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the Kirby dealers kept coming to my house and I told them I didn't want it and they said they would vacaum my house and clean carpet and that was a joke didn't do that and kept telling them I could not afford it and didn't have time and they said it would not take long. Well they kept coming back to my house and finely bought one and that was a waste of my money and was to expense. the carpet... Read more

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The Zip dry cleaner in columbia jacked up the prices for garment. The price for shirt was 1.45 then 1.59 and now $1.99. They changed the policy to accept credit card below $10. means you must bring 6 or more pieces otherwise they don't accept credit card or even debit card. This is a rip off as other cleaners charge $1.49 for shirt, just take couple days to get it. When I ask why charging more, I... Read more

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My Bosch Nexxt 500 washer always has a problem with mold on the seal ring. I have replaced it once already. We wipe the ring down after each washing and also leave the door open. I also noticed mold in the softener dispenser, absolutely disgusting. I removed the dispenser and cleaned it with a toothbrush. If you saw this black mold, you would throw the machine out. I will never buy this brand... Read more

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I sent in my St. John Knit Jacket to be blocked up 1 size. When I received it, I measured it to find out that it was blocked up 1/2 size and in some places, not at all (even though I requested it). I called and asked what happened and why my jacket was not blocked to my specifications. The woman I talked to at Rave said that they couldn't help it if the jacket was not to my specifications, they... Read more

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men on time , cleaning was great, moved all furniture. this company really cares about customer service. from the moment u you speak to a rep. through the entire cleaning process. stanley even sent out a quality control manager, shortly after the crew had completed the cleaning.not to mention that a rep from stanley ,the very next day called to see if the job was done to our expectations, and... Read more

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Best customer service every time only used zips thanks Add comment

I recently purchased this on demand Uber for Laundry service app and asked for customizations. I thought it would be an ideal way to begin my own venture. I had already contacted a few vendors and they were excited about it too. All I had to do was to get the app running and make sure that my target market downloaded it. My customized app was delivered to me in no time, complete with all the... Read more

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I'm not in the position to do the linnen ordering or I would try a different company. Twice we have recieved wet napkin bundles. We have had rancid smelling napkins on several occasions. almost every bundle every week contains obviously stained napkins. Often find long human hairs, napkins with holes torn in them, seams unraveled, burn marks and holes. Obviously ancient, worn, thin faded... Read more

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I dropped off a white suit to be cleaned. It was returned with brown, black, and green dye over 85% of the jacket and skirt and I needed it for a meeting the next day!!!! Someone had to see this BEFORE putting it in the plastic garment bag. I went through *** and high water just to get to the area manager as I requested a refund. She called and they sent it back to get the dye out and less than a... Read more

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We have had numerous problems with this company but the most recent takes the cake. A week ago our dryer caught on fire, I immediately called my complex and place a work order. my complex told me to just send the appliances back to Select Laundry because they would put in a brand new one for us to avoid any further issues with this company. (our complex is putting washers and dryers in every... Read more

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