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I just switched off Sirius Symphony Hall channel 76 because they're playing the entire West Side Story soundtrack. That's not exactly what I have in mind when I think "classical." If this becomes a routine I'm canceling. There seems to be less and less in the way of real classical radio programming and more and more of a "dumbing down" of selections. You hardly ever hear longer Bach pieces. ... Read more

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I was working for these *** F****! Toy Christensen who runs the Chicago location is a major arrogant a****** Who called me over the phone because I quit. Saying all sorts of derogatory words like shut your *** sucking mouth you *** mother f***er! Prior to that I got had been working for a guy called Darius Jones Who runs the Indianapolis office. He is super disrespectful and manipulative!!! This... Read more

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Cannot believe what CBS is allowing the houseguests on Big Brother to get away with. They should be ashamed of themselves!! You've lost me and MANY others as viewers I'm sure... Some of those contestants should be kicked off NOW for things they have said! HORRIBLE. Add comment

I am neither a fan of Ohio State or Navy; however, I watched the game on 8/30/14 waiting for the start of the game I was interested in. It is VERY obvious Gary Danielson was praising everything Ohio State would do and criticized everything about Navy. It was nauseating. Never mind Navy hung in there with a #5 ranked team until the 4th quarter. Ohio State could do no wrong and Navy was... Read more

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I had auto bill pay set up and someone stole money from my debit card. I called directv and told them I would pay two months on 07/03/2014 at Walmart. Then when I get a new card I would call them with the card info,and because of the lost money the new card wouldn't have any money on it till 09/03/2014. I am a disabled vet and get paid the third of each month. I called at 10.45 am on 08/12/2014... Read more

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For the past year and a half, I've been disputing my monthly charges with Directv. After 2 or 3 calls, on 2/11/13, we came to a verbal agreement that I would be paying $100 a month (including taxes) for internet, phone and TV. The bills I received were $150 a month. When I called them to ask why it wasn't $100, they insisted that a verbal agreement is not binding and what is in writing is all... Read more

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After 10+ years of no cable thought I would try out Comcast/xfinity boy was that A HUGE mistake. Cable doesn't work right, internet works HALF of the time. Tried for 3 weeks to add home phone service that never happened & still was charged. Once cable was fixed after 6 months, only service that works correctly, they buried the cable without me home destroyed yard & cut sprinkler lines... Read more

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Very disappointed our local CBS affiliate ( KTAB ) Abilene Tx, chose to air a high school football game tonight and not to air a live Big Brother episode until 1:00 am. Our family has watched faithful the entire season. We have jobs and school so to stay up that late is unacceptable. When I called the local station to see if there were a sister station was lied to twice once was told it was the... Read more

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My dad has been a Direct TV customer for 17 years now. Myself 9 years. Due to the recent uncertainty of Direct TV providing SEC games, my dad let his service get disconnected until hearing of the final verdict. They refuse to waive a $40 reconnect fee for a 17 year customer even when he is about to pay $205.00. He, my sisters, and myself will all now be going to Dish. Add comment

We have had Direct TV for just over 1 year. We purchased it through a satellite provider that had a booth at the Ohio State Fair. They were called Direct Satellite Service out of Zanesville, Ohio. RUN from them - they were NOT Direct TV authorized installers! The guy that showed up to install came in a battered personal vehicle crammed full of equipment. He was totally clueless. He ran... Read more

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