned in his report and I was informed by your customer service that it was my problem and I had to try to track him down and get it turned in. Tech #2 just left my house. He walked in, stuck his arm inside the freezer and said feels cold to me. I pointed out the melted popsicles and... Read more

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I am on my second washer from SEARS. The first one, a Maytag was purchased in March, 2012 with the service contract. By mid-April 2014, the washer wasn't working. After my contacting managers to complain, my visit to store of purchase, and several prolonged attempts by the service team to fix the problem and by them assigning blame to my plumbing system (which system was verified twice by my... Read more

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