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  • Comcast
  • 3 minutes ago
  • by anonymous
  • #614052

Worst company for billing. Constant changing of pricing. Call them and they all lie. I get a different story every time even if call is only a day apart. Add comment

We were treated awful by there staff, calling a manager does nothing they are all in cahoots together. When I called the manager there he acted as though he didnt care and didnt have time for me. Housekeeping never came and cleaned our room not once even when we asked for clean sheets they denied us. We could not even open a window we were told to shut it. Security was rude and ignorant and had... Read more

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TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN. The company you represent and its entirety stole from me. My name is Janiece Fowler I was a customer (acct# 27112748) a little under four months, but CANCELED DUE TO ILLEGAL OVERCHARGES, MISLEADING ADVERTISING, and DISCLOSING FALSIFIED INFORMATION IN REGARDS TO CONTRACT PROVISIONS. The list goes on and on. I had service with Direct TV from 9/30/14 to 1/23/2014 as you can... Read more

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  • Thumbtack
  • 26 minutes ago
  • by anonymous
  • #614041

No results which leads me to question the site Add comment

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  • Directv
  • 3 hours ago
  • by anonymous
  • #613945

I paid my bill got up this morning off talking about another past due balance of 150.dollar they are nothing but a rip off and customer need to file a lawsuit against them they been ripping customers off for years my automatic system told me what my balance was I paid it now they talking about more money so I guess I will have to go to dish network Add comment

Paying for 30gb download speed, most of the time we only get around 10 or 11. Internet goes off every 30 minutes at the very least. All day. every day. And every night at midnight, it disconnects for at least 6 hours, no exceptions, EVERY NIGHT. We have replaced every networking device in the house 4 times and still they insist the problem is not on their end, and we're doing something wrong.... Read more

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Access to phone tools feature is always down. I have been trying all week to change my phone settings but the site is constantly unavailable. Can you please deliver what you promise! In a word, "horrible". Add comment

Omg straight talk deactivated my phone without a warning or permission. Add comment

Between the cable prices going up again, having HD box problems freezing up, and their cable always going out, I don't know what makes me angrier with Time Warner Cable. If it isn't one problem, it's another with them. Their customer service in the Philippines is not helpful at all and they are very rude and argumentative. I asked to be transferred to someone in the States, and the guy was very... Read more

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