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My husband and I went to Wixom General RV to purchase a new trailer . The sale person was great did a good job showing us around . It was what happen next our trailer is two old and general only wanted to give us 1200.00 dollars . We said our trailer is worth like twenty thousands .General up the price to fifteen thousand . And than we decided to put a hold on a trailer . Even thou we were not... Read more

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I havent ebmven had my car for even a year and today my radiator dan stopped working for a third time Add comment

Last visit to Lee's Summit Subaru, I requested an oil change, a tire rotation, and tire balance for my 2011 Subaru Legacy, the day before we were scheduled to take the vehicle on a 2400 mile trip. Lee's Summit Subaru accomplished the oil change, changed the cabin air filter, rotated the tires, and washed it. They did not balance the tires, and in the process of washing it removed the dirt from... Read more

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Visited Saxton today with intention of buying £30-£40k q7! No help from staff at all!! Just left us sitting there! Girl on reception could be a robot? Jm not quite sure if she was real or not!! Absolutely shocking service!! Wont be going back! Add comment

Bought a 2015 Forest River 5th wheel. There was a lot of warranty work that needed to be performed after our 1st camping trip. It has been 3 months and the parts still have not arrived at the service center. Never again I should have learned my lesson before had a 2014 camper needed parts for warranty June 2014 to April 2105 no parts have arrived. Add comment

a smart move to request info on this site about the worst r v company and product I have ever dealt with.( forest river) bought a new motorhome(Mirada)in feb. 2013 my ninth r.v. problems way to many to list here. customer service and warranty manager terrible. product quality terrible' a battle while under warranty to get anything fixed and after months only some of the problems were taken care... Read more

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I did write an earlier review on poor quality and customer service on coachmen (forest river product)this is an update on continuing poor quality and engineering.i just made another trip with motor home and found they fastened the strap that pulls the sofa down into a bed with a round head screw that when made into a bed gouged the vinyl flooring. this motor home bought new in 2013. has had so... Read more

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Main AC duct work-terrible design-no flow-none. Dealer Cut hole through the ceiling to blow directly into living room--bypassing the so called central ductwork. Rear AC blows directly on thermostat-on/off/on/off/on/off all the time--try sleeping with that! I put a clear plastic bowl over the thermostat. 3 converters in 3 years, I carry a spare all the time. Wheel alignment sucks. Expensive to... Read more

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I currently own several Toyota Tundras. I have loved Toyota trucks and have bought several of them in my lifetime. I bought them (past tense) because they seemed to be more reliable over the years than the American trucks that I have owned (Ford/GMC). However, recently, my faith in Toyota has been shaken due to the amount of recalls I receive, as well as one very particular design problem. Toyota... Read more

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Was wondering If anyone is having trouble with electronic. When we turn on the lights the tv goes pixel and the radio goes out Add comment

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