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Collection Agencies Complaints and Reviews


Received a collect call from my boyfriend who is in rehab trying to get help and has no cash,I accepted the collect call not thinking it would cost 20.00 a minute,this is so wrong to penalize someone who is trying to get help, the company did not say how much it would cost they just ask what is your credit card information,when I checked my statement I could not believe the charge for 1 minute... Read more

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My son called me collect of course I excepted because something had to be wrong. No rates were quoted they just simply asked for your credit card # and your connected we only talked maybe 2 mins I was charged $ 28.99 plus and extra $ 1.00.... What type of company is this???? I'm so pissed this is robbery. I feel violated!!! Add comment

They started calling us on 6/30 claiming they were collecting old student loan debts owed by my husband and gave me a total amount, etc... That they could do a rehabilitation to get him back in good standing. But, if we didn’t do a payment plan, they could garnish his wages up to $600 per check. Talked to my hubby later and he said the amounts didn’t jive. We pulled up his credit reports and... Read more

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I was told to pay a 150 a month they continued to take more and I haven't seen my bill go down. I am contacting the Better Business bureau or a Lawyer Add comment

I had collections come after me for a disputed debt from like 2004. I disputed the validity of it even then but it was still reported and went on my credit report. Seven years later it dropped from my report. I recently finally got my score back in the 700s and have been getting offers for cards in the mail. Suddenly I get a notice from Convergent that I still owe on this debt with a 30% interest... Read more

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I disputed a bill from AT&T with my credit card company, got a letter back saying the case is settled and I owe nothing. The bill in question was taken off my credit card bill so I did not have to pay. The amount they say I owe is more than the amount I was cleared from paying as I won the dispute. Franklin collection services are a criminal, disgusting, vile company. Every one should fight... Read more

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Called 21 times between 8/13/14 and 8/25/14 with increasing frequency, sometimes as often as 5 times a day. I'm a retired American Vietnam Era Veteran with some mobility issues. My wife is still working so I have taken over the household chores such as cleaning, laundry. It's a real pain in the a** to have to go to the phone when I'm doing something only to find that it's these vermin. I finally... Read more

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NCO Financial is by far The worst company to try and contact or deal with ever!!! I have been trying for weeks to contact someone to pay off an account but need the exact payoff and can't reach anyone. I have left numerous messages on their *** answering service but no one ever calls you back!!! How is a person suppose to take care of or pay on their accounts when they are completely unreachable.... Read more

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Everything was fine with account......workers cooperative an friendly .... Until I asked for payoff!! They refused to fax paper to bank even with signed authorization,said I had to come in and get paper,which I did.... They still did not want to give it to me, but did. They get the payoff check and called me at work insisting I bring 40 more dollars or they will not post check and charge a late... Read more

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