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I'm not sure what the others are talking about. I think Rise credit is fair and a huge help. How could the terms be any clearer? I think Rise is head and shoulders above the other alternatives as far as APR goes. Any questions I had were handled promptly and professionally. I wholeheartedly endorse them! Add comment

I ordered a single box of checks from Checks Unlimited. The whole order process was fine until checkout came up. Three times they tried to push this EZ Shield at me to "protect" me. Since I only write checks to people I know personally and have no fear of having a problem with those people, I declined. It was extremely annoying having to decline multiple times and remove it from my cart. I check... Read more

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This place will rob you clean. Do not go to these people! I pawned my phone and a week later they pulled it. Did not let me make a payment on it and sold it without even calling and asking for a payment. These people are crocks! Add comment

My name is Liz Phan, every time I send money my family receive it. So I call western union and the told me they reject me from sending money. So please let me know what the problem my number is 3219459805 my email address is Add comment


I signed up for Instagc at midnight or so yesterday(technically) I normally use auto-fill in order to speed up registration and accidentally clicked the wrong option and filled out my "Personal Information" with the wrong information (Specifically I used fake information I use normally on websites for gaming because they shouldn't ever need it). Once I earned enough for a 10$ gift card I wanted,... Read more

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Yesterday my son wired me some money by Money Gram. I walked down to the local Money Gram office to get the money, which is actually a printed check which I then have to cash, and they said that their machine had been down since last Saturday, and they didn't know when they would get a new machine. So I got a ride to another Money Gram office, but their machine is down, too. So I telephoned... Read more

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I had a situations at Capital One branch in Central Park, 1980 Carl D Silver Pkwy, Fredericksburg, VA 22401. The last incident happened on Saturday when I went to the drive-thru to withdraw money and I filled out the withdrawal slip and passed it through the tube and the teller responded that I had to come inside because of the amount I was withdrawing which was $1600 and that if I want to see... Read more

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I want my account to be verified since February 9 So far nothing happened Please let me know what is the problem with my verification I sent. My UK Driving Licence. And Up to Date. Bank statement last three months Add comment

I earned enough points for a gift card and after trying to cash out, it told me to contact support. After doing this, support started badgering me with questions about my profile. It became quickly apparent that they were trying to disqualify my account - they were asking me to send government ID and other information that is simply unreasonable - especially for a measly $4. Having customer... Read more

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All I'm asking is for my refund that's all nothing should be a problem if it's rightfully mine can you help me get my money Add comment

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