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There is power in numbers. Send your Direct TV complaints directly to: Ms. Ellen Filipiak SR VP, Customer Care 2230 E Imperial Highway El Segundo, CA 90245 Email: Consumers, UNITE! There IS power in numbers. Bombard, innundate Ms. Filipiak's office with your concerns and complaints. If there are as many as I believe there are, they will not be able to ignore them.... Read more

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I have been searching for a cheaper way to watch tv online and thought I had found a great deal. Beware everyone before you purchase Satellite Direct TV online!! They advertise all the channel categories you could imagine for a low price. The problem is once you have downloaded the software, you get this list of about 1000 channel networks all over the world and you have to click on each one of... Read more

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I cancelled my Dish Network service today. As expected, they'll require the return of my leased equipment. Much to my surprise there would be a $15 fee assessed for each return label I had to use. I was told that this was clearly stated in the terms and conditions I signed for my service. However, Dish Network's RCA Page 7, Item 5, Part B: states you must "contact our customer service... to... Read more

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The whole purpose of having a DVR is to record programs while you are away or to record a program while you watch another. With Dish Network you cannot view any other channel while recording. I called Dish Network support and they told me to record on second TV. That's OK as long as someone else is not watching another program on the second TV. With today's technology I find this hard to... Read more

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I have been a loyal XM radio listener for years. Now, I am mad as *** and will do all that I can punish XM Radio for treating me this way. Here is my horror situation in a capsule. Considering the new economic realities, my XM Satellite Radio yearly subscription was on the list of things to cancel. My renewal date was 12/06/2010 - Fees of approximately $160 are collected in advance/charged to... Read more

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Suddenlink has dropped Viacom in order to save themselves money, without saving their customers money. This hit is only at the expense of the customers and we've been compensated with utterly useless channels in place of the ones we've lost. To make the situation worse, they're running a "by popular demand" marketing plan to try and convince their consumer base that they chose to bend over and... Read more

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One of the main reasons i use Netflix is because of how awesome they are. They have everything. Well it seemed that way. As of september 1st they removed sesame street. One of the most educational, and beneficial shows for children in my opinion. My 7 month old adores big bird and Elmo. I can understand Netflix removing bad content but sesame street?! Come on! Anything PBS related should be... Read more

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As a very recent former employee who left voluntarily after 7 years of witnessing underhanded and deceptive practices to not only customers but employees as well, I decided I would rather be unemployed than continue working for Comcast. The constant daily verbal abuse from customers that I had to put with was also a contributing factor. I am now a regular paying customer and I hate having to deal... Read more

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My 80-yr old mother (fixed income) needed a less-expensive internet and TV service. She asked me to help. I went on to Century Link's CHAT (which is printable) so there would be no confusion if the Century Link/Direct TV bundle seemed like a service she would prefer and there would be NO confusion about the costs. Robbin S. and I chatted on Century Link for some time. I exlained there would... Read more

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I am so sorry that Direct TV has turned out to be such a disappointment. We were led to believe that "TV on Demand" was a great innovation to Direct TVs programming, instead it turned out to be a scam. Some 80 or 90 percent of the movies are Pay only . The remainder that are free are not fit to watch. This could be easily corrected by giving us some decent free movies instead of the garbage... Read more

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