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We were supposed to have a visa card issued to us according to person setting up account and we got issued a master card. Called back when we got card to talk to manager and said we had to either wait a year with the master card or cancel. We cancelled because the manager was just so rude and unable to stand by their mistake. Now we lost points on our credit and have to have our credit ran... Read more

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One month ago, I purchased a Walmart Money Card (the black one) and put $500 dollars into it. Later that day, online, I put my street address into my online profile when activating the card. Two weeks later, the card never came. I called the money card hotline, the woman switched my mailing address to my PO BOX, cancelled my card and said they would send out a new one. Two weeks later, a card... Read more

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Your card sucks and you are ripoff artists who try to steal money from hard working people. I would never recommend you to anyone Add comment

My card was lock and it dont work. I want to go pay a dress and it was deline it was a $100dollar card. Add comment

The FBI shut down some of Capitol One's websites for selling stolen credit card numbers. Capitol One refused to reimburse consumers after Minnesota's Attorney General found them guilty of profiting by tricking consumers. They recently started charging me an annual fee but my credit card has been canceled for over 5 YEARS! They won't take me off their mailing list and keep sending me unwanted... Read more

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Hidden fees hidden surprises and in a legal battle. Don't waste your time. Terrible customer service. I've waited longer on the phone with them then in a line for a Black Friday sale. Add comment

I am wondering if anyone else has had issues with the Wal-Mart money card. There needs to be a federal investigation into this particular card and Green Dot bank. Hard working people are being robbed for their money for faulty cards that are on the shelves at Wal-Mart on Murphy Canyon Rd in San Diego, ca. And according to my encounters with the management there. They are aware that this is an... Read more

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I had my card stolen and when I called customer service they was ignorant to the fact that one I just got the card and I didn't know the card number but I had and got the account number and routing number and they still didn't cancel my account Add comment

Horrible service and very unprofessional they take money from your customer and hold it from you and tell you they are doing an audit on you ! Add comment

After someone gain access to my personal belonging ...had to file charges i then called netspend and filed unauthorization charge ..netspend assists me it would take 8 business back on April 20,2015 i was told to wait till the 26th, what is really going on?? with the analyze team and netspend with my money,,,,netspend is not fair to their long term-short term cust.. Im nearly sick to... Read more

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