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We had all of the windows in our home replaced with the assurance that there was a "Lifetime" warranty on all of them. What a joke,just after the first year we had a round window seal leak when the "Salesman" claimed the warranty didn't cover that and I told him I had the the phone number of a really good lawyer, he finally followed up and had the window replaced. Last winter one of the locking... Read more

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Read many bad reviews concerning lumber liquidators but stupidly purchased anyway. Seriously, if you buy from this company, you will have problems with either one or all: the order, the product, the customer service, the salesmen and the warranty. Save yourself the headache unlike myself and avoid this company!!! Add comment


Tile has been installed for 3 years. Noticed about a year ago that if you drag a chair across it the surface would scratch very easily. Also noticed that if you drop almost anything on the surface it gouges exposing a white color. The tile is supposed to be autumn shades, brown, orange, tan etc. the white stands out if you gouge it. When I was scrubbing the floor the other night I noticed... Read more

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All of the sudden our full-view glass insert just shattered. No one was anywhere near it. Larson (WHO IS ACTUALLY OWNED BY LOWES!!!!) refused to replace the glass and we had to replace it at our expense! So now our lock set on the door stops working (while it is still locked) so we had to have someone cut the lock so we could get out of our door. Alright now we are trying to get a replacement... Read more

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I had the unfortunate experience of doing business with Villa Lighting Supply 2929 Chouteau Ave, St. Louis MO. In my over twenty years of experience in the construction industry I have never had to deal with the absolute horror that is Villa Lighting Supply. These people are liars and thieves and operate with a total lack of business ethics as well as zero customer service. I had the sheer... Read more

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Efloors in my 20 years of experience in construction this must be the worst company I have ever dealt with they got the worst products defective products good luck in trying to get a correct order and in getting a wrong order good luck in trying to send it back and get your credit it will not happen. He completely give you the runaround they are very dishonest people. What's so hideous about... Read more

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After having a few absolutely horrible customer service experiences with Lumber Liquidators I decided to give them one more chance. I opted to chat with a sales rep and ask her to locate stores that might have a discontinued flooring still in stock. I've found a few on my own, but simply wanted a few more locations I could call to check without going down the list of dozens of stores. I've... Read more

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I'm a contractor and installing doors and hardware for 30 years Larson storm door I couldn't believe that this template that they give you for the lock is off the closures can't handle the air gap between the 2 doors will not shut it's just a bad design all the way around so the lock template is off by 1/4 to 3/8 it puts the lock to close to the latch side, also thay give you a 3/4 bit to drill... Read more

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The Marvin sliding double French exterior doors which I installed in my home utilize a drainage system which allows rain to drain via tracks on the interior side (inside the house). Thus, every time it rains, I have accumulation of water in the tracks. It is designed to drain through weep holes to the exterior, but drainage is slow, with small amounts of water standing in the tracks 1-2 days... Read more

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Hello everyone, one year ago bought my Bosch line laser GLL2-50 and warranty expired and I have to suspect this tool need some calibration. I checked web site and they direct me in NY some service center ASC. I was directed to print shipping and return label to send to this repair center. I packed and send it to address after a week there are no news and no any update for the service status. When... Read more

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