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Some guy just called telling me that I got approved for a $3000 loan and said to go to cvs to get a loan verification voucher. I don't believe this was as actually cash advance. Add comment

SCAM. I was supposedly approved for $5000 and was told to purchase a Vanilla Card to put my payment amount on so they could verify that I could afford the loan. I rejected to do this because it didn't sound right, so I looked up on the internet this so called loan company and nothing but scams came up. I informed the foreign speaking man that I knew what he was trying to do so he hung up on me.... Add comment

they are very nice untill they get your money that you want to transfer..... and then show you the ugly face and keep your money for as long as they can making it really hard for you or the person you are sending the money to...... some times about 5% you get lucky and things go ok Add comment

Was cheated out of money by a guy India speaking guy named Steve Smith. Was told I was approved for a $5,000 dollar loan and was told to buy a wal-mart visa gift card to verify that I could make the $200 dollar monthly payment. Still haven't received a dime and I checked my gift card and money is gone. Add comment

I am a single mother in the Czech Republic. I do part time work for a designer company, so i had to transfer money to the designer agent from cz to Russia. Everything apparently went well, got my transfer number. Later the agent phoned me to tell me she still has no money and the tracking is not working. I phoned WU and was told there is a tech problem, they cant explain what problem but there is... Read more

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I'm receiving emails saying they're going to take me to court. They're claiming I borrowed $300 from them which I never did I'm not sure what they're talking about and who they are.this company called ACS called me to try to collect the debt.and they gave me a nonworking phone number to contact the company directly.apparently they have my social security number. I am very... Read more

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Got an email with the forms to sign, not too ridiculous, but then wanted me to deposit half of 250.00 to the nearest CVS. but kept calling me to make sure I was there, well I could not get the money, so he stopped calling. strange that he is a total foreigner with the name Eric Foster. He was very insistent that I provide insurance money, which I thought it was odd, because in their first page of... Read more

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I sent them over 900.00 and I am so upset with myself they called me when I applied for a loan and said because my credit score was low I had to purchase insurance then told me I purchased wrong amount and I had to get another greendot money card the first was for 286.80 and the second was for 286.18 and then I had to pay taxes on the money which was 440.96 then they said the government wouldn't... Read more

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i applied for a loan onlline and a rick cooper called me .he said i had to make a refundable payment to prove i could make payments.... so i did with a green dot money pack.he then informed me my loan was being heldat the federal reserve bank. And was told i had to pay bank transfer fee of 150 also refundable. Once again i did, *** me! Because they then wanted another 200 for insurance which you... Add comment

I was contacted by a Shawn SMERSH from phone #516-986-6450 asking me to get a verification voucher at a Rite Aid for 10 percent of the loan amount I looked at this website and stopped at that point Add comment