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Awful, disrespectful, inefficient, no customer care, short enough for u? Since my first post was too long.... Add comment

All most week and a half that I been waitig for a service that we request. After 14 year paying on time. Bad expirience, I will go forward whit this matter Add comment

I have gotten 5 different versions of what is supposed to be a resolution. Multiple calls, multiple messages to the adjustor with no call back. Over 7 hours on the phone 9 hours missed work and have been quoted an additional 10 to 15 days hopefully. Very disappointed. I was the customer that paid early each year. WILL NEVER GIVE THESE SCAMMERS MY MONEY AGAIN! Add comment

Roto-Rooter Muncie Indiana bunch of crooks. Gave a price for clearing a line and setting the toilet 300.00 I paid him for the work and the guy tried to add another $300 in for a total of $600 to clear a line and set a toilet. Don't use these people Add comment

I had made an appointment with their contractor, emergency plumbing. Emergency plumbing does not answer their phone, three hours before the appt. time, I called and cancelled due to a family emergency. Almost three hours later, they called and said they would be at my home in 10 minutes. I told them I cancelled the appointment and they said ok. They told AHS, that someone at the door turned... Read more

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Horrible!! Never did anything the said, left 4 fans one dehumidifier at my house for 2 weeks, never came back but to get their equipment which wasn't working properly anyway. I personally helped them carry out the machines. Then I get a bill for over 1,000 dollars, called explained it wasn't right, the guy agreed he would get back with me for a c days, so I come to find a letter from them that... Read more

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I called a1 air for a non working air conditioner. The tech came out within 4 hours. He diagnosed the problem and told me I needed a new variable speed motor. He then recommended that I replace my unit, that's 8 years old, at a cost of 13,000.00. I told him to just fix the unit. The price he quoted was 1266.00 and part had to be ordered and I agreed. He showed up 4 days later with only the motor... Read more

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Called July 7 to make claim for refrigerator. Didn't get person out until July 16. Was unrepairable. Talked to someone with First American on the 18th about ordering refrigerator. Put in order for replacement on July 20, order didn't go in until that Wednesday the 22nd after I made a call that morning to a Claims Rep(which he didn't return my call). Someone from Sears called that day stating... Read more

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Called to fix a broken AC. *** tech said he found a broken valve with freon leak and fixed it. The unit did not cool as THE *** broke the valve on a different unit and then fixed it without ever touching the original broken unit. Surprise, it still didn't work. Many Phone calls on terminal hold without being answered. They never return calls. Finally fixed it - for 2 days. After several calls... Read more

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