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11 weeks ago scott from window world came and gave my husband estimates on new windows. He tricked my husband into applying a creditcard under my name to finance the windows. I knew we needed new windows but my husband and I did not know about a credit card until it arrived in the mail. I called window world in albany to demand an explanation of how a creditcard under my name was so easily opened... Read more

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I bought two gallons last week of this paint, because Consumer Reports rated it highly, and my daughter works in the Paint Dept at our local Home Depot, and since she volunteered to help paint it, she insisted on using this product. I had great expectations for repainting my deck railing, which is white. we sanded, wire brushed, bondo'd some spots, and resanded. It's supposed to be paint and... Read more

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Behr uses acrillic stain, acrillic is not stain. Acrillic is a latex compound (for laymans terms) not an oil. True stain is oil that can be derived from diffrent seeds that penatrate wood. Most "water bourn" stains are acrillic and water based. I have found a product that is water bourn and a stain and penatrates wood. The product company is called SANSIN, they are out of Canada. The other... Read more

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I went into the Lima, Ohio location today and could not find a living soul to help me out. I asked Customer Service if they carried "bender board?" Which she replied that she did not know what it was, but to check with lumber. I asked the gentleman in lumber if he knew what "bender board" was and he replied that he had never heard of it but to check with the project desk. I waited at the... Read more

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I placed my first and last order ever with online for a replacement part. I waited a VERY long time, and after having heard nothing I made several attempts to contact them, FINALLY receiving a reply from (????!!!!) that the part would be shipped "soon" and that I would be notified and given tracking information. It was quite a surprise when it showed up today... Read more

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Actually you can buy the recoil pulleys from, and amazon has them in bulk packs which says a lot. I have two which have good motors because they were never really used do to the recoil breaking. I believe other recoils will fit this machine, just have to check the shaft ID. I think they fail due to the *** easy start design. I hate those incred-a-start designs as... Read more

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I need one tiny little part and the "best storm door (company) in America" can't even answer their "hotline". What a complete joke. Add comment


I purchased the above sample tried it out on my wall. I love the color, went back to Lowes with the sample gave it to the paint department and purchased 2 gallons. I scheduled the decorator to paint the following week. I was not at home while the rooms were being painted, but when I return that evening and walked in my home I almost fainted! My walls were the most horrible color of yellow that... Read more

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We live in an older home. Told sales rep we would undoubtedly need repairs to window opening on two windows we knew of. His response " we can repair, fix any opening before installation. We have three windows all on same side of house that are not level. Of course this was not noticed the day we wrote check. After dealing with the harassment about referrals for days they finally came out to... Read more

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Specialized cases, specialized equipment stolen by owners and employees of Richardson Gypsum Supply Company with prior arrangements made with myself and others that trusted this company.We preparing class act suits seeking millions against owners and employees possible other clients that took part this illegal behavior in any environment, which involves stealing. A subpoena is a request for the... Read more

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