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I went to them for just the teeth for my implants, so far my bar connecting to my implant is broken after spending thousands of dollars I spent another 600.00 to make them stronger. I was eating cashews 3 days ago my bottom front tooth broke right off. I am not talking hundreds, I am talking about thousands.they are 2 years old today, what is up with that. 2 years that's not right. I put my trust... Read more

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I had gone there for an emergency tooth pull and had never been there before. I have never been treated so rudely at a dentist in my life. The dentist was mean and made me feel worthless and that I was a nuisance to him. When he pulled my tooth he didnt even wait for it to be numb before he started pulling. I felt everything and was screaming in so much pain. I have had a tooth pulled before and... Read more

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Jindal of AspenDental wanted to pull 12 teeth, and have me wear 4 partial dentures. He jindal said "That if you don't have the 12 teeth pulled all your teeth will fall out." Jindal also tried to ruin my gums by punchuring holes in my gums, & then saying I have gingivitus. I spent 2 weeks flooding my mouth with lysterine for gingivitus, and got in touch with a real dentist. The real dentist... Read more

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Huge waste of time! after being told I would be getting a crown they set time aside for a filling. clearly not the same! they send me home with NOTHING done, knowing I was in pain! Thier lady wow schedules appointments is extremely rude! where there ARE nice people at thier facilities my experience was not OK. I would rather pay a bit more with a dentist that does good work and actually cares.... Read more

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After paying $200.00 up front for a crown over a cracked tooth I was told I had to have a teeth cleaning which was fine. I went in for my teeth cleaning appointment a week later and was told I need x-rays. When I questioned why I need xrays everytime I go there the office manager was called in. I was told if I dont like coming there they will give me my xrays. I signed for the xrays and still... Read more

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I went in to get my teeth filled, and everything seemed fine. Within a few months though the place where my real teeth met the filling became extremely obvious with what looks like a crack running across each tooth. 1 tooth has an actual piece of the filling missing as well as the crack. Another tooth has little holes in the filling along with the crack. They overcharge as well. Telling me a 2... Read more

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I went to Affordable Dentures because it was recommended to me as a good place to get dentures. This was at Gainesville, Fl. I had 11 teeth extracted, and had a temporary plate placed in same day. Wore this for my year, so gums could heal etc. Than in Oct. 2014, I returned for my permanent plate. These are worse than my temporary plate, don't fit, so I use paste. Was told they can't make me a... Read more

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Prior to selecting a dentist or doctor, I have always consulted the on-line CA Dental Board or the CA AMA license verification, etc. In reviewing the Dentists that are available under this Delta Dental plan for my local, I find them to be quite dubious and feel Kaisers/Delta Dental DDS's are not what I expect. Example: One DDS has a criminal record, of which they successfully completed their... Read more

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In late October 2014 I had severe dental pain in my lower jaw. I contacted Katsur Dental in West View, PA and was advised that there wasn't a dentist in the office and wouldn't be one in until Tuesday. I asked if they had an emergency number I could call and was told by the young lady 'I don't know'. I then asked if there was a dentist in the Glenshaw office and was told 'I don't know their... Read more

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Well my second implant, now 2 of 2 just fell out!!!! First one fell out last weekend. Sure glad i didnt do 4 implants like Western Dental wanted me to do! Dr. Crum (more like Dr Crummy) sure could benefit from going back to school to figure out what he is doing. Implants to were suppose to help hold my dentures in????cant even stay in period. Ugh. Add comment

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