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The au pair that we were matched with was NOT infant qualified (did not know anything about caring for a baby and had no common sense as a care taker despite 3 full weeks of training by us -- didn't know that you need to support a baby's head, never bathed a baby, etc.), lied on her application (said she watched many babies at an orphanage, when in fact she said that she worked in "fashionables"... Read more

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I placed a baby bed on layaway & paid it off early. I was told at the time of purchase and during several payment visits, that it would be available for pickup upon my final payment. I paid it off on Aug. 31st and was told it hadn't even been ordered yet and I would have to wait an additional two weeks. If I had known this I could have paid it off two weeks prior. Babies R Us staff needs... Read more

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Ok so what would be the best thing to do if your caseworker is telling you that the easiest or best way to get your kids back is by separating from your spouse but it's all up to you and they are telling you that when you present yourself as a couple you go down as a couple. Has anyone ever heard this? Add comment

I don't write reviews often but I felt that I must because I had such an awful experience!I bought a co sleeper from them for my baby about 30 days before she was born. I paid $50.00 for it. It had stains on it but I figured I would wash everything and clean it up a bit. The bag it came in was dirty but it came out when I washed it. I put my baby directly in the crib and she is only 2 weeks old... Read more

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No remote controlled with the drone Add comment

The center has gone downhill since the original director left. Favoritism, unprofessional behavior on the part of the new director, sub par child care, I was a client and a previous worker there. I will also continue to say that the corporation cut corners there to begin with, the kitchen does not have an oven or stove, they heat the food in a microwave in PLASTIC containers, can anyone say... Read more

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My son began attending KinderCare at 10 weeks old. In July 2015 they had a pop-up inspection from the state and had two MAJOR violations. One was not appropriately checking on an infant while sleeping (this should be done every 15 minutes). The second was hiring a person without completing a background check and this person also worked with the infants. Additionally, only personnel with... Read more

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This is how bad the Child prtective system is . They will remove children from a mother due to drugs, then told she can visit i believe one or two hrs a day?? Child Protective services at the Bank of america building in Grand Prairie, 161 and Jefferson, Have the kids in the mom and grandmas custody where the Girl Lives!!! Like they REALLY believe the mother is not just going go home after work.... Read more

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My. Daughter chipped her. Tooth and birised her arm and now my sister had to go today and my mom daughter a birthday present and return my items and buy cribe form targets since I can't return any thing with my recites and my card never hread of such a thing on done with toy r us and o think om going to cancel my card Add comment

My purse was stolen and they did not call cops see if my child was ok she fell in the store! My keys where in my purse ! Nobody help find the hightchair i need because employees had ni scan gun I found everything I needed my self .however mychild did have my toy rus card and coupons .some found my keys and pruse but there was no money and I'd and mac card !they said they had to wait for a manager... Read more

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