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I called in and told netspend that I wanted my account blocked representative told me card was blocked 2 days later there was a card to card transfer wow and durning call stated that a new card was being issued call back in 2 days letter told me a another transaction had been made how is this possible?  representative told me oh well I'm going to put a restriction on card 2days later account is... Read more

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Went online, Applied, Zapped, Approved:((( WHAT???? Their 1st Question? How much will procedure cost. Gave estimate. Estimate was not what I wanted to borrow. Continued through the application process. Now my credit will reflect that amt. ANGRY!!! So mad I can't share 100 words. The phone number led me to ONLY AUTOMATED voice!! Had I spoken to a real person . . . I expect the results... Read more

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These idiots have no way to contact them (apparently without having an account to pay them because they charge to talk to you) I have had this cell number for a year and a half, and hate getting texts telling me the guy that HAD this number is a broke. Please contact me so I can stop getting these messages.... Add comment

I have constantly tried to obtain replacement vanilla Mastercard by calling phone number provided on the back of the card for almost two months. Fortunately, I called Incomm Corporation for vanilla Mastercard who reactivated the original gift card 770-240-6100. I hope this information helps. Add comment

I was told I was approved for a loan and just had to provide "good faith" proof that I could make the payments. (Like an *** I did it). I used the green dot cards as I was told and list $280!!! When I complained to greendotcorp that people were using their cards for fraudulent and illegal purposes telegram basically told me too bad!!!! Add comment

I had 3 tranaction that i did not authorized totaling $107 and they refused to return my money. It was debit off my visa card and the money belong to my son who get SSI. Add comment

I filed a charge dispute with Netspend on 3/17/15 the representative didn't cancel my card which had been stolen when they put the money back on my card whoever stole my card spent that money too because the card was still active due to the representative negligence so when I called Netspend they said oh we're so sorry for your inconvenience we will expedite you another card and told me to fax... Read more

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Very poor service. The company put a temporary block on my card twice, asking for copies of my I.d and social. I sent it to them each time. Customer service is very rude with lack of the English language. Found out that the company answering the calls is not in certified to do any thing other than TALK! I hate netspend and the prepaid card company along with there hidden fees, should be shut... Read more

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Company is definitely a scam. I loaded the card because of a family emergency to find that you can't load the funds due to technical difficulties. IF you can get customer service they say it should be fixed in a week. I am convinced they know you will ask for a refund which takes 30 days. So they get interest on everyones money for 30 days. Brilliant legal scam. To make it worse I... Read more

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Horrible!! Also faulse advertising because you do NOT always get paid early from your job like they say on the commercial or even the paperwork when you receive your rushcard. Lies. Just pure lies. Add comment

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