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I receive a medication through ExpressScripts that I need to take every day. Because it is a controlled substance, they will not send a refill until the previous prescription has expired. At times, therefore, I don't receive the new prescription until several days after the previous one has expired, leaving me for days without this medication. This time I called on the expiration date and, after... Read more

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I ordered a free trial of optimal stack a month ago i paid the postage and never received a *** thing thinking that they were still sending it or something then i go check my bank balance and notice optimal stack has taken $117 out without even trying it WTF? Tried emailing and calling no success. Order #6060141 email wiki0182@gmail.com Add comment

We've been using the walgreens at cedar bluff for 3 consecutive years. It NEVER FAILS that you are treated HORRIBLY like the pharmacy staff acts in a God like behavior! One pharmacist that really needs a COLON CLEANSER IS ASHLEY!!!! I have 3 College Degrees so TECHNICALLY I SHOULD B HIGHER THAN YOU! Walgreens SERIOUSLY??? I THINK YOU SHLD REEVALUATE YOUR HIRING PROCESS!!!!!! Add comment

Yesterday in Santa Fe, NM - St. Francis location - I was accused of stealing pants! Pants - from Walgreens! I was shocked that she not only suspected me of stealing - but, more so, that I was accused of stealing pants from Walgreens! No police were called, but, she approached me - as I was paying for items! She stated that I had taken the pants and left the store - then CAME BACK IN to... Read more

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Ordered Rx repair snake venom peptide cream for 14-day free trial for $44.99. After 2 days, I decided to cancel my order when I read the various complaints about this product and company that is selling it. They accepted my cancellation (which I am sure was recorded in their system) and was counter- offered to make 2 shipments of (1) peptide cream together with (1) bottle of advanced eye gel for... Read more

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After several screw -ups in ordering my medications, the helpful costumer reps could not correct the system, I have run out of my critical medications after many weeks and many phone calls. I was doing fine with my pharmacy when HUMANA started bugging me to use their mail service. I have had nothing but problems despite their well meaning people. DO NOT SIGN UP WITH THIS COMPANY. THEY ARE... Read more

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I ordered my mother's supplies on the 9th of last month still haven't received them. Called 2 days ago and they told me they would ship them today and call in a couple of days to get the tracking number well I called today and they still haven't shipped them told me to call Monday. So the last 4 times i've ordered they have done the same thing we need to verify your insurance. We have been a... Read more

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I have called in , spoke to a representative and stopped this Omega XL order. She said she was making the note in my file so how about checking your files! I DO NOT wish to receive any more shipments I was told I have to also call in to customer service but I can NEVER get thru! I was put on hold for 16 minutes for a 9 minute wait time and still never spoke to anyone but the darn computer... Read more

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