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So I fell for the "free trial" before looking up reviews on GC180X. I sent an email to their customer support line, and asked to cancel before my trial period ended. However, I am informed about 2 weeks later after a $79 charge is taken out of my account that I did not indeed receive a free trial. I was told by one customer service rep that if I returned the bottles I could get a full refund on... Read more

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I went to the West edmonton mall location on sept 19 .I was interstated in looking at the Nyx products there eye brow pencil .There samples for other products except that I wanted to test out the color to see how dark it is ,so I went to the lady who was working in cosmetics and ask if there was a tester and she said no ,then I asked what there return policy was if the color doesn't match and she... Read more

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I will never get my prescriptions filled at CVS and I tell everyone I know to never use the pharmacy at CVS. A study was done several years ago and they are in the top 2 MOST EXPENSIVE for prescription drugs of any kind. I had 4 surgeries back in 2006, including my back and having metal installed twice throughout my pelvis. Of course I had pain! If you dare to have surgery with pain as a side... Read more

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OptumRx has no interest in filling people's prescriptions. I had sinus surgery July 14th and my doctor increased my Flonase dosage from 2 sprays in each nostril twice a day to 4 sprays in each nostril twice a day. The first prescription was sent in electronically in July, shortly after my surgery. OptumRx canceled the order. My doctor sent another electronic prescription on 9/12 and I called to... Read more

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I'm not sure why Nodiet.com didn't work for you but it certainly has been working for me. I didn't measure like I was supposed to but I have been taking my one tbs. before bed and I just finished my first month supply and am already down 10 lbs. and all of my clothes are fitting better. I have not experienced any negative side effects. I feel extremely energized and have noticed that I am not... Read more

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I tried to cancel and return first bottle. Had me keep and return later . The 20th fell on a Sunday. I called on Monday morning and they had sent another bottle out on Saturday the 20th and offered me a 60 % refund on that on or wait longer and get my 29.99. I was not aware I would receive the first full bottle automatically and be bill before even receiving it. I will never ever do business... Read more

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I had ordered the Optimal Stack and MassPM through a 'Free Trail' all you had to pay was the shipping. In the fine print it stated that you have to cancel your order in 10days otherwise you will be charged the full $87 plus put on a monthly program that continually charges you $87 per month. I called the 2nd day after my order to cancel, and failed to automatic message which allowing me to cancel... Read more

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So I bought the GC180X, & the ultimate cleanse. If I remember correctly I paid 2.99+2.99 for the two bottles. Gc180x was a 14 day trial, & the ultimate cleanse was a 21 day trial. I know all the sites tht do this are usually scams so I screen shot the terms and conditions tht had the cancelatiin phone number. Cuz I knew I wasnt going to pay $79.95/mth for vitamins!! So I got my shipment... Read more

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Total disgrace this company is getting away with this took£180.00 out my bank I put a stop on that I have also just picked another 2 boxes up from the post office will send back with out any postage on the boxes Add comment

I have paid for 3 months supply of SupraCleanse and Garcinium and now wish to cancel my order. How do I do so as all my attempts to contact the company have failed ? Add comment