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A consultant contacted my boyfriend saying that she was starting a business and offering free facials, after contacting me and inviting herself into my home I had the most awkward unprofessional and embarrassing (on her part) night. Long story short, she was pushy, kept on saying how much she didn't like/ have an interest in makeup!?!?!?!?!?!?! When I cancelled my order after numerous issues I... Read more

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I ordered this and a sister product to try for free only to read the pamphlet upon arrival stating the real price. There is nothing free about this trial product. Once received, if contact to company is not made within fourteen days, my credit card will be charged $89.00. I am having my bank deny any charges made by this company. And my guess is the product is as fraudulent as the sales method... Read more

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I love coming to the store. But I signed up for the rewards and they sent me a 10 dollar coupon that expired in a week. How are you going to "reward" me by telling me when I can use my coupon? Add comment

My name is saira Gonzalez I placed an order of the luminess airbrush, I can't get them to stop charging my account what do I do, because this is crazy already every time I cash my check they manage to withdraw a substantial amount of money, why I don't even know, they have over charged me for over 4 months now this has got to stop, if you can help please do so because who knows how many people... Read more

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I too have had problems with WEN. My sister liked the hair care and so I ordered. It has not helped my hair. I was wondering about my excessive hair loss and now I wonder more after reading reviews. IS WEN to plan. Also, it is too expensive and being charged excessively for a refill. I have tried to cancel and will keep trying. I would like my money back, but don't hold much hope for that... Read more

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I called to order the products for $29.95. When I realized I was calling the Philippines, I didn't order. Is there any place in the states where this is sold? I presume Wen is manufactured in the Philippines as well. Not good. Add comment


Afterward I began looking for something with the price on it but found nothing. I called the number listed but all I got was some *** on the other end of the phone saying I had to have the specific name of the product before he could look it up. I told him time and time was the invoice said but he said he couldn't find the product. Go Figure. I sent them an email telling them to cancel my... Read more

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I placed AN Order for 39.95 I was Bill and shipped for 3 orders with out my request or permission at 49.95 VERY DECEPTIVE I CALLED TO CANCEL FUTURE ORDERS AFTER second order was shipped and dented from my account without my permission and was still debited for a third order without my permission and was considered by my bank a delinquent and charged 34.00$ in addition to $49.95 not$39.95 NOW I... Read more

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I purchased two wigs from a company called which is also When they came the wigs looked like ***, they looked nothing like the picture online.I had one card from and one card from so beware had I known this was rpgshow I would have never ordered from them. The hair looked like cheap synthetic beauty supply store hair. I asked them before I mplaced my... Read more

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