I am writing to tell you about a charity scam making millions off generous consumers during the holiday season in Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Edmonton. It is a very well organized scam. There is a for profit company incorporated as CFE (charity fundraising events). This company (NOT LEGALLY A CHARITY) is owned by BEN STEWART A HUGE KNOWN SCAM ARTIST. They convince local stores to let them set up a folding table for a day or two... Read more

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I had to return an item at Party City and had accidentally thrown out the receipt. It was quite obvious that I bought it there. They called a manager over, who looked about 12 yrs old, and he proceeded to tell me that I would need a copy of my bank statement, showing Party City as an entry, in order to get my $4.99 back. I thought that was BS but said OK and asked if they could put it on a giftcard. They said "We don't do that...Sorry!",... Read more

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My daughter (5) has been telling her daycare worker lies and claiming my boyfriend Norman has been sexually touching her. This is not true. I love my boyfriend Norman and he would never do such a thing. When my daughter first told me this lie, I told her that that I love Norman and if she continues to tell these lies she would have to leave the house. Now she has been lying to a teacher at her day care program and they told me that Norman... Read more

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We were so excited to find a "new" place for a birthday party. My five year old could pick out her craft for the party and invite up tp 12 guests. For $17.50 each guests received a plastic cord with 10-12 plastic beads, a "Hello Kitty" ribbon (tied to thir other wrist), and a cupcake that I made (they could decorate). Every child had to re-string their bracelet at least twice because the knot kept slipping out from the cheap plastic cord. My... Read more

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I'm a single mother of 3 children (12yrs, 5yrs & 9 mths). I lost my job in the recession and recently divorced. Due to financial circumstances my home went into the foreclosure process. My mtg company denied me 3 times for a loan re-modification. I was contacted by Consumer Advocates Group,(listed above), promising me that they would be able to get me a loan re-modification based on their different approaches used on mtg companies. I... Read more

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Kindercare is a crooked company!I was reduced to part-time by the corporate office because I didn't work 390 hrs. which was not my fault. I called the 800 number & they told me due to you hours being cut you won't get any holiday pay. They also said that if I want to go back to the months that my hrs began to get cut & use my personal time & vacation hours to get me out of part-time hour status.This is something to say to someone who has... Read more

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Don't ever, ever, ever buy a kids' play set from Rainbow. When I bought mine (about $4,500) 6 or so years ago, I chose them due to their size, reputation, and lifetime warranty against rotting wood. About 3 yrs in, the wood started rotting and I made a claim. They kept asking for more information and I kept sending it. I'm very detailed and methodical and provided everything they wanted. First they kept telling me that the... Read more

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We purchased our playset 4 years ago and it looks like complete ***. It has mold all over the rubber parts, the wood is rotting and my kids wont go near it. Rainbow says this is normal wear and that i need to clean it weekly with Simple Green cleaner. Can you believe this ***? I am supposed to go clean the playset that is in my back yard weekly? It is supposed to have a lifetime warrenty and is already falling apart. The Simple Green cleaner... Read more

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July 31st 2011 Sean Bradley, a 3 year old little boy from Medford NJ was at the Chartwell Swim club playing in the pool and slipped and started to go under. He was beginning to drown and his grandmother (Who DOES NOT Swim & was Not wearing swim clothes) was watching him. She started to scream as she saw her grandson going under the water swallowing water. Little Sean's Aunt Kathy saw this from maybe 1-2 feet away from the pool. She jumped in the... Read more

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Nestle had these magical hollow chocolate balls with little candies in them. I always used to get one when my dad and I went to the grocery store. They said they discontinued them because they said their kids choked on the candies inside of them. THAT'S ***. YOU SHOULD'VE KNOWN WHAT YOU WERE FEEDING YOUR *** KID. AND it was very obvious on the packaging that there was stuff in it. seriously, what kind of retarded parent wouldn't pay... Read more

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