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iQor Holdings US Inc.Shoots v. iQor Holdings US Inc. Court File No. 0:15-cv-00563-SRN-SER Staff: Lisa Burtch, Stephen Nicksic Attorneys: Carl F. Engstrom, Tim C. Selander,Rachhana T. Srey This is a lawsuit to recover straight time and overtime pay for call center workers employed by iQor. The Amended Complaint we filed on April 3, 2015 alleges that iQor uses a timekeeping system called TimeQey... Read more

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This incident occurred in Feb 2015. I received a letter about purported damage to a car rented from Avis at SLC airport. The claim was on letterhead claiming to be Avis Claims Dept. I checked and found that the address did not match any Avis location and I was fairly certain there was no damage. The address was in Eden Prarie MN. i dismissed the letter as a fraud. I received a phone call... Read more

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IQOR USA Keeps calling me from different numbers and im getting pissed i told them to not call me anymore but they keep calling at any time Add comment

I have the same problem with them with it being Verizon ok trying to get a mortgage and this collection debt showed up for over 1500 dollars and I didn't even have a contracted Verizon phone I had a pre paid phone what the he'll do they think they are doing. Petite need to start hiring an attorney and filling charges against them. EVERYONE needs to to stop this fraudulently company from managing... Read more

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Received a summons and complaint. Told woman who was serving it was not me. The middle initial was not mine and it was the first time I ever seen that bill. I watched her right in front of me change the middle initial on her copy of summons. I gave a letter to the courts w/bill n copy of summons and sent it to their law office certified mail. Today I received a pre-trial date and it is... Read more

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As I lay in the hospital after open heart surgery, I am receiving & have received multiple calls from Diversified Consultants. I had a prior account closed with Verizon and arranangements made with monthly payments being made to settle the outstanding balance, however, now I am receiving continious robocalls from a GA ID Cellphone which is reflected as DCI, Jacksonville, FL. I am in no... Read more

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I received a letter saying I have a parking violation that's bs why should I pay a ticket if I haven't parked nowhere where I don't suppose to Add comment

F*** Y** Pinnacle you *** sucking bottom feeder i paid up and accounts closed. Stop reporting...ruining people lives. Add comment

Broussard LA office is so rude. I was threatened and harassed. I lost my job and ask for a hardship and Janice threaten to send to collections. They come knocking at your door which is very unsafe. Security Finance needs to address that. After I pay them if I pay them. I will never do business with them again. Add comment

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