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Left me stranded 1800 miles from home asking for items to be faxed from me in nowheresville. Had my tax refund deposited to my vanilla card. First mistake. 2nd mistake was not running from them in the previous year that ive had vanilla visa. Add money, account locked. Remove money, account locked. Login to check balance, account locked. Call customer service, account locked. So I was coming back... Read more

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Don't know what you people are on about! I applied 8:00am the money was in my account at 2:30pm the same day!! Quick and easiest loan I've ever applied for. Add comment


taken for 115 by cash advance USA 5856833881
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PUBLICpublished review 10/17/14 Started filling out loan application online cause my wife and I got a little behind on the bills and got call from cash advance USA from a gentleman named Kevin Wilson that my loan application was approved for up to 5 thousand dollars ask how much I want I said 3 thousand and then he proceed to tell me my monthly payment was 142 a month and told that I had a 35... Read more

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I had to call BBB 1866-652-4611to talk live person at Green Dot. Green Dot plays phones games You can't talk a live CSR rep. Add comment


I purchased a moneypak at a local drug store to pay for a purchase on PayPal, since they advertised the card as a card to load my PayPal account. I tried to add the funds they were rejected. I was told I will receive a check within 7-10 business days, so I will no longer make the purchase, but I am also out the fee to purchase moneypak and then fees to cash check. Which may equal ten dollars or... Read more

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they are a scam. Advertise bad credit and dont help. They just want ur details to chase you for debt. Add comment

Put 120 on green dot. Card because. Was approved. For a loan and to put. 190.90 to pay. Tax on a 1000.00 loan they go to cvs and do it i get card load it. Am pissed because it happens to be my bll money and. Can't. Afford. The. Bs Add comment

Don't borrow from them they are all work experience people they have no idea. If desperate for money take your stuff to cash converters or sell on eBay. Add comment


Few days ago while traveling abroad I sent to myself $6K to be picked up in US since I did not want to travel with this much money . I was asked for a passport and was told I need to bring this ID to collect the money . They exchange rate are criminal and cost of the transaction very high . I get to US and can't find any location that would have $6 K . Once I do locate office like that , I'm told... Read more

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You know this WU are really garbage and trash financial agent. How I wish I could file a law suit to them.. They treated there customer as if they were doing illegal but they don't have any evidence. They only based there judgement according to senses and guesses. They were like fortune teller, their fraud department are the worst. I can say that they were like fortune tellers and just looking at... Read more

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