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Spent almost $5,000 at Columbia, MO affordable dentures and they never did get them to fit properly. After 18 months of appointments, i started over with a new dentist. In 2 months, I had new dentures that fit. Going to Affordable dentures was a terrible mistake. The service and product were bad! Add comment

I had one bottom tooth exstrated. When novacane wore off, my outher. Outner tooth is paneful at the tuch. I have no complant. Add comment

Had no teeth when i went got full dentures made they were way to big for my mouth they had 4 wisdom teeth which i have never had ever wore them for one day and couldnt ever wear them again went back to see if they would fix them the filed them a little didnt help any very dissapointed and 400.00 down the drain i regret going Been toothless 9 years Add comment

wI went to western dental in clovis california to receive a filling in my tooth they put the filling far in my teeth and it was damaging my nerve so much pain now i have a hole in my tooth Add comment


I got a denture there in 2006 they lasted quite a while,8 years.While there i got teeth extracted and the dentist was rude. I just recently went back for another denture(upper)and they wont fit and they are made awful and i got the custom denture paid 455.00 for them.These dentures wont even stay in my mouth,cant hardly eat all.Im so mad and disgusted with them.They should have to redo them til... Read more

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Worst place EVER! My son was seen (in the Lehigh Acres, Florida office) and we were told he needed a root the 2nd of 3 appts now they say he has a hairline crack in the tooth so they have to pull the tooth instead, ok fine except I've already paid $309 but they say they'll credit me back $124 since it was only $185 to pull the tooth. Well it's been more than 3 weeks since that appt and... Read more

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I had the same problem with the tray molds..the teeth are huge and collect particles from eating ..I really hate to go to public restrooms to take them out and rinse them off. My arch has holes in the back as well, and I think it's because they tried to force them to fit. I'm going to request a refund. I've lost about $5000.00 on this decision. It appears that the office is not that eager to help... Read more

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Appointment at Aspen Dental Kokomo, Indiana in July. Gave my insurance info on phone at time of appt. They made a copy of my insurance in office. I received a bill. Called the office. Gave info again and was told that someone would get back to me. No contact. Called again after second bill. Gave insurance info again. I was told they would get back to me. No contact. Now I have final... Read more

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I pay over eleven hundred dollars a year for this insurance. They tell me the most they will pay for a $28,000 implant bill is $1500, as this is the maximum payable for all services during a calendar year. I have had this insurance for years and would have been much better off saving these premiums. Even for regular dental visit to a "premium" delta dental dds, I have very high payments. This... Read more

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I paid $5600 to have my teeth pulled and get "ultra dentures" and i get a mouth full of "chicklet gum" teeth. I physically could not close my mouth because they were so big. All the teeth have big gashes n them and the acrylic is all over in the cracks of the teeth. Melinda is a liar, she is rude and just wants that commission from your payment. If u pay 4 any other denture set besides the... Read more

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