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I gotta say for all the bad reviews I was worried about going there. I knew several people who have gone there an had good results. So I went there last Friday missed the cutoff. Went back Monday an missed it again. I was pissed but gave them one more shot. I can say it was well worth it. Just be there by 4:30 in the morning! Don't go the cheapest dentures do the signatures an you will be looking... Read more

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Well it will be one month April 19 said they would be march19have not heard nothing from usstill don't have my parcelsabsence sucks Add comment

I am so fed up with Aspen. My husband got his teeth out in July. His denturez still are not right(Second Set) we afd going bback every other week. Gas is not cheap and we are living on fixed income. I would.never recommend Aspen to anyone. You would think that in 2 Years they would get them right. Just what are their qualifications.. Their commercials are a big joke. Read more

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These people are so unprofessional uncaring rude. They treat you as though you are the *** of the earth. They also act as though this service is such a bargain . If you take the time to check around you will find out their prices are the same if not more than most dentist. DON'T USE THESE PEOPLE HORRIBLE Add comment

Lo mas horrible d mi vida la asistente medico totalmente mediocre *** un mal aliento horrible ..llegue *** un problema y sali d alli *** 20 la clinica esta ubicada en el suroested houston Add comment

I was very upset to read this review. I am terrified of dentists but had work…expensive work…that needed to be done….a 3 tooth bridge using 2 implants where my original bridge came out. Dr. Murillo did my implants and I was relaxed throughout the procedure…returned after 4 months to have the crowns placed. This was a year ago and I am very very happy with their work…returning for two... Read more

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Actual insurance arguably an adequate product; however, sales and administrative teams quite deficient. While enrollment premiums are gladly accepted, welcoming packages including authentication cards are delayed for months. Customer service provided by the administrator is disastrous. They even stoop to henchman tactics by referring matters of inquiry to an in-house lawyer who is unaware. Add comment

April 2014 drove over 10 hrs thinking I was going to have all my teeth pulled and dentures made. The dentist who examined me was as mean and rude as a person can be and refused to pull my teeth, only one tooth that was bad. So I was fitted for an upper and lower partial and sent back to hotel room until the afternoon when everyone comes back to be fitted for their dentures and/or partials. You... Read more

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I've spoken to three dental implant offices and got several different lies. The total cost for upper and lower arches would be $46K to $50K, including 6 extractions. Guess what price I ended up being quoted. I have been told by all dental offices that my procedure would take 6 to 8 hours, I asked each of them why they feel they are worth $6,500./hour. In all three cases they had no answer, two... Read more

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Rip off Assembly-Line Gangsters. I went to Clearchoice Dental Implant Center in Austin whereby I got a free evaluation. Later I paid my $7500.00 to have 2 teeth implants done. Later while having surgery, I'm informed I need to pay them another $1200.00 due to a problem they didn't catch during my free evaluation, then I'm advised that they must remove my gold bridge, and that I must come up... Read more

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