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It makes me so sad, when two new franchisees are still have just brought these flawed businesses, at the same time as other existing businesses are failing and peoples lives being ruined. The contract's that Tutor Doctor issue are still flawed. No one has a protected territory. Read up on The European Law, no one has a protected territory. In the next six months based on the existing's... Read more

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Remington College is by far the worse experience I've ever had. They fire teachers every two to three months. They do not teach us what is needed to be taught. I'm in my 7th MOD and the one teacher that we had, that actually knew what she was talking about, they fired her the Monday after coming off of break. I've reached my breaking point with Remington College Columbia Campus. They are...

The same thing happened to me..I paid $90 they say it was a discount I passed and Dec.7 I got my diploma I was so happy until I tried to use it to go to cosmetology school and they said it was not real

Arlene Saxonhouse makes a career out of doing stuff unrelated to her job when she should be doing what the university pays her to do. This is not an uncommon practice in the University of Michigan bureaucracy. Arlene Saxonhouse, nevertheless, does it so flagrantly that working on anything except her personal things is no longer an option for her. Arlene Saxonhouse arrives to class hurried,... Read more

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I picked EverWhite White boards because they said they have a lifetime guarantee. The boards weren't durable. We noticed that they were way too easy to scratch, even with everyday things like magnets. We called to use the lifetime guarantee when some boards looked stained, and they told us that the lifetime warranty is pro-rated, so its not like they just replace the stained boards. Even worse,... Read more

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I was a student and also worked at CEC. I was told my tuition was paid except for $500 dollars a quarter. I was accused of plagiarism and the instructor said I would receive an"F" or had to drop. Keep in mind I was a instructor at in the CEC's schools. When I ask for documentation to back if the claim it could not be provided. I was 3 classes away from graduation. I dropped the class and... Read more

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So I went for classes the other day it was ghetto we did not practice any runway poses or acting all we did was just sit around and talk no and I payed 300 dollars for supplies and all I got was a bag notepad towel mirror brush and a shirt I reccomed do not send your child here and our class was in a makeup room not a real class an while we did nothing we were suppose to be walking the run way...

I have graduated from this college abd I still have yet to find a job. I have been told by other colleges and employers this college is not recognized as a college. In result I am left to pay for a piece of paper that is useless. Please help.....

I am a 2014 Graduate, I honestly have to say I learned a lot while there. And my teacher was a great one..I am now a chef at one of the marriots..if u want an education u can get it here..

My son received a call from Crystal Moroney Law Firm, from someone who sounded very professional, claiming that a rental book was not returned. He seemed to have all the details, book name, school, and my son's cell phone number. My son was ready to pay "with MY credit card" for $150.64, when I stopped him, stating he should call the bookstore of the college first. After speaking to the... Read more

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