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I work at a factory where I dont make alot of money, and I have to take care of my kids by myself.Well on friday i was planning on going grocery shopping, but before that I decided to go to food city gas and go to get 15 dollars worth of gas.I used my card at the pump.Everything was going fine until I went to ring up my groceries.They told me that my card was declined.I checked my account, and... Read more

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I purchase a greendot card to pay for my plane ticket I have my phone is reverse to my card so I can buy another plane ticket apparently there was a security issue with your company I'm having to wait 2 weeks to get my money its a pay for my plane ticket understand your have a policy but that's not right for me to have to suffer I will never use your company again and I'm going to make sure that... Read more

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I sent a check with my account number on it paying off in full my credit card balance. It was cashed within ten days and not posted to my account. I kept getting a bill and I thought they were just behind on their posting. Finally called and spoke to two agents and was told I would be given a conditional pay off until they can find the check!!! I did everything they asked and they wanted to... Read more

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Basically I never signed or verbally agreed to ANY of the fees I was charged by a company. USAA's fraud protection has considerably let me down and now I'm out $150 since the company decided to act in an unethical manner and bill me for services never rendered. USAA's dispute resolution group is a giant joke. I'm shocked they're siding with a company where I never signed or agreed anything... Read more

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Criminal took advantage of Greendot"MoneyPak" with PayPal and ebay symbol in front of card. I respond to craiglist advertisement I was told I will received email from ebaymotors "which was faked" for further instruction. I was instructed to get Greendot"MonePak" with Paypal and ebay symbol in front and send them a copy of the MoneyPak card and proof of purchase to start the shipment. I detected... Read more

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Achieve card sent back a wire transfer that my friend sent. When I first talked to them about why a wire transfer would take 4-7 days to get put on my achieve card they didn't inform me then that the wire would be sent back to my friend. They are liars they are extremely rude when I called customer support. Add comment


I have a small business in photography and I have a credit card machine already which I return to leasecomm with no problem because the Bank of America offers a competitive rate. So the BofA sales rep comes in to my studio and provide me a good rate, we don't have any hard copy of paperwork sort of any agreement she just have me sign on the ipad without any text except just the line for... Read more

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THESE *** SCAMMERS TOOK ALL I HAD. THESE *** WANT GIVE ME MY *** MONEY BACK. THATS ALL I WANT BACK IS MY MONEY. Call these people all I get is a tucking recording. I don't WHAT to here that .I what TO talk to a real live person . THESE PEOPLE R THE SCAMMER. ALL I WANT IS MY MONEY. PLEASE. CAN I GET MY MONEY. I am a single mother. Work hard for my MONEY for some one take it from me. I think... Read more

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I don't know yet' so I a, glad to read all the experiences' I applied and just rec card-the terms are in Spanish which I DO NOT COMPREHEND? I can only wonder if it's because they don't want ,e to understand. I was too as long as paid 12mos Add comment

Greendot sucks! They blocked my card for suspicious activity and all I did was make 4 eBay purchases! They cancelled my card and when I spoke to a live operator that could barely speak English she couldn't tell me why just that it was cancelled and I could never have another card and that was that! Lame! Add comment