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Between the cable prices going up again, having HD box problems freezing up, and their cable always going out, I don't know what makes me angrier with Time Warner Cable. If it isn't one problem, it's another with them. Their customer service in the Philippines is not helpful at all and they are very rude and argumentative. I asked to be transferred to someone in the States, and the guy was very... Read more

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I hate direct tv an i can't stand their annoying commercials from a paid customer who had big money put in there pockets it's sucks after two years they had raise the price big everytime their is a storm or just cloudy out it goes down they tried to shut it off 3 weeks early than we wanted it to go off glad to be back with bright house an also have decent internet so I can stream these satellite... Read more

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Overcharge, monopoly, overcharge some more-worst customer service I've ever experienced. Will NEVER subscribe to this company again. Joke!!! Add comment

"Highway Robbery" is the phrase to best describe Cox Communications. This company should be ashamed of itself! They realize they have a monopoly on their line of business in my area and they charge their Customers huge sums of money. I currently pay $106 per month - and this is at a "special" discounted rate supposedly - so my actual monthly bill would be around $120. I do not have HBO,... Read more

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DIRECTV will promise you anything to get you to sign up, then not deliver. As one of many lies, I was promised free installation, then charged $100.00 for it. I was promised three months of free movie channels, that never happened. I was told they would add their bill to my existing ATT bill, then didn't, and charged me for not doing it. They failed to mention the extra charge for 'service',... Read more

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I had not had my Seiki for a and the picture froze up. My sister had the good sense to purchase a warranty so they had me cut off the end of the cord and mail it to them. We were able to get back what she paid for it. Bought a Samsung no problems. They should stop selling them! !!! Add comment

They keep telling me they are aware of the problem and are working on it, but nothing happens. One rep told me I would get a credit but it never happened and then the next rep told me "no way will we give you a credit". Nor will they commit to a time to fix this problem. They said it has to do with my box/receiver but they are not willing to replace it. They asked me to reduce shows in the... Read more

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Direct TV sent mailer thru U.S. mail offering a $200.00 Visa Card for customers switching to their service....After I switched Direct TV refuses to honor their mailer...have disconnected service as I can't do business with a dis-honest business...and now they want to charge me early termination fees....I would like to see Direct TV made to eliminate the termination charges...and never contact me... Read more

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The new tactic that the sales technicians are using is telling the customer that they will be receiving free products with a service call or installations. All of these products that are supposedly free are all placed on your bill and these technicians more than likely get incentives for selling, which they are claiming is free. I will be cancelling my service because this was a very under... Read more

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You are no longer 'HEADLINE NEWS.' Watching videos of kittens and babies doing silly things isn't anything that we can't see on YouTube. So now you turn to the ever more entitled millenials because they are your new target audience. Boy, you sure have made an impact on TV with your spin on reality and game shows using social media - how boring. There is no need for a 24 hour social network,... Read more

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