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Several years ago i purchased Breathe Ginger/Verbenia Soap free wash and LOVED it. It worked well, lovely fragrance, my sister got hooked on it, and when i went back to get more, i was told it was discontinued. There was nothing comparable in your store, which was a surprise. Frustrated, i bought nothing, and went back to drug store products. I decided to go on line and was shocked to find one... Read more

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I went in and was greeted very professionally, the very moment I walked in!! The Girls had a very upbeat feeling they put off and were all very professional! I'd definitely go back-100%!! The girl who cut my hair was Rhonda, she will cut my hair for now on. Although if I had to get a H.C. and she wasn't in I'd let any of the girls do it just going off the way they all showed as if they were in... Read more

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This people stole my money after the trial period i have already informed my lwayer and the bank before that i rang them to solve the issue with them they told me only £20 could be giving to me as a compensation. Add comment

I am not happy with my purchase and cannot find any working email. Any I find for the company I get a return email saying "invalid email". I purchased the "The Super Sizer" by Lash Blast mascara and it is terrible. It instantly clumps and looks so caked on. I would like my money back But cannot contact anyone! During hours I'm on hold for ever!.. Add comment

what the ***.. they took $169 out of my credit card after they sent me trial product. what a *** joke! Add comment

These two merchants deploy the same scam to cheat customers. Their ad pushed two face cremes as a 30 day trial package, shipping together at two non-refundable shipping charges of $4.95 and $3.95. It's for these shipping charges, customers provided their credit card informations and ship-to addresses, unawared of the scamming tactics they were using. The 'Terms and Conditions' details were... Read more

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Beware... 1. Returned wigs that were on sale 2. Got a post card stating that they donated the wigs without my approval and kept the money. 3. Would not give us a dime of credit- I truly have never seen this-EVER ANYWHERE 4. Called them to find out what happened and asked for a manager- Was on hold over 30 minutes so I hung up. 5. I finally called back and spoke to an employee that was reading... Read more

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i had purchased some ointment from boots for my psoriasis, i ordered it in the store and they emailed me when it was in stock. i collected it and that was that. a short time later i received an email from who i thought was boots, asking me to fill in a questionnaire regarding the service i had received and in return i would be given a free gift and all i had to pay was £1.99 p&p. as soon... Read more

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I received a finalist of the day voucher from groupon. It was a gift of 3 choices from STEMOLOGICA only postage to pay. I choose face cream and put in card details,then the truth came out i had been duped i would now be in receipt of their products which is in the region of £100. Difficult company to contact They should be sued for false misrepresentation. I am 72 years old and do not need the... Read more

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