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Lowes is really horrible about returns, sometimes even with reciepts. They love to sell product but do not like to handle returns..I have had nothing but trouble each and everytime I have needed to return anything, customer service is horrible. I have been told I had made bunches of returns, which was not true, I asked when the last return was made, I knew I hadn't returned anything for at... Read more

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I filed a claim and sent pictures was told the new wood door panels were being sent. Never happened. The door was 1800.00 REALLY Sorry customer service and the VP still hasn't called back. I have left or sent more then 30 messages. Spoke to the salesman several times. Pamela in customer service was taking care of it she said. The door panels are warped and split right down the middle this is... Read more

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Cliq is Chinese, make no mistake about it! ''Assembled'' in the US is imported. They use poor quality hardware, import no name brand, of course.The plywood contains internal voids and is far from being formaldehyde free. The white paint will NOT pass basic wear and tear tests. Try putting mustard, ketchup, blueberries, or greasy fingers from changing the oil in the car. It won't clean off... Read more

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The worst coverage and finish ever!! Used crown £18 paint first but bit light tried to cover with this slightly darker shade and still not covered *** finish £75 later!!!!! Add comment

Live in Wisconsin where temperature drops rapidly. Contractor suggested and installed Larson interior and storm doors in my home in July 2014. On December 2014, temps dropped to below zero. Woke up that day to a shatter storm window. Door was not used when this happened. Contacted contractor and supplier to ask what I can do about this matter. Contacted Larson but after multiple attempts the... Read more

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I was looking to buy a house that we rented at the beach. My husband objected to the quality of the cabinets, as it is apparent there are some issues with the apparent wear of what is supposed to be a new cabinet. The owner blasted my concern with the fact that they were Thomasville maple etc., and they should last 15 years. At first glance the cabinets were beautiful with quiet close doors,.... Read more

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Non arrival of order after 3 weeks, placed on permanent hold when calling " customer service ".They refuse to discuss issue, inform where my order is, return phone calls. Looks like I just lost $ 600...... When " customer service " does answer phone they refuse to discuss matter, they just put you on hold. Again, and again. Reps refuse to give name or contact information for owners. Don't know... Read more

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We have been using San Marcos Iron Doors for 10 years now. We have remodeled 2 homes and are currently working with the design team on our new ranch. This company has an amazing product, customer service and design team. In my opinion they are the best hands down in South Central Texas. I think its really sad that people only take time to write bad reviews, and even make false accusations about... Read more

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On 12-14-14 I placed an order that they were unable to fill due to the dimensions of the blind. I was assured three times by customer service reps that my Visa would be credited. To DATE it has not be credited. Add comment

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