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There is no truth to some of the comments below so I had to add my 2 cents. Melaleuca is a very respectable company which is VERY customer friendly and has a AAA Better Business Bureau rating. There is absolutely no commitment issues. The suspension process involves the simple process of downloading a suspension form & faxing it in. Simple as that! Try getting out of anything else so quickly!... Read more

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I have ordered from these people several times all with excellent results. Of course you must be patient as they ship from out of the Country but that is fine with me. Many people seem to be upset that it takes a reasonable amount of time to receive the order but they are honest about telling you when and where it will be shipped from. If you want to pay 5X the amount and receive it from the... Read more

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I also made the mistake of ordering this product! I paid the $7.95 for the "free trial" and awaited my order. When my husband and I received the order we each took a bottle and tried it. Ultimately after the 30days there was NO weight loss. I called and complained and I was told to send the unused back and pay the shipping! When I informed him that there was none left he threatened to charge me... Read more

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They advertised a free trial offer on line Jan. 9, 2015 but I would have to pay the shipping cost. That was fine. Then on Jan.27, 2015 I noticed in my bank account they took out $29.99 for the product and $4.99 for another shipping charge. If I don't receive a refund in a reasonable amount of time, I will sue them. My daughter is a deputy sheriff and will help me through the process. I will... Read more

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Sent unwanted products was not signed up for this. Only said it was a trial will ship back product and please send back money 34.95 and cancel any further product thank you Jennifer Schmitt Add comment

My husband and I have been dealing with Beach Body for about 2 and a half months now. Everything was okay to begin with, but then we started getting charged for vitamins that we never remembered ordering. I know that sometimes websites can be misleading and have fine print that you need to pay attention to, but I saw absolutely nothing about signing up for vitamins when we ordered. We did choose... Read more

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Consumers Beware. B&B Herbal Futures also goes by the name Oregon's Wild Harvest. They were sued for having high lead levels in their products and the information is filed with the State of California consumer protection department. Please be cautious with all their products as they can't be trusted. They have no independent labs testing their products and they also import from China. When... Read more

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I was notified that Oregon's Wild Harvest herbs have high lead count and they were sued in California for having high levels and not meeting industry standards despite their claims of purity. Consumer need to be aware also that not all their herbs are biodynamic as they claim. When I called them, the reality was a few acres and some wild picking of one herb and the rest is imported and not all... Read more

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BEWARE...Put in on line order January 17, 2015 for a bottle of Turmeric. On their ad, it said in stock and they charged my credit card right away but never got a confirmation from company as to when product will be shipped. Called them 1/26/2015 to check and they say product was on back order but still couldnt give me a date as to when it's going to be shipped. Vitamin World is DISHONEST to... Read more

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I came in early this morning to shop at Walgreen and they had a bad smell in the store Add comment

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