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I was recommended via AHS. The technician shown up late, left a message on my door "sorry I was not there to accept the service". Once I returned home and found the note was placed on hold for greater than 40 minutes. Asked for the number to corporate office and was refused 9/22/2014 Add comment


I purchased a LG refrigerator model LFX25974ST that they were running a sale on and purchased the 4 year protection plan. The refrigerator was making ice intermittent and the freezer would not get below 19 degrees causing freezing issues of food. Placed a call with Home Depot protection and they said they placed a work order with a company called Katz repair. The company never called to... Read more

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Waited 7 days and then 1/2 a Saturday morning for A&E Factory service. The Tech called my cell phone but since I did not recognize the number I did not answer. A&E called moments later and said, "the Tech was trying to reach you call back" but they gave me the number for Sears. When I called the number, Sears did not know anything about the issue. Bottom line, after waiting all that... Read more

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Our Sears dryer quit working 2 weeks ago, So I called Sears Service. They sent a technician from A & E factory appliance repair and spent the next 2 days "guessing" as to what was wrong with our dryer. I took off a total of 1 1/2 days off from work to be at home - for nothing! Ever been without a dryer for a couple of weeks? The technician then ordered some more parts that showed up the... Read more

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A few weeks ago I took a job with Leafguard in Pa I should have known right away this was a bad idea as my first job was to hire people to go door to door and work events and to do this I had to use my own credit card to place the ads and I would be reimbursed for it. After two weeks I was not getting reimbursed I spoke with the general manager Adam who assured me he would get it done only... Read more

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We have had this scam for about 3 years. Have been having AC problems for about 2 years. They send chappy companies out that say there is nothing wrong with the AC. In the meantime we are paying ridiculous amounts of electric bills trying to cool the house but never achieve. They will keeps sending techs out and give you every excuse in the book to not have to replace the unit. We ended up... Read more

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Wasted my time also. Called at 9:30 am, I was advised someone would be there between Noon and 3:00 pm. At 3:10 they called to confirm address and told me the service tech would be there within 45 minutes (3:50 pm). They used the excuse they had called earlier and since I did not answer the service tech went to another job - I wonder why their call does not show up on my caller id? At 4:00 pm... Read more

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We purchased a new ELITE front load washer in 2008. In December the warranty expired and 6 months later so did the washer. First trip from repairman from sears cost $234 to fix a F35 code. Two weeks later the washer quit again. Second trip from sears repair now the washer needs a CCU units costing over $400. Third trip from sears repair refund my money for F35 switch but sill change service... Read more

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I purchased a home warranty through them in January of 2014 and only a few months later they apparently closed their business without contacting me or offering me a refund on the prorated next 2 years of service coverage. I'll be filing trying to find out how to go about working with the legal system to get my funds back as the service cost me around $600.00. Whether they knew they were going... Read more

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Not satisfied with service rendered. Basically two different servicemen came out and the both said different things...bottom line American home shield costumer service said they were going off of one of the provider findings. ...we feel that the company is just taking consumers money....unhappy costumers after about 13 years of service.#lookingfornewwarrantycompany Add comment