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The case took place as follows: An unpaid invoice in Switzerland never is handeled by the Police in the first place (it is taken to civil law and proofing and aguing there on a very fair bases trying to find a solution). The case from Nick Nack was forwarded to the police (federal prosecutor/ criminal laws in Uster / Zürich) because they are researching on several crimes where Nick Nack (Neoklis... Read more

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I am an extremely dissatisfied "patient" of Aspend dental. After reading through hundreds of complaints which echo mine, I am going to make it my mission to bring their fraudulent and unethical practices to light and bring them down. Anyone with ANY inside info or complaint, please post it! Don't allow this criminal practice to continue. Class action lawsuit coming! To satisfy the word... Read more

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Started with Clear Choice dental in July 2012. From the beginning, I was excited and anticipating not dealing with my life long issues of teeth missing since birth. It took a short time for them to convince me the $20,000 would be well spent. : -( I have had nothing, and I meant nothing but problems with them since the beginning. Once you've begun, there's no turning back since all of your teeth... Read more

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Clear Choice -
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they do not provide you what they promise as someone mentioned before they treat you like a celebrity until they get your money notice that none of them at the office have the same procedure done do not at any cost let them pull your teeth do what you can to save your teeth your facial profile will change you will look very much older I have pictures to prove this if you would like to contact me... Read more

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I can see why some would be upset about the cost... But seriously, I asked another dentist the average cost of full implants and he said $40,000 for uppers and lowers. I had no other options because of my dire situation, and it was not caused by neglect or misuse of my body. I had poorly executed orthodontics at a youth, where the doctor tilted my bottom teeth back to give me the "proper" ***.... Read more

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I am warning everyone that Sensodyne Pronamel toothpaste gave me gum burns in my mouth for more than a week. It was extremely painful, I could not eat, talk, or swallow properly for days. This was a horrible experience that I hope no one else has to go through, do not use this toothpaste because you may get a reaction. I followed the direction for the correct dosage and everything. It should be... Read more

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First off, Clear Choice, Please Be Ethical. Do The Right Thing And Help Me. Stop Leaving Me In This Situation. Now, my All on 4 Review. Clear Choice in Dallas, has absolutely ruined my mouth as well as the quality of my life, while putting me in debt. It's been over a year and a half since the procedure. The titanium bar does not align with the implant holes which causes continual pain, pressure... Read more

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I have postponed writing about Clear Choice Dental far too long. I am not comfortable about complaining but I realize that writing at this site may help another person from making a horrible mistake. I had dental implant surgery at the Roseville Clear Choice in the Sacramento area in fall of 2009. Since then my life has changed for the "worse" and I have suffered from continuous and severe... Read more

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Aspen Dental - My husband has a serious infection...sent home with NO ANTIBIOTICS
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My husband called me on his lunch break and asked me to make him an appointment to have a tooth pulled. I called and he had his tooth pulled @ 3:00 on Thursday October 30, 2014. The doctor told him that since the tooth was the source of infection he would not need any antibiotics and was only given Norco for pain. Needless to say when he woke up Friday October 31, 2014 for work his entire left... Read more

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When I heard the ad about clear choice I thought that was the solution to my dental problems but if I had read the reviews would not have come to clear choice. They lead you on at first about having teeth in a day which is really false advertisement. I was told on my evaluation that I did not have enough bone in my bottom jaw to support the implant and they may have to do some sort of bone graft,... Read more

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