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My hairstylist was very nice did an amazing job on my fine,thin hair. Loved the layers that didn't make my hair look choppy or even thiner. Add comment

I received a diploma years ago but did not know this wasn't a state accredited school. Sooo it's really a waste of money however the diploma they mail can get you in the door of employers. My course was high school diploma.They need to make people aware of this cause otherwise it's false advertisement Add comment

I dealt with this company years ago after habing my daughter and could not go back to high school. It was a Waste of time and at that time i did not know anything about a school being accredited or not. I did not know better so i wasted money and time with this company. They are a joke dont pay a dime! Add comment

Stratford Career Institute 1 Champlain Commons PO Box 1560 St. Albans Vt 05478-5560: Self-paced technical school has easy payment plans and ships books timely BUT in my opinion not worth the money I spent all. I enrolled in Landscaping Gardening but it seems that they took a Readers Digest book and divided it into modules and put a cover sheet on it with a quiz. It is in no way geared towards a... Read more

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I took courses and completed them, received my diploma. Now all it is a piece of paper that is not doing me any good. I feel that it was waste of my hard earned money. They promised to help me find employment in the field that I took and they gave absolutely no leads at all. I would not refer anyone to that school. Very dissatisfied student. Read more

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Although nouveau riche was less than perfect they gave me the start and introduction to some very heavy hitters and success achievers in the rea estate industry. When nouveau riche came upon hard times and closed their doors due primarily to mismanagement of funds, Bob Snyder new that people not only deserved what they had previously paid for, but deserved an opportunity to acheive a level of... Read more

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I have 20 years experience. The most credible UKGB qualifications and the IERF did not have a clue. It resulted in my having to test again as an Esthetician, where the Tester, as they informed me that I had passed stated. 'There is no dignity in our testing you, you clearly are more experienced and qualified than any individual we have ever met. I avoid this company at all costs. I believe... Read more

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WORSE SCHOOL EVER! The teachers are unprofessional, one of the teachers can't even speak English. They just want your money and that's it. I was a student there for 10 months and I DONT RECOMMEND ANYBODY who wants to learn how to do hair to got to that school. The teachers teach whenever they feel like it. The school itself is falling apart the ceiling is leaking, the chairs are messed up, there... Read more

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My Aunt who is an senior citizen of 83 years old visited the Empire Beauty School in Laurel Springs NJ had one of the worst visit ever!! The Student Milan was so rude it was "UNBELIVIABLE". She told me that if I don't like how she is curling my Aunt hair then go home and curl it!! I could not believe that this student just spoke to me in that tone and language. Then told me to go sit down and... Read more

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As of this moment, I am into my second course at Ashford. The courses so far are great. I have an A in this class as well as the last one, so no complaints there...yet. As for financial aid, had a minor bump in the road, but upon speaking to an advisor, was told that I needed to change a few forms and I'd receive my stipend, which I did, so that was resolved. Where my anger starts to boil over... Read more

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