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OMG! A reputable company wouldn't have so many unprofessional individuals working for them! These employees are the most asinine ones I have met in a long time...If ever! After getting to the third person and waiting for her to transfer me she has the audacity to be singing a damp solo over the phone not to mention it sounded like she was chewing gum. And then the person handling the account,... Read more

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Suspended my license for one ticket. Joined a program through company for $25 to get my license back and it worked! Contact to get your license returned to you by the DMV. Forget GC Services. They suck! Add comment

I then lost out a lot of money from my calls fail in and adding money on the phone why do yall charger *** there 10 cause I have a long distance number everytime I add money to the phone it should be a 1 time fee Add comment

I received several calls from this company claiming I had a pending debt with Chase Bank for $2500. when I asked them for the documents to validate the debt, they said they were not going to provide me with any information because I was not entitled to it (huge lie, because as a consumer I am protected by the law). They began to question my morals for refusing to pay and thanked God I had no... Read more

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Called from 954-590-7100; Left call back number of 877-405-6424. Bayview Loan Servicing operators call our cell number numerous times even though we are not the party they are attempting to contact. After requesting removal from the Bayview Loan Servicing call list, the calls continue. I have given up answering the calls or even attempting to deal with the company since who ever they are... Read more

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I stupidly, handed over £750.00 to collect a 6.7k debt after a very clever sales pitch from a guy ironically called Ted Storey, I don't know what I was thinking.I consider myself not a dumb individual but to hand over best part of a grand on a cold call. Basically a scam they issued a couple of standard emails and didn't reply to any of ours and were evasive when called directly. They may well... Read more

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I received a call from a female stating that she was Beth Richardson from beth richardson simms and associates law office. She claimed i have charges against me for fraud and i was facing court possibly jail time and i needed to pay her 533.00 or a payment5 of 133.00 and two payments of 200.00 at that time i asked her for her name and company so i can validate that the company is real that's... Read more

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Some *** *** named Rochelle Dominguez called a family member of mine looking for me, when my family member asked for info she said to relate the message to (me) and left her name and phone number. I called back and gave my name and asked where i was calling, she REFUSED to tell me what type of service and company they were, and asked me to confirm my home adress. WHAT A *** *** *** if she thought... Read more

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My ticket was paid on July 15 and the dmv still hasn't been notified that the ticket is paid. My license is suspended and since I am a truck driver I cant go back to work. It's been over a month. Add comment

I received a collection notice from Convergent about a debt from a Capital One account from 2001 which I know for sure I never had. As a previous victim of credit fraud, I assumed someone had opened an account with my information and never paid the bill. I did recently open a credit card account with Capital One in 2012, so I had access to their customer support. After a couple weeks of research,... Read more

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