Who thought this one up? The factory installed remote starter for my 2014 Forester shuts the engine off when you open the door which means that every time you use the remote starter you'll be starting the car twice. You also cannot program out the horn that beeps twice every time you use the remote starter. Let me tell you - my neighbors and their dogs really appreciate this at 5:30 AM, the time I leave for work!!!! I have had a number of... Read more

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im a red shirt at autozone and to those customers who think autozone treats you bad and rips you off, your not alone. They do it to the employees also! And you know all those ANNOYING questions we ask you when your just trying to check out like "We have llucas on sale right now" and "Two flashlights for $5 now too" we dont want to ask you and bother you with tring to sell you extra stuff you didnt come in for!!!! Its called a "Check Out... Read more

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Has anyone started a class action suit against Toyota for the water pump problem? I have one that has 56000 miles and the water pump has went out. Toyota clear has a major quality issue with the water pump on the V6 Rav 4. I am a quality engineer, no in the automotive field, but this clearly is beyond the expected failure rate, so Toyota should make good to the affected Rav 4 owners. I would be good for the affected owners to band together and... Read more

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To whom it may concern, The following is a brief description of the ordeal that has become my new 2013 Kia Optima SX. While it is a beautiful car, the experience of the last 4 weeks or so have made me regret my decision to get it, and have solidified my opinion that nobody should purchase any Kia vehicle. It has also shown me why the manufacturer, sales departments and service departments are kept under separate umbrellas: that way nobody has to... Read more

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Unlimited Carfax Means 5?? CARFAX TRICK to get money out of you. Order unlimited but only get 5 VIN reports, hidden text says unlimited license plate reports, which are worthless. This is a change. I ordered it a couple of years ago when in the market again and thought unlimited VIN reporting was get. But no body list anything other than VIN when selling their car. I would recommend buying the lower priced offering of consider... Read more

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I am currently an employee of CarMax. I have been working at the CarMax in Duarte now for about 5 years. I have sould hundreds of cars, have been in Presidents Club, and know the ropes. Now it's time for people to know the new CarMax, and decide for themselves if it's worth buying. Enjoy this read, it's stuff no one will tell you, but I've had about enough. First of all, CarMax has been ranked Top 100 companies to work for now for 8 years... Read more

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Hello, my wife and I went to Sutherlin Nissan to purchase 2 cars at same time because we heard the advertisement on the radio from Sutherlin Nissan offering a bogo deal. We went up to Sutherlin Nissan on 1/31/15 and spoke with a salesman who's name is Aaron J.D.Amico, and we sat down and Aaron told us in order to take advantage of the bogo deal, we had to purchase the more expensive Altima as first choice, and then the second car would be the... Read more

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My wife and I traded in our 2008 18ft. travel trailer in Feb. of 2010 for a brand new 2010 Keystone Laredo 303TG 30 ft. travel trailer with two slides. I work for a traveling construction company and spend 3-4 months minimum in my camper each year. We discovered soon after purchasing the 18 ft. camper made by a different company that it was much too small for my use and began doing research into a new unit that would be better suited for... Read more

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Hands down one of the best car buying experiences. When I walked in, we were looking for a SUV and after going round and round in my decision making, I ended up with a TSX. I LOVE it and is the exact right car for me. When I first walked in I met FRANCIS who was very helpful and courteous. My husband reached out separately and received a different sales person. Then we were referred to a third salesperson, Holly, who sold us the car (and bore... Read more

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I recently left a deposit on a BMW 328i with them, while they were making the car ready I decided to do a search on them, I saw lots of bad things written about them and got worried but everything was smooth with the deal until then, I decided to go one step further and check the car with BMW dealer which all turned perfect, I did mention the complaints to the owner and as it looks most of them are just from competitors, you can see someone... Read more

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