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Bus from Battery arrives at last stop late, no downtown traffic at all, but still driver Is late...Bus Banner reads "out of service". I ask "is this the Lakewood bus? The bus says out of service"; driver's response...well maybe I don't provide service. I was not amused. Ticket prices increase, service continues to decline and still we can't get mgmt/anyone to acknowledge or address commuter... Read more

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A Bus ticket was purchased Conf#5674555801, for myself, explaining that I was Disabled, and have a Brain Disease, and would need help all the way to my destination. That I would not be able to lift any Bags and all was Paid in advance, also when I left the Bus Station out of Myrtle Beach, I also paid additional $15.00 for a bag. When I arrive in Norfolk, Va. I explain to the Staff and Bus Driver... Read more

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I had a flight from Houston IAH to Rio de Janeiro at 9:20 pm, May 23, 2015. I planned to take the 1:15 pm Megabus from Austin to Houston. However, the staff said at first that the tires of the bus were too hot so they could not use that bus. Instead they had to ask another bus to come, at 4 pm the earliest. The bus never showed up, at least at 5. At last I, as well as two other passengers, lost... Read more

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I traveled with Megabus from Nashville to Chicago to Nashville, and I will NEVER travel with them again. The bus driver told me to wait in the wrong place for my bus to Madison, causing me to miss my bus. Then another driver told me they would rebook me for free since it was their fault, but the booking people on the phone wouldn't do it and made me pay another $ get home. To be fair, they... Read more

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I have had two horrible experiences with this company now, both times the drivers claimed that they had not been contacted and that they were too far away to get me to my flight on time. With this second action they have stolen almost $400 from me and I will probably move to take civil action against their company because of the misrepresentation. As someone who is familiar with the law, this is... Read more

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  • May 23
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On numerous occasions I have contacted megabus regarding issues with my travel as i make a weekly trip to new york and philly. We always leave late, the bus is always cold and when I have had to change a reservation due to an emergency I was refused and the agents where rude and put the oh one down on me. The need to be retrained or fired because this unacceptable. Add comment

This service sucks. Long waiting times. Poor service. I recommend you find a different company or take a taxi Add comment

Our high school entered into a contract with US Coachways to bus our seniors to an amusement park 2-1/2 hours away. Our high school paid the deposit eight months in advance of the trip and sent the final payment in three weeks in advance of the trip. The company deposited both checks, and the fee was paid in full. The morning before the trip, US Coachways sent an email confirming our trip. At 5... Read more

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The 12:55 leaving hazlet nj. Is never on time. Gets to port authority after 2:15 constantly. Asked usual driver why he Is late. Told me traffic. Well im riding same bus as hes driving. And I didnt sit in traffic???? Add comment

Standing in line for 40 minutes bus is not here to go to Memphis I need a refund today Atlanta bus 5-22-15 Add comment

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