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I'm a student at empire beauty school philadelphia pa centre city that this school is mess up my hours and getting more money in overages Add comment

I was interested in Stratford Career Institute's "Fashion merchandising and design" diploma program, and was sent the first book "as trial". I never agreed to sign up for the actual course but I was still charged over $700, though I had never agreed to continue with the program. As for quality, the first book was ridiculous. It was written by a magazine editor whom shouldn't quit her day job.... Read more

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I went to Barbizon in Chicago when I was 18 in Fall 1974, my Father paid $500 which at the time was alot of money. I was told by their recruiter I had "hidden" potential All they taught was how to curl your hair and apply makeup. When I moved to Denver I called them and told them I had paid for classes but still had 3 to go they were going to make me pay again for classes I had already paid for.... Read more

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Bought Cd language version and have no issues in fact I thought it was really good especially ability to interact etc.The issue I had was when I recently ( this morning 31st July 2014) bought an instant download. I'm sure in advertising litature to said able to view on tablet.... It didn't download and had I have known it wouldn't work on a tablet I wouldn't have bought it. Also at the check out... Read more

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I don't even know where to start!! I attended BMC Phoenix Nursing program. From the get go, there were repeated schedule changes, nursing instructors hired with no nursing knowledge whatsoever!! The staff was way too clicky. If you pissed off one, you were on the @#$& list the rest of the program...IF you made it that far. Rules changed from cohort to cohort....and from student to student.... Read more

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I purchased the ISSEP prep for $119 hoping it would assist in obtaining the ISSEP certification self-study. I decided to attend a bootcamp when I realized the information was simply too much to learn by myself. I was shocked when I got to bootcamp and quickly realized that the information from Ucertify hadn't helped to prepare me, but rather had set me BEHIND and I'm having to UNLEARN much of... Read more

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Iam a parent warning other parents DO NOT SEND YOUR KIDS HERE! This place is crooked by charging utility "overages" when the apartment was empty for three months. The only answer is " you should call the utility company". So I did and they really didn't have many nice things to say about cev. I called cev back then was told each apartment building has it's own meters for each apartment??... Read more

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I cancelled my account 6 months ago. They continue to bill my credit card. I cannot access the site since my account is closed. There is no number to call. We just have to email but noone will help. Everymonth you have to call your cc company and file a dispute to get a refund. Trying to reach them for 5 months now, but couldn't get this resolved. Big pain. Please avoid Adapted mind. ... Read more

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My family is heading for vacation tomorrow (Saturday). I realized on Wednesday that my OPERATION MANAGEMENT assignment is due on Friday. I was devastated to say the least. My cousin recommended me to take help from .When I entered the site I was greeted by their customer care representative (Tanya Peterss). She was awesome. She completely understood my situation and... Read more

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I absolutely would absolutely NOT recommend this day care provider to any parent especially if they have a toddler who can’t speak, and tell you what happened while under the care of these people. Our baby had developed a bad rash in this facility that would clear during the weekends when she was home with us and return as soon as she went back to this place. One daily reports proves that they... Read more

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