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I called Nugenix to cancel the auto-ship plan. The customer service rep "Gonzaga" attempted to manipulate my answers. He then insulted me by sarcastically saying that it's smarter to pay more for Nugenix. (I have no intention to use that useless product ever again.) I also felt like the phone service's "please wait" recording is designed to disarm potential service cancellations. It always sounds... Read more

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I cancelled the Vitamins and the Beachbody membership a few days after I ordered 21-day Fix through their "award-winning" email. A few weeks later, a $41.59 charge shows up for a membership and another $35.25 for Vitamins. I called their customer service and waited to talk to someone this time. The woman had an accent that was so heavy I could barely understand her. She said it was too late... Read more

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I had to really dig to find some honest comments about this product. As everyone has already commented, the supposed "reviews" with key words "horrible", etc. always lead to an order page for the product. Quite honestly, before I began digging for comments from others, I was almost sold on the product yet the wise adage "If it looks too good to be true, it probably is" kept drumming in my head.... Read more

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First of all your products are WAY over priced. I wanted to return a product that I had purchased the previous day PRIME DRIVE CHERRY POMEGRANATE because it contains an ingredient that is in synthetic marijuana, the food coloring and ascuflame are among the ingredients that turned me off to the product. I did however get to exchange it for somthing of equal value. I just wanted my money back! Now... Read more

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I recently wanted to try this GC180XT pill for the free trail basis for just the shipping and handling cost,only to be alerted by the fraud alert from my bank for me to authorize a purchase of an additional 89.00 which I declined because the free trail charge for shipping and was $5.95.With my banking info the second time they were able to take the 89.00. I didn't make an order I just wanted to... Read more

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I'm another douche bag that was scammed into the Product Name Kinvada also known under numerous other names and promoted by king douche Dr. Oz. (906) GC180XT Trial Full Bottle $89.95 1 $89.95 Sub Total $89.95 *****I was forced to cancel my credit card to stop these $89.95 charges. You may have to do the same thing because they have no customer service email and never answer the phone.... Read more

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Bodybuilding Blog, (Annette Chapman) is a cheater. I came across the site when I was searching for body building tips. The site informs lots of benefits of steroids, but in reality the all information that site provides just a technique to promote steroids and nothing else. I read many blogs on (Annette Chapman) and got impressed from... Read more

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This product did nothing for me. And no instructions on how to take it. Add comment

Bought over $300 worth of products, got a diet plan, followed that exactly with a consistent workout regime and saw little results. Will not ever buy from there again and will tell others to be very very cautious buying from that company. Add comment

Followed the instructions to the letter, 3 hours after dinner, right before bedtime with a cup of water, sometimes additionally in the mornings. For the first month, as advertised, I followed my usual diet and GAINED weight. Emailed and was told that while there is no need to diet, it is recommended to reduce carb intake, so I modified my diet for the next 4 weeks and at no carbs after... Read more

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