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Almost every month, our billing amount changes (and, not surprisingly, it never decreases). During the past several years, we have gone from paying $60 per month, to $80, to $160 (and we do not receive increased services for the increased fees). It is an almost monthly battle to get our bill corrected and these phone calls (often, more than one) take literally hours! Managing my Comcast bill... Read more

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As a military family stationed in Washington State we had an account with Direct Tv. My husband was injured with the military and had to be honorably discharged because of the injury. The military gave us two weeks to move and very little money for the actual move. We had no choice but to live with family. When I contacted Direct Tv they said all would be fine and I could suspend my service after... Read more

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I have read multiple reviews from other customers and have a similar vantage point, so I will avoid redundancy and speak of my recent experience. I get the most irritated in life when my hard earned money and my private bank account are tampered with. There are so many companies out there that play to the public's blind eye. They intentionally prey on ignorance and even create consumer blindness... Read more

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Signed up for Direct TV to only cancel after 3 days due to a promised HD package. Needless to say no HD and when I called in to inform customer service I got the run around. I then canceled my service after the 3 days and this was a clear indicator of what was to come. Now I'm waiting for the promised prepaid box to arrive to only be told by another rep when calling back in that there is no box... Read more

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I signed up for this service so I could get rid of my DVR box and still be able to watch my shows when I wanted to. It turned out to be a total pain. Not only are the commercials annoying but if I rewind then I have to watch the commercials all over again. As others have complained, it also buffers a lot and when it restarts guess what? Yup, commercials again! At least with my DVR you can fast... Read more

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Ordered a TV but the next day order cancelled say no stock. Check website still have but price already increased. Call the Lazada number many time but cannot get thru. Must be many people called to complaint like me.Called customer service say cannot check stock unless you order first. Insist must give your mobile phone first before you can ask anything else. No ethic company because want to... Read more

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Staff were overworked; long wait. But good outcome and better attitudes thzn I expected. Add comment

The direct tv man came by 12/17/14 to chanced the receiver and swim box. He replaced the receiver in room 1 and went to room two were I had a 42 inch L G and he went outside and while he was outside my television was blinking on and off, when he came back in my tv was black screen and frying. I took it to Morris tv shop in pine bluff were they told me that they had a Lot of tv with direct tv... Read more

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I have been experiencing nothing but problems with Time Warner Cable's Service. They keep raising their prices a lot, not just a few dollars. I live here in Anderson Township/Cincinnati and have had four HD cable boxes go out in the last three months. My HD picture quality is not clear at all, especially on the 720p channels. My digital channels usually have interference in them. My tv picture... Read more

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The TV Guide Channel does not display the correct television programs coming on. A brand-new episode of the TV show the flash is supposed to be on, instead there's an infomercial with Montel Williams international Add comment

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