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After signing up for Internet service an appointment was made for installation the following week, i was given a 4 hr window of 12-4. Two days later a Cox rep. calls me & upsells me cable service as well. On the day of installation the installer calls me at 4:10 to let me know that he will runing about an hour late. He get to my house at about 5:20 to tell me that he left his tools at his... Read more

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Omg, that person claiming to be maria asking for info. I hope you know no legit company does that online, not unless they want to get sued. It's a liability. I used cricket for awhile but they get annoying. I just use my old phone to surf on WiFi and they still enforce those freaky updates. The last one removed three of my apps including cheetah browser and added new drivers that don't even work... Read more

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Signed up for the service and as long as I was just limited, I was getting emails and IM requests. But when I upgraded, I wasn't getting any responses. No emails or IMs from the guys who were supposedly contacting me. Add comment

Worst service ever!! I have been a loyal client for over 10 years now it comes time for renewal and they tell me I need to add 10$ per month for the exact same plan (I already have all features) or pay full price for a new phone! They did not even make any kind of offer! I have never been so upset! Since I am left having to pay more I am looking to change service provider seeing as Telus has not... Read more

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My iPhone 5c started to drop Wi-Fi in safe zones about a week ago. I took it to the Apple Store only to be told, "It is past warranty. I'm going to re-install the software but if this doesn't work, you will need a new phone." So I ask that crazy question, "What is wrong with it?". I am told he doesn't know. The re-install doesn't work and after a 2nd trip to the Store, I had to purchase a... Read more

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Why are the Jeffersons still allowed on TVland when so many times they say "honky" when referring to white people. Is this not racist? If you remove one for racism, I would say you would need to remove them all. Add comment

Do i Have viber ? hard to Tell?i Did down load it and made over sea Call ? i want to make Sure that i used My viber. Add comment

this happens every month the 175 is to pay out the 2 year contract this is the second time this has been paid and they say it is applied to the balance owing the balance of 126 is what they said i owed for this month so I paid 305 to pay out the bill and the contract I received the email that my monthly bill was available to view online my current bill as displayed online 305 payment received... Read more

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This week I notified customer Service of no paper deliveries for which I always receive hollow promises of better service...three times in one week doesn't cut it! To boot, I also subscribe to the Sun owned Carroll County Times and find the redundancy of articles to be a waste of money. Both papers now assess a delivery charge on the bill and truly believe the paper's lack of paper delivery to... Read more

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