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i hit my stepsons car on street in front of house backing out of driveway we have different insurance companies but state farm will not pay my liability for his car because we live in same house hold.Why should a innocent person have to be penalized from something they had nothing to do with.He was in bed at the time.State farm claims there is a clause in our insurance about same house hold... Read more

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I purchased 80 shares from etrade back in 2006. Total cost with etrade online fees were $2471.00 we never received anything via mail from etrade ( ie stock certificates ) only a username and password to login and see how stock was performing. In 2010 the shares dropped to $3.19 a share and etrade liquidated the shares without my knowledge or consent. in October of 2014, I saw that the stock was... Read more

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John Howe Moved “Siphoned” Money to Sarah and Jacqueline Using an Elaborate Maze of Private Companies Recently, this Editor reported on the ongoing fraud investigation into John C. Howe of Westport, Connecticut, and his numerous private hedge funds headquartered in Darien, Connecticut. The case involves a Boston whistleblower who turned Mr. Howe and his funds into the IRS and SEC, alleging that... Read more

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Navin Khandhar (Navinchanra P Khandhar) purposely engages in real estate fraud, violates the law and exhibits arrogance. He is basically an arrogant ***. He lists homes on the MLS without homeowner authorization, forges signatures and dates on documents and perpetrates fraud. Navin Khandhar fraudulently bids for HUD homes as owner occupied knowing well that the owner is an investor and deprives... Read more

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Its a David Versus Goliath battle exposing the unregulated offshore financial market. These products being sold are investments wrapped in insurance, with huge fees. It's a fact breakdowns on the fee structures posted online are regularly being deleted. What are they trying to hide? Maybe the massive fees? Quite simply, there is NO RECOURSE if you buy an investment from an IFA in China... Read more

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John Lomax SCAM Coaching SCAM John Lomax SCAM/FRAUD Phone: 281-415-5829 Email: 1-281-415-5829 We, at Google Sponsored Ads have worked with thousands of businesses all across Canada and the USA- however we do come across individual coaches such as John Lomax Coaching SCAM from 4855 Magnolia Cove Drive, Apartment 137 Kingwood, TX... Read more

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Called a couple of these companies I saw on T.V and online and asked what they could offer me. I then got a call from a guy name Jason who said he worked with private investors. At the end of the day he got me 10 grand more than the highest offer I was given by the bigger businesses. These business said that it was impossible for Jason to offer me that much, but he did and came through with the... Read more

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Private Hedge Fund Manager, John Howe Hires an Army of Web Consultants to Conceal Truthful and Damaging Web Content Against Him .In a recently published article, Whistleblowers International Attacked by Alleged Tax Cheat John C. Howe and Old Hill Partners, Whistleblowers International (WBI) reported that it was under attack by alleged tax cheat John C. Howe and Old Hill Partners for WBI’s... Read more

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Hi my name is Jonathan Ricardo, I was completely scammed by this company and the guy working for them. They are very smart talkers, they get it you to invest and are very persistent. They hide all the fees and on top of that they charge extra fees that they never tell you about. My investment with them is now -32% in 2 years and I'm desperately looking for a good company to take care of it and... Read more

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He came along with his pretentious italian suit to tell me that he was taking over the (honest) belgian guy (fabian Du Mortier) who had run away taking FP money away. I was then suggested to change some funds of my portfolio as they were trough "bad" peformance. But then they turn out to be of "excellent" return ("sorry, right after you sold it to "someone"). I think he was probaly dealing... Read more

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