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My small LLC business was hired by structural solutions to do excavation work on a project they were starting. I completed the agreed upon work and submitted an invoice for which we have not been paid. Dozens of phone calls, dozens of emails have resulted in a single reply: "we're working on getting you the money". It's absurd, they owe me the relatively meaningless sum of $1,700. Worse yet,... Read more

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I had Seal King seal coat my driveway in Sept of 2013. Before spring arrived about 50% of the seal coat flaked off my driveway. I had piles of the seal coat material all over my driveway. I tracked this black stuff into my garage and house. It cost me $1000 to have my driveway seal coated. I feel it was a defective product. I contacted the company in Somerset WI that did the job and they... Read more

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I Placed an order for a 24'X30' garage with a deposit of $629.00(Debit Card) on June 26 2014 , and was informed that delivery of same would be in 4-6 weeks and could possibly take as long as 8 weeks (August 26,2014) It is now October 13, 2014 and all I have received is a multitude of excuses as to why Coast to Coast has not honored their contract , I will not accept their position that a refund... Read more

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The power washer guy did little more than wet the house and cottage he was supposed to clean, leaving dirt, wasp nests and cobwebs. He finished in 2 hrs when that job should have taken all day. We complained to the supervisor and she assured us that the substrate would be cleaned, which is what the contract says will happen. However, the painters arrived and simply began painting without doing... Read more

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Menards told make sure I had the roofers ready to accept shingles on the roof, so roofers are there to accept shingles between the promised time of 1-3pm. At 11:30 they and say they will be a couple of hours late, maybe closer to 5pm. then the call at 4:30 and say the truck broke down, they should have it fixed by Monday, but they'll give me my $75 delivery fee back. WOW! No shingles on roof only... Read more

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On May, 20, 2014, my husband and I signed a contract with Mr. Phillip Henry of 5 Star Fence & Deck and paid him $3,240 down on a deck project that was to be completed in one week but has still not been completed. He has made up so many excuses and lied constantly to us about coming to do the work that we paid him (down payment) and he and his company has failed to do the work or give us a... Read more

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Our experience with Blue Haven was a nightmare from the beginning to the end. We started off working with Kevin back in April 2014 who is one of their sales guys at the Rainbow location. At first he seemed great and really excited to help us with our build design until he blew our budget by $9K after we specifically told him what we wanted to stay at $50K. We asked him several times throughout... Read more

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The drive was resurfaced with asphalt by this company on or about the 6th August 2013. I power washed and edged the driveway before the company's arrival. Within 2 months cracks started to appear in various areas of the 3000 sq ft driveway. As the winter was drawing near I decided to wait to let the winter do it's worst to the already cracked surface as this company offers an 18 month guarantee... Read more

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They really are some good liars. They are dishonest pushy and down right bad for society. I almost bought a home in one of their new communities. they house looked fine but the community itself left a lot to be desired. people parking all over the streets, no one using their garages to park their cars in, so it looked like an apartment complex. When i decided I didn't want the house that he... Read more

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Three times they have said they would rectify the problems of draws falling apart etc and three times they have cancelled even though I have taken time off work. The young fitter did not know what he was doing. It has been 6 weeks and all my draw stuff is still in the living room. The women on the phone are also dreadful. I wonder if it was their family being treated so badly would they have such... Read more

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