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Rush card is a joke. Russell is too to be exact. I NEED my money. But of course he's rich and don't care because they're earning money off of us anyways. I want to be apart of the class action lawsuit and I have already switched my DD to my bank. They need to go out of business. Then on top of that they didn't deposit the amount that was sent to my account. They're thieves. The rich taking from... Read more

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  • 26 minutes ago
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I cant get a hold of anyone and 100.00 dollars just vanished out my account now im late on bills and cant get hold of anyone to help me. *** frauds Add comment

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  • 46 minutes ago
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Cant get nobody in to help me about my card am thinking now about my money Add comment

I received my card in the mail today that I did NOT order, but I thought I would activate anyway. I have&now I have read the reviews&Im NOT going to put $ on it b/c Im afraid they will take my $. I have NEVER heard of this card, so mine is going in the shredder NOW!! IM VERY LEARY!! I believe this company is a scam and fraudulent. But now they have my personal info. and that bothers me. I... Read more

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I am so pissed! My card not worked for days and cant reach anyone! Cant access my payroll and my electric and water be cut off tomorrow! Then Then I have to pay a huge deposit! Have no gas to get to work either. I called all day today over 70 times and keep getting disconnected! I even sent a facebook msg and a twiiter to Russell simmons. This is unbelievable! !!! Not ok!!!!! Have no food, gas... Read more

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I had my direct deposit go into today and it did not show up. I have tried numerous times to call the toll-free number and it doesn't seem to work. I need answer tonight my mortgage is due... I do not play with that. They better get this resolved or I will be contacting an attorney tomorrow. I need for my money to post or things are gonna get real bad in the morning. You need to communicate... Read more

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What the *** is going on. My rent is due. Add comment

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