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Zips lost belts to a dress and a trench coat, now what do I do with non-wearable clothing items? Talked to Kola the manager who was useless and not helpful at all! This experience is very disconcerting. The manager offered me a discount and would not even look for the lost belts! He tried to tell me it was my fault for not removing the belts before I had the item cleaned. If I was supposed to... Read more

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Water service to my apartment complex was interrupted. All machines stopped in mid-cycle and would not automatically reset. Now in day four waiting for a tech to come and turn a key to reset them. Our town has a tech and it takes only 10 minutes to cross the entire city. Without equal the most infuriating customer service experience I have ever encountered. Looking for a new supplier now. I dare... Read more

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I tried ordering a dryer on line that was on sale for $239. I was supposed to get a call within 24 hours to arrange delivery. When I didn't get a call I called customer service. Customer service told me the item was not available and spent almost an hour trying to sell me a more expensive model. When I asked to speak to a manger a so called manager named Julie #1462183 got on the phone and... Read more

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Dropped off a pair of pants to be cleaned. When I picked the pants up I noticed that one of the pants legs hem was missing. I went back to the store right away. After looking at the pants, ZIPS took the pants back and said they would fix them hem. They gave me a receipt with NO CHARGE on it, and said the pants would be ready within the week. A few hours later they called me to say that there... Read more

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Other than coming at an inappropriate time in the evening the gentlemen was far too aggressive in his selling technique which made me feel very uncomfortable. There are groups of people in this area that impersonate companies or are straight out scamming neighborhoods so this selling technique is creating safety concerns throughout our communities. Not only do they not listen when you say no... Read more

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Ive lost 4.50$ due to broken machines in my appartment complex with no sign saying out of order. I called and they reunded me 5$ so i dont know who you were trying to get ahold of but they were more than happy to refund my money and add more than i lost. Im happy about that. But im pissed they cant get there *** out here and fix there *** machines and dryers that wont heat up. I also put my... Read more

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Placed an order on Monday. I expected the order to be delivered today (following Monday) called and found out that they canceled the order last week on Tuesday (day after I placed order) because suddenly stopped delivering to my complex. They didn't call me or issue a refund until I called them. Absolutely ridiculous. Add comment

Went in at 7pm they closed at 8pm would not take in anymore laundry they ran out of BAGS. Great service? No apology from the mgr. She just looked me not comment at all. Add comment

I came in to wash 6 loads of choths walk in the owner another man was in front neither of them spoke. lm black the next person walk in which was white thay spoke to make a long story short I asked can I have some coins he said very nasty only 2 dollars ok I just wash 6 load of choths which came to 15.00 dollars plus 4 dryers 4.00 dollars altogether was 19 dollars and you couldnt give me 4... Read more

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We Have. Always tell them every week about empty coins they should come more than once amonth Add comment

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