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I have to pay income tax first and the stick now and then I sent wired my bank the bank called me and told me there's a wired for me after all of this game I called the bank it never was wired what they did with a hacked into the telephone line from my bank acted as if they were my bank telling me the funds was there so I could send them the rest of the money Add comment

I cannot believe what just happened I got docked 50 points because I had "repeated searches" apparently Instagc will not allow you to use there search engine if you search for the same thing more than once, I'm a big sports fan and search for my team everyday apparently Instagc considers this "abuse of there service" as I was told in a message from them. and there so called customer service will... Read more

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So I have applied for a loan the other day? Finally heard back today, Email I got was to say Iv already got a loan through them, but I haven't? Iv only applied, plus haven't got any funds from them, anyone know what I could do? Plus I can't find a contact number Add comment

I got a pay card through work and have had it set up, went to go pay for my nice celebratory dinner with my family on getting a job and CARD WAS INVALID claimed fraud!! It was the most embarrassing thing ever to happen at a restaurant! To make matters worse for the last week, WEEK, their call number service has been "Inactive, or saying "All circuits are busy". For a whole week, going on two,... Read more

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Wanda Randolph 9030 broadus loop rd.,EIGHT MILE AL-36613 CONTACT TIME: ANY CONTACT DETAIL: 2516499440 COMPUTER IDENTITY: CUSTOMER ID: 95874125 CASE FILE #: SD5 - 987485 LOAN INFORMATION PAST DUE AMOUNT - $1050.50 CREDITOR - ACE CASH SERVICES. Dear Wanda You are going to be legally prosecuted in the Court House within couple of days. Your SSN is put on hold by US Government,... Read more

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I received a call from a man with a accent saying I was approved for a loan..but I had to pay a fee of $150 I said never heard of that I hung up the phone. Add comment

We all had many problems with Reloadit but I am sure this one takes the cake. I added three packs in Reloadit Safe $160+$160+$200. The next day loaded my AcccountNow card with all available $520 from Reloadit Safe but got only $160+$160 in AccountNow with $200 lost in transaction. Though all three transactions show in Reloadit history. Spoke with Reloadit guys – sorry can't help. And after... Read more

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I subscribe to Trans Union, i received an alert that my credit changed. Cash Central ran a hard credit report on my ss#. I called them, they said someone tried to get a loan using my previous address. Fraud Dept was suppose to contact me, never did. Sketchy at best. Identity theft. Add comment

The same thing happen a few. months back now i am afraid to attempt to get a loan from anyone for fear its a scam. Add comment

I went to Walgreens in Lebanon, TN. I was trying to get a reload pack to add $360 to my Netspend Visa. I was sold a green dot. I contacted the company immediately. This was July 9, 2015. I was told it would take 2 weeks to get my money back including the cost of the reload pack. It has been 2 weeks and after 4 calls today asking about the refund and to speak to a supervisor I was denied regarding... Read more

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