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I have hired a lawyer and he has also told me how they have had many cases against them in the past. We have been paying for over a year and tell me how we have only payed 2 payments worth on our loan. They had a private investigator text me? When I called back, he said we would be charged for larceny. We had our payments coming out with our allountment. They said we stopped doing that and never... Read more

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WARNING - do not refi or start your mortgage with this company! Buying a property is serious and cannot be trusted to companies with subpar customer service or those who have no regard for your financial well being. My lender at Sebonic went MIA, would not accept my calls or return my calls for 11 days straight. My closing date is about 2 weeks away and I have no idea if he has the documents he... Read more

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I have been informed by billpay (midland's co-conspirator) that midland returned my payments totaling ~ $5000 total from Nov 2014-Jan 2015. I am now being forced by BILLPAY to wait ten days for THEM to investigate while they extract a Commercial Paper unwillingly from me. I have sent certified mail to the local sheriff here in Travis County, TX as well as a local court as well as a fax to FHA. I... Read more

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I provided all the information that they ask of,for them to direct me to some more companies I would have to apply for scam scam scam Add comment

I purchased a new 2001 BMW X5 in Nov 2001 and paid it off in Nov 2006. Shortly after that when my insurance renewed in April 2007, my insurance company still showed a lien against the car and I had to spend considerable time getting both WFS and Safeco to reconcile the issue. I never did receive the title, and WFS Financial Inc consistently shows up on my State Vehicle Registration Certificate... Read more

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Could not get a live customer service rep to handle my concerns. I wanted to pay off loan. I was constantly place in a call cue left message several times no return call. When finally reached someone, rep was rude and unresourceful. Asked to speak will manager, was once again placed in never ending call cue. Add comment

Springleaf claims that you have return check fees and other fees for not having funds taken directly out of your checking account. But you don't hear about these fees until your loan is almost paid off. They have been the most annoying company ever and I will not ever deal with them again. If you have to get any form of loan for anything do not use this company... THEY ARE THE WORST!!!!! You... Read more

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says it only takes one to two hours together for dinner waiting two days to do with all the way somewhere else before wasting another mark against my credit score stay away from Winchester Kentucky Add comment

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