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Volkswagen of America - Review from Newark, New Jersey
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Drop off car for service for 40,000, when car was ready pick up, vw attend pull up left door open I didnt see it. When pulling home when I got out close notice deep scratches Door. Second time I get scratches. First time notice at dealer light scratch they buff out came out. Now don't if want take car for service again to get more scratches to my car everytime goes for service.... Read more

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On Dec. 12,2014 this company accepted my online order for an atv for my grandson's Christmas present. I paid $200 for the best ship/delivery date. Their first response, the next day, wanted scanned drivers license verifying matching address with my credit card. We recently bought a vacation home in New Hampshire, where I'm receiving mail. Thus my credit card address and my drivers license,... Read more

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Worst place to buy a csr..jist like the name "Advantage" these people do nothing but take advantage of a person high Itrest. .Im paying 9 grand for a car they bought for 1500 I gieguess they need to throw away bill of sale an not leave it in glove box of cars they resale..nothing good about this place. .don't get in their trap! Add comment

I just bought brand new 2015 3650 gateway and ive had nothing but issues. From one end to the other, the camper will have to be re-sealed. The water lines were "hydro-tested" before pick up. Thats a lie. Ive had it for a month and now on 1st vacation i have to put it in the shop for at least 3 weeks to replace the floor and much more. So im having to pay for extra travel and now hotel home. My... Read more

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Hi. sangat kecewa dengan servis di Hyundai Plentong. no pelanggan 03 dari 8.45 sehingga 10:30 the job still not done. hanya tukar tulisan hyundai,elantra,sport yang berkarat walaupun baru 2 bulan pakai. actually bukan tukar.. cuma pasang yng baru sbb yang lama awal2 dh bukak.. Add comment

Bought a 2014 Cross Roads Cruiser Aire on January 28 2014 from Gillette Insterstate RV. Did not get the unit until May 0f 2014. Problems popped up shortly after we started using the 5th wheel. A great deal of squeaking and squishy feeling in the floor. CrossRoads RV is blaming it on the company that made the frame. The dealer is still waiting for "parts" and it is almost the end of December... Read more

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I bought this camper brand-new nothing issues from day one. I was promised by the The dealer that all issues would be taken care of immediately. However after setting up the camper I found 15 items that needed to be fixed or replaced. After speaking to the dealership numerous times about parts that needed to be replaced. I was put on hold transferred then put on hold. I was told several times... Read more

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heard knocking noises when i go over bumps brought it to barberino Nissan Wallingford ct,because i still have warranty. they told me they fixed the noises but they lied. came back 4 times still didn't fix the problem.finally really pissed went to the dealer and let them know where I was born.they called the cops on me.They are telling people that their car is fix but all they r doing is putting... Read more

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I went into Enterprise Car Sales on 12/01/2014 to possibly purchase a SAFE and DEPENDABLE source of transportation. I was assisted by Aaron Adams who assured me that I would be getting something safe and dependable. I had a voucher for 3000.00 however my credit is bad so I wasn't sure if I would get anything. Ironically I was approved and apparently there was only one vehicle that I was approved... Read more

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I was scammed by these people on my Semi truck said they had some buyers in my area to come look at my truck. No buyers and it has been 3 months not even a call. Also looked into it further they have had an F rating with the BBB for the same type of lies. I am making a complaint with the Attorney General in my State as well as theirs. It appears they changes websites to detract persons from... Read more

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