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I was unable to login to NCO Financial Systems website so I called them for help. The first person I spoke to lied to me and told me he was going to ask his manager a question. He put her on the line and she was ruthless trying to get me to make a payment right then over the phone instead of later, online. When I told her I couldn't do it over the phone that very minute because I was standing... Read more

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I believe NRS fraudulently put my name on hospital billing accounts and tried repeatedly, by use of harassment and threats of continuing collection activities against me, to collect debts they were fully aware were not my responsibility. I have digital recordings of the phone calls with a Mr. Jason Jackson of NRS, messages left on both my home answering machine and 10 calls made to my... Read more

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I was served today with papers saying that I was being sued by Midland for a credit card that had been charged off by Credit One. Do I respond to this summons or is it a fake summons? I'm afraid to call them because I know how mean they are and can barely speak English. Any help would be appreciated on what I should do. I do owe the debt but have not been able to pay it. Can I actually be... Read more

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I do not know this company and have never received any documentation from them. They called my work place to find me. I am retired and threy called AARP to find me. Is this another scam. Who do think they R. Be awa e and do not trust them Add comment

I paid them off,was promised a letter stating as much,told they'd notify the credit bureaus,yet it's still reported as in collections.I wouldnt pay them a penny Add comment


Due to what ever laws they quote I was flabbergasted. All I wanted to do as a father of a mentally ill adult son was to give them information that would have eliminated all questions regarding any payment. My son declared by the state as indigent and SMI has no means of income but I was unable to simply give this info to a very rude and arrogant individual. Whether they are "allowed to speak... Read more

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I have never had to deal with a collection agency before in my life! I terminated a lease agreement because I recently purchased a house. The property manager dropped the ball and "accidentally" sent my file to this collection agency. It's sad that Hunter Warfield has agents who are so blatantly disrespectful for absolutely no reason. I cannot muster the words...instead I will pray for the... Read more

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Every time I call and leave a message for this law firm I never get a call back. I have to take it upon myself to call back multiple times to get my issue resolved. Also every time I speak with a certain lady at the firm she is really rude and is not helpful at all. Usually I am shoved off to someone else that can not help me with my issue and that does not pick up the phone. If I didn't HAVE to... Read more

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