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Man I was lied to by Achieve.never got the100for using my job to deposit my money or getnever got payed two days before check day.all was lies Add comment

my card was blocked ,they will not tell me why! they said I need documents, I sent what I had, they want my ss card well that's the problem .why cant they ask me something about me like other co. do. I need what little bit of money I have in my account, today is turkey day I have no food. or gas to go...have no dog food now im mad as ***!!!.all my money was put in this account what a mistake... Read more

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  • Netspend
  • 1 day ago
  • by anonymous
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I got my 15 year old sibling a netspend card where he can manage and save his money without always having cash on him or losing it if it falls out of his pocket. If he needs some money it's easy to transfer money into his account. I don't see anything wrong with that. It's fast and convenient for him and for myself as well. It's *** to be mad over NOTHING. Add comment

Avoid PayAnywhere like herpes. I processed two $200 payments in July 2014 from a customer and was "randomly" selected for an audit. They did not provide any other explanation and are still holding my funds -- it's 4 MONTHS LATER. I asked them to just reverse the charges back onto the credit card of my customer (NOT TO ME). They couldn't even do that. PayAnywhere is horrible. PayAnywhere needs to... Read more

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I just to get approve for care credit an they denied me i have a cat with a swollen broken leg an all my around here takes care credit i guess u have to make a million dollars before they touch u they are just another scamm dont waste ur time with them Add comment

I brought a moneypak card on Tuesday November 25, 2014 at Walgreens. I load $400.00 on it once I came home to transfer onto my rush card it said zero balance. I called Moneypak they said its no funds on the card I asked him how could that be when I just purchase the card. So I went back to Walgreens the young lady got her Manager. The manager called Moneypak nobody answer the phone. I was in... Read more

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What a joke this money hungry company is. They draft the money out of your account the same day and make you wait 5 days for the funds to show up so you can use the card, they take thier startup fee out quick but make you wait when you pail the bill. BIG JOKE COMPANY Add comment

Do not have a checking or savings and want to pay my bill but you don't accept debit from paycheck card. Add comment

I went for this card and like many others skimmed through the terms and conditions, really not' not word 4 word. Didn't realized that it pre paid. I have good enough credit to get credit cards and don't need that. Now the fees of four dollars and ninety five cents for reloading (really?) This is very evasive card. So beware..... I am not saying don't get it , just read it all.I may even be able... Read more

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  • Rushcard
  • 2 days ago
  • by anonymous
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The customers service rep at rush card are the worst they need more training my card cracked in it took me about 13 calls to finally get the situation resolved Add comment