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recieved a coupon from lakemoor dental for $59.00 you receive full exrays and a check-up. went in with my coupon and tried to make an appointment. was asked if i had insurance and responded with a yes. they informed me the coupon was for uninsured new patients only. i asked what it would cost me with my insurance and was told that they could not tell me due to the fact they werent sure how... Read more

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1800dentist referred me to what may be the worst dental practice in north metro Atlanta. They offered me a treatment plan that included extractions, dentures and the first hard reline at a price of $3500. I paid the full amount and when I had the extractions done they tried to charge me an additional $2,100. Today I went in for the final part of my "treatment plan" which was for the hard reline... Read more

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Very Bad customer service, racism all around the Tempe ofc one of the staff abdvised ofc Manager do not like Black people. Not a good ideal. Add comment

I'm being double billed I contacted the office but they won't get back with me. Add comment


I scheduled an appointment as a new patient because I recently moved away from my previous dentist. I waited for about an hour to be seen. The lady giving the x-rays was very unprofessional. I understand you are up to date with current events but what does that have to do with my teeth. She kept mentioning about the Ebola case in the news and her theories. The dentist was nice but the hygienist... Read more

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Dr durst extracted my teeth on 3 occasions with four on the last.the anesthetic wasnt working. He got pissed off and threw things around the office. This only made things worse as i was not assured of a pain free extraction. When i tried to relax the issue he played the victim and stated my tension was taking it out on him. Realizing he was delisional oe psychotic and knowing my insurance was... Read more

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I woke up with a hard swollen tongue and unable to speak with difficulty swallowing my saliva one hour after brushing my teeth with SENSODYNE REPAIR. Again 4 weeks later similar symptoms although not as severe. The first reaction I thought maybe a food allergy although I have never had any allergies or experienced anything like this before (I am 60+). Further medical testing and elimination has... Read more

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I've had terrible service with Katsur Dental in New Kensington. I got a root canal about 4 years ago and everything was fine until maybe a year and a half ago and then I got an abscess right above the tooth I got a root canal on. I brought up to the dentists and every time they would say "oh that happens all the time with root canals" and never did anything about it, they didn't even know I had... Read more

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I went to Affordable Dentures in Daytona. The dentist there was so rough and so painful with even the needles for the novocaine that I hit his hand out of my mouth. I went to A Better Denture a few months later, and the entire procedure - and I had very difficult extractions - was veritably painless. The staff at Affordable Dentures seemed to be clueless, and uncaring that I was worried about the... Read more

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Went in for a cleaning, new patient. I admit it had been three years since I had my teeth cleaned. Simply...lack of funds They did my Xrays, and then informed me I needed the deep scale cleaning. I felt ambushed, they gave me 1 price if I applued for the Care Credit, and another price to do obe side today and the next side on another vusit. I told them that I wasn't prepared for this, and I... Read more

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