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I used the Behr 1 part epoxy garage floor paint on a client's garage floor. Floor was sanded and cleaned thoroughly. No traffic was allowed on floor for 96 hours. Floor looked fine and client was happy. Received a call from client several weeks later and was told that the paint was "coming up". I went next day and inspected, expecting intercoat peeling from clients description, even though I... Read more

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Expected to fill 1/4 in.holes and splinters as advertised didn't fill 1/8 in. Thought it might thicken, didn't. Not worth the money! Add comment

Used this paint last year. Was terrible to apply and left sand like marks everywhere. Scuffs badly fron chairs moving and feels terrible to walk on . this year salesperson at HD said new formula abd would love it. Same issue with application and took forever as roller didnt work they suggested and ended up hands and knees with brush Looks worse than last year. Never again!!!! Add comment

I was trying to make a purchase, and request to talk to someone about two issues. The customer service number is only an answering machine that asks you to leave your phone #, your question! and most importantly your email address. You are asked to speak slowly and to be sure to leave an email address. I left my questions, and I received an email back with links to their website. Where did... Read more

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bought yellow 129.95 c,s,s. everthing look good until I put the chain in the chain holder,way---------- to big. spacer in holder,lets the hole chain fall down in holder. cannot adjust smaller because of spacer. who ever made this design, or who ever bought this sharpener for the co. I would venture to say they never sharpen a chain, if so, didn't use this sharpener, took it back next day, got... Read more

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The coating on the brass handle of my Larson storm door is chipping off. This began happening 6 months after installation of the $500 door. It is only happening on the handle open to the elements outside. Larson's advice is to strip it and recoat it myself. Really??? I should have to incur yet another home repair project on a door that should look good for at least ten years? I don't think... Read more

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first they ordered the wrong windows but the tech didn't realize until half way through the install. he jimmy rigged the new window without taking the old out and lied to me about sealing it so it didn't leak. then when i called back to at least get it sealed it took 4 days to even get a time. after talking to Ron Degraw the division manager for the northeast, he thought it was ok this happened... Read more

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Purchased my Larson storm door in 2008 and had problems from the very beginning. Finally the hinges began falling off the door. Contacted Larson to be told that it's not covered in the lifetime warranty and that it's the installers fault. Really we spent hundreds of dollars on this door and it was made poorly. The outer part of the door is buckling. It was so easy for this company to blame... Read more

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Made a huge mistake purchasing a Master Spa from a fairground here in California and the American Made company in Indiana could care less about the problems we experienced and I'm sure it has to do with the fact that we bought it out here and it was supposedly at a reduced price close-out sale. Right--$6200+ later. Our hot tub was supposed to have been delivered Aug 14 between 1-3pm so I took... Read more

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After spending thousands of dollars there, they would only give me a 50% refund for the extra 2 boxes of flooring and the underlayment that I ended up not needing because my installer supplied his own. They have a 30 day return policy and this was the 33rd day. The underlayment is kept in stock so I could not understand why they would not give me a full refund. I picked it up 3 weeks before the... Read more

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