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Buying used is a bad idea with this company!! They didn't call back when they said they would and we had to call them each time to even know what was going on in the financial department. We finally said forget it and not we are on the hunt for another camper. Will never go to lazy days again!! Add comment

Low book sales has numerous Internet sites that say bad credit, no credit, no down payment. Well I went there today and got turned down because I didn't have good credit, didn't have any money to put down, but they could see that I was excellent on my payments! Makes no *** sense!!! False advertising! !!! Believe me my experience with them will be put out by word!!! Add comment


New Member Joined: 10/20/2014 View Profile Good Sam RV Club Member Online Posted: 10/20/14 06:38pm Link | Quote | Edit | Print | Notify Moderator I can not believe that I took my fifth wheel in for warranty repair , three weeks after delivery, and after two weeks I called to see if they were done with it,I was given a line and told they would call me back.After another week and a half I... Read more

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Bought in May 2014. Still trying to get issues resolved, i.e. leak in window (makes for great swimming pool), shower, broken refrigerator, damaged door, venetian blind (love the sunrise every morning, not!), tv booster (sure would be nice to watch tv), amongst other issues. Have called numerous times and never get a call back. Told to have patience. 5 months isn't enough patience? Wish I... Read more

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Bought an audi which was real clean. Lorne and ralph assured the car needed nothing. Alsi noticed that after all the armour all was washed off that there were many body in perfections. A few bundays after driving it the engine light came on. The code read catalyst effcieny below threshold. I deleted the code and it came back on a few days later. After telling the dealership they... Read more

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Ok so this is a joke I am so pissed!!!! So I bought a brand new 1200 custom xl it had 4 miles on it !! They call me and say they messed up gave my bike to another customer !! Bike is insured under my name by the way!! I go down there to see what's going on they said my bike will be back in few hours went to pick it up.. 6 hours later it comes.. The guy put 200 miles on it so now to me its a used... Read more

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Jd byrider was the worst management treat you like *** I would never suggest this place to anyone matt is the worst management person I have ever worked with Add comment


DO NOT TRUST PAUL FRIEDMAN. Went to the dealership in hopes of getting a vehicle. Fell for the advertising gimmick that since they were one of the biggest Honda dealers in Tampa that they would have the most companies able to help finance me. Was able to get a used Honda Element. I was pleased, because my credit score was lower than ideal. I drove it off the lot, and after driving it a week i... Read more

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Slide out scratched floor.Board on heater went out.Wood panel on fridge fell off.Jack light never worked.Black/Gray water indicator not accurate.Cheap!!! Add comment


I purchased a 07 Road King in July of this year. The bike appeared to be in mint condition with low mileage. 12 days after putting it on the road it developed a knock in the motor. I brought it to Manchester Harley in Manchester NH. They have now had the bike for over 2 months and have torn the motor down 5 times and still can't figure out what's wrong with it. Now I keepgetting blown off because... Read more

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