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Nice try (again) Nick. Maybe you should think about changing your profession? Vacuum cleaner sales perhaps? Your horrendous record and overwhelming disregard for any professionalism or its integrity continues to baffle me. I am still amazed that people would even entertain the thought of buying anything from you, nonetheless an expensive car. Your deplorable ethics remain while you continue to... Read more

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I was going to purchase a 2013 Black Chevy Impala from Enterprise Car Sales on Coors Blvd. in Albuquerque, NM. I obtained a bank letter and went to pick up the car. Upon closer inspection I noticed the RR tire was different and the rear bumper was spaced about and inch and a half from the body of the car. I looked under the car and there were two gouge marks on the bottom of the tire tray. When... Read more

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They are the worst company on Earth.they sell lemons and want payments even on a broke car. dont think about calling the payment center its even worst. The manger Erma is a rude animal! This company has NO empathy and will one day rot in ***! Add comment

I bought a 2011 Jeep grand Cherokee at Fullerton in sommerville,n.j...NEVER again.I had this jeep for roughly 31/2 months ,at the end of July 2014...the temp.gauge kept going to hot..brought it in to Fullerton in somerville n.j ( where i purchased it) and it was due for first oil change also...they said they fixed the problem... I paid the deductible. 3 weeks later same thing happened, I called... Read more

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Chevy impala 2006 recall. What nonsense to wait over an hour for a key to get an insert. I will never buy a chevy again unless i am compensated for the loss of an hour of work! This was so *** and a waste of time! Add comment

The Langston Family we were right at the *** of being put out our home after pay $5000 than $500 monthly you get shut down. Can we have a phone call & some of our $ back we don't have food $ ourselves Mr&Mrs David Langston 2431 General Taylor New Orleans LA 70115 a phone call would have been nice I could have filled my fridge instead of paying you Add comment

Hi Camilla, Thank you for your feedback. We apologize you are dissatisfied with your DriveTime experience. We would like the chance to address your concerns. Please give us some time to research this matter, and a Customer Relations Representative will contact you to discuss your concerns. If you would like immediate assistance, please call Customer Relations at 888-290-0148. Sincerely,... Read more

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I was felt as if i were lied to about the whole process of the car They sold me a toyota camry 2012 for $$27,000. My payments were 588$, I put down 3500 for my trade in and additional 1000$ in payments until its fully paid. I WAS TOLD AFTER NUMEROUS QUESTIONS ON WHY MY PAYMENTS WERE SO HIGH . I WAS TOLD I HAD A FULLY LOADED VECHILE WHICH WAS A LIE..... I WAS TOLD IF I CALL MY BANK THEY WOULD... Read more

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My daughter purchased a vehicle Chrysler 2010 that I believe was a lemon car about 6 months ago....its been in and out of the shop numerous of times....they stopped giving her kept messing her vehicle up worse they sent it to chapman...she got it back....engine and oil light came on....would only go 20 miles an hour....engine started smoking...then stopped on us I jumped out...carmax... Read more

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