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I love Wen products. They really work, plus I do not think the price is too much to pay. However, I ordered a starter kit to try it. Expected one shipped every 3 months as the site says (you can't order any other way) but I got a box the next month.. and the next... and was billed each time. I tried to cancel through them, saying the agreement is every 3 months... but I couldn't so I cancelled... Read more

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I have developed cysts all over my face from the makeup and get anyone to call me back Add comment

I have used Mac makeup for about 7-8 mths 3 appts later I found out that is was bc of this Mac makeup I have had the worst excpierience with costumer service I have about 30 cysts all over my face Add comment

This starts the day you order the product(s), not the day they ship them and certainly not the day you receive them. According to the customer service (joke) rep, this is "stated clearly on the website" and "I'm not sure how you missed it." Ask to talk with a supervisor and you'll be told they're busy, but "call back anytime and ask to speak with one of them". And the free trial you receive is... Read more

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Before purchasing this product I read the reviews and was concerned about the order renewal program. I wanted to buy it for my fiance because she was taken by the commercials. I purchased the product as a guest, in a one time trial situation. No reduced prices or special offers, ($155/basic box). I was very cautious about not enrolling in an automatic ordering situation. My wife claims the... Read more

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They call me try to get my information for scam and still my ID, the agent on the phone represent himself from Google and try to get my information, also calling form India and very rude Called different number of this company all denied the call, had to call Google and the police to inform about the ID scam and other scam of this company Companies like that should be shut down especially when... Read more

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Arbonne is an amazing business opportunity. People don't like things that they don't understand. It is a network marketing business, which is effort based, you work for yourself. Network marketing is the business of the 21st century and it is going to boom! The company offers you a generous compensation plan and unlimited income potential. You are your own boss in this business, if you don't... Read more

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First of all let me say I ordered this product based on the representation of Cindy Crawford. To make a long story short- the product is a good product- but Good Luck if/when you want to cancel your subscription! My issue was that I was being charged more frequently than I could use up the product- I requested to not receive shipments as frequently, thinking that would also delay the auto-... Read more

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I ordered & paid $4.20 on 7/9/14 for the trial. Never opened it until 7/30/14 because of cancer surgery. Very upset with my illness and never used it & now I have been charged $84.95 and JOSEPH (x718) wouldn't even transfer me to a supervisor. I an't worry about my hair when my life is really hanging on. Can you please help me. I'm even willing to take half ($42.47). I am desperate... Read more

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I got a bottle of Wen from a friend who ordered a 3 month supply. I've always wanted to try it but it's pricey and I didn't know if it would work with my hair type because everyone's is different. So far I LOVE Wen and fully intened on ordering more. I will probably order through Sephoria because I don't like auto shipment for anything just incase money gets short. My hair feels great... A... Read more

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