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I was looking to make a switch in credit card processing companies when, in walks Mr. Smooth talking sales rep telling me how much money he could save me on my processing fees. I went with this company and from the very first monthly statement I received from Payment Systems, I knew there was going to be trouble. I was promised that my monthly fees would be cut in half and instead they doubled.... Read more

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Someone. Hacked in 2 my old achieve checking. Then put mess load of charges on my money Add comment

I'm writing while on hold with FIA card services for my AmEx 2% Fidelity card. It's currently 32 minutes and counting. The problems started when I tried to buy an airline ticket for about $300 from one European city to another. Seems like a low fraud sort of purchase since one must show id to board the plane, but apparently not to their anti-fraud computers. The charges were declined. I called... Read more

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I called customer service and ask them to cancel out my old cards from 3 years ago literally 4 times in the past year every time they lied to me about it Which is complete bull $"!+. They never canceled any of them out. We'll 10 days ago I asked them cause I wanted to make a dispute on a charge well the guy told me he will do it his self! I said no sir I want to do it not u so I can use my own... Read more

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This is the worst company ever to do business with. The office is in Manilla, they read from a script. They repeat over and over.. On 3 occassions my card was "stopped"because of fraudulent activity supposedly. The card in each case had not been used nor to my knowledge had attemps been made. They just stop the card. Then it takes over 3weeks for a new card. I payed for 2day delivery. Still took... Read more

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i bought a card a week ago and been waiting for my taxes to be deposited. woke up this morning to find out after my taxes were deposited green dot blocked my card . talking about they need my id to verify that its me. Add comment

Had several problems actually loading my prepaid card once activated, $100. I have called numerous times and have been placed on hold for an average of 25 minutes every time. Once finally spoke with someone they had ZERO information for me told me to contact the company I had my prepaid card through, but would never actually help me in anyway! It has been over 2 weeks and I still have yet to have... Read more

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Im furious at this noncenical card. I placed $20 on it just to test its actions and had $7.00+ taken out. They explain its prorated and i had to wait 2 days till march first for it to come back on. On march 1st another $7.00+ was subtrated leaving me with $4 and change. Not to mention foreign representation tht m ade no sense and kept repeating, "How else can I help u sir" when she most... Read more

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Bad customer service, they must have a script that they go by, because if you ask any questions they say exact same thing word for word, so nothing gets resolved. Acct was locked for no reason, now i have to wait 3 days for them to unlock it....grrr Add comment

The Vanilla Visa Gift Card is SET UP TO FAIL. My son bought me one for Christmas ($100.00), and because I am a 'research freak', I decided to research the card BEFORE taking it to shop. I found pages, and pages of warnings, and tell-tale evidence that the card is a total scam. One thing for instance: The front of the card says Debit - Credit. Most clerks hit 'Credit'. When they... Read more

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