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Back in 2009, I applied and received a secured credit card from First Premier Bank. I purchased a couple small items with it and began to notice very quickly that no matter when I sent my payment in I would receive a late fee of $25.00! I understand the principle of a secured credit card and think when the theory is applied correctly it's a good idea but this was wrong. After months of... Read more

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Care Credit is the worse card I currently have. .I was told by my now no longer in business veterinary. .That my bill will not be over $50.00 a month. .Now it's almost $200.00 a month. .Once the promotion which I had no idea about was added to my card.. Add comment


They are affiliated I no this cause they did the same, they took my Line of Credit from Bank of America, and now I'm being sued for Breach of Contract, im confused I thought I was with the Bank, I too had not been told that they now had my account, between the lies, harassment and them calling my son at work reguarding my account, I'm appalled that they can do this, plus the lawyer whose suing me... Read more

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Discover said I gave them the wrong account number. I say no. They say they have proof, but I would need a subpoena to here it. Dinged my credit for $140 bucks (809 to 726). Said they would return calls, never do. Will not remove their error. Enrolled me in direct pay without my permission when I did a "one time" to zero out the balance. Worst customer service I have ever had They... Read more

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My American Express Credit Card was wrongly cancelled. I never really use credit cards and I have hundreds in my desk, however this angered me to no end. Also, my balance is 0$ on all of my credit cards. I called the number on the back of the cc and was sent to India. I could not understand most of the time what they said. I did understand that I didn't use cc much, and other reasons for... Read more

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Took viedo and audio recordings with my conversation with a coumster service rep. They lie and hide behind a contact that violates federal laws.It appears that inexperienced staff are maning the phone. Rude and disrespectful altitudes. I will never give sny Discover employee my time of the day.Discrimination is their tools of deception. Add comment


I was hounded by phone and in person by a smooth talking, chart wielding salesperson from Transnational Bankcard, guaranteeing me huge savings if I signed up with his company. I have lost hundreds of dollars because I am now paying 5% for every transaction processed due to astronomical fees. When I figured out that I was in fact not saving money but spending more I called my salesperson to... Read more

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I had been a customer in good standing with Emerge for several years, always paid my bill on time and always well above minimum required. Then suddenly I received a letter saying that they would be cancelling my card along with their other customers. They indicated that it was nothing that I had done but basically a management decision. It's been a while but I believe there was prior letter... Read more

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This same exact thing happened to me today. Yesterday two customers sent payments for an upcoming vacation rental. Later that day, I got an email from Square stating that I needed to log-in to my account and go through a verification process. I have been using Square for almost a year now. Taking payments from countless of customers with no issues. I submitted all the documents as requested... Read more

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Capital One seems to be the biggest identity thief. For some weired reason, they deactivated my Credit Card Account saying that there was a "Fraud" alert. Why would this happen- I have no idea. But it happend and suddenly. They couldn't give me a reason for this to me. I called them and they asked me several questions - mother's maiden name, ssn, address, phone no, etc. etc. Even after answering... Read more

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