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I was buying meds for my child and he wanted to go to restroom but cashier said she was about to close and could not use them, then I asked for the keys and said that they were not working and they were dirty. They should not deny the restroom use no matter the time uf Iam a cudtomer I have the right to use them. The store is in 520 1st Street West Bradenton Fl . Cashier name is Diana. I am very... Read more

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This is not abt service...it's abt promo pens that look like medical syringe to dispense meds to children...think they are inappropriate and potentially dangerous to young children. Add comment

Don't buy into this *** scheme, free bottles my ***!! Full charges applied after 2 weeks, here's the kicker. If not satisfied with product just return it, ***!! They don't take open products back, how are ya supposed to try it first without opening the bottles?? Not happy with these fucktards!! Add comment

Every time I get a call I ask to have my number removed and nothing. I still get calls. Call from different numbers so my phone app can't stop them from calling. Add comment

I requested a free sample for shipping charges only. I gave them my credit card info and then noticed my credit card being charged for additional monies. I called them and requested a refund- they said they were sending me more product(which I didn't want to begin with) andwill not give a complete refund unless I return the product (which I did not order to begin with).... please be awareI... Read more

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A friend uses Walgreens pharmacy and one time 10 of her Xanax were missing from her prescription and then 2 months later she submitted a different prescription . She dropped off the prescription it was going to cost her 178.00 so she had to pick it up later. She decided to transfer the prescription to another pharmacy because of insurance purposes and when she went to do that, Walgreens stated... Read more

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I ordered 2 bottles of slimming tablets for $18.10 on 23/01/2015 as a test try. I want to make one thing very clear I did not order anymore tablets, I did not talk to anyone and I can assure you at the prices they are charging I would not have ordered any. On the 20/02/2015 I was charged 115.79 for more tablets that I did not order and have not received. On the 21/02/2015 they tried to charge me... Read more

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This is a *** website Add comment

They lost my rx multi times, blamed their computer system. When I phoned the next day the pharmacist, Pat, claimed to not have the info for the correct dosage, said it was filled for a different dosage & said there was no indication of my insurance Co's approval. The phone conversation Took Place 2/26/15 @ 3:40pm. Add comment

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