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I bought a product - it stated 30ml/30gm/1 oz, only when I got it the content is half looks half as much in product than what I would get from another provider at 30ml/30gm. So I weighed it.. in its tube with the lid on, unopened... and it is indeed 30ml/30gm - so that is with the packaging/tube and lid. compared to another brand, where they state fluid oz of 1oz,30ml and with the... Read more

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I am a live victim of Healthy Colors Weight Loss treatment. I spend around 40,000, not even 1% results are seen. I took coolsculpting treatment, and also two sittings Non-surgical liposuction. They cheat you nicely and planned, this is what they do, they first measure your weight and dimensions. After each sitting of the treatment they put you on a heater which steams your body and looses some... Read more

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Purchased the whole kit.hIve tried no-poo before and had mediocre success.Left my hair flat snd greasty so iI switched back to my biolage.My scalp is destroyed.Its been months and ive so much irritation on my scalp iI need a perscription.Ive never had this problem before and iI thought it would clear up as my hair purged the wen.No chance.Thats why they have the cheap trial, crack. Add comment


I order a one time sample of meaningful beauty last March. Recently I noticed a charge from this company and I did not receive the product. I called them to let them know I did not order this product and the charged my card illegally. They kept telling me if I do not send product back they will charge me for the rest. I went to see if this package was left at a neighbors. I did locate it. ... Read more

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I ordered system after watching their commercials for several weeks. I ordered from the web addr they gave and paid my $78. To my surprise, I get a nasty email from "Luminess Accounting" stating my monthly payment of $78 was declined. I thought when I ordered I had paid for everything. There was nothing stating I would have monthly payments. I bought it to try and figured I'd just throw it away... Read more

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I feel like crying been using for over a yr had so much hair I would ha e it thinned out the Last 6 months I ha e had severe hair lost baldness in some areas I would have never put the two together . this is wrong on so many levels. I also stopped brushing my hair because it would just fall out Add comment


What a bunch of B.S.!!! First off, I was on hold for 41 minutes!! I called to cancel my membership and get a refund on the November box. They were able to cancel the membership but they weren't able to refund me because it's a "Maven Box" and it has been shipped already, so I said fine I'll take that as long as I don't get charged in the future. But when I asked "when will I receive it?" she said... Read more

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The PerriconeMD product caused a rash and left my skin sore when touched, the face wash burned my skin even after washing it off for a few days, when I called for a refund I was not told to return the kit after I asked if I should, but only not to use or give it away and that a refund would be applied in about 4-6 weeks. Three months later I'm told that they never give back money only a... Read more

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I have considerable issues with Justin Williams he has proven to be a thieves and no one should send him money in advance of seeing what they are buying. Although the conversation is intelligent and spirited his interest doesn't have anything to do with making a good business transactions. You can find cut and pasted documentation all over the internet which shows the same stories are told over... Read more

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