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I diane Deas reload a money pal online and the money has not shown up on the card as of yet (973)6079841 please call me asap Add comment


I experienced the same thing yesterday, and presently trying to get my money off the card.The person i spoke with was playing as a public defender.When I got to the police dept. for the same type of accident their was no report and my son was in his dorm room. The scammer made a mistake and told me to go to the police dept first instead of calling the guy back with my card numbers.As a result... Read more

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  • Rushcard
  • 23 hours ago
  • by anonymous
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Will I understand I've been thru rush card for a while they love to mess with my cards they'll block my card so many times Add comment


called discover customer service because someone stole my identity, took out a card and spent $7,000. Well actually, they spent $6,999. they said they would call me back in 24-48 hours. Like it was no big deal. The customer service guy in the Fraud dept. was a total ***! They were not willing to do ANYTHING. Told him I was calling my lawyer! AND it is hard for them to call me back when they... Read more

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Missed a payment for the first time in 35 years because a glitch put me on paperless statements. Since I did not get a statement I missed the payment. Card was declined. Called and talked to somebody in I think India. They put me on hold while they e mailed each other. Terrible customer service. Should be called Indian Express. Easy to fix. I now use my free Master card Add comment


I obtained the card and sent them the number on the back side of the card after several minutes the party told me the number was not valid. I said I am out 149 allready. He assured me that he would get me back my initial and told me to get another card which i reluctantly did. Yesterday he wanted me to get another card, I would not. This morning I went on line and check the funds on the two cards... Read more

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I put $100 on a green dot money pak card and went to scratch the numbers off and i couldn't read the first three numbers, how do i get my money back in cash???????? i want my money back now and they told me to call the 800 number but it is a recorded voice that does not help me with anything i need and i am not happy about thus green dot bull *** i want my money back now. I am pissed at this here... Read more

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I called my CitiCard customer service and reported a breach of my card.A magazine marketing company charged my card without my approval. Citicard closed my card to protect myself but was not told that my Rewards point had to be used ASAP. When I went to use my reward points 6 or so weeks later they had been removed from the account record even though I was invoiced for the final bill.. After... Read more

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  • Netspend
  • 2 days ago
  • by anonymous
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I have been with NS for almost 8 years and never really had any issues. I hardly pay any fees, I can overdraft up to $100 a month and I always get my check 3-5 days early....However the last few months it seems to be coming later and theyre webpage is now saying just 2 days early.......Im not sure this is NS fault....but it sucks:( Add comment


Dealfind offered me 100 dealfind dollars for applying a credir card. Before i use it it disappeared. I called. They said ncrowd took over dealfind. But we did not carry credit balance. So you get nothing. My friend had 3 vouchers of 70 dollars. They gone too. Please do not buy anything from ncrowd. Befcuase same people will take over with different company name and you will loose everything. If... Read more

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