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I ordered a 22x22x16 garage in June and to date on Halloween Oct 31 I still don't have my building. I keep getting the run around about not having the 12 gauge, then they want me to pull the permits. I went to building and permits for my state. They inform me that if I pull the permits I will be responsible for any defects or damage to neighbors property if the building failed for any reason. Out... Read more

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I had no problem with the rustic look of the flooring. What I had a problem with is that a home inspector informed me that the rustic look was due to a WDI that could cause damage to the structural components of the home. Early in the complaint process they even inquired as to where there was home owners insurance covering this home. They then offered to provide a box a wood at no charge if... Read more

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Staples on inside corners of over the toilet cabinet caused CHEAP veneer To rip while installing. This thing cost me a LOT of money. The molding is chipped also. No mounting screws provided. After much work just to hang the *** thing? Now its broken.....I WILL NEVE BUY YOUR PRODUCTS AGAIN! TOTAL JUNK! I WILL MAKE MY OWN. Add comment


Every mornining there is water condensation around every window. Called Feldco they told me to wipe it off and I may need to get a dehumidifier because I have accesive moisture in my home. This will be my first winter with these windows. I hope I do not have to put up plastic. We just bought this home and said great Feldco windows and they have a warranty. $69 for a home visit just to look at the... Read more

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I ordered an expensive plumbing part from and quickly realized I made a mistake. I sent an email literally five minutes later asking them to cancel. They sent the item anyway claiming that I can only cancel an item by phone! Now they want to charge me a 15% "restocking fee" PLUS shipping to return an item that is still in the box. I will never buy anything from them again. ... Read more

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After 15 years, I could not believe how many rotting sills and sashes I have replaced or repaired. I built a new home in 2000 and wanted the best windows and doors. My contractor recommended Kolbe. What a mistake, after spending $85,000. We had the problem before 10 years, but the last 5 years has been a nightmare. It's a monthly job tending to repairs and replacements. The Kolbe rep said... Read more

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I used Uships services to get some heavy equipment moved .I sent half the money to the shipper when they picked up the equipment .Three weeks later the equipment never showed up .Uship sent out a few emails to the shipper and that was all the help i got from them.They told me to contact the police and report it .The information that was on Uships site for this shipper was false.I don't blame... Read more

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About three months ago I notified Behr what was happening to my deck after one season after painting it with DeckOver. It chipped, pealed ,cracked and faded. I sent a letter and an representative called me. They said to send pictures and a picture of one of the buckets I had not thrown away and they would try to resolve my problem. I did as they asked and that was the last I heard from them.... Read more

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I purchase new windows from Window World they took my deposit and never called back I had to call numerous of times. the windows came three months later would not advise anybody to purchase anything from Window World. Bad business Add comment


bought a larson full view door as a wedding present. it only ccomes with 2 retainer strips to hold the glass needs 4 like they provided before cost cutting. larson wants me to buy the problem because i will actually buy another door , take out the part that i need and then return it noting that it is missing parts and larson can eat the cost of it being returned. sounds fair to me.... Read more

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