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The front desk did not know that standard cleaning procedure was covered under my insurance but it is covered under my insurance. They wanted to charge me for such a basic procedure. I had to cancel my appointment. I am not going back to Aspen again. This happened at aspen dental at Amherst, NH. Add comment

First visit...poor fitting and poor looking...told to come back in a few months after gums heal. I did so and they made some minor adjustment. It still looks awful but they said the only way they could improve it is IF I OPTED FOR A MORE EXPENSIVE PACKAGE. Then I agreed to a cleaning. They said I required a deep cleaning and it would cost $220 PAY IN ADVANCE. The whole job took less than 15... Read more

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I made an appointment for my 4 year old because I was told on the phone they take patients 2 yrs and up my son needed a preschool form filled out she couldn't do it because he cried she said he needed to be sedated for a dental cleaning this was terrible if they can't handle children they need not accept them as patients my son will be delayed starting his preschool because I counted on them to... Read more

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I have complaint of there customer service of there 75th ave and Thomas rd centerI got a call 30 min befor my appointment need to cancel my appointment then 10 min later and say there air condition has gone and want to know if I still want 2 keep my appointment 10 min befor my appointment bad customer services Add comment

I went to Aspen dental in Daytona Beach Dr Aljonaldy because i had a small chip in my front tooth. After Xrays and exam the treatment. plan was to extract 8 upper teeth and get a upper partial (which i unfortunately agreed to. After 3months of wearing a temporary plate I finally got my permanent plate. She recommended a flex partial ($400 extra) but said it would be much better but first a lady... Read more

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Dentist was not able to get the crown on so she took a tool and pounded and chipped the tooth next to it, to get the crown on. Made another appointment to crown the badly chipped tooth, which fell apart away from the office. I was not going back to her, had to pay another dentist to fix her mess. I asked ASPEN Dental to reimburse me for the 2nd dentist, I had to have a root canal because of the... Read more

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I went to Aspen Dental in East Hartford two years ago for the replacement of a partial upper plate. I was talked into getting whitening down on my lower teeth and a deep cleaning. They also did some sort of procedure and told me I needed additional work done on my back teeth which I did not go for. The partial has given me trouble from the beginning with the lower teeth hitting it. I had four... Read more

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