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We bought the product and when we tried to call to return the number we had was for a Florida number and was not a good number. When we received the next shipment we called and were told to return both packages and we would be not be charged. Now 90 days later my account is charged. Both my daughter and I have placed numerous calls to them and they are stating we returned the product outside... Read more

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I ordered from NYX for the first time about a month ago. I ordered ONE item, the xtra large makeup train case with lights. Over a week went by and it still said it was not shipped. Which that's fine, I'm a patient person. Then a day or so later I receive an email from them saying my purchase was being flagged as fraudulent or for reseller purposes and I needed to send them a copy of my id and a... Read more

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Just got screwed by Meaning Beauty billing for 2nd time in 3 months. Got over charged, instead of $24 each item I was charged $30 Instead, again. I was told last Dec. that the prices changed in September 2014 but that they had not had time to change the Website or Brochures. Well now it's July 2015 and it’s been 11 months since the supposed price change and still advertising $24 per item to this... Read more

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Like the other respondents, I ordered a "free trial," then received a second set of the creams. I called promptly, was told to return the product, minus a $6 re-stocking fee, the amount would be refunded from my credit card. This never happened, and I have had a 3 way call with my credit card company, who have never made a mistake with my credit. I spoke to one customer service rep, who then sent... Read more

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I got a bill for 120$ and never received anything. The wen hair care system is not as good as they make it sound. It's all hype. My hair is still dry and frizzy. I still have to do as much work as I did.and I notice that my hair comes out by the handfuls. The whole system sucks and is not worth it. Add comment

On 5/21 15, I saw the add in facebook for a trial period for $4.99. Next thing I knew an agent called and offered another product on the same trial basis for $1.99...So I thought...what have a got to lose right? Well plenty as it turns out. On 6/9 my account was charged $87.63 because I did not return the product "on time"...I was not even aware of their policy since it did not appear online at... Read more

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Hi, I had been to MAC store in Brussels city centre ( rue neuve) on tuesday 30th June 2015. I wanted to buy some lipsticks. I was confused between two lipsticks and needed some help from the staff there, I asked for the help. There were 2 ladies at the store, when I approached one of them,I was rudely declined saying she was busy. I couldn't make up my mind which one to buy and was still... Read more

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I too was duped by this company - was on the website and somehow this company offered me "free samples". To my horror nearly £200 taken out of account following initial charge and postage. Immediately got on to Nationwide Bank as thought it was a fraudulent transaction and bombarded company with emails. When i offered to return the goods, at my own expense (luckily I... Read more

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I called to cancel product within free trial period, but they said I will be charged $85.95 and don't need to ship anything back, so I thought well safe trouble, just pay them $85.95.. But today when I check my bill they charged me twice $85.95... Charged me total of $170+.... Feel like being tricked and scam.... Read more

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Ulta - Review about Healthy Sexy Hair Sulfate-Free Soy Shampoo from Athens, Georgia
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I went to the Athens, GA Ulta today (7/6/15) to purchase a new shampoo and conditioner. I was really excited to try HealthySexyHair since it said in the ad that the jumbo bottles are on sale for $12.99 each. I saw a few other SexyHair products on sale for $15.99, but no HealthySexyHair displayed. After I found the bottles on the aisle I went to check out and they kept ringing up regular price. I... Read more

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