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I purchased my MLB Premium subscription through iTunes, and connected the purchase to my in the app settings. However, the subscription only works on Apple products when purchased through iTunes. customer support informed me that if I want to use my account on their website, or other devices like my PS4, I need to call Apple for a refund and re-purchase the subscription on their... Read more

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I am 78. My roommate is 92. When the Comcast tech advised us we could either have a new box for our TV sent or we could pick one up at Comcast's "service center"--13 miles from our home, we elected to pick it up. We took a number and waited. We were finally given a "new" box which, when unwrapped, had lived several hard lives before another refurbishing. No way could we get the cables to fit.... Read more

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I talked with someone in Customer Solutions, and the man who answered was very fresh and rude. YEp mem, yep, yep, nope. Do you want to keep your service or not?? I said to him...connect me with a supervisor, and he completely ignored me. At times he won't answered me, so I didn't know if he was in the line or not. My whole point was to let Comcast know that my phone still active at my old... Read more

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My experience with comcast has been less than pleasant the entire time I have been with their company. They have the worst customer service I have ever dealt with and the majority of the people you speak to on the phone don't speak english. I feel like I can never explain exactly the problem fully because of their lack of knowledge of the english language. They are of no help whatsoever. I was... Read more

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THE WORTS COMCAST CUSTOMER SERVICE,relations services.HIGHER COMCAST BILLS.Customer service won't do or change enything on your bill nor even hear ABAUT your conserns overall really bad and unprefational services in COMCAST cable compony. Add comment

I moved from one town to another because of unexpected job loss. the apartment complex I rented from does not support Direct TV satellites so technically I cannot receive service. I still owe 12 months of Direct TV? and I have already paid for a month of service and a 99 fee for them to determine I can't get service? I have spent so much time on the phone with them and have still not gotten... Read more

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Xfinity said my bill would be 125$ called a bunch of time for the credit and they said they would put it on. They charged for putting it all in $129 I did not know of and put tons of holes in my walls and said a contractor would come out to fix it. On the phone 17 time and nothing came of it. I went with WOW but Comcast will not wipe out the bill. I need to take them to court for the contractor... Read more

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Purchased tv from Kmart, worked for a couple of months, that's it. Tried to call customer service and they insulted my intelligence with the standard barely speaking English rep, who had the audacity to tell me I should try pushing the source button. This is all via email of course, they do not answer phones, nor do they honor warranties. Just do not buy Seiki televisions EVER! Add comment

When I ordered DISH tv I was told I would be sent a $50 VISA gift card. Instead I received a correspondence saying it would cost me $2.95 to have it sent to me. Sounds like they are taking lessons from Comcast. Am so disturbed that they promised to send it and said nothing about me paying to have it delivered. I canceled Comcast after 8 years of them charging for services I never received and... Read more

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Dish illegally signed me up for auto pay and withdrew two hundred dollars from my account.I checked my account last week and I saw there was a pending withdrawel from dish.I called them to see why they withdrew the money because I hadn't authorized anyone to do so and the representative informed me that I was signed up for auto pay.I told them I didn't authorize dish to autopay anything from my... Read more

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