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Where to begin?! I've given my credit card info to this company and paid for Praxis test scores and they have yet to arrive in the mail after waiting for 4 weeks. This company loves to 'pass the buck' to the post office for not delivering my scores. They could have walked the scores to me from New Jersey to Virginia in this length of time. No amount of offering to pay for the overnight delivery... Read more

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Back in May neebo would not take my books back because they were a couple of days late and charged me $369. Here recently I did more business with them and they charged my account for $201 and it wouldn't have been that big of a deal if it would have came out when I got the books but it came out a month later and caused an overdraft charge. This company had no remorse so I hope that this causes... Read more

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LIVEPERSON - Refund Request!
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Hey!sir I wana have my reserved funds in my Liveperson account balance as i couldn't get the service as per agreement before hiring experts for the same task, I hired an expert screen name "Professional.helper66" by 11th of this month as i was new to liveperson so didn't have any idea about its terms of use and i did share my personal information with him and asked him to do the same, plus m not... Read more

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Children molested at Kumon Math Reading learning franchise is a shocking and one just feels at a loss for words to describe it. These Kumon tutor animals in the disguise of human body if not controlled and put in their right places will cause more such crimes and endless atrocities to the civilised society. Law may be weak but crimes like these don't need not be defenced by any civilised human.... Read more

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This semester alone I spent a few hundred dollars. I prefer ebooks because I am paper free and like to have all my ebooks on either a tablet or smartphone for easier travel. My school required that we use Cengage and Coursemate content for my courses so I bought the package with the eBooks. My teachers require citations for my homework but the MindTap ebooks do not have page numbers and they... Read more

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Kumon obliterated my family and our finances. I feel Kumon franchise is not just about Math and Reading franchise, it is a brainwashing cult that puts innocent people into a trance only to suck money and the life out of them. We used to own a Kumon franchise center in Northern California. My wife was introduced to Kumon Math & Reading learning franchise by a friend. We migrated from Hong... Read more

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i already submitted a complaint but i was scammed. this company takes advantage of families wanting to send their children off to college for a better life and financial aid or scholarships aren't even guaranteed. they do nothing but take your money. the resources they have are no help and no good. if i could find a way to shut this company down i would. that's how strongly i feel towards it. I'm... Read more

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I was invited to one of their seminars and after the presentation i signed up thinking it'd be good for me since i have the drive and ambition to go to college and I'd do anything to get there. these people take complete advantage of students like me and take our money. I'm stuck with them until January 2016 and i will start college in the fall of 2015. i hate these people and i want to warn... Read more

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This was around 2006 I went for the high school diploma program, paid about $800 out of the $1200 they demanded, then stopped paying for several reasons: 1. Each "course" took about an hour (maybe a few) to complete. Real high school courses require far more than that. 2. They accepted a ridiculous work turn-in (by mail), giving me far better marks than one would expect from shoddy work. I... Read more

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I have been forced to use Cengage/iLrn for a foreign language course at my university. I have a background in I.T. and music technology, and I have never had any problem with any other online course, collaboration site, networking, social media, or other such resource that calls for the use of audio (microphone and speakers or headphone) online. But for some reason Cengage/iLrn is a nightmare. ... Read more

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