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Our store began receiving calls from some middle eastern sounding man speaking relatively poor English on Monday asking for Staci. We have a cashier named Staci and they asked us to relay a message to her that the "legal dept" was calling for her and would call back. They would not leave a number. They called back 4 more times in a row. On Tuesday it started happening again and I finally got... Read more

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Just recieved a letter from Convergent Outsourcing, Inc located at Houston, TX 77043 regarding the debt with the compaby I had never had any account with. Convergent does not even my full name right. They say I owe over $2,000 and they are willing to settle at 50%. I have just recieved a credit approval for mortgage, so it is a scam! I think people like me should try to see them in court and... Read more

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I received a letter in the mail today from Union Workers Credit Services stating if I send $37 I will get a 10,000.00 credit limit. I decided to do some research and found this is a scam. Thousands of others have received this letter and some actually sent the money and never got a credit card. Instead the got 10,000.00 in coupons for various retailers. That is why it is good to do some... Read more

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Hi,if your a homeowner that is sick and tired of select portfolio servercing giving you the run around like I am them let's all get together and do a classaction lawsuit against this company let's show them that we are not going to be pushed around,select portfolio servercing had me under forebearance agreement for over 1 year I never qualify for any program,we as homeowners should stop... Read more

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I got a message on my cell phone today from Convergent Outsourcing saying that they are calling to collect on a debt I owe. I called them back and they know my name but refused to answer any other questions about who they were until I provided my address, which I declined to do. I just got me credit scores from the 3 main agencies today, and I have a credit score of over 800, so obviously I... Read more

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GET YOUR LICENSE BACK. If your license gets suspended because of a traffic ticket you owe to GC Services, request a court date from them. If they don't give you a court date, you should be able to get one from the court that originally issued the ticket. This court date will allow you to get a temporary release on your license untill you see the judge. The abstract fee is $10. That sure beats... Read more

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Please be aware of Allied Interstate calls- we received many for 2 weeks straight. (their phone number is 888-720-1467) Finally picked up and they said we owed AOL charges for 6 months (money didn't come out of our checking account)- we haven't used AOL for internet service for over 9 years..... bet they were waiting to see if we gave them our bank info!! We challenged their fraud... Read more

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we filed a complaint with the BBB: GC services contacted me a few months ago because I was in default with one of my student loans. I enrolled in the program paying $390 a month for a total of 9 payments and the promise that I was going to be out of default at the end of the program and the benefits would be amazing after I was done with the 9 payments. Now that I am almost done with the payments... Read more

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I've received phone calls for the last three days from someone claming to be with Midland Credit Managemenet. I'm posting this to help people understand that this is a SCAM just like someone sending you a bogus Nigerian Scam email. I have perfect credit and have never failed to pay on a credit account. Additionally I'm a police officer and rest assured, IT'S A SCAM. #1 - When... Read more

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NCO Financial Systems is nothing but a scam!! Do not listen to a word they're saying. I got a letter in the mail saying they were collecting for on a debt for IDT Telecom. I called them and they said it was for an account back in 2002!! I haven't even been with IDT. Then I call IDT and gave them the "account number" that was on the letter....they had no record of that account or my name! So I... Read more

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