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Assurant Solutions Nayeem S is a scam artist. He promises, but Nayeem lies about everything. He has no idea how to fix things. Assurant Solutions promised to repair my t-mobile cell phone and after three attempts it's still not fixed. How do these individuals even get hired? I called and still my cell phone doesn't work. Assurant Solutions doesn't have the faintest clue and worst of all if you... Read more

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I signed up for the free trial and my credit card was charged before the first month of service was over. When I phoned them to cancel and ask about the charge, they said it was "an honest mistake". I suggested since they made the mistake, they should credit my card back. They said a credit request was put in, which I doubt will go through since "they have a lot of credit requests". Sound like a... Read more

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Cannot change anything without paying Control 4. Switch a tv, add a channel... and you have to pay a control 4 dealer to add it to your system. Control 4 do not stand behind their endorsed dealers. If you have a dealer, I used Creative Audio Video and Automation in St. Louis, MO, and they were terrible. Didn't wired things properly, asked for old equipment just prior to competing... Read more

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The service map said they covered my area and everytime i called they said they didnt. They emedietly referred me to Huges Net which i do not want. And I know several people that have internet through them in my zip code, rep then told me "good luck with that" and hung up!! Add comment

I'm talking about the pine city, MN location.. The guy literally asked me (sarcastically) if I was a nomad! when I refused to provide an address for the activation of my prepaid service (I later had to activate it!!) for the at the time 700$ HTC one m8 for windows, that only Verizon sold... So if a customer buying a 700$ device from you can be openly, in front of other customers, disrespected how... Read more

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I bought the straight talk hot spot that works off the Verizon network (zte z288L) after extensive review as well as verifying everything with their customer service rep via telephone. After setting it up I found that I could not check my usage except by calling a rep. Neither the device nor the web site showed usage although they advertise that both did. In other words you either run out of... Read more

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Bought the product. Installed per their instructions. Got ZERO channels(old antenna got 9). Returned the product as per their instructions. To date, no refund and no replies to phone or e-mails. Buyer beware ! Do not buy from them. Don't buy from Antenna Deals. Buyer Beware ! Buy at your own risk. do not buy, do not buy from them. don't purchase. Bogus. Fraud. How many more people will use their... Read more

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This is taken from the Terms and Conditions: "Due the construction of certain television models, shipping insurance will be required in order to ensure your product arrives safely and undamaged." This is how they get away with offering lower prices. Be very careful with these folks. There not exactly a scam, but I wouldn't qualify them as being on the up and up. I certainly am suspicious of... Read more

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I am so shocked about the Doc Mcstuffins show. While watching with my young daughter yesterday the episode about Bella the ballerina, the lamb says how much she loves ballerinas and the hippo tells her word for word "well don't just sit there like she's on crack". Very disappointed and very unacceptable. Add comment

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