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I applied for a loan with Lending Club they told me that they could put the funds in to my account. Since my account was not a personal account they told me that it was a problem. They then told me that if can load 175.00 on to a reload card that they would send the funds to a western union. After I did that they told Me I had to pay another 396.89 for the charges for sending the funds to a... Read more

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I got a lone from Rise the amount I won't discuss, but when I saw their payback plan it looked good, and the APR was suppose to be a little high not almost 400% APR. So I am screwed paying this lone back for 36 month but not knowing that they are charging me interest per day on that lone on top of my High APR so the monthly payment that I am making don't even make a dent it the bill, giving them... Read more

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I received a call at about 8:30 this morning from someone at 253-246-8510 who said that I needed to call them back ASAP. I called back and talked to a guy named Michael Carter. He told me that criminal charges were being filed against me for Check fraud, misrepresentation and something else. I could barely understand him because of his thick accent. He said that this was in regards to a pay day... Read more

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I applied for a small loan through ClearCash Australia early in the morning. Within half an hour i recieved the loan application email. This is what is included within the email: "It won't take long now for our verifications team to process your loan.... as little as one hour for applications submitted by 2:30pm*. If we need any further information we will be in contact.... otherwise if you are... Read more

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I was a former employee with Ace Cash Express corporate office handled return checks in numerous states. I came to conclusion ACE would cash a piece of paper if you brought it in. They hardly verified checks,quite a few where stolen from good people and brought in to cash said check without verifying or calling people who where on checks. They never pursued anybody legally in reference to bad... Read more

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I have been trying to send money for a 7 days. Every month I send money to a family member in Jamaica using Western Union. (She's 65 & needs the money for FOOD) This month both times I sent online I recieved a confirmation screen with MTCN # & when the person tried to pick it up it was denied. I spent countless hours on the phone for 3 days trying to no avail, to straighten this out. As a last... Read more

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I bought 6 $500 MoneyPaks last week to load to PayPal. But when I went home to load them to PayPal, the balances on all of them said $0. I called MoneyPak and they told me to fax all my receipts and card numbers and they would get back to me in 2-3 days. So I did and I waited. A few days later I got a call saying that I purchased a "good or service" and I never received it, and MoneyPak can't... Read more

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I have to say after reading all of these reviews as well as looking into rise myself it sounds to me that the way they are set up is that you pay the interest before the balance. Which is how most loans work because the creditor wants the money to be paid back with interest and that is how they make money not by people paying off their loan early. The interest rate on these loans are outlandish.... Read more

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I have had to go into a Debt Management Program due to some unforseen circumstances. I have asked for a statement, a contact person, an address and telephone number where the Credit Counseling company could talk with them to lower the APR. I was sent a computer print out. They are uncooperative trying to get valid information from them in order to get them paid. Avoid these people. If you are... Read more

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Applied for a loan with these idiots and got approved, but then got a e-mail asking for my LES, W2, bank statements, license, and military id card. Sent all of that via e-mail and they still asked for a social security card? Kept sending e-mails saying documents missing. It felt like I was buying a car at a dealership and I only applied for 700! A complete ripoff company. Of the 700 I would have... Read more

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