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WARNING WARNING WARNING Please Read : I Know A lot Of People Have Used Rushcard But Their Customer service has recently started stealing money off of cards. I had 3,457.14 left on my card and it was blocked for no reason, I never called and reported it lost or stolen. They kept saying it was blocked for security purposes. I then fax them all the documents they needed social security card, Id,... Read more

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This company has.Been taken my money off my card and i have dispute out of the *** with company iam 500 in the negiative and this had been going on sense november and iam tird of dealing with these people they need to be shut down taken advatage of people thats on disability Add comment

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Submit you're complaint to the Better Business Bureau and the Dept of Consumer Affairs like I did. They're score will go down if enough complaints are received. They already have 2684 complaints filed. They have been holding my cancelled transaction for 5 days for 1288$ I am stuck out of town with children and they don't care. Horrible business ediqit. Add comment

I have several credit cards with Synchrony Bank and I have never had not one problem with this Bank.I pay my credit Cards on time each and Every month and Everthing is lovely with my Credit Cards.I do not have added interest or Late payments applied to my Credit Cards.The problem will arise if you do not pay on time and Are Late often.What do you expect for these companies to do let you pay when... Read more

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I travelled for a period of time and accidentally missed my payment amount by $70. For this I received tons of phone calls, my credit limit was reduced and when I called, the reps were awful. This is probably the WORST credit card company I have worked with. I am going to ask my friends to close their accounts!! I travelled for a period of time and accidentally missed my payment amount by $70.... Read more

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I called citicards for a cash advance on my card. (customer for 7years, never a late payment, and paid in full most months) Anyways the CSR told me that it would take up to a week for a cash advance, I explained that was unacceptable and needed the cash at that moment due to me being away. I asked if this was an emergency I could not get cash. She once again said there was nothing she could do,... Read more

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My direct deposit goes into my netspend card a day earlier than regular banks. On wed night my paycheck went in and I took out most of my check thank god. At that time being happy with the card I decided to move $1,000 from my mobile wallet to my netspend card on Friday Mar 27 2015. Netspend sent me a text that said I had $1,158 available on my card. I get to the gas station needing gas in the... Read more

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My bag got stolen about a month ago. One of the items inside of it was a prepaid credit card from Netspend. I did not cancel or report it in because I knew that there was only a little money/balance left on it. Not thinking that whoever stole my bag would go ahead an rent 5 movies from Redbox(they still haven't returned the movies). Now I noticed that Redbox has charged my other card $30.44. I... Read more

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My money been stuck for whole month now Add comment

Never been late before on this account, even spoke to a supervisor for a one time reversal of the late fee. No avail. Will be cancelling this card and NEVER using AMEX again! Terrible consumer resolution! In addition, while on hold, they subject me to their propaganda commercial of their JD Power and Associates award of great customer satisfaction. I've got plenty of other cards I can use. ... Read more

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