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In just 1 week I've had two calls drop. One call dropped at 5 minutes and the other dropped at 10 minutes. There was no warning of the calls being dropped. I am guaranteed a 15 minute phone call. So why is it that my calls can just end whenever? I dislike this *** company. They're not good!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Add comment

This company is unprofessional, they are very rude. Worst customer service ever Add comment

Requested refund of left over balance. Was told it would take 10 business days. After 10 business tried calling. At first was told their phone service was no longer connected, finally got thru after weekend. Was transferred to Supivisor only to get recording saying Supivisor hours were from 8:30 to 3:30 central time. So again tried calling next day only to reach a supivisor and become disconected... Read more

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Had an old credit card with Wells Fargo that was closed and sent to Asset Acceptance. Paid off in FULL to Asset, over $1200. Now, trying to get a mortgage and the account is still showing as owing a balance. Not getting anywhere talking to Wells Fargo OR Asset. Need this account OFF the credit reports. I don't know what our next steps should be to rectify this account. It seems like some scam... Read more

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We just purchased a play form bed for my son in less than a week it broke we took the bed back and decided on a different model it was out of stok but there was one avaliable in state. The manager refused to ship it to the store and w were told we can wait the 3 weeks until the new one was shipped. So now I have a child sleeping on the floor horriable managemt and there in stock promise is all... Read more

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They are crooks! I sent payment to settle debt, they returned it with a letter stating more money than whats on my credit report. They keep jacking up the price!! Add comment

They send me a letter saying that I own income tax money for the years 2008 2009 2010 Add comment

have gotten a call from this number 3-4 times and they always hang up...considering i already do not agree with surveiling legal american citizens and keeping tabs on americans phones i really got aggrevated when a guy name trent that told me they were looking for a sharon,i asked how he got my # cuz i am not sharon...he then said suzanne...couple more minutes into me explaining i just got this #... Read more

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Global Services leave messages on my phone for someone I don't know. I checked the internet and found that they scam working people by saying they are collecting for a debt for a check cashing loan. I called them back and they told me that I would be arrested for a loan that they couldn't give me a day or facility. They told me I would be arrested if I didn't immediately wire them the money. ... Read more

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There is no way this debt can be paid. Over the years all tax returns have been taken, which probably doesn't even cover the interest. It has put a hardship on Wayne Miles due to his inability to work. He has lost both legs below the knees. He has less than a $1,000.00 income per month. He counted on tax returns to help him. There is no reason to file taxes any more, it will never settle the... Read more

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