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I had made an appointment for the only day I had off, because they do not make exceptions for students. My wait time was that of a "Walk in", the X-ray tech said I needed a X-ray I came for dentures, "Oh? she said, I thought your file said I was in there for an extraction." Then I was told to go into the exam room, only to be ashamed in front of the dentist, because she never introduced herself... Read more

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Where to begin... If you are looking for quality dentistry at an affordable price you will NOT find it here. What you will find are dentists that are too overbooked to even give you the time you deserve on your overpriced dental needs, when you are lucky enough to have a half way decent dentist even work in your mouth. Why is that? Greed: Sherry Daischer, regional manager with NO dental... Read more

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We found Affordable Dentures to be very difficult to work with. They were all about the money and did not seem to care about us, throwing up one wall after another, when we have the cash to pay! We both had a bad feeling in dealing with them, so we decided to call another place and found DDS dentures and denistry to be very helpful, friendly and caring! Dr. Hyland was very understanding and took... Read more

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First visit...poor fitting and poor looking...told to come back in a few months after gums heal. I did so and they made some minor adjustment. It still looks awful but they said the only way they could improve it is IF I OPTED FOR A MORE EXPENSIVE PACKAGE. Then I agreed to a cleaning. They said I required a deep cleaning and it would cost $220 PAY IN ADVANCE. The whole job took less than 15... Read more

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I made an appointment for my 4 year old because I was told on the phone they take patients 2 yrs and up my son needed a preschool form filled out she couldn't do it because he cried she said he needed to be sedated for a dental cleaning this was terrible if they can't handle children they need not accept them as patients my son will be delayed starting his preschool because I counted on them to... Read more

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I have complaint of there customer service of there 75th ave and Thomas rd centerI got a call 30 min befor my appointment need to cancel my appointment then 10 min later and say there air condition has gone and want to know if I still want 2 keep my appointment 10 min befor my appointment bad customer services Add comment