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Placed order online Dec 9, order just shipped on Dec 18 for delivery on Dec 30. Too bad this was full of Christmas presents! I am VERY VERY disapointed in Ulta. I am a Platinum member and spend a lot of money there. When I tried to call Customer Service I was on hold for 47 minutes before I gave up. I ended up sending them email via their web site, we'll see what happens. I know they are... Read more

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I ordered the free trial, with the words "This is a 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee Trial Offer." Read again-IT DOES NOT OFFER MONEY BACK if not satisfied. When I finaly received the order (quite a while after my credit card was charged $24.91 and $1.00 for processing the card) I looked at it, and decided that it was far more complicated than had been indicated in all the ads, and I did not want... Read more

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I have a similar problem with Hydroderm as previous posters. My advice is: gather all information and records, like: - the page you have ordered from (printed and saved electronically, see your browser's history to recover this), records of purchase confirmations, Terms and Conditions (in the link on the bottom of the page you have ordered from), a scan of your order docket which came with your... Read more

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Placed an order dec 2, 2014, it's dec 18, 2014, as I still have not received it. I called customer service twice, spoke to a supervisor and no one seems to care or issue me a credit they can't even confirm when will my order arrive. They are truly the worst company in the nation. I will never Order from ulta again. I would say buyer be aware. Add comment

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RXRepair/Pathos skin care
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I got these two items as a sample for $4.95 a piece next thing I know is I get $83 for the RX item taken out of my account and $53 taken out of my account for these items. I want my money back! They had NO PERMISSION to go into my account!!!!' I saw the ads on Facebook. All I got was a sample what gives these people the right to go into your account and STEAL your money. I called them back which... Read more

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susan thrasher, 28016 N. 251st ave, wittmann please send my money back in a check I return unopened package from you when I already cancel it return date Nov 18 or 20th you got it & did not refund on my credit card so please send a check instead, this cream did not do a thing for my face which is ok I am 68 years old so I tried so I returned the unopened 2nd one.... please send my... Read more

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I bought a Mont Blanc Individuel from Perfumania Aventura. I bought as a gift so it wasn't opened right away. The recipient told me it smelled cheap. When I smelled it, it smelled like a cheap cologne bought from a knockoff company. I didn't complain to the company because I lost the receipt. Needless to say, I won't be going back and I think there should be a class action lawsuit to stop this... Read more

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I was on Walmart site trying to look what is on sale.Suddenly it pop up asking me to do a 5 seconds survey.I answer at least 5 question and then at the end of the survey telling me to choose one of the 3 items as my prize for participating.choice #(1)not beauty product choice #(2)is beauty product and choice # (3.) is Walmart credit card worth of $50 Choice no. 3 which is Walmart credit of $50... Read more

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I am very disappointed in Ulta and will never shop from Ulta again. The first time I made a purchase in 2013, i wanted to return something and somehow Ulta representatives told me the warehouse did not receive it on time which is wrong. I shipped the products I wanted to return within the 30 days and had a receipt to show proof. Somehow, I lost that receipt but Ulta still refused to issue me a... Read more

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I tried this a while back, didn't see any difference at all in my hair. Oh and why do all these things advertised on tv have actors as their spokes people? They can afford anything. Cost WAY to much money!!!!! Add comment

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