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I had a similar experience but it got way way worse, positively insane. I got a full ride through all of the classes, it's training for fools who won't go to church or who attend the wrong church. This church is all about money,, they don't really give two cents about you unless you have four cents or no sense at all. The person who paid for me had been thru it all before me. They seemed well... Read more

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I also had Chemical peel at holidays Paul Mitchell school very bad experience and very poor customer service they had no idea what they were doing I give them a -3 Add comment

How do chemical pill at Paul Mitchell school in holiday would never get one again all they gave me was a facial and charge me for the chemical pill very bad customer service I wouldn't even give them a one Add comment


I purchased a payroll package through Groupon from a company called Online Academies. I couldn't see anything negative about Online Academies. When I received the package via email, it was so incredibly simplistic that it took me 20 minutes to gain a diploma in Payroll Administration. It was a Mickey Mouse course, not worth the paper the certificate was written on. No worthwhile employment... Read more

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I was very ill and didnt get my check in on time to pay my little bill. It was only a few days late. My new bill had $35.00 late charges added to my less than $50 balance. No explanation. When I researched how to protest this incredibly insane late charge I was given instructions that would befuddle a rocket scientist. forbidden from telephoning, I was told to write a letter with all details... Read more

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I fully agree with the fact that customer service is so bad it sucks; its so sporadic and non-existent; and their so-called social medial team are arrogant people as well as their legal affairs As for you saying for people "to go up the chain" to the supervisors, when you call, you are told you'd have to wait 10 days for their reply!!... Read more

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Kumon was absolutely the worst tutoring service ever, they know nothing about tutoring children, the worst service and the worst teacher I have ever seen. We enrolled our daughters after paying $50 as a testing fee and some other fees plus the monthly $140 for Math and $120 for reading and sibling discount for the month. We were told that our daughters would get the best. That was one big lie. ... Read more

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This is just the absolute worst. I am a student who has taken multiple computer courses, both basic and advanced, and I have had no trouble whatsoever in receiving high-end A scores on both class assignments and exams. I also tend to use computers a lot in my everyday life. Cengage is total ***. The tests are incredibly finicky, punishing you for even an accidental miss-click. Not only does this... Read more

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