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Finally, my friend got her income-tax and was able to repay the loan that I had made to her. Since she had lost her debit card a few days before, she decided to transfer the money to our local Walmart MoneyGram. We began the transaction at 6pm and at 8:45pm (while we both were standing in Walmart) she received an email saying that they needed more information and to call them. She immediately... Read more

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I went atm with my jh prefferd card and tried to take 100.00 and it got declined so i went to another atm and tried to take 100.00 again. Then i checked my account it was over 200.00 short. I tried to call them and i couldn't talk to any one. What should i do i have to pay rent sunday now i am 200.00 short. I get direct deposit from work and i cant get my money. Please help. My name is Derek... Read more

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At agent location, they refuse my transaction, agent called and they talk to me about my fiancée from the Philippines. Ask me a lot of personal questions, explain she has been my gf for 5 years, fiancée for 1 1/2, I have visited 3 times, just the month before this, They cancel my transaction and recommend I file fraud charges, against my fiancée????? Now I try to send her monthly allowance... Read more

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Refered to lenders from montels lil money making *** "loans" ect. To make him richer only to put the people who needed the help the most in the poor house even more! Your "ALL"scammers, very "SAD"!!! Add comment

I have been using the online money transfer for years. Suddenly my debit card was being denied. It took hours of complaining to get told anything besides "you can pay in person at an agent."(which it turns out costs twice as much as well as being inconvenient.) It took hours of talking to customer service to find out the problem came from having my first name changed on my online account, but the... Read more

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Rip off preadatory loan company.!! And custumor service stinks.!! Please don't be like me i have been paying on a 3100 loan since april 2014 @ 126.00 Twice a month. my balance after last payment was 1,778 now before tomm. payment my balance is 1,808.. Plus i have been sent a email 2 times to refinance and like a dummy i considered and both times was not able to do so customer service said it was... Read more

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He hvae yo do something about this! ive been harassed. Threatened to be arrested and been stolen from. We have to do something about this. Thank god for this website so people know not to trust these *** Add comment

I applied last year for small loan, they ended up debiting more than twice the amount. At first I couldn't find a number to call, and after when I had tried emailing feedback or complaint form, the form didn't confirm if it was submitted or if the company had received it. Are they even a legit company running this? Seemed more like a scam which needs to be investiged. I tried emailing them too,... Read more

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applied for a loan got denied told I gave fraudant information they hurt our credit! Why would I lie on my application to hurt my own credit!! Add comment

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