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I was shopping in Columbus Ga one evening...the MAC counter location is in Dillard's which is in the Peachtree mall, my service I received was awful the young lady with the dull colorful hair was awful omg, she acted as if she didn't want to assist me as if it was something personal couldn't be I stay an hour away... Her attitude was awful I will not be shopping at that counter ever again I'll...

Just bought the eyeliner and its the kind you turn and more come out it haven't been a week and its not working anymore And this is not the first time this have happen.

I have 16 bottles and a wen addict My hair has improved a great deal.six yeats using wen ♥♥♥♥♥

I only have about a mouth left. I was told i own the school almost $3,000 for missed hours. Mine you i take take out Financial Aid, which at every other collage it comes to you as 1 check. Not at this school it comes every mouth as a $300 check. And some mouths i didn't even get that check. Whats going on with the Money????????????? The kit that was giving to us at the start of the years was a... Read more

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With Official Company Response

Bought luminess airbrush thru TV commercial on line, got it thru mail. After few months they send me a make up which I did not order, returned it . Then the same company charge my bank and disputed. Again I received emails that I owe them $ 79 for the airbrush additional pay, This was not disclosed when I first ordered the airbrush otherwise I would not pursue with online order. They threaten you... Read more

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Pathos was very careful to NOT be overt with the requirements for the trial period. They did not add this information to the shipment. I'm sure that to keep this rip off going they have the requirements written somewhere. I ordered another product the same day and received them both at once. The other product was very clear about the requirements for the trial period but not Pathos. When I... Read more

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I ordered the 30 day at a one time charge of 39.95. I started getting charged 49.95 every month. Tried to call right away and was told they couldn't find me in system. They certainly found my crefit card tho. It's a bait and switch. They keep sending product even tho I cancelled and now tell me I have to pay 14.95 to return it. Don't fall for this scam. Product does not work... Final blow!!

Please cancel my order # 306269846 royal baby powder case and fisher price milk container has been delayed due to high demand. So.i decided not continue my order because i need it asap.. thank you

Don't do it! This company is a scam and the product is not what you expect. There are a few different types of moisturizers and I questioned if they were all exactly the same. The one product I was hoping for "wrinkle smoothing capsules", you get a bare minimum with the trial period pack and none with the first 90 day supply shipping. This was the only one I thought felt different then the...