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Cosmetics and Toiletries Complaints and Reviews

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The manager Kara or something like that in the El Toro store was so disrespectful. I waited for 16 minutes for someone to help me on the floor since there was no one other that a lady doing makeup and mentioned it to her, she immediately interrupted to tell me she was in the bathroom and that's she is entitled to it. Wao! I'm going to return my $112 purchase just so I don't give her store that... Read more

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This company is nothing but a SCAM for MONEY! Their process in obtaining monthly payments from you duplicitous. One minute you think your getting a bargain, then you realize when you open your monthly credit card statement (or other) that your actually being billed more then what it would cost you to go to the cosmetic counter for the HIGHEST STAR RATED skin products!!! And try cancelling your... Read more

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HORRIBLE!!! The company is very sneaky about charging you. They charged me and didn't send the product. And they tried to charge me a third time before the first order was delivered. after they charged me the second time I called and said to stop, they tried again to charge me a third time. $54.95 This company is horrible. All about the money. They finally stopped after I threatened to call the... Read more

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It is unfortunately the marketing company of Guthy-Renker. They absolutely should be sued. They pull this same charge, no refund, extreme auto-billing, and later collection threats on all their items. And, no, they don't care- customer service does Not exist with them. They also distribute Wen Hair Care, Sheer Cover Makeup, and various others. They trick people into those vitamins as "Free"... Read more

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I ordered 2 sets of braces and a neck brace on Aug. 27,2014. I never received my order. Their customer service is automated so you don't get to talk to anyone just a machine. It tells you to enter your order number and then the machine says it can't find your order. This is a scam. I wish I would have read these reviews before ordering. Add comment

I've been to Bath and Body numerous amount of time and my friends do the same and they always receive coupons in the mail and I have never received one Add comment


ULTA blocked me from making purchases on their website. I get processing errors every time I try to buy something, no matter how I try to pay, even with a gift card. The customer service was of no help. Apparently their 3rd party verifier blocked me and they said there is nothing they can do about it. This happens to a lot of people according to their facebook page, but they will delete facebook... Read more

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My husband saw ad on Facebook and looked like Maranda Lambert was endorsing. Ordered the cleanse and garcinia Cambodia for just shipping. They did arrive with no packing slip. He watches our credit card charges daily and saw $160 was charged. Immediately contacted card company and disputed. New cards being issued. Add comment

Nono does not work. Did not remove ANY hair ANY where on my body. Would not refund my money. Do not purchase! Add comment


I was led to believe that I was being sent a free 14 day sample supply. After only having the product a couple days my checking account was charged $87.63. Not only for this but they want you to try the La Crème Care with this and they also offer the free 14 day trial. they also charged my account $87.63. This is a total of $175.26. I was shocked and very upset. I called and was told all they... Read more

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