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It is funny reading some of these stories because I will agree with most it truly depends on WHO your upline is AND if you only wanted to receive the discounts I would've just ordered it under my discount - if you were buying all of the products solely through me. I believe the preferred client is the way go because you do earn rewards (cash for purchases which almost equals out to what the... Read more

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I was thinking of buying no no. But after reading all bad reviews , I'll better save my life some money thank you for sharing Add comment


I was talked into taking this product with the understanding I could return it at their expense. When I tried the first time, they would not allow me to and just extended the trial. Afterwards, I called to return again and wouldn't provide the label to return it. When called again the reps were rude and yelled at me because I wouldn't just take to post office and ship at my expense. Don't use... Read more

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I ordered wen hair products last year 2013. At first I thought it was helping with the growth of my hair. I noticed my hair getting thinner and thinner. I called wen and the person I talked with said he would send me something for me to try bit it should not be breaking my hair. Got it tried it and I stopped using the wen. I thought I was going crazy. I had to get hair vitamins. That is the... Read more

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when did it become policy that i need to sign up for a card to return an item even though i bought it the day before and i had my receipt?? the manager was rude and told me no no no i had to sign up for a card. it turns out they recently did an update, something he never explained but i overheard, and he didn't know how to do a simple cash return for less than 20$. he couldn't do his job so he... Read more

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Hi there, I appreciate that is is probably an old post, however for people reading this. This person is mis informed. Arbonne is a Network Mkg company and # 34 in the Direct Sellers association. Now in order to be part of this Association you have to be a company of integrity and abide by very strict rules and regulations. We are a product driven company and if the woman who wrote the article... Read more

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I have been using wen for 3 years, I loved it! I thought I found a one product solution for my curly, frizzy in humid weather bi racial hair. I got a keritan treTment from my stylist and he was never crazy about me using wen, I thought because he wanted me to buy his shampoo (lol) but I recently cancelled my subscription to wen and saw all of the complaints about hair loss. I have been ignoring... Read more

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Went to apply for free offer promo code free treats claimed "no tricks just treats" and they tried to charge me 2.99 and wanted a subscription of around 30$ a month. Add comment


Meaningful Beauty is a HUGE Rip-off with misleading advertisement. On February 2013, I saw the Meaningful Beauty advertising on TV and decided to place an order for my sister to try. When I ordered the trial kit, it was explained to me that the payment of $46.65 will be split into three easy payment plus shipping and handling. A month later, I called Meaningful Beauty and cancelled because I was... Read more

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Recently a friend of mine started working with Arbonne. Posting facebook status's everyday, telling everyone she has the best skin care. I had completely forgot about her and one day I posted a status saying "I am so incredibly obsessed with skin care". Its true I am. Unfortunately she posted on it and then sent me a private message telling me I should give Arbonne a try, and that the products... Read more

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