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There has been a big mess with my higher education grant and this has been repeated more than once by Ivy Tech. They refunded my scholarship and grant money (after putting in on and removing it 2 separate times) and now are stating that they over-refunded me and I am to pay them pack the $1550 for my higher education grant. This process is ridiculous and the errors have been made by the school... Read more

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Barbazon is a rip off mada fukka. They make me sick. My *** wife and daughter was sold by *** name patty to use credit card and botches max it out so patty can make her commision Add comment


I used them for 2 assignments. One assignment went very well. The other one after week 5 of a 8 week term just stopped doing work. Stating that it was for non payment, even though I produced the payment reminder that stated the days of payment, the confirmation of payment as well as a screenshot of my bank account showing that the payment was made. They ignored my direct messages on the site.... Read more

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I signed up for the Relaxation Therapist course and much to my dismay, realized the ENTIRE course is all just ONE book called Managing Stress which I found on Amazon for .01 plus $3.99 shipping. So for a $4 investment you pay $749 for the course which of course is marked down from $1049! The book is also from 2004. The updated editions are not what is in this course. Even the penny book came with... Read more

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School will not give me an admissions fee refund. I was not able to enroll due to not being qualified for financial aid. The school administration knew these things but continued to push the issue as if it would get resolved. It didn't, now they won't return any of my phone calls and are giving me the run around. Add comment


IF YOU HAVE A STORY TO SHARE ABOUT A BAD EXPERIENCE PLEASE SHARE YOUR STORY WITH ME SEND AN EMAIL TO MY EMAIL ( Anything about your experience with Financial Aid in aspect to not sending your refund check in timely manor. Or Them not keeping up with the desired amount of the Tuition promised. Or anything to do with Student loan information. Also anything to do with... Read more

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I did not have any success in selling the program even though I blasted out a weekly email advertising the program, advertised the program in print and online, and mailed out thousands of postcards. Now, I discover that Kip Herriage and Karl Bessey are nowhere to be found. I called their office phone and their fax number...both disconnected. I also emailed them at with no... Read more

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Potomac Job Corps is committing fraud. They have mutiple overflow classrooms just to make their numbers. Students had no teacher but a substitute sits in classrooms for months babysitting student who can not get in a trade. Also, they have no money for uniforms no drinking water in the buildings. The teachers were giving answers to high school online. Where are you DOL. Add comment


One of my friends did very well in an JC agency in Colombia and convinced me to try it out for my daughter because she has a very exotic look and loves modeling, My daughter did an online audition for the PA location and then a few days later they call me and ask me to go for an interview, the day of the interview we got stuck im traffic and made it late, when we got there the receptionist was... Read more

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