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Richard Smith From R S Property Services Wolverhampton - Richard Smith from R.S. Property Services Wolverhampton - Cowboy!
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I am a disabled man right arm in addition to suffering a serious brain injury following a motorbike accident. Richard Smith from R.S. Property Services Wolverhampton provided a price to complete this job after I provided the full details of what I wanted including outside doors, frame and internal fixtures and fittings such as rails and shelves etc. Richard said the complete job would take no... Read more

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I ordered a large metal building with 2 roll up doors, a walk through door and 2 windows, along with a 12 foot lean to. I was asked to give a credit card number and pay 10% up front by phone. I selected the roof colors, the wall colors and the trim colors. I chose colors that would match my house so the building would look nice. While I was waiting to get concrete poured TNT carports contacted me... Read more

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Dreams Car Ports out of Provo UT has the WORST CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE. The owner is racist, and won't even speak English in front of his customers so he can talk to his employees about how to get their price up. He calls your cell phone and threatens to sue you if you don't pay EVEN IF THE CAR PORT IS BROKEN. Stay far away from here!!! Add comment

Eight years ago I purchased twenty two replacement windows to date only twenty have been installed. Still waiting for the other two. Now they don't even answer the phone. Add comment

I had all my windows and doors replaced due to old age. The contractor came out and did an excellent job on the instillation but there was missing pieces. I did not receive a screen door on one of the sliding doors, a window lock was missing half the lock and I ordered locking slider door key locks that did not come with the doors. I have called as of today 6 times in the last 2 months to have... Read more

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Jones Window Systems - Review about Conservatory from Liverpool, England
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Signed up to have £16000 conservatory built. Given a date for installation, lifted our decking up in preparation called day if installation to be told job was cancelled. 5 dates later still no start, threatened to cancel next day 2 boys turned up one spade between them! dug massive holes in my garden & left uncovered for 2 weeks whilst I have small children. Numerous phone calls and false... Read more

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I paid 8500.00 for a 20 x 24 and a 8 x 8, they completed the buildings but several pieces of siding are loose and i paid extra for hurricane straps and they said they would return but will not. They will not return calls. Do not trust george martin who owns both companies!!!! Add comment

I was in search of a home in 2003, I looked at Clayton Homes in Reidsville, NC and found a home that I loved. I purchased the home and Clayton Homes was great to deal with and they done exactly what they promised. The home has been a good one. YES! by now we have made improvement's and the home is paid for. I will buy a Clayton Home again if I decide to purchase again. I am also going to be... Read more

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We hired them in the summer of 2014. The job was supposed to take approximately 2 weeks but it lasted over 2 months. They were very unreliable, had extremely poor time-management, sloppy painting, improper tools and equipment, inexperienced painters and paint did not last one year before peeling. We called them and they gave us a time- frame and schedule for the re-do in May 2015. The exact... Read more

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I met with the owner three times before putting down a large deposit. I was promised by the owner of United Professional Services, that they "stay on a job until it is complete." I was promised "new electrical in my kitchen." (They didn't even put back the old wiring) I was promised "crown molding for free in the front room." He were very good at contacting my insurance company. The job... Read more

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