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They are theives and liars. Please.please.please,please DONT GIVE MONEY TO THIS'pretend company' Add comment

Clients have been transferred up to 4 times to a different FA because Edward Jones cannot keep anyone. EJ hires inexperienced advisors, and then doesn't train them except to sell. They sell Class A shares which is expensive. Basically on a $10000, it cost over $500 in commission to the broker so you start with $9500 investment. Class C shares do not have a load up front. If you stayed in it a... Read more

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Anita Patel from GRL Solutions Group aka Global Rev Log is a fraud She purchased inventory from our company as a broker to her customers. She does not hold physical inventory although promising her customers she does. She then stated 3 weeks later that she had sold the product to her customers and had received some returns from them. We had clearly told her that (as... Read more

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I was with Ameritrade for nearly a year. My IRA NEVER appreciated in value. I sought the advice of an Amerivest customer service rep. I won't use his name, he assured myself with the utmost sincerity, he and I would create a more suitable portfolio for IRA gains. I contacted this gentleman twice and he never returned my phone calls! I was reported by the Customer Service rep who set my... Read more

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I had an investment at a UK based "investment company", but due to several administrative problems I could not retrieve the money. I asked deVere to help, but it took them more than a year to understand what the inquiry was about. Then they sent me a sample (!!!) of the bulletin that the investment company issued, signed by the marketing manager (!!!) that something went wrong and almost all of... Read more

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Devere Group's reply to:

Our clients benefit from bespoke pension solutions to ensure they are gaining the full benefit from their hard earned money. With the upcoming UK pension changes due to take effect in April, we recommend that you speak to one of our advisers at our Botswana office who will give you all the information you require to make a decision should you wish to do so. Read more

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These are completely ludicrous and false allegation made by Andrew Nash of Sterling and Bonds due to the fact that Mostafa left Sterling and Bond because they would not pay him he's salary and they were conning people with there ever famous VIOP Tel. It is a very sad attempt by Andrew Nash. Please supply any information you have on the mobile number that called you or any evidence you have to... Read more

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I worked for large corporation until August where Hewitt is their benefits administrator. Hewitt has a pretty bad website where you can't even use back buttons, all cookies expire within minutes, password is a 4 digit code and all and all a very bad user experience. They have a facility to self manage your investments. I transferred my money into that account and have been doing trading myself.... Read more

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Mr Karosa is now complaining about anonymous harassment and cyber bullying posting on the internet about him. He should of thought about this before he harassed and bullied others. The fact is that the majority of what is being seen on the internet about him is true and is a method that offers a level playing field with individuals like him. In the last 2 years he FINRA (the largest independent... Read more

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what exactly happened is as follows. Ive placed several orders over the past two years, and received each one . called customer service twice , was handled quickly, courteously, and professionally . No I am not related, or work there, just a customer ...a "stacker" as were called, anyway i purchase a roll or two every month, and gee wiz,I receive my confirming e=mail, ship info and date and then... Read more

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