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Have sold the home under contract and unable to contact the cancelation dept. at AHS. After 40-50 minutes on the phone on 3 different occasions , still unable to get through. Called another department at AHS who was not allowed to cancel. After hearing how long we had been trying to cancel said she would have them call us . After a pause, she stated , they probably would "NOT" return our call .... Read more

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Have a ext. warranty so called to repair washer. Tech replaced the pump. When I went to use the washer the next day, I had the same original problem. Had to wait a week for another tech to come out. Tech supposedly repaired but I still have same problem. I contacted A&E to complain about service and that I needed a tech out immediately and was told it would be another 6 days. I am now... Read more

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I have unfortunately used the LeafFiler North recently. Here is my review about this company: I am greatly disappointed by the product and the company’s service. LeafFilter North has not completed what was promised in their contract. 1. Downspouts not cleaned and realigned. The contract specified they would clean and realign all downspouts. They attempted only one (1) of sixteen (16). Their... Read more

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15 mos after purchasing a Whirlpool Washer stopped getting hot water, app was made for 5 days later, they came, had to order parts, came back a week later ( another technician) installed the parts, technician tried the drain and spin cycle, I had no reason to doubt the work., he left, a few hours later ( on Friday night ) started the washer, it filled up completely,( HE model) supposed to use... Read more

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My window was 1-5 pm for a washer repair. At 11 AM I phoned A&E just to confirm and I was told the tech anticipates between 2-4 pm based on current calls. At 5:09 I phoned a&e to be told that the tech is running late at last call but will be coming, no time could be provided. At 7PM another call to A&E - this time was told that they didn't know whether a tech would come. When... Read more

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Civil Rights Violations Reasonable Accommodation leading to Disability Discrimination: I am required by law to say that term prior to even saying Hello and it is a royal pain to me to state it as it seems that many people that are not necessarily ignorant not *** but unaware that the only way they can legally respond while living in the USA is "What is your Reasonable Accommodation" which in... Read more

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I had a Sears repairman fix my dishwasher. After he fixed it I had a leak under the dish, washer dripping into the basement. I called to get the repairman back. They gave me an appointment a week later between 1 and 5. i waited and waited, but the repairman did not show up. I called again to complain about he fact that the repairman never showed up. The person on the phone apologized,... Read more

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Since October 3rd, I've been working with Action Appliance to get my washing machine fixed. I pre-paid them, by credit card, for the anticipated fix. The technician, Tyler, did NOT provide me with any form of receipt. To this day, I still do NOT have a receipt for my payment (in full). Here it is, October 28th, and my washing machine is STILL not fixed. I do NOT recommend this company... Read more

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My Glass top range I have had since May 2014,for no apparent reason it cracked and spidered ...I called frigadare and they told me it had to have had something done to it...well it had not...I found it with a crack in it....they refused to take responsibility for it...Brand new not even 6 months old. I would not recommend a fridadre product to anyone and I am very much disappointed in the... Read more

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I purchased a washer and dryer matching set 3 years ago i am now on my 3rd washer from them i keep getting down graded in tge washer from what a previously purchased and they have no one in the area to fix the appliances now they are saying im stuck with what i have 2 completely different looking appliances in open site of my house. Its not my fault tgat their stuff keeps breaking and they change... Read more

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