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I have ample minutes and days. Battery is fully charged. Every call I have tried in the last month. I get the error message telling me that call cannot be completed..-34 is error message although the phone shows all bars visible. I like the idea of TracFone but a phone is not good if you can't make calls. The entire error message states "check call restrictions -34".. the last time I... Read more

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I just watched a Netflix movie via streaming the internet. The movie was titled, "Johnny B Good", a 1988 comedy starring Anthony Michael Hall, Robert Downey Jr., and Paul Gleason...and it was "CENSORED". I could not believe it! I even dug out my dvd copy of the same movie, "Johnny B Good", a movie that I bought at store years ago just to see if in fact I was correct. And, I was scenes were... Read more

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I am so fed up with the ACN *** my kid is buying into I am posting this everywhere I can. It's simple, simple, simple math people. First off ACN is not a scam ...period. Nor is it an illegal pyramid scheme. It is legit, it is in very poor taste but it is legit. Think of it this way.... Upfront $500 say you buy a couple of products to boost yourself set up costs for each 50$ - total $100 monthly... Read more

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I see a lot of people carrying on about how horrible Metro PCS is. Well I work for a Metro PCS in Connecticut and am here to let everyone know about how things are SUPPOSED to work. 1)Return Policy: As long as the phone is UNDER 60 minutes TALK time and LESS than 7 days old with no water or physical damage you should receive all of your money back (for the phone and the plan) NO QUESTIONS ASKED.... Read more

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To have your 30 yr old "child" invite you to meet them so they can tell you some exciting news only to find out it is a sales pitch. Walked in thinking it was mom/son time & saw clipboards around & other people. Me: Are you trying to sell me something, cause you know I'm not about that? Son: Oh, no - it's really exciting news. Then to sit & watch a DVD & feeling like you are a part of... Read more

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Received regular postal mail today, 08/14/2013. Letter dated: August 10, 2013. Return address for this mailing: AT&T Autopay Program PO Box 5093 Carol Stream, IL 60197-5093 (Quite a bit of fraud registered here!) AT&T Account Number: xxx-xxx-xxx- (missing numbers)? An issue has been identified in our AT&T AutoPay program records for the AT&T (bogus) account number referenced above... Read more

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In their latest shuffling of channel content, Sirius removed Classic Pops from its radio lineup and made it online only. This means that I can't hear the music while driving, which is where I want it. Pops was my favorite channel and the main reason why I subscribed in the first place. Its program was filled with short pieces of some of the most popular classical music and was a delight. It was... Read more

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I switched to TWC 6 months ago with the promise of a $200 gift card if all criteria were met. I followed the instructions, mailed the necessary documents, waited the 90 days, then waited another 90 days and called multiple times. The individuals I talked to always told me that would "elevate" the problem and have a solution in 2 or 3 days. Still have no solution and no gift card. Sounds like... Read more

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I purchased a 2 Sim cards and two $45 monthly card because I was told that I could not start service with the $30 card. When that card service ended, I purchased two $30 cards. The automated phone service told me the $30 card was not valid. I called customer service and was told that since the $45 cards had expired before I used the $30 cards and I needed to purchase two $45 cards. I purchased... Read more

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I'm going to post the letter detailing my complaint to AT&T's CEO. Enjoy. Mr. Stephenson, My wife and I were AT&T customers for a long time. Initially we were happy customers of Cingular, then became AT&T members when they bought out Cingular. We completed our contract time requirements in November of 2010, and decided to close our account on January 20, 2011. That was the last... Read more

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