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Rodney Edenfield who left ReachLocal to start his own business, Localizeit Online, started off with a real bang. He violated his non-compete clause with ReachLocal and stole their clients. Court ensued and Rodney was off to the races. Rodney began working with our company, buying links for his clients to increase their search engine rankings. This began in February of 2012 and continued... Read more

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This has been deleted by Austen Morris at different websites including this one many times, This is the 4th time to repost on this site. They did not try to remove the rest 11 complaints, but only this one? Ask yourself why? because they cannot stand the truth. Here goes again. Gregory John Morris has been operating in Shanghai in the complete shadow during the last decade whilst his company... Read more

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1. successful candidates of financial advisor in Austen Morris Associates- read the last sentence: must be......., or 3 years unrelated sales experience. So the financial advisors Austen Morris looking for are sales people with 3 years experience. This will make them successful candidates. You should not be surprised AMA will change this posting soon after reading this post. 2. Its funder-Greg... Read more

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My husband and I earned ourselves an early retirement and we knew that it was time to sell our house. Our house was beautiful, had good bones, was on a huge lot and the location was phenomenal, right on the water. However, we knew we would need to make some updates so we wanted to work with a professional who would be able to help introduce us to a trustworthy contractor and who would know what... Read more

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After a sale of stock or other product, Share Builder account transfers of cash back to the account holder take forever after a settlement date!! Their electronic transfers are not any better. THey send those out at the COB at 1700 EDT instead of the opening of business on the settlement date. What if I were that slow on a trade!! They charge you $5.00 for a check!! $30 for a wire... Read more

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my callcenter going through broker steve veltri aquired 400 to 600 sales per week never got paid there were always issues of customers dropping off due to (fraudulent) reasons.within a week i would have so called customers switching to another (supplier) no matter what and they would try to blame on my center,then there would be customers cancelling day after signing up (out of 100 sales they... Read more

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As the previous poster referenced, I was unfortunate enough to be a client of Mr Lawrence who knowingly mis-sold me a financial instrument in Shanghai. If you contact the expat community in Shanghai I am one of many who have had this experience so please avoid doing business with Mr. Lawrence as he is not ethical in his behavior and will cost you money to support his own ends. Mr Lawrence... Read more

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My broker at Wells Fargo did an overconcentration of my funds finra was involved my broker never answered my request through finra Add comment


Do not hire Rokitto enterprises services ever!!! he is the most unprofessional Agent/broker I've ever seen. I made me lose part of my deposit. He made me sign things that that other ethical agent wouldn't do cause they are suppose to look for your best interest but even when I saw that thing were not going in the right direction I ask him to cancel and return my money he proceeded and made me... Read more

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I was approached by Edward Jones in BC Canada. The hiring dude who supposedly was a former broker was supposedly in charge of hiring experienced advisers. They booked me for a meeting with the "Partner" I sat for 45 minutes at a Hotel Lobby before he could be found. Once we met he told me this wonderful story about the culture of caring for people at Edward Jones, he closed by saying " I know... Read more

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