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I was able to plant my garden early because of the mild spring .I cancelled my order when I realised I couldn't wait for the plants.I contacted them in April.They said they would return my funds at the beginning of the next month.They didn't.I contacted them about five times and still don't have my money.My bank talked with them and they said I would have my money within 48 hours.I didn't.They... Read more

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They called me last year and tried to collect a debt that an ex-wife had at a doctor's office, her brother-in-law, 1 1/2 years after our divorce. I told them they had the wrong person, they said that because she, or someone else, had put my name name down as responsible that I had to pay. I said are you crazy I'm not paying any more bills for her. They told me that I had to pay or send them... Read more

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I received a call today from Calvary Portfolio Services. They were looking for my ex wife. The employee asked me if I lived at the address on the account, I told her no. It was the address of my ex wife. She then proceeded to ask me questions about the debt and if I was willing to pay it off. I told her that I didn't have a dime to pay towards the debt. She then began to belittle me and... Read more

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My original debt was with National Fuel Gas - the remaining balance from our budget billing when we moved to another residence. We had a balance of approx. $450. and made regular monthly payments until it was paid in full in Sept. 2014. NCO Financial had obtained my personal information and our new address - repeatedly sent bills and made phone calls trying to collect $298. When I called... Read more

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This company is boss is very unprofessional. After I explained that this was not me and provide proof. He yelled and hung up and said dont call him back. All I want is for them to erase that false medical bill.. they will not ruin my life. This should be illegal practices. Add comment

After several calls from hunter warfield. Asking for payment for a debt that was owed according to Hunter Warfield. I requested documentation stating that I owed this amount.Hunter Warfield told me I would have documentation within 10 business days. I never received any documentation but I did receive A collections notice on my credit report instead. so with that being said it was not worth the... Read more

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I just found out my last payment in march 2015 (cash) was never processed, lady said systems were down at the time. local office giving run around, now im in collections.....corpus christ, texas Add comment

I get a minimum of 3 calls a day demanding payments for a capital one account that I still have open and active. I have contacted capital one about the account and they have assured me that they have not sent anything to them and that they seem to be trying to scam me out of money anf personal information. Portfolio recovery are scam artists and need to be sued and shut down. Add comment

Very easy. This guy calls n says he's from Transworld systems n wants to know my date of birth. When I asked who HE represented, he again wanted DOB. When I REFUSED, her finally hung up. My guess is he's looking for someone with my same name n trying to find them by demanding I PROVIDE DOB. GLAD I DID NOT ANSWER HIM. Add comment

Convergent Outsourcing, Inc. sent a letter to me at my new address (been here two weeks) for a bogus bill they said was my daughter's who doesn't even live here or has ever even SEEN this house. The bank did exist, but was also listed in many customer complaints about similar ripoff situations. No credit reporting, nothing could be found on her credit. Still have no idea WHAT the bill was... Read more

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