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Anonymous People may not know the biggest fact about arrbone , they can brainwash you and destroy your family life , in every family the problems between husband and wife but your you or your wife , specially womans will join arbonne after few years she will come out as a brainwashed person who thinks that she is going to be a very self dependent and leader and happy in her life without anyone... Read more

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Very unprofessional! I will never order from this company again! It take forever to receive your order its just ridiculous Add comment

Just bought liquid eyeliner, and I've never had this problem with the same type of brand for eyeliner until now it comes on too thin it's suppose to be jet black not clear I've never had to reapply eyeliner this much Add comment

I had the same experience with stemologica and beautimier. The 24 carat serum was like putting cooking oil on my face; this is s scam; beware!! Im out like $600.00. Just got a new credit card, finally. I am disabled, finally got to the bank. Not very helpful or suppportive. Bastards!! Add comment

Hi chaz i have been using wen for a year now, and i use 15pumps cause my hair is long but now when i use it im not getting that shine and now its frizzy and stiff. Im not using any shampoo or condisionners. I feel ugly myhair is a mess can u help me out i know your very busy . But maybe i could do something different. Help me Add comment

Ulta in Solon ohio is a joke the whole company is terrible to work for they pay you minimum wage or less than that and expect you to work hard yeah right. If your a newly license stylist looking to build a clientele DONT APPLY HERE!!!! Worst place on the planet the store manager Jen Ford is so dumb and so unprofessional Im embarrassed for her. When she's training you she ask you question on what... Read more

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I got an order of this ***! It dried out my hair to straw and put you on auto ship so they *** out of at least another month of awful stuff!! Add comment

I have been using Wen for years, and receive automatic shipments. As a male, I believed it was simply natural hair loss and spent thousands of dollars on Propecia to arrest my hair loss. Now I find out it may be related to Wen. Boy it has cost me an arm and a leg to maintain my hair. The sulfate free aspects of the shampoo/conditioner has proved way too expensive Add comment

I enjoy the product but once you add the shipping and tax its almost the price of the product itself. It's not worth buying. Also the items aren't sent to my address is sent to the consultant then you have to meet her to get the product. It's a hassle. Read more

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I had the exact experience as the first lady, except no one answered phone, just kept ringing! Sent them email, they ignored it.... Its so exhausting!!! Add comment

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