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They install a device that if u are more then 1 day late with payment they shut car down where u can not start it my niece was a 150 miles away from home who is 3 months pregnant and with her 2 daughters which 1 has a heart cond she pulled into a truck stop so the girls could use bathroom when she tried to start it it would not start And they had no food or water so I called car-lotta on her... Read more

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Paid a kings ransom for membership & yearly dues costing a fortune! It uses to be peaceful & relaxing at the preserves, but now that they rent sites to the public it's noisy, run down, people don't obey the rules. Its just an RV park which we paid a kings ransom for a membership. Membership does not have its privileges any more! Given a do over, we wouldn't have bought in. Add comment

If you are seeking a lawsuit against UNCLE JOES AUTO located at 2520 E. Bell please email me at My lawer and I can help!! Please contact me if you were a victim of one of FRANK MICHELA SCAMS!!! Add comment

Frank michela is going back and forth ripping hard working citizens off for their hard earned money! Frank claimed to work for U.S.A.B were he received file report stating that U.S.A.B was a scam located in California in 2009. Now frank has a charity for auto donations for people who are in need of a car but do not have the money. Frank is also a auto sales man for Uncle joes auto consignment... Add comment

I have a mountain trip with my new six months old kid morale, when I drove down about 30 kilometres , my 4x4 fault warning was appearing and abs warning was also was lighted. I am shocked and surprised, being a kid user for the last 5 years from sportage to mohave, I just got a very cold response that they will replace it in one weeks time the sensor or something and drive it without 4x4 and... Add comment

I have bought a car at big motoring world for nearly 23 thousand pounds and they charged me over £470 pounds for this thing called gard ex basically cleaning it professionally and when I checked the car next day at home it was completely dirty and the front grill broken. Plus it has a grinding noise when I am driving it. I don't know if it's a week beating or something to do with the gear box I... Add comment

Uncle joes is a scam Frank Michela has been scamming people since 2009 in california at U.S.A.B. Now he was a charity for automobiles were he sales them at uncle joes auto consignment shop located on Bell rd in phx az the Charity is for those who are in need of a car that cant not afford a car. Not to sell them a car. Add comment

I was one of the 25 original purchasers of these units. They all had fiberglass problems with the front overhang portion of the 5th wheel. Never sold it. Unlike Northern, my conscience wouldn't let me sell it. I bought the last of the original 25 built. They knew for months that they had major problems, but, sold all 25 units with known problems. They attempted fixes if you hauled your unit to... Read more

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