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This is the second time I called on a weekend because of equipment malfunction and they will not send there repair man out to fix it until, at the earliest, the next business day if we are lucky. Being disabled I can not just pack my clothes in the car and drive to a laundromat and wash clothes like most people can in this situation. I rented this apartment because of it being adjacent to the... Read more

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We bought Tide with bleach thinking it was a good product that would help clean my work clothes. Until, I began to notice my t-shirts were turning purple under the arms. I believed that my deodorant was the culprit and changed brands several times. Each time there seemed to be no improvement. This morning was the worse yet because it has turned everything white to, for those old enough to... Read more

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Just got back from picking up my clothes at the Scaggaville Zips. One item was out of the bag and randomly put over a hanger. The woman at the counter, who can't effectively communicate with customers, said let me find out why we can't clean this one. She comes back from speaking with the manager, who acted like she had better things to do than providing food customer service, and tells me the... Read more

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My story would be way too long, so long story short they lost my husbands vest, it's been over a month now, I have filed a claim within the store and I'm being pushed around like I'm an ***. They don't want to reimburse me and I'm fed up with this place. Was nice at first but I won't step a foot in any other Zips dry cleaners ever again. Add comment

My family used President Valet II cleaners for about 2 years and were always happy with the results. In march 2015, i took a $3000 YSL leather jacket for a cleaning. when i picked it up the leather coat shrunk significantly. i asked Mrs. Kim for refund on the cleaning cost, and $1000 store credit, since the jacket was used, and i liked their work. She initially claimed jacket was like that,... Read more

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You *** suck Worst machines on the face of he planet... I am moving just because of this. In 10 months they have stolen over $70 from my family. The machine never state that they are out of order they still take your money. We call in tickets and it takes weeks for them to "fix" them... They are not really fixed they just reset them. The machines smell they are never clean. This company... Read more

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Im waiting 4 months for price quote. They give you a run around. They cant manage our business!! Close ur doors Add comment

The worst! I hope people do NOT get their washer/dryer from this place! They do not know how to hook them up! Its not that hard! We've had over 3 of our apartments flooded because of this company! It's not anyones fault but theirs. Hire people who know what they are doing, or train them!!!!!!!!!! Add comment

I took 22 dresses to be dried cleaner with 5 being black & white. They made me sign that they are not responsible if the black bleeds on the white. The dresses are now gray/blue! They didn't run before when they were cleaned! ALL DAMAGED! My clothes are done! Don't go there if you don't want your clothes damaged! My clothes look dingy and dirty! You get what you pay for! I will never go... Read more

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i should have known better than to try Stanley Steemer in delray beach Florida.....based on many of the other posts which validate that the quality is bad and any attempt to get issues resolved result in abusive denial by the manager Judson Bradley! He and that outlet are a disgrace to the reputation of Stanley Steemer!! Even when he came to my house the insults from him escalate to the point of... Read more

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