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I ordered free trail from beautemer/ stemologica and they took 2x £97.75 from my account. Went to the bank and managed to halt any more payments going out. Contacted the company to complain and they said if I return the items unused and unopened (seal still intact) and other postal criteria I would get a refund. As it happened it was xmas and the trail goods had not been opened and the seal was... Read more

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I am a 78 year old woman who has used the Purientiagingcare product for several months. I have not seen any changes in my skin and decided to cancel my order. Jan. 11, 2015, I wrote a letter to their company at the address on their package, their warehouse, cancelling the order. It was mailed with a request for the signature of the receiver to be returned to me. When I called about it, I was... Read more

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I've been shopping at Ulta since they first opened in the early 1990's and am in their "top tier" Platinum program that is based on the amount of money spent. Until recently, I've always loved shopping there. Mysteriously, I've now been unable to order online through their website for almost 2 months now. I've missed out on multiple great online only offers, free gifts, double points for my... Read more

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I was sent products I never ordered and was charges for it. When I called I was put on hold for 30 minutes then disconnected. I called back twice before I finally got someone to speak with and that was after I lied and said I wanted to order something then someone answered right away. I was told I didn't check the button that said I didn't want anymore. I told her there was no button and she... Read more

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I recieved my first order in Nov... I recieved my second order yesterday in Jan and they said it was 44.00...the lady on the phone told me free shipping for all and now can't stop next order I ended up paying 134.00 for a horrible product.!!! Pissed off very badly!!!!! I want my money back and they can have this greasy *** that their fake models use...Probably suave!!! Ugh Add comment

Customer servicectook all cc info and hung up !! Said had not been processed...Who knows what they can do with this info..RIDICULOUS!!!!!! Add comment

LUMINESS AIR doesn't provide complete ordering cost info, so if you are in Canada get ready for ANOTHER fee. I order things online all the time, and from numerous websites- all the way from China, to the US. and never once have i been charged additionally for taxes on shipping and handling at customs. Every other site shows you EXACTLY what you're paying for. Luminess Air had already charged me... Read more

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I ordered free trails for this cream paid for delivery and then 3weeks after they took £97 out from my account I rang the bank they can't give your money back they gave me the phone number I rang and the guy said said them back and he will give me £10 I told him to go to *** I rather keep the creams and frame them for that price and he still said I had to pay more its a big joke they think they... Read more

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Ordered Hydroderm on 1st Jan, called on 14th to advise it had not been delivered, explained to them I did not want anymore money taken out my bank until I had the month trial, they said it would not be taken and to call them when I received the trial. I called again on 27th Jan told them I still had not received trial i said exactly same thing about not taking any money, they again assured me it... Read more

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Yes I had ordered your guys julep wand and it was paid through my husband's credit card. Order no.106434566 pile wand creativity kit on Fri.Jan.16,2015 and I didn't received it. Please email me an answer to what had happen to it because the other order cane in. Add comment

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