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So cutter group or someone claiming represent them keeps calling my job threatening me about serving me with legal documents talking people at my job that I have done something fraudulent I have told them to serve me with my papers and let's go to court cause I am tired of them making me look like i've done something wrong to my employee when I have never borrowed anything from them I've had... Read more

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so I received a call from this place and they told me that I was approved for a loan after speaking with a gentleman who after asking me if I was single began to hit on me he transferred me to his manager who asked me the same questions which I believe it was the same guy and began asking me personal questions after asking me if I was still sleeping with my sons father and asked if I had been... Read more

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I was told that I had been approved for 5000.00 and had to come up with 150.00 on a Money Pak card. I did this and then was told that I needed to come up with another 200.00 for a wire transfer fee to deposit it into my bank account. Then was told that they couldn't wire into my bank account and they would send it through Western Union for another 210.00. Then I was told I owed some kind of... Read more

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Was desperate and knew it was a gamble. Gave $120 for the thousand that never came but i was supposed to pay a hundred on it monthly. Then they asked for a hundred more. Scam. They fake american names alone shldve told me they lieing. Add comment

I sent $4.50 to renew a disability transportation pass, that I need to transport me to doctor appointments, or errands that are hard for me to do in public transportation. I cannot risk falling and another painful accident. I am on a low income budget. Maybe you can consider since the Dep.of transportation.Has not recieved the money order, nor has it been cashed, can you please wave the fee of... Read more

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Fraud through inducement, lies, misrepresentations , very deceitful ( adam shapiro), One cannot BELIEVE ANYTHING out of this man's mouth, he is the ULTIMATE *** MAN, will tell and promise anything to get his desires, needs and accomplishments met through deciet, HE IS THE DEVIL in human form. DO NOT TRUST THIS MAN FOR ANYTHING !!! I REPEAT; ANYTHING !!!!!!!!!!!Nothing !!!!! Not the time of day... Read more

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Speedy Cash are legal loan sharks they will lend you money with your car title and like the Fox on TV they will pull every single penny they can out of you no matter how much you pay on it you will continue to owe them the amount you borrowed it does not bring down any interest if you borrow 1200 dollars you pay $300 every paycheck you are not paying on your loan you are giving them money you are... Read more

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Applied for a loan with these idiots and got approved, but then got a e-mail asking for my LES, W2, bank statements, license, and military id card. Sent all of that via e-mail and they still asked for a social security card? Kept sending e-mails saying documents missing. It felt like I was buying a car at a dealership and I only applied for 700! A complete ripoff company. Of the 700 I would have... Read more

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I have to say after reading all of these reviews as well as looking into rise myself it sounds to me that the way they are set up is that you pay the interest before the balance. Which is how most loans work because the creditor wants the money to be paid back with interest and that is how they make money not by people paying off their loan early. The interest rate on these loans are outlandish.... Read more

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This is the email I keep getting: In a message dated 12/4/2014 12:59:58 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, writes: Case File#: G/1203PA Balance Amount: $963.86 Case File Transferred to ACS: - November 2014 Dear Customer, Having checked your Social Security Number through our National Checking Database System, and finding out that you have been never charged for a fraud... Read more

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