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This website is a scam. They constantly take away free services to make you pay. Stop offering free membership that doesnt work and make it a paying membership only and save everyone the time and headache. Add comment

In 30+ years of being an AT&T customer, I have NEVER received a "1st bill" for new service, changed service, discounted bundles, or retention rate that reflects prices that were assured to me by the agent. I request ALL fine print, ALL charge break-outs, etc. It does not matter. Most of my friends have experienced the same thing. When contacted about their switch and bait tactics, AT&T... Read more

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I have tried canceling then they please to do that reimbursed me for $6.66 but they took out $7.64 what a rip off company Add comment

Someone signed up in my on the 4/12/14 has I received an email from you's saying this. This has caused me to split up with my fiancé and my whole world has fell apart I need to no why this email says I signed up on the 4/12/15 as wen I signed up it was the summer before last Add comment

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Straight bs. dropping calls at home constantly.all important calls are made from here family and business.roomate has cricket towers aren't as busy never a WiFi jumping back and forth right now to kill my battery.a year now and over 1500 bucks!sucks! over 10 calls to try to resolve. Add comment

Please, please, please. Get rid of the loud mouth obnoxious mobster/nerd announcer named Adam Schein. I'll never watch the show again with that irritating *** on there. The show is ruined. Nobody likes a loudmouth obnoxious Jew that never played the game and treats legendary players poorly. If I was Phil Sims or Boomer, I'd be out of there! This guy is a toxic obnoxious piece of ***. Get rid of... Read more

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I purchased an iPhone 6 on a two year agreement, long story short phone got broke so I placed an insurance claim, new phone arrived and nTelos said is wasn't able to be activated due to issues Apple. I've contacted apple and that statement isn't true! I ask sales person if they can give me a loaner until we can sort issue out since it's not my fault and this is my work phone. I'm told no way they... Read more

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T mobile is the worst company I have ever dealt with!!! I finally sailed my iPad into a wall after about a thousand times of being disconnected because "Safari cannot connect to cellular data" after two hours of trying to connect to pay two bills. That isn't even the worst session I've had. I spent seven (!) hours trying to pay off two pieces of equipment and my bill on the T mobile website... Read more

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I've been a loyal customer since 2007. Recently I was eligible for an upgrade but ALSO needed a move package. I specifically asked about MOVE specials & was told I would receive NFL Sunday Max at no charge AND with the upgrade I would get Premier at a special price only slightly more than Ultimate which I had. When they came to install the order had 4 units not just two as I needed ...... Read more

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Seller fake and a liar. Caution I ordered a tablet and other accessories on September 14, to date I have not received anything and you do not respond more tickets. The live chat is not real and you can not talk to them. First they say that making a partial shipment, then tell me to wait for the tablet to be provided by the manufacturer (on the site was listed in stock), the tacking of the partial... Read more

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