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The Pharmacist refused to fill my medication because the address on my license did not match the address on prescription although I produced an older license with my former address. Very sad, as the pharmacists actions Betsy Mason were done vindictively......as I had filed a complaint against her formally a few months ago! Sick is how I would describe her actions as my medication can cause a... Read more

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went to winn dixie and they were out of my meds and start to recite the dea law I said read it know all about but ive been using for some time because Walgreen was not filling scripts on time, so i go to Walgreen they come back and said we can not fill this because you are a winn dixe customer?? hello u guys filled it last month because they were out, oh we did? yes u did! oh sorry the pharmacist... Read more

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Advocare and their advisers/coaches tell you that you need to have a "no excuses attitude." When I started Advocare, the business looked a little appealing because I'd just left a job and didn't foresee another in the near future. However, I'm not a "people-person", I don't network well, and I don't do things that will take any of my free time away from my boy. My "excuses" as they call them... Read more

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I receive at least one or two phone calls everyday from them. I have asked them to stop calling me but they apparantly dont care. i tried to block all their numbers but omg! how many lines they have! my number is being harassed and this is very bothering! Add comment

I am on Pain Management due to inoperable growths on my spinal cord things are not well with me. I have been on Pain management for 18 months and Optum RX is the prescription insurance I have been given with my healthcare plan. I sent them a prescription for mail order for a 1 month supply of my pain medication which records also indicate I have been filling exclusively through my... Read more

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Ordered item. Even paid for expedited shipping. Never received any order confirmation, etc, even though they took my money on the spot. All attempts at contacting them, email etcetera have gone unanswered. Not even the better business bureau deals with them anymore. Have tried contacting them almost daily., no one knees anything over the phone " but will look into it". All email... Read more

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I was offered a "free" 15 day trial sample of Peak Life and only had to pay $1.06 for postage which I foolishly put on my credit card. Then Peak Life shipped another bottle and tried to bill me $80.23 on my credit card. I have disputed the charge and will return the bottle. My credit card company advised it will take care of this and will cancel any future charge for $80.23 but warned that peak... Read more

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If you are as mad as me, text me and we'll see what we can do together to stop these morons from calling. I don't mind bc apparently everyone else had my number...765-661-seven 112 Add comment

I placed the same order of Fitbit as others during black Friday sales. Later on they emailed me the order is cancelled. Then they kept sending promotion emails to me. I tried to unsubscribe the email, and it says it will take 10 days to do that. What a horrible *** business practice! It is false advertisement! It is fraud! You don't have to read the following. I placed the same order of Fitbit... Read more

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I ordered instaflex for my mother for the trial and cancelled the order they go into my account and them tell me we mailed it on Nov 26 2014, I had yet to receive the items 2 weeks later and I called and ask them to track it They showed that they had not been delivered to my house and they still refused almost a month later I finally received my items and offered to mail it back and they still... Read more

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