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I loved ther products. Yes after the 14 days I would have had to buy it or send back, but I knew that going in. But they gave me a 2 for 1 deal along with the opportunity to purchase once more at 3 for the price of one. Ive found that good facial creams are right around the same price; but, la creme and bella labs used together; one day the other at night, made a great difference in my skin. I... Read more

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I ordered Dermal Meds cream on a free trial offer..It stated that I would have 30 days to try it for a charge of $4.99..Well, they charged my card 96.00 three days after I ordered it..and also put me on a monthly shipment basis with a charge to my card for $96.00 each month..This is a total scam..I will notify the I am sure other people have...This product should be banned from the... Read more

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I am a perfume hobbyist who orders extensively from online suppliers. My early experiences with Fragrancenet have been challenging with their two week delay between billing and shipping. Their shipping charges are $35 NZD for a bottle of perfume, so you would think it allows for premium shipping. Not so. A lengthy delivery time follows, far longer than its competitors. The order that I placed on... Read more

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I had placed an order on Ulta and somewhere along the lines they or UPS messed up and I never received the items. The first person I talked to at "guest services" was rude and dismissive telling me I needed to call UPS to see what happened. Excuse me? I work in a call center too so I know exactly what happened. You call them. That's the reason I am calling YOU! Then the second person I talked to... Read more

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I had a little of the same experience at the kiosk with a rep. At the Nh mall. The rep tried to rip me off with the facial gel that actually impressed me and said it was $150 with free product but fortunately I'm not as *** as some of you I told me to give me their website but insisted that I would be more than 150 so I told them when I check the website I'll come back and guess what $65 on the... Read more

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I despise ordering things I line as I fear I will deal with idiots, well I bought a months supply of meaningful beauty for my moms birthday. I used a pre paid credit card and the dyslexic sales attendant out 4718 instead of 4817 for the address and I never recieved my package. I called bak to find out what happened, upon finding he address mistake I give the correct address and the sales... Read more

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I started using wen 3 months ago. I have very thick long hair. After 1 and a half months of use my hair is falling out. I have to clean my shower drain, hair brush, and sink every single morning from the massive amounts of hair loss after each shampoo. My ponytail is half as big as it used to be. I explored all options of what might be the cause but this shampoo is the only change I have made. I... Read more

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I must say; I m so disappointed with my MB experience. It saddens me that I have spent good money, on a product that does not deliver. I have been using MB for over a year, n my skin looks worse than it did before I began using it. Please, think about these honest reviews before purchasing this product line. It does NOT WORK!!!!!! It's way too expensive for what u get. Add comment


Cancel and they still tried to take money out of my bank. Go to Amazon and can buy the same thing for 49.95 instead of 160.00. They got the first 79.95 but not the second. The customer service person on the phone said he was crediting my second 79.95 for something I never got. DON'T sign up for No Risk Trial You Will regret it. You can look on the internet and get it cheaper. QVC has the same... Read more

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