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When you enter Saks Fifth Avenue, You expect a certain level of service and professionalism. On every level imaginable they failed me .... their customer. I have severe headaches from strong french perfumes. They literally make me sick to smell them when they are too strong. I received as a gift a $250.00 PERFUME BOX that WAS NOT OPENED IN ANY WAY! There was a distinct perforated seal and it... Read more

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I don't know if this stuff actually works because I couldn't get passed the smell. It all smells rancid liked spoiled milk so there's no way I could walk around or sleep with it on my face. I allowed a second shipment to see if I just got a bad batch. Same bad smell. I canceled and told them why. It didn't seem to be a surprise, I guess they've heard this complaint already. I canceled the same... Read more

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I used keranique because I had bad chemical damage to my hair so I decided to go natural so I needed a good product for my transitioning hair. It says right on the product that thus product is not for hair caused by damage from chemicals or heat. So I call to cancel because these crooks told me that's what other was for and so they said I have to send back the product at my own expense so I said... Read more

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This lady is absolutely right. I have a deduction on my bank account of $79.00. Conveniently it was deducted on saturday and i can't reach the bank to stop the deduction. I never signed up for any further orders. The stuff is garbage I can't even pump the *** out of the jar. The second sample I didn't even open. I dug some of the *** out of the bottle and put it on my face. It took off... Read more

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I ordered this product with brush for 39.95. Then I found out that it really was 45.00 charged to my card. I called and cancelled any future orders. I was told I had to pay for the initial order I received. It was not as advertised on TV. So I didn't get anymore orders, but got a bill for 99.90. I called and told them I was sending the whole order back. I never got to try any of it. I think that... Read more

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Shipping takes too long and I can't even track my orders. Normally when you buy stuffs from a seller it only take 1~2 days. But in Lazada its been 6 days and still haven't received my order nor can even track it using the tracking number they gave. Also they send the orders partially, which is very inconvenient. I cant spend my whole day just waiting for my order. Specially when it is CASH ON... Read more

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I ordered gift for my stepson on December 13 enough time before Christmas that he can get it on time, one week later they sent me email that they canceled my order. What is wrong with this company ?!?!?! Add comment

When I checked my favorite philosophy fragrance at, it was $36. When I went to purchase in the store it was $47 .... FOR THE SAME BOTTLE. I checked sephora as well as and yep, the retail price was $36. I asked the manager at the Charlotte NC store if they had made a mistake. She was flippant and said philosophy "sets their prices." When I asked why ULTA would ever... Read more

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I had placed an order like other people have online. As advertised, I thought it was a free trial. After getting my free trial I realized it was not free. Over 140$ was billed to my credit card. I called to ask about the charge that was applied. The person who answered my call was mean and outspoken. I will not recommend keranique to my family or friends. I was better off not purchasing the... Read more

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