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I accidently paid a credit card which was paid off for over a week I have suppose to be receiving the money back to my bank account per ACH first I was told 1-2 business days then I called back and now it is 5 days. I called them AGAIN today they told me it was in my bank account and it is not. I online chat gave me a number to call to check on their end and it has not been processed. My bank is... Read more

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Several years ago we had this card and had several problems with having our money be available. We decided to get it again, thinking things have improved. We have had the card two weeks and the account has been blocked twice. This is a huge hassle and the issues are not quickly resolved. I highly recommend you find another option other than this low quality service that you pay for. The use... Read more

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I purchased a MoneyPak card and put $80 on it. Then when I tried to reload my prepaid card with the $80 I got a message saying MoneyPak would not let me reload this prepaid card anymore. I tried to put the $80 on a different prepaid card of mine and now the balance on the MoneyPak card is zero! They have stolen my money. The support team is rude and they informed me I was not using MoneyPak... Read more

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I bought a moneypak card at walgreens on thr 17th of October. I have contacted y'all multiple times wondering why I loaded $500 and now it is saying $0.00. I have submitted all my information with the calm number and was told that I will be contacted in 1 day with update and it pass 1 day. Please give me back my money or I will be suing. This is my case number SF-00132279 Add comment


I purchased a mycash card 8 months ago that would not load to my account. The first refund they issued never arrived. When notified they canceled the check and issued another. I finally received the refund check. It was issued March 18 and was valid for 90 Days. Now I have called 3 times trying to get payment reissued. I can't help but wonder why such a big company would need to rip me off for... Read more

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We just put $230 on a expend card and faxed in information and they still wont activate the card. I am currently taking a warrant on the company as well as involving the fbi. I also called all stores that sell them and had them removed from the shelf. Take action people. Also call the better business bureau and report them. These people Add comment


Sondra Lee October 7 at 7:45pm I have more than one account with you... the one with Lenscrafters has been charging me a late fee after I changed my due date to after I get paid... I only get paid once a month on the 3rd and the late fee hits on the 2nd... I called, cancelled my card and complained and the person said ok pay it this month and next month it will be due on the 10th. I got a letter... Read more

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Left me stranded 1800 miles from home asking for items to be faxed from me in nowheresville. Had my tax refund deposited to my vanilla card. First mistake. 2nd mistake was not running from them in the previous year that ive had vanilla visa. Add money, account locked. Remove money, account locked. Login to check balance, account locked. Call customer service, account locked. So I was coming back... Read more

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Back in 2009, I applied and received a secured credit card from First Premier Bank. I purchased a couple small items with it and began to notice very quickly that no matter when I sent my payment in I would receive a late fee of $25.00! I understand the principle of a secured credit card and think when the theory is applied correctly it's a good idea but this was wrong. After months of... Read more

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I have been a customer for 16 years and have been late three times in all that time period. This month I sent the payment and it was received after the due date. I received a notice that the "penalty" rate have been invoked and a $35.00 late fee was charged. I called customer service and related my feelings about this treatment of a very good custome of 16 years. I was told the penalty fee is... Read more

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