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He stated he would put that down as a refusal to pay and then threatened to ruin my credit. I asked him to check with ACH since they just sent me a letter saying my daughter in current.He stated he did not care and would not check with them. He said he doesn't deal with them he will deal with me.. I thanked him and hung up. There people are debt buyers on old and fraudulent debt.This is not a... Read more

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I too get these random calls with Tampa Florida exchange. They leave a message and the caller has a British accent. I never answer.and delete from my phone bank Best to ignore. Sure it was a scam as they.leave no specific msg just if this so and so hit one etc. If someone has a message for me they need to say who what where and why. Life today is all about scamming someone out of money... Read more

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I have owned this phone number for almost 2 years. I use it STRICTLY as an outbound work line and NEVER give the number out. Somehow this company has gotten this number and CLAIMS I gave it to them, I did not! I know this because I NEVER give it to ANYONE!! I don't even know the number by heart, I need to look it up if I am ever in need of it. They have been repeatedly asked to stop using the... Read more

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In 2002! I bounced a check at a local store. I mailed them a money order. They held it for a few weeks and mailed it back with a letter ssying it wad not was not enough. The check ws for $250, THEY NOW WANTED $1200. They took me to court, garnished my pay, put a lein on me. Now 2014, after I lost my hoise in 2008, they are taking me to court for the surplus from my loss. $951.00 arevthey that... Add comment

Have a medical bill that made its way to NCO. i offered to make monthly payments to them at 60 dollars a month until Bill is paid. The "funny" thing is every month regardless of payments the next bill is even higher than the previous one. Little odd i think. Add comment

I haven't had Sprint for over 10 years! and left spring with contract finished. I am requesting with this written notice that the following inaccurate items be removed from my credit report. The items are not correct and are causing me financial distress because of their derogatory information. I understand you are required to notify me of your investigation results within 30 days. I haven't had... Read more

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Calvary Portfolio Services is the biggest scam debt collector in the continental United States. These thieves decided to add $18000 to what started out three years ago as a credit card default of $15000 on my part. Tried to settle this debt with them for half of the original $15K and they refuse saying I owe all $38000. Someone needs to start a class action lawsuit against them as I see I am... Read more

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I received a email on July 16 from a Ronnie Willson of the United States District Court says I have a warrant for your arrest and sentence for 10 yrs. For federal banking regulation...I don't live in Texas and I don't deal with any bank on that term and they want me to pay some money...This is the craziest mess I ever heard of this need to be stop ....Janet Floyd Add comment

December 9th 2013 I received a noticed from G C regarding an outstanding traffic ticket. The first representative I spoke to was professional and assertive like my self. I told her it was right before the holidays, a lot of money and that I might wait to pay it off. She told me Los Angeles county and court was giving $150 off any ticket paid in full since it's right before Christmas. So... Read more

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They called me at work and after hanging up on me, they called me back pretending to be the state police. Since they named a company that I legitimately owed, I setup a payment, but I am afraid that I have been scammed. This "police officer" transferred the call to someone at Streamline. Add comment