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What has pushed me to write this is an incident that happened maybe 3 weeks ago. A customer came in and wandered around and my friend was the one that ended up checking her out. She said the lady was a little unresponsive, zoned-out, staring at the manager and a stylist while they talked and asked to speak to a manager. So my friend pointed to the manager at her left and the manager across... Read more

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After trying the product that did not work for me, I called the company as directed within the 30 days. They sent me a return label to ship back with step by steps instructions that I followed to the T and immediately sent back with unused product when I received the label. I then received another shipment that I sent back unopened immediately. Called company two months later as I never not... Read more

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Will never oder again from them they dont send u what u want its a lie web.I recived finely oder after 3 mont and its fake parfuem with no label on it smell so bad never again... Add comment

After cancelling any repeat orders for sheer cover as it is not as good as other products and is more expensive. I received further deliveries of sheer cover. I had to return at full cost to myself before they would refund my credit card.after receiving another delivery of sheer cover the other day and being debited my account I contacted them as they have taken on two acassions unauthorised... Read more

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Still waiting on my money back from this company. The one question I ask myself was, IS THIS PRODUCT WORTH IT. Your first and second package will come with an apology letter for not having the Acne Spot Treatment and the Rapid Dark Spot and Toner Corrector. Those two products are the main reason why black females even want to try it. By the time you receive your Acne treatment you already have... Read more

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With Official Company Response

This company continues to charge me for stuff I never ordered. Even after telling their customer service that I never ordered anything, they continue to charge me!!! Yesterday I called again to speak with "Robin" and was put on hold for close to ten minutes and then transferred into voice mail. When I spoke with them initially I was promised that the matter would be handled immediately. Their... Read more

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Sounds to me as though you have based your 'car scam' on your feelings rather than fact. If you tried it and failed fair enough but you didnt even try it! I have only been doing Arbonne for a couple of months and already I have a preffered client and very soon 2 consultants on my team. Of course its effort based but that doesnt mean its a scam. The lady who introduced me to it has just got back... Read more

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I just got grabbed at the kiosk at The Outlet Shoppes in Simpsonville, KY. I ended up with $465 worth of products, but fear I can't use any of it because the demo stuff they used is making my skin burn (I have crazy-sensitive skin and told the sales girl that). Am wondering about returning it and the hassle I'll get, and afraid I'm stuck with a bunch of stuff I can't use. Any suggestions? Add comment

I came across these reviews by accident while looking for information to find out how to cancel my order that keeps reappearing. My stomach felt sick when I started reading about hair loss. I believed that the hairs loss I was experiencing was probably hormonal changes in my body but after reading some reviews it appears that this May not be the case. I am trying to cancel my order and wonder... Read more

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