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same as everyone else I thought I was paying just for the postage 2 99 but then in 2 months a total of 365sterling from seven different names have gone into my bank account and stolen this money some of the names are Avc 4 me, Get superket, Sk superhealth, Aw Beautemer, Aloevreaharmony,, Complete Save, I can't understand for the life of me how these people are... Read more

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My hair shed ALOT and I developed a very itchy scalp using Aveda Scalp Therapy shampoo and conditioner. The itching stopped and shedding decreased dramatically when I stopped using Aveda products. I went months assuming it was something else causing my reaction as I trusted Aveda's natural plant based formulas would be much more gentle than other products.I was very surprised that it would cause... Read more

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When seeing a $149.50 bill on my credit card for supposed sample kit for $5.95. I notified my bank about the charge then went to the site to question the billing. Not only was their autorefill cancellation links broken,as well as the contact customer support link. (see image below)Under terms and conditions I finally found a telephone number. The customer service person said because I... Read more

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I ordered products from FragranceShop in late 2014, to be mailed to me in Australia. They were never delivered. I complained by eMail and I demanded a refund. I have been in eMail correspondence with them for the last five months, and each time I received a reply about the status of my complaint. Their last reply a few weeks ago was that my refund was imminent. It has not arrived and I now... Read more

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I have been using wen for 5 years, love it. Hair has never been so healthy. Add comment

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  • Chaz Dean
  • 19 hours ago
  • by anonymous
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I tried Wen & couldn't tell any difference in hair even by end of bottle. Very expensive, customer service sucks. Won't recommend or use again. Add comment

Ridiculous. I too signed up for the free box with $2.99 shipping that ended up in a $24.99 subscription that I never signed up for. When I called to cancel and was told the information about my subscription was emailed to me, I asked them to send me the email because I never received one indicating I was ordering anything more than one box. I had looked through my email before calling to ensure I... Read more

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  • Keranique
  • 22 hours ago
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I had an allergic reaction to the product. I sent my items back and they still charged my account. Im still waiting to hear back from someone on this accord. Add comment

I purchase the nono pro several months ago I used it for about a week and a half because it did not work at all it might've burnt off a couple Hair but you had to go over it and over it and over it and over it and it told you only do it a couple times I would not recommend this product especially for the price Add comment

I use it to help fight colds, it's great on cut, helps sooth soar throats, smells great. I had a skin infection and used Doterra for three days till I finally saw my doctor. My Doctor was shocked at how little it had spread. Still needed antibiotic (because I don't believe the oils replace modern meds) but was pleased at how much they helped. Think of them like a vitamin, they are going to help... Read more

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