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Pay Power is a fraudulent *** company. They tell you to put money on the account and you go to use the money it magical has disappeared. They need to be sued and shut down. Add comment

They were rude and told me they were not gonna transfer anymore of my money to my knew Achieve Card no one spoke english I wou never ever subscribe to Achieve again. Add comment

I moved from So to No Cal, and it was similar to feeding their fraud department crack. In the past four months, everything comes up fraud. AT&T bill, Chevron Gas = twice, my truck's smog test, a storage box that I purchased, Raily's market, aka the Von's on No Cal, etc. Basically, anything other than Walmart or McDonalds, comes up fraud, and I find myself standing there as the card gets... Read more

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My company changed policy and required everyone traveling to use a corporate AMEX credit card. Because I was traveling immediately after the policy change they got me a card 'rush'. The expedite fee of $15 was charged to the new card. I traveled, came back, filled out the expense report, which included the $15, filed it and I thought that was that. I didn't hear from AMEX for 9 months. At 9... Read more

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Rush card canceled my card without me telling them to... It put me in a very predicament.. When I called customer service all they said was they will send me out a new card in 7-10 days. I had bills due and now I have late fees because of them.. I will be closing my account and going back to using a real bank Add comment

You won't get your money back. You MAY be able to wor out a deal and get about half back. FIRST, CANCEL that card or they will hit it again next month and every month until you change your card. The supposed fine print keeps it from being techinically a fraud. However you can caall their customer servie and they will offer a settlememnt amount of about half if you agree not to escalate the... Read more

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Applied online for credit card, CHASE had all my personal information, but still sent out a letter because CHASE could not "VERIFY" my personal information, even though they "VERIFIED" all of my personal information over the telephone! But because the FRAUD Department could "care less" about potential customers, they lost me as a customer, but again, they could "care less." The Fraud Department... Read more

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I had my card stolen? And I was out of state at that time, I called achvieve and they refuse to send me another card, it was on weekend so , I had no money for gas or food, I was stuck on the side of the road off the freeway scared to death, alone and disabled. By the time I got any help to get home, I had no money left in my account, and no monies retrieved .never can use my points they offered... Read more

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The same thing happened to me they quoted in the end $400. I asked in the beginning a different lady told me about $150 to qualify for the gift card. I didn't get the Wal-Mart $50 card but I did get the loan $500 but I'm cancelling my card when that's gone. I told the lady I COULD NOT afford that amount and she made some adjustments for me based on what I told her I paid last year which was... Read more

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Please look at the uploaded documents so that you can see what I'm talking about. I do not understand why "The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau" closed their files on all the documents & complaints that I sent to them about these "Evil Corporations" a copy & paste is at the bottom of this post on how they based there decision. Just think how many "Billions & Billions &... Read more

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