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I have drop to jersey ' off at zips in Glen Burnie MD. I have pick them up. When I got home I went to put 1 on and still had the small Stan on it. Then I Smell them still had the body odor on them. I don't think they even clean them at all. No more zips cleaners for me. Add comment

I've lived in my apartment complex for almost one year, and I've had almost constant issues with the laundry room. Many washers and dryers out of order at one time, or they're broken with no indication of such so you end up wasting money. I've lost over $5 in the past two weeks due to malfunctioning dryers, and I've had to send in at least one work ticket every week for the past month. I... Read more

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Every time I go to the Van ness and Connecticut avenue location I have an issue, either my clothes have not been cleaned and pressed properly or there are stains on my clothes from cleaning chemicals. I had to leave my clothes to be redone four(4) times, and the manager, a tall Caucasian gentleman did not even give me a credit when I asked him for one. After my clothes not being ready for one... Read more

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Rent your appliances from somewhere else if you're not satisfied, that's all! Add comment

We rented a front load washer & dryer from Select Laundry for about 3 months. From day one we had issues especially with the washer. It would violently shake the entire floor everytime it spun. We asked to have it fixed. The repair / delivery guy supposedly fixed a bad foot on it & I was told not to fill it up but half way. It was small to begin with, so a half filled load was... Read more

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After using them for mths or credit card number was changed I received a bill . Come to find out they had been billing me for a front load machines .i had the oldest top loaders . Had to have the dryer changed out as the top was falling apart and flipping the breakers weeks later they finally changed it out . I called to have them picked up as as everyone else I waited all day called .the lady... Read more

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Lets just say cheap price, cheap service, corporate office yold me they havent had a complaint in 5 years. Haha Add comment

Very bad service have to call every time machines coin boxes need empty .also we are lucky come once month .call center number is texas we are in Rhode Island Add comment

Hi my name is heather i recently bought the liquid tide and the caps on the bottles were not right.because i had put them in my trunk of my car and one had.tipped over and spilled in my trunk.the cap was tight on the bottle but noticed that that the cap had a small crack in it.i looked at the other 4 i bought and 3 of the 4 were cracked.i just thought i'd let you know about the caps.it was on the... Read more

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I’m completely baffle by the horrible service I have received from this company and the audacity of them to ask me to settle for $75. I have yet spoken with 4 different people about my problem because no one seems to be able to face a problem and fix it from the beginning to the end. I hope you do understand that YOUR company/ workers lost my clothes. YOUR company lost them. I’m only trying to... Read more

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