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Chase deposited funds for two separate mortgage accounts into on account into one account and commenced FORECLOSURE proceedings against the other -- on SIX SEPARATE OCCASIONS OVER 20 YEARS. Chase increased the Mortgage rate from the Libor rate approximately 1% to 5.99% by their dishonest practices. Chase deposited funds for two separate mortgage accounts into on account into one account and... Read more

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After receiving a "Pre Approved" offer from Lending Club for a personal loan, I executed the offer and was mislead about the offer and at the same time they never even had the decency to contact me and give me an explanation as to why the Pre Approved offer was denied. I have perfect credit, I do not have a late payment on my credit nor do I have anything derogatory on my credit that would hinder... Read more

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I sent you people $40 bucks in a money order a month ago and cannot get ahold of you I want my fucking money back before I come to texas and find you worthless fucks Add comment

I had a hail damage claim in April. As of the end of August I still can not get Cornerstone Lending to endorse the insurance settlement check. Every time I call them I get the 5th degree before they will speak to you. I have spoken to half a dozen employees over the last three months and only one came across as professional, unfortunately he stated I had the wrong department. I have never had... Read more

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He is very rude in taking, does not want to listen and always try to make you emotional while you are buying your house. Very arrogant and does not have competent market rate. Works only for his number and not buyers interest. He was nice until you request a quote from him, once you finalize it then he never receives your call, never listens to you, always keep irritating as if he is doing a big... Read more

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I am reading these reviews and I am absolutely shocked! NACA has been wonderful so far. They told us it would take about 3 months to qualify, and it did. Yes, we sometimes had to re-submit documents, but it was no problem, bc we were very organized. It sounds like many of these people complaining are probably unorganized themselves, and/or do not understand what is expected of them...and that... Read more

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15 years ago my wife and I borrowed $20,000 from a company called Conseco Finance our payments were $393 per month and as new home owners we were excited to do some repairs with this home improvement loan. To our surprise the loan was sold to Greentreev. We have paid $393 a month for 15 years and still owe the exact same amount that we borrowed 15 years ago. We have actually paid them $72,000... Read more

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I ask them have they ever had a customer calling everyday begging them to take my money...worse company I have ever dealt with .DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. They dont keep good records of your conversations ...I have began asking there name number before I even state the nature of my call...Even have spoke with Mindy the Manager or whatever she is and she always says we will fix this asap Im so... Read more

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Chrysler Capital does not apply the extra payment toward the principle, rather they just hold onto your money (they earn the interest on it) and then reduce the next month's payment. Basically screwing their customers. I was told that to pay extra toward the principle by mail that I would need to submit two checks - one for the amount of the payment and then another check to go toward the... Read more

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