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Hola soy un cliente de cricket por 3 anos ordene 2 galaxy nunca me yegaron me sacaron el dinero del banco y end tres dia me pucieron el dinero para tras y yame a cricket y dice q no avia mas telefono y perdi El 50% no sirve cricket cambianse a tmobil cricket es una porqeria Add comment

They assured me they were legitimate when in all reality they invaded my computer ripped me off for $600.00 and said I would never have further issues with hackers or malware when I just found out I now have malware on my computer and they are not what they say they are. Buyer beware they are scam artists. They take your money and are very slick and make you believe they are helping you get rid... Read more

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Garbage service. Used it for 3 months. Soooo slow. It never work. $300 cancellation fee foursome thing that never worked. Payed it to get rid of such a garbage Internet service as fast as I could. Don't waste your time. Also had to pay $50 for them to put the satellite on a pole in my yard. Add comment

I've been trying to cancel my account with this company for 2 weeks now!! The account is not in my name primarily but I am authorized to do anything I would like on the account. It is my credit card that is the one on the account. First they wouldn't let me cancel my account with them because my name isn't the primary account holder. The primary account holder works strange hours so his work... Read more

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My mother pays 208 dollars for slow Internet and basic cable. Shame on you Hargray for ripping off an elderly woman. Oh and her phone service is down again........ Worst cable company in the United States. Add comment

original phone (iphone 5c) powered off and would not power back on and they sent me a refurbished phone. I asked if they could transfer my pics and contacts over to the new phone. they said they could transfer my contacts over only. but an at&t customer support representative said that sprint and at&t have the same technology and she would more then gladly transfer the pics over to the... Read more

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Every day I get at least three or four new "leads" to bid on. So many, in fact that I've started noticing the same names being used for different events (I'm a wedding DJ). When I received a quote request for an outdoor wedding in Eastern Washington that was supposed to take place in FEBRUARY, I knew for sure that it was a scam... most likely being run by Nigerians or Indians who don't know... Read more

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Never returned money, despite numerous times on the phone saying that they are sorry and will now forward this to their finacial services dept. We have been lucky in that they did send us an email saying that the refund would be on its way in 21 days, it never arrived, but that email and their policy is enough for my bank to begin trying to get my money back. As its in China I don't expect too... Read more

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Last September while backing my motor home out of my driveway, the air conditioning unit caught the Charter overhead cable and tore the unit out of the roof of my motor home, causing over 9 thousand dollars damage. My insurance company settled with me and said I was not at fault and did not charge the deductible. Charter sent me a letter stating they were at fault. I measured the height of the... Read more

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I purchased a phone with an insurance plan. When an issue happened with my phone, they informed me that I didn't have insurance on my device. After investigating, the told me they cancelled the insurance and notified me to renew it. I never received a notification and they cannot track or send me information regarding the sent/delivered notifications. My device became ineligible for... Read more

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