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never in 20 + yrs in the dental field have i seen such negativity and pt relations destroid manegers and reginal manegers are the worst the only thing they see is money signs. worst place run from this place Add comment

I had an appointment with this company (?) on 03/03/15 at 3:30 pm, sat in the waiting room until 4:40 before being seen. I went on line filled out all the paper work so I didn't have to do it there. Finally after seeing patient after patient come and go it was my turn. I went in for a emergency appt. My tooth chipped in the front and they put on a temp filling the wrong color and said that to... Read more

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Make harassing phone calls saying my bill was not paid. I keep giving them my reference number from the bank, I have also given them my bank statements proving they have received my payment. I was told by western dental that they are destroying my credit score even though they are crediting a fake account they made up. Every time I arrived for my appointment it would be 3 -4 hours before the... Read more

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I went there for dentures, payment plan, it was $379 now. How that pmt plan?? ThI came to get my xrays for another dentist, , they are closed, 10 min early. It takes 1 minute to walk in and get foolder, now I have to drive another 40 mi to accomidate them. Not good customer service. Add comment

Had the worst experience.ever with a pediatric dentist. First visit, rushed through, dentist didn't even introduce herself or let us know how many cavities needed to be fixed. She started talking to me through her mask, I am hard of hearing and explained i couldn't understand her without seeing her mouth, she looked perturbed and just put her mask back on and quit trying to talk to me. No... Read more

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I went for a consultation on getting a filling an I was told I had numerous cavities which my regular dentist said i didn't then the dentist stabbed my gums until I was spitting blood an he slammed the tray into my arm without even saying sorry so now my mouth is swollen an gs are in pain I wouldn't send my worst enemy to this place over priced an rude an he was a smart *** Add comment

Would like to know if they are going to fix this problem with no money can't pay more money for this janet walters 3303483916 Add comment

I had inplants and they came out need help to put back Add comment

Hello , I am a patient at the orthodontics at Venice/Western Los Angeles location. I am a college student with a job .. i do not have much free time so i take my appointments serious ! I called 4 days in advance to reschedule my appointment. i drove 1 hour today for my appointment and it turns out that the receptionist lady never submitted it and she "forgot" to inform me that my appointment was... Read more

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The full time receptionist shows her *** every time I am here. Her shirts are cut too low. It's disturbing for men who are trying to avoid *** and women whose husbands are in the office and is a bad example for young women and children. Do something about her low cuts shirts or we will go elsewhere. Long time customer but you stand to lose a whole families business. No need to contact but it... Read more

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