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We were recently out of the country and hard to reach, and our 25-tear-old son was staying at our house when the furnace quit during sub-freezing weather. He found an old number on a sticker on the side of the furnace, and got someone from Atlas ... we have never used them, they must have bought the number from another company ... the guy who came out charged him $89 for the service call but did... Read more

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This happened about 4yrs ago.Had a fire in the basement. Servpro recommended by adjuster.After 3 weeks all they had done was dry out and basically wreck any thing in sight.No cleaning at all!! In fact, my wife went down with bleach water and cleaned 3 sg ft of a wall.When confronted the franchise owner said that they had done all they could.My son in law is a contractor and redid the whole... Read more

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In December of 2014, I submitted a service request for my garage door motor. Though I got an email confirmation, no technician ever called, nor arrived. When I logged in to check my account, the request had "disappeared" from my account (even though I had the email confirmation sent to me). I tried to log request again and same thing happened. Then I tried to call - but waited more than 20... Read more

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I have now had two appointments scheduled for someone to change my faucet. Once they didn't cond because they said someone had come already .. Yes for a direct issue. Then I rescheduled and both myself and the plumber confirmed the date. Then I confirmed again the day before the appointment. And guess what they have it scheduled for another day!!! How does Saturday turn to Monday in one day? So... Read more

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Bought a samsung 45h700 model. Just over 30 days into it the machine over fills the water causing it to unbalance and make grinding sound. The dryer is also leaking. The best sears can do is send someone over in two weeks to look at it. I spent 1200 for a washer and dryer that take 2 hours to wash the smallest load. All I asked for was an exchange or return. Now I have a tub that wont drain and... Read more

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We purchased a Whirlpool was about 18 months ago and it stopped working. It checks the weight of the clothes, starts to fill up and then it just makes noise like the motor is burning up and it starts to smell. I have contacted the company and they say that since it is out of warranty that I would have to get it fixed at my own expense. That is fine I said because I will never buy another... Read more

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02/06/2015, due to unusual cold weather, I had a pipe bust and called this company after watching their commercials on tv and assumed, they were good at their word and commitment. On 02/07/2015, a plummer showed up to address the problem, he found none. Almost $6000.00 later, the original problem resurfaced and was addressed. I just retired 12/31/2014 and seriously, my savings took a nose dive.... Read more

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I have a few questions. I am new to gas cooking. Should I be smelling gas when I turn the burners on and off or when the oven is on? Should my oven be making "expansion" noises the whole time it is on? (It is quite annoying and not confidence boosting!) Should my burners be puffing back and woshing flames 30 seconds after I turn the burners off? (I can't seem to get use to that and jump every... Read more

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my goodness...I am a Realtor and wish I had gone here before offering this warranty to my seller. What a cluster f*** this company is. Listed the property at the beginning of the month but held off on the warranty for almost two weeks while getting the house ready. I then register the warranty and three days later the heat stops working. They then denied the claim saying it was "pre-existing"... Read more

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Called and scheduled service 3 different times and no one showed up...called back to dispatch and was placed on hold for 25 mins. and thought I could wait them go though. I suspect that they did not like the fact that I wanted a quote before beginning the job. Appears to be a pricing scam outfit in my opinion. Talked to three different service people who all agreed to show up on a given... Read more

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