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Fernando Magal of Brick & Stone Paver, LLC stole $5,700 from us. On July 11, 2014 we paid him $5,700 via check as a 50% deposit for a retaining wall. The total bid was $11,400. It is now November 2014 and Fernando has done very little work. He does not return phone calls, refuses to give us our money back and claims he is broke. We have had to hire another company to start all over and build... Read more

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I have been with AL for about 7 years now it started out as a 200.00 a month ad and really provide a fair amount of quality leads. Fast forward to present and there are close to 500 specialty contractors with AL with A ratings! Now AL is jacking up the Ad rates by 40 to 50% each year with there high pressure lying sales force that promise the world but deliver nothing once you renew with them.... Read more

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Hi, I pleased you to inform that there are some bad reviews and negative feedbacks in your website about our business .Kindly please delete those reviews whichever is posted. Why because we are resolved the issues and we have cleared their concerns in related to our clients posts. Please delete these lists of links in your website, because of this we are losing our customers to our business.... Read more

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My friend was a Franchise manager for College Pro this last summer. The amount of lies and the lack of transparency from the company is seriously concerning and is downright criminal. This company obviously just preys on college students who are inexperienced and trusting. The company essentially forces the managers to buy company merchandise at a very high cost premium, ~40%. So all of the... Read more

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We have been waiting since August/2014 for a replacement window and continue to get the run around. Can't even get the scheduler or salesman, Jon, to call back. We also would not recommend Champion. The excuses have been this is their busy season, their system is not able to expedite an order, someone would need to come out and look at the window, replacement windows take longer, and they have... Read more

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Beware that when reading Customer reviews for Home Advisor, Home Advisor does not post all Customer reviews, especially the negative ones. They filter them out and only post the positive reviews. I have submitted two reviews in the last month regarding a firm that is a member of Home Advisor that ripped me off, and Home Advisor said the review would be screened and then posted. It was a... Read more

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I have worked for cpp for two summers now. The only way youget your 40 hrs a week is of we work weekends when hired they say you wont work a single saturday. I was a jsm that was painter of week twice. I never got paid on time and never was paid enough money. I got a 5/5 on every job and my boss never did or said anything about it. This company is a terrible company to work for. Don't do it! Add comment


I have been waiting no less than 5 months and talked with 8 different people including one who stated they were one of the owners and would personally handle my issue. I was told that back in September my issue would be handled and done in or around the end of the month. I have yet to see anything. My original install date was the first week of July and my complaint 2 days after that. ... Read more

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We live in Howell Michigan and tried to use them as well. What a complete nightmare! They kept telling us they were going to come out and do the job and never showed. We needed to get one part of the house that was just redone painted before the bad weather hit, they said they'd at least do that. Nope! Barely ever got a phone call back from them. We told them to finally beat it and painted the... Read more

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