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While there is a contact number, and complaint email form, contradicting some reviewers' experiences, I agree with the majority in having a bad experience with Clear Cash. They did not process my application the same day (and lied about it being processed 'as we speak' both times I called), nor have they processed it the next day. Currently I am in the process of complaining via email - we will... Read more

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I am so disgusted with this company. Im telling everyone and reporting them to everywhere! I am a 50 year old educated female shopper in Los Angeles that speaks her mind when a business isn't treating their customers within the laws of that state. I am disabled and took 2 hours waiting for buses in 106 degrees to get to their store no. 728 and was planning to spend my balance of my card my Mother... Read more

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I tried sending money and it came back declined. WU took the money out of my bank account anyway. Today,, Saturday 8/30/14 I spend 3 hrs on the phone between WU and my bank (Wells Fargo). Besides that, I COULD NOT UNDERSTAND A SINGLE WORD YOUR REP SAID. The bank had to go three way with WU to confirm this transaction. MY MONEY HAS NOT BEEN RETERNED YET!!! YOU ARE REAL QUICK TO TAKE MY MONEY,... Read more

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this company had me purchase a money pack card to deposit my loan onto, they then had me put $165 on the card, repeatedly told my my money would not be taken and they took it, than called and harassed me cursed me out tried to get me to send more money and telling me that they cannot put the money back on my card! can someone please help me get my money back? Add comment

The same thing happen to me.number from new york,ohio,florida same guy differencenunber.they call.very n night.we have to do something took 210 dollars.from me. Add comment

Nail Spa 2Q encouraging customers to pay in cash so they can avoid paying taxes. Overheard the owner talking to one of her employees Thier contact details as follows; 5863 Fruitville Rd. Sarasota, FL 34232 Phone: 941-371-3805 Do you think you can action on this issue. Not sure let me know what is the place for such a complaint All business are required to pay their taxes but some of these... Read more

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I made a transaction on moneygram to help a friend in need that was visiting Ottawa. After a hundred questions regarding how I knew this person my money was finally released in a check form to my friend. He then found that NO BANK would cash this check. Their reason was that these moneygram checks have often turned out to be scams. After many hours he finally found a check cashing joint that... Read more

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I got a lone from Rise the amount I won't discuss, but when I saw their payback plan it looked good, and the APR was suppose to be a little high not almost 400% APR. So I am screwed paying this lone back for 36 month but not knowing that they are charging me interest per day on that lone on top of my High APR so the monthly payment that I am making don't even make a dent it the bill, giving them... Read more

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After dealing with Western Union for several months successfully, they suddenly seemed unable and /or unwilling to transfer money. I did not lose any money, but wasted a lot of time in dealing with their people. Their behavior shows poor education, customer awareness, and a generally aloof attitude. You never get a straight answer from them, often speaking with heavy accents, or in a chat, will... Read more

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I filed a transfer with my local WU, and tracked the transfer to the destination. My friend attempted to pick up the Money the next day, but the system in the destination store could not find the transaction record number. This morning, I checked again the record is GONE. This is the second time they've lost a transaction. The fourth time they have made errors and I've had to get my money back.... Read more

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