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After using the Lumare serum for 5 days I began to have dry and very red looking skin around my neck, around my mouth and on my cheeks. I discontinued use and it took another week for my skin to begin looking normal again. I don't know whether i was allergic to something in the serum or whether it burned my skin, but I cannot endorse it. I also, in checking into Lumare further, was made aware... Read more

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Ordered the 19.95 special. Was shocked to find that the next month they were debiting my card for 32.98. I called and they had signed me up to receive it monthly. I asked to be taken off the list and refunded. They cancelled the replenishment monthly service. Today I received a notice it was cancelled and a bill for $98.82. DON'T EVER ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY - THEY HAVE A LITTLE SCAM GOING ON... Read more

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Our cable provider, (we thought) was giving us a free item, for being good customers. I ordered the creams. immediately we realized the scam and in few seconds we contacted customer service to cancel free item. Then we called our cable provider and was told they DO NOT give gifts of any kind. The crooks used our cable place to make them look legit. We called the company, and gee, they could not... Read more

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I have been using these products for many, many years. Never again! No matter what I do it turns out bright orange. What a shock that this happened a few years back and Loreal started selling toner etc at the regular drug stores. It is clear that Loreal adjusted their products so as to sell more toner etc. Well, I may be only one person but I know at least 3 people personally that this has... Read more

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I fell for the free gift and only pay for shipping propaganda. When the next month came around I tried to cancel my box because I did not have enough money and it would not let me because it is only available for people who have been subscribed for 2 months. Like seriously! Things happen out of the blue that we cannot control and *** places like this won't let you return or issue a refund. I... Read more

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Like everyone complaining. I fell for the trial scam and they got hold of my bank details. I had a feeling about the product after ordering it and decided to research about it and was shocked with the amount of complaints. Immediately I knew I had to do something. I called my bank and told them. The products arrived after a week and I didn't bother opening them, I just used the return address on... Read more

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Ordered on friday its wednesday today and still nothing still waiting on my order :( it says 3 day shipping and still nothing. Add comment

It's garbage just burns your hair Add comment

My only problem with this company is that you can not cancel an order after it is securied. I have many times did not want a box , called in to ask to cancel it and gotten "we can not do this, we give up to the 24th to cancel." (Talking about the maven boxes) Thats furstrating. Im usually quick to cancel a box. You get the option to opt out of a box. Which since i have been on the fence of even... Read more

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