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My kitchen was done less than 5 years ago. I have 16 cupboard doors with 2 utility drawers and 2 units of drawers for a total of 9 drawers. In the first year alone 3 doors had to be replaced. Second year 4 more were replaced. In total 11 doors had to be replaced, some were the same doors being replaced twice. Currently 3 more need to be replaced. Customer service is a joke. Having to go through... Read more

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I am very upset on the quality of this product. I bought four gallons of this stuff, at $38 a pop last summer spend days prepping my decks then days applying it and making sure it was only done during the right temperatures, etc. only to have it peel, flake and come up whenever any furniture is moved around or when we move our grill. I now have to repainted the deck top because it looks soooo... Read more

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Couldn't agree more. Incompetent and poor service. Home Depot for us going forward. We went to the store to get a washer. They were unable to order the one we wanted FROM THE STORE COMPUTER! Told us to go home and order online which was a HUGE hassle and an hour on the phone. Then on delivery day which took forever and a day, they called to tell us the washer was damaged and did we still want it?... Read more

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Paid $750 for Hayward color logic. Replaced less than one year as product failed. It just failed again. Was told that the warranty does not apply on the replacement light and I have to buy a new one. Really? Add comment

we custom ordered a garage door & service door, when contacted it was in we got home and all they gave us was the hardware for the garage door, forgot to give us the panels. We live in Chippewa Falls so that meant another trip to get the panels. Service door has dents and scratches as does the garage door panels, we spend a lot of money using a Menards credit card and we pay it in full every... Read more

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We painted out deck last July and the paint is already pealing off, it was expensive I bought 5 gallons of paint and this is what I get? And I'm very disappointed. Add comment

I ordered a Provia storm door expecting a high end product. I was never informed it came with only a partial screen and they sent the wrong handles. We only discovered this when my contractor started to install them (which we paid for!) The dealer Armor builders of Batavia NY now tell me I have to order a new custom door for more $. I have contacted both Provia directly and the dealer to try to... Read more

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We have a 2700 sq. ft., triple-wide manufactured home w/LOTS of [nearly] floor to ceiling Kinro windows. Our home is 9 years old and almost from the beginning we've had to repair and/or replace EVERY window. In fact, at least TWO windows had to be replaced prior to occupying the home! This home has lots of upgrades but the windows sure aren't one of them! We paid almost as much for this home... Read more

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Last summer my husband used Olympic rescue it by Pittsburgh paint and we used 12 gallons all together we have a huge deck and after 1 winter, the deck is peeling all over and they offered to refund the product price but what about the cost of the deck wash, replacement boards, rollers, brushes, not to mention 2 months worth of hard labor involved? I am so disgusted by the appearance of my deck,... Read more

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