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I'm not in the position to do the linnen ordering or I would try a different company. Twice we have recieved wet napkin bundles. We have had rancid smelling napkins on several occasions. almost every bundle every week contains obviously stained napkins. Often find long human hairs, napkins with holes torn in them, seams unraveled, burn marks and holes. Obviously ancient, worn, thin faded... Read more

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I dropped off a white suit to be cleaned. It was returned with brown, black, and green dye over 85% of the jacket and skirt and I needed it for a meeting the next day!!!! Someone had to see this BEFORE putting it in the plastic garment bag. I went through *** and high water just to get to the area manager as I requested a refund. She called and they sent it back to get the dye out and less than a... Read more

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We have had numerous problems with this company but the most recent takes the cake. A week ago our dryer caught on fire, I immediately called my complex and place a work order. my complex told me to just send the appliances back to Select Laundry because they would put in a brand new one for us to avoid any further issues with this company. (our complex is putting washers and dryers in every... Read more

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I ordered cards in Jan. 2015 for and followed up on Feb. 2 with my order. I found it hadn't been placed. (this has happen before which is why I was following up) Verified Feb. 2 that order was now placed. Feb. 23. Still no cards. Called several times last week to with everyone sending me to another number to call. Really bad customer service. Everyone says it is someone else's job and they... Read more

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DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!! I took a long lunch from my job so they could pick up my machines. I was given a 2 hour window from 11-1. I called at 1 and asked where they were. They said that the driver was stuck in traffic and would be a few (30) minutes late. It is now 2:00 and they still havent shown up yet. About to call again... Add comment

First of all, any dress that is stored for years and is white is probably going to yellow a bit. Instead of waiting to finally lose weight why not just purchase the correct size gown in the first place? After 5 kids, get real. You can't spell. You changed your story. you bad mouthed a company and an attorney then apologized so you could get paid. Now you can't remove the post so you aren't being... Read more

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purchased whirlpool washing machine. they delivered white westing house washing machine of lower value. january 3, 2go pulled out the wrong item and left me a tracking number. til now no replacement. customer service sucks! they kept on telling me they will notify me if the item reach their warehouse already. its their problem with their courier! i am so pissed off. its been more than 2 months... Read more

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Spend upwards of $40 every week or so in laundry. Brought laundry in ahead of 9AM. Long line ahead of me and only one counter being staffed to drop off laundry. By the time I was finally served, it was 9:09AM. Very rude staff told me I would not get my laundry back that same day even though the delay was the fault of the poor staffing and inefficiency at the store and not due to my actions.... Read more

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New System Laundry doesn't operate in Las Vegas as the original post indicates. This whole thread should be shut down. Apparently they are targeting the wrong company. New System is a local family owned company that has been around for 100 years in the Northwest. I think they are doing something right to stay in business so long. If they really are so bad they wouldn't have so many loyal... Read more

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Zips in Crofton MD lost three shirts worth over $150. I contacted them right away and they said they would get back to me. A week went by and nothing. Corporate emailed me and said they would contact the owner and now two weeks later and nothing. Do yourselves a favor and pay a couple extra dollars for piece of mind and good customer service because you won't get either one at Zips. Add comment

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