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My daughter was supposed to go in for an oral surgery, on the day of her procedure I called the office to make sure that the insurance approved everything. Then come to find out the office never submitted the paperwork. Then when i was talking to the manager Anna(Kissimmee Office)about the situation she hung up on me. Horrible place to give business! Add comment

I went in to get my bottom dentures relined....Well the dentist said she couldnt cause i need new ones...So i got them and guess what i cant eat with them,nothing holds them in.Dentist reply was it will take time..I think this was last year some time and after a couple of months trying every thing to hold them in,not working..These dentures they made are a bunch of S---..... I had to go back to... Read more

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I went to get a root canal about a year ago my friend showed me a missing tooth and explained they got a root canal at monarch as well and it fell it well now my root canal is doing the same getting loose and i keep getting bills when i already paid and havent been since horrible dentist all he wants is your money . sad this is my root canal is the yellow one in the very back i have white teeth... Read more

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wow what a overwhelming post on good reviews for affordable dentures North Charleston. consumer beware it's all bogus the employees there are being offered a $500 bonus to make good reviews about the practice to bring in more business. Wow I guess that's what you have to do when the dentist is a arrogant a****** consumers bewareI must say a portion of the staff is very good the doctor he called... Read more

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I have used Sensodyne (original) for many years with no issues whatsoever. However, after trying Sensodyne Complete for a week, I will never use this product again. Last Saturday I woke up to a mouth on fire. When I looked in the mirror, my lips were red and swollen, my right cheek was swollen, and my lips, tongue, and gums were consumed with pain. My dentist examined my mouth and agreed that it... Read more

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They took 45 min to help my mom, appointment at 2:45 and they called her name at 3:30 how rude and not even an explanation. The aspen dental in council bluffs Add comment

I have had nothing but good experiences with Brighter Image so far. Paid for quick delivery they shld be here today. So excited. Add comment

I attend affordable dentures in North Charleston, SC. I had to wait 30 minutes past my appointment time! The front desk ladies inform me why I had to wait and made sure I was okay and comfortable! They assistants were sweet and always had a bright smile, Dr.Cauley was very helpful and and patient with me! I left out there with a smile and very happy I went there! The wait was worth the smile I... Read more

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