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Customers will be happy to hear that ATS was SHUT DOWN by the FCC today for reasons are of course undisclosed to employees with the exception of the main guys that where arrested today, could it be that FRAUD maybe one things for sure customers will stay $600 richer the only people that suffer are the lower poll guys like your techs with families that where all sent home due to this shut down. ... Read more

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I was having problems with my PC running slow. So I picked out a PC tools program on the internet called PC Helper 360, paid $39.95 and had it do a scan. PC Helper 360 came up with over 1000 issues, when I selected fix, I assumed for $39.95 it would fix as well, not just diagnose. PC Helper 360 only fixed 10 of the issues and then it said “press this button for all to be fixed with the PC”. I... Read more

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Just so you know, and because you are dumb enough to post this without actual facts...NOBODY was arrested, you have no idea what actually happened there, or what false information caused this temporary suspension of business, keyword there is temporary. On top of that, nobody has been scammed. Every computer that goes through ATS can use a tune up, protection, infection sweep or all of the above... Read more

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I was the victim of a scam regarding a service call that I made to AVG due to a license # that I purchased on the AVG website. I called the AVG number and was redirected to 'Risezone' Technical Support and was told that they represented AVG. Please see note:RiseZone Technical Support for avgToll Free : 1-800-616-5160email : support@risezone.comcustomer id :Rise7067705 email :... Read more

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To begin, I'd just like to say that I am a loyal customer of Micro Center. They've always been extremely helpful in assisting me with everything I've ever needed. They have knowledgeable staff on hand ready to help me answer any questions I have. For years now, I've invested my business with them because of these reasons. With that said, this is the first time I've actually been unsatisfied... Read more

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Walmart - Do NOT buy a refurbished PC from Wal-Mart. Or the useless Service Plan.
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I purchased a Dell Optiplex 780 model refurbished PC from Wal-Mart Online and will regret it until my dying day! It was $275 + $47 for the Wal-Mart Product Care Plan. If you are trying to save some money and are thinking about buying refurbished, be very careful. Wal-Mart only gives a 15 day warranty on refurbished PC's, though you will get a 1 year manufacturer warranty. If your refurb is under... Read more

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Listen, first off I want to say. F*** you, to all of upper management right now. Stop with the forwarded text messages from higher up, stop promising false hope, stop saying you know the company is going to open back up. are you the judge? Are you the FTC? Didn't think so. I'm sure they just raid places for fun, with no evidence, right? Okay. Regardless, the employees moral compass probably was a... Read more

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NCIX - They sent me the wrong product and refuse to make it right.
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I opened the shipping package only to find a completely mangled, crushed and ripped AMD processor box. The seal was broken and the processor wasn't even in the box. The processor was loose inside the shipping envelope. I was already disgusted by the way this item was packaged then I discover the processor wasn't even the one I ordered! The chip has a different model number imprinted on it then... Read more

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Civil Justice Initiative is researching a class action suit against eMachines, a Gateway Inc. product. In the circumstance at issue a consumer purchased an eMachine EL1352G-01w for $298 which crashed in just 17 days. Acer support (included with the warranty) repeatedly lied to and deceived the purchaser as well as failed to live up to their 7 day return policy when the product had to be sent in... Read more

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Dell Computer ~ Fraudulent Business Practices ~ Senior Operations Analyst Acknowledges Poor Quality
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Dell Computer ~ Fraudulent Business Practices ~ Senior Operations Analyst Acknowledges Poor Quality Control By Ken Garneau Caveat Emptor~let the buyer beware. In a world of technology, large corporations, telecommunications, the sales and service process has broken down dramatically. We, as consumers are thrown into an endless maze of artificial intelligence, voice mails, E-mails, rude and... Read more

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