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Bought two boats with remote controllers supposed to have different frequencies so they could both be run at the same time. Received two boats with the same frequency and two controllers with different frequencies. Talked to them several times to take one back and send me what I ordered they refused - actually told me to go to ***!!! I decided to take them to small claims court - when I attempted... Read more

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I have learned a good lesson with this company and from now on I will always check for reviews prior to ordering anything on line!! This place is a pure rip off!! It has been 8 weeks since ordering and I have yet to receive my item. After a few emails I was told (like I was *** or something) that shipping is 6 to 8 weeks, that is when the shipping BEGINS, and I should have read that when... Read more

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bought the Moonbaby tricycle for my daughter, the item was delivered 5 days after the online purchase. so frustrated that one of the wheel is missing. so i called the customer care rep hotline, she advised me to repack the item and bring it to the nearest LBC or 2GO center, and so I did. Today I received the SAME ITEM with the SAME PROBLEM. and so i called again the customer care rep hotline... Read more

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Last night I went to Walmart the same one I have been going to since they open and last night was by far the worst customer service I have experienced in any place that is suppose to help and care for there customers. I went to get formula for my 5 month old and that's all I did was walk up to customer service and ask if they new when it would be in because every time I go there either they are... Read more

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This school is all about money. They couldn't care less about your child. I would walk in and see my son everyday sitting by himself. The teachers ignored him. My son's teacher even admitted she couldn't deal with him at times because she had many other students. We were told by the Franchise Owner himself that he is understaffed. A three year old class has 22 to 25 kids with maybe 2... Read more

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I ordered a chevron diaper bag back in December. Its just about March and still have not received it. It has been 8 weeks. This was my first time purchasing from this company. I will never purchase from them again. Add comment

I ordered labels October 22, 2014. It is now 2/23/2015 and I finally received a phone number for Dinkleboo. I've emailed Dinkleboo through their site and Groupon numerous times. Its the point of it now. I was told in January they were being sent and I still have nothing. The address to my locked box has been confirmed 3 times. I just hung up with them and got no apology what so ever. I would... Read more

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Please please stay away!!! The itens are junk! the clothes look nothing like their pictures. Horrible customer service!! Nothing great about them. They rip peiple off and sleep soundly after doing so. Add comment

On 06-JANUARY, I provided an online payment via credit card for the so-called Wubble Bubble Warranty Replacement product. Despite numerous emails with their SOLE (one person) customer service "department" at, as of 22-FEBRUARY, I am still without the product or reimbursement of the funds taken from my credit card. Numerous weeks pass between receiving replies from... Read more

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