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We are currently in the process of building our new home in Hamilton Heights in Chandler, Arizona. This is a time when we are dreaming of our new home and also very anxious about spending hard earned money on a new house. I am writing today, because at first, we were very excited about the prospect of our new home, until we had our experience at the Design Center. We originally thought we were... Read more

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The case here is our close friend (distantly related to me), his wife, my boyfriend went together with me booked a Pulte home. Only my friend was in the contract. I was then engaged to my boyfriend. I was not married as on July 2012 when we signed the contract; we thought it was a good idea for four us to live together. The home was big enough and it had four bedrooms with a large sq. footage to... Read more

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My original installation was done incorrectly. When I mentioned this the gutter men who had installed them and asked them to fix it, I was cursed at, while having the employee throw his tools and slam things. They did not care that was unhappy with the work, they took my money and left. After speaking with the general manager, Wallace, and the president of the company, Kevin, several times, they... Read more

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Anthony Sylvan - Many problems
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Have a seat. This is going to take a while. I’ll try to keep it short and just give the facts, but there is a lot of them over our year dealing with Anthony and Sylvan that potential pool buyers might want to hear about. We were in the market for a house and wanted a pool for the kids. We found a lovely house with a sloping back yard and a wrap-around driveway leading to a garage on the lower... Read more

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Adams Homes of Northwest Florida - Home sold plumbing wrong direction, thin wall pipes, not up to state code, sags in lines
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My Adams Homes Story My Defective Adams Home Story. Three years ago September of 2006 my family purchased a 3000 square foot home from Adams Homes of North East Florida. This was supposed to be a wonderful thing for me and my Family of Seven. We moved in and started having plumbing backups in toilets. Builder sent out their Plumbers, Gunderson Plumbing company. The employees from Gunderson... Read more

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They really are some good liars. They are dishonest pushy and down right bad for society. I almost bought a home in one of their new communities. they house looked fine but the community itself left a lot to be desired. people parking all over the streets, no one using their garages to park their cars in, so it looked like an apartment complex. When i decided I didn't want the house that he... Read more

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In the spring of 2002 started receiving post cards from LGI Ranch homes in lone star ranch. Beginning Nov 2002 we were just moved in and received our state property and homeowners tax info telling us congrats on our new home and there taxing us on our purchase price but told us our home wasn’t worth half of the purchase price! Our new president for the homeowners association(Lisa) at our 1st... Read more

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There are other new postings by other NBS/Nick Motherway victims at ripoffreport dot com. Sounds like class action law suit is needed here. Pool our legal funds for the best attorneys we can get. From Ripoff Report dot com Arizona victim: "We have done work for this company for years and suddenly they stopped paying their bills. We have not received a payment for 6 weeks. We have left messages... Read more

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Pulte Homes - Strucure is rotten / super bad craftsmanship
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After 5 years the structure of the so called QUALITY home is starting to rotten (door frame on back door, design balcony on main entry), questionable roof construction, VERY questionable layout of gas line up in the attic (the gas line is been put right in front of the way when u get up the attic AND if that wasn't hazard enough its been routed approx. 1inch above the floor (!!!!!) so u MUST trip... Read more

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Purchase new SCHULT 28X50 home in AUG 2002 it was oakwood then. I FOUND OUT THAT WINTER something was wrong with my walls were cold, come to find out in the spring i had repair man came out to see why, i couldn't believe it. NO PLYWOOD UNDER VINYL Siding just vinyl & paper repair man check all 4 sides of house same no plywood so to sum it up, studs paper & vinyl no wood thats crazy wind strom... Read more

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