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http://www.delphin-proair.de/index-e.html Do not get any delphin vacuum cleaner. Its a Scam. I bought mine for more than $3500 claiming that they offer 10 years warranty and some additional parts. It is almost 6 mths and they have not even delivered the additional parts which was agreed during purchase. I paid in full and they just run away. Even they do not honour their 10 years warranty. Its... Read more

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American Automobile Association - I have a existing complaint with AAA Insurance Case # 5729961 See Details
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AAA Insurance Co. hired CRDN Co. to remove 6 dinning room shades in the family room and 2 shades in the kitchen. They removed the 2 shades in the kitchen with my help and I removed the 6 shades in the family room in there presents to show them how they had to be removed. I demonstrated to the two technicians how they functioned before removing them with the remote control, being that they were... Read more

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I own a set of Maytag Washer and Dryer for just turning 3 year-old. The drum of dryer was cracked! I called May tag service reps and they offer nothing toward replacement of a new drum. I believe it is a major defected. It costs $260.00 for the part; labor and diagnose estimated $400. My trusted repairman recommended to replace with a whole new brand altogether. He said he is not worth fixing... Read more

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I had to change dry cleaning providers because of it was costing me more money to take my clothes to Canyon Rose Cleaners on 10130 Grant Rd, Houston, TX 77070. They were tearing up my husbands pants and losing some of our clothes! When I complained to the lady (manager) she would say that no it was our fault the pants tore and that we had our clothes with us already. When I explained to her... Read more

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Lynn at American Cleaners at 2818 S. Lamar in Austin, TX (78745) just called me every 4-letter word under the sun when I told her I was angry at having to come back 3 times only to find my garment returned uncleaned. She threatened to call the police. There are many other dry cleaners in town. Please use any other, perhaps one that values their customers. Washburn Cleaners on S. Congress just... Read more

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I recently purchased this on demand Uber for Laundry service app and asked for customizations. I thought it would be an ideal way to begin my own venture. I had already contacted a few vendors and they were excited about it too. All I had to do was to get the app running and make sure that my target market downloaded it. My customized app was delivered to me in no time, complete with all the... Read more

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Tried to order from online. Website was super sketchy and wouldn't even work! then Called over and over trying to rent a washer/dryer, took 8 times to finally get ahold of somebody. first thing.. they told me it'd be two weeks before they would be able to get it installed. second.. the day comes for them to come and install, they never call me with the two hour window like they said they would. i... Read more

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So this is may very important to all those matress cleaners working alone believing in fast grow money and opportunities.This kind of service is very very intimate an also nobody really knows and cares about the dust mite problem because most of people dont have problems like hayfever ekcema .. so the flyers are ugly and almost with a pic of a big dustmite-so nobody will call you using that... Read more

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At the time of purchase, our Maytag Series 2000 washing machine was the top of the line (2 years ago). 6 months ago, after starting a wash, we get an error code F3 E2. Tub full of water, soaking wet clothes, locked door. Unplugging the machine sometimes clears the code. Most times it does not. It doesn't unlock the door. If you can get the code to clear, and start another cycle (hoping, at the... Read more

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Lg Electronics - LG Washer Dryer
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All the lettering on both machines you can wash off with your finger, called customer service with LG I was told cosmetic, they want stand behind it read your owners manual don't think I was told that when purchased, Have a very old kenmore still being used 20 + years old all lettering on it, LG poor excuse for product never own another but I will check for lettering removal next purchase but it... Read more

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