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Resolved Minfy.Com is a cheater consultant Submitted by: Ramnarayan Dasa Category: Internet Transaction Complaint against: Minfy.Com Complaint Number: 85829 Amount loss/claim: Rs. 0 Support Ramnarayan Dasa Click: Minfy is a cheater consultant. I already make a complain in http:/Www.Mouthshut.Com/Review/Write_review.Ph they are not replying me by email or phone. Url:: www.Minfy.Com... Read more

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So the computer locked up says agent machine need the key its my f.n computer why do I need a key in fact they should not have any access to my computer and this *** should have been taken off my computer soon asu i fpaid it offI in I am at home kn my I phone because mg3200 is locked from Aaron's agent.when I was still paying on my computer if I was late they'd lock it up. J once bought... Read more

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George R. Braswell is UNETHICAL & completely LACKS INTEGRITY! He USES, ABUSES & MANIPULATES people, situations & agreements for his "OWN SICK PERSONAL" gain. If you are SMART you will take your business elsewhere & have NOTHING to do with him like his OWN FAMILY! That should speak for itself! He is a CLASSIC PATHELOGICAL LIAR and has FINALLY GOTTEN CAUGHT! He and his company also manufactures... Read more

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I was buying a new car and returning a Nissan Sentra off of a lease a month early. I was returning my car early off lease early so that I could take early delivery of my new car. My salesman brought over the lease guy and they both looked over my Sentra and they both said that it looked great and that I should not receive any hits for the condition that it is in. I leased the car for 39 months... Read more

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I'm sorry to the dumb owners of Apple products but they're just both so uncreative. every product they make is basically just a square or rectangle with the same looking OS on them. a Mac is a cool computer but not worth the money. an iPhone, at least to me, is a small Mac without certain computer capabilities and has the ability to call. the iPad is a large version of the iPhone that can... Read more

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I purchased a vehicle from JD Byrider in July of 2007 and was told at that time that if I made all of my payments on time that Russ Darrow their co-company would gaurantee me financing into a brand new vehicle. I had all my payments directly withdrawn never was late or missed a payment in over a year. I went back after my year was up and they told me that I could not trade in my vehicle until I... Read more

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The sound on my notebook computer (PC) stopped working. I used the restore CD that came with the (PC). When I was finished and restarted the (PC) I saw a blue screen with the message " missing system 32 hal.dll.". I took the computer (PC), restore CD and power cord to Best Buy (Geek Squad) on 8/28/09. The employee told me that they charge $69.99 to Diagnose the computer; the employee told me... Read more

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Comcast consistently does not send us a monthly bill and then charges us a late fee the next month. This is the 2nd month in a row that this has happened and the 4th time since we started using Comcast. The customer service is AWFUL and rude! When I called most recently, the operator rudely asked "what, you thought your service was free". I was not aware that I had to personally call... Read more

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This is how this company operates in one shell: If you google 'repair phone screen, or mobile phone repair' or something of that nature, you get sites that offer to give you a free quote if you put your details in. The site won't be elite's website so you won't know your item is going to them. Once you send the request for a quote, a lovely lady will call you from cell number, in my case it was... Read more

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The company, TCMS India (, 37/17, East Patel Nagar, New Delhi, India is the worst employer & worst IT Company. There are n numbers of issues and complain about this company, some of them are as followed: 1. No working environment: This Company does not allow or believe in helping grow their employees. No salary on time, no proper payment procedure. Salaries are deducted, no matter if... Read more

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