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Collection agent "alex" said he would send in for review when I told him there was an email from co who sent me to collections stating they had made a mistake. He got rude when I told him I needed it fixed now. Said I had to wait for "process", and hung up on me. I called back and spoke with Jerry Crabial the "manager" and he said It was my fault I was even in collections cuz I didn't put in... Read more

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We believe they are trying to collect a debt from FD resources for Mastercard/Visa Fees. However, they or FD never sent us any statement or anything. We are sending it back to them and requesting backup details on why we owe the debt!! They will probably say "You should call FD resources". All you get when you call FD is a big "run-around". Nobody knows anything and every time you call you... Read more

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Just received mail stating that my husband owes 109.07 to NYC Dept of Finance Motor Vehicle. Does this company know what happens to people who owe money to the DMV in NYC? Your car gets towed or they put a boot on your car. Funny thing is that it states that this debt is from 2012 and he just registered another car. So if there was an actual "debt" they would of never registered another car. Plus... Read more

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I received a letter in the mail today with a settlement offer on be-half of T-mobile for $129.49 originally $258.97. Funny thing is T-mobile is my current cell phone provider and I know for a fact that I do not owe them anything. A recent credit report that I ran does not show T-mobile or that amount. People really need to do their research and make payment arrangements with your creditors... Read more

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Someone calling from TW...calls and asks my name...then wants me to give them my social..first, I have no bills, second, I never have done business with anyone named Trans world. Send me a letter, stating what you need and what you think you are entitled to, you will get a response.... Call me out of the blue and ask me to divulge personal cigar. When I specifically asked what... Read more

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The company started out to be good with good people. .... But when the owner Denis Chira aka Denis Montana aka Tony Montana is nothing but a LIAR & a THIEF it defeats the hard work of others. He LIES, CHEATS & STEALS to get customers & their money. Just like he did when he was a sales rep for CCA/ Consumer Collection Advocates. As we all know CCA was shut down 2 months ago for the... Read more

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This company keeps contacting my mother on a 10 year old debt. We have sent the cease and desist communication letter the calls stopped for a week and started up again they threaten my mother. Can they even be collecting on this debt it's been 10 years Add comment

They call after 1 ring they hang up. Forces you to call back will 1 ring and no vm. They will not tell you what it's for. They want you to give them your Social Security number. Ummmm little weird to me considering you called ME! They are located out of NJ but when they call me that's not the number that comes up its a local number. Not sure what they do and if its legit. Be careful people they... Read more

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I accepted a collect call from a person in texas-i was not informed of the rate. Upon checking my credit card I found out the 4 minute call was 30.52. This is outrageous! I tried calling Legacy with no luck. They said you accepted and you have to pay. My credit card company was of no help just as Legacy. This is an example of charging people in a tough situation an exnomorus filty rate that... Read more

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If you pay it off in 3 months like we are suppose to you wont have to pay double. As for me my total was about 1,200 for headrest tvs for my car and o thb er things i got. My paymebts were supposed to be like 400+ a month for 3 months. As long as you pay within 3 months you are good. One month i didnt have the 400+ i only paid $50 but the follwing month i paid what i was behind. You dont have to... Read more

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