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I was traveling from State College, PA to New York City, at 2:40am, so I could catch an early afternoon flight to Europe. Before I say anything about the experience, let me just say that I had two bags with me, and yes, I know now that the rules say that you are only allowed one piece of luggage per customer. That being said, the driver was absolutely unreasonable and incredibly nasty, and should... Read more

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To whom it may concern; My name is Shareef Aleem, and I am a community activist in the Denver Metropolitan area and host of a local radio talk show. Over the years I have helped many people that have had conflicts with corporations and the local, state and federal government. Now, I find myself a victim of Greyhound Bus Lines. On April 1st, 2008, I was returning from Phoenix, AZ. I witnessed very... Read more

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Had personal matters come up...(we All do) so vacation had was cancelled :(... Try to send an email to for refund or reschudule for a later date,but was told I had to reschudule within 24hrs after my travel time!! Please I ask for A refund?? My reservation summary order is AAGSIRI...Reservation Number is 33/34-7205-071512-M36-1430-PIT-WAS it came from my account...Email... Read more

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I take Megabus round trip at least once a month. Years ago the wifi seemed to work reliably. NOW NEVER WORKS. On ones laptop it will show connected to an excellent wifi signal but trying to sign in beyond the Agreement Terms page doesn't work. NEVER, I called Sweden, Megabus's Swedish wifi provider, ICONERA technical dept is Megabus's wifi provider and they said Megabus never contacted them about... Read more

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I am 65 and have been riding Greyhound since my teens. I am proof against a lot of bad behavior. Today while I was standing in the customer service office of the Pittsburgh bus station to ask for the name of a driver who had terrorized me in Columbus, Ohio, a girl about 15 years old, travelling alone, who had been mis-ticketed and stranded in Pittsburgh, was told by a customer service rep that... Read more

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On June 1, 2011, I was kicked off of a Bolt Bus going from Philadelphia to NYC because I had my service dogs (two mini-dachshunds weighing about 10lbs each) completely contained in their Sherpa travel bag that airlines approve for animal travel. I have been using Bolt Bus, Mega Bus, Amtrak, even Grey Hound for a couple of years to travel to and from Philadelphia with my dogs. I have NEVER had a... Read more

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I ordered a print at home ticket online. When I ordered the ticket, I was not near a printer so I assumed I could reprint the ticket at a later date. It is important to note that you cannot pick these tickets up at the station and that it is "solely the passenger's responsibility to print tickets prior to travel". The trouble started when I tried to reprint my ticket, a new tab popped up and... Read more

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I live in New York but travel back to my hometown, Philly, often. I used to be a regular Chinatown bus rider. Granted the bus was a headache because you couldn't reserve a seat but at least you could buy a round trip ticket for $20 and use it whenever you desired. I started taking mega-bus about a year ago, thinking that paying a little more would be worth it to get a reserved spot.... Read more

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WHEELCHAIR BOUND DAD LOCKED ON TRAIN BY EMPLOYEES DAD FILES ADA COMPLAINT & 2 WHEELCHAIRS SMASHED IN RETALIATION Los Angeles, California United States of America December 19, 2010--He was trapped on a darkened train all because the conductor was in a rush to get to a party. The lights and the engine were shut off. Amtrak's rules are straight forward-if your are disabled you are the... Read more

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Amtrak's treatment of elderly passengers
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When my 75 year old grandmother, Alexandra, bought tickets to travel by Amtrak from Washington to Montreal she never thought that this trip would became a nightmare and would cost her her only companion: her cat Mimi. She diligently choose Amtrak over flying as she thought it would turn out as a better experience for her beloved pet. Unfortunately for her, she did not know about Amtrak's "only... Read more

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