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Our family is forced to use this brand for years since employer insurance requires it. First few years were ok then went downhill as company kept changing hands and changing names. ALWAYS issues from "need doctor approval" to "no credit card on file," we don't even use a credit card. We send checks and they've "misplaced" checks on more than one occasion. Orders take 3-4 weeks and they NEVER... Read more

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It's not just Walgreen s. It's everywhere ! Publix Pharmacy in Vilano beach fl did the same thing If you fill it on the 3Rd you have to fill it on the 3Rd next mth even if there is 31 one days in the mth Even if you will be without!! Add comment

Nicki one of the technicians that work there is rude and unprofessional. Also on more than 1 occasion they have shorted me on medication. Horrible pharmacy. Located in Cantonment Florida phone is 850 9370122 Add comment

I went to my local Rite Aid - Store # 2357 - 2229 East State Street in Salem, Ohio. I had just started using this store this spring I had a bad taste from the start when I went in to introduce myself to one of the pharmacists who's father and my father were friends, my father has passed away from Alzheimer's he laughed and said yeah he knew my father and when I put my hand out to shake his... Read more

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Please do not shop at any Walgreens. They treat their employees really really bad!!!!" Add comment

Dears, I have been working for the company for years and clearly hard to say it is a bad place to work. However, the DM's, LP's , and HR's do not follow up what is going on in their areas. Most managers and assistants are dictators and have their own crews to steal hours and merchandise in a very mysterious ways. They do damages of expensive products and take to themselves and blame it on... Read more

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I was forced to use express scripts because of tri care. When I first tried to transfer to them I never received my medicine; they said they never received prescriptions from doctor. I went to doctor office and was shown the fax that the doctor sent two weeks previously. My doctor sent a second request by E prescription and gave me a copy. One week later I called and express scripts said the... Read more

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I ordered the Somnapure Natural sleep aid "free Sample" and then without consulting with me if I want to continue with Somnapure was sent a second bottle and my visa card was charged $34.98 for a product I do not want or wish to continue with. I called 877-869-3304 twice and after a 4 minute recorded sales pitch was put on music hold for 20 minutes both times. On the second call someone came on... Read more

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I filed a pissed report last week because of the flippant attitude and the fact I could never get in touch with the company to cancel even after talking to a customer service rep last September and they would not hear of stopping the product (OMEGA XL) and they kept on avoiding my phone calls. Well I have an up-date to this problem. Today (July 31, 2015 ) I received a call from GREAT HEALTH... Read more

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Ex-Employee @ #7646 in Hickory, NC Matt Modlin is a horrible manager. Wayne Philips, before him, was a superb manager! This store is horrible now. Modlin's exaggerated,over-the-top/fake congeniality in providing assistance to the customer is sickening. He is the most uncaring person that could've been chosen for GM, and his exaggerated attempt to come off as someone who cares is repulsive.... Read more

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