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Bubbled and season, was like painting with tomato paste. What a mess, Add comment

When remodeling our kitchen I selected this product as an alternate to ceramic tile. This is the one decision I regret. Within a few weeks the tiles where I stand most in the kitchen started showing wear, little cuts and dings. Now the problem is growing. Also, the "grout" is impossible to clean. I had hoped this would be the last floor in my kitchen before selling our home but now we will... Read more

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Do not order a shower door from this Company. It is very cheaply made. I ordered the door and it took me over 2 months to get the door, never heard from the Co, and had to call them, and when I did, they did not think it was any big deal. Never offered any additional discount, no letter of apology, and after they received their money, I did not matter to them. You cannot reason with Pam. They... Read more

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This store has a girl that works there Katie and she does not care about the customers at all. They should fire her. The store manager is also a ***. Then delivery is even more of a joke. You ask them to help you make the lifting easier and they are stinking lazy. Then they say we will be there early in the morning and they get to your home at noon. The whole day is shot. This store needs to... Read more

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We have called several times about our beautiful front door that has faded terribly, we had it refinished three times already and not from PELLA because they never got back with us. It is an expensive door too. All our windows are the designer collection and have the blinds inside the window, never liked the pull strings either. Would like to send pictures of the door. I am very disappointed in... Read more

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Like the first reviewer, my coating peeled after 7 months. Maddening enough, but the "Satisfaction Guaranteed" Warranty means you have to take & send multiple photos, and fill out a 1,000 question debriefing form, all so they can deny you followed the directions, and tell you to get bent. Save your money, and like me, your even more valuable time removing this *** after it fails! I'm now... Read more

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It hasnt even been a year and the paint is chipping. Very disappointed. I had hopes for this. Deck is ruined. Add comment

I purchased two Moen faucets for two sinks in my kitchen. Within two years, I noticed a pile of corroded metal in the bottom of the cabinet. The bottom of the faucet was disintegrating from corrosion. I sent it back to Moen, they sent a replacement, which didn't quite match the other faucet. Shortly thereafter, the other faucet suffered the same fate. This time Moen sent a replacement that was... Read more

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I bought a Derksen building expecting a quality building and a reputable company to stand behind their 5 year warranty. We had the building less than 4 weeks. A storm came through with winds approximately 40 miles per hour. The building did not move from where it was placed, but did blow off its base. The wooden floor is still sitting there fine; the walls and roof are gone. We contacted Derksen... Read more

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This company uses its name to make a buck while making a crappy product. Its horrible to its customers and is even worse to its employees. Probably one of the most unreliable windows and doors ever made. Add comment

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