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Money was taken from my visa account in Oklahoma while I was being rejected in Florida while trying to buy something. I was informed money was given to someone in Oklahoma when I don't even have a pin# to get cash and have never been to Oklahoma. I have talked to three different people at compass and still have not been able to get the money charged to my account in May of 2014 removed along... Read more

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I tried to send a $50.00 western union to my daughter and was denied twice I had to call a number to get an explanation why I was told a bunch stuff that didn't make any sense and I had to take a interview to get a OK to send money.I was then treated like I was being intaragated as if I was a member of a drug cartel or à international terrorist I have a western union prepay debit card that I... Read more

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Applied for loan and after ringing to see what happened I was declined... they must not like you chasing them up... very disappointed Add comment


On 11/20/14 I attempted to cash a payroll check from a major university at Walmart in Laporte Texas ( store 5116). I inputted my SSN and was told the check was declined due to info from Certegy. When I called Certegy that claim that the check was declined due to "analytical models" and " risk factors" involving the check data and that the check itself ( and not my creditworthiness) played a... Read more

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I've been receiving calls from these foreign ppl talking about I am approved for $5000 loan ! Never applied for a loan when he read me my address i stopped him I said u have the wrong person and he argued with me and told me that that was my *** address and I calmly said I never applied for a loan and I'm sorry u wasted your time ! Then he's kept on and on cussing me !! Add comment

Tryed same thing with me wanted me to buy a vanilla vochet at cvs to prove i can afford the pay ment .I fell for the green dot scam got me for 650 dollars glad i researched this .Its not happening again caused me to loose my car first time Add comment


I was in desperate situation and took their loan and I've regretted it every day since.The biweekly payments are more than my car payment and insurance. I'm in twiceas much debt now. I have myself to blame but I feel this company takes advantage of people in financial situations such as mine.Avant Credit is who I will go to from now on their payments are reasonable and they are willing to work... Read more

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Between the emails and the phone calls these people don't give up. They are sure they can scare someone into paying them. If you will notice all the emails come from a account. What attorney would use a free email account. So with the emails you just turn them into gmail for attempting to scam you and Gmail will shut down the email accounts. As for the phone calls never identify... Read more

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I have been a previous customer of clear cash and am trying to apply for another loan today, but when I put in my email address and password says it's incorrect so I request a new password but keeps telling me to put in my details. It's really annoying as it won't let me change my password. Add comment


I had a Rise Loan just like everyone else on this site... I paid them on time had about 5 to 6 payments left so I said to myself I will go ahead and pay it off so I did ... and after alittle time had past I went back online to get another loan with them and remember I paid on time and even paid off the loan early and this time around I was Turn Down Now my credit is better now then before So this... Read more

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