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Worst pharmacy in the state.. I have a 14 year old child with major ADHD, every time go to fill a script there seems to be an issue, the techs are rude as ***, the manager backs up the tech horrible attitudes.. Just completely awful.. This is the Third complaint I have made about this particular CVS pharmacy and it never gets better.. It's absolutely unacceptable and uncalled for and I WILL keep... Read more

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if you are African American or Hispanic look around you will hear a sound that says (security watch the floor or ipipi) you will see that the only african american and Latinos are the slaves who work for the store. but it is not discrimination because they have working for them something is wrong in that store. Add comment

This place is AWEFUL. I went in around 2:30 am on the 24th and received horrible service. I was in a terrible car accident a week ago and have a cast on my right arm and herniated discs. My boyfriend broke his arm in 4 different places and had MAJOR surgery on Thursday. Both of our medications make us constipated so we were in a lot of pain. I drove to this CVS to return something without a a... Read more

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Express Scripts (I have via Tricare) has refused to send me my asthma inhalers in a timely fashion for the second time now. I am reduced to borrowing them! I was actually told that if I had a medical issue because of this I should visit an emergency room. They are trying to switch me from Symbicort to Advair even though I have told them that I am allergic to Advair and my doctor has confirmed... Read more

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I ordered the free sample of Somnapure. I haven't tried the product because I was waiting to cut down gradually on a prescription drug for insomnia. Then I unexpectly received my "monthly shipment" of 90 capsules which were charged to my credit card. ($34.98) I called the company (twice) asking them to take me OFF their list. I intend to hold payment when my credit card comes. The two people I... Read more

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I have had several issues with the pharmacy at Giant Eagle. The 1st time, they sent my husband to another location for my migraine medicine. THEY should have gone themselves! The 2nd time, my husband went to fill his pain medication, and even though the script stated "NO SUBSTITUTIONS UNLESS WRITTEN BY DOCTOR" they stated it is a PA law that the Dr. has to "hand write No Substitutions" if that... Read more

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Was greeted nicely by the cashier as the Consultation area. Communication was only between myself and the cashier even thought the Pharmacist was made aware of my needs. Pharmacist was only a few feet away yet she never approached nor made eye contact with myself because she was too busy trying to charge her cell phone. Again, the cashier was the one helping by reading the over the counter... Read more

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Even though the benzobuddies site is free, the advice and information is worthless. The advice is exactly the opposite of my Doctor's advice. After reading the scare stories on benzobuddies, I consulted my Doctor instead. He helped me, using exactly the opposite advice I was given on benzobuddies. I think benzobuddies can do much harm because they tell you to NEVER trust a doctor. How can a... Read more

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Wow.... What people are saying about the product. I was planning on getting it but I changed my mind. Thank God I saw the reviews first. I have R.A and am in constant pain. Guess I will stick with the doctors at least they try to help you relive your pain and some don't beat around the bush about what works and what doesn't work for me. Read more

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Order was placed over a month ago; debit card was instantly charged, though no product has been delivered or tracking code provided for the posting, despite numerous requests to the customer support email for this. Customer support emails in response are clearly simply generic fob-off replies and the company clearly appears to be nothing but an sham business, which does not possess any of the... Read more

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