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Once Upon a Child - Pick and irrational when deciding what to buy!
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This store is extremely pick and seem to pick and choose based on their own opinions and not on what is presented to them. While I understand they have to choose items that are good quality, these are gently used items. I have taken bins of items to this store and they never purchase them for one dumb reason or another. Yet they have accepted clothes from some questionable people because my last... Read more

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I can see from reading other peoples reviews that they have had trouble unsubscribing or feeling "tricked" into a subscription. With regards to automatic subscription and the trial size - that information is all in the fine print. I have been SUPER pleased with The Honest Company diapers and wipes. My daughter has extremely sensitive skin (I could only use plain water on wash clothes before... Read more

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There are postings Of OFFICE supplies needed mixed with the kids supplies it's run like a frat house instead of a sweetly run childcare facililty or family run facility as it was before this young trollop runs it and one day she's on and one day she's off. Please somebody give us Debbie Back asap we can't take it anymore it's expensive and they are all of a sudden wanting a ton of supplies, the... Read more

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First, I am not a rainbow employee, I was checking on this site about another company and I happened to see some Rainbow complaints. Given that we just had a good experience, I thought I'd write something to balance some of the complaints. We purchase our set in 2004, 10 years ago. This year, one of the pieces of wood which the tarp attaches to broke due to teh fact that it was slowly rotting.... Read more

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The person who wrote this review and the other person who commented are both IDIOTS! You completely contradicted yourself, you are upset because you thought you were going to get more money for you used items but are ok shopping there because of their cheap prices. So let me get this straight you want them to buy your items for what you paid for them and then sell them for pennies. You have no... Read more

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There was a sale buy one at regular price get another free, equal price or below for Carter's Layette clothing. I purchased 4 long sleeve solid outfits for 26.00 from one rack with the advertising. Then a Carter's girl's sleeping bag from another rack with the same advertised price above the rack and was charged for the second item also. There were several of the same items on the rack so I went... Read more

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I ordered 5 items from came to be four box's. 1 from tx where I live 1 from Calif and 2 from ny. I ordered last Thursday. As of yesterday I was told the 1 from tx still was not picked up by fedex so I called they told me to call walmart they had not released it yet. Walmart overnight a replacement and today the fedex box came that the said they did not have. So I had to wait all day... Read more

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I bought a new swing set, it arrived box open, missing setup instruction manual and nuts and bolts. It was Saturday, walmart customer service told me to contact swing manufacturer even though it is walmart's responsibility to have sold me a new unopened product. Manufacturer was closed. I tried to post a question asking anyone for a soft copy of the manual, it was rejected. I tried to write a... Read more

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I hate Babies R Us with a passion. They allow you to register for items that people looking at your registry cannot purchase. Their website will allow you to add items to your registry that are discontinued. Their coupons are cheap and never work because something is "special" and the coupon cannot be used. Buying furniture is a hassle, some pieces are not available randomly. I would suggest to... Read more

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I am actually a once upon a child employee. Reading these reviews i tend to agree with some things people say. However, people need to realize many people come into our stores selling clothes every day. If we took every item from every single person, we would have absolutely nowhere to put the items. At my store location, we do not personally make the prices. We use a computer system and all we... Read more

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