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Horrible company to do business with...worst customer service ever. PayPal had to intervene and get my money back. Ordered Chevron pumpkin dress on August 23rd. ..still nothing. They need to be run out of business. Sad and ashamed to say that they are a NC based business. Add comment


I receive the diapers bundle and essentials bundle and couldn't be more pleased. The products are all effective and pleasant. The diapers are great with very few leaks and my daughter has not had a single diaper rash since, prior we used pampers and she would get terrible sores and she had just barely started on solids. At first glance the bundle might seem expensive but really for completely... Read more

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Just How can we stand up when we try and NOTHING happens!! The Distric Managers are JUST as bad here in South Florida! I mean the Boynton Beach KC had a very BAD CD (who finelly got fired. No help from the DM) Now we have a VC with NO Credentials (she is useing antoher empolyees.? The empolyee that really has the credentials to be the VD SHOULD BE!! She is nice, helpful and just a great all... Read more

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The dress I received looked nothing like the picture. It was thin and cheap and the cut was ugly! I would not have taken this item for free had I seen it. I ordered a pink chevron sundress. It took 8 weeks to arrive. Which put us into fall... Not a time to wear a sundress. Awful. Never again will I shop here. Add comment


DO NOT buy from this company. The toys are junk and don't work past a few hours. Save some money and purchase from someone else. Terrible company....I purchase a remote control backhoe and it lasted 3 hours and does work. I called and they want to have me purchase a toy for over 2 hundred dollars. Really so buy one toy that is a piece of *** and you have to spend more money on more of the junk to... Read more

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I dropped off my items at the location in rochester hills mi and the store called me hours later stating that I needed to come back because I was all set so I came back to the store and when I got there she than proceeded to tell me that unfortunately they couldn't purchase anything because I had way too many items and they were not able to even go through the items because they had to be put... Read more

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As a parent who has a young child who attends the stafford branch I will be no longer be allowing my child to attend there!!!! The unskilled young workers that work there are constantly screaming at the children when you walk in and there is a classroom right near the entrance and they don't sanitize their toys and my child is constantly sick!!!!! Disgusted parent in Virginia Add comment


I think it is deplorable that toys r us is selling the Breaking Bad dolls. I do admit I enjoyed the series but I am 57 yrs old. And I don't care if the dolls are meant to be in the 15+ department. Does toys r us endorse the image of a drug dealer to teen age children. Yes 15 is not an adult. Even so, a toy store should not be profiting or endorsing drug sales. You think it's ok to sell a doll... Read more

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I ordered the pumpkin tutu dress August 28th and as of Friday October 17th I still had not received it. Their website states 2-7 weeks for shipping and my confirmation said it would ship the first week of October. Halfway through the month of October and I still had not received it. It's not like she can wear the dress after Halloween since it is a Holiday specific dress. I do not see how this... Read more

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As a former parent I have one word of advice STAY AWAY!!! They do not care about your child, they only care about the almighty dollar. DO NOT send your child to the Rochester Hills KinderCare. Jennifer King is the worst director, she treats her employees like ***. I saw it first hand, I walked in the room and she had her back to me, so she did not see me, she was yelling at the poor teacher for... Read more

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