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You will never know her. She's deceitful and calculating and uses the affection of children to secure her place in your home all the while envying what she doesn't have and forming opinions of those who are paying her (very very well, I might add). She will turn any story so that she becomes the victim and when there is conflict, she cuts off, changes her phone number and disappears. We are... Read more

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Worst place to purchased stuff. Don't order from this website. They are fast to take the money from your account. I order a diaper bag in December and it's almost February, I still have not received it. I probably will get it by the time my son turns 1. This website should be shut down. Add comment

I went to so many once upon a child around state. This store in fends wood is the worst store ever. Manager she is so rude almost feel like she want to fight with me. I asked some questions which all store has a little different rules to keep it runs. She respond unprofessional and rude and angry. I have two young boys and love to shop and sell in once upon a child but I really don't want to go... Read more

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At least 90% of the complaints come from apparently illiterate people. The site explains when it is going to ship, you can even access that information after purchase. But most of the complaints are made because people can not read the information provided. Will agree that sizing is an issue. What is sold as a dress, typically is the length of a shirt, prepare yourself for that. And for goodness... Read more

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This store sucks, so I drive up there hoping that I will get a little money for my clothes that are in great condition and are from name brand stores like Abercrombie. The lady at the desk says that she can't take my items because they close in ONE HOUR even though it would only take 5 minutes. This made me soooo mad because that means I would have to drive all the way back out there hoping that... Read more

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By far the worst experience I've ever had. From walking in and having no carts available to no signs for bathroom and then bathroom was disgusting. Customer service was non existent and then when I finally did get someone they made the returning from a baby registry a nightmare. If u plan on registering there don't plan to return anything cuz they won't give you the money they should and when... Read more

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Not happy about the product I received and how long it took to receive it! Not really anything like what I ordered and material is quite cheap. DO NOT purchase from this company. Products are made in China and not the USA like originally portrayed. Add comment

Here is what happened to me with my Toys R Us online order. I ordered 5 items from for Christmas. I added an extra item to my order so I could take advantage of the free shipping but, when I hit submit order it cancelled one of my items and said it was out of stock on the item and charged me $5.99 for shipping. I wish they would have stated this before I submitted the order because I... Read more

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The staff at the Amarillo, Texas location was so rude. Not only did they keep my box of name brand infant clothes I took into sell, however they lost them and refused to pay me for my stuff. Its such a mess over there, no wonder my stuff was "lost". Do not sell items to these people. crooks. The owner shorty was very rude and couldnt even help associate because he was on his phone and refused... Read more

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They were getting paid by the state and they still found ways to try and hit me with more unaffordable and ridiculous fees i fought them in court and i refuse to pay because they were already getting paid, they only seem to care about the money mire than the kids themselves. Add comment

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