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On July 19, 2014 I paid my deposit for a 18x21 carport it is Sept 21, 2014 have not received call or building left phone message on machine Add comment

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Property value felonies. Any time someone commits a theft, that person deprives someone else of property. The stolen property's value is often what determines if the crime is a felony or misdemeanor. In order to be a felony theft, the value of the property must exceed a minimum amount established by state law, typically between $500 and $1,000. For example, if a state has a $600 felony theft... Read more

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BEWARE!!!! HomeAdvisor is a scam. Out of 13 leads, we were only able to talk to half of these customers. Out of the half that we did talk to, 97% had no knowledge of ever being on the HomeAdvisor site and were unsure of how we got their information. HomeAdvisor says that they only hire PROFESSIONALS, this is very untrue as well. When we did arrive at one customer's home, we were surprised to see... Read more

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I signed a contract with these guys. They were supposed to start on August 25th. They contacted me to ask of they could start 2 days later. 2 days later they didn't show up, and then texted me later in the day to ask if they could start at 8am sharp the next day. They never showed up and all my calls and texts were unanswered. I called customer service and they told me they could try to get the... Read more

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Nashville, TN office. Salesmen were polite, installers did fine, but if you ever need any follow up service guaranteed by their contract… forget it. That is exactly what they will do, forget you. They will never call you back, tell you your replacment has been ordered, it's on the way, got lost. I have a leaking seal now and I'm going through the same proccess this time of calling them every week... Read more

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Met with them went over plan middle of getting financing in order get phone call from man out of Carolina telling us matter of factly not going to build our house closing this market by end of yr. which sucks cannot have so many hits on credit....but after reading these complaints maybe a blessing in disguise. Better noe then later .... but like the floor plan...but turning it over to good... Read more

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We had property shared with others in your building and we are very angry with you ***. How would you like to have property removed from your personal homes. This is not going to go away we are going to fight you no matter what. We are not going wait on bad karma for you to get what you deserve. You *** should have called but now knowing the kind people you are brings us to this point. Our... Read more

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Yard tore up from curb to back by machinery. Owner stated he knew it was too wet and install should have been postponed. He also stated that the installer on site should have earned me of the potential damage and given me an opportunity to postpone the pool installation- something the installer admits he did not do. Owner refused to repair the damage unless I paid for it. Stated that it "was... Read more

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i refused to pay the balance $3000.00 until 5 damaged windows are replaced, and they put a lien on my house and are suing me.their mistake because i hired the best biggest law firm in newark,ohio this is sept 5,2014 call for update 740-927-6942 71 year old veteran will fight back before hiring them there top salesman had to delete his name for libel reasons thought was a friend of mine highly... Read more

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Ordered a very simple 20 x 21 standard 12 gauge carport in May 2014. It is now September and I just got the latest phone call telling me they will NOT be here again. This is the "6th" time they have broken a installation appointment. I think they have a rotating excuse bin and I am now back to the "Trailer Broke Down" excuse (2nd time for this one). I have also had the "They forgot your... Read more

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