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Dreadful experience!! The piercing device was stuck to my baby's ear, screaming in pain for more than 2-3 mins. The rude assoc then sticks her nail to release the luck and then she pulls out a pair of pliers!! As any any anxious parent shud, we request to call for help, to avoid any further damage in panic.No communications besides the blunt remark to shut us up. A few more moments... Read more

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I got the $2.99 box. Liked the products enough. Then got 1 more box. I needed to cancel because I don't really need that much polish and can't afford to blow $26.99 a month on polish. I called before July 22nd to cancel. Was still charged for an August box. I didn't choose my items and got two purple polishes. Really two of the same color family? I chalked it up to *** customer service. I didn't... Read more

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I had a party under the direction of Yvonne Edinboro and I never got any of the items I was suppose to get for having a very success-ful party. She was teaching a new consultant but never helped the new girl make out her orders. I feel she should be responsible for taking care of this problem. When I called her she ignored my calls. Her ID no. is 13461276 and her Tel. is 745-9810 My name is Cora... Read more

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I received my first Julep box and there was no way I was going to pay $24.99 for two bottles of nail polish and an eyeliner. I sat on hold to cancel for over an hour (on the 7th of the month) and then decided to send an email. It was answered 3 days later, with the agent telling me that I was cancelled and since I had cancelled before the 24th I would not be charged again or receive another... Read more

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I decide to use wen hair care products because at the time I felt it would help my hair best but honestly it left a bald spot at the top of my head my hair was already having trouble growing before and wen just made it worse I wouldn't recommend using wen hair care products Add comment

I started to think it might be a medical condition, but EVERY TIME I shampoo with the suave I have tons in the drain. I just don't know what to substitute it with. I get so upset because I am afraid all of them will do the same thing! Any suggestions what I should switch to? I never leave my house after I get home from work anymore because it is so thin. I just am sick over the thought of all... Read more

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I used the Aveda hair thinning products (Invati). The representative at the store (Tim) assured me that my hair would start growing back after 12 weeks. I used the expensive products faithfully every day (shampoo, conditioner and scalp revitalizer). The products made my hair feel fuller at first, but the effect wore off and my hair never regrew. My hair also felt drier and more prone to... Read more

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I ordered a FREE TRIAL from Wen. I received several different products. I read the fine print and I would be charged $169.00. I told them no way I would send it all back. They said I could keep it and pay on $89.00. O.K. I agreed. A month later I received another shipment in the amount of $33.94.I sent it back and was given a refund. Now on my credit card I have 2 charges for $33.94. My... Read more

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I have been using Melaleuca products since January and seen tremendous health improvements in my diabetic daughter and love every single thing i've tried. We've converted our entire home and have no trouble spending over 35 pts per month, and usually end up with 150-200 by months end for our family of 6. Some people may not have had a good, full overview to explain everything up front and didnt... Read more

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