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CVS staff is rude and unhelpful. They lose information, delay getting prescription filled and get billing info wrong. Last time the pharmacist refused my physician's prescription because she felt it was wrong for me. Did not attempt to communicate with my physician just belittled me in front of a busy store. With the high medication deductible I must pay now, much of my medication cost is... Read more

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walgreens filled my pain meds and proceeded to give me the 5th degree before giving me my script and asked me where i got my other meds [they are mail order scripts]. I have been getting my pain meds from walgreens for over 6 months after he got done interrogating me he informed me not to return they will not fill them again as they were shoved into my hand. I am thoroughly disgusted by the... Read more

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This company managed to retreive my banking info and address some how. Then They signed me up up for there product,This is fraud !! Add comment

I'm 42 female use 2 bottles of lipozene didn't loose a pound but feel heavier. I felt hungry a lot more than usual. How much bottles do you have to use money spent before you loose a pound? Product don't. Work. I'm from Trinidad and Tobago. An active person, mother of 1. I WANTED to lose 20lb at least I would like if a company will really want to help people an not make money then save... Read more

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Because they seem not to be working for me anymore. So I would like to cancel this order and the following ones because I also don't have the money to buy them anymore. My order number is A-F00220B6E. If you have any problems you can call me at 1-931-552-4682. It would work for me when I first started taking it and my body has gotten used to the OmegaXL. So it makes it hard for me to take it... Read more

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Would like to be contacted on 0414299756 Add comment

Some Rx techs are so incompetent. Was told that a drug would be ready and upon arrival. It wasn't because it could only be filled at another store that had the Rx on file. Said it could not be transferred to the store I was at. Called the other store that has the Rx and they say " would u like this transferred to to the other store (that I was at). So these people need more training. All need to... Read more

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My Doctor's office faxed in my prescription to the CVS I always go to. I got a call that day from the Pharmacist saying there was not enough to fill my entire prescription. Could I pick up the next day? I said "Ok". I went to get it the next day and was told it was not faxed in and there was no medication there for me. I was sent to another CVS several miles away. It wasn't there either. I called... Read more

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Instaflex's free sample offer instigates a monthly billing to your credit card for a full shipment of Instaflex. If you do not call them to cancel you will continue to be charged every month. If you object to the first charge they will not refund your money until you return the bottle unopened. Your credit card company will probably not block the Instaflex charge because Instaflex promises a... Read more

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