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Cosmetics and Toiletries Complaints and Reviews

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  • NutraBio
  • 2 hours ago
  • by anonymous
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Keep taking my money out of my account and said because I didnt cancel in the 14 day trial period wont give my money back . Canceled it to day by calling 1-888-906-3158 . Dont leson to there free triel junk . Its a lie . Have to go change my card numbers now . Add comment

the no no doesnt do what it is claimed it will do as described on all the tv advertisements it is a useless piece of junk and not worth the money other hair removing products have a better and more effective regime. i would never recommend this appliance to anyone. the customer service team are a complete waste of space, once they have received your money they do not want to be bothered with any... Read more

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To anyone who has been scammed with this Hydroderm product or any other product. GO TO YOUR BANK NOW AND ASK THEM TO STOP ANY MORE MONEY GOING OUT OF YOUR ACCOUNT TO HYDRODERM. The longer you leave it the more they will steal from you every month. I fell for the scam. Luckily, I went to the bank and had the continuous debit stopped although I am £89.95 down out of my pension but it did look like... Read more

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I received the shipment 7days into the trail. I called and said i wanted the subscription cancelled. She convinced me to keep taking the pills and she would extend my trail...gave me a confirmation number and everything. Then after 5 more days I call and cancel. I check my credit card statement a few days later and I have a charge for $125! I call to ask wtf. The guy tells me I never called to... Read more

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My wife placed an order on for Clinique cosmetics. Our local Carsons store was closed due to a fire, and she wanted to receive the "free" gift with a purchase of X dollars. Due to the great experience I've had shopping on other retailers sites -,, and - I convinced her to order the cosmetics on, which is That's... Read more

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  • Beaute Md
  • 21 hours ago
  • by anonymous
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Totally agree they did not handle it correctly, if I want to spend 1000.00 a year I will go to a surgeon Add comment

I , like so many watching *** commercial decided to try this "amazing product" what a joke! First of all product does not work and most stores sell shampoos with same ingredients. Second they say free trial but shipping & handling fees cost me 40.00$. Also they offered me some program that would help me save money on gas, groceries..... I refused twice stating I only wanted the product. I... Read more

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I am a long time customer of Ulta and spend a lot of money there. I am now a Platinum rewards member as I have spent over a $1,000 there this year alone. I was looking at your online website and saw that the make-up bags and travel cases were buy one get one 50% off. I decided to go in-store to see in person what they looked like. There was no sale sign and the employees did not know about this... Read more

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Meaningful beauty is FAR MORE expensive than Cindy Crawford leads you to believe on her infomercial. It is also very difficult to cancel. Won't do that again. Buy products where you have the control not some robo voice on the end of a line that is charged to upsell. Add comment