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I bought a second hand ASUS GTX770 which worked fine to start with then, after a couple of weeks, began to flood the screen with wavy lines. It is physically in fine condition and according to ASUS tech support the warranty is still valid. BUT. They refuse to RMA it. I have to send it to the shop I bought it from, but I do not have this information and could not follow up even if I did since I no... Read more

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Dedicated Server with Water because was raining They lost all my data because it was raining and my server was close to water. I know, it looks like is a joke, but is not. Beware. And again, thanks to Paypal, they returned money. But sometime you need your data. Thanks God, we had a backup and we were able to go back. Dedicated Server with Water because was raining They lost all my data because... Read more

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I kept getting popups on my browser when I clicked on certan links, telling me that my computer was infected etc. and to call an 0800 number. I called the number and the person on the other end told me I have a virus and said that I had to install remote access software so they could fix it. I didn't do this as I knew straight away it was a scam. I allowed BT to do this before because they are... Read more

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Tried to return a computer monitor that was not what I ordered - it took them 4 weeks of "executive" review to advise they would not accept the return. I wasted many hours explaining to them that the product they delivered was not what I ordered. It wasn't what I ordered! They didn't care because the product delivered was not broken, so it was mine. I have a bruise on my forehead from banging my... Read more

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Four month ago I bought a computer from i paid for it on Febuary 17th and got it March 2nd. Four months later my account was over drafted by $443.02 becuase walmart clames that they have not gotten the payment . my bank statment said otherwise. Then after being bounced around from department to department i still have not resolved the issue. Thanks to Walmart my account is frozen and... Read more

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Actually I like the router but needed some help with setting up Readyshare with a USB hard drive. I contacted Netgear support and that's when the fun started. I chatted with a person named Mary Jean who's initial comments were intended to blow me off to the knowledge base or paid tech support. I had bought the router somewhere around 90 days ago. Their free support is only for 90 days and she was... Read more

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We took our $800 desktop to be repaired. They either lost or stole it and refused to do anything more than give us a store credit for less than half of what we paid for our computer UNTIL we showed proof of their lies via email correspondence. Then they gave us a $550 giftcard and we redeemed some of card for a display laptop only to get it home to find out it was USED not just a display and they... Read more

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within 1 year, the start up screen showed "3rd Master Hard Drive Failure". This means the hard drive is about to fail completely. The PC was freezing and much slower than normal. Read up on trying to get a new hard drive, but since emachines is apparently no longer supported it is not possbile to get the drivers without paying a service fee. RESULT - Junked the Emachine and bought a Dell. They... Read more

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I got a Dell Laptop at Christmas and after about 3 months, the laptop froze. I forced it to shut down. Now when I power it back on it gives me options to Start Windows Normally (Which doesn't work) and List Problems or similar to that. That doesn't work either I have a lot of data on that computer I need to at least get it all back and put it on a disk please help... Add comment

I am a physician who purchased a 3 year on site support contract for my secretary's new Lenovo desktop. It failed in one year. First they said we did not have the service contract and refused to honor it until we produced a receipt. Now the tech visits and calls here several times per week. He cannot fix it. He cannot replace it. We are in limbo. Can't bill. Can't run credit cards. Can't... Read more

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