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About a month ago I purchased a toy for my nephew birthday and never got, upon tracking I found that the sent it back, without ringing at my door. Party city is just *** Add comment

I will never go here again. I'm completely upset with the way they treated me. I first went there and I had bought a couple of things and almost spent 90$ there. I had to put some items back because I could not afford it. So I ended up spending 60. The girl was telling me all about the bonus stuff while stamping my card 9 times. I felt guilty taking the card when I didn't spend the 90$ to... Read more

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We purchased one of their more pricey quilts for our kid's bed. We washed the quilt once and the batting on the inside formed into hard balls. We had a previous quilt that had never done this. We called Pottery Barn and tried to send pictures to them. They couldn't view the photos due to virus potential. He requested further info which we gave, no follow up for 3 weeks. We called back and... Read more

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I ordered my son 6 outfits on the 7th of July, I received the FIRST package with 3 outfits in it, mind you this is 2 weeks since I placed the order, THEN a week later I received 2 more outfits, STILL waiting on the last outfit. This company is so ridiculous. Will NEVER order from them again. By the time I receive the last outfit my 12 month old will no longer fit into it. If we are paying for... Read more

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I went to this place for a 5 yr olds birthday party to drop a gift because I could not stay due to my son being sick. They owner/worker did not allow me to go in because I didnt have socks on. They said I had to buy it. I pointed out that I only needed to drop the gift and leave, that other people there (that were a different race) that had no socks that were playing in the playground. She... Read more

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Report these companies to the dept of labor. Have them investigated. Seek legal help if possible, start with Morgan and Morgan. This happens to often employers take advantage especially in the south people have to unite and fight back. Add comment

I've ordered from Children's Place in the past without any issues, but my two last previous times in the last two weeks have been anything but great. My order was cancelled twice, and when you call customer service, they have no answers besides they'll put in an inquiry. I doubt I'll be ordering from them again. Add comment

I just experienced awful customer service. I attempted to return a shirt, brand new, not washed, tags still attached without a receipt and got no help. I bought a medium needed a small. They did not have a small in red therefore could not exchange, could not exchange for another color, could not look up receipt by credit card, could not bring a small to the store for an exchange. I got a lot of... Read more

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My daughter registered there and I have Never! Seen anything like this in my 50 yrs of life and I will be contacting HR for this! I've been in retail all my life, my daughter had the most stressful time at the Springfield Pa store with her shower guests calling all the way up to the shower stating they couldn't get hardly anything on her registry because it was either discontinued or out and... Read more

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The toilets flooded and in matter of seconds the hall ways, and two classes were covered in water and ***! All the kids were moved to the toddler room. The kids stepped in it. Parents were not notified. The assistant director did not close down the center she had a couple employees clean up what they could. Parents were never notified that there children had stepped in ***. It was a bad call on... Read more

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