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I wouldike to complain about my 2006 Chevy impala. The transmission is slipping and the car is jumping. My son drove it to college this weekend and now I got yo replace a transmission. Really pissed off. I have read all of the complaints about these cars. Please help me. 864-933-2171 Add comment

I took my camper to Camping World to have Vent covers put on. Then 3 weeks later still sitting on their lot and they hit my camper moving another camper. They said they will fix the damage but it will take 2 weeks to get the parts then who knows how long it will take them to fix it. Their service department does not believe in timely service. I am worried about it not being fixed correctly. ... Read more

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Y does that woman on commercial say 999 like that rediculous very annoying say it rite she sounds retarded Add comment

My wife and I purchased a 2014 Jeep Patriot from Bayside Chrysler in February 2014. 4 months later the vehicle started to make a winding grinding sound when going 65 or more MPH. A week after this started the vehicle started to make that sound and when on the highway, the car's overheating signal came on and the car decelerated from 70 to 30 MPH. When stepping on the accelerator, the car... Read more

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I arrive at scot run in PA. The rugs are so stained and nasty looking. The sofer has some nasty looking white stains, the bathroom tile is so old, its discolored and coming up and the worst was the refriderator dripping and maintainance man says he dont know what to do. I wouldnt advise anyone to purchase this *** mess. Add comment

After buying a car from Jones and reading these reviews I was already upset about getting ripped off from them and now even more so. I WOULD NEVER BUY OR RECOMMEND MY WORST ENEMY BUYING A CAR FROM THEM! I usually don't send in reviews but after getting completely screwed by them and reading other folks that were not treated fairly I had to write one. Make sure you read all of the fine print... Read more

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TOOK CAR IN FOR routine 1 -year service....they forgot to put oil back into my car...not only that, they think the car is 'fine". I don't trust them at all. The car sounded horrible once I got onto the freeway and the oil light was on. I would never deal with this dealership again for any reason. I was told last night the owner would be calling me to try and figure out what to do and they never... Read more

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2014 Journey. Original complaint was sagging headliner. Headliner was replaces but installer used dirty gloves. As well to remove grab handles he used a pick to pop the caps and made a mess of the caps. Now the headliner is still greasy, handles still not replaced and now the front switch assembly at front of headliner with sunroof controls is half hanging off and again used a pick on it as... Read more

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We MUST have the name of an authorized diesel Thor Siesta service center in Spokane WA. We do not get a return call Cheri or Tom - 575 551 1665. Add comment

I just wanted to say how much i like texas nissan and their customer service and friendliness. I have. Been a loyal and faithful customer since 2011 when i purchased my nissan altima. 2 yrs later i got my dream suv nissan pathfinder. The salesman was a little pushy on down payment on my pathfinder even when i told him how much i cld only afford. But im more satisfied with Eli Garcia in parts and... Read more

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