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I think you new programing sucks! Add comment

Dish terminated my contract for me when they blocked FOX. i no longer receive what I am paying for. Signed up for cable today. Add comment

I called Comcast last week to report an issue with my internet service dropping connections throughout the day. They told me I had "End of life" equipment and that they'll send me out a new modem. I said "Great, I'm looking forward to it and I'll call back to provision my router." A few days later, I called to see if there was a tracking number for the order. They told me the order was canceled... Read more

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Way to go DISH!! Of course you blame Fox Network, well you will be the loser. I will be canceling my account and switching to Direct TV...... John in Virgina Add comment

Not happy with the TV we bought from Pauls TZV and asked for return with in 7 days of purchase. They demanded for 15% restocking fee for the TV which is 354$!!!. I was there at the store(2nd time)to pick up free sound bar and when asked about the refund and return the store lead clearly said that because I dont like the TV and is with in 11 days there won't be any restocking fee. He also... Read more

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I will drop my subscription if FOX is not reinstated. I use DISH mainly because I watch FOX daily. I will watch FOX from morning to bedtime. I believe that DISH is making a major financial mistake in taking the action they have taken. I have been a subscriber for several years and have been very satisfied until now. DISH offered FOX Business for a fair rate as opposed to other providers. However... Read more

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Stop removing News channels. First it was CNN. Now its Fox news. I will be switching providers this time. I pay for certain packages and I expect what I paid for. I am a long time customer and tire of seeing you remove the channels. Fix this problem. Put your customers first or they will leave Dish! We desire to have the services we pay for and not have this issue happen over and over. I am angry... Read more

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first I started with a live chat... just wanted prices. I did not want a phone call. It claims to call and they will help you. Someone named Richie ended the chat because I just wanted the prices and no phone call. Then.... I called because he hung up. They want to know everything about you and even wanted my SS number. your zip code is not enough. they want to check your credit. ... Read more

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I cannot believe Dish has not been able to negotiate with Fox News I hope they go bankrupt. I spend over 400 a month with dish no more if I spend that kind of money I should get to see fox Add comment

Today, Sunday 12/21/14 I wasted a whole day searching the Internet for a new cable provider. I called Direct TV and found a wonderful lady, Shardaey, to help me convert me over to Direct TV. Why not? I get my Fox News back and for a cheaper price for the first year with a barrel full of benefits. I have to wait till January 3rd though, I will have any fair and balanced news at all till then.... Read more

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