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I wish I had researched this company better prior to purchasing my cover. I have no issue with the business in Texarkana Texas that sold me the cover. They were very helpful and professional. The crew that installed the cover did an adequate job. The issue that I have is with Eagle Carports in Mt. Airy, NC. They called me to set up the first installation appointment. I adjusted my schedule to be... Read more

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I've bought a schult home about 14 years ago. I've have nothing but problem, the material it's made from is like paper. It leaks around doors windows rusting. I love the layout of my home, but it's like I bought a display, the cabinets doors I thought was paint is just some kind of coveting it's peeling and breaking off. The strip not molding or coming down because there's nothing behind the... Read more

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Steve Kelly, surveyor, is very unprofessional. It took >3 weeks and several emails/phone calls to make any progress on our job. I was repeatedly told he was "looking into it" but Steve Kelly never seemed to make any progress,despite my providing him with all the details for the town records. The survey was cancelled the morning the job was going be performed. The next day (unfortunately), he... Read more

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Company was suppose to come out to quote and they were a NO SHOW. I called to let them know and they said that they had me down for a different day. The BIGGER issue is that I had to come home from work to get the quote. Now IF I want them back out to quote, I will have to take time off again. I dont think so. Add comment

Sales rep assured us that a modification would not be a problem only to find out after the papers are signed that they were unwilling to honor the agreement. Went to the mgr of the sales rep and they just tow the company line. No integrity and advise others to seriously consider dealing with Ryan homes. The mgr claimed they could not make customizations even after the sales rep repeated... Read more

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Steve Juxton took 1296 from me for material. He only bought 14.56 worth of material. I bought 6 gal. of paint 9 double rolls of wall paper. Promised to start 4/25. Didn't show up until 5/6 , 5/7 5/8. 5/9 a few hours each day then called. Said I'm finished. He did very little, left wall paper every where. My kitchen, diningroom & hall had a layer of plaster dust. He did not cover 3 pieces of... Read more

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My building is facing the foreclosure process but we have hired a law firm to represent our interest in the property the bank has against it. The attorney representing our interest has informed us the bank is working with the case and not against it. Therefore, they would hire any outside company to secure the property when they are aware it's already occupied. Master Built sent their thugs to... Read more

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Paid Tony up front to do about 10 hours worth of work. After stories, excuses, reasons why it is our fault, blame, stories, blame, excuses, it is 2 1/2 months later, and we still are calling him, "are you feeling like you will work on the house today? No? Ok. Well, hopefully tomorrow, I'll call you tomorrow." He has kidney stones, he has no money (we paid him up front) he just always has a reason... Read more

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I own an architectural services company. We paid a good amount of money to get leads, but none of them fell through. Thumbtack never refunded us for the money we spent. I called thumbtack and they "assured" me that their company is legitimate- I think they are, but they have a proven *** system to lure businesses. i.e. I've only experienced getting Request for Proposals (RFPs) every 5 minutes... Read more

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I needed my home painted, this company set up and appointment with Estrada Brothers painting- the company never showed up, never called us.... I called Renovation Experts back and they were useless- don't waist your time with either of these companies Add comment

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