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I ordered T25 over the phone. I just wanted the course for $129.00. They ended sending me (without my authorization) Some kind of extra course called Gamma. Charged me another $129 for that and also (without my authorization) signed me up to some *** club with a monthly charge and started sending me vitamins I wanted nothing to do with. Bogus! I sent back the extra material and they claim that... Read more

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I watched the video by clicking an ad on the internet , what he says was logical . All these testestorone thing and methabolism story , training guide for high performance fat burn bla bla .But before clicking the order button , I checked Hey people you just saved me giving my creditcard number to a clown company. Thanks guys. I guess there is no easy way to burn these... Read more

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This instructor is not in shape himself. He avoids answering phone calls and/or returning messages. His money handling is sketchy and his customer service abilities are lacking. I've been cussed at and shoved, injured and overcharged. I never received my $100 check back. I would avoid this *** artist at all costs. What you pay for is to meet with others at various outside locations in... Read more

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  • Abrocket
  • Jul 04
  • by anonymous
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I had purchased one aBocket through vpp of which customer ID:BNPL NO: MH/TC/1075/2013-2014,the outer packing was very good,but I was shoked when i find that the inner carton was damaged as a result,left handlegrip was damaged so please do replase my abrocket with the new one thank you. Add comment

Have had the worst experience with Beach Body club membership and the vitamins. I kept getting charged for vitamins that I did not want and had to send them back every month. It took three phone calls before they actually got cancelled and I have still not received a refund. I also never received a coach because they couldn't figure out how to send an email to my right email address. The... Read more

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I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who did a complaint. I had a total of $983.00 in stuff i was going to order until i read All of the complaints. I am sorry that you all have been ripped off but because of your post's no one eles will have to go threw this. My wedding would have been nothing like it was if i didn't read what everyone wrote. I don't know what eles to say they are making... Read more

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I have called force factor every day for past week no answer, can't cancel in 18 day time limit. Web page no help , what do I do? Add comment

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  • NoDiet
  • Jun 05
  • by anonymous
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This stuff does not work and didn't help me to fall asleep a complete scam. These djs on the radio need to quit pushing a product they know doesn't work Needs to come with a money back guarantee and the company would be out of business. Just saying don't waste your money Add comment

I am completely unsatisfied with the way you have handled my account. I want to return the treadclimber and I want a refund of my first payment. Let me explain a little of my situation and complete waste of my time trying to resolve it. My account number is 6611140-7. I ordered my treadclimber on 03-26-2014, everything was approved and my order placed. On 04-02-2014 my treadclimber was... Read more

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Not only did the product not work (it constipated me) but when I called to cancel my automatic order since I did not speak to a customer service representative I did not receive 25% refund. The number I called (1-888-890-8464), which was printed on the invoice was an automatic system. It said to cancel your automatic order press 1 and I did thinking it would connect me to a representative to... Read more

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