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I was shopping at the store for my son school clothes and as we entered the store the associate said nothing to us if we needed help and than she was starring at us with mean face as we were looking at the shirts on the table and as my son was showing the shirt he liked the associate screamed at him said dont play with that and my son started crying this is bad customer service im very upset and... Read more

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Worst store ever I went to sell my little girl clothes. Me and my husband waited there for 20 minutes it was a waste of time. They told us that the clothes was faded when i was looking at the clothes they were selling. We saw a lot of clothes that they were faded and for only 5 bucks is not worth it. I wouldn't recommend this store to nobody might as well give it away or sell it on your own worst... Read more

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I bought some flats for my cousin in childrens place at greece ridge mall using my debit card but they were to big so we went back to exchange at marketplace mall but didnt have what we wanted so I asked for my money back they told us we couldnt because we didnt have the debit card that was used so they had to put it on a gift card but we could come back with the card and receipt I could get my... Read more

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Purchased new swing set for $7,000.00 on 6-13-13 From the start there were safety issues with the set that were not completely resolved until after 9-24-13 as reported to Dealer Kid's World Play located in Hartville, OH many times beween 6-13-13 and 9-24-13 (broken bucket swing, 3 panels had broken trim and also nails and screws sticking out from the broken trim creating a safety hazard for... Read more

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Seriously you don't have a tracking system in place for this large of a company??? Do you even use computers??? Worst customer service ever! Will neve buy from them again. Called and spoke to customer service, If I was them I would not work there unless I could give a customer an answer on where the items are in the process. Maybe you could spend more money on tracking which would atleast make... Read more

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Ordered a remote control dump truck for my sons Christmas present. My own fault for not reviewing the site first! Luckily I ordered a back up from a legit company. Dump truck arrived broken to pieces. Almost like they packaged it up and played a game of soccer with it before shipping it out! I tried and tried to get my money back but what a waste of time. Called countless times and could never... Read more

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Was watching "American Ninja Warriors" with young kids when suddenly our tv was soft *** with your commercial. During family time?!? Absurd. Lost this customer, and every other Mom I discuss this invasion with. You obviously have no room in your target market for women or families. Good luck with the frat boy demographic. Enough is enough. Won't see my money! Add comment

the meaning of garrick it has been causing my son problems at school for two years the meaning needs to be removed,it is sad that u think it is ok to approve this definition Add comment

I did not click to submit order. I was not ordering due to17.95 shipping . I needed it mailed to my grandson very upset with whole deal . Add comment

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Since changing to "Lil Hands" my 8 year old can no longer play here with my 4 year. For parents with kids of different ages it's now no longer an option. 7 years old is way too young of a cut off! The facility can accommodate kids at least to 10 years old. *** policy. Add comment