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if you're not just a troll, I do feel sorry for you. I know there were some good techs and sweet people who worked on the tech side. I truly was happy to see a lot of the men and women I worked with. We all knew the place was sketchy, but "we" honestly tried to fix what the 'regcurepros' purposley f***d up. Diegman, Hag, mother & son Wright as well as their proxies should and hopefully... Read more

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I might suggest to all ex employees that if you are going out to look for another job it may not be prudent to list this co as your former employer. Guilt by association Add comment

I rece will be in courtived a call on Nov.19 about 10 :40 from Mike Wilson, that is who he say he the time he said that he was calling about use o my e- mail address, and he went on to show me treats on mycomputer. I later found out when I tried to return a call from someone from ATS that they had an injunction filed against them and other companies that they operate . I paid money to A... Read more

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Scot G - all you guys will get paid in due time. Were a team. Let's stick together like a family in these stressful times. Add comment


So this basically means we won't have any idea about our paychecks until the 16th of December at the earliest. Rob, paul , Joe, scotty , you are all ***. You reap what you sow in this life and you had this coming....Niman has been banging half the chicks in his department (and Joe's known about it...i,.e..Dana) and that's perfectly acceptable. After seeing whats transpired this week, nothing... Read more

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What about health insurance premiums ? As a seemingly now ex-employee of ATS, what are we supposed to do about our health insurance premiums ? Supposedly ATS was paying a portion of our total premium so if the receiver has frozen all those payments and our jobs have gone away (it seems), now we are being forced to consider dropping insurance and pay a fine (tax) or trying to buy local insurance... Read more

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