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DO NOT PURCHASE any item (s) that are "supported" by Dr. OZ, as this product was...they are all scams and will enroll you in a monthly shipment totalling in the $100's. This product is now being packaged under another name and again being pitched as a Dr. OZ product/scam. Add comment

I ordered and received a cleanser from the CHANEL website, but when I received it, the Gift Box (an added bonus from CHANEL) was bent and looked used (NOT the fault of UPS), AND the product ITSELF looked to be a second, as the box was bent and beat-up. When I called the CHANEL customer service line, all they offered to do was have me email them a picture of the box (which I was unable to do), or... Read more

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As soon as I received the cream I called to canceled further shipments. The trial period starts the day you order the cream not the day you receive. I thought if the cream was any good I would then go online and reorder as at that point I did not know the cost of further shipments. It took me 3 very difficult phone calls to get further shipments made canceled. They wanted to extend my trial... Read more

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I have had my No-No for years now. While it is still better than the cream depilatories that I used on my upper lip for years, (because they burn the skin surface creating deep wrinkles) - No-No is a big disappointment. It seems to remove only 'peach fuzz' and as such seems to work. However whenever I use a magnified mirror I can see big long hairs on each side where it obviously did not remove... Read more

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Do not take any money out of mt account for this stuff. The dermal eye *** and face stuff is not any good. I was to only pay for the shipping of both which was around 9.80and they charged me that plus 19.99 and 9.99. And now they charging me 89.00 each. Do not charge me this im calling yall in the morning to really complain and also calling my bank and the better business bureau. Do not... Read more

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I stupidly ordered a trial bottle of Lumare Anti-Aging Serum for $5, with shipping it was supposed to be a total of $10. I just discovered I was billed $98 for my $5 trial of a tiny bottle of skin serum. And, of course, the number associated with the charge is a fake revolving recording. Do not fall for this as I did. I am having a difficult time getting my money back. Had to change my credit... Read more

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Shimi M Forever Specialist in Las Vegas demonstrated the product on me and my girlfriend. Champagne was served and poured throughout the demo. We were there 2 hours so of course we became a bit tipsy. Well, I ended buying 1600.00 under the influence. Product was sent to my California address (I was on vacation at the time) I returned it and never got a refund. I am still dealing with... Read more

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I was tricked into paying for a product that was advertised as being free . The product is no better then any 12.00$ product you can get at any pharmacy . The company basically stole close to 400$ from my visa without my permission and then had the nerve to charge me another 1.98 to cancel what I never agreed to in the first place . They are unethical thiefs who I will make it my life mission to... Read more

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This is a scam! They billed me $4.95 for a trial size bottle. Then took $89.95 out of my account. I had to contact my bank and report it to them. I'm going to contact the states attorny generals office and report this scam to them as well. I want my money put back in my account and this scam stopped immediately!! Add comment

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