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1) The dryer never shuts off, even if I select a timed dry. I have to set a personal timer, and go manually shut it off otherwise it just stays on. Talk about a fire hazard. 2) Noticed after doing a load of laundry a ton of blue gel/liquid substance under the washer and dryer. I immediately call because I want to get it cleaned up so it doesn't ruin the floor. The customer service rep tells me... Read more

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After not picking up our units last September (after having set-up a pick-up date with the manager of the Cincinnati branch), they continued to email my demanding payment for the units. This went on for the past 7 months, with them becoming very rude and threatening. However, when asked WHEN they picked up the units, they would never respond. Last week, they illegally took money out of my bank... Read more

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I had been doing laundry here for a year and half. A new employee, an elderly woman named Cynthia, began hassling me last week. When I first walked in the door, she told me not to use a whole row of low-priced washing machines. I had never seen her before, and I told her these were the ones I preferred using. After that, she kept walking over and lifting the lid on the washing machines I was... Read more

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Zips Maple Lawn (Scaggsville) destroyed my shirt and consistantly over processes my suits. I'm done. Not worth the savings. Manager is useless on fixing the issues. Staff are like zombies, grunting and mumbling around. Don't wast your time or money. Your clothes will look and feel better from any other cleaners in the area, are there are a lot. Add comment

I dropped off 3 silk shirts to be dry cleaned. The clerk asked me did I want starch, and I said absolutely not because starch doesn't go into silk shirts. They laundered the shirts anyway and put starch in them. One of the shirts shrunk and they refused to pay me for the damage. The manager Reynald gave me the run around for weeks, he is a straight out liar. This ZIPS in Elkridge, MD is corporate... Read more

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Horrible equipment, had to call after every 10-20 days, every time was replaced by a defective washer, horrible company with worst customer service. Will never recommend this to any one. Please review these comments before making any decisions. After renting the set, I had to call after a month, the washer was making horrible noise, they came and looked at that and said its fine, I called after... Read more

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the Kirby dealers kept coming to my house and I told them I didn't want it and they said they would vacaum my house and clean carpet and that was a joke didn't do that and kept telling them I could not afford it and didn't have time and they said it would not take long. Well they kept coming back to my house and finely bought one and that was a waste of my money and was to expense. the carpet... Read more

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The Zip dry cleaner in columbia jacked up the prices for garment. The price for shirt was 1.45 then 1.59 and now $1.99. They changed the policy to accept credit card below $10. means you must bring 6 or more pieces otherwise they don't accept credit card or even debit card. This is a rip off as other cleaners charge $1.49 for shirt, just take couple days to get it. When I ask why charging more, I... Read more

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My Bosch Nexxt 500 washer always has a problem with mold on the seal ring. I have replaced it once already. We wipe the ring down after each washing and also leave the door open. I also noticed mold in the softener dispenser, absolutely disgusting. I removed the dispenser and cleaned it with a toothbrush. If you saw this black mold, you would throw the machine out. I will never buy this brand... Read more

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I sent in my St. John Knit Jacket to be blocked up 1 size. When I received it, I measured it to find out that it was blocked up 1/2 size and in some places, not at all (even though I requested it). I called and asked what happened and why my jacket was not blocked to my specifications. The woman I talked to at Rave said that they couldn't help it if the jacket was not to my specifications, they... Read more

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