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I have owned my home now for about 10 years. Built in 1963 it came with the original wood windows. When i bought the home i knew it needed new more energy effiencient windows. So i started shopping, doing my research on internet and invited several companies out to my home to give me a free estimate. Out of 4 companies all but 1 didn't spend 3 hours with me. Window World of Harford only took... Read more

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My wife and purchased a pool from Namco. The store manager bragged that Namco was no longer the store if the past. New ownership has changed there policy towards the consumer. "Bullcrap". Missing parts, "oh well" they say they will send you a sheet in the mail, check off what us missing. After the verify that these parts,are in fact due they will order them then they mail them back to you. When-... Read more

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I will NEVER buy a Fischer Home again! Sub-contractor work is horrible! The "repairs" are a joke. I could have used duct tape, or slapped some putty on the walls myself. And they take FOREVER to fix one thing! I've been waiting 3 weeks now for a 20 min job to be completed. Communication is horrible! Emails go unanswered, or take days to reply. Terrible experience. So glad my friends pulled... Read more

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Doing major Renos. Purchased hardwood flooring, carpets, appliances etc. you spend thousands and then don't get your product. weeks/ months go by and no one calls you and If you call the special orders desk they don't return your call. Even floor managers or store manager steve( kelowna store) couldn't care less. They grab your money and then forget about you. There "expected date" of arrival... Read more

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House poorly built electric doesn't work out of a lot of money with a high interest rate need help Add comment

He refused to refund a deposit left by a woman who passed away 3 days after leaving it. He was extremely rude and condescending to her husband. Told him that is what contracts are for. AVOID THEM AND ANY BUSINESS LOCATED @ 3612 MALLARD RD LEVITTOWN NY. That is his home address where he runs his private installation business out of. Dont let it happen to you or your parents. Unified Windows does... Read more

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Porch enclosure installed 12/20/12--really looked good--_installation a little longer than expected--12/2/13 called about a broken lock on window. Said they would order part and then schedule appt. first week in January called and was told weather caused problems, blah, blah , blah. Calls every week until lend of Feb. Said they would call. Door became hard to lock in June. Called and they... Read more

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Almost criminal. This company preys on ambitious and bright eyed college students who hope to get ahead in the world. I have been through a similar company when I was a Junior in college and it was no where near as bad as this one. The company makes promises to their employee's that they can't keep (telling them they do not need money to start up a franchise), and then overcharges them for... Read more

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Khovnanian Homes - They issued us a
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BEWARE!! They issued us a seasonal ticket telling us they would replace our driveway and our walkway in the spring well knowing we would be out of warranty. Today I find out they are not going to honor this ticket. Google the complaints look on the BBB. They hire the cheapest contractors. Each time it rains my walkway floods and now it's cracked and another issue is that water just stands on the... Read more

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The man came to my door with"extra" asphalt and would not give me a price until the job was done. Once I agree the asphalt truck and 8 guys came to take care of my driveway. When it was over he wanted an exhorbitant amount of money for capping my driveway with probably recycled asphalt. It is already starting to rip up and I am sure it will not last. THIS BUSINESS NEEDS TO BE STOPPED. Just do... Read more

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