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Credit card charged before items shipped! No retail business does this. I am thing about calling my credit card company and disputing the charges..... Let them go after this shady company..... Add comment

I ordered the "April Bargin Box". The product was ordered in March and was shipped as specified, at the end of April. The outfit was very cute and the price was fair. When ordering from Screaming Owl, it's important to remember that they are a pre-sale company and the product does not ship quickly. However, they clearly state their estimated shipping time when ordering. If you are patient, then... Read more

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We needed a lightweight double stroller for out trip to Miami. A friend of mine kept talking about Once Upon a Child and how thrilled she was about saving money on brand clothes (even though it's used). After all the "good recommendation" I stopped by at the one in Altamonte Springs FL. I went to check the clothes first, thinking they might have something still new with tags on. Very few outfits,... Read more

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This company is a scam! STOLE MY CARD NUMBER AND USED IT FOR THERE OWN PRRSONAL USE days after placing an order! Didnt get what I paid for at all! Got something that is falling apart!!! No invoive and when i go on the account to click on the product said invallid. My phone even warned me about the site! Sent several emails no responce and finally the contact number they have listed is fake! Add comment

They are nothing more than a drop shipper from a china website known as That is why the quality and sizing is horrible. Add comment

Being a first time mother I would figure that I would be happy and excited to go shopping for my first child. Will seem like that wasn't the case when I decided to start my registry with you guy. I had trouble starting it up and took about an hour or more. Decided to go to the store to buy some thing for my child on my registry and printed it out at the store. Found some thing on the list, but... Read more

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I ordered three of the mystery packages and I am dissapointed to say the least. These products are worse than Walmart quality at more than Walmart prices. I was led to believe these were boutique quality products. I have only tried one of the outfits on my child but it is too short in the skirt and too low cut in the neck. I wasted my $50 buying these dresses. And one of them has a typo on the... Read more

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La Petite Academy - Review about Child Care from Bonita, California
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There was negligence by one of the babysitters at la petite academy in 798 E. J St San Diego ca .. She was taking care of only 3 kids with my son being one of the three and a toddler bit my son in his mouth... He ripped several areas inside his lip... I'm beyond pist... Ima sue them Read more

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I ordered a tunic set and it took 3 months to get!!!! Never responded and the outfit was too small by the time I received it. Buy from Zulilly they are more dependable and their Custer service is way way way better. Screaming owl made me a screaming customer!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Add comment

They state that their shipping takes about 6 weeks more or less. Each item says how long it takes to ship. If they receive more orders than expected then some seasonal items will arrive after the intended Holiday but they also will let you know before you purchase. Some people dont read all the details and then get angry when their item arrives a couple months later. If you read the description... Read more

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