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Oct. 2012 I started getting sick, I worked 50-60 hours in the field, renegotiated a position in the office for 30, which I could not hold up. By March working less than 5 hours/wk, after 2 visits to the MAYO Clinic, I had to retire. I talked to my AFLAC Agent, she told me how long after I could file and yes I was covered. I left the country for a few months hoping to get better. When I... Read more

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From previous situation, Jason has taken our money without building the fence in January 2014. The long winded law and toothless tiger it is lets these people get away with too much and he exploited it. So far we had approached consumer affairs, then to VCAT who made the order for Jason to pay back the money (May2014) Jason did not attend. Then to the Magistrate court to make an order for Jason... Read more

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I waited 7 months for the delivery. Every time I called they had a different excuse. They waited till the last minute to tell me I couldn't have the size I requested. The workers asked me for $100 cash to put the roll up door on the side I requested. The roll up door is dented and the garage portion leaks. Also at the last minute they said they didn't have my color even though supposedly it was... Read more

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Home Depot was given almost $9,000 April 2014 for a shed. It was finally started in late August. There were many in correct items that were returned. We have been told over and over a refund is coming. It's March 20, 2015 still no refund!!!! Add comment

I am appalled at the attitude of their personnel. I have been waiting for over a week for an estimate and have even called the office twice. I am amazed that they don't care about the customer. Thank goodness that I found all this out before I bought any of their products. I waited for 5 days and didn't hear back from the salesman. I called the office to prompt them to get me a quote, the... Read more

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Lowes of Catskill and Lowes' contractor David Bacucci of Country Mtn. Corporation are guilty of negligent misrepresentation of Bacucci being a qualified roofer who was fully insured and vetted by Lowes to perform roofing resulted in extensive property damage and economic loss. Lowe's was intimately involved in the purchase of roofing repair services, had a duty to us, promised that they only use... Read more

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This review is extremely terrible. Evgeny has done work for me last year, and I have seen his work being done in my neighbourhood all summer. I seen ZERO complaints about him. His detail and passion for his trade is incredible and as a well established adult, I am envious of his ability to do what he does at a young age. Did you talk to him about these issues? Did you work through these issues... Read more

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Had it installed last year out of charlotte. I can say I'm not seeing what many of you are posting. I made a point of going out in a rain so hard it was difficult to even see and no overflow. The installers were excellent and explained how the gutters must be properly sloped for the water to run out but not so fast as to not carry away any leaves that do get in. I asked for a oversized down... Read more

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Guy who came out for estimate turned out to be unreliable and unprofessional. Crew was always late--never worked too hard. Sat on our children's play equipment and broke it! Left hand prints all over our windows. Our deck peeled less than one year later. Crew left their supplies all over our yard and never came back to pick them up. We contacted the manager about the leftover tools and... Read more

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I have purchased siding from this company out of Wichita, Ks. And I am hopeful that it will hold up in the long run. My problem was with the installation, supervisors, and management. The guy that STARTED the installation spent over four weeks and had not completed the job. So, when I go to the office to see what the problem is, I'm hurried into a back office so that the other customers cannot... Read more

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