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I found this website and it looks like its not even legal to do but it didnt even do anything so its just a double whammy of a waste! I had it done and paid for a "offer" of £60 but it seems that it is permanently on offer and there is no way it would be £300 or whatever. After seeing all the stuff about it now I wish I never had it done in the first place and I regret wasting my time on it. I... Read more

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The only review they do of the dentists they refer is of the money they are likely paid to refer them. I called needing a referral to a dentist for an emergency extraction. I called the office in advance and inquired as to the total cost of the procedure. When I got there I reconfirmed the cost. The problems started with the X-rays. For an emergency extraction it is customary to take an xray of... Read more

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I got this insurance from my employer. What a raquet. My dentist have been submitting my claim since Jan. Thinking that my dentist is funding my dentist, they send me the bill that concordia should pay. I call they say they never receive the claim. They will take your premium and never want to fund the dentist. Low premiums are not worth the aggravation.

Aspen dental in Des Moines charged me 1400.00. For a top Denture I did not have done and did not recieve. After 2 years of callING a n d going to office I get a refund added to my husband account. I'm going to make sure they don't charge him more because of the refund. They never gavee the copy ofy whole bill which. They charged over 6000.00 and I. Can only find 3500.00 I should have been...

future adjustments or re-lines. The staff at the office I went to tried to refuse to set appointments for my husband and I at the same time (never an issue when we were paying for each service) and we have to make a 3 hour round trip to the office. After many many telephone calls trying to make appointments, we were made to wait over 2 hours for our morning appointment - the office filled and... Read more

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Paid over $4000 for services which included an upper denture and lower partial. I ordered the comfilytes. Worst experience ever! Went in for a lower jaw tooth extraction and was told my dentures were ready. Couldn't understand why after pulling my tooth, the dentist rushed to put in my upper denture, over the ones I was wearing, mind you! I thought it might not fit right and I sounded funny... Read more

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Another review touched on the hidden $125 costs for treatment as they want you to purchase their electric toothbrush under the guise of treatment. I already had one and they never even asked , they just charged me for it until I spoke up. Worst office staff I have ever dealt with in my entire life. Very rude, unaccomodating and they act as if they are doing you a favor by getting you an... Read more

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I went in to have some dental work done. They pulled about twenty teeth, some did not have cavities. my heart was pounding while i was waiting for my mouth to become num. i ask the doctor why, He left me there for a long time. I heard him state, I would not touch that with a ten foot pole. then another older man came in.He was angry, and just started snapping my teeth out without care. He... Read more

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In April I went in at 9 am came out 3 pm for a tooth extraction and 1 root canal. Well my mouth is in bad shape when I open my mouth it hurts. They sent me to Hawthrone to see a specialist the doctor was talking to me like I was a kid. The front desk reception was yelling at me which cause me to yell back. I notice Hispanics are in most of the offices I see how the treat African Americans but... Read more

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So this is 3 weeks before my wedding I go to get a permanent crown after all the issues I have had with my ternary I was pretty nervous when he did the injection it burnt from my eyes to my ears it was very painful. The next morning I wake up with a swollen face and a terrible ear ache I call and the receptionist Sarah says unfortunately there's nothing they can do for me and that I would have to... Read more

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