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Verizon has not disclosed to me all the charges I would be paying for on my bill. My first bill I was warned would be a little higher than the 100 I'll be paying monthly. The second one was much more. And I was also told I'd get 240 in billing credit and that hasn't happened yet either. I plan on switching as soon as possible to a more honest company. Add comment

My complaint calls the integrity of your business practices into serious question. On TWO occasions now, the ‘estimated’ guess of the store customer service representative did not match the reality of the bill I received. My first complaint (You can check your own records) was meant with a hardy “I’m so sorry” and a one-month credit to my bill. I have been paying what I will call ‘the extra’... Read more

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Their full of ***! TV stopped working 5 months after i got it and they wanna send a used 1 Add comment

I have had overall good service from Suddenlink until this past week when I notced my bill had doubled. I researched and found that over $177 worth of adult movies had been ordered from my service. We called the next morning and they told us it was the secondary box and they don't refund for adult movies. My secondary box is my kids room which has parental controls on it. I then contacted a... Read more

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Total ***, it's not nation wide coverage its spotty nation wide coverage, will not work 10 miles outside the 275 loop in Cincinnati. On a trip to blacksburg va it wouldn't work the whole way. And they know it. Add comment

After being a loyal customer for more than 10 years, without ever being late or skipping any invoice payment, Startec decided to award me for my loyalty by charging me 7 times more per minute call; 7 times increase not 7% or 17%. I was being told the this increase was related to the recent developments in Iran and technical issues they are experiencing. Problem is all my long distance calls were... Read more

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I need some followers for Twitter and Instagram, so I choose one of the packages from Fast Followerz. My social handles represent my personal training business - it is important that my clients know that I am reputable. What better way to convey that I know my stuff (how to bulk, cut, look and lift like an Olympic champion) than owning a large following. Anyway, I place my order and immediately... Read more

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My husband was diagnosed with stage 4 terminal cancer. We had to decrease our expenses, so canceled several of our "tiers" and went down to basic cable. The bill was supposed to be lowered, however we were charged a fee. I had to go to the bank and get a letterhead from the bank stating that the cancellation was not due to insufficient funds and take the letter to Suddenlink. Fast forward to my... Read more

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Worst customer service! I ordered a sim card to transfer my number to new straight talk phone. Never needed a sim card for any of my previous phones with them. First off, it took a ridiculous amount of Time on the phone with them just to order sim card, which I don't understand why they couldn't see my info from my account I've had with them for years. It was super annoying and took over 30... Read more

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Outsourced! Cannot understand accents! Untimely! As late! Nothing but issues since becoming new customer in Dec 2014 WE SO DISLIKE LIKE DISH‼️ Add comment

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