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i received messages from 3G after i accepted a collect call. i sent an email to and they got back to me pretty quickly. i was told that we can also reply to the txt messages. bottom line, they were pretty good getting back to me and responding to my issue. i also noticed they recently changed their web site, more info there then there was a few months ago. the key with this... Read more

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called your customer service number. gave the account #40469326. I asked if this was a collection agency. the man would not answer unless I gave my social security number last four digits and I did. than he wanted to know my address at home. I gave it to him. than my date of birth. that I would not give. I than said no more personal info unless I know why I owe 262..61 and who I might be... Read more

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Keep harassing people who aren't the ones they are calling for (old numbers perhaps), but since they continue after warned and break the harassment laws as well as use crazy phoney names and mumbled messages then I suspect it's a scam which needs people to submit this to Florida District attorney and Tampa police. Add comment

I just found out that $3k just cost me $7k. I understand high interest rates for some things and situations, but not over 100%. HAD THIS INFORMATION BEEN DISCLOSED I WOULD HAVE NEVER PURCHASED THE ITEM OR FINANCED FROM THEM. As an Accountant, I know myself, there is no way in *** I would have agreed to this. I am still waiting on a signed contract from them. And go figure when I called them I... Read more

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I tried to resolve my issue with Calgary portfolio, I sent them a check. The customer service representative was very rude. Calgary portfolio remove the item from two credit reporting agencies, but left the item on one major credit reporting agency. This just further exhibits the ghetto run agencies lack of professionalism. Add comment

Turned in a lease and leased another. Received a bill from SRA that wasn't even close to what finance company said was due. They promised not to call for a few days while finance company investigated. Two days later, the calls began again in earnest. They call at 8:30 am until 9:30 pm. Last week, finance company admitted we owe "0" which is what we knew all along, and that they had instructed... Read more

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Account #1 $444 Balance CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS Original Creditor $444 High Balance Jan 29, 2015 Opened Date Apr 04, 2015 Last Reported Individual Responsibility Placed for collection Remarks =============== In January 2015, I was living in a location where cable TV is provided free of charge. I most certainly did not open an account with these people. Where they came up with the absurd... Read more

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They said that I owned t mobile, the funny thing is I don't have a t mobile account and when I had T Mobile it was a prepaid phone. And they put on my credit score Add comment

Out of the blue, I get a phone call. Tell me I own money to a company. I asked which company and they gave me the name which I didnt know. THEY WERE EXTREMELY RUDE AND TOLD ME TO IF I WANTED TO PAY BY DEBIT OR CREDIT. OR BASIC IT WILL GO ON MY REPORT. I told them. ONE I dont give money out and Two I need information. She said lease, I told her that out of all the companies I leased at I always... Read more

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Its funny kinda, They call my mother who's ex husband married a lady that apparently owes them money. I knew the woman 20 years ago and haven't seen her since, my mother never met her. I told them this a few months back and ask them not the bother my mom with these calls anymore, she is old and ill. Well the calls started again today..rude aggressive..ect. What i find funny is that with a quick... Read more

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