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It's fraud!! Anyone who has ordered this free trial best solution is don't contact them ring your bank immediately telling them to cancel all & payment requests to this company! Don't send product back but tell a little white lie to bank saying that you have returned it but heard nothing & after finding out it's a scam are worried & want all payment requests to be rejected. The bank... Read more

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I, also, believed the hype about these products. And I, also got ripped off. I was charged $89 and $87 only eleven days after my initial order. A phone call to customer service was to no availl. They offered me a 50% refund which I declined and said that was not acceptable. I sent a certified letter return receipt requested advising if my money was not returned within 14 days I would be... Read more

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My kid smells like a tree... The baby body wash stinks! Add comment

My sister's eyes swelled shut.!! She applied the eye cream last night & by this morning her eyes were almost swollen shut. Her neighbor had to take her to Urgent Care. By the time she got there they WERE SWOLLEN SHUT. Here's a picture when she 1st got up this morning . DON'T USE THIS PRODUCT. Add comment

Store clerk was very rude. I shop here at least three times a month. Today I was treated like I had no idea what i was talking about. I will never ever go back to this location if i go back at all now! Add comment

I bought this product from cvs and after one use have returned it. The smell was horrible. My whole house smelt like medicine. Even after washing my socks I could still smell it. It was worse then the smell of bengay. It may work buy I can't go to work with that stink Add comment

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I was charged for the trial products the day i recieved them even though i called and cancelled right then. They charged me $38.71 right away and told me to keep the products. What is scam and false company. Never again give my credit card to anyone or company you dont know about. Add comment

I haven't ordered due to the bad reviews however I did have a bad experience wit Chaz Dean's Wen product where they keep billing your credit card even after your account has been cancelled. You can't trust any of them I guess. Add comment

I was lied to and scammed . I ordered and paid the $39. + which was no problem. Then i gettin this bill for $100. What happened? now customer service says. "you got product" yea but now you are charging me the $100. THAT WAS SAID IN COMMERCIAL AND STILL is Running today. This offer is worth $139. But you pay $39. so where dies it say ill be billed later for $100. That you said was in the... Read more

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My sister used nair for sensive skin what do you put in your products as it burned her and left angry red blisters around her mouth leaving her in agony and very self concious enclosed is a photo please help Add comment

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