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Our clients benefit from bespoke pension solutions to ensure they are gaining the full benefit from their hard earned money. With the upcoming UK pension changes due to take effect in April, we recommend that you speak to one of our advisers at our Botswana office who will give you all the information you require to make a decision should you wish to do so. Read more

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These are completely ludicrous and false allegation made by Andrew Nash of Sterling and Bonds due to the fact that Mostafa left Sterling and Bond because they would not pay him he's salary and they were conning people with there ever famous VIOP Tel. It is a very sad attempt by Andrew Nash. Please supply any information you have on the mobile number that called you or any evidence you have to... Read more

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I worked for large corporation until August where Hewitt is their benefits administrator. Hewitt has a pretty bad website where you can't even use back buttons, all cookies expire within minutes, password is a 4 digit code and all and all a very bad user experience. They have a facility to self manage your investments. I transferred my money into that account and have been doing trading myself.... Read more

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Mr Karosa is now complaining about anonymous harassment and cyber bullying posting on the internet about him. He should of thought about this before he harassed and bullied others. The fact is that the majority of what is being seen on the internet about him is true and is a method that offers a level playing field with individuals like him. In the last 2 years he FINRA (the largest independent... Read more

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what exactly happened is as follows. Ive placed several orders over the past two years, and received each one . called customer service twice , was handled quickly, courteously, and professionally . No I am not related, or work there, just a customer ...a "stacker" as were called, anyway i purchase a roll or two every month, and gee wiz,I receive my confirming e=mail, ship info and date and then... Read more

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My loan was just sold to Green Tree. They never sent me a bill so I called. I set up Electronic Funds Transfer. Then I got a letter saying they charged me $12.00 for that transfer. Customer service people are disinterested. They are incredibly rude and treat their customers like criminals. How can a company stay in business that treats consumers with such disregard? My interactions with the... Read more

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I purchased 80 shares from etrade back in 2006. Total cost with etrade online fees were $2471.00 we never received anything via mail from etrade ( ie stock certificates ) only a username and password to login and see how stock was performing. In 2010 the shares dropped to $3.19 a share and etrade liquidated the shares without my knowledge or consent. in October of 2014, I saw that the stock was... Read more

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Navin Khandhar (Navinchanra P Khandhar) purposely engages in real estate fraud, violates the law and exhibits arrogance. He is basically an arrogant ***. He lists homes on the MLS without homeowner authorization, forges signatures and dates on documents and perpetrates fraud. Navin Khandhar fraudulently bids for HUD homes as owner occupied knowing well that the owner is an investor and deprives... Read more

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Its a David Versus Goliath battle exposing the unregulated offshore financial market. These products being sold are investments wrapped in insurance, with huge fees. It's a fact breakdowns on the fee structures posted online are regularly being deleted. What are they trying to hide? Maybe the massive fees? Quite simply, there is NO RECOURSE if you buy an investment from an IFA in China... Read more

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John Lomax SCAM Coaching SCAM John Lomax SCAM/FRAUD Phone: 281-415-5829 Email: 1-281-415-5829 We, at Google Sponsored Ads have worked with thousands of businesses all across Canada and the USA- however we do come across individual coaches such as John Lomax Coaching SCAM from 4855 Magnolia Cove Drive, Apartment 137 Kingwood, TX... Read more

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