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Although I was previously having a lot of connection problems for a period of about one month when I reported the issue here, I no longer have any problems getting online. I'm happy to report my Clear service has vastly improved. I've been getting four to five bars on a regular basis and the internet has been working well, except for one day when they had problems due to a rain storm. The... Read more

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Worst experience of my life! The manager there (Justin Harvey) was a joke. Yesterday, less than 24 hours ago, he was such a nice guy when he was selling me something. Today, I am back in there to return my defective phone and he reminds me about the $50 restock fee...fine, I knew it was coming. Then, he tells me the $85 dollars that I just spent for the first month of service was non... Read more

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I cannot download nothig at all.I have reset,erased sd/card,This pandigital tablet has no customer support. Add comment

I was sold a bunch of *** by the sells rep from Angie's list. It's been almost one year since I signed up with this group of thieves who promised me many leads, as of today I have only received three leads from their so call list. Very unhappy paying with the their service I will never ever use this company again. Sincerely Diego Hernandez Owner operator of ladybugs termite and pest control. Add comment

After replacing my CPU I tried to recover backed-up documents, unsuccessfully. After seven phone calls, hours on hold, multiple promises, two emails to the "unresolved problems" site, I've got nothing. This has been going on for over a month, and I've yet to find anyone who even pretends to be willing to help resolve this. People I talk to on the phone tell me they can see my documents, but... Read more

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I bought a Toshiba TV that had a defect on the screen. Took to authorized that destroyed all its frame. I'm already since September de2013 no TV because of this neglect Toshiba Brazil. I ask that Toshiba restored me a TV without fault, because I am the brand user to more than 20 years. I am very dissatisfied with the toshiba to be almost two years without TV, and also for purchasing a product... Read more

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So *** *** of a site Add comment

The data ends way to fast even when I use wifi a lot. So it's the worst internet I have ever seen. The unlimited plan is *** because if they say you go over your data they slow down your service and it's like using a computer from the 1980's and you can't even really do anything with the internet when they cut your data. For example it takes like 10 minutes for Facebook to pop up and it never... Read more

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If you live near Woodland Mound Park, Eight Mile Road, Woodruff Road, and Hopper Road in Cincinnati, Ohio, you will have little to no service on AT&T's LTE network. This whole area is a big dead zone where you get a lot of dropped calls, texts that won't come through, data that won't connect or is very slow when it does, and bad voice quality. Many times when people try to call me, my phone... Read more

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This latest software update to 4.4.4 for AT&T HTC M8 broke SMS / MMS messaging. messages are received at random times. Most of the time it we don't get messages and a lot of unable to download errors. For a fundamental feature such as texting it is unacceptable to roll out an update at such an epic failure In this day and age. Very frustrating. Maybe I should roll out Bill payments in such... Read more

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