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I would like to come down and kick the *** out of the people in the Longview office They hert me so bad my teeth don't fit (at all) they took all my money I been saving they were the most unprofessional place I've ever seen been Add comment

Affordable Dentures - Review from Soddy Daisy, Tennessee
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My dad went to get new teeth at the Chattanooga (Hamilton Place) location. After his 7th trip and sores in his mouth, missing work, not to mention gas and time.. He still has sores in his mouth and no teeth.... from the shabby work and very unprofessional staff at this location. On the 7th trip the Dr. Asked my dad , what he could do for him. ( My dad asked him if the same Dr was making the teeth... Read more

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To call this a dentist office is generous. It's more of a hygienist mill. First your greeted by a rude receptionist with the customer service skills of a New Jersey toll booth attendant. Then you get to meet the junior high kid with a neck tattoo who does your x-rays. They take enough x-rays to make you wonder if you're at the worst magazine shoot ever. Once you get to your exam you'll sit... Read more

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They deny just about 99% of all our claims. When our providers try to get pre-determinations, they won't approve it and ask for the same documents over and over again. I never had problems with our last insurer MetLife and will go back to them. United Concordia seem to make up the rules as they go along. They said since it was 5 yrs since a tooth was done, they won't cover it, even though they... Read more

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Pulled my mom's teeth months ago and after several all day visits since then....she still doesn't have the correct frames. Was told by Iris in corporate, "You just need to be patient." Still waiting for frames.... Add comment

I went to Clear Choice on Michigan Avenue in Chicago based solely on media representation. My problem is the quick deterioration of the teeth, despite the claims of the superior material used in the composition of the implants. This began shortly after the implants were done. I was not consistent with wearing the the night appliance as I also have the inconvenience of a CPAP machine, yet the... Read more

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I had a toothache for a couple of days and finally could not stand the pain anymore! I was looking for quick relief and saw online where Aspen Dental takes walkins! I went to the Pleasant Valley/Altoona location. They refused to see me and when I said you advertise walkins the rude girl/receptionist said NO only if there is an opening! I explained to her I have been up for a couple of days in... Read more

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I visited Clear Choice of Dallas in 2008. I withdrew the $22k from my investment funds to have work done. After 2 months, temporary appliance broke. One hour driving time to and from office. Fixed, no charge. Two months later, same thing. Okay now, permanent teeth in place. Great fit. All is good until a tooth broke off in the exact same spot of the breaks in the temporary. Drove back to... Read more

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I visited the Douglasville office on Dec 9, 2014 to begin the dental services that was needed. After my first visit with Dr. SHAW I decided that I would choose another dentist because he lacked the bed side manners that I felt was needed as a customer. I chose Dr. Ballentine, things were working out. I paid my bill up front for all cost that was said that I owed. Which was $1015.00 plus what my... Read more

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In March, 2014, I went to Cancun, Mexico to have old implants removed and four new ones put in. The dentist, Joaquin Berron, was incompetent because while he knew I had an infection in the left implant previously that he treated, beginning on March 26, 2014, 8 days after he installed th implants. But when I returned for my appointment on July 22, 2014, to complete the work, he did not check to... Read more

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