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How dare you create state tests that are above the developmental level of the children you are testing? I am a 3rd grade teacher in a district that is performing well. Even my brightest students struggle with these tests. I am speaking now of the ELA test. The wording of some of the questions is ridiculous. In the writing portions, many children can articulate and substantiate their thoughts... Read more

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I am currently working with tutor doctor out of Phoenix . I was told there would be a knowledgeable teacher for my son ( he is 11 years old and has autism )as I was asked many times, by the manager Colleen and also by the tutor ( Adrian ). I was told she has a special Ed background but she just wanted to do games not help my son with his work. She was very unfamiliar with the programs "online... Read more

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I worked as an assistant and grader for Kumon of San Francisco - Bernal Heights. Unfortunately unbeknownst to me the owner of this center has major psychological problems which I was not aware prior to finding a job at this Kumon center. The kids and parents hate the owner of this center. I have not even been paid for my time spend tutoring and grading worksheets at this psychopath's Kumon... Read more

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I worked as a consultant for tutor doctor with a student that was not screened at all. I ended up getting this student a B in his high level business class. Unfortunately unbeknownst to me this individual had major psychological problems which Tutor Doctor was specifically aware prior to contracting me to work with this student. Apparently this kid thought he was guaranteed an A and he also... Read more

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I am a licensed Texas Embalmer & Funeral Director. Their funeral service program is a scam, a waste of money, and there is not one state licensing board in the U.S. that will recognize credits from this school, it will not meet or count toward educational requirements for licensure ANYWHERE. They have NO accreditation whatsoever nor are they recognized by the ICFSEB (the agency responsible... Read more

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My friend's husband works in the financial aid dept. He was a mortgage loan officer , we know how they put people into houses they can't afford. He does the same thing with students. Everyone person that I've met that work at my office . They are in debt and most of their credits didn't transfer. So now they go to a State College so they can complete their degree. Add comment

Not sure how this store stays open. Food sitting in the window20+ minutes, plates so hot the girls couldn't handle it let alone the little girl she served it to. A waitress order food wrong and made another waitress go tell her table. Same waitress kept having others get items and deliver food that was left in window, The serving area was a mess, food everywhere, dirty dishes off to the side.... Read more

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I enroll in the hebrew class with them. I did ulpan 2 and ulpan 3 with no problems, I loved my teacher and I really learned a lot with this program. However, in spite of being a good customer already, they decided to give me hard time and to mess up with me. To explain you the problem, basically, They called me in july to know if I wanted to continue to ulpan 4 which I answered YES but not before... Read more

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I'm sure most of you have heard the well known term to "read the fine print". It would be wise to do so. They would not have the ability to continue to exist had they not stated the facts. Perhaps a majority of you either failed to ask the appropriate questions and/or failed to do the highly necessary research. In addition, I am also confidently willing to bet that a minimum of 98% of the users... Read more

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I was told the same that in 18 months i could get my RN i had to take pre req's first and any help i need would be available to me. Any questions would be answered.after 7 years of not getting any help i found out that i wasn't even enrolled in excelsior college and that was a whole other process. That was NEVER explained to me. I was misled and taken a advantage of Add comment

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