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My note 3 was acting up terribly the issue could not be resolved over the phone with technical support I was advised to go to a corporate store to get my data on my device backed up & was having a new device mailed to me well I went to the store and the csr was not very friendly to begin with she told me my sd card was bad but there was nothing wrong with the phone I repeatedly told her that... Read more

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I have no problem with this site I pay my bill every month for the past two years so far no issue I don't have any negative to say I don't know for the future so far so good Add comment

I walked in to a boost retailer store was immediately attended by sales perso let hi, know I was interested in something campatible toan b awe phone with a 5megapixel camera because I told him had seen it online for 49.99 and he had it 99.00 but i could not afford. So he said did have a phone with a 5 megapixel camera and he show the display and asked what other features went over other... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • MLB TV
  • 3 hours ago
  • by anonymous
  • #529087

MLB TV live streaming does not work. Save your money. Support calls take over 40 minutes, they review the same information and accomplish nothing. Here I am missing another game. I'll be asking for my money back. Ill never get the time back I wasted in front of my new Smart TV trying to get this to work. Save your money! Add comment

Worst in customer service. I was on hold for more than 1 hour . Scheduled a tech tech to come 2 weeks after installation to resolve problems. HORRIBLE. Company!!! Add comment

The device broken after 8 month. The customer service wants shipping fee to have the replacement sent to me. It is amazing to me that warranty service require shipping charges. Good luck with yours orders, but please know that it might breaks every year. you need to factor the shipping cost back and forth into the purchase and yearly fee. The prior ip phone devices made by Linksys worked for 5... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Mediacom
  • 4 hours ago
  • by anonymous
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Thanks for the *** service you *** ***. Fix your *** mother *** service ***! Add comment

We had Directv for a while now, and it was great. We have one DVR in the living room, and normal boxes in the other bedrooms (there are 4 bedrooms). We decide to upgrade to the Genie, because it sounded awesome, and Directv hasn't let us down before... until now. The installer came and installed the service. The main box in the living room, and the little *** boxes in the bedrooms. They have no... Read more

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7 hours on the phone 10 ignorant people. I still do not have my phone line back. *** repeat chat room questions. They did not know what they were talking about . When my problem got to difficult for them they would just cut the chat off very frustrating They had me replacing Ethernet cables plugging in new adaptors rebooting just so they could get out of the chat room they are sending me a... Read more

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They charged me $406 over my monthly bill due to operator error and rather than refund they are prorating my bill with a discount for 8 months in order to keep the money! ***. Also my new box keeps frying but for two months tech said it's not a problem we will reboot. Finally screamed at a tech literally and said get a person out here even though he said you will pay for this cause not a problem.... Read more

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