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MGC acquired my loan from GMAC which got the loan from Decision One. Both companies are no longer in business because of bad loan practice. I am in the process of bringing forth litigation against them and would like to know a good attorney to represent my case. I am in Michigan. I have had the home for almost ten years. I also tried for a loan mod. with the company and was not successful. I... Read more

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Don't be scammed with LendingClub. When you apply to credit card, they provide 0% APR for 12 months or so, and points as you spend money. LendingClub? No 0% APR, and yet, actual APR goes up after fees! My situation: I had 705 credit score and APR was 14%. AFTER ORIGINATION FEE, APR JUMPS TO 18% when my chase credit card charges me 12.99% after 12 months with 0%. Also, once the loan is originated,... Read more

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My mortgage was sold to Ocwen 8 months ago. I have to change my password each month in order to make a payment. My mortgage went up almost $300 in Feb. when they took over due to a mistake in my Escrow which is still being straightened out. I involved Senator Elizabeth Warren and they communicate much better since I did that but I am still waiting for a new escrow analysis, now in oct. This is... Read more

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Called relatives about my account. I don't know how they got their numbers but were never authorized to call them. Unbelievable. When I called to tell them they are to never bother my extended family the lady was short and rude. Will not recommend to anyone. Add comment


I totally have been scammed by MED LOAN FINANCE. I attempted to get a 3000.00 loan. Was told that it's not instant credit.. I would be notified when I was approved. My daughter was sick with 100+ degree temperature and horrible Upper Respiratory Illness. She missed the entire week of school and I was not in a state of mind even thinking about the loan or my emails. My daughter was first... Read more

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I honestly "don't" believe NACA is a scam. You must be vigilant and keep up with your file's status. With most agency's that are considered a Public Service Company the employees become what ever public service employees become and you have to push. Don't shove, but be professionally persistent. Know who is in charge. When you don't get the result you need from the intended person, take it... Read more

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Be proactive. here is what i have done: Once I got my loan number over the phone I paid Sept payment over the phone they wavied the fees (late & phone fees) i then registered on line. Call the number for insurance to get policy changed to Seterus from chase. if the information is not chaged before your policy payment is due your ploicy will be cancelled and Seterus has the right to get... Read more

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Be careful with this company. They use two names: Everest cash and Z Finance. 3 months ago I received an e-mail. It stated it was sent by the "Attorney General of United States". The official title and the logo printed in the attachment. "You owe 7,000 dollars that was not paid to Everest Cash. This is fraud and the penalty is 50,000 dollars and 10 year jail sentence"...There was a phone number... Read more

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I went to the Linden NJ Onemain Financial, and I dealt with Dayana she was very, helpful, sweet and very caring, I got approved for 6k for funeral expenses..I would definitely go back to that particular office. Add comment

They took almost 500$ from me and I didn't get the loan they promise me. I didn't any money from them but they got 500$ from me. Yes my fault for not doing more reasearch on them and my fault for trusting them. They did a *** of a job I'm me. But like I said I have no one to blame but myself. Add comment