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Horrible! This company is a bunch of crooks! I was charged $210 weekly for 2 weeks and I get paid bi-weekly. I tried to get a refund on the extra payment and was told there was nothing they could do. Not only do they charge ridiculous interest but they robbed me of $210. I was so frustrated with this company I was shaking. I asked to speak to a manager and he kept trying to re-direct my focus to... Read more

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I had send some money and they are still hanging in there and the service provider said webcant do any thing

All you people who said you sent money to ace on a green dot crd and msking claims that ace fraud you out of money. It was not the real ace. There is a scam team making repeated calls. If anyone clims they are a psyday advancr company and ask you to load money on a card, hang up wck. I recieved over one hundred calls in one day. And i had to block over two hundred numbers with different area...

The worst people u will ever come across, no professional ethics to deal with their customers, they make u wait endlessly becuz they are busy tending to there hour long phone calls and when it's finally your turn, they simply get away with saying, I don't have anymore time for u after hardly speaking to u for 2 minutes! With the documents and everything they make it so complicated for... Read more

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recently i had experience of using thier online web account to transfer money using my bank account which was worst nightmare experience i ever encountered. I heard from my friends that their customer service and validation department based out of dominion republic has bad reputation in treating customers. well i have to experience this first hand. my advice is to stay away from western union... Read more

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I would have to agree with everyone here. Western Union is nonexistent to me! Everyone here have the same compliant I had already filled out my money orders and ,decided I didn't want to move into my apartment after hearing complaint from to residence whom was unsatisfied with the apartment complex !,but like everyone else here I' experiencing a difficult time getting my money back!! Its a shame

My tenants paid me rent with a western union money order from 7-11. I tried depositing it, it wasn't accepted. I tried cashing it at various locations, it want acceptedaccepte. So, I called western union Four times and every person I taked to told me something different. Finally, the fourth person told me that the money order department was closed and I couldn't have my money for at least 48...

In April 2014 I did my weekly grocery shopping at our local Wal-Mart Super Center. Despite having sufficient funds in our bank account, Wal-Mart declined my check at the register. I had them try to re-run my check again, to which it also declined and they printed off a receipt from TeleCheck to call their number. I was humiliated in front of my own sons and other customers, then had to walk away... Read more

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I am a 70 yr. old woman who depends on her husband's income for survival. My husband is a contractor in Saudi Arabia and sends money home to the US for me to live and help our children and grand children in a time of need. The last week of June, 2014 I went to pick up my money and was told I could not pick it up. I called Western Union and was informed I can not send or receive money, with... Read more

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After james calling several times in3 days I decided to purchase the reload card and I gave him the number on the back of the card. After a couple of minutes he told me that I owed 750.00 to a cash advace company. I told him I dont owe any monies or been late on any payments. I spoke to his supervisor and he request another 209.00. I told him I didnt have it or was able to get it. He then... Read more

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