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Beware people royal farms WILL RIP YOU OFF,i go in to buy several things and was charged 3 times. Yes you could say i am pissed for this is bill money like most people cannot spare, now i have to type more wording in hopes on there behalf that i will not continue this complaint but there wrong,surely you mean what i say when i say RIPPED OFF. to add more it is christmas and this could not have... Read more

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I do not like Achievecard? First off you do not get your $ two days faster, that's a lie!!! Customer Service isn't ***, can't provide you with any information too be honest do not sign up for Achievecard they suck ***.... Get a Western union or Rush Card, Brinks, they work very fine!!! On Achievecard you can't even use your *** reward points and you have too bid, wtf kind of *** is that I had... Read more

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Now I wrote you chuck and u never response now since no one want to listen to the recording when I call this is what I'm going to do I'm talk to bill carpo who investigate these type of situation and also I getting a lawyer since you have a problem I been with u guy 4years and never had problem I always pay my bill on.the 5 Add comment

I bought two moneypaks and before i got to pay my bills or put the money on my card a company called cash advance usa took my money off of them how does that happen and now im out of my money and no way to get back Add comment

These people are the most ignorant folks I have dealt with in a long time. I had my tax return money sent to a card that I purchased through netspend. Once the money hit my card netspend put my account on hold. I have been on the phone with several different representatives and each person has given a different answer as to what I need to do in order to take the block off of my account. I have... Read more

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I bought a green dot money pak for$320 to put on my account now account and I got a comformation but they money never got in my acct and you can only email greendot customer service they have no phone number this sucks Add comment


I have been a Netspend customer for a couple of years, and before now, never had any issues. I signed up for their text message alerts, which texts my phone any time there is a purchase/transaction made on my account. So....yesterday I was sitting in a Veterinary Clinic with my sick dog, when my phone started beeping. Oh yeah, a message alerting me that my balance is now $0.00 thanks to a... Read more

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This company is fast to help with medical/dental to those in need of services. When false charges were added to my bill, they were absolutely no help in the resolution. NONE This company works with doctors and dentists to steal your money!!!!! My next step is to file small claims court against dentist and then against CareCredit for any insult to my credit report. Do yourself a favor, stay... Read more

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I am the CFO of a large company with several company cars. We selected 2 cars as a trial for BP cards. WHAT A NIGHTMARE!!!!! They opened 2 accounts for me by mistake and admitted it was their mistake, but when I sent payment in for both accounts, they only applied it to one so they sent me an overdue notice with a 75.00 late fee! That is when I found out they had made their " mistake." They... Read more

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