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The tag line for this program is 'the best mortgage product in America" and this is true. If you can deal with the program transparency, lack of interdepartmental communication and at time non-responsive staff it will be worth it. It took me 2 months to become 'NACA Approved" /pre-approved and found the house I wanted within 1 month but it took nearly 6 more months to close. A majority of that... Read more

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As a member of NACA I would like to thank NACA for my expierience, attention, and for being cooperative during the process of achieving my dream house. But more importantly Im very thankful on their positive support into winning what I can now call my house, it's something I've been yearning for the longest, I highly appreciate their help and honesty. Add comment

Right after I ask for a payoff quote Ocwen falsely reported to the Credit Bureas (CBs) that I'd defaulted on my loan and filed for bankruptcy. They did this to prevent me from qualifying for a refinance loan. This is just one of many ways they sabatoge homeowners who try to cut ties with them. They don't want you to pay on time, or to pay-off your loan. What they want, is your house. I have a... Read more

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I look on the website on April 25 2015 it says I am current. I just received a letter on a April 24th that says I am behind, they have forms include for a loan modifacation, around eight sheets and are asking for my life history. I have received a call from them earlier this month saying every this was in order from the transfer from Bank of America. I submitted my April payment at a Bank of... Read more

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Their practice is very deceptive: I called to pay-off my entire remaining balance. After I gave a debit card information, the agent told me, "it went through, you have no balance." Just to make sure, I logged into my account online and the balance was indeed zero. After exactly one month they called to tell me "this is an attempt to collect your debt." Over the one month, your $137 is now $370.... Read more

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Seven months to get an assumable mortgage. Sent every document within a week, already had mortgage, just assuming it after divorce. Have a FICO score of 830. Called 23 times before received a call back. Waited 5 weeks to tell me they were waiting for the title company to contact them after calling them several times but didn't tell me that until one day they actually picked up the phone. Asked... Read more

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My account was sold by Ocwen; I received notice from Ocwen just days before the payment was due. The notice stated the acct# was the same just a different mailing address. My first contact with Nationstar: I get a call stating that my payment has not been received I make bi-weekly payments so they have 1/2 of the payment on hand. I asked if there was a way to reset my date since I was informed... Read more

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As we all know. Mortgage loans get sold all the time. To me, the announcement from OCWAN that my loan had sold and to wait for new mortgagee document wasn't a surprise. I waited, and waited for a letter, a bill.etc Without exaggerating. Over a year, I stressfully searched and try to trackdown my new mortgage. To my surprise, I received a order of sheriff sale on my property in feb, 2015. I... Read more

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Green Tree contacted me telling me how I was approved for a refinance.(we bought in about 8 years ago when rates were higher.) My credit score is over 800, i have never missed a payment, and i decided ok lets see what kind of deal they are offering. I gave them permission to check (and ding) my credit, and after putting me through a bunch of hassle and wasted time(based on their advertisement to... Read more

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Took out a $500 loan in January now it's April and my balance is still $500 dollars. I've made 6 $150 dollar payments but who knows where that's gone. Total rip off will not be getting no loans from these thiefs. Scam, Scam, Scam!!!!!! Add comment

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