We went with Gutter Helmet due to it’s so called, “respectable reputation,” however our experiences with the company have been nothing short of a nightmare! We paid a premium price for Gutter Helmet and expected a high quality product and install; however that’s not what we received. After install of our new gutters they would not drain water correctly and leaked constantly! We called them out to fix the problem since they guaranteed a “10yr.... Read more

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Purchased home from pulte homes two months ago.. Doors and windows do not close. Foundation cracked .. I have contact them and they do not return my calls!! DO NOT PURCHASE A HOME FROM THEM !!!! Wish I would have known before I purchased the home, of how they don't care to fix the homes only sell!!! When I complain to the main office they tell me go online and do a complain.. What is the point if that if they do not contact you .My neighbor has... Read more

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I, Ron L. Phillips purchased our home in Diamond Valley, hemet Ca. July 2012, since that time we have not been able to use our master bath shower due to seating and the wall surround. The seams do not line up and are overlapped. Instead of linning them they calked them. We have complained to the warranty department, Ed Mariscal, he did work orders but we did not hear from anyone for several months, then when Ed gave me their phone number only I... Read more

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My home is less than 6 years old and the kitchen counters are falling off the wall, the kitchen has multi plumbing problems and leaks, door and windows are not sealed properly and leak causing $350 heating and cooling cost. Guest bathroom tub has separated from the wall. The insulation is not properly installed all the walls of the home heat up very hot in the day. Addict is not properly ventilated and hold hot air causing home to heat up. A/C... Read more

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I had gutters and gutter helmet installed in APRIL 2013. The rain goes over the gutter, rain pours down the gutter. Leaves do get stuck between gutter and helmet. They came back 5 times and still the same. I called the company to refund my down payment and take their material off my home. I was told by JANE i will not get any money back and the company was going to put a lien on my home for the balance i owe. I didn't have this much of a problem... Read more

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For the past two years, I have been using DURON Paints, which is owned by Sherwin Williams. Since the they, Sherwin Williams, acquired DURON Paints, the product's formula varies with time. Nothing can be touched up anymore. They are aware of this because it is done intentionally. None of the per-packaged products match. Why is that? Can someone from Sherwin Williams give an honest response without any animosity? I am a painting contractor who... Read more

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When our house was built we were told Pulte used their own contractors and not subcontractors. Well the subcontractors went on strike. When we asked why their "contractors" were striking and when would strike be settled we were told it was none of our business. We told them they were working for us and they still wouldnt answer us. We have had our Pulte house for a long time. At first we. Kyle t afford to move, and then had done so much repair... Read more

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It has come to my attention that when you buy a home from a company that they would back what they tell you. Well when it comes to customer service Shea homes has none . I had some work that was written in writting to be done, well because I waited longer than they wanted me to they told me that they will not honor there agreement. well I spoke to everyone all the way to the CEO and still they told me that they back there employees even though... Read more

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I purchased and installed 900sf of click together antique strand bamboo, the floor looked great for the firs 3 months now the seams lengthwise have started to separate to the point they have come unlocked in many places, the entire floor needs to be taken up to replace the affected boards. I am by no means a professional however i have installed no less that 5 wood and laminate floors with no issues, my house also has a built in humidifier which... Read more

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The main role players of UBI have one thing in common. All went Bankrupt building houses.(OKC BRANCH) These guys designed a system that works great for them. The have 0 risk or obligation in the construction process and still come out making the same amount of money as if they GC the job, I have worked on the inside so I know some major secrets. Secret 1- Have subcontractors kick you back money. this is why most customers are over budget. The... Read more

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