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Much like the other reviews here, they put me through the ringer. Forms, tax returns, bank statements, W-2's, etc. One step at a time. So first fill out forms. 3 days later, ask for w-2's. 3 days later, ask for tax returns, etc. I have a credit score of 780 (higher with the other 2 agencies), make $215k per year plus a bonus and was quoted $21,000.00 / 3 years / 6.62% - and fully funded within 48... Read more

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Skylight Visa was recommended by my employer last year, as they were trying to convert to only electronic payroll. You could choose your own bank, and if you did not have a bank or preferred to get you paycheck deposited elsewhere, Skylight was given as an option. I have a checking account, but prefer to keep my payroll separate, so I chose Skylight. Big mistake! Skylight is a prepaid debit card... Read more

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I was given a $20,000 credit limit for dental work, but only needed $2,000. I reduced the amount bc I didn't want $20,000 worth of credit in my name. After reducing the credit amount, they gave me a whole new loan with different terms! And now, I can't afford the payments and they are charging me late fees every month for partial payments. I have called more times than I can count. The customer... Read more

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well, if you have a Rush card i would STRONGLY advise u to get rid of it. On December 30th these non English speaking people placed a block on my card. I have them every piece of information as they requested and they still have not removed the block. i have spent at 6-8 hrs on the phone trying to understand these people. u call an 866 number and it goes to India - and here's the funny part... Read more

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I recently (after receiving offers from them every 2 weeks for 3 months) opened a new Capital One Credit Card Account. I received my card a few days ago, phoned the number given to activate and set up my PIN...of course I had to first listen and respectfully decline their offers of insurance, fraud protection etc. (a 20 minute process). Within the hour I stopped at a Bank's ATM and... Read more

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Went to Wal Mart this morning to grab a package of TShirts $5.54. 1,200.00 in account and was denied. Lady behind me paid for them.. Thank you Stacy! otherwise my grandson would have been without his supplies. Called bank plenty of money in account, went to kroger at lunch bought 30.00 worth No problem, called Telecheck Guess what auotmated automated automated..... THANKS WAL MART AND TELECHECK... Read more

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I too have not been able to access my money due to their "technology glitch" and Russell Simmons lied saying "you will get your money on your actual payday but not 2 days early", my actual payday came and still no access. They will not even let you speak to a rep when you call, I did get a rep early this morning after waiting on hold for 55 minutes to be told someone would call me back in 3... Read more

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I recently tried the netspend card and got my part time job check deposited on the card and it worked the first week and i have yet to received my other checks? anyone else have this problem and if so what did you do?? ive been seen that my company deposited the funds but have yet to received it i'm getting anxious and upset i wish i never would have tried their card because ive had nothing... Read more

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I have been receiving this letter from union workers credit services for about five years now and I have noticed that they are consistently changing the address around. S.C.A.M!!!! this is too good to be true,I have never applied for a credit card ever that i had to give up money for in order to receive it, maybe there was a fee for the card but it is usually deducted from the actual card once... Read more

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Received a Mastercard netspend card with my name on it. Called the number on card and there is no option available to cancel. Went to their website called Call us toll-free at 1-86-NETSPEND (1-866-387-7363) at 8am CT and there is no option to cancel can only talk to a representative if you have lost or stolen your card. So I picked that option anyways to get a live person and been on hold for... Read more

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