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Thermodyne Systems Hornet Wind is an American Company advertiser of quality wind turbines. We have three of them with a combined power rating of over 3000 watts. We have yet to see 300 nor will the things even turn until the wind is around 20 mile per hours. This company advertised low cogging however upon receiving the product you cannot even turn the shaft on this thing without the use of a... Read more

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I also had a problem with my bathroom faucet, the metal corroded and stated leaking, I've been contacting Pfister by calling, sending pictures and emails, I've been without my bathroom sink for more than a month, this is unreasonable, I'm going to forced to buy a new faucet, I am truly dissapointed. Add comment

I ordered and installed Morning Star Click Bamboo from Lumber Liquidators and like many other 3 months later there are places where the wood has shrunk from the wall, cupping, there are significant gaps where the floor is not even between boards and there is one board that is now unchecked and others that are overlapping. I contacted Lumber Liquidators, filled out all the paperwork, sent all the... Read more

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With Official Company Response

Hi, I am a loyal sears customer for many years now. I had purchased Drill/Driver from tools section in New Brunswick, NJ and realized soon that I will not be using a cutter which is bundled with it as a package (which I also mentioned while buying, and was told that I could return within 30 days with no mention of restocking fees). Later I found that sears is selling only Drill/Driver with lesser... Read more

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I asked for a raincheck for an item and was told at front desk this late in the season no more would be shipped do I could not have one. I also asked what stores locally had them and the Joliet and Plainfield store had them but I would not make it to either one before they closed. This was on a Sunday evening and only had 20 minutes before closing. I was at the Cresthill, IL store at the time.... Read more

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100% FULL

I recently purchased and installed a slider door that has a pet door in it, and I am very displeased with the pet door. The pet door flap does not withstand wind, rain, or snow. The slightest breeze pushes the flap open and lets in all the air. I have a brand new floor, that when it rains, the water comes in through the flap, and I am afraid that it is going to ruin my new floor. The magnet on... Read more

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I live in RI. I ordered windows in August. Six months later I am still dealing with consequences of delayed services and windows they broke. A total nightmare. Please don't put yourself through this. Big mistake. Add comment


I debated between a Moen Vestige kitchen faucet and the Price Pfister Marielle in an Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish when building my home. I have been extremely happy with the faucet, and even after 8 years when there were slight blemishes to the finish (quite typical for the use and the sprayer wasn't functioning properly they sent me an entirely new faucet complete with soap dispenser and sprayer. I... Read more

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I ordered a Kohler Archer tub in white for my new bathroom remodel. I spoke to a nice gentleman named Chris and he setup the order for me. I had a lot of questions and he was very accommodating. He stated the tub would ship in 1-2 weeks form Kohler and then few extra days to get to me. this was fine as job wasn't completed yet and I wasn't in an extreme rush. shipper called me to schedule the... Read more

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