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Was trying to get ahold of Stefani for the weeks about the cash for keys. She won't return my call

Took our money, never serviced anything for us! My wife and I purchased a 2 year plan and they closed 5 months later! How do we get our money back?? Help!

Southern Motion Furniture - Peeling of the leather
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I purchased a Southern Motion sectional Fusion in 2010. After the first year it started peeling. To see it now it looks like I have had it twenty years. When you sit on it you have leather peeling that sticks to your head, clothes and ends up on floor. We gave no small kids or animals. I will never buy from this company again. The first couch I bought (from different company) last me 15... Read more

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My grandparents {80 years old} have contacted American Home shield about their broken refrigerator/ freezer for over a month and after many pointless trips out all different service people, all confirming they can't fix it, they are still without a refrigerator. American Home Shield has caused more a headache then my grandpa's cancer. This isn't right. It is a horrible company. This insurance... Read more

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called for repair on july 7th..have called every day with the same response someone will call me july 21 after taking 2 and half hours to get through I was told by Trevor he could get a repairmen out tomorrow between 9-1 or 1 -5. what did I prefer....when I told him any time the phone went dead...(prior to hang up....trevor had denied talking to me before) I have many notes of whom... Read more

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I rent my home and the ac unit went out 3 days ago , old republic did contact a company to come out however no one was able to come until today 3 days later .. They get here and explain the entire fan blower was shredded and they need to order the part and it may take 2-3 days! I have 5 children aging from 7 months to 7 years I cannot keep my children In this house any more! I livr in Arizona and... Read more

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I have purchased not just 1, but 2 pools from Spa Crafters and this establishment is first class all the way. I have done my homework, I shopped other retail spa businesses in San Antonio and was not acknowledged at all in one store, and in another store the salesperson did not have the adequate training to tell me anything about the product. Product knowledge is a must for an investment of... Read more

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Company refuses to honor Contract agreements. Customers are left paying for repairs out of pocket. The Ac unit to my home is not up to housing code or even hurricane codes for Florida. The system constantly breaks down due out dated parts that constantly break repeatedly. One of the major issues is vibrations of the unit because the unit is about 30 years old and the vibrations issues will not be... Read more

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Service America is awful! Do not do business with them. Yesterday they finally sent someone out to look at my AC, after waiting almost 2 days for service, who promptly declared that he couldn't fix it and the unit was condemned. Now while the unit is incredibly old and does need to be replaced this does not deem it unfixable but apparently in Service America's eyes it does. We had a second AC... Read more

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Your company is scamming people this is illegal and will not be tolerated any longer. A suit is coming Josh!!!!!!! I've contacted others who have been scammed and we have an attorney to put you out of business. Any other businesses want in call me please. Home advisor is a scam company a scam company a scam company and you will be out of business soon. Anyone please cal the BBB they can help to.... Read more

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