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24 hour emergency service is a joke! Even if you tell him it's an emergency, they will not respond, until daytime working hours. If you all the emergency number, after day lite hours, you will be told they are too busy, so they need to come the next day. The contract is a total rip off. They won't pay overtime to employees, so, you must wait for service. I will follow up with Angie's list and... Read more

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American Home Shield seems to do whatever it takes to get you to give up. After holding for over 30 minutes, the first representative told me simply that my repair was not covered, but could not tell me why; she could only tell me what was in the notes, which did not fully explain. After promising I wouldn't have to be on hold but for a couple of minutes, she transferred me to someone who could... Read more

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Having been a Real Estate Agent in the ATL market over 20 years and used countless HVAC companies for my clients and myself, I can say without question Appliance Comfort Air always delivers! I have had clients call them with no heat in the dead of winter and no AC in 95 degree temps. They come out quickly and fix the issues. One of my friends had called one of the large companies who told her... Read more

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contacted for service, 1st service call was pretty fast, replaced and installed hard start kit, 2 weeks later same problem... no cooling its 110 outside , next air conditioning service call (same company) states its an electrical system and they cant fix... 2 days pass electrician comes out( new company) and replaces breaker (was not bad but replaced anyway) Now on day 5 with no ac..... Read more

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1- difficult to get through automated phone system 2- supervisor has not returned promised phone calls x 3 3- unnecessary delays in replacing equipment 4- unhelpful telephone customer service department 5- unsatisfactory resolution time and outcome my maytag washer broke after 2 years of use. after several failed attempts to obtain the correct replacement parts and correct repair, we changed... Read more

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It has been almost a month since I requested to fix my washing machine. It took a week till the service men showed up at my door. Then took an another 2 weeks+ till service men came back and replaced a parts. Replaced parts did not do anything. Washing machine still broken and on top of it. Control panel started to not work. Service men told me he will call the dealer and call me back next... Read more

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I had the exact experience with the same faucet. They refused to honor their warranty because we bought it at Expo. Paid a fortune and got a lemon of a faucet. It leaked it spit and pissed me off everyday. Just put in a Moen. Half the price with twice the performance. Never buy a Mico Add comment

Total scam. I've been without ac for 3 weeks. They point the finger at the repair company (that they chose) and the repair company points the finger at warranty. Meanwhile nothing actually happens and I'm living in a 92 degree house. Thieves and scam artists. Add comment

plumber couldnt find water turnoff. Plumber had faulty tool for measuring pressure so he decided that the old water heater wouldn't work and we needed a new one. After he left the water heater continued to drip. So another plumber came at night and after he left the water began shooting out. He was so tired he didn't know what he was doing. The next day the first plumber came back and "fixed... Read more

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