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Former employee here. I had lunch with Valko 2 weeks ago. He still banging poor Anna Furman. He told me that pretty much everything is over. He is moving to Vegas to start a tech center there. If you got his number call him, he will take you with him. I won't go I am using the 80k I made at ICE to start a design business. Truth is this Joe is sad Scott and the other TRex building bosses are... Read more

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Now people you are all talking about bad experience now let me give you a few tips and pointers so you days will be happier now from a technician point of view. First if you computer is running slow first check a few things then you will know if it can fix ok! step 1 1. Press the windows flag key+pause break for desktop computer 1. Press the windows flag key+fn+pause+break (Laptop) your checking... Read more

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I had several problems with my computer working slow and the service I received from guruaid was great. I needed my home page changed to yahoo and my yahoo was working slow, and I had other programs that I download to my computer that was causing problems and that was fixed by the tecnection which is great. I can now go from internet site to inter site without a problem, it is much faster and not... Read more

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When I spoke to a technican, he apparently did do what I told him to do . I told him to put my payments on my Credit Card, he set me up with Future Pay.I kept getting emails from Future Pay telling I missed my payment so I just ignored them I thought it was a scam trying to collect money from me. They keep sending me letters. I talked to Greg Warner, Customer Advocate, he told me he check and see... Read more

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I have been an iYogi customer for 3 years, but finally removed all their software from my three computers. The techs are very uneven and have at times been helpful, while at other times woefully ignorant and destructive. One wrongly told me that the only way to fix a particular problem was to re-format my hard drive. The actual problem was fixed with a relatively simple chkdsk run! Throughout... Read more

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This company operates services similar to other online tech support companies. While the term "virus" can be used to refer to any malicious software, there are many different types of viruses, each of which performs a specific task and requires a distinct method of removing it and reversing the damage it’s done. Keyloggers and Trojans, for example, are both viruses but they’re very different.... Read more

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Scan with Driver Update. Says they have out of date drivers but if you check device manager it says all are up to date. What does ICE do "don't open the device manager on Driver Update calls" Then, sell the customer a software program that does malware and spyware and virus protection. After that, when they call in sell them malware removal tools even though they pay once a month to get this... Read more

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