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I received a letter stating that I owed income tax for a state I have never lived in. It listed just the last 4 of my social and told me to send them a check for 3,002.28. When I called them to try and verify it of course I got a recording. I left a message telling them to send me legal proof that I owed the money and that was 2 days ago and I've not heard since. I'm sure this is just someone... Read more

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I looked up my credit and sure enough I had debts. Allied Interstate is listed as the acting debt collection agency the company I owe has hired. So unless the credit bureaus are all liars...this company isn't a scam. You can go to their website and find out ways to remove your number from their list even you owe or don't. YOU CAN FIND OUT HOW TO MAKE A COMPLIANT TO THEM if you don't like how the... Read more

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I would like my $60.00 back! Was not aware of this fee. I was just checking it out. Not authorized to charge me. Please refund my money. Add comment


I had a financial setback/hardship and asked Figi's if they would work with me and allow me to pay a small amount for six months until I got back on my feet financially and they would not allow it and asked me for over $83.00 per month for six months to pay in full. I paid it a couple times and couldn't manage it last month so I paid 10.00 instead and got a very threatening letter in the mail... Read more

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On March 27th I paid $1811.69 with my debit card this is shown on my bank statement. I received a confirmation number that the debt was satisfied.on August 8th I got a letter stateing I still owed this debt.calling them I got I'm supposed to sent them my bank statement showing I paid them Add comment


claiming i owe first data credit card terminal leasing, for months and months after equipment mailed back in and i no accepted there credit cards... kept telling me they would ruin my credit score if i did not pay them in full, for $ i did not owe!!! manager was very very rude, hung up on all the time and send letters , they did in deed, same day, had it on my credit report effecting my... Read more

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I was told that my accounts were transfered there in May 2014, they only got one supposedly and I said how when all 3 were done at the same time. I asked does is really take 5 months. I asked for a "manager" the person on the phone was the same *** I tried to talk with before. They don't know what a manager is. They don’t want to listen to what you have to say. I contacted them, not the... Read more

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