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My mother and nephew was set to leave for the morning commute from Nashville, TN to Chattanooga. I received an email early on the morning of departure letting me know that there would be a 3hr to 3.5hr delay due to mechanical issues. I called customer service and spoke with Beatrice at 11:56am to get an update on when the bus should arrive but she was unable to give me any kind of helpful... Read more

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  • Greyhound
  • 19 hours ago
  • by anonymous
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On a bus right now traveling from Claremont, Ca to Las Vegas, Nv. and the electric plugs do not work. Schedule # 6006. Now in Riverside, Ca. Vernell McNeal 702-712-5274 Add comment


My family was on an Amtrak for 2 days to be abandoned in an infested and dilapidated part of Gastonia NC with no lighting or no staff. This was a miserable experience and I will never pay $500 again to receive this kind of service. Had it not been for a local cab driver my family would have been out there all alone across the street from a condemned slaughterhouse. My family included a 5 year... Read more

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My story involves the people who represent the Budget organization. Two weeks ago my family and I rented a car from Dallas Love Field airport. At the end of the trip, I left my $250 Ray Sunglasses in the Rental. Obviously, it was my fault and I took 100% responsibility for leaving the glasses in the car. In fact, for the 1st hour I wrote them off as an unfortunate loss. This is where my... Read more

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Friday afternoon, my friend and I took the megabus from Port Authority to Atlantic City with no issues with tickets we bought on last wednesday. After a weekend in Atlantic City, we were all set to leave with other friends we met up with there and ran into an issue. I had misplaced my return ticket stub for the Megabus but I still had in my possession the order number, credit card used to make... Read more

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  • Bolt Bus
  • Oct 28
  • by anonymous
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Boltbus with Texas license was doimg 70 in a 60 zone on 10/27/14 on I-5 in Marysville/ Everett WA @ 9:45 PM. Add comment

Worst company ever dealt with.bus late so kicked us out.cold outside and said even if it was 30 below would do the same.lots of seniors and would not garrauntee connections.what a joke co. . Add comment

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  • Metra
  • Oct 27
  • by anonymous
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To all the self righteous rock island riders get off your high horse and march on over to the redline and try that *** there. You'll reappreciate the metra you snobby, miserable, *** holes. Add comment


Greyhound is the worst company I have ever dealt with in my life. Extremely rude, obscene employees. They extort you with their rates when they suddenly "can't find" your advance purchased ticket and make you pay 3 times as much for a new one on the spot. No one listens to you. I had a supervisor literally laugh in my face when I was trying to report my problem. They clearly don't care about... Read more

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My husband and I took the Amtrak Hiawatha train from Milwaukee to Chicago. At the Milwaukee Airport train station there is a large sign that states "you can purchase tickets from the conductor on the train". We got on the train only to have the conductor tell us that we cannot purchase tickets on the train. We spent almost the whole trip to Chicago trying to get ahold of someone at... Read more

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