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Like used cars salesman they will promise anything to get you in the door. Then they waste your time, pull some bait and switch bull and feed you every generic line they've been taught. I got no real medical information from anyone, just jargon and bs. They struck me as money hungry and uneducated. Never going back. Add comment


I want a tooth pulled. Rep told me over the phone that since they last saw me was three years ago I'd have to pay for an exam. I don't need an exam to know I need a tooth pulled. They're just trying to get an extra $95 from me. When I was a new customer and was qualified for a free exam three years ago I was told I had periodontal disease and needed over $1500 worth of work. I had no... Read more

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Poor schedule and appointment planning ....had to wait three hours to be seen ...trying to bill me for an implant cleaning that other dentist do accordingly to my tricare insurance ..I wouldn't recommend these guys to anyone ....bad experience ....however the staff was nice Add comment

*** poor planning and poor appointment schedule...want to charger extra for service .....a real rip off Add comment


Went to the office in Harrisburg, PA. One of the questions I had was follow up as I move from job assignments every 4 months or so. Dentist told me I could go to any Affordable Dentures practice for follow-up. I had pain immediately from their ripping my teeth out, bone spurs left in, etc. I went back and they didn't do anything. Then I attempted to make an appointment at an office in Mn and... Read more

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I received dentures in September 2013 by Dr Shah & have been back there to many times to have them adjusted by the women dentist as they told me Dr Shah didn't make dentures correctly. They still r extremely loose & uncomfortable. I was told that I don't have a palate & should of never got dentures.. Last week when I went for the hundredth time to have the adjusted, I was told they... Read more

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Never us these people the dentist doesn't care if he is hurting u and he will tell u no pain no gain. He has no bed side manners at all. The staff is rude. My face was swollen for two weeks and they said that was normal. I will file a law suit Add comment


Had work done, not to mention a tooth extracted. In doing so, chipped my tooth and cracked another. Had my billed paid on my care credit account, then they billed me for extra charges. After receiving numerous calls to pay my bill, they told me I had to come in and pay my bill. So I took the drive to resolve this issue and the after 20 minutes waiting, no one still could help me resolve this.... Read more

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1st time visit 9/10/15. Told Dr.Damish a filling had been but bothering me intermittently when I would chew food. Pain and extreme sensitivity deep into the nerve. He said his x-rays showed nothing and after having a panoramic done said the same thing. Saying there was nothing there. So that was that. No addressing my concern! Also my previous dentist from last year had told me I had one more... Read more

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Avoid Redlands office ! I called and asked about having a tooth placed in a partial I already had. No problem they said. My regular dentist could not get me in and I was desperate as my crown fell out and would not stay. I thought same day perfect. What a SCAM! They wanted to charge me $2200.00. They said I needed oral surgery and because my partial is top of the line they would not be able to... Read more

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