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This is the worse company ive ever known of, i sent me phone off, it took a lot longer than they said on their wesite, then when i got my phone back adventually, they tried to get more money out of me which i stupidly agreed to, and my screen wasnt even fit on properly, i can fit my nail uder the screen which is really bad as it has started to peel. Ive tried to get a refund and they and not... Read more

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I called Guru aid and they assisted me with my problems. The associate I worked with Aditya Chatterjee was very helpful. He assisted me with both issues that I had and walked me through the UN-installment and re-installation of the programs I was having issues with. He was very professional and explained everything he was doing while assisting me. It took a while to work through our issues,... Read more

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As part of design scam these people sell recycled logos, part of the Axact company which sells fake degrees online. There are many other related design sites owned by AXACT and this is one of them. They charge you upfront fees for the work and if there are any issues you are on mercy of them. Just talk with one of thei reps and you will know exactly what i am talking about. Thier twitter is also... Read more

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It is impossible to unsubscribe. At least 1 irrelevant email each day Goods delivered late but we're ok. I'd avoid using in future Add comment

was talking to my friend on the phone said maybe I should play my games on the computer and take a break from packing. no sooner said the computer came on itself which was kind of freaky to me and my friend ,so therefore I, contacted for help. also want to contact them to have it checked or cleaned out before I disconnected it and packed it away. Also had to explain about using... Read more

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My work processor was stating that the disk or drive I was using had insufficient storage even though my computer stated I have plenty of storage. This error message first occurred about a month ago when it wouldn't allow me to input a graph from excel. It progressively got worst. Tonight the error made it so that I could not use word processor at all. I tried to look up a solution online but I... Read more

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Awful service. Young lady walked away, got on phone, walked around then came back to us for a second time to ask if she could help us with something. After i told her we had been waiting on her to get a box, she laughed and said we had to get it ourselves. Add comment

I initially called the staples location closest to me trying to figure out if something i bought was still under warranty. After calling.....and im not joking....23 times i eventually hung up and drove in. Once inside i decided im gonna call the location to see what the employees do when the phone rings. There were 0 customers that i could see and 0 employees that i could see. i literally could... Read more

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GPS R US - terrible issues with 920xt Add comment

Lazada Philippines - Cancel My Order
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I will cancel my order because I am going to other place for some reason about me and my live-in partner were having trouble so I leave my live in partner where I live now. Cause of so much trouble in house who my live-in partner broke all things here my tablet he broke it.. And need to go other place to stay away from him. I don't like to comeback this place where i live now and so that I have... Read more

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