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My visit was very positive, so much so that i felt compelled to share. My interactions with pharmacy staff left me feeling valued Add comment

I have been on the same medication Klonopin for 25 years and have been having to deal with this company for 8. I have had to fight every time i have to get my prescription, i cannot take the generic, so i have an approval for the brand at generic pricing. It's always something every time i have to reorder, they will charge me wrong price, send me the generic, etc.. Well Klonopin became briefly... Read more

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Beyond Disappointed. 11-12-2014 I can’t begin express my gratitude to the phone representatives have been nothing less than professional, courteous, polite, helpful and fun to work with. I highly doubt they have any control over what happens after they process my orders. Again today I go to Express Scripts on line to order refills. Again I try to execute the order and the error box appears in... Read more

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I have been having problems over the past few months with these folks. They told me they would manage my medications and prescriptions. All I needed to do was go online and refill or renew. They also stated they would contact my doctors for renewals. I get 90 day refills with one deductable price. The phone reps are always friendly and helpful. Well, as much as they are allowed. I too am always... Read more

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I see a lot of judgement from both sides. Before DEA Crackdown on controlled substances refills were not really regulated. Throughout the past 2-3 years this has changed. Most of the issue here is with the FDA aand and DEA. .not necessarily Walgreens per se. In fact as of August 2014 you'll be hard pressed to find any pharmacy that will refill those kind of prescriptions early with at best a... Read more

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If you are reading this, it is very likely that you have fallen victim to the infuriating dilemma of not being able to fill your duly authorized Hydrocodone prescription. I too have observed the "we're all out" stonewalling so common at numerous Walgreens throughout the country. Indeed, I witnessed multiple occasions over the last month during random observational visits to investigate this... Read more

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Express Scripts called my physician's office and spoke with an employee saying that I could save money if the physician would authorize a change from a Brand Name to a Generic. The unsuspecting physician's office employee says OK and the next thing I know is that I receive a generic prescription in the mail indicating that this was authorized by my physician. This happened not once but twice! My... Read more

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I'm currently employed at gnc in the small town of Paris, TN. I absolutely hate my job. I'm 21 and so is my manager. He was transferred here from upstate to try to turn our target store around. He has 3 years or gnc experience, and of what I can see, he doesn't know too much. He doesn't file payroll, nor does he get anyone to sign it, he actually doesn't file anything. Funny thing is, he's best... Read more

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I ordered the products Supra cleanse and Garincium for the trial of $4.95 within 2 weeks they had taken $400 out of my account,I contacted them and they said there was nothing they could do, but I had not received the products and still have not. They offered me the 50 % refund because it would cost to much to send items back but I told them I had not received the items and they keep saying they... Read more

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I no longer will be shopping at GNC. Their heavy weight gainer is "new and improved", more fake sugar and fillers, less servings and higher price. What genius at GNC thought putting fake sugar in a weight gainer was a good idea? Add comment