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Meaningful beauty is FAR MORE expensive than Cindy Crawford leads you to believe on her infomercial. It is also very difficult to cancel. Won't do that again. Buy products where you have the control not some robo voice on the end of a line that is charged to upsell. Add comment

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  • Julep
  • 5 hours ago
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I want to unsubscribe for julep i have no clue how to do so they keep taking money from my card and im not receiving anything Add comment


Well, I must say a feel a little better about my situation after reading some reviews. Wow! Some people bought $400 worth of product? I only got talked into a little over $160 for 4 different products. Averages only $40 per products, which in my opinion is pretty reasonable, even after looking up how much they cost on Amazon. Most of their products cost around the same price on eBay or... Read more

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I bought wen products and used them for a few weeks, My hair seemed soft so I bought it for my sister as a gift since she has coarse hair. About six months later , we were together for the holidays. We live in different climates, are six years apart and have totally different hair but when we got together we realized that we were BOTH LOSING OUR HAIR and the only thing we had in common was the... Read more

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  • NutraBio
  • 23 hours ago
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Same problem, recurring charges, no product sent out and when I called to cancel they tried to send me more. A free year of product. Sure it is!! Add comment


Love the product. Customer service is awful. I believe they have a 10 min. Alloted time to speak w/ customers. If issue unresolved , click. Nice. Not sure if most know/understand english. Can never get the point across. Sad. May have to order from QVC, where they understand english. Did not want to pay the shipping and am on a reoccuring order, yet NEVER get seasonal and always end up w/ Almond... Read more

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I fell for the ad about a free 7-day trial and ordered both products in August 2014, only to find that they sent me a 30-day trial and I would have to pay for that. I immediately called and cancelled, and was informed that they would just make a one-time charge of approx. $45 for each product, half of the retail value. My credit card was charged for both products and I thought that was the... Read more

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I haven't had an experience w/keranique, but I have read hundreds of reveiws on this site & Amazon. Plus did research I was to scared to try product after reading multiple reveiws of your hair completly falling out before growing back. I don't wanna go bald to hope maybe product might work. I just want thicker, fuller hair. Even though bottle says sulfate free it is not. It has a sulfate... Read more

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As everyone else this awful company scammed me where it hurts! After paying $4.95 for a "sample" they charged my account for $89.95. This was after calling twice, as they hung up on me the first time, they assured a refund as we spoke. After waiting four days, the refund of $13.98 was in my account. Needless to say, I called again, and after three more hang ups finally talked to a "representive".... Read more

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