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I was originally approved my Primary Residential Mortgage Inc out of the Norwich Connecticut office and before I could make my first payment I was sold to Penny Mac. I am not sure which company is worse Primary Residential Mortgage or Penny Mac. I am trying to eliminate my PMI and Penny Mac refuses to put anything in writing and expects me to give a check of approximately $38,000.00 and then... Read more

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I call Ocwen to make sure that they pay my insurance company. So three weeks later I get a letter from my insurance company cancel my insurance. I call my insurance and they say that Ocwen didn't pay. I call Ocwen and they said that they never got the bill for my insurance company. Ocwen want to use they own insurance company on me.More expensive and less coverage... I'm still waiting for them to... Read more

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Beware... Do not get your loan through them. I had referred a couple of people, I am happy that they did not go through with it. I though I was on my last payment. Come to find out that on my $400 loan, $244 per month was interest. They may send you the info, by they talk fast and talk you around in circles, like they are your friend to distract you.... So for 2 months they have scammed me. They... Read more

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Property title unclear. Requires signature from Seterus before filing required paperwork to clear title. Simple? Not for them. And no one will follow through with inquiries!!! Customer Service people take notes and send emails but nothing gets done. House will be foreclosed because they failed to follow through. Add comment


Better off not having insurance...incompetent idiotic claim handlers..they don't want to pay for car rentals...solicit and steer you to one rental and steer you to their budget repair centers..don't want and refuse to pay original parts on a 2 year old $30000 truck......want to stop the rental car priviledges in a unreasonable time frame...repairs at your shop are done and USAA... Read more

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I just received a pre approval letter aswell. The first thing i notice was how they typed my name. It had my first and last name and added Jr. Im not a Jr. Wyf really obviously something is up. READ CAREFULLY BEFORE YOU TAKE ACTION. FIINE PRINT TOO. Add comment


We cannot refinance our home because we cannot obtain any info on our loan. No bill no calls or anything. The debt collector does not have a file on us at all. What happened to our information.? Our deed is tied up with this company. We have called every number available to us and no one can find anything on our loan. The underwriters just closed the file on our attempt to refinance our home at a... Read more

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We are going through that I have been disabled since 1990 and my husband since 2011 due to military. Claims not finished. Our grandson was hurt on deployment and he has not finished fixing him. Has been released because unable to anything. He has custody of his 6yr old and we support all grandson gets no monies right now. Told them that we were getting help for 2 payments and would call on Friday... Read more

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This company has customer service personel that do not know what they are doing.Talk to 3 different people about where to send my property tax bills.Recently could not read my statement on line and talk to 3 different people and no one could give me an answer. This is a bad company to do business with. I had no choice in using this company.The other company that I had Citi Mortgage sold this to... Read more

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Don't take any loan from American loans, they wanted me to pay a upfront few of $108, which i have never payed a loan upfront to get one. TODAY SCAM AND THEY SHOULD BE REPORTED TO BBB! Add comment