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Time Warner deceives it's customers. They lie just to get you off the phone, and the next associate is clueless. You have to call constantly about services not working and end up having to reboot everything. I am totally pissed with them and their incompetence. It makes no sense to be out for money, and not care about your customers. I'm switching to another company. They won't get another penny... Read more

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I'm beyond upset. Just ordered direct TV yesterday and was quoted a monthly price of $40.99 before taxes. I ask if there was a monthly charge for Recievers and was told no. I clarified numerous times what my monthly bill would be and was continuously told $40.99. Upon receiving my email confirmation the order was priced at $61.99. Direct TV told me there was nothing that could be done. ... Read more

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The equipment failed (my direct tv receiver) that had rarely been used. When I called customer service the woman on the said the receiver had to be replaced and I would be billed for $16, something for shipping. When I asked why I had to pay for leased equipment repair the rep said I did not have the insurance so it was like having a wreck on a leased car without insurance. I did nothing to... Read more

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Terrible product. Do not expect pause or rewind to work. You are giving this feature up once you sign up for contour. Add comment

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The sound on Elementary is bad. Going into third season, complaints on internet about it, and no one at CBS listens. Amazing that anyone watches it Add comment

Sidhdhi enterprise from Ahmedabad took my set top box by telling that they pays 1200 rupees by cheque within 45 days.after four month I didn't got my money & they r not responding to my calls Add comment


I place an order get great pricing, rep. transfers me to a guy that will try to sell a life security product, this guy now increases my prices on monthly premiums and when I tell him no he tells me I have your cc. WOW, within 2 minutes my prices go up. We bundle TV and Internet. Direct TV installs on 10/20/14 ATT doesn't show up on the 27th, I call while waiting and the Direct TV supervisor 3... Read more

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Have routine problems every other day with FOX NEWS. Why isn't it live like in Miami on Comcast. Never a problem with MSNBC. Why do you have to select "Start Over" or "Resume play". I watch Fox news and their content. Can't take the MM left wing pukes. Their customer service is the worst I have ever seen. They have a monopoly in my area so there is no alternative other than to cancel. I... Read more

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I leased a 50" new TV from Aarons. He stated to me that all electronics carry a 2 year warranty. When I got home and really looked at my papers I could not find anything relating to a warranty. After the TV was delivered and I looked at the manual information it plainly stated that the TV had a one year warranty. So, I then called the manager of the store and asked for a written warranty. He... Read more

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Software update done 8/14 causes a 1 min delay with any commands and have reported numerous time to customer service when talking to rep they dont really care just try to sell me upgrade package attitude sucks and if you have their insurance policy save yourself the money and cancel as it covers nothing ,,never again will I install this ***. Have never had such bad customer service from a cable... Read more

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