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I want to disconnect my service because we do not watch tv much. One hour waiting, 5 disconnected phone calls, one useless supervisor. I still have not been able to reach anyone to have my service disconnected. Each person was ruder than the next. I was asked to pay my (non-late) bill each time, but not one could get me to the department to cancel my service. Their website does not allow... Read more

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Just plain rude! I just wanted to get pricing and I told the rep I would call tomorrow to set up billing/payment. She asked why and I started to explain and the lady hung up on me! Not going to go with direct tv. Rude sales reps. I use to work in sales, people come back when you go out of your way and show respect and politeness!

I have been a Cox customer for many years. I had the total bundle pack, but let the TV go about 4 years ago as there was a power outage and it took them forever to fix it. I took the box to the store and told them I did not want that service anymore, especially for what I was paying. I kept the internet and phone bundle. I got a promotion for a bundle which included TV, Internet and phone the... Read more

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I recently had my 3 family home that I live in renovated to the cost of over $100k. One of my tenants had a dish installed directly in the front of my home and the REQUIRED CONTRACT with my name on the top indicating that MY permission was required was ignored. When I contacted DirectTV they told me to send an estimate for the damage from a professional contractor with photos and copies of any... Read more

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In this Letter you will discover how I was Gang Raped by all of the Comcast Employees, one after the other after the other.. and how they continue to rape the rest of the world.... For the last few months I have been using the 14 day check hold so that i wont lose my service! Every month its always something with Comcast!.. the calls get dropped, your employees hang up on me.. I call back and I... Read more

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I am very upset that classical pops is no longer available on my car radio. That program is one of the main reasons I subscribe to Sirius XM. I strongly urge you to bring back the classical pops channel. Otherwise, I will have to really think about my renewal.

I moved and unfortunately at&t didn't cover the area my new house was in, so I thought I'd try comcast. First they didn't show up during their appointment window, then had the gall to lie to me and say they showed up and no one was home. (I was home all day and left my garage open with my car in it, just so they would know I was home) Then they tell me it's gonna be 3 days until the... Read more

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We live in Wilmington, DE. Have had comcast service since 2010. 2 weeks ago our television screen shows : ref S0a00. It was a Wednesday afternoon. I got home around 3:30 pm. Called customer service- which is in either the Philippines or India- they tried to be nice from there "script" and fix my problem remotely. I was on the phone for 2 hours. Because it was after 1pm they could not send a... Read more

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When Miami lost it's only Classical station over 10 years ago I got an XM susbscription. Now XM has cancelled Pops. I'll be canceling XM and going with the Tune-In Radio app on my iPhone for hundreds of classical offerings. Good move XM.

I am disabled and have to move to government housing, can't take my box with me, now they tell me I have to pay 380.00 to get out of the contract I didn't know I was in. Plus the Boxes are defective and have to pay to ship them back. Received another one that didn't go with my TV and had to send that one back at my cost to ship. The pre-paid label goes on my bill and I still pay shipping. The... Read more

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