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These people are crooks. Hundreds of pounds stolen from me, and they do it under different names. My bank advised me they can still trace your bank account even after you cancel your card! So I might have to close my bank account now. Everytime I have money they take it off me and I am left with very little money for my bills and to pay for food for my children. I hope the people behind this get... Read more

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Store 3703 in New Port Richey has become the haughtiest, rudest, uncaring pharmacy around! The Little Medicine Shoppe across SR-54 is caring, compassionate, and much cheaper. I hope CVS loses major business over their attitude! Add comment

I haven't had a good experience at the 1740 West Hwy 160 location in Fort Mill SC in about 5 months. One of the worst experiences was when the Dr wrote 2 scripts on 1 piece of paper & when I told the tech I was missing one, when she only gave me one, she acted like I was a liar & her apology was less than sincere. I'm here now because I received an email at 8pm that my scripts were... Read more

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Putting customer on hold for over 15 minutes without even given the customer what is it they need and reason for calling is very unacceptable. Cvs pharmacy located at 29610 Rancho California Rd. Temecula CA 92591 Add comment

Hi. I ordered the supplements free trial version and had paid through my credit card.. No problem. Now I've been charged again only this time $98.00 for something unknown to me what ever it is I don't want it. If I don't hear back soon and get this issue resolved I will call my credit card company and have you charged with fraud. Thanks. Add comment

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Walgreens on gallivan blvd in Dorchester is the worst ,customer is really bad the guy behind the counter says 20mins mme and my dad r still sitting here after 2hours the worst stay away Add comment

This is a test complaint only. Testing if this system works. Test words include SCAM, Rip Off, Crooks, Thief, Fraud, Hoax, etc. This is not a complaint but is a test only. 1973 Florida’s Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act (FDUTPA) (F.S. §501.201 et seq.) was enacted to give consumers stronger legal protection against commercial wrongdoing.1 It is patterned after the Federal Trade... Read more

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I ordered a trial version of Supplementary Diet pills The free trail was for €2.99 (taken out of the account on the 16/07) and when I ticked and gave my card details and after that was processed Term and Conditions came up to say if I did not cancel within 14 days that the full amount of €89.99 would be taken from my account , this happen on the 29/07 €89.99 was taken out. I received a produce... Read more

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I have had my Rx filled there for years. Now a new pharamist refuse to fill it. They also discuss my husband's prescriptions with me without me asking. I am transferring to The Little Medication on SR-54, they work quick and are hassle free. Add comment

This has got to be the slowest location I have ever went to, the one on rice mine rd has way more customers I don't understand why #4372 is so slow. I was the only one at the drive threw and there was only one person in the store getting a prescription. Those young Pharmacists seemed like all they wanted to do was talk and look on there phones. I'm a retired pharmacist from Johnson & Johnson... Read more

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