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My brother in law send me money from the u.s.a but I can not receive the money I don't know what is the problem?and western Union tell me somebody black me to the western Union. ...I want to know who's that person. .and I want to ask what is the reason. Add comment

Was given a money order check when picking up my transfer, was unable to cash it anywhere tried every agent in my area and banks. When i tried calling custmer service they would transfer me 5x then end up hanging up on me when on hold. Ive called 8 times and this has happened every time. So i am out 100.00 since the piece of paper they gave me is useless! I will NEVER use or recommend western... Read more

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I got conditionally approved on Saturday around 4pm. Office hours are monday -friday, what do I do to get the money or when will I get it? I have the contract and loan repayments sent to me as well Add comment

I tried to send 110 USD from the USA to South Africa. My recipient found out she could not receive the funds without a bank account so I canceled the transaction within 24 hours. That was about three weeks ago. I have emailed them twice and still gotten no response, no refund. Today I received this email: PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THIS E-MAIL! Dear MoneyGram Customer: Thank you for contacting... Read more

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NO BANK -- or even Western Union stations (regardless of the fact that they issued it and collected the money) -- will cash a Western Union money order. I tried three banks and two Western Union stations today, wasting a bunch of time. Every customer service rep told me that no one cashes Western Union money orders any longer (including Walmart, etc.). DO NOT buy them. You will be stuck with a... Read more

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Jeremy 888-240-2912 x 1026 was very empathic, rude, and told me he did not have to have any customer service skills. He yelled at me and was very sarcastic. He told me it was not his job to listen. This is worst customer service I have ever experienced in my entire life. Add comment

I've sent the money from Cda to Europe, the receiver did not receive all the money, I have proof from an agent with mtcn #, and WU Canada plays now for 2 months going back & forth with me saying: "sorry we'll check & will get back to you" every time I contact them via email is a different person; it goes nowhere. Agent that I've sent the money from said it should have never happen so... Read more

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BE CAREFUL WHEN SENDING MONEY USING MONEY GRAM AT WALMART IN OAKLAND CALIFORNIA, 8400 EDGEWATER DR. Today Tuesday April 14th, a female employee at Walmart tried to steal my personal information. I handed her my driver license to process a money gram service as usual. She wrote all my information ( Name, Date of Birth, Driver license number and my home address) down the piece of paper and threw it... Read more

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I took out a payday loan in 2012. I repaided and refinanced my loan a couple of times. When i wanted to pay them off they said they couldnt take out of acct bc it wasnt checking n now im getn calls from some company ive never heard of...on top of that they both show up illegeal on the internet....what do i i need to get a lawyer Add comment

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