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The new pc motherboard failed in 5 months. ASUS wasted almost 3 weeks to make me troubleshoot the problem, before they agreed to take it for repair. But to my surprise they said it's scratched board and the warranty is void. They asked $160 to repair/replace. I refused and they sent back to find a little tiny 2-3mm scratch on the edge of it, that I never seen before and it's so minor in my 14... Read more

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i am very impressed , , the service was excelent and i will be back and tell al my friends , thank you I is not fair that i cannot thank you the tech lady who was so good . well the result of the help is that the recommendation i can and will give will be glowing , i domt know what else ro say , a brilliant experience which will i hope be repeated when i check in with Guruaid at the end of... Read more

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I received a telephone call from Guriaid to help me to maintain and clean my computer. I found them very, very helpful and very patience. I realized I had not been telephoning or emailing them every 60days as recommended, my error just forgot !!! The lady who spoke to me explained everything in easy terms so I could follow her and understand her every move. I would also say the supervisor whom I... Read more

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Had bad fan as a lot of people told me and everything was working besides the grumbling fan so took it to Nerds On Call, Peru, Ill. I get a call couple days later saying yes bad fan and it also failed the hard drive check they preform and they suggest replacing now as you dont know how much longer it will last. I decline and say just fix fan. Pickup up and take home and no boot up found in other... Read more

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Even if they do get back in business, their reputation (company and management) has been completely well it should be! Add comment

My experience went very well. The tech was professional, knowledgeable and informative. She explained everything she was doing as she scrolled across the screen. She accessed and serviced two computers at the same time and explained everything every step of the way. She made very nice conversation in between up loading periods. She pointed out many things that could corrupt a computer as she... Read more

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The computer I got I paid 790 for but It has a defective Video Card and it crashed on me I dont want a replacement so I rather get my money back. There builders are such freaking idiots They also have very bad customer service problay worse then dell. I was told by GeekSquad that ibuypower machines have used parts and they are not with the better business bearu. I personally had it with there... Read more

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Email stopped working, reported the issue, 6 days have past, issue still not solved. Created over 10 tickets, only received automatic replies. Do not sign up to coolhandle. I have been with them for several years because I did not want to go through the hassle of finding another provider. There were major issues with my account every 4-5 months. Did you notice that on most sites where they are... Read more

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I payed them 967.00 to fix my computer and all they done was put stuff on it and it slowed it down a lot. i ask they to give me my money back and they said they fixed it. tokd me my mcafee was causeing it to mess up and they deleted it and download google and file hippo. and also down load malware program that deleted some of my files. I have a 2 year payment. the sales person was Deepak... Read more

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I enrolled with iYogi about 7 yrs ago. In the beginning, they were okay, fixing all of my minor problems. It wasn't long before , aside from keeping me bound to the phone all day, I was getting continuous sales pitches to buy more products. My latest experience is that my computer is now completely corrupted after they spent a day on the phone with me trying to correct a problem. I don't know... Read more

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