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Had tickets, could not afford to pay them. lost my job because I could not drive to work and our local bus system was not close to my.GC should they should at least issue my liscens and allow me to at least make small payment to them by allowing myself as a hard working person to be able to drive and keep my job. Please remove system like Gc so people like myself can live a normal life. My... Read more

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Same thing as the guy with the apartment. One Raghead sold to another and screwed up records. When I moved they ripped up carpet that had been noted as damaged when I moved in. Charged me for cleaning and replacement of the same carpet. Add comment

They call you & tell you owe money and they are a collection agency trying to collect a debt this whole company is a fraud so beware don't give any information to these people they are professional bull *** this place is filled with scammers do not deAl with this company or give any info also I found out they have launched a federal investigation against this company the state and federal... Read more

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I used my debit card to place 3calls and on my statement you charged me $30.00 a call. You have got to be kidding! Add comment

I moved out of an apartment complex on 2-28-15. I get a call on 3-23 stating that I owe $1500, however they couldn't tell me for what except for unpaid rent! Sorry my rent was always on time! I have a lawsuit against this apartment complex for disability rights and TWC and AG office involved! This is crazy ***! I know that the complex has to try to collect before they send to collections,... Read more

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I received a letter from Convergent today and immidiately called to inquire more info. The company had a stuttering fool as a customer service rep. When you call the 100 number your not reaching Convergent your reaching some OTHER third party agentcy. Now here's the deal. The debt he claimed was owed was back in 2003 before I was even an adult. Identity theft maybe... but here's the kicker the... Read more

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Love Beal, and Nixon are straight up crooks , thieves , they just drained my bank account last week over a debt supposedly owed by my father ( who is a Sr. Me a JR ) now my bank account is very overdrawn , these crooks wont even tell me anything about the debt , because its not my debt , really then why did you take my money . Someone is going to go full blown redneck on these theives , hope... Read more

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i had a settlement with ccr unifund partners and they broke my settlement agreement behind my back and lied to the court claiming it was my fault. they tried to extort over 15,000 from me. anyone interested in class action lawsuit here join me!! this firm will lie, cheat, stea, lie to courts, commit fraud, break any law that they desire, they believe they are above the law. they dont respect... Read more

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I had a loan with them in 2006. It was paid off, and I have not done business with them again since. This month they have called people I barely know asking for me, and have called my family 18 times in the last month. I have asked to be removed from their call list, but it has not happened. I have visited their local office, and called the corporate headquarters. In retaliation they gave... Read more

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Afni Scam, call the better BBB in your state ASAP Add comment

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