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Low quality chrome components appear to have been fitted to all external doors and after only a couple of years the chrome is beginning to fail and show significant signs of pitting corrosion. Jones windows denies any liability and refuses to exchange the products. The planned installation date was delayed by weeks causing significant disruption. Some items on our choice of window were required... Read more

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Stay away buyer beware Worst company I've ever dealt with they will steal your $$$$ Add comment

Very rude people. Wait time way to long and when they do come they bring the wrong color and reschedule to only not call or show up. I sit and wait around to waste my time and money and no compensation for losing work due to ther poor work ethics Add comment

Buyer beware as this company has pulled every trick in the book from falsely advertising items they do not have and put u on a unlimited waiting without so much as an mail pull the old we swear things would ship today every day for weeks took several weeks to repay canceled order onto prepaid visa I have had several experiences with this company none of which have been present I will not work... Read more

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installers said; when they loaded the windows on their truck, they knew they were the wrong windows.we want wast time; I called kobe :NATIONAL consumer affairs:he[kobe] said that champion windows would install the wrong windows in your house knowing they were wrong.Kobe is a *** like his mimnon Darrel,that talked to me like I was his *** child of his.They will never talk to you face to face,they... Read more

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I contacted Bauen Corp on 01/06/15 to repair the roof for our business as referred from Firestone Warranty Roofing. I called back 4 times, each time Mark Becker told me they were busy and I was on the list. After calling Firestone back, Mark came to look at the roof, looked me in the eye and promised they would repair it on 02/23/15, at 3:30 they still had not arrived to repair it. I called... Read more

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Trex is not an organized company. See Wall Street Journal article on the company. New CEO, may get better. That had the monopoly on recycled decking for awhile, but now new players in town. Just finished my claim process and got new material delivered. Here's what you really need to advocate for: 1. They try to give you an allowance only for bad product exceeding 10% of total decking which... Read more

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the Ashland,Oh. service is horrid. I have stood in an aisle and hollered " does anyone work here", eventually someone may show up. I have asked to talk to the manager and was informed, he works when he wants or if his bosses are showing up and that many times he doesn't show up till noon, so I was told to call ahead. Many times I ask where to find something and most times I get, " I don't know or... Read more

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My husband and I paid $29,700 to Kenneth Kitchel ,The Pool Store in Mocksville N.C, to install/build a inground swimming pool, that was on the third day of October 2014 .It is now Feb/06/2015 and not one shovel of dirt has been moved. We have no pool , and have had no farther communication from The POOL STORE LLC in Mocksville N C since, OCT/2014. We have tried numerous times to contact Mr... Read more

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Worth service ever in nation.SolanA beach ,town centre .Aaron framing place.guys who work in here are they friends with manager absolutely no service and very disorganizedrganized place. very disappointed and I've been spending more than $3000 to this month there Add comment

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