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Cosmetics and Toiletries Complaints and Reviews

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Purchased Dermalogica microexfoliant and not only was it not properly sealed it seem half empty. My husband threw out the return box so im stuck.RIP OFF!!!!never shop there again. Add comment

MK operates like any other MLM or DM in history: It requires some start-up cash for actual inventory. Real customer base is never guaranteed nor sustained. Some Reps do make a some cash on the side, but the real higher-ups or 'Ambassador' level figures, results and whole percentages with income, is far less 2%. And like any MLM or DM, MaryKay will pitch the wealth-factor and the "fun fun fun"... Read more

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1 time, I went to look at Keranique's site. That's all it took. I receive DAILY SPAM from them. And daily, I mark it as "SPAM" and still, the next day? There's ANOTHER SPAM email from Kerinique. I feel stalked by this company that I'd never do business with after reading all of the negative reviews. This is another "business" which constantly disappoints and angers its customers. There are... Read more

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No matter what coupon I have, what the flyer says, or what the store marketing says... I cannot purchase at ulta and get the advertised discount. Inevitably whatever it is I'm trying to buy will be exempted from discount. This even happened when I had a flier and was buying the exact item pictures in the flyer- in that one instance, calling over a manager and threatening social media made them... Read more

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I used it for 3 months hoping perseverance would give me some good results, but it never did. It shortened some hairs, didnt affect others. It claims it will make your skin smoother than shaving, but that is a complete lie. I wasted my money. Add comment

I clicked on a banner ad while on Facebook...offering free samples of a beauty product. All that was required was the payment of shipping. I received two products a few weeks later that I opened but did not use. I checked my credit card and found that I had been charged $99.98 for the products and realized that somehow, I had seemingly agreed to have monthly fulfilment of this product. ... Read more

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While visiting the Raliegh, NC area and an Ulta store, I overheard a professional appearing woman(afterwards finding out she was a loss prevention for Ulta Beauty Stores in that area) speaking to a prestige associate and her manager, instructing them to "clean up" any returned items; visable to me..liquid foundation and a blush; and returning them to the sale floor-shelf to be re-sold! What in... Read more

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This is a very questionable company. I have the same issue as others, but have contacted my bank about their slick but bad business practices. I have several emails between us that I will be happy to share on-line should they start trying to get money from my account. I have blocked them on my card, and should they not respond positively I will cancel my card and take the matter much further... Read more

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I ordered a kit, which arrived with broken pots, so I told them. A few days later I received another set and I also cancelled my re supply order on the website. I returned the pots within two weeks of the arrival of the original (broken) set but was charged on this same day and, despite not having had the product for two weeks, despite cancelling my order and despite having returned the... Read more

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I purchased this Product on a trial basis and through no fault of my own had to have a back op so was unable to try the goods, then to my horror within the 4 wks they STOLE the money from my account which totaled £99.98 leaving me no money to live off as I am on benefit. This took half of my payment. Tried to emailx2 and called the no on the invoice to be cut off. DONT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY It's... Read more

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