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to whom it may concern i love to come to the casino but i have lost over ten thousands dollars last year and this year and i never won the a jackpot,can get the bonus round or can,t win a nice piece of the money i have lost over the years and i went today and lost over two hundred dollars and i left with nothing and it's not fair because i work hard for my money ,the only person i ever see... Read more

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i bought a 755 dell. after set up, pointer didn't work properly. have to keep clicking.... updated for 12 hours with no progress. wouldn't play video's and i had to figure out why. after loading flash player solved problem, but after shut down and start up.. had to reload flash player??? and when starting up, it keeps going into safe mode.. so i called ... yup i got a rude one !! tells me... Read more

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i purchased the famous dell pc from qvc i have been on hold for 2 hours so long they finally ended the session but not until i was waiting said time i had also opened another session and it has again been 2 hours ( in 2 ) mins, from now i will not sit back and just go quietly away as this was part of my purchase see i have had tech service before and purchased it also.but it was through a... Read more

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New computer, had problems accessing some of my programs. Called Geek Squad as I had purchased a 2 yr. tech service agreement at time of purchase. The Geek Squad was the only phone contact I had. Yet, somehow, without my knowledge, I was connected toClick4support. 2 1/2 hrs. later, my computer is working, and I owe Click4Support $299. I made the payment but was bothered by the fact that I had... Read more

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I thought I was calling Norton Antivirus but got I-Yogi instead. People there had heavy Indian accents and I asked them if I had reached 'Norton". They said 'yes, they were the techs for Norton'. I was on the phone with them for 3 hours and then they requested $149 for their 'service' and a year's coverage. I gave them my credit card number but when I got off the phone I found more problems... Read more

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None of your phone #s work, your hackers and tried to *** but I shut the system down. I will turn my information to the FBI and the FTC. You steal and from India bunch of scammers. you You try it again and the authorities will get you. I see appropriate *** off and robbing company............ Why do you have to be evil and corrupt and worst scumbags. give a bad name to the smart... Read more

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My son bought a computer from CyberpowerPC for christmas for the 1500$ he was saving for years (!!!) and after only 2 month it broke down without doing anything special on the computer. It was rebooting over and over - endless. The tech support asked me to remove RAM and GraphicCard and try again. Can you believe? Does A computer reboot every 3 seconds because of RAM or Graphic Card? NO ... NEVER... Read more

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I cancelled my subscription with them on 1/2/15. I am due a refund of $279.99. I called them again 1/18/15. They said wait another week for refund. On 1/23/15 my credit card showed a credit of $169.99. Called them again on 2/2/15 to find out why I didn't get my entire refund. They said the balance of $110.00 will be processed and to wait 5-7 business days to credit my card. As of 2/11/15... Read more

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i bought something from India and received it on time to the aramex shop and ship box in India , it stayed there for nine days without any changes or any notification to me by email or telephone or anything, after too many trials to contact them online and on phone they replied that india airways has troubles and on the way to be solved wait for 2 days and after 2 days another 2 days and so on... Read more

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i purchased HCL desktop last year with 2 years warranty.. After 8 months usage , system shown some problems. I talked to customer care.. But they not responded in professional manner. They all just wasted my time. When i asked them about how much time it will take to resolve my problem then they said.. nothing is predictable. so they all are just playing their parts in a very unprofessional... Read more

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